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NOTE:  FINALLY!  A MUST SEE FILM DOCUMENTARY Divorce Corp. 2014    You can find information and how you can help bring about reform, by going to the link provided. You can find the Divorce Corp. Documentary Film on Netflix. Please tell others you know about Divorce Corp., so we can further educate the public and eliminate the bogus stereotypes that the mainstream media has so cleverly implemented against its’ own citizens.

People outside of the Child Support system are under the impression it’s because a parent hasn’t been supporting their children and deserve what they get; that is so far from the Truth. Many are under the impression that the system is for the children… little do they know they’ve been lied to. Many are not aware that custodial parents are strongly persuaded to enter the system and initiate payments… why? money for state and local budgets; the unaware tax payers are paying for this (with interest) and don’t even know that the system is silently taking their money from them. Not a part of the Child Support System? If you’re a citizen and file yearly taxes, you’re paying for this corrupt Federal Incentive system with interest!

Note: We have been to Washington DC, Senator’s Office, Filed Federal Lawsuits, called every Congressman and Senator, emailed/faxed/written to the President, spoke in front of the Capital Building… nothing. I have now decided for myself to become disobedient towards a corrupt and disgusting system of injustice. The Federal Government should not be involved in our families; bankers and lobbyists think otherwise. From now on I am taking the advice I heard on news media, “if people were to stop paying, the system would collapse.” I will not voluntarily allow myself to be raped any longer. They have the authority to throw me in jail (they make money off that also: Federal and State Incentives), but I am done. Six years I served this country only to have my eyes opened… Sixteen years I’ve requested, notified and pleaded to have a paternity test; nothing. Actually, my answer was NO from a Florida administrative hearing and can’t help you from Pennsylvanina’s Family Court and don’t care from the Child Support Enforcement Office. YEARS OF BEING SUCKED DRY! Nearly $700 a month and to top it off, I work construction; all my jobs come to an end… thus arrearages… thus threats… and Unconstitutional abuse.


As of todays date: 21 September 2015 this website receives approximately 6000 visitors a month. Most people are not simply clicking through, but spend significant time removing the vail (lie) that shrouds their minds with well known statements such as, “Deadbeat”, “Best interest of the Children” etc. They are learning and you will also, that this is a CRUEL and HORRIFIC system set hell bent on lining the pockets of everyone connected to this corruption. Their Public Relations moto (if they were honest), should say, “The Hell with the Children and Families of this Country!” Spread the word about this website, educate all those around you and most importantly, DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE!

CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT: “On June 15 2011 around 5:30 pm, a 58-year-old New Hampshire father named Thomas Ball self-immolated in front of the Cheshire County Court House.” Click: Video    The link to the article and more information regarding the letter involving the Family Court System is no longer available. If anyone is able to find new information as to where to find this article and/or letter written by Mr. Bell please contact us here by using the comment block in the signature section.



  • 70% of Iraq veterans return to divorce
  • Within 5 years of their return, 90% get divorced
  • Only 1.5% get fair treatment from our court system

Indigent Servitude is very much alive and well in this country. Children are victims of the Child Protective Service and Child Support Enforcement Agencies… Children are a ‘money’ making commodity!

  • Every Signature that we obtain, is in ‘direct’ support of OUR VETERANS at:

A former ‘Enforcement Officer’ becomes whistleblower and exposes the corruption that she witnessed “EVERY SINGLE DAY” within the Child Support System!

OBJECTIVE: When we obtain enough signatures, we will be flooding the Offices of those whom ‘we’ put in office. To include those testimonies of Violations of the U.S. Constitution, Amendments 4, 5, 7, 11, 14. We will also be calling upon the media wherever and whenever possible.

Please take a moment and SIGN for Child Support Reform. You do not have to be directly involved in the Child Support System to Sign this Petition. Yet, we are all apart of the System; if someones’ U.S. Constitutional Rights are being violated, you are being violated. How much more Government interference are you able to put up with? Presently, the Children are always the VICTIMS; relationships are being ruined, thousands go to jail and thousands commit suicide each year! PLEASE USE THE COMMENT FORM TO SIGN LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE; Click Here for shortcut to SIGNATURE BLOCK. Thank You!

“The more of us we have, the more hope we have and hope is the commodity we need; RIGHT NOW!” Tell our Government and Judicial System that we are sick and tired of being lied to and decieved. Tell them with your signature that we are going to take our Rights BACK and restore our Families and the U.S. Constitution.


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848 Responses to “HOME

  1. ALINA says:

    child support system corrupted to the core, must be reformed indeed!!!

  2. carol mitchell says:

    my son has paid child support since he was 17 and now he is 41 and paying back support compounded interest daily! more than buying a house! I have waited for so long for someone to realize this law needs to be reformed.He made the mistake of paying his ex directly instead of the child support system and has to pay again for those years that weren’t recorded.on top of that if he tried to see his baby it would be only if she wanted him to. as a mother I am tired of all this government control. I pray there will be a change that this is dealt fairly.

  3. Anne says:

    I totally support reform for child support, how can they just go by past wages to come up with support and how come they decide for the one that filed when both parties were supporting the kids until she up and left the state with kids and my son had no idea were his kids were for a month. When he found were she was he asked to have kids for summer visit she agreed and he ended up going to jail on kidnapping charges. The system is not right, very corrupt! I could go on and on, and apparently all the money we have given the mother was all gifts according to the child support people! Ridiculous!

  4. Antwon says:

    How do I sign my name?

  5. juan carter says:

    I’m fighting them myself in florida. the corruption and extortion has to be stopped

  6. J. bartholow says:

    The current system is archaic and barbaric with federal funding being the main reason for the laws that are in place. Most fail to realize that the more child support a locality collects, the more federal money they can apply for to enforce harsher laws and line the pockets of officials. In no way shape or form is the current system setup for the benefit of the child. In fact, concrete evidence shows a whopping 67% of support collected never reaches the child meant to receive it. It baffles me to think this issue has not become the top priority for Americans, as it is now the leading cause of financial ruin, homelessness, incarceration, and even suicide. I have now decided to make it my top priority and daily task to expose and change the unbelievably corrupt system.

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  8. Howard Beebe says:

    Just want a change!! Everyone here has told my story over and over again.

  9. Brian says:

    Can someone reply? Something NEEDS to be done! I’m just seeing a lot of talk and no action……

  10. d. pokladnik says:

    I am the father of a 41 year old daughter who married a spoiled trust fund kid .He went to college ,she worked to help ,while pursuing and getting his degree. They both worked had two children and everything is just fine, Right? Wrong!! He was having an affair with the secretary. They both kept it a secret until one day he filed for divorce. So no mention of his new lover. ok, he paid child support gave her a crappy car and some lousy furniture to furnish her low rent apartment. Bad advice from attorney(cheap)that got her that great settlement. Finally my daughter found out about the office tart. My daughter just was absolutely devastated and looked for companionship. after a bunch of more sorry relationships she happened upon a caring millionaire. Great right? Wrong! He was a convicted child molester. Ex had her continually P.Investigated And filed charges got HER to Pay him child support and it has now become Full custody for him and visitation only at his house . He has money and she has none so no lawyer for her(no money)so he can just control and dictate her existence and get paid while doing it. How is this not criminal? Because the lawyers and Judges are getting paid by these wealthy “clients” and my daughter will NEVER have a life .What happened to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. This will continue because of the corruption in our courts. Nobody cares about fair. Why should a six figure income need child support and keep a low income earner paying like an indentured servant. UNBELIEVABLE!! I am worried about severe depression and thinking about putting her in a hospital for it. There is no JUSTICE. The children are PAWNS in their game

  11. Tryna George says:

    I had just recovered from 2 major surgeries n just started working I was hit by the state of Illinois to pay support set it up in good faith! 2 months later my dominant (right) hand went completely out I was in a splint for 6 months before surgery I lost all motion movement n muscle had to relearn how to use my hand all over! I went through all the steps to get support dropped n proved hardship! They had me Go through Chicago Illinois which was weird in itself! when Galesburg is always who we went through n Springfield Illinois They just kept on charging me for support! Even though the attorney for child support said I had proved hardship she let the kid’s dad say I needed to appear in court! Thought the State was in control! Which I could not n can’t Afford! I have not worked since my hand surgery!They recently turned me in to state of TN! Which the State Of Illinois dismissed do to finding out that my youngest has dropped out of school! And say I don’t have to appear in court! Odd or what? I am unable to afford an Attorney! The thing is childsupport wasn’t to be paid by either party till the pendency of the hearing! I was in n out of court for 4 years I did not ever get my hearing!

  12. Rebecca Bianconi says:

    As a mother i have refused to receive child support. If their fathers can and want to help they do. Dont need the state in my affairs. The relationship is more important than money. Child support is a joke. Women should just get a job and hunker down if they had a kid by a dead beat. You made your bed. And dont give me the kid suffers. They get food. Maybe women would stop being baby factories if they thought they wouldnt get a check.

  13. Jerome Bridge says:

    This is without a doubt the most significant human rights issue in America today. It’s a disgrace that this is not talked about more.

  14. Kevin Parham says:

    Something has to be done about this i need to be reformed..

  15. Kelvin hill says:

    I have a 2 year old daughter and my daughter mom put me on child support as soon as I moved out she is really bitter because I moved on so she made it harder on me even though I do everything for my daughter now I was still doing things for her but she was still not satisfied ,so she put me on child support and the payments are ridiculous I just can’t afford it.

  16. john chris says:

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  17. nazsha says:

    Something needs to be done.the system is messed up

  18. Greg Jackson says:

    I will gladly sign this petition. Forced fatherhood and forced child support is extremely unfair to fathers like myself that did not want children in the first place and communicated it clearly to the woman whom lied about taking birth control, only to have a child anyway that I actively took care of and provided support willingly. Fathers like myself and many others need child support reform. The current system is constructed to work only in favor of greedy women and corrupt politics. If women can opt out of raising a child then fathers should be able to do the same within a limited window. How can we say that we are a nation where everyone is treated equally and have equal rights except for when it comes to child support. Women can scream about it being their body and choice but when it comes to men we have no say. How is this fair?

    • Myspeaceful says:

      Let me tell you there are fathers doing the same thing to mother’s. My lazy ex husband who I met in my early 20’s never got it together. He cheated on me yelled at me, blamed me for never doing enough around the house after I came home from work paid daycare for the kids picked them up and paid all the bills. when I finally left him he sued me for child support over 1100.00 after A 23 YEAR relationship of taking care of him and we have 50/50 custody. There are lots of women in my position. As parents in this position we need to unite and get the system reformed so our children can benefit.

  19. Robert says:

    I am hoping with the change in government from USA Inc to the organic Republic of USA we’ll get a second chance at life the way it was meant to be. I sent in my story using the old petition form and it wasn’t published, but after reviewing the list of stories above I haven’t mush to add except now I know I’m not alone in this fight.

    I’m paying Usury Interest and Penalty added after my support claim was paid in full but because I didn’t know I owed anything I’m saddled with accrued I&P amounting to $40,000. That’s nearly five times the amount of the debt that was owed in the first place.

    I called the attorney’s office that handled my divorce in 1990 and was told he now charges $250/hour and wants 10 hours minimum to even look at my case. He did such a lousy job the first time that left me holding this bag I decided to keep paying the lesser amount each month until paid or my SS pension money runs out.

    We all know the system is rigged judging from your comments above. What I want to know is what is being done about it. This petition has been going on since 2009; the list gets longer but nothing has changed.

    I pray that the new Republic gives us all a second chance at living in America, but am not counting on it. Watching and waiting.

  20. Melanie dickinson says:

    You helped the LGBT community now help us. We deserve equal rights and fair trials. Our children dont deserved to be put through this greedy battle. 9 times out of 10 the non custodial parent becomes the best fit parent because of greed. Non custodial parents are not criminals. We are not worthless humans only good for money. We are treading water barley staying afloat.

  21. Daniel Ramsey says:

    Im sick of this back breaking corrupt system. Why isnt anyone in the goverment doing something about this. I mean for goodness sake most of you assholes in office are males. Stop the war on dads grow some balls and stand up for men. Thats why you where elected. They take .66 of every dang dollar i make. Child support has way to much power and in my opinion there going to cause an civil war!

  22. Timothy Miller says:

    I agree that child support is important, and that children deserve to be financially supported. But there is a difference between giving financial support and being extorted. When fathers cannot thrive, cannot afford to live or pay their bills, then the system has gone wrong and corrupt.

    Can a woman take no job and get awarded more child support for working less hours?

    Is support taking over 50% of my net pay.

    Do I have to pay taxes on it? It’s money I don’t utilize.

    Do I not get to claim my children on my taxes EVEN THOUGH I pay 89% of their support.

    Am I criminalized for being a divorced father?? THIS alone is unconstitutional.


  23. Sherrie Lawson says:

    Proud to stand with you and sign the Petition for Child Support Reform!!!

  24. Lula Fellhauer says:

    I feel that some fathers are being treated unfairly. The ones that really care about their children. The ones that don’t care are making it bad for the good ones. Some of the mothers make it hard for the fathers to be a real father to their children. There should be changes in the divorce agreement and they should be inforced.

  25. Jesse Kahler says:

    The “Child Support” system is corrupt as hell. I am paying my ex wife almost half of my monthly income. She essentially works a minimum wage job tax free and makes almost twice as much as I do a year after taxes. Before taxes, I make about two and a half times as her. She has also been living with her parents for over a year and lied to the judge about it. No consequences! Meanwhile, she has introduced a new man only months after the process started and now my children hate me as a result. I have been alienated and still on the hook to pay for her to go out and have a great time. IF YOU WOMEN WANT EQUAL RIGHTS, THEN GO OUT THERE AND WORK EQUALLY! SHE WAS A BUM AND REFUSED TO WORK UNTIL AFTER WE WERE DIVORCED! NOW SHE’S LIVING HIGH ON THE HOG AND I WON’T SEE MY DAUGHTERS FOR YEARS! EQUAL RIGHTS MY ASS! This needs to be fixed!

    • John Dean says:

      I am more than sick of this system.
      Firstly, my son was taken under the auspice of a 2 week vacation to go visit parents. 4 days later I was served with papers. Not having a job at the time meant nothing, the system and her lawyers squeezed…so hard I thought i’d simply burst.
      I pride myself in being able to pay my child support, but to what end? I get no phone time, no visitation, the child was moved so far away that NASA would have to think twice about sinking money into it.

      Recently I had an amazing opportunity to break out of these CS chains and live for the first time in YEARS. Then I found out that my EMPLOYER was deducting my CS payments, but not giving the money to my son.

      They took my license, I was fined, I spent 6 months in court, I had a warrant out for my arrest…

      To say the least I was absolutely sickened. To make matters worse, the judge actually said, “it’s your fault”.

  26. Michael Harmon says:

    The Child Support system in Oklahoma is corrupt and I believe it is nation wide. I do not believe that they should have the right to withhold a persons drivers Lic. and or passport. I would love to see this changed and government taken out of family matter. Oklahoma Child support refused to accept my money when I was working in China and now they have interrupted my passport and I can not get a new one because of them. Please change the laws and remove government from our families.

  27. Mike Durkin says:

    Ive lost 4 homes and 3 cars in the past 2yrs. Im about to lose them agin. I make 50k a yr and live off of 600 a month. She gets the rest tax free. She also make 32k a yr herself.

  28. Vicktor Morales says:

    These child support THIEVES take over 50% of my social security and now they are after 80%. I am permanently disabled, so how is one to survive?

  29. James Reid says:

    The present child support system is totally discriminatory! I pay nearly 700 a month for one child who’s mother is in her late 30’s has always lived at home. Has only had a job a few months and has no bills at all. Her only source of income is the child support she receives from myself and other fathers who fell into her trap… I always provided for my child from the day she was born. But she found a way to make my life miserable since I decided we were not compatible as a couple. Now I am paying a ridiculous price for one night of stupidity. Men beware the system is totally geared towards making money not only for the mother, but for the state and federal government as well! ANY moron can figure out quick that no child in a normal family requires 700 a month to live on, and if its HALF of what it takes as it should be that means one child requires an income of 1400 a month! I’m not a senator or Bill Gates! My child would not require or receive that if we were together!

  30. Nina Ruth Haddad says:

    Down with Child Support

  31. Anita Nevins says:

    I’m going through all of the above and still am it’s been 81/2 years and counting. My children don’t know me very well and don’t have a good relationship with me due to their father, step mother, and my ex mother in law. I’m in Alabama which is a very corrupt judicial system. I’m currently working on getting my disability due to the effects the last 9 years has done. My ex husband was physically, emotionally, and mentally abusive not just to me but my 2 son’s as well. 2 weeks ago my oldest which is 11 had suicidal thoughts and 2 plan’s to carry it out because his step mom told them that I was going to sign my rights over and that I didn’t want to be their momma anymore. My 11 year old is very emotionally attached to me and is autistic. My 9 year old son wets his bed due to emotional abuse. I’ve literally have been told by the last judge to shut my mouth when ever I tried to defend myself. Then the same judge sent my ex out to get me so he could apologize which he did then in same sentence threaten to put me in jail when I didn’t even say anything. Now I have a new judge and a new attorney. But still nothing has changed and my ex admitted my 11 year old using my maiden name so I couldn’t check on him or speak to him. I had to go through the director of the unit my son was on and show legal proof of my parental rights. Isn’t that illegal. All advice and support is needed and appreciated. Alabama is corrupt

  32. kerry clark says:

    this is needed

  33. S. L. says:

    Update!!! So on 3/15/16 I went to child support division and filled out and filed a Request for a Hearing form. With all documentation that shows fraud in my case. That it never went to court, even though we did go to court three times and only spoke about custody, and some how was granted 83% of my payroll. Although I was granted joint custody. Proof that there was no court date missed by either party. The fact that a Judge mentioned that there was fraud committed in my case. The proof also shows that I have over paid 57k in child support. Today 5/2/16 I received a letter from the district attorneys office that states; Enclosed is copy of the audit per your request. Additionally, the Deputy District Attorney has advised regarding your request for a hearing and states you are free to file anything you want with the clerks office. It is not the responsibility of this office to file the motion for. If you receive a new court order from a Family Court, you must provide our office with a filed Copy so we can confirm to that order.” So its official Family Court in the state of Nevada is above the law. If any citizen were use paperwork that went against a law, the paper work would be considered invalid. Why is there a form to request a hearing but its not the job of the DA’s office to file a motion. Yet the form is offered at the child support division build on E. Flamingo in Las Vegas NV. Its a green form and at the top states office of The District Attorney Family Support Division. I have given proof of FRAUD in my case and the state chooses to follow the fraud and not the LAW!!!! How is this fair in any way!!! You are allowed to BREAK THE LAW IN FAMILY COURT IN THE STATE OF NEVADA AND GET AWAY WITH IT!!!!

  34. Brandon says:

    The system been broken for so many years. It is unfair to all the dad and we can’t this stupidity to be continue forever. I’m very surprised there no protest yet in front the White House and the capital building. We should come together from different states and protest the broken system until it reform.

  35. Rafael says:

    I want to sign this petition. The other parent who collects child support should not be able to collect income taxes. My other children who live with me are getting their refunds taken away to give to the other parent. On top of that the mother collects her own income tax and monthly child support. I’m not allowed visitation , the mother hides my child. They should also make a law if the custodial parent gets married, the new spouse is responsible for the child and gets no child support from the other parent. They should not collect child support on a single parent and give it to a married couple.

  36. Shamar says:

    I have been paying child support for years. I admit I was sleeping around and I have 3 different mothers for my three kids. The fact still remains that I have payed child support without question. However, I am in a situation now. My youngest daughter has moved with her mom to Nebraska. My case resides in Kansas. I owe back support to the state of KS of $9000.00, the state of Nebraska is saying I owe $17,000.00. How can one state say I owe one thing and another state say I owe a different amount.

    I have been to court about this 3 or 4 times and nothing gets done. I am so tiered of being slammed by CS. Yes, child support reform needs to happen!!

  37. S. L. says:

    I have to pay child support and rears, that was never spoken of in court. We went to court three times and only spoke of custody. Some how outside of a court the judge granted 83% of my payroll. No joke its all in black and white in the filed court documents. I have shown this to the child support agency and I keep getting to that there is nothing that can be done. I have been back to court and still no help. I have not tried to get out of paying support, I’m the father. I still think I should be treated fairly. I have asked how is it that the law can be broken to give child support, but not to correct the wrong. I was told that family court is above the law.

  38. freddrick love says:

    I have never committed a crime in my entire life but because I am unable to pay child support, I have been arrested, jailed, given a record, and labeled a criminal. I cannot get a job in my field due to this. I don’t get to see my daughter, although I would love to, due to the nastiness of the mother.
    Personally, I feel that there is a need for the child support system, but it is ALL WRONG! Child support shouldn’t have to break a man!

  39. Rodney Rhoe says:

    I fully support reform as I have been fighting the State of VA for 9yrs now. My support case was generated by a TANF grant, not only didn’t I know what a TANF was but apparently is a back door way to begin the CS process that when I would ask my ex she would firmly deny that I had a CS case. So I continued to provide for my children and she gladly took it, only for me to find out years later that I did in fact have a CS case. So for 4yrs this tab accrued, and at the time I had NEVER been to court for CS. They seemed to take whatever they wanted from my pay with little regard for how I was to live, took my taxes with that same disregard, and for whatever reason saw fit to drag me into court every few months even though they were getting money from me. It was during one of these court appearances that they requested $1500 because my ex was on the phone saying she needed money, nevermind the fact that she was GETTING CS, or I would be sent to jail, what a system……

  40. Trish says:

    I’ve also been through many of the story;s as above my situation was a bias situation my sons father stepmom has known and contributed to the judge even with my ex pleading guilty to a assault charge he ended up with our son .They take out half of everything I make I wasn’t able to afford house any expenses I am behind on child support now and have tried to to modify but they won’t . I feel controlled from this family i drive every other weekend 109 miles and back to see him and more to have lunch or go to his events or to a game I don’t understand our system could be this corrupt because someone has more money he misses and cry s for me and it just kills me inside I ve made a complaint with the judicial commission and done a appeal everything . Its been 2 years and nothing came out of complaint there wasn’t enough evidence and appeal didn’t come out the way i wanted . My son has told me that his dad abusive to him and current wife .I can never save or live i spend most my time driving to see him be as involved as i can this is very hurtful that we live in a country that allows these judge to do this because they have a personal relationship its heart breaking to no what type of abuse my sons going through something needs to be done not only about child support but about crooked judges they made an oath and this should’ve never happened.

  41. Julie says:

    This movement must be started. I just came into a situation like this and ever since I have been doing my research. The system is so corrupt and rewards people who are just breeding for a paycheck. If a women is receiving CS from more than one parent because they have different dads (because no one knows how to use birth control these days and why would they when they know they will get benefits from a child that is irresponsibly brought into this world) and is married having more kids something things is wrong. This women shouldnt have more kids if she can’t afford the first two. Let the dads move on! Fighting this in the court room only costs the father more money. How is the government not seeing there system being taken advantage of. Women should get jobs and work to support their own children. Being a parent is a lot of work but it is not a job! You shouldn’t get paid just because it didn’t work out with the baby daddy. I have to work for everything I have. It makes me sick to my stomach the world we live in. We have to do something!

  42. Jennifer Gentile says:

    They are milking one parent to coat their pockets using the other parent as bait.. or unless you are in a situation like me, where you lost custody over the other parent kidnapping my child and then claiming me dead in court only to have my child taken by his grandmother for the same reason i went to court. Then to magically come back to life just so you can pay child support. Gotta love the system huh

  43. Joe rector says:

    I agree it’s just way out control I have always paid my support helped my kids . Pick them up after there sports also get them every weekend when they were young helped buy cars when they got license . With my money and still pay my support . I have signed one already and all I got is the all our elected rep is doing in Virginia is passing it down to another I am so glad I vote they will not get my vote mine is about over with I pay 970 month and it’s so hard to get by . I have a incompitet judge in Giles county va to thank for that . It would be different if the money could be showed it was being used on kids . I ask the judge to make her show where the money was being used and the judge refused to . Guess what I am saying if the this so called judge is for the kids why was that a problem . The gov makes people on food stamps show where the money is going . Why not with child support . This so unfair for parents that try to do the right by there kids

  44. Chad Klinger says:

    the time for action was yesterday, there should be a war at this point. Those in power who profit from broken families should be held accountable and should pay. Do I sound bitter, Yes, but thats what happens when you dstroy people’s lives unfairly and the only way I’ve learned to prevent any bully from walking all over you is to FIGHT BACK when they try too! So lets fight back!!

  45. Shaka Washington says:

    I wonder which would cost the government the most money; reparations for slavery?
    Civil Lawsuit for violating hundreds of thousands of peoples constitutional rights for making them pay child support?
    I don’t agree with reform, it needs to be abolished…

    • admin says:

      RESPONSE: AMEN to that! ABOLISH is the answer! What in the hell is Government doing in family business? Used to have local judges that could use discretion to handle family disputes… on an individual basis. They have always enslaved one culture or another, yet they disguise their atrocities as a righteous cause.

  46. william oehlecker says:

    I am on board whatever I can let me know.

  47. Robert Nichols says:


  48. Louis E. Williams, Ph.D. says:

    Simply put, It is a terrible system.

  49. Carl Arnold Jr says:

    Michigan child support laws are so wrong not in favor of the best interest of the child but for the mothers.
    From the birth of my children i was on trial i was not given a chance to provide for my children i was put on CS even tho my children wanted for nothing and they are fully coverd on my insurance through my job.

  50. Melinda Hunter says:

    The system is beyond flawed and corrupt

  51. Jody L Krajewski says:

    I support Child Support reform, Government reform, etc.

    Jail the criminal Judges, attorneys, judicial officers, etc. and whomever else is involved.

    Drop these fools into a war zone over seas with only a spoon.

    These dumb criminals must be indicted.

  52. Matt Henry says:

    The child support system is perverse and unjust. in an age of equality here a lot of women make more then most of the men, its just unfair to pretend that these women are handicapped or disabled enough to not step up and support the 50% that they are expected to pay for their child.

  53. Daniel Marvin says:

    child support reform is needed. Current guidelines are unfair to non custodial parents. I spent 9 years paying support for children I am just now getting to see again. It has left me living in poverty in a crime ridden part of town. I don’t begrudge my children the support, but something has to be done to guarantee the rights and livelyhood of the parent paying support.

  54. Nelson Velasquez Jr says:


  55. Tham Thuy Hang Velasques says:

    My husband pays child support. We happen to have his kids right now. We just found out his 9yr old has pre diabetes. We are trying to make sure she eats right and exercises while we have her. Instead of being worried about how her daughter’s health is doing she is worried about her child support that she gets. She just got a letter from the OAG ,my husband’s child support is being modified. He already pays too much anyways. We have such a great s”system” .

  56. Cordell Bishop Jr says:

    I strongly believe, at the very least, when child support is established the fathers rights, unless forfeit due to abuse or drug use, are also established. Meaning nothing less that 50% joint custody! I should not be receiving notice that I have a warrant out for my arrest because I was put on child support while I am in a War Zone! Especially without any evidence, the children were not proven to be mine at the time. After being put on child support I am told that I cannot establish custody because the children do not know me. Meaning I have to get a lawyer, to solicit visitation which will then allow me to get custody after a few months. So while I’m fighting for this country, who is fighting for me? I ask again, who has my back?

  57. Jennifer Munoz says:


  58. KC Rucker says:

    Reform now! This system is stuck in the 70’s

  59. jason galvan says:


  60. Joel O Malcolm says:

    Yes, Child Support Reform…Let’s get it done

  61. Dontay Paxton says:

    So appauled by the child support system.

  62. Richard mindiola says:

    My dad suffered having to pay child support for kids that were already in their 40s. It took that dirty women to die before they finally let him off. And I myself have paid over 70,000 dollars in support and it don’t count because it keeps accurring interest.

  63. Jennifer Krushinski says:


  64. cross thompson says:


  65. thomas h strong jr says:

    1000 a month for one child …now taking me to court for 1/2 of college …. enough is enough..i have been paying child support 19.5 years ,due to a cheating spouce

  66. Donald Carter says:

    Texas child support fraud and misconduct the courts conspiracy cowering RAGY up state child support fraud and misconduct by

  67. Adrian pizarro says:

    im 100 % agree we do need a child support reform !! This child support law is unfear!

  68. theodore de la garza says:

    child support=robbing men, women and children of their true freedom AND NEEDS TO BE ABOLISHED!!!!!!

  69. Constance Wolcott says:

    I support reform for the child support laws as well as divorce laws overall. There should not be a financial incentive to destroy a marriage for either side. Non custodial parents end up with the short end of the stick simply by being separated from their children. The financial punishment is heaping more hurt and anger on top of everything else. The custodial parent should be responsible for a larger amount of the child’s care, not necessarily all but that should have been a consideration when deciding who will get custody. It’s called RESPONSIBILITY. If you truly love your child, wouldn’t you want the parent who is better able to care for the child (especially financially) to have custody? If you can not support your child, then why would you even apply for custody?!?!?! Because our system is broken.

  70. Cary Daniels says:

    I am proud of the work you have done. I am hoping to build a movement in my area. I plan on writing a book and would love your help. Feel free to email me. 50 percent of all fathers screwed by this system do not see their children. I hope to invite them all for a protest on Fathers Day. You have no choice but to become a radical in this system. They deny you your children then take your financial future. Just what the hell do you think is going to happen. Get in touch we are going to find a way to be heard.

  71. Tara Brown says:


  72. Stephanie Holder says:

    My fiance has two children, both taken by mother because she manipulated system. Was not allowed to see children, still isn’t allowed to see children, mother still pressing child support after taking him off birth certificate because he wasnt involved with children the court ordered him not to see. Yes, I believe I will sign this petition in hopes that this living hell will end. She should be the one with a court date and or warrant. It is absolutely awful what she is doing to her children and their father.

  73. Jonathan Bowyer says:

    I found myself out of work and had to take a part time job only making $800 a month and was made to pay $350 a month by the state of Florida. This is impossible for me right now and I’m threatened with jail time if I don’t pay.

  74. Mike Partlow says:

    Thank you.

  75. Andrea Olson says:


  76. Sean Falbee says:

    I completely support this, because this system reminds me of a snake eating it’s own tail. I’ve been looking for a job for almost 8 months now, and because of public record by liens, and now loss of a license, it truly makes me wonder if this system wants to function like it was supposed to. The system was originally designed to ensure that children are taken care for, and most of us want this for our children, but it seems like the payer’s of this are also chastised and shunned more often than not and held back from doing the right thing.
    Crazy question to think about.. Who has enough time in today’s age to file all these petitions with the courts, when they SHOULD be more worried about the child’s development, and supporting the child/children.. Another question is.. If they have the funds to hire a lawyer, and the funds to support themselves while attending court over the proceedings, then why do they cry in front of a judge stating they have none of these things? These questions are an argument in themselves, and something to think about when assuming that we are the ones to blame.. Some of us try, and fight, and struggle.. But because of the system in place, most of us and the children involved will never know peace..
    A snake eating it’s own tail, fueled by unjust greed, and contempt for things it refuses to understand..

  77. Steven Reddish says:

    I have read lots of comment on here and been down all these Roads for 22 years and even have a affidavit of Forgiveness from the mother and child support still will not honor it, thy have taking my Driver lic, which took away my job the right to work My Civil liberty. I also served in the Arm Forces, but no Freedom Come’s with out Blood shed . Thy call you a terrorists already . . LOL Time to Man Up! You Bunch of Cowards ! Time to Defend against all enemies foreign and Domestic.

    My Comment! Debtors Prison ! Get together fight back with Guns , thy are going to make us a Criminal any way might as well go out Fighting!

  78. Jay Russell says:

    I do believe the time for talk and petitions have passed. It is time for hard action in every state and at the Government level. Just remember that we the people outnumber them.

  79. Brittani Beach says:

    My husband has given his ex $4900 in the last 7 months and now child support has put a $2000 body attachment out on him. We pay an average of $5200 per year and he gets 2 body attachments faithfully every year!!!!

  80. William Leff says:

    No one should go to jail for lack of child support. It is a civil matter only. It is a gross misuse of the criminal system that unfairly crushes already poor people. It is almost like they are out for blood. You take away his drivers license, you can’t register or sell your car, you sieze his bank account and his house. He gets a job and you take away 50% and then when he is behind enough, you throw him in jail. Millions have to speak out about these injustices.

  81. Allen Gubbin says:


  82. Sean Greene says:

    Reform can’t come fast enough. Dealing with family court and the Attorney General’s Office in Texas has been an absolute nightmare. All I want to do is take of my children and have an equitable amount of time with them. A man shouldn’t have to endure years of this shit to get that.

  83. james B Boggs says:


  84. Jeffrey Schusky says:

    The court says I owe 52000 dollars from since 2005. my son is 10 and lived with me since he was 4 years old in 2009. They didn’t take any of this into consideration it’s because of the Bradley amendment the cannot forgive the arrearges. I’m going to fight this because to me this is a form slavery and cruel and unusual punishment . Am I wrong ?? I

  85. darin daniel says:


  86. Riki Olivier Sr. says:


  87. Timothy Ridgner says:

    I support this reform 100%

  88. ml dicky says:

    so i never should’ve been ordered support payments,,,ill advised by counsel..but have joint/shared custody.

  89. Kara Michaels says:

    I am 53 , female and
    I am simply stunned, appalled and at a loss for words after reading all of these entries. I simply can not believe the gall of the judges and parties involved in simply not giving a damn about people at all. I mean this is absurd. they dont even care if they leave you enough to live on or that you end up losing everything and end up in the gutter it looks like.

    That is what this world has become. Cold, even frigid and uncaring and its all about greed and taking your money it has nothing to do with the best interest of the child. I have sat here for the last several hours and I have read countless stories of how people basically rake their significant ex’s over the coals just to get their damn child support and they dont give a damn if the other person ends up with nothing. And they make up all sorts of lies and the judges believe them or even side with them and they wont even give the other person a chance to defend their self. And that is SO WRONG. How would they like it if they were in that same position and someone was squeezing every ounce of blood out of them to the point where they couldnt survive anymore:? And they had to go live on the street. This shit is beyond ridiculous.

    I can understand someone needing SOME money to help support their child or children but when the greed goes overboard and someone wants it all, everything they can get without any regard for the other person then they have gone too far. This crap has got to stop. And the laws concerning child support obligation payments need to be re wrote immediately. they should be wrote in such a way that both parents share responsibility equally and if one parent makes way more than the other then the parent with the most wages should be made to contribute just as much as the other parent. And the non custodial parent should be allowed visitation etc with his/her child whenever he wants.

    What i dont understand is how some of these men are still paying child support while their children are in their 20’s and 30’s. that is absurd and unconstitutional. I dont understand how the govt and greedy custodial parents can go after someone for child support and then when they start getting it they go in for the kill and take everything they can get and keep taking until the man is left with nothing. What a bunch of heartless bitches and (excuse my french) but they bring new meaning to the word CUNT (Cant Understand Normal thinking LOL)

    I speak from the voice of experience when i say that I was a recipient of Child support for 5 years, from the time my son was 14 to 19 and in all that time I never asked or expected to get more than was normal from his father. we were never married but that didnt matter. I received $162.50 every 2 weeks and the only arrearages on him was some back child support for about 1100.00 and one time the state got pissed at him for paying late so they put a lien on some of his property but i never pursued the late part myself. I just hoped and prayed that the child support would come soon because I was having a real hard time getting by trying to support my son. Then I took my son down to meet his father when he was 15 so he would at least know who he was . That was a real good day. My son is now 28 and he lives near his father and he also has met his 5 other brothers ( also by his father ) and his fathers wife. His father has a good job and I would NEVER think of doing something so dirty and underhanded as what I have read on here.
    MY bf is also paying current and past child support on his 16 yr old son and the state where he lives is so relentless that I got fed up with it one day and called his child support caseworker and gave her a piece of my mind. They ordered him to pay $300 a month in child support and then $434.00 a month in back child support and when I found that out and that they had garnished his wages to the point where he almost couldnt pay his rent I just went off on her. I told her where do you people get off taking all of his wages?? How do you expect him to live? He is 60 yrs old, a veteran etc and he just barely makes it?My god he has to walk to school every day he barely has a job, he barely gets by and you want to take half of what little he makes? He can not afford to have all of his wages taken away! you need to have a little bit of heart and stop taking so much out because he cant afford it, he has rent to pay etc etc , i mean i just told them off lol (maybe i shouldnt have ) but it worked because they gave him a little reprieve but he better watch himself because now they are all over his ass wanting to know why he isnt paying the full amount every month. Didnt I say before that he couldnt afford to? he is almost 62 yrs old and on welfare and still going to school. hmmpf go figure. they dont care. Jesus needs to come back soon and save this world. the end is near…

  90. Rafael Benitez says:

    Child support is used as extortion and it used to alienate the fathers.

  91. chris lamp says:

    Active duty Navy stationed nearly across the country and have to pay my ex a grand a month for my daughter while she sits at her home jobless. A quarter of my paycheck goes to her while my family suffers, funny how the guidelines say one child shall not suffer due to another. I cant get more time with her due to my Navy commitments, amazing how the thing that we fight and die for everyday is what is holding us down the most. Fairness ha what a joke.

  92. Jennifer Stafford says:

    I know there are more fathers than mothers going through the horrible illegale system of child support, however let me tell you as a mom (non custodial) trapped in it for years at no fault of my own it is so much more unfair and ridiculous. Trying to do the right thing for the children has become a nightmare that never ends. REFORM IS A MUST! For the children the parents and society!

  93. Johnny Morrison says:

    I agree…

  94. Matthew Van Malsen says:

    I pay nearly 300 a month for one child. Daycare is included in that. Mother works part time. She had my overtime included in my income when it’s not guaranteed. I basically work minimum wage now

  95. phillip d says:

    I pay child support every pay check, my ex got on welfare in california now they put that as past due child support and got my passport denied taking away my basic human right to travel treating me like i am a criminal, child support is a debt not a criminal offence so passports denial because of that is a human rights violation

  96. christopher s weiner says:


  97. Cassandra M. says:

    I agree., not ALL fathers are deadbeats.

  98. Eric Lappan says:


  99. Scott Allen Lawson says:

    i have had 2 children with 2 different women. they are both bottomless life sucking cesspools of self greed at the cost of our childrens well being. they are disgraceful and have the complete backing of our fed/state legislators, courts, lawyers, and county child support offices. i have felt hopeless and suicidal, with one failed attempt starting as early as 2005. today, i have zero hope in life and in making any progress with this defeating and corrupt system. my daughter, who has been coached early in life, has written me off as a direct result of the garbage piped in to her from her mother for years. she is 18, married, and a cgild of her own to continue in her mother’s footsteps with her husband. my son, which is now 7 years old, primarily lives with his mother after over $50,000 in lawyer fees, over 1 full year of needless supervised parenting, etc. i have had 5 med holds (some self admitting, some not) over the past 10 years. i have contacted all CO legislators, in which only 3 responded with a big “thanks”., we will laugh at your misery, have a good day. i am tired, i am hopeless. any help is appreciated.

  100. Monty Balboa says:


  101. William Rachilla says:


  102. Jason Fransos says:

    I am ready to go to the Media!

    Jason Fransos
    Digital marketing Executive
    KSDK Channel 5
    St. Louis, MO

    I am getting ready to embark on a Media campaign that will probably cost me my job. But enough is enough.

    ADMIN RESPONSE: My Prayers and immeasurable appreciation is with you, as I am sure the Prayers of everyone who reads this and of those who have experienced the corruption of a system that is set in place that is “HELL” bent on profit.

    Hard to fathom that our government would do this to its own people…. “for the people by the people”??? Hasn’t been that way in a very long time.

    Truly a nightmare!

  103. Sergio Lira says:

    Have my son full time and daughter joint legal physical custody…yet still pay child support even for a child my ex and new husband have…NC court system …what a joke

  104. Melissa Lira says:

    Have written our senators and governors many many times….useless!!!

  105. jason longley says:

    im in!! good luck to us all.. god have mercy on the them!!!

  106. Carlton Hardy says:

    Please send me an update on where this bill is sitting in committee

  107. Paige Alexander says:


  108. David B. Taylor says:

    Something has to be done to stop these tyrants…..Tax Offsets are BS, you shouldnt have to pay arrearage if you were out of work for that period of time…….there is a diffrence between being able to pay and not paying and not being able to pay and not paying, but they punish you just the same……. Most of these females get 1000+ PER CHILD EVERY TAX SEASON,PLUS WHATEVER THEY ARE GONNA GET FOR THIER JOB IF ANY… why do they need my tax money that i worked for and need to survive and get over the hump as well for?…… i will donate any amount i kan to help bring a lawsuit against this system and do away with it compleately.

  109. Aaron French says:

    This is my third time writing here. I live in anger every day. Family court gives financial incentives to mother’s to keep kids away from their fathers.

    How can we get his to go viral? We need more support. Ideas? I’m ready to collect signatures out in public. Who is with me? Anyone saavy on the petitioning process in CA?

    We need to put an end to this incredible, overwhelming, hopeless injustice.


    We need to put an end to this incredible, overwhelming, hopeless injustice.

    I haven’t seen my children hardly at all in the last 3 years. They were moved 500 miles away from me at a weak point in my life. Now, I see them zero percent any pay $2200 a month to her and her new husband. My $1700 salary checks are now $150 take home. I have to make sales commissions or I will perish.

    From President Obama; Legislatures, 2014/06/21 at 8:39 AM

  110. Josh Scruggs says:

    This is just one of the many ways that we Americans are getting raped by our goverment!! We need to come together as one and fight!! I’m a 36 yr old male that has had a job since I was 16. Never ben on unemployment or taken any hand outs from our corrupt gov! I have always felt bad for not serving my country, but not gonna fight for something I didn’t believe. It is our time now!! Let’s rise as Patriots and take back our country and our freedom!! Let’s fight for our children like our ancestors did in the civil war! I want to be free, I’m tired of being a slave!! Rise up!!

  111. Lorenzo Kennedy says:

    I am with you all the way. count me in!!!!! its all about money to them

  112. Robert Moragan says:

    My Case, I was active duty and the my ex cheated on me. I left her then she says she is pregnant. i support her little, she still seeing guys. I left her alone. i called her to check up on “my son”. but she refuses to let me talk or hear his voice. I deploy and I get hit with custody and child support order…from her grandparents. I never signed over rights and petitioned to get my son. According to Florida law, grandparents have no rights over natural parents. The ex signed her’s over to her parents. I never did. 5 years later I’m ordered to pay $1,347 a month and in arrears $17,784. TO THE GRANDPARENTS!! While my daughters were only getting $326 a month ( previous marriage and I always sent more money, I was lucky to be friends with their mother) Till this day, Florida is still trying to hose me down for more and I’m getting discharged finally for indebteness. We really need a reform on these issues. Bless Every one.

  113. Landri Dobbins says:

    I would like to share my experience with you.

  114. Deron Jones says:


  115. andrew says:

    Retroactive payments along with the modification had turned into someone else house payment for a year and half for one child It gotten reported to the credit bureau so my credit score dropped to poor and accumulated debt. I’m in the military coming up on 8 years. Now that I’m deciding to get out to make more money cause the child support payments I can not afford and it looks embarrassing as hell to my chain of command that I can not pay my bills on time which I always been responsible to pay. I have always provided for my child even while I’m being told no by the custodial parent when I want to spend time with my child. WE NEED TO REFORM NOW CS DESRTROY’S GOOD FATHERS THAT ARE AND WANT TO BE PART OF THEIR CHILDREN LIFE.

  116. Amy l says:

    Finally someone may care enough to stop the madness

  117. Leonard Wilson says:

    I don’t mind paying child support AS LONG AS ITS COMMON KNOWLEDGE FAIR TO BOTH PARTIES NOT HERS. 51% is RAPE , ROB , MUGGED, BEATEN , STARVED, and I would take all of those for one year every day as long as this 51% deduction stops now

  118. JUAN MOORE says:


  119. Kenith W. Hatman says:

    I have ideas that can be passed for child support reform. I too am a victim and have been for 14 years. Not gonna blast about them however I feel we need to get together and do this

  120. Korey n Purcell says:

    We need to riot The way they did for mike brown.maybe they will listen then.
    We need to fight back…
    Texas is stealing from fathers also.

  121. R. Harris says:

    Im from Pittsburgh pa i went through and i am still going through the same thing. i have never been giving a paternity and when requested one i was denied. paternity was an issue since she found out she was pregnant. When i requested a paternity test she refused to show up at court so the case was dismissed after several attempts.10 years later, after joining the navy, while i was on deployment when the court order was put through and have been paying every since

  122. mickey rodi says:

    Married 9 yrs, had 2 kids. Will pay child support til I retire. Having never had a whole paycheck myself my WHOLE CAREER. Math to think about: 23% Single tax rate, 15% man. to pension, 25% child support= 63% of my pay.. Yes I bring HOME 37%!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fair? She lives in a big house on a golf course w new cars, and I sit in a small place in the DARK eating pork n beans. For the rest of my LIFE.. Fair?

  123. Neil Kat says:

    Need a date of emancipation across the board. Too much disparity across NJ counties

  124. Travis Wright says:

    I Travis L. Wright Sr am a victim of this very same injustice happening here in Kansas City Missouri and My peternity test came back 0% chance in my situation.Not to mention that the kid in this case is 30 years old and is also in prison and i gave blood not once but twice for this same kid.The first time i gave blood was when the kid was 15 i was incarcerated here in Kansas city at the Jackson County Dentention Center where a paternity request was filed and Lab one came to the Jail and took my BLOOD.The paternity test was never done by the kid or his mother.Years later in the kids twenties i paid 700 dollars after a judge in Jackson county court gave me a right to a paternity test at my own expense.UPON receipt ot the results i took a copy of 0% paternity back to the same judge and the judge dismissed my case in criminal court based on the paternity results.Two weeks to a month later,the State of Missouri refiled the same case for over 10,000 dollars in arrears.That is the first order that is currently garnishing my wages,The second order is for my son Travis L Wright jr.I use to be a union ironworker at which time i was ordered to pay 692.00 dollars a month.When i stopped working as and ironworker the STATE CONTINUED TO TAX ME 692.00 A MONTH FOR OVER FIVE YEARS AND THEY KNEW THAT I WAS NO LONGER MAKING THE MONEY TO BE ABLE TO PAY THAT AMOUNT.IT WAS ONLY RECENTLY THAT I WAS FORCED TO LEARN ABOUT MODIFICATIONS OF CHILDSUPPORT. UNFORTUNATELY MY ARREARS HAD CLIMBED TO OVER 30,000 DOLLARS BY THEN.I MAKE TEN DOLLARS AND HOUR RIGHT NOW AND CURRENTLY HAVE TWO WAGE WITHHOLDINGS ATTACHED TO MY CURRENT PAYCHECK TOTALLING ALL TOGETHER ABOUT 65,000 DOLLARS,AND THATS WHY IM SIGNING THIS PETITION AND ALSO PRAYING THAT GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF WILL RAIN DOWN ON THIS INJUSTICE…………….

  125. Donovan Peters says:

    This corruption must stop!!!

  126. Zachary Wood says:

    I work in the oilfield long hours so that my family and child support can be taken care of. I pay over 500 a week in child support for two kids and I am flat out fucking tired of it. I can’t take off work without going into arrears and then they take it out of my tax return. So I have to work and miss out on my children growing up to pay support. Or I can quit my job and get a regular 40hr/wk job and not be able to provide for my family and have to rely on my wife to try and pick up the slack. You are essentially fucked for 18 years.

  127. Rich Scanlon says:

    I now have a felony on my record thanks to kentucky being so backwards, I paid the same amount for 18ys tried three different times to get it reduced…never happened in the eighteen yrs of paying a high amount due to a trust fund that was set up by my family which I only had access every five yrs.The only good thing that came out of this…is now its over ….My son hates his mother,Moved away from Ky like i did and became a Marine.

    However my time in jail was such BS where I in counted others in there for child support , who owed what I had paid in (89k) at that point and had less time???
    I guess because I did not knock up 4 different woman and have kids all over the state makes me a criminal ? Its a backwards system that works against any paying parent and the laws need to be changed.

  128. xavier perry says:


  129. Jason Crowder says:

    It has destroyed my life and the lives of my children .

  130. Anthony Vincent Ciulla says:

    Its horrible, the court forces every male into poverty.

  131. Thomas Hootselle says:

    Isn’t it amazing, even with what seems to be an abundant amount of awareness; we still haven’t seen change.

  132. kati watts says:

    i suppport this 100%

  133. Russell L. Jackson says:

    child support protective services has incarcerated my life an now my life is on death row. using the incomprehensable tactics to extort astronomical amounts of monies from me, monies that I don’t have and probably will never have, and the judicial system in the county of Cuyahoga has taken all rights from me as a father to be in my child’s life,

  134. Anthony Bonura says:

    Can’t even support my current family, pay any bills or get out of debt because of the system and there crazy amount they want me to pay.

  135. Elisa Hawkinson says:

    Child support needs to be reformed! When we pay my husbands ex wife monthly & she purchases their daughter clothing from expensive boutique stores, buys her UGGS, & over spends on herself that is not something we should be covering! Yet my husband is forced to pay & his daughter receives a higher quality of life at her mothers house! His ex wife wears expensive $200 jeans & tho she has a college degree in business she CHOOSES to work for her parents restaurant claiming to only make $40k a year. She’s capable of making $65k but it’s her choice to work for her family. That’s not something my husband should be required to supplement her income over… especially considering we have 50/50 custody! We support their daughter at OUR house & at her mothers. What is right about that? I have a daughter from a previous marriage & her father & I split EVERYTHING 50/50! That’s the way it should be in 50/50 custody matters. The mother chose to have a child. It shouldn’t be put on the father to financially support!!!

  136. Akaash Maria says:

    I LOVE MY KIDS. This system nurses parental alienation. It’s not what’s best for the kids.

  137. Jessica Ledesma says:

    I support child support reform!!!!!!!!!

  138. John says:

    I completely agree. The entire child support system is messed up. A father is viewed to only be good for a paycheck. Its main problem is that it’s regulated at the state level. If there was a national child support reform that benefited fathers more and eliminated all of the court bias, everybody would be much happier (both men and women).

  139. William Baker says:

    Of course i agree!… Mom’s and Dad’s please do your children and yourself a favor,PLEASE don’t put them in the “system”. Dealing with Clinton County in Michigan is a joke to say the least…
    Most definitely!!….an ugly “system”….that is NOT needed.

  140. W. Downing says:

    It’s terribly tough to hold on to hope, or have faith everything will be ok, when you’re stuck in this meat grinder they call Child Support Services. For the life of me, I can not understand how the transparency is not recognized. The system basically influences divorce and broken families. In simple terms, it’s basically extortion. “You will pay this much, even though we know you can’t afford it. When you don’t/can’t pay what we tell you to, we will break you until you go into major debt. The probability of ever getting out of this debt is slim to none”. It impacts every singe part of your life. Debilitating. STAND UP! Let’s say no more. It’s broken. Find another money machine government.
    This sight has opened my eyes and certainly reminded me I’m not alone. Every story is the same. I LOVE MY KIDS. This system nurses parental alienation. It’s not what’s best for the kids. It’s like NO one is a parent really. The government is making all the decisions for us. It’s just as frustrating to feel so powerless. I do not enjoy playing a victim, however I certainly feel my kids and I are.

  141. Donald L Card says:

    I could write a book about my experiences regarding this past couple years in the court system regarding child support and custody. Suffice to say that I agree that this system is corrupt and unjust.

  142. James M. Winstead says:

    Financially ruined by this system. I will never have anything because of a person that lied to me.

  143. Jonathan blackmon says:

    Stop ruining lives and family’s. This is ridiculous

  144. Demetrius Battle says:

    its time for everyone to take resposiblity and quit looking for a for sure leg up in life. now everybody would really be equal

  145. Lip Alicia says:


  146. Ward Charles says:

    I am disabled. I have a check of 700. A month. &400. goes to child support for my two sons who are not attending college. I cannot afford lawyers. I cannot afford a roof over my head let alone adult support. I have been calling and emailing everyone in New Jersey fir change. We need change NOW. Please keep at it. Has anyone considered a rally at the Govenors office. Please let me know

  147. Marlon Osorio says:

    We all know the corrupt nature of this and many other systems in place. I applaud all here who have made a decision to respond.

  148. daniel edmondson says:

    This child support system needs to change. Or I will never get out of there so called hole.i take care of my kids but in court its called a gift.i pay $250 a week and I just can’t afford it but the judge says go pick up bottles and cans. Or locks me up for 60 days accomplished nothing.

  149. Joseph M. Smith says:

    child support is evil and is unconstitutional

  150. Joe Breton says:

    I am an Iraq veteran that was divorced within 5 years of returning. I have also become a victim of the system. My children have been stolen from me and I am forced to be a slave to the system. The child support system is severely unjust and needs to be reformed. Bitter and spiteful ex spouses are the ones being allowed to pull the strings with no recourse. They are allowed to lie, cheat and steal and fathers are made to dance with no justification.

  151. Phillip Wesmoreland says:

    Its going to take mass amounts of civil disobedience to invoke change. People have been talking and signing petitions for years…. They just play the Deadbeat drum and everyone moves on….. Enough of this crooked shit!

  152. Rodney Phelps says:

    Stop punishing fathers for wanting to be dads to their children.

    Stop a system that promotes conflict between parents for their own financial gain.


  153. Jonathan Nagel says:

    KInd of given up hope that child support will ever be reformed. Before it gets any better it will probably get worse. The mother of my child whom I had a one night stand with and 17 years later have been to jail over, passport taken, fishing and drivers license taken, and destroyed my credit. I will never own a house never own a car never travel will never be able to enjoy life like the mother has. Did I ask her to get pregnant? No. Did I want? No Did I get the option to have the child 50/50 to avoid child support? No. The courts are for women and thats it. I faced 15 years in prison for a mistake I made when I was 18. When pleading with this woman, I got an excuse “Well I will lose my health benefits that me your child and my husband have” I believe once a man marries a woman knowing she has a child he should be held responsible and the real father at least asked if he would like to terminate his obligations. Those are just wishes because I have a life now that has no meaning because everything that makes me human or a US citizen has been stripped.

  154. Joshua Addison says:


  155. Steven hutto says:

    Equal rights … I’m not for abortion but y do wemon get the option or choice to abort or adopt or keep dads only choice is to pay … wemon use the system manipulated lawyers judges state line there pockets with legal fees etc and incentives such go to judges getting raises …

  156. Leslie Williams says:


  157. Edward Stachnik says:


  158. Diante Dushaun Perry says:

    My kids are 19 and 17..i only owe $960 and they put a warrant out on me..they will not let me make payment, and also giving me a lil over 4 months.,on top of the fact my house recently burned up and I am really in a bind..this is my story..

  159. John A. Nicholas says:


  160. Hugh Cha says:

    Time for change!

  161. Carissa Cosper says:

    I am a single mother i have three children i was making child support payment for my first born and i called to have it taken out of my check so i wouldnt hath to mail it in but i missed two days of work because i was sick and child support left me with $22 to get back and forth to work and care for my other two children needless to say i lost my job and now i am on public assistance

  162. Shane A. Stafford says:

    I am sick and tired of being a slave to the system. The U.S. GOV has turned their backs on us long enough. It’s time for congress to act on child support reform and It’s time to weed out the crooks and keep the true congressman who believe and enforce our constitutional rights.

  163. m demonaco says:

    This is a scam to keep people in slavery. The government is a fraud and has no respect for the Constitution.

  164. Troy W. May says:

    I hope that CS gets reformed. It is unfair when there are parents out there that suffer because of a greedy parent. When you can not afford essentials for your current family it becomes a problem. so much is done that is unconstitutional, No one should be able to have you jailed for any debt it is in the constitution. No only that revoking a DL, that will not make money appear out of thin air. The sheer one sidedness of child support is appalling.

  165. Sean Eberle says:

    Fully Backing

  166. George coulson says:

    I will not go into all the lies and deceit that my daughters evil egg donor has spun over the last 18 years, (calling her an egg donor because , it takes more than being called a custodial parent to actually be one) I have a big problem with a state that allows a parent who only went to 8th grade to ” homeschool” a child. Then at 17 throw her into a public school system, only to be placed in 8th/9th grade level, and then be made to pay child support til she’s 21 because she’s so far behind. And did I mention she’s 18 and pregnant?
    What in the world is wrong with our government? Is it any wonder why people’s kids live at home having mom and dad support then until they are in their 40s. Our government promotes dependency. Child support reform now please.

  167. Tracie falls says:

    I have no children but I do agree that child support reform is long over due.

  168. Maurice Allen says:


  169. Robert Trimble says:

    Child support laws need reformed. The rates at which the obligor pays the obligee is unfounded.

  170. Hugo Dominguez says:

    The child support system is a joke!!!!

  171. james allen russell says:

    do not like being held captive by the country i protected

  172. Tracy Allen says:


  173. Giovanni Rivera says:

    Stop the corruption and fix a broken and prejudice system. The law sees only black and white yet sadly there is more grey between them combined.

  174. scott says:

    Michigan is the worse they are all for collecting money on child support arrears after 25 years and giving to drug addict mothers they NEED TO DRUG TEST all that receives child support and if they fail the drug test ALL money is taken away period………..

  175. Stephanie Metzner says:


  176. Austin says:

    I am 23 married never married first girl I had kid with she’s drug addict disappeared and over a year now I’ve had the kid and I still don’t have full custody and I’m still paying child support with child in my care. Pasco county sucks. Florida sucks. Women are entitled to money for the 20 years as long as they have a kid. And this man can’t even take care of his family an continues to pay for her drugs while my wife takes care of my kid and our kids.

  177. Vam\nce L. Howard says:

    Make the recipient accountable for ALL monies received/spent. Place SEVERE penalties enforceable by law. FORCE the CP to take ANY work available to support their child as the NCP is FORCED to do by the corrupt Family Court system.

  178. John P. Ruben says:

    I’m a proud father of two beautiful lil’girls. All I want is an equal opportunity to guide, protect and help them grow into sound citizens. The social elements are bad enough on our youth and as I read about and witness to the countless of (families) lives destroyed by the child support system, I can’t help but wonder how long will we just sit idly by watching the very fabric of our great nation get torn to shreds. There’s a social epidemic in this system that goes beyond making payments… Please wake up America! It’s not hard to see what this means to the future of our children… the future of our nation.

  179. Tracy Cooper says:

    I would like to see the corruption end in child support in all 50 states!! Moms and dads all need to stand up and fight!

  180. Jeffery Edwards says:


  181. Sophie a. Spangler says:

    Proud vet and step mom to two beautiful kids who’s father has done everything in his power to stay in his children’s life even if the court won’t allow him the time.

  182. JD Kelly says:

    This has ruined my life as well……. all the States are abusing their citizens this way & our Federal Government is just turning a blind eye! I am utterly disgusted by this blatant attack of our life, liberty & in NO WAY given a chance for the pursuit of happiness.
    We are now slaves.

  183. latonya Tappan says:

    send letters to suprem court they are in charge of usa i did if they get a load in this my go big am a women dealing with extorstion for every source my school money crazy no more .

  184. Catherine Punjani says:

    I see ALOT Of system GREED. One child supporrt worker actually told
    my employer that I have children that are starving. It was a lie. AND all of MY kids are grown on their own, and they are NOT starving. THEY ARE WELL OVER 21!
    The child support enforcement people are totlally clueless as to how
    much the ‘state’ forces a man to pay. I’ve heard as much as 85% out of a paycheck the first time the money is taken AUTOMATICALLY by Illinois’ ‘crooks’ attaching their computers to get this the employer!

  185. Jimmie Thorne says:

    They need to take account of cost of living. For instance, If I live in DC and my child’s mother lives in Louisburg, NC. They should take that in consideration. $700 may get you a room in DC, where in NC its a 4 bedroom house. However, the worksheet will go off my income and that’s it.

  186. Frank Sutton says:

    Reform is needed. Unfortunately, I most probably won’t see it in my lifetime.

  187. Stephanie Wilder says:

    I defnitely agree with Child Support Reform, My husbands ex wife makes triple of what he makes, she married a guy in the military, and he still has to pay her and her husband half of his income.

  188. Kevin Binder says:

    Owe over 10k in back child support for period of time I was unemployed and with assets frozen.

  189. Jayson Telles says:

    The system is ruining relationships with their children and hindering opportunities for present fathers.i agree to providing help, but not allowing the system to conjure up an amount meant to create anxiety and separation. I think as men we need to come together for some sort of reform to be fathers and not be taken advantage of by the government.

  190. William H. Rogers says:

    AGREE! 100% REFORM NOW!!!

  191. Leon Burrell 111 says:

    The child support system as it is has made my life so hard and miserable It’s so unfair to all of us. I will do the best I can for my and my life.

  192. Jacob Woods says:

    No one should be forced to pay for a child they never see.

  193. Ricky Chambers says:


  194. Danny Lowe says:


  195. kenneth vance says:

    How corrupt it all is, when every man who owes chuild support is thought of as some kind of criminal. The word DEADBEAT is in the minds of people who see the men, and this whole thing is sickening. I get treated like a piece of shit by child support workers, and it is high time to make these bastards pay.

  196. Daniel Taylor says:

    Have been going through this since 2007. my ex gets child support for 2 children when she only has one. what is the judges excuse? its not a per child order. but then u file for a modification if the cp contests it they do what they want. its a bunch of bull shit.

  197. krystal strachan says:


  198. Denise says:

    STOP all corruptions

  199. April Barbir says:

    Fully support reform in child support

  200. William kotel says:

    1. I am in the military 23 years active, got divorce after 16 years.
    2. I pay 1080 in child support and 1535 in Alimony, They take $980 every two weeks.
    3. She was given house and I was not allowed to get anything out, The car after she paid with discover card and I was given the bill for card.
    3. After long divorce battle month it was over, she pulled magically $80,000 and bought hair salon.
    4. Went back to court to terminate Alimony, and to get her to meet half way to drop and pick up kids ( she lives in Tn, I live in Florida) Judge said NO to all.
    5, After couple of months Bank gets frozen not once but twice for arreages in child support .. How am I behind ??? Child support $1080 I have $980 pulled out of pay every two weeks That makes it $1960.. I pay child support on time and over $800 of Alimony and that’s what am behind
    But iam still viewed as a dead beat dad.. somebody please look into the Clarksville tn office for corruption, I think they just pick and choose but not fair on us fathers that do pay.

  201. Terry Nelson says:

    The child support system is raping the livelihood many noncustodial parent in this country today because of the corrupt government we live in. Something needs to be done.

  202. Kelsey Ingram says:

    We need reform ASAP. This has got to stop!

  203. Josh Simonton says:

    Child support is unconstitutional. They can’t enforce it equally across the board, and have admitted openly to just going after the fathers that are easiest, leaving the dead beats to do what they want. And if that’s not enough, the dead beats who don’t mind being thrown into jail get to work out, have three meals a day, and a place to rest. This is not a justice system. This is an atrocity.

  204. James J. Doneghy says:

    Its time for a change. To many people are forced into a trap that makes them fail at living a normal productive life.

  205. Christopher Zemartis says:

    I support this the next president elective to make this a priority had my vote something needs to change

  206. workin man says:

    30 years and still no reform.. all of you will die and you will not see any reform.. sorry to say..

  207. nery gonzalez says:

    corrupt system the worst thing it has happened in my life

  208. Jesse Scott says:

    welfare reform, mental health and health reform we need child support reform

  209. Timothy Andrade says:

    I have always paid my child support but now it is being raised so high I can’t afford a regular life. I’m all for child support but the new guidelines are ridiculous. WE NEED THIS NOW!!!!

  210. Brian B Hamilton says:

    I’m a 100% disabled vet,before I was deemed disabled I was an emt for fdny,my support payments were 1700 a month,when my PTSD hit ,I could no longer work, it took five yrs to get awarded disability,all the while I was making $155 a month temp. Disability,and still being charged 1700 a month ,now they are taking more than half my disability check,as a result im homeless,My country whom I signed a blank check for up to an including my life has turned its back on me.The system is a fraud.

  211. Jimmy Claphan says:

    Would love to be involved

  212. kerry culp says:

    If we can’t reform it, its time to take our country back and reform the government. I support this reform 100% . The constitution is there to keep so called law makers and government officials from taking from the common folk. They work for us.people need to seriously band together there is a whole lot more of us than there will ever be of them

  213. Rachel Robbins says:


  214. Me too says:

    We are all in the same boat. Both male/female noncustodial parents. There are a lot of petitions that have been around for years asking for a reform on the regulations on CS. However, all I’ve noticed is the number of petitions increasing, but no word from the corrupted baboons and the wack ass President. From my opinion, I don’t think none of these petitions will ever be heard because even if there was good intentions to making change, it will destroy money being pocketed by AG, Judges, and politicians. Nevertheless, it’s illegal and violates our rights. We are being enslaved to forcefully pay CS or suffer the consequences. I have had no choice but to move in with my sister and aunt because I couldn’t even afford a decent 1 bedroom apt, food for the table, clothes, and will be losing my car. It’s very sad and frustrating that I can’t even enjoy taking my son to a decent vacation trip because I won’t be able to afford it. Others that aren’t in our situation say: “We’ll why don’t you get a second job?” Easier said than done! If you end up making an extra dollar, they will forcefully garnish more money, give it to the unethical custodial parent, and take away time to spend it with your child(ren). I’ve filed for a motion for a CS reduction in the last 8 months because I lost my job and the court keeps postponing the dates. I still have to pay the same amount as if I was still making the same salary. SO FREAKING CORRUPTED AND TOTALLY UNJUST! YOU WONDER WHY SO MANY GOOD FATHERS END UP GIVING UP IN TRYING TO KEEP UP BUT JUST CAN’T!!!! IS THERE A DAMN GOOD SOUL OUT THERE THAT IS WILLING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN REFORMING THIS CORRUPTED SYSTEM?! I guess we were all deceived by the saying: “The American dream” This isn’t the righteous nation anymore! It’s full of corruption, greed, and power. GOD help us all!

    RESPONSE: I feel and agree with every single word you have said here. This Country is so corrupt but the sheeple either don’t see it or just don’t give a SHIT. I’ve tried to get (corporate owned) media coverage, Senators, Congressman, to listen, two trips to DC…. all to no avail. We get nearly 6000 visitors a month on this website and I hope that public awareness will help. But like I said earlier, people don’t want to take the time to figure out how money is being made off the family court system…. matter of fact people are not even aware of how Federal Incentives and how Privatization really works and their sole purpose $$$$$ If they knew those two things they would know why this country’s prison rate is the highest in the world, why our politics is outrageously corrupt… Why this Country is full of SHIT and how we are lied to every single day. I feel you, I honestly do.

  215. Henry Freeman says:


  216. Matthew C Harrington says:

    at poverty level because of unfair child support loss of employment no one cares about me im just a slave i never wanted to leave my family i was forced to do so now im alone and she takes away my visitation for no reason why am i being treated like this ? now they act like im some kind of criminal i love my children more than anything in this world and have payed 50% of my income for 8 years she has remaried and neither of them has ever had a job yet they live in a nice house while im forced to move in with my mother because there is not enough money left for me to live on how is this right or fair im having thoughts of suicide i pay every week but am not alowed to see them every week? i have no life it was all taken from me my family was taken away by my own nefew my car was stolen and now ive lost my job yet somehow im expected to just keep doing this no one cares about me .

  217. Derrick J. Powell says:

    Fathers should be considered more that just a source of income. We deserve to have a relationship with our children. Not just the mothers being able to take them away.

  218. tim crookshanks says:

    women want equal rights but not when it comes to divorce. they want it all and think that they are the only parent and should get every dime you make and the corrupt bastards in our useless judicial system allow this. I work construction and as any person with common sense (guess this rules out judges and women) knows that construction work is greatly affected by weather and yearly income varies GREATLY but these dumbass courts ignore this. and when you can’t keep up on the support payments they think putting you in jail where you CANT make ANY money will fix this.?? dumbass system. WHEN WILL ANYONE LISTEN AND SEE THIS HUGE PROBLEM??

  219. Jamarsa Brass says:

    Still having problems, The mother has a job, but they will not consider her income…

  220. Jasion says:

    Texas Child support laws are unjust and need to be revised.

  221. Gianni Genovese says:


  222. dashay vanduyne says:

    lets get these laws changed

  223. Zack Lancaster says:


  224. Michelle Denmark says:


  225. Melissa Law says:

    Signing for one of my friends.

  226. Jeff Thiem says:


  227. Michael Miller says:


  228. Kevin Robert Turner says:

    I have been a victim of “child support” withholding for most of my professional life. To date I have seen no proof that any of the thousands of dollars I have paid has gone to the child or even mothers for that matter.

  229. mark dryden says:

    Thank you for taking this on. Needs reform in such a bad way.

  230. Robert J Spellman says:

    I am also a victim of paternity fraud. I even know who the father is. This has been going on since 2001 and the story is the same as everyone else’s here. I do have 3 children with the mother. I have not seen my daughters since 2001 and it wasn’t until 20010 that i had a chance to speak to them and guess what..they hate me and want nothing to do with me. You all know the story. I have never been able to get a state agency in any one of the 3 states that came after me to even talk to me. No money for an attorney. I got destroyed. Thanks for listening and I have signed the petition. I don’t want the money back, I just want to be left alone now..

  231. Ryan Seiler says:

    I am highly likely to be incarcerated on the 4th of march. as i am out of work due to a hernia that i sustained. i am currently fighting my previous employer as nowhere will hire me being a medical risk. I have court… where i have to try and prove to a judge that i am not willfully refusing to pay for a child that i have met twice in six years. to a woman who is married to a sex offender and lives with her parents. on welfare and food stamps. while i have spent the latter part of my life trying to stay ahead of the rising tide.

  232. Murray Hulderman says:

    It needs to fixed

  233. Andre Dasent says:


  234. Randy wells says:

    I also have been raped by the courts here in Cincinnati….Please HELP!

  235. Ronnie Watson says:

    when will this very faulted system be changed?!?!?!

  236. dale m Johnson jr says:

    Lawless American child support slave laws

  237. Dwayne Simpson says:

    The system is vastly broken, especially if the case is out of state. You can’t file for custody for the child unless your in the same state that the child is living “BUT” the custodial parent can file in whatever state their in to affect the life of the non custodial parent which is ridiculous. The federal government needs to overhaul the entire child support and enfourcement system.

  238. Michael Luling says:

    no comment

  239. TJ Tejeda says:

    We’re creating a new debtors prison, major system modifications needed immediately.

  240. Heather Denese Lumpkins says:

    I am a survivor of Domestic Violence and Terroristic Divorce. I pay child support for 2 children ages 4 and 13. I am currently behind on medical bills as my oldest son is insulin dependent. I suffer from PTSD and recently lost my job. NO I do not qualify for unemployment, food stamps, or any other form of government assistance. My ex husbands team together in continual bullying me with threats of incarceration and court battles which I have been fighting for the past 4 years. One in which I was jailed for a month because I refused to admit in court I was a batterer and agreed previously to take the courses to not waste the judges time. The ONLY reason my ex husbands have custody of my sons is because I was honest in court in my testimony. I suffered a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized from the abuse I received while married. My testimony and hospitalization was used against me and I continue to battle for vistiation with my sons. Please, I pray everyday that the injustices that I and other members in this process be helped in anyway possible. Please don’t make us pay anymore for fighting for our kids.

  241. Rev. TF Crutchfield, Virginia says:

    I have a friend who is in jail for not being able to pay in FULL her child support she was in the US Army when her child was born the father took the child then let the system put an amount on her, this being done has become a form of SLAVERY yes the test for slavery is: 1.) Can the person ever get clear of this debt? 2.) The person being placed in Jail has more cost added rent per day in jail $15.00 to the child support 12 month sentence totals $5460.00, plus $19000.00 in arrears totals to $24460.00, when not paid on time the cycle starts over again back to jail. This what was done to an American Slave never being able pay for his freedom this is truly SLAVERLY yes Black and White slavery the true indentured slaves the system has gone wrong. This woman loves her son and he even wants to stop. Her mother is also homeless and not being able to care for herself so the system has caused too much pain on 3 people here in Virginia.
    Thank You Please I do Pray this fall in the Right hands 11FEB2014,

  242. crystal palmer says:

    My husband pays $160.00 wkly for 2 kids when we have them 1/2 the time and they’re always taking us for more

  243. Carolynn Concepcion says:


  244. Keith Sternberg says:


  245. Leevon Gilmo says:

    Child support should be a set amount. An if a father has a good history of taking care of his kids I think the courts should stay out of it.

  246. Philip G DiMaio says:

    We’ll this is by any means is a fair and healthy system for the payee and kids.
    First of all my ex wife of 18 years is now on her 3rd marriage to her second husbands best friend I was her first. Over the years she has taken me into court many times .
    I believe New York is one of 2 states that you have to pay until the man or woman is 21 which it should be as all other states.
    I went to court 4 weeks ago and I was behind on the petition $1905.00 dollars
    So I gave a $1000 in certified funds to the court that hearing the magistrate said oh you owe $2500.00 and another $350.00 will be added on your next appearance
    As I was in the hearing room my ex wanted me put in jail even that they took the $1000.00 from me . So when he said to her talk and tell us what you have to say nothing but lies came out from her mouth and when I went to tell my side of the story and I had do prove what she was telling the unreasonable unprofessional magistrate was a lie
    So as I started to talk she did not let me talk my ex wife of 18 years and the magistrate let her get away with it and He did not let me show the proof she was lying and tell my side of my situation. Totally unconstitutional. So he says see you people in 3 weeks we got back this past Thursday. She told him this time the certified checks I gave were bogus and I should be put in jail. We’ll They were real and child support did not process them right away which is not my fault . I did I mention I gave another 875.00 money order so the new arrear balance is $975.00
    So within 3 weeks between seeing this magistrate I gave a total of $1875.00 and once again in this second hearing she lied an when the magistrate asked me to talk she my ex of 18 years railroaded me with over talking me , the unfairness to this all is being the magistrate never getting to hear me out and letting her do this without telling her let him talk or if you do not I will throw this matter out of my chambers which I never got to talk and he wanted right then and there proceed with a 6 month incarceration hearing.
    So I said I’d like to have an attorney. This child is 20 years and in 6 months will be 21 why would he not say come in 3 weeks with more money wouldn’t that be the smart thing and right thing to do? . This ex was in rehab about 7 years ago for pill popping and has bad mouth me to my kids since we divorced 18 years ago
    Unconstitutional. Ca Anyone advise me ? can I be put in jail for an arrear after 18 Of about 500 bucks I am 100% for reform. Email.

  247. Angela Pleger says:


  248. richard lopitz says:

    crooked as our politicians

  249. Sam Kurdi says:

    I would love to see some fairness for all men

  250. Jason Jones says:

    I agree, I think the payers of child support are treated unfairly in the court systems

  251. David says:

    I have my daughter all the time I don’t make much money but with the money I do have I buy her what she needs,not what she wants.her mother believes she needs name brand everything .so she took me to court to get more money .I pay 800 a month .I have two other chidren a 3 and 8 year old that I cant barely feed because of debt,cant get help from state because make just over guidelines in Wisconsin don’t know what to do feel like just running away need help why should me and my other kids suffer just so my older daughters mom wants to be greedy. help me somebody

  252. Derrell black says:

    I currently pay 2200 hundred a month for child of my children I have joint custody of and pay her 1284 a month. I believe if you have a joint custody order in place each parent need to maintain there own household and need to be no child support order in place.

  253. Charles Eugene Hollis Jr says:


  254. James Walsh says:

    The system is terrible and totally unfair.

    But the saddest part is that the screams, pleas and complaints of thousands of destitute dads falls on the deaf ears of thousands or rich politicians and judges who just simply ignore them. Those people are rich and not in the same situation as us so they simply don’t get it and don’t care.


  255. Eric J. Klingensmith says:

    Evil prevails when good people do nothing.

  256. G Parsons says:

    The states are just following the feds lead by focusing on 42 U.S.C. 658(a)….family & children be damned!

  257. justin trahan says:

    i been fighting louisiana for 11 yrs for same thing. i have mri reports that my neck and back need several surgerys but they dont care and keep putting me in jail cause im behind on child support and im about to just end it…..

  258. James McKee says:

    I am a 20+ year retired Airforce combat wounded warrior.
    I live solely on SSDI until the VA finishes my pension and compensation
    Claim (2 years and counting). I have paid child support for my
    Son for the last 6 years at $800 a month. The support was automatically
    Garnished from my military pay. I never fought the support as I figured
    It was a normal amount and with a court order that was issues while I was
    Deployed? Now that I’m out and fighting the PTSD that I’ve been diagnosed
    With I have found out that I owe $20,000+ in arrears to the mother not the state.
    They have denied me from getting a passport that I need to see my youngest
    US citizen daughter in the Philippines. The mother got married and had her husband
    Adopt my son,even with my $6,000 lawyer. Mother and her husband make
    Almost 20,000 a month gross as college professors. I left my girlfriend and 4 year old
    Girl in Philippines so I could get treatment from the VA. I’m now I
    The position that I might never be able to see them as it will take 15 years to pay off
    The arrears at the rate I’m paying now. I’m lost and ready to call it quits. Please if there is anyone able to help me out there or give me some information to help,I would very much
    Appreciate it. I feel like the military placed
    Me in this position and the mother is doing this as a way to get back at me being deployed
    So often. There is so much more to this story but this is the basic nuts and bolts. Please help…

  259. JEAN RENELIEN says:


  260. Stephen berkebile says:

    I went in to have mine lowered and left with it raised

  261. Phyllis Beaton says:


  262. Dupree Carter says:


  263. Jlehew says:

    All I can say is when I have this mess paid off I am moving out of America. Never again will I go through the corruption that I myself and what I have seen my children have gone through. One state is just as bad as the other.
    I have a place in South America that I will go and live out my life. I have talk to over 30 fathers that are doing the same thing. They are leaving and not coming back.

  264. Marah Haak says:

    I agree 100% that the cs system is rigged! We live in Texas which is a difficult state when it comes to child support. My husband pays 35% for two kids with 2 different mothers but they receive $100 more a month than we do and our first child will be here in 5 months. They take his gross income and leave us with enough to get by with the help of our family helping our grocery bill. He makes great money and we don’t see it because of the system. It’s caused problems before with us but I have to stand by his side and hope we can get this changed.

  265. i am 100 percent for this reform, to me the gov needs to stop being so greedy of money and worry bout all the broken families they are creating, it isnt fair at all these woman open there legs like revolving doors to me if ur old enough to open them legs then ur sure the heck old enough to take care of your mistakes

  266. Tina Murphy says:

    I Fully Support this.

  267. Donald D Gagen says:


  268. Nicholas Rolfe says:

    We need child support reform,the system violates our civil rights and these judges are bookies fathers have no rights anymore

  269. Big Feddie says:

    This is a war & why are we ordered to pay more than what welfare is paying to single mothers that need assistance? Why am I being taxed to pay welfare on top of child support. #DoubleDipping

  270. Jeff P says:

    I may not know what it’s like to be a father, but I know what it’s like to have people steal from me over the years even if it’s my own flesh and blood. It’s hard for us all to have jobs in this godforsaken economy, why should it be hard to be a parent as well? This must stop now!

  271. john tutchton says:


  272. Travis Mercer says:

    It’s time to open the eyes of the government and make them see that they are embracing and helping a generation of children and young adults to not know what a loving father is and to blindly set them up for feeling helpless against a woman in court over custody and support issues. I’m in a situation to where I have 2 women who refuse to accept the fact that I want shared physical custody with my children because they have already fell into habit of accepting the child support as extra income and if they lost that then may be forced to work harder to actually pay their real share of the expenses. I’ve joined in the military to support my son and I’m out here doing whatever I can to survive and do for my kids including jumping state to state or even going to another country to work just so I can support me and my kids. While the moms sit at home and wait for my money. If thats not sacrifice of a father then what is? I dont need neither of my childs mothers to do my job when Im more than willing to do it with shared physical custody. Sick of this BS!!!

  273. grady thompson says:


  274. Billy J. Woods says:

    It a business that shoves millions if not billions into the pockets of people who could care less about the children, and most men have no choice when the mother gets on afdc, takes his money and never informs him that she getting assisstance,if he pays cash to her theres no record when he goes to court, also men pay for years and later find their not the father to begin with, dna wont relieve him of the debt, but it will relieve a person falsely accussed of a crime, this system should show the same fairness for men wrongly accussed for being the father and they’re not, those women know the truth, in such cases why not make them tell who the father is or make them repay the welfare money, its a broken system, it markets children to bring enormous financial gains to all interested partie, and welfare is granted to states, how can they dish out granted funds, and put interest on it, only to demand more money at the end of every year, they’re getting a benefit 3 times and possiblily frauding the government in the process, places such as los angeles cs, they pay the judges to rule in their favor, there should be a federal investigation on this da’s office. I hope change will come to relieve the wrong thats done to so many men, and stop a system thats setup to be a life long debt

  275. michale luke says:

    too many ex wives and even husbands abusing this, not working, living with another, children not getting what they need. all this is free money that a working legal taxpayer provides to a court system that is doing nothing and in more cases, support for the ex and their live ins while not letting the non custodial parent contact the children when they want. as usual the kids are the ones that this hurts the most.

    ADDTIONAL COMMENT: Ex wife gets 1200 a month, I wire extra money, she wants more and more and threatens me that I cant talk to my kids. I live and work 1000 miles away and want to talk to them daily, I get denied unless I send her extra money. The kids don’t get it, she is on Medical Marijuana, wont work, lives with a guy that brings home 400 a week and is out of support after sometimes only a week. I think she and him may have a drug problem, I know she drives under the influence, kids told me.

  276. Leslie Moore says:

    Stop custodial parents from living off of their childrens support and work to provide for their children.

  277. Mandy lee says:

    I am a single mom who receives child support from my ex. Our order is pretty fair as it’s based off both our incomes (even though I make more then him).
    My boyfriends support order on the other hand is based solely on his income and his ex refused to give him credit for what he paid while separated. So she receives more than half of his income, it’s so sad/frustrating hard to deal with the vast differences in state systems.

  278. Tyler hasse says:

    I am left with $475 every 2weeks and ordered to pay half of unpaid medical, she receives around $850 a month in support and also gets my taxes..

  279. Tisha Howland says:

    I have witnessed first hand what an awful system this is. Any woman that has a child can pin it on a man that isn’t even the father and often times there is nothing he can do about it.

  280. Ken hall says:

    @&$?! Up country

  281. Warren Jones says:

    When you can”t support your self, or even see your own children there is a problem. And something needs to be done about it! I have had two back surgeries, and one neck surgery, i am disabled and unable to work and they say they don’t care about my problems, and they showed this to be true by taking my drivers license. So now i have been fighting for over a year for my disability, i can’t drive myself to my doctor appointments, and i can’t afford medicines that i have to be taking, because the money my family helps me with for my meds they said they want and take, or else i go to jail. See a problem?I sure do.Wonder what they do when they kill people off? Go after their living relatives???

  282. Benjamin says:

    The system is corruptep My base pay is 3550.00 and i pay 2000 dollars in childsupport. I don’t even want to work anymore. whats the point of working to take care of lazy woman that all they want to do is have kids to get pay and never have to lift a finger to get a job and then you have the goverment protecting them like they are quenns. Even thought the father is the better person and can take care of the child better than the woman.

    ADDITIONAL COMMENT: The goverment don’t care to take their time and look into the child support issues, for what i see. So many good man have their life taking and left in the streets just beacuse they had a child while the woman sits in the house not doing anything and the man working 40 to 60 hours a week to give to the woman all his income beacuse the dam judges that think are Gods give just a high childsupport obligation to the dad and now the dad don’t even have any money to go see his kids on a weekend.

  283. Rafael Oliver Vidaud says:

    The present system is an enticement for greedy lazy women to abandon their families, place their former husbands in indigent servitude using their children as money making commodities so they can be free to make more children from other men and repeat the cycle. Supporting children is the obligation of every parent, placing all the monetary burden on the non custodial working parent to the extreme of 60% and turning him into an indigent is plain slavery. The system needs to be corrected to discourage the abandonment of the marriage by the wife rather than stimulate it as it is now doing.
    Women that abandon their marriage need to know that they will have to work and can not live off of their children. They do not use the money they get to better the life of their children, it is for all purposes their salary at their disposal.

  284. Steven Osesek says:


  285. Joseph E. Jackson says:

    We need reform badly I have not seen my children in almost a year.

  286. Raymond Brown says:

    If the government cant see to it that this current evil child support system isn’t reformed, then maybe a united revolution from the law abiding citizen will. It’s no wonder American citizenship denouncement is at an all time high. God bless America, because we cant.

  287. Mathew Urey says:

    Something needs to change. The way child support is right now is not fair.

  288. Richard says:

    Reform is needed!

  289. P. Jameson says:

    REFORM NOW! Stop Child Support Enforcement’s corruption and the unnecessary destruction of lives NOW!

  290. David says:

    I got totally screwed in Oregon with the child support system. One person claimed twice against me and she got the money AND state assistance even know there was a court order in place for years before this. Now the child support office says I have to get a lawyer and collect from her. This is CRAP! I’m out over $10,000.00 and they wont take any responsibility. On top of it all, the Attorney General says there is no laws that they can prosecute her for. INSANITY!

  291. Justin Patterson says:

    Child support in this country is a scam just like the war and everything else our government has lead us to believe over the last decade. People are finally starting to wake up not only in America but everywhere else across the globe. Me and my ex both contacted DHS about dropping our current support order in Tennessee and got nothing but the run around from both the courthouse and the state departments. It has become obvious it’s all about money with them and was never about what was best for our son. Shame on you America! You are consumed by power and greed. Let us not forget it was We The People who put you in your place of power and it won’t be long before We The People put a stop to this mockery you have made of our country.

  292. Shawn Thomas says:

    What needs to happen is the laws need to separate Dads from Dead Beats , and Please look into how you can have shared parenting before child support income begins ! Im a dad dont charge me dead beat prices !

  293. jl windham says:

    Reform must happen now.

  294. Wilfred Aaron says:

    THEY WHOLE CSE Agency needs to be DISMANTLED and DESTROYED!!
    Eliminate child support laws. BOTH persons need to be accounted for. BOTH!!
    Look at it like this…. If they were together and everything was ok then they would SHARE the burden of whatever was needed for that child (children). Work together and make it happen. Bein REALISTIC! If ANY person IS Paying for ANYTHING… They have the RIGHT to make ALL DECISIONS on what happens and what concerns that child. No monies are monitored. Women are using this to start New Relationships, Continue WRONGDOINGS…… This “Legal Prostitution” is degrading to the American ethics of Life! How can a Government issue and force a “State of Poverty and Hardship” on anyone! The CSE is an agency and the Courts back it up? It’s PLAIN straight Fraud to the Government and the People and They embrace it!
    It’s also Unconstitutional to jail someone for Debt. “UNCONSTITUTIONAL” Then after that person is jailed they can’t get a job because of that jail record. Heck.. many can’t get a job JUST BECAUSE they ARE on CHILD SUPPORT.
    If I’m paying then why can’t I claim or even have the right to be the ONLY person to get the tax benefit! I am the one paying!
    Lies Corruption and robbery!!
    Do away with child support and let the persons involved work it out!

  295. Angela Klupenger says:

    Just in state of Oregon same BS going on and something has to be done!!!!

  296. Susan says:

    I support the Child Support Reform!!! I am the wife (widow) of a noncustodial parent. After being married only 3 years my husband passed away. I am being forced to pay his ex wife all arrears, penalties , and interest on arrears that had accumulated while he was alive. This was not my debt. Not only that but my husband didn’t really owe back support, for 13 years he gave her cash every Friday for his child support, When their child was becoming emancipated she knew he would not continue to pay her so she went to Child Support and told them he never gave her a dime in all those years. Unfortunately he had no proof. So of course the courts automaticly assume that she is the one telling the truth and that he is lying. They stuck him with $30,000 in arrears. The entire amount was not fully paid before he died, there was $6000 left to pay. Now they are telling me that because I was married to him it is now my responsibilty to pay her. That was not my kid, so why am I paying support for a kid that’s not mine?

  297. Jeff Bulson says:

    I am also a victim of the system.They have had my drivers license for past five years forcing me to take low wage employment with no chance of advancement until I obtain a drivers license.

  298. Marcus Muckelvene says:

    i am a struggling father in the united states suffering through this child support genicide. I cant understand how the nation can condone the actions taken against hardworking fathers. I have had a battle just trying to stay alive in this country. I understand my sons mothers are trying to kill me with the aid of the federal government, and for the longest time i have dealt with it, enduring the constant short comings of not having enough income to support myself. Even the smallest everyday task has become an attack on my personal dignity to ask for money just to eat twice a day. I have contemplated suicide many times but have deterred due to the fact i still have the want to see my children grow. though my efforts seem futile. I have begged my baby mothers who are now working, have there own jobs and a stable home. I on the other hand am basically homeless and destitute. I have a trade and can work and make a living if I had the chance I could provide for my children. Due to the recession I wasn’t able to pull myself out of this hole. I am not sure about my future at this point. I know I want to live but it seems as though america is trying not to let me do that. i have lost faith in all american policies, I am finished doing it this way. I am now taking steps to start an evil organization bent on helping baby fathers in my situation. I use the word evil because if america is the land of justice and freedom then I must become an anarchist due to the fact that there is nothing fair about this situation. I am sorry for what seems to be a threatening comments made against our country but this is at the point where its either them or me. The world isn’t fair I know this but this seems like a death sentence just to bring a life into this world.

  299. Sydney Edney says:

    I completely support this. My fiancé has been going through this for the past ten years, and it saddens me to hear him talk about suicide or sometimes even murder to take his self out of this misery! What’s worse is that the children are the ones who suffer from estranged relationships with their parent/parents because of one parties’ bitterness. It should be reformed that works out in the matter of both parents and the child. The system is corrupt and is getting worse. Jail and suspension of a License is NOT the answer, because though the state makes its money for inmates, what have the children gained from their mother or father being in jail for nonpayment?? Nothing…

  300. Jennifer Davis says:

    I’m a child support paying woman. My ex and I have joint custody so we each have our son half the time. Yet I have to pay him $350 a month in child support. Did you know that even if you have joint custody if you make a higher income than your ex the courts will make you pay child support. The judge said it’s so both households have the same standard of living. I hate it, hate it, hate it! That’s socialism! Screw the family court system!

  301. Kimberly Blevins says:


  302. Aaron White says:

    I work hard and try to make it, but just can not do it. The stress is killing me, This system is just a way to in slave hard working Americans. So off to jail I will go. Now I will not have to work, pay my bills, find food, stay dry, have a hot shower. Just watch T.V.. That’s easier then trying to find work with no license.

  303. Greg Rogers says:


  304. Eric McKown says:

    I am a victim to the child support system. Something really needs to be done about this before my new family and I end up in the poor house. I have always supported my kids and been an active parent in their lives. Even served another 4 years of service in the U.S. Army and did 3 tours of Iraq just to support them. Due to a major permanent injury I am now going be getting medically released and will receive less money. This will create a major financial hardship on me and my new family if the child support calculations are not lowered.

  305. Lynlissa McKown says:

    I am a former family law paralegal and am a single parent. Even though I know what it is like to never receive child support, I have always thought that the child support calculations and laws are extremely unfair to the non custodial parent. I used to come across many cases that one parent; usually the father that was treated very unfair and ended up homeless and in major debt because child support was set too high for them to manage living on their own. Most of the time we came to find out that the custodial parent was not spending the child support money on the children but on their own personal needs and there was not a way to enforce them to submit receipts or documentations to prove this. I strongly believe that there should be laws that custodial parent should submit proof that the child support payments is spent on the children. I pray that a new child support calculation be implemented and that it be a fair one, so that many non custodial parents will not be left homeless and in debt. I also would like to see that the custodial parent must work also to help support the children. I have also seen many custodial parents not working and living off child support, they can’t even buy basic necessities, like shoes for the children.

  306. Jennifer Johnson says:

    Reform needs to be done and it needs to be done now. I want to do whatever it takes to get the ball rolling. I would love to help this cause. Please tell me where to begin. I live in Ohio and I want to see changes because their are too many Obligors that are being taken through the ringer.

  307. augustine carrasco says:

    The Social ramifications are much to big to keep these laws in place! We need to make the country aware of the ramifications of the family structure and strain it places on the children as they become adults. The parents are divided and children have to choose between parents!

  308. Wayne Young says:


  309. Tobias Simpson says:


  310. Catherine Wantz says:

    I agree we need change!!

  311. Gregory A. Dunlap Sr says:

    I think the system should help the parents work as partners not as plaintiff and defendant. You can’t force people to stay together but you can help them work together.

  312. Michael Curran says:


  313. Bonnie Kring says:

    This situation is a disgrace to the real fathers of our children. They are certainly being discriminated against. My husband did not want our son. This was made evident when I was two months pregnant; not in the 14 years we were together. He changed his mind. One of my close friend’s husbands did the same and also left the marriage, and she also brought up her son alone. I would not want a man to have a child he did not want, so we supported our own children without them; our decision to carry through with our pregnancies. I don’t believe women should have children they cannot support alone, many marriages and single women in strong financial situations cannot have their own biological children and wish to adopt. So surrender the child that you carry to term. Husbands die unexpectedly or they walk away. I don’t believe single women should have a child either if they cannot support that child. Granted, finances can change, but their is a serious lack of responsibility in having a baby with the means to take care of that child financially. I worked full time and 2 part time jobs. When I had my son, he was velcroed to me, literally unless I was at work somewhere. For those fathers who sincerely want their children, I am seeing serious discrimination repeatedly evidenced by the court system and an absolute lack of serious welfare to the children by friends in this situation. The children become a commodity and bargaining objects. The children resent being with one parent or the other because of the bickering and in this, they sense that this is not a loving world they live in and it warps their self esteem and self worth. These are the children of the future.

  314. Tyler Duet says:


  315. Luis a mendez jr says:

    i cant even afford to pay my bills yet alone being reqiured to pay health insurance for my kids by court order we all have medicaid but still forcing me into porverty taking my whole check who lives on 400 dollars a month????

  316. Jayr Hines says:

    I hope some with fix this messed up system!

  317. samu faalogoifo says:

    this system is a joke and a killing machine.i want to get involved this is a system that they came up with to make money of peoples stupidty.this is against the right of the person and im speaking for those that take care of their kids.I’ve been trying to find a way to fight this agency’s but no luck and i aint scared of no jail me help you.thank you

  318. Daniel T Sawaya says:

    i live in wyoming. the toughest state for a man. easiest state for a not taking sides but i do have to mention quite a few things.first off taking our drivers linences and throwing us in jail. what is that suppused to accomplish. 2nd the partners can cheat and abuse the relationship,thus the other partner leaves and still is held in “trial” and i say trial becouse well we are no matter what we say we can go in tell the court weve only seen the child for four hours sense they day of birth and the judge wont listen.we need reform. all these judges came from the past. we need ppl who are from this day and age who knows whats sue to the economy there needs to be i rlly dont know how well this petition will work sense i already filled out one a year ago on petition2congress but ill tell you this men are going extinct for a reason.dont push it

  319. Lawrence Giles says:

    Reform is way over due. There is NO family in court. In most cases the system with respect to child support is abused. It is often used as a revenge tool while attempting to alienate the child(ren) from the NCP. Yes, the state is all to happy to oblige as they also pocket some of the money…the more the state collects the bigger the federal incentives, which fuel the goal for greater inforcement year over year. Just like a big business……Label the NCP and society will follow like lemmings eager to join the witch hunt.

  320. tim mason says:

    needs to be federalized and standard

    ADMIN RESPONSE: It already is: UIFSA! That is the problem; FEDERAL INCENTIVES “Your tax dollars feeding bankers, judges, OCSE workers… etc.” Why do you think this country has 1 out of 99 Americans in Jail? FEDERAL INCENTIVES! Wake up America. Money is being made from your Tax Dollars. Doesn’t make no difference to the Fed where they make money from. Just like the wallstreet bankers conniving bottom feeding whale crap. The Federal Gov’t and its’ croonies have figured out a great way to profit off your sweat.

  321. Tom Oconor says:

    I make 2000 a month working full time. They take 1200…Homeless now. know anywhere you can live off 800 a month and still afford to eat/rent/pay bills/Live?

  322. Luis soto says:

    The Texas Attorney General’s office prides itself on its relentless pursuit of deadbeat parents and portrays itself as an advocate for children. The office’s Child Support Division has been nationally recognized for leading the country in child support collections. Critics point out that since the office receives federal funds based on the amount of child support it collects, there is a financial incentive to close as many cases as possible without regard for the rights of the parties involved.

  323. Sara says:

    Looking for fellow Alaskans to start a class action lawsuit against the state of alaska child support services. I have been denied modifications of cs for over 13 years. I have proven the amount of income I have and they still are seeking 70% of my income! And I have a family I support at home! Not to mention the custodial parent went into hiding out of state against a court order. Yes the court is aware of all this! They just have no liability and they need to pay for their neglect in my case. Contact me at if you want to join me

  324. Kevin Farley says:

    Yeah, my son is 22 and they keep adding it up and denied my passport which cost me my business. It was supposed to stop at 19 The Child support system is a cash cow. Nobody wins except occasionally a shrewd custodial parent who slept around and somehow gets everything in court.

  325. Isreal blakesley says:

    I am a paying father who has his kids every weekend, 3 weeks a summer and at least 20 extra days a year. I have been on time with support since 2006 until recently had a couple of jobs fall through but now have a good job and take care of all my kids my son has recently come to live with me for the summer because he and his mother do not get along. Courts know this yet I am still paying 600 a month because she decides to work as a waitress to keep her monthly gross income down when she has a degree and could make more money. Horrible system. I can see why people just up and leave the country.

  326. Kristofer Matone says:


  327. Allen j, thomas says:

    child support tell me that I only suppose to have one case but there to states taking my money they want talk to each other to resolve the issue but i’m stuck in the middle with no voice an they keep taking my money conn./fla.

  328. Dave Martinez says:

    reform child support conditions in Texas

  329. Eve says:

    DCSE is a big scam supported by the Government, I’m a single mom on Snap and medicaid assistance, had a child in my teen yrs which my mother took care of and got TANF help.
    Now the money she received for him is all paid for he is bout to turn 23 and they are still harassing me to pay them $975.00 dollars of arrears. they have put a Levi garnished my paycheck and also put a suspension on my DL, I talked to this people and they don’t care that I need my DL to drive to and from work which is also like 75cent over minimum wage, I don’t mind paying all money back but I don’t like how they force me to give them money that my son did not even used, I feel that the law should be change to if a person is a returning soldier from war or a single parent living of TANF, SNAP or Medical assistance or work a minimum wage job they should not be allowed to get garnished or have their DL suspended and this arrears should be stopped and any that has been charged should be return to them.
    I saw the video of the soldier committing suicide and I had thought of doing this myself, but having my 5 and 3 yr old with me have stopped me and given me the strength to move forward, wonder how his ex must feel now that her kids will grow up and learn he killed himself because she was not happy, some time people don’t know that the ones who really do not care or have goals and dreams in life are the ones not been looked for cause they do nothing and sometimes just work under the table, but us who want better for our self and children we get punished for having a dream or a goal and doing things the right legal way.

  330. Geoff Easley says:

    I have been completely screwed over by the Arkansas Department of Human Services and the Office of Child Support Enforcement on numerous occasions. They will not enforce any order for the NCP in the case of the CP violating a direct court order for visitation and support. They will not return any communication between the NCP and the case worker that they have been “assigned” to other than in the efforts of enforcement. And in this latest travesty, they have also entered in default judgment orders for child support without letting the NCP (me) know where and when the court date even is. I am having to pick up the bill for the CP when she went on public assistance (SNAP) here and it falls on me because I have a job and am trying to live legally. The funny thing is that I have had all my licences revoked (drivers, electrician, etc) and told that I have to have a job in order to survive…. how do I do that when I cannot even get a job without a licence? I am bent over the desk in a proverbial way because I am a responsible NCP and meet my obligations, yet the CP just says whatever and the courts take it as gold without so much as any type of investigation. I would completely back all legislation on TOTAL C/S REFORM. Not partial, total.

  331. Gregg Riley says:

    I have been dealing with much of the same unfair guilty, even if proven innocent crap for over 20 years now. My oldest is 22 years old, has 2 boys of her own & I’m still having my license revoked because I am unable to pay their “blood money”. I’m with a woman now who has been extremely kind supporting me completely while I attend school because an injury made it impossible for me to continue in my chosen career. She welcomed my younger child into her life and buys her basically anything she has ever wanted yet when it comes to the state of Massachusetts I am a criminal although I make it a point to spend as much time as possible with my child and have never made an attempt to avoid my responsibilities as a father & parent. I wholeheartedly support change to this abhorration that our government tries to call “family services”

  332. matt s. taysom says:

    I’m a disabled Person and the court still wants me to go to jail what the hell do I do?

  333. Laura Bicknell says:

    I support child support reform.

  334. Kevin Duane pfeifle says:

    I support this with all my being as courts are sexist (favor the female) and if we all stand together strength in numbers I will be their.

  335. Gabriel Bilbao says:

    There has been a travesty of justice regarding my case and no seems to want to listen to my case.

  336. Samuel Black says:

    Stop this Ungodly System !

  337. chad schwerma says:

    Single white males are becoming the minority. Child support first…. Government next…..

  338. Rene' Sahilan says:

    My ex-gf filed for child support while still living with me with her 2 other children from 2 other relationships. We then separated a few months later and she re-opened the case. And that is how I found out that she filed.

    A couple of years back, I threw a birthday party for my son. The mother was not invited but came anyways with her boyfriend. Before going on vacation with her boyfriend, she asked for one of the gift cards my son received and I said yes. When she came back, she wanted all gift cards and cash or else she will not let my son go with me on our vacation (my son and I). She also told my son this and upset my son. But we went anyways.

    I told this to the judge and showed as evidence the text message. The judge sent me to a 20-week parenting class.

    FROM PREVIOUS COMMENT: I have been fighting for more time with my son since then. In my last hearing months ago, I presented evidence and asked for 50-50. The judge simply said that he was not giving me 50-50. Evidence includes school performance reports, attendance reports including truancy, and doctor visit report including over-weight. I also have text messages showing that the mother wants my son’s money from his birthday or she wouldn’t let my son go with me on our vacation. Despite all these, the judge ordered me to a 20-week parenting class – go figure.

  339. CARLOS ROSADO JR says:

    I am a single disabled father raising a disabled 9 yr old little since birth. I also have two small boys from a previous relationship.
    I HAD A SON (ALIENATED FROM ME) that i never met living in north carolina…hes 19!
    he was born in New York. he moved to north carolina at age 3.
    child support is garnishing my disability check and sending MONEY TO THIS GROWN ADULT instead of giving it to my younger ones. they get 120…he gets over 350!!!
    They tell me its because the court order started in NY(16 YEARS AGO.)
    SO…hes lived in NC since the age of 3. NY says they have no jurisdiction in the case anymore so why am i living in poverty with my disabled daughter AND PAYING MONEY TO AN ADULT AND WATCHING MY SMALLER ONES LIVE ON SCRAPS….ALSO ARREARS MONEY MISSING AS WELL AND CSE CANT TELL ME WHY MY ARREARS HAVE NOT GONE DONE EVEN WHEN I HAVE BEEN PAYING ON IT!!!!

  340. Ben Gavie says:

    Very soon we’ll become endangered species. Dads are being slowly killed out of life.

  341. Mike DElena says:

    Been divorced just over 5 yrs……….I have nothing left.
    No savings, no 401, a job that pays 15k a yr. less & am told by the Texas AGO that I’m 19k behind.
    I am completely destroyed financially, depressed (found out I have MS 2 1/2 yrs ago), live paycheck to paycheck to get further behind each week, have no reason to live other than I don’t want my kids to be F… up in the head if I off myself.
    I’m 47 yrs old & can’t wait for this life to end!

  342. Gary DeBrauwere says:

    Everyone would benefit by limiting the power of the state government on this matter.

  343. ED says:

    It is sad to see that the justice system in America is at the mercy of those crooks that wears black thugs and used the system to make decision about the citizens of this country because of their greed for money and power especially in those child support cases. Fathers are being treated like criminals if they can’t afford to pay their child support fees and sent to jail. The question is, how is that helping the families, and especially the children who are caught into this battle of greed?
    America’s court system is addicted to prison, because the jail or prison business is booming. It is best to send the citizens to jail because they’re getting more money by keeping them incarcerated on a daily basis by spending less than 20% of what is required to maintain the inmate population.
    But I know God is watching, and I will always say God bless America, when the time comes, those that are involved in committing those crimes will have to answer to the almighty eternally and we’ll finally have a great America that we always wished for, the real land of the free and the home of the braves. But right now something has to get done to clean up this mess, we need some help.

  344. Suzanne Bain says:

    With hope this nightmare will end soon for all. CS means CORRUPT SUPPORT. Nothing to do with supporting our children. Everything to do to support greedy evil monsters.

  345. Rita Martin says:

    I support this petition because I have seen my son loss everything because of child support laws. He is now homeless, he can’t own a car or have a bank account (because they will both be seised), they took his drivers license, so he lost his job, couldn’t pay his rent or back child support. He is depressed and feels like he is in a huge hole he can’t get out of. He owes almost $10,000 in back child support because every month it just keeps building.
    These fathers probably aren’t all deadbeats, but they certainly are forced into becoming one with these senseless pressures that leave a man no options, even barely surviving are taken away.
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  346. The real solution says:

    The real solution is to stop paying child support immediately!
    It is illegal, we all know it, so why do it ?
    If you want to stop it, you have to all take a stand immediately and STOP feeding these corrupt people. Yes, you may not see your child, out of a vindictive ex, but you’re suffering any way, and you will DIE eventually suffering. Want to fight or take it on your knees begging? Everyone should stop paying immediately, and see how fast this corruption goes broke and dies. There are millions and millions of innocent parents suffering, they can not throw you all in jail, they will have to do something. Call it a sacrifice, but it is the only way this will happen. Fight this madness and put an end to it in our generation!
    This evil system is a direct threat to your children’s lives, and yours. If they were in any other danger, would you not do something?
    Kill be beast! starve it to death! no moeny, no power.
    They only have control over us as long as we let them have it, by letting them steal our money. Don’t think twice, it’s a simple solution, and the only one that will work.

  347. Jack Ramsey says:


  348. David Vasquez Jr says:

    I also have been paying my child support for 10yrs. now and have not come close to what the program says i owe them. I live in Dallas, Texas and pay support for one child. The mother and i split when she was 3 months pregnant, she moved from place to place for about a year and a half so we did not keep in contact. Long story short about 2 yrs. after we split i get served with child support papers that say i owe them 10,000$ in back child support. OK so they adjusted the 20% to about 37% of my income, they have garnished any tax return i might have received and now they are trying to separate the insurance from the percentage collected because of my child medical condition. I have never minded paying my child support but this is becoming ridiculous. I fully support what you are trying to do here.

  349. Darren Hill says:


  350. eric misner says:

    Have a vindictive spouse using the system to attack me! I let her have shared joint custody upon her return from leaving the children and I for a year and a half. She filed for support after switching my kids ins. to medicaid, so she would be represented by a state lawyer for free. Talk about a broken system, you must be blind as a bat not to see that plan!

  351. Anthony LLanes says:


  352. Anthony chika says:

    I am a father,but my baby mama will not let me see my son.some women want to have a child because they’re lazy and only want to go childsupport.if our government can look into this issue of childsupport they will know that most of our women that want child without getting married,they’re after money that childsupport will get for them from the unlucky man like me. I will like to take care of my son than giving it to a lady who uses the money to party all weekend.

  353. Nancy says:

    heres my story…. i will try to keep it short… My husband had a four year affair with a woman. During that affair they produced two children.. that i later found out about. During our now ten years of marriage we have three children… two adopted.. I have chosen to stay with him because i feel as if my children did not ask for this and they deserve a family. I feel as if you do not adopt children out of a bad situation and put them in a situation that would be just as bad. This woman has since taken my husband to court for child support and the domestic relations has awarded her 40 percent of his income. He has a wife and three kids… i know that he has a financial responsibility to these children… but what about the children he already had with his wife? It feels as if to me that this woman is being rewarded for bad behavior… and my family suffers for it. We have trouble making it from pay check to pay check now. I know that he was wrong… but it seems like the only people who are suffering from this are myself and my kids. It is very difficult to see this woman living on welfare… being able to go to the grocery store and spend whatever she wants because she gets more in food stamps then i could ever dream of spending on groceries. Her children get all of the extras in life and i work 50 or more hrs a week to offset the loss of income. To make it worse… we can’t claim the child support as a deduction on our taxes or the children… but this woman gets to claim earned income credit and get a really big check at the end of the year from the government. I hope something is done.., there are families like mine that are suffering over some woman out there getting rewarded for bad choices. Someone please help:(

  354. Hien Nguyen says:

    How can fight to against corrupted CA, Child Support Services at County level?

  355. vivictor gramrosa says:


  356. nick dyer says:


  357. real dad says:

    I am a father. They stole my daughter, haven’t let me hear her voice or see her in almost 2 years now. I don’t know if she is sick, if she is taken care of, who is around her, if she has eaten food, if she is calling my name wondering where her dad is. She is now 7.
    They stole all my money just like that from my account, I went to get a slice of pizza from work, and had zero in my account, that’s how i found out i was suddenly totally broke. I walked out hungry. I have been hungry every since.
    I lost my drivers license, and i finally lost my job out of depression, unable to make it to work on time with public transport, no money for bus sometimes, heavy garnishments on already low wage, health deteriorating out of depression.
    I asked for help, i was called a dead beat, they insulted me and told me i must have definitely done something wrong, otherwise laws would help you. They don’t know reality of what the laws made to kill fathers.
    I am in poverty, my unemployment insurance is all taken right away but child support, i receive nothing and will be taxed on it.
    my ex yells at me she has not received one penny. i can not even travel outside for a job my passport is listed. they will throw me in prison first chance they get. i look at the sky and want god to just end it. i hope my ex can see me from her father’s million dollar house window, disappearing in the darkness, with one thought on my mind, my angels, please keep my daughter safe, healthy, and happy, let her know her father loves her always.

    Screw this system, move away, leave the country! Marry better looking, understanding women with pride from abroad who won’t screw you with the system. Women who understand how to tell the government to piss off when it comes to taking care of their kids. Don’t pay this corrupt system a dime. To hell with American citizenship. Let them rot in their own filth until they crash and burn.
    From HOME, 2013/10/01 at 10:32 AM

    ADDITIONAL COMMENT: I don’t understand why men and women suffering under obviously nazi style child support laws do not take any action! How about a national march on the white house, more than a million men and women march to ABOLISH child support laws!
    Keep the government out of your houses and let the parents sort out the parenting and support themselves!
    I’m sure if this was Egypt or some other country, millions would have burnt down the CS agencies to the ground by now with such laws !
    Either do something together NOW, or ALL STOP PAYING NOW!
    Without money, they will have to close shop!
    From HOME, 2013/10/09 at 1:39 PM

  358. Jacqueline David says:


  359. Robert Zaborek says:


  360. Nasrin sultana says:

    I Know a lot of fathers who are depressed, mothers have full custody of their children. They are forced to work, to pay their Ex- wife. The child support system encourages wifes to take divorce and raise their kids without fathers.The system and child support has created fatherless children. Fathers do not have enough money left to take care of themselves. It is a shame, it is not fair. The kids suffer at the hands of the ex-wifes boy friends and step fathers. Help Fathers, no child support until father gets to see the child when ever he wants to.

  361. Steven Donovan says:

    I am tired of being extorted for more and more money when I do not have enough money to even support myself. I have had to sell every bit of my belongings just to keep afloat.

  362. Ronald Vuocolo says:


  363. james ray says:

    the system will lead me to fight against it forever at the expense of my kids. reform now if you really care for the kids otherwise your just running a money scam paid for by the government

  364. kelli wildman says:

    my boyfriend’s ex-wife moved away to a different state with her boyfriend, leaving the kids with her ex-husdand (aka my boyfriend), and she got out of paying childsupport, stating she is disabled but she has a full time job where she leaves now, and i know if it was the other way around there is NO WAY my boyfriend (aka her ex-husband) could get away with that!!! plus for 6 months she was still collecting medicad and foodstamps from Michigan while living in Florida. she took my boyfriend to court 8 times, which cost her 150.00 each time but pleas to the court she is POOR because she can not work because she is disabled!! unreal

    my ex-husband owes me over 170,000 but i dont press it, he had fallen on hard times.. so it is what it is. i know fathers get screwed from the court system, when it comes to custody of their kids and/or childsupport. my boyfriend suffers every month trying to make ends meet while supporting his kids and keeping a roof over their heads by himself.

  365. leon boardway says:

    I can’t take it anymore

  366. Don Fanjoy says:

    Nothing will happen until everybody stands together, and right now the USA has not ever been more divided. This is what our government wants. It’s the only way to collapse Capitalism and start socoalism. Read Clowen & Piven.

  367. Rich Strong says:

    please help

  368. halo Garrett says:

    I do

  369. Krystal Clark says:

    Something definitely has to be done with this corrupt and flawed system here in the USA. I’m 23, I had my daughter at 16. My parents got guardianship of her because I couldn’t take care of her at the time. My parents could because my dad has a good job. They told me they were doing it to help me out. Well flash forward to 2013. My parents still have guardianship of my daughter, they use her against me if I don’t follow their every whim they don’t let me see my daughter. They just filed for child support against me. Get this paternity was established back in 2006 however the courts never went after my daughters father. I’m working part time at minimum wage, and my child support is set at $306.50 a month, I can’t afford my payments. However my parents are doing great they decided to move 3 hours a way because my dad got an even better job, and mind you to a different state. They are setting me up to fail! They said they don’t want to keep my daughter but they are not really giving me any options! I’m currently trying to finish college, but its looking like that along with everything else in my life is going to snow ball. Slowly but surely America is going to FAIL! You watch and see our government is nothing but money hungry and they don’t care about you or I. One day the us dollar is not going to be worth anything anymore. Just a matter of time!

  370. Ron Patrick says:

    Right now I have two children who I love very much and love every chance I get with them. Now I have a third child and the mother of that one is putting me through the ringer with the Texas OAG. They payments for that one child is double what my first two children get. So now I can no longer afford the place I live or daycare costs when my daughter visits me. I now pay over 1400 a month in child support.

  371. Michele Ballard says:


  372. Jan D Wright says:


  373. Amy Baukol says:

    Its time to make some change USA, this robbing Peter to pay Paul method is destroying lives!!!

  374. peter tirelli says:


  375. Mark Stanfill says:

    Hope this helps.

  376. Michael King says:


  377. Richard T. Jones says:


  378. Kenneth Brascom says:


  379. wayne says:

    Child support (family Law)is just tearing our families apart, our kids are being farmed by the state goverment , driving Dads out of the household , taking every cent he has no matter if you pay are not. Our kids are going to prison in groves, doing drugs,shooting people, mental problems. Women taking our kids and running off to different states. Family Law is killing America .

  380. Things n eed to change in the court rooms of America Family’s are being delegated from there Parents with no proof if you can’t. afford a lawyer then you loose and a guiding is decided based on money. People don’t seem to understand that your children are the most precious gifts that God can offer I lost 4 out of five of my children because I did not have a lawyer when I went to court it took all of about 5 mintues for the judge to read his verdict I was in a relationship with some one else decied to give temporary custody to the father and I found out later he had a warrant for his arrest since 2010 how couldthe courts not realize this and order him temporary custody and say that he’s fit he lives with his mother and the court aloud her summits evidence on how fit SHE is not her son and give him temporary custody. I spoke with him on the phone tonight and be

  381. Grace Castillo says:


  382. joe says:


  383. Jeffrey A. Roberts says:

    my name is Jeffrey Roberts, Sacramento, Ca

    I have over paid DCSS in excess of$ 30,000.00 through wage garnishments…I provided proof of records.. they did not expect me to have saved over 15 years of all child support
    payments, yearly credit reports, check stubs, tax records,ect…ect…. I am now 52yrs old,
    they are claiming arrears of $43,000.00 90 days ago I filed for hearing.. DCSS HAS BEEN CAUGHT PEOPLE!!!! I in fact have over 15 acts of fraud, manipulated records ,pergery, slander, and the list goes on……

  384. Evan Jarvis says:

    Please keep us posted first meeting held this week for organizing nationally.

    God Bless Us And Protect Our Children!

    Evan Jarvis

  385. This is so true, I want to support my kids but at what cost? I have no problem paying child support but it needs to be fair. If you pay over 50% of your pay with no tax deductions how you suppose to live unreal.

  386. michael h shipplett says:

    ew33 its about time someone did something. We need all the help we can get right now! DEAD BROKE DAD not dead beat !

  387. Patricia Sanchez says:

    Do not get divorced in Arizona! The whole court system is joke! Warn your sons, brothers, etc, about this broken system. i am so sick of it!

  388. Joe Hintz says:

    Get a copy of the original constitution from ACLJ (on the net) and see what WE are entitled/obligated to do about these satanic, lowlifes from hell!!!

  389. ONeil D Murray says:


  390. Kenny says:

    Abolish CPS.

  391. Paradigm Shift says:

    I too have been a victim of this corrupt child support system, and I have BEEN ready to fight this horrid system for a long time. Hopefully with the mass energy sweeping the world, exposing the corruption on every level, maybe now is the time! Common Ground Project – Unifying all Activists, like Zeitgeist Movement, Occupy Movments, Anonymous, and Venus Project, to remove the barriers of the establishment ideology, and move humanity forward peacefully and sustainably

  392. Kevin DuBiel says:

    I am a single father of 17 years who has three children over whom I have had sole custody for 12 years, and I won that case well after she left, and uncontested at that. I have had a child support order in place since 1999, have received 1100 dollars in child support the whole time I have been a single parent, and, in spite of my spoon-feeding the Child Support Enforcement Division information on where my children’s mother is living when i know it, have not received a dime since February of 2001.
    I hear stories of men who owe way less–90% less in many cases–than the 75,000 dollars that my children’s mother owes to me being thrown in jail, and would love nothing more than to have her feet held to the fire as mine would be if I were the non-custodial parent. What a travesty this system is! I try to call and get some kind of answer as to what DCSE are doing to collect the child support that I am owed, and get nothing but nebulous and evasive answers that they are pursuing every avenue that they have, and yet I have received nothing. It is a disgrace, plain and simple.

  393. James says:

    Yes there needs to be a change

    My ex uses the support for anything but the kids I have an order to pay $1200 per month and only get $1500 a month on unemployment

    Basic rule I learned from my dad don’t spend more than you can afford where is their logic
    Explain the math but they keep racking up arrears and interest

    I have never seen child support as any good other than to keep courts back logged and create jobs for city and county workers

    Then if you look at the laws they are designed to keep the payer in dept and in the system which keeps them employed

    We the people of the united states have taken our rights to raise our children away and allowed the court system to tell us how to raise our children

    How sad is that finally what gives them the right to say what it takes to raise a child

    We need to realize that the way America works is everything is a business even our children have now become a money maker for the states to create jobs

  394. Wei Liu says:

    The family law is just like Cultural Revolution in China, causing people fight against each other, which is the worst to the child’s interest. Give the child beef to eat or put his/her parent in jail? The government chooses put the child’s parent in jail. I believe, especailly where the child matures later, most children will strongly disagree for what the government is doing. Double-parents, single-parent shall have the same right. It is the parent’s decision how much he/she wants to spend on the child. Even if one is a millionaire, if he/she chooses to spend $100 a month on the child, it is that parent’s right. If two parents divorced, each one is responsible for what the finance decision he/she is making.

  395. austin duncan says:

    its about support for the children, not bottom line cash flow

  396. dennis ryder says:

    its a nightmare that wont end

  397. Rocky Parrish says:

    I support anything that keeps judges from imposing unfair child support amounts. I was ordered to pay $1300 a month for ONE child with no job.

    I was had arrears of 24000 while trying to find a job and placed in jail.

    Soon after I had my family obtain a loan to get me out, and not even a month later they are threatening to put me in because of non payment after getting 24000.

    Scott Weber and DCSE should not be one’s to judge what we are charged without merit.

  398. stephen napier says:

    I support reform

  399. Shannon says:

    A non-custodial parent should have legal protections against having so much garnished for child support that he or she cannot support him or herself. By FEDERAL law, a NCP should be granted at least a living standard and take-home wage at a reasonable amount above poverty level. How is a NCP supposed to care for his or her children when they are allowed visits if they can’t afford a place to live, and how quality are the interactions if the NCP is forced to live with roommates, with no home of his or her own? I wait for the day when CPs are punished as much for denying access to NCPs as NCPs are punished for not paying. The system is corrupt, biased, and too focused on money. It encourages parental alienation and destroys families. Reform is needed NOW!

  400. chris poteet says:

    I was wrested and put in jail for 2months for nonpayment I am also disabled

  401. kim kallmes says:

    they are liars and thieves!

  402. Shannon Shaw says:

    I am a victim of unfair and unjust child support. For 14 out of 16 years I was below the income poverty level due to lack of education, job experience, and being black listed by my ex’s family. I asked dhs several times to review my case (as the back of my letters stated I had a right to a hearing). I was told that right was not applicable to me. When my son was 16, my ex agreed to let him come live with me. My ex asked me not to charge him support and he would not charge me. Two weeks after my son turned 18…I got notice from DHS. I am being charged support for a time my son lived in another state with me and it can be proven he lived with me and attended school. Not only am I not entitle to support for that time…but I am being forced to pay my ex support for a child that lived with me! HOW IS THAT LEGAL??? CHILD SUPPORT IS FOR A CHILD LIVING WITH A PARENT OR GUARDIAN. HOW IS MY EX ENTITLE TO SUPPORT FOR A CHILD WHO DIDNT LIVE WITH HIM? THAT IS NOTHING MORE THAN A FINANCIAL WINDFALL. I PAID FOR EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR OF SUPPORT FOR MY SON WHILE HE LIVED WITH ME FOR A YEAR AND A HALF. HIS FATHER NEVER SENT 10 CENTS!!!!!

  403. Craig Abatelli says:

    Child Support and their collection Practice Drve parent and child apart. There is No enforsement of what the custodial parent spends money on, “Accountability”.
    If a parent speaks bad of the other parent the courts take no action.

  404. Catherine Ffrench says:

    The custodial parents who make it their life goal to alienate the children from their non custodial parents need to be held accountable. Most of the custodial parents are women and are doing this to the biological children they CHOSE to procreate with, and the Family Court Judges do not care in the least. These non custodial parents are forced to continue to pay child support after the age of 18 even though the child is no longer living int he home or attending school. The probation departments that implement child support payments have questionable accounting methods and overcharge frequently. Once this is done, an erroneous arrearages are maintained, the non-custodial parent has no say in the matter due to the costly procedures involved to maintain their case. Once they have spent thousands of dollars trying to prove their case, family court judges refuse to see the non-custodial parent’s side and further penalize them. It is rare that the custodial mother who violates is ever taken to task.

  405. S Thans says:

    Lost my drivers lic, my business lic, and I cant even get a passport, enough already!

  406. Marlon Alona says:

    The child support system is flawed. I support the child support reform.

  407. Ronald Tye says:

    Imperial valley California Child support is extremely corrupt! They are charging me child support when I have had my son the whole time and charging for an income I never had. I have tried going to court so many times and I get literally laughed out of court by the most unprofessional judge I have ever seen. I am ruined and I cannot get a job without my professional license and when I try to work a lower end job they just take the whole check! What a wonderful country we live in. I hate our government!

  408. michael losa evans says:

    broken family courts system

  409. Maribel Ortega says:

    Agree that reform is needed!!! My husband and I are going through this battle when all we want is a good future for our son(my step-son). The judge was completely biased in our case when we asked for full custody with weekends at his moms. We brought evidence of domestic violence by her in front of our son when her and my husband called it off (before we were together) and signs of neglect. The maternal mother would leave our son under the care of her clinically diagnosed bipolar sister and one day he climbed onto the roof until his mom came home. The judge said “that was just a mistake. People make mistakes” and granted us joint custody with us having all holidays. The funny part is that when they broke up she said “you better take your son, I’m not taking him.” And then after the judge granted joint custody she immediately filed for child support. Of course child support says they can’t put that we have him more of the time because “she” filed. My husband loses his job and we file for a modification because his income dropped by more than half. What do they do? They say they “miscalculated” the first time and now he has to pay more even though his income dropped. All the judge just had said was “well…that’s what they calculated.”

  410. Ronny Scott says:

    I have been screwed by the attorney general for years. They have robbed me and threatened me and done things to me that are completely unethetical and not only to me but many many men out there. Something needs to be done to stop them for doing this. IF we need to march on washington’s door then thats what we have to do. But please people fight to get fairness to men everywhere.

  411. Erica Cooper says:

    Child support reform is long overdue, at the rate we are going every male in America will be without a drivers license, in jail, and have bad credit. The states have unregulated authority to do as they please is the issue and tax payers misguided judgement and approval of such acts are ridiculous. Many say “suck it up” and pay for your child so they don’t have to but in essence people guess who’s paying…you are! Tax payers money pays for state appointed lawyers for the CP, taxpayers money pays for the jail stay, and taxpayers money pays the bill when unrepresented NCP don’t have the money to have a chance in court, when they are jailed, and when the CP goes and gets $$ from the state because the irony of it all is nobody is a winner except the state. You may get a few CPs here and there that actually make out but the reality is most people that owe are poor and unfortunately any little drop in the bucket payments that are made are making a difference and are eaten up due to the high interest on arrears anyway. Its very disheartening to say that the government is making it okay to have premarital sex and babies out of wedlock for a extra $$ in state funds. You can best believe that if there were no financial benefit to woman for having children they can’t afford there would be less of them or there would be plenty of happy stable adoptive parents with US children vs out of country adoptions. Look at the facts, penalty for being poor is against the law. Penalty for enjoying what is natural is against the law. Penalty for not being born a woman is against the law!

  412. Michael perez says:

    Date: 10/3/2012

    I was stationed in Camp Pendleton for 4 years in the United States Marine Corps, Dates as follows 1989-1991, during this time I met a young lady and then we married short after our meeting. In July 13th 1990 we gave birth to a baby boy Michael Robert Perez, Well on august 10 Th 1990 I left for Operation Desert Shield which later became Operation Desert storm in Kuwait. I return from Kuwait in December of 1991 to find my world turned upside down. My wife and child were no where to be found. She had power of attorney and left me tens of thousands in debt. I stopped receiving letters from her 3 months into the operation and have had no contact since. It was not until 1997 I finally after 6 years made contact with her mother and to ask her where she was and to send her the divorce papers. There was no way of me to find out where they were because no one would indulge the information to me. We were a happy couple and there was no abuse or reasons for her to pull this stunt accept that she met another man while I was gone. You can check police records and there are no instances of any fights or anything on record while we lived together I was a good Marine and defended of my country and I did not and still do not deserve to be treated like this by her or the State of California. I did nothing wrong and have been being punished by the county of San Diego ever since over child support and arrears. In 1991 when I was honorably discharged by the marines I had no family or job in California so I moved back to my home state of Florida city of Tampa. I tried many time to find them but to my demise I was unsuccessful. Well finally in 1997, I filled here in Florida for a divorce and after finally contacting her mother I sent her the papers. In the judgment under child support I was ordered to pay 150.00 per month for my son. My ex’s mother gave her the papers which she agreed and signed the support order and divorce papers. In August of 2000 she went to the state for assistance and they set there own order of 441.00 a month because she did not give them the divorce agreement or the support order from Florida. She totally defrauded the county of San Diego. I was paying her through her mother of 150.00 per month when the state of California started taking my tax returns. I sent them my divorce decree numerous times over the years and to no avail they just ignored it. I’m a Govt employee for NOAA here in Tampa and could not afford the retainers for a California lawyer. Well the state has been taking out 441.00 a month from my check for 8 years and before that the intercepted every tax return since 2000. My support order from Florida by all fairness should supersede the county of SanDiego order. Her mother died in 2000 and after that I had no where to send the 150.00 a month. But I called the state and they kept on insisting on 441.00 month even after they had the proof of the divorce decree she signed accepting the terms. Well they have not veered from that order of theirs for over 12 years. And now that he has turned 22 they put 47,000.00 of interest on my account bringing the account total to 72,961.00 there is no way I can ever repay this debt to them when after all the money they have taken, and my support order which came before theirs, I should be in the positive. I’m only a GS 11 and have 3 other children from my second marriage which I fully support. I was a good Marine and father and have been treated by your CA like a dead beat dad when I did not ask for them to leave me while I was in a foreign land fighting for my country. I have tried and tried to reason with San Diego but my pleas just fall on deaf ears. I am 43 years old and have been renting all my life, with this on my credit I will never know what it is to own my own home. To add insult to injury they keep reporting to the credit beaurous that I’m late every month on my payments which there is no way I can be, the payments come right from the US treasury for the last 8 years automatically every 2 weeks and also when I travel on official orders for my job and use my govt travel card the US treasury sends my travel reimbursement money that I am to use to pay the govt travel card to san Diego which now I am going to be in hot water because I cannot afford to pay the card back myself they are official orders and that money is not meant for me it is meant to pay all my expenses while on official travel. I am begging you! Is there anything you can do to help me resolve this I am at my wits end. I sure hope you can help me even just a little.
    I have already paid them $67,976.00 in 8 years to which 32,000 went to the mother and over 35,000 went to the state. Because of interest they say I still owe the 41,000 that’s impossible loan sharks don’t even charge that much interest. I feel I have paid my obligation don’t you?

  413. Destini Burns says:

    I have scanned all of the comments, and I will say It is time to take a stand. I am a person on both sides of the Child support fence. In college I became pregnant with my boyfriend at the time and due to lack of finances we made the decision that it was best i sign up for assistance since we were both in school. Although we were together(not married) I had to report him to child support because I was getting cash assistance. Once I obtained a job and got off the system the child support was still in place, even though at the time we were still together. Now we are no longer together and he is still ordered to pay but I am in the process of dropping the support. To me times are hard, and I am not the type of vengeful person to keep him on support. He is remarried and so am I when our common child needs something I call or text him and he usually sends it within an appropriate time…

    However my husbands situation is entirely different. From a previous relationship he has 3 sets of beautiful twins, by a woman that I personally believe has tried to ruin his life and now mine. She has no high school diploma, no GED, no job since 2005, an interesting marijuana habit, and is a professional welfare recipient. At one point she was receiving 1500 in food stamp benefits and would run out every month and be calling for us to drop off food. My husband is on Child Support, he is an excellent father, and we believe in the LORD. He is righteous and wants to be a Father, not labeled as a deadbeat. We have tried to fight for custody, and it continues to be continued because the mother can’t seem to get a ride, or be on time.

    I have done some thinking about this and I believe the petition is all well and good, but it is time for some action-ACTUAL ACTION to be done. Yes there are parents out there who deserve for the system to do something, although the system can not make them work, be a father, or do anything forcefully- but lets talk about PEONAGE. It is illegal, and a GREAT LAWYER, one who wants to SET PRECEDENT, would argue that anyone who is being forced by the garnishment of wages to repay a debt, that sometimes may not be going to the child but the state itself is ILLEGAL AND HAS BEEN FOR CENTURIES. I will be starting a blog about this, and you mark my words- this legislation will get changed. Although some people think that It is better to be on child support so that later the woman can not get mad and file, to be awarded child support from back since the child was born… I digress- BUT THE REVOLUTION OF THE REFORM OF CHILD SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES MUST START NOW- LIKE THE END OF SLAVERY, LIKE LEGISLATION THAT WAS CHANGED FOR CIVIL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN AND MEN, LIKE THE ROE V. WADE DECISION, THEY BAND TOGETHER, GET THE ATTENTION OF THE MEDIA, GET ONE CASE TO MAKE IT TO THE SUPREME COURT AND LIVES ARE CHANGED!

  414. Thomas white says:


  415. anthony says:

    I still dont see a change in this support law in 2012 here in TN . In fact it has gotten worse. I dont know about you all but i have for 6 years now voiced myself to senate and congress of this state only to be swept under a rug . Lets face it fellas the only way we will ever be heard is through a revolt. I for one have been pushed as far as i intend to be pushed and now its time to fight back. When this country was founded it was said by one guy this ,”GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH”.


  416. bradley Kinnard says:


  417. Lee Roy Murphy says:

    My daughters by my Ex wife are 28, 26 I dont owe any money for child support, but she now has me in court say I owe for arrearages the state of illinois say I dont owe , the Gov. of illinois say I don’t owe, the states Attorney Office says I don’t owe but my ex wifes attorney sent a withholding to my job and they are taking money from my pay check. I have been in court paid thousand of dollars for attorney fees, but the judge will not look or hear any thing I have to say or my attorneys. I don’t know what to do. I am about to lose my home they have taken over $ 27,000 dollars from me. help. (773) 445-5277

  418. Waylon Gordon says:

    I have fell victim to the system also. I have been fighting for my disability for 3 years now. My liscences have all been suspended with no notice and I was arrested for driving on suspended liscense is how I found out. They refused to lower it and said they wanted full amount. Now they have set court date to try and lock me up. All because I have an illness I have no control over. It is illegal and unconstitutional to begin with. But I cant afford an attorney or I would sue the pants off of them. Debtors prisons are supposed to be illegal also. Guess not.

  419. Mike Slada says:

    Mine is another long story here in Florida. I am the Primary Residential Parent of both our children in 2002. I was wronged by an imperfect system, which suspended my license for child support arrearages when child support hasn’t enforced my case since 2003 and was terminated child support IV-D my case in 2008 per court records. At that time I was told by two local attorneys and the Florida state child support disbursement unit my case was closed. I was not served a summons on DOR’s Petition to Extend Child Support for 3 months (which should Be $1200) but they walked out of the court with a 20K judgment when at that time my son had already reached the age of majority. Their filing was one month too late. Recently I’ve asked for an accounting from 3 DOR representative about this child support Judgment /arrearages they stated they do not have access to this information. Also DOR suspended my driver’s license without any letter of intent in my court file while I was driving on this license for 8 months until I called to renew my registration. Had I been stopped by a sheriffs officer I would have been taken directly to jail. Yet child support is making jobless and homeless very soon. It would seem my due process rights have been violated an my liberty violated, etc. When I didn’t do anything wrong.

    Please call for further details. Their illegal action/s have cost me my job and almost made me homeless. Florida. 239-633-0022 (Leave message.)

  420. javier a jimenez jr says:


  421. oem says:

    any updates? any new news of changes ? and change ahead? anyone know anything ?

    Admin Response: President Obama has presented child support reform in his budget proposal. Read it for yourself at
    Republicans in House have blocked everything from this President, including their own ideas. I’ve personally followed the House and Senate and have witnessed ‘thee’ most outrageous contempt toward this President and the American People by voting no TO EVERYTHING and EVERY sensible kind of reform. Historically, we’ve always invested in infrastructure to pull ourselves out of Depressions and Recessions. Yes, there was a greater Depression prior to the well known Great Depression. Sickening situation where all Republicans care about is lying and preventing this President a second term while they promised they would present a jobs plan if they were elected to the house.
    Yes, there is progress when a President puts Child Support Reform in his Budget Proposal.

  422. kacy hill says:

    Child support laws are f@*k%d up in NJ and need to be changed. They allow the mothers to deceive the system and the fathers!!!!

  423. Leon Jackson says:

    Something definitely needs to be done and fast

  424. Angie Smith says:

    My husband has been divorced for 16+ years, every 3 months or so his ex files for support modification despite court documentation of her false accusation of him of molesting his son and daughter and other children, as an attempt to keep sole custody and make more money via child support. She has completely brainwashed their children against their dad. I, myself, was a single mom of 4 kids for 10+ years but instead of attacking my exes, i went to school and made something of my life. Yeah, i wish their dads wouldve paid something, but im happy knowing my kids are loved and wanted and not just a means of making money. God blessed me with my kids to be an example of a decent, responsible, hard-working human being, not to show that having babies is an occupation. It’s shameful that this government allows one parent to feel entitled to the gains of a hard-working ncp. It just seems that my husbands ex has successfully manipulated the system and has used her kids as a meal ticket. So sad.

  425. Melinda Mauskemo says:


  426. Mark Flanagan says:

    Reform NOW!
    CS payments are CRIPPLING. Most of us haven’t seen a tax return in decades, Passports revoked.

  427. Kari Willner says:


  428. milton castro says:


  429. Lance A. Wilson says:

    Been Through All Mentioned Above. The courts Act as if am am a criminal… the said they didnt care how it was paid just pay it Or i am going back to jail & they really didnt care if i had to sleep under a Bridge….pay or else. Thats just not right !!!
    I have been subject to child support order that i cannot pay every month… Im wanting to pay but i just cant pay current amount. I dont get to see my child & the courts act as if nothing is wrong. Please Help

  430. Paige says:

    My husband’s ex got pregnant without his knowledge or consent, makes a big deal out of him seeing his son all of the time, makes more by herself than both of us make combined, comes from a family that is well-off, and hates my guts for some unknown reason so she badmouths me all of the time, despite the fact that she has never even had a conversation with me. And here we are, paying half of our income to her, even though we now have a son that needs our support! This system is severly flawed. I understand that some men are lowlifes out there, but so are some women! Good men should not be punished for the rest of their lives! My husband should be using his income on the child that he has been there for since day one, not for the other child that barely even knows him due to his ex’s ignorance! I SUPPORT CHILD SUPPORT REFORM!!!

  431. I’m a VICTIM of child support (ransom)! Divorced in 09, filed bankruptsy within 2 mths utterly financially destroyed. Having struggled for the past 4 yrs to meet child support payments which were set more than TRIPLE my actually income. Heading back to trial (which I can’t afford) in October just to try to get two more nights per month with my two children; which even MY lawyer said the judgle will not give it to me. The mother has violated the parenting plan issued by the court which helps her alienate me from my children. This is only a tip of the iceburg. I pray to God Almighty that something will be done to get this UNjustice system changed. I have a multitude of friends that have been railroaded by the very same system.
    Thank you for your efforts and concern for these most unconstitutional matters.

  432. Huan Nguyen says:

    This system is not setup up to help the parents for families, it is setup for government and corporate greed to exploit the US citizen tax monies. This country need another Civil War to eliminate WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION.

  433. Shaun Brooks says:

    We need change, the people in charge need to be jailed and put away, charged with felonies, fined and liens put on there bank accounts!

  434. Kevin Good says:

    child support enforcement has destroyed my life based upon an amount of arrears that should not even be due and owed. I have been overcharged more than $70,000 I have been paying child support since my son was 2 he is now 21 and fully emancipated. Because I was overcharged above my 17% statutory obligation i am in arrears for $65,000. I had petition the court several times for a downward modification based on a change in income but they would never modify it. So child support has robbed me of my past, my present and my future. I am 50 years old and currently receiving disability. I am currently awaiting for a social security disability decision which can take 18- 22 months. Child support enforcement has already executed an income order requesting over 2,500 per month for arrears my maximum monthly award if i qualify will be $2160. Don’t know what to do where to turn and because the parties involved can release me from the overcharged arrears or at the very least remove me from the system and they won’t i no longer talk to my son who i was very close to

  435. Mat Miller says:

    I don’t have any children, and certainly would not abandon any of my offspring financially, but this system is corrupt. I don’t need a judge to tell me to look after my kids, or to tell when I can see them, and when I can’t.
    The entire thing is outrageous, end it immediately.

  436. Shay M Adkins says:

    I just want a fair chance.

  437. Shari Tebbetts says:

    I am 100 percent for this.. Let’s do it…please please please

  438. Alexa Windischman says:


  439. Please make this possible! CHANGE!

  440. Roggie Williams says:

    Time to change this child support scam.

  441. Trecia Willis-Butler says:

    I think that ocse should be eliminated. They only cause more problems and never solve anything

  442. Tanya Lovendahl says:

    I support this.

  443. nickolas h green says:

    Myself and my daughter were very close i love her with all my heart and have been estranged from her by her mother and the california law, hint hint my girlfriends on my side!!!

  444. Christy Barron says:

    This system is long over due. I see these young girls having kids just to get the money.. I see the soldier who come home and wife says i am pregnant and finds out years later the baby is not his after that baby is 18l! I agree with it takes two to have a baby but if the child support division saw that they might want to start dividing the child support between two parents rather than just the dads..dna every case.. we need to back date and dna and make those lying women pay these men back…

  445. James D. Byrge says:

    We need reform!! Father’s are bullied by the court system. I’m constantly bullied out of my child’s life and have been forced toward banckrupcy by attorney fees and her attorney fees.

  446. mark cotton says:


  447. Gerardo Leal says:


  448. Chad Duling says:


  449. Philip Beverly says:

    My ex filed for divorce while pregnant. I worked in houston and she was had been working in Andrews, working for the family business. Because i would not immediatly quit my job and move to Andrews (where I could not find work) she filed for divorce. She was always asking for more and more money. I originally began giving her 500 a month as soon as she filed for divorce. That amount being suggested by my attorney at the time. Ex wife kept complaining it was not enough. I asked her to give me a dollar amount that it took to support my daughter and she would never tell me. I continually asked for medical bill reciepts to which she would not give me that either so that i could pay. Bottom line was her attorney had convinced her she could get a lot more and in the end she did. The problem is i was forced to pay back medical bills even after i had offered to pay originally and she would not give the information for. I have to pay arrears in child support because i originally paid her in cash and could not prove what i had given her. I know pay 1300 a month in child support. A number based off of my yearly income. They did not consider that I Travel and have to pay for Hotels, food and specially clothing and tools that can at times equate to almost half my income. I am forced to pay keep medical insurance on my daught (which i have no problem with at all). I also pay half of any out of pocket medical bills that are not covered by insurance. Mean while, I am limited to the time i get with my child because i am forced to continue traveling to pay all of this. My ex works from home only having to put in about 20 hours a week while the rest of the time she is shopping or playing, My child is thrown in daycare 5 days a week so that she can play. I Have no problem what so ever paying anything to take care of my daughter. My complaint is that they do not think about the childs well being or the father for that matter. We as fathers should have more rights to our children, should be allowed to make a career change in order to spend more time with our children and should be protected from having our child held against us in order to get what the mother wants. I am not saying that all women are this way or do this but it has become a society norm that they can just divorce us and get what they want without any consequences. IT NEEDS TO BE COMPLETE SCAM!

  450. Denise says:

    The system is unfair something have to be done about this. Both parents should raise the child equally. One flat rat per child depending on needs she be awarded.

  451. Cynthia Miller says:

    I am the NCP. At the time of my divorce I was having physical problems. Underactive thyroid and anxiety disorder. I have been divorced for over 10 yrs. I stil have anxiety disorder to this day. My ex husband filed for divorced because he knew that I wasn’t happy and that I was going to leave him because of how he treated me. At the time I was a licensed manicurist at his cousin’s salon. I lost my job over the divorce. His parents payed for the divorce and gave me 1000.00 to get an apartment. In the origianal divorce papers we had joint custody with no child support. During the 3 or so months that that lasted his family were down right hateful towards me. I got cursed out over taking my son to get a hair cut. He was 1 1/2 when we got divorced I was getting ready to turn 23. When I would go to pick up my son my ex would want to have sex with me and I did it for a while but then it got to the point where it discusted me. He told me before I moved out and the divorce papers were signed that he had never really loved me and that is the reason he had treated me the way he had. So i stopped having sex with him and not long after that when I went to pick up my son for my 3 days visit he had papers that had been drawn up by his lawyer wanting me to sign them in his kitchen. At the time he said i will never keep him from you. I was crying. I didn’t have the ability to take him to court to fight it. The biggest mistake of my life was signing those papers. The papers gave him full custody and me to pay him 75.00 per week in child support. And I did pay the support to him directly because I wasn’t informed of any other way.Didn’t recieve anything in the mail or anything. I stopped paying when he stopped letting me see my son. The only way I could see him is if i went to my mom’s house when she had him. I went through a period of depression and gave up on the whole situation for a while. Had no hope. Then about 5 years ago he said I will start letting you have him again if you start paying child support again and I will not make you pay the back support you owe me. So as I did before I paid him directly with money orders. But I got tired of spending the money for the money orders so I started giving him cash. I was dumb. I know this now because after all those years he called me a couple of months before Christmas a couple of years ago and said don’t worry about paying me this month because I have filed a case with the Child support agency and you will start paying through there. So I felt relief because that would be easier. But next thing I get in the mail is something saying I owe him like 30.000 in back support even tho i had been paying him at first and for the past say 3 years at the time. That 30.000 is like saying I never paid him a dime. I was laid off from my job due to lack of work not long after and petitioned the court to reduce the amount I had to pay because I was only getting unemployment checks. And he was getting half of it. When we went to court which was 3 months after I first made the petition I had started working again and based on that income they were going to raise my cs. The judge said I could withdrawl my case which I did and he told my ex husband to get a job!!!! He has two college degrees and got fired from his job for stealing and didn’t get a job for like two years. Basically I only get to see my son every once in a while and because he is getting half of my income I am under the poverty level and on medicaid. The only way my bills are paid is by my boyfriend who I have been with for almost 5 years. We have a 2 1/2 yr old daughter together and i got my tubes tied. I am currently in school to get a job in the medical field and I also work for the U.S. Census Bureau. I only get like 20 hours per week for 3 weeks and the last week of the month I am involuntarily off and have to claim unmemployment to get a check for that week. He gets half of that and half of my income from the Census Bureau I am currently bringing in around 800.00 per month and thats prolly actually more and he is getting half of that…..I feel like a huge weight is on my shoulders and he just sits around spending money that I could really use. His wife that he got with 2 years after we divorced is a RN and makes alot of money. They have 3 kids together not including my son. My son wants to live with me but in the state of Indiana a child can choose or even have the judge consider his wants until he is 14 and he is just turned 12. I feel there needs to be a reform because I am being forced to give him money I dont have and he sits around all day and plays video games….he is 37 years old!

  452. thurman hill jr says:

    I was living with my cousin who died so i had to move and couldn’t get my my mail. So i wind up missing an order for genetic testing.The DOR in Florida wouldn’t let me reschedule and said a judge already made the decision so now im stuck paying child support for a child thats not even mine.The girl who said I was the father i didn’t even sleep with. I had met her but didnt sleep with her at a party.She slept with some other guy while she was drunk and thought it was me the next morning because we all was in the same bed when she woke up and i was next to her.What guy sleeps next to another guy?Anyways i missed court the judged said it was mine by default and DOR wont give me a test. What should I do?I only made 15 dollars on my check and have bills and two children that live with me to take care of.

  453. Ron Patrick says:

    I agree 100% with this petition. But no matter how many we get it will not help or change anything. Like another poster said above. There are too many people making too much money off this child support scam.

  454. Wayne Frederick says:

    Are there any Attorneys involve in the fight against CSE Fraud and Corruption?

  455. Quela Bruch says:

    All most dads want is to be able to see their kids and support them. The corruption and bias of the courts and laws is insane. Coming from a daughter who knows what it is like to see a man lose his livelihood over an ex-wife who rides the system when all he wants to do is see his kids. The jargon of paperwork and pressure from lawyers that take advantage of the dads who have no idea what they see in forms and will believe promises made to them only to have everything taken away. Don’t gat me wrong, some men out there are really deadbeats, I have one, but they shouldn’t be the stereotype for all dads out there who deserve to be treated fairly, equally, and individually.

    Daughters for step-dads!

  456. Chayme Higgins says:

    I back this up as well. the postings are old…when can we hope for change? my case is current and a prime example that I am open to share if it helps. I have l have 2 jobs, lost my home, mother makes 3x more than I do, my health is on decline, ex refuses visitation, and much much more. arrears are spiraling out of control because of ther interest set up as well.

  457. David Solano says:


  458. Carlene Stovall says:

    My brother will be sentenced Tuesday 2 years in state prison. He has already done 1 year and came out of prison homeless and was expected to pay $1000 per month 30 days after he was released. His childsupport is at $135,000 now. He will never pay this off and will be 60 years old when he gets out this time.

  459. We the people are screwed on a day to day basis and no one cares about the middle class

  460. John C says:

    I wrote out a long statement here but when I hit submit it disappeared. I will just say this. I will sign this petition, but I know it will not help. People are obviously making money on our expense, and that will never change. I pay $1300.00 per month + unpaid medical + “extra curricular” expenses.

  461. James Houser says:

    This is SERIOUSLY FLAWED and needs to be fixed as soon as possible!!!

  462. Ginger Weldon says:


  463. Anthony Clark says:


  464. Kevin says:

    All mighty $…

  465. Rachael Bulla says:


  466. Catherine says:

    There is not enough space in this box for me to write all I’ve seen first hand, and all of it has been horrible and morally criminal. The family court system in NJ is especially corrupt.

  467. Michael Schultz says:

    The system is flawed and outdated. Change needs to happen

  468. Edward C Simek says:

    I pay over 1300 a month, am being held to 300 dollars a paycheck because the arrears are so high. The state will not reckognize multiple orders. I am not able to obtain an attorney, see or talk to my kids with any leverage.
    I work 50 hours a week to cover taxes and insurance deductibles to survive. I am codependant to raise my children.
    I am making the most of my situation, however its become too hard to bear at times. The arrears are so high because of interest, and not because I actually owe this money.

    Something needs to be done.

  469. mike king says:


  470. Melissa Schaberg says:


  471. Carlton Bannister says:

    Illinois child support got pissed because they could “only” get $150 a month from me after they transferred my divorce decree (that awarded no child support) from Virginia and reversed the decision just to force money out of me. Years later, I found out my son was taken from my X by family services, she was still getting the child support check. I filed my own petition for custody, fought the case with no legal representation (I have no legal experience) and won!

    There were never any modifications while was paying child support so i petitioned the court to end child support and won again. The state couldn’t get any more payments out of me so the made up a loophole: they changed the name from child support to “maintenance fee”. I’ve been paying that maintenance fee for about five years. My son will be 21 in three months and I’m still still paying it. Two days ago the child support sent me a letter that I now owe them more than six times
    the amount they were jacking out of me for a maintence fee. I went to my local child support office and got records of all my child support payments and i will force the state to explaiain in court, on public record, what’ s a maintenance and why must I pay it forever. Then I’ll seek redress for 10’s of thousands in overpaid child support.

    I support this petition with all my being. But, my suggestion to you, all of my friends, don’t just sign this petition – FIGHT BACK!!!!!

  472. Simon Giguere says:

    Laws are not just (but they still call it justice)
    Laws must be scrapped and re-written from scratch

  473. Rick Wallis says:

    Unfortunately, the situation will never change. Missouri makes too much money on child support/court costs. Non-custodial parents are scared to even deal with the courts, for fear that they will just end up raising their child support again. I offered to put my son on my insurance, because it would benefit the mother, due to no co-pays etc, what did Missouri do when I requested to change the order to me providing insurance? Raised my child support 150.00 a month. I have been paying child support for 18 years..and now I have to pay until my son gets out of college? Why? Where is the law saying that married parents HAVE to support their kids past 18 years of age? The system is a joke, always has been, always will be, sorry to say.

  474. Mark Groom says:


  475. CS is a disgraceful piece of legislation. It needs to be fair and equal to both mother and father. The whole system needs to be revised. it is a legalised form of extortion and the payees are suffering. Some payees are living on the streets, with no roof over their head,some are put in jail and for what – because they can’t earn enough to pay their child support – the Governments want to get real and realise that most are ordinary, decent, citizens trying to do the right thing and they are being victimised, harassed and bullied by the CSA. They’re working long hours to pay the child support amount and they are drowning in debt – talk about a third world country. The Government needs to realise they were elected to protect the inherent rights and that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. The child support is supposedly in the “best interests of the child”, but is it really or is it just another form of taxation.

  476. Steve Sikora says:

    totally agree. This has to stop!

  477. jeremy wilson says:


  478. David Thomas Bruning says:

    I have never missed a CS payment even though I have had to go without in other areas (vacations, own a home, eat out, what’s that?!?). I pay into a state where the mother of my son barely lived before she packed up and moved 15 plus hours away and then several times with me not knowing where they were. Financially underwater, stuck in a job because I “have an ability to earn” established. I receive no COLA increase and the last time I was able to get a raise was 3 years ago (barely 2%) now I just received a letter notifying me that my CS will go up due to COLA, WTF!?!

    My ex GF left me with our 9 month old daughter because of my financial “situation” even though she hasn’t worked in two years and I was the sole supporter of the family (but after CS to my son I did not make enough “expendable” income for her). We only had one car and she took it to move to another state and then filed for CS, claiming I do not want to see her because I do not come and visit every weekend…AND NO ONE FUCKING CARES! I bet they would if I started fucking shooting people over this and then myself.

  479. Eldred Nims says:

    I am another Victim. I am at the point more than 150K in arrears, most of which were made up by my ex with no proof whatsoever and then compounded by interest. My credit is ruined, no passport, no driver’s license but the court wants $1200 a month. Amazing that those morons in Austin, Texas actually believe that someone earning 8.25 per hour can pay 1200/month without a drivers license in Houston, Texas. I am only fortunate to have a job because i work in my sister’s company. How do I get a better job without a license and having a new family to support when they want more than I earn? I am at the point of just saying to hell with it. I have borrowed to pay legal fees with no results. These stupid judges can talk to you any way they wish while not wanting to hear anything you have to say. Maybe I should take half my paycheck buy a gun and blow my brains out. Let’s see how much they get after that?

  480. Tony says:

    The system we now have is definately busted. I havent been pushed as far as most but i can see it getting to the very brink of rock bottom. I currently work in education and I receive a grand total of about 6% of my income. that means for a two week check i get 66 dollars to live on every 2 weeks I pay my support I pay my arearage but monthly it still goes up our state DES decided too slap insurance on top of that when the mother was the responsible party on the divorce decree, I love my kids and want the best for them yet i never see them…The judge would rather throw me in jail on arears rather then keep me working my job… Government corrupts…

  481. Jo Childree says:


  482. The system is set up for the noncustodial parent to go broke.

  483. Josh Derouen says:


  484. Travis L Humphrey says:

    I refuse to pay anything until my case is handled the right way! The system is trying to make me pay for kids that I feel are not mine!

  485. Marko Iraklidis says:


  486. Seamus Apollo says:

    I’m going broke paying 1/3 of my annual salary in child support to a woman that earns 2.5 times what I do.

  487. Jeffrey bolden says:

    reform is strongly needs because the balance is steeped against the custodial parent everywhere you go.

  488. David Kangas says:

    If The People, or at least a significant portion of them, find issue with a government agency and/or practices carried out by government agencies, then they have a right to request reform. If something ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but it enough people claim something needs fixing, then it is the government’s duty to oblige them and reconsider their practices. That is all I ask, that child support be considered for reform and an investigation conducted to determine how it can be made more fair and more productive.

  489. Andre says:

    The system is out to get paid i mean come on arrears and interest for a child… What?

  490. David Lee says:


  491. This system needs a change now, I had to have my right hip replaced and was out of work 3 months with no pay and now they are all over me for 1300.00 dollars. And there making it hell for me to resolve this.

  492. Horace A Smith II says:

    Please I too am being abused. The judge told me that my ssd allows for my children and that is considered a GIFT no credit to me whatsoever. mom drives a mercedes. 65% of those benefits go to support. One of my disabilities is long/short term memory. This is due to trumatic brain injury. Simply put, I forgot. No mercy here. . I didnt fil4e for modification so the years I was being treated, I accrued arrears(with a regular COLA) $118,663.00. I live off 340 a month. I have to collect bottles for a bus pass. I am disabled and about to be homeless. I AM ABOUT TO TRY TO WORK ANYWHERE SO MY Disability is revoked/recinded. Then I will find a quiet place to die. I hope you other non-custodial parents have better results.

  493. Thomas Holland says:

    I believe the family courts are biased against men when it comes to child custody. These women are using their children to supplement their incomes and the courts are allowing them to opt out of their responsibilities in providing support. There needs to be strict guidelines of enforcement that will not allow these judges to make up whats best for a family as he/she goes along. It appears that the system is not working fairly. In a household where under-achieving/ Laziness is rewarded with a free check and get out of your duties card. These children are growing up to learn its okay not to contribute to society and things should be handed to them and not earned.

  494. Roger Fernandez says:

    One of the reasons the State DSHS/DCS (child support collection division) is so aggressive is because of their welfare mentality. They receive $3.88 as a Federal Welfare check for every $1.00 that is collected through their system. This is what drives the CORUPT MORONS that work for the so-called “Family Courts.”

    Believe me, they don’t give a damn about ANYONE’s children, they just want their piece of the MONEY pie. “Family Court” employees are really just a bunch of sick bastards!


    Yes, the child support system is made up of CORRUPT administrators whose ONLY function is to determine the maximum amount of money they can extort from non-custodial parents. However, remember that they are the “Collection Dept.” of the so-called “Family Court” system which is the most CORRUPT court system in the U.S. They do NOT follow any Constitutional or Civil law as written and everything is purposefully secretive because they know how CORRUPT they are. They intentionally and maliciously grant custody of the child to the either the lower paid parent or the woman, whichever best suits their primary purpose of EXTORTING as much money as possible from the non-custodial parent (85% of the time it’s the father). So-called “Family Courts” rarely (almost never) grant joint custody because this would, by default, dramatically reduce or eliminate the need to assess enormous amounts of EXTORTION payments in the form of child support. These CORRUPT MORONS, including, but not limited to the judges, commissioners, attorneys and paralegals are only interested in driving more revenue for their CORRUPT system in order to maintain their job security. These TAX PAYER funded, CORRUPT MORONS, need to all be FIRED and barred from ever working on the tax payer’s dime again!

  495. C Piranio says:


    I met my husband in England, seven years ago, about one year after an extremely unfair divorce judgement, in which the judge decided on $600 a month child support payment while he was out of work, only based on his university degrees and his ability to make this amount At first, he was paying his ex-wife regularly killing himself financially, but when she found out about me she made every effort to cut all visitation and means of communication with his daugher. This lasted until about two years ago. In the meantime, we found it very difficult to find work due to the recession. We also had two children whom we love and raise together at the price of many sacrifices. Although we are not rich, they seem extremely happy, and in a sense exorcise my husband’s wounds of the past.
    After his divorce my husband went back to school in England, hoping to return to the States for a career in politics. But as time went on, child support arrears accumulated due to irregular payments, and his rights to a driver’s licence and passport were removed. He felt trapped by the system and decided to live in Europe with his new family (myself and our two children). He always says that he has tried all his life to live on the right side of the law, but only because we don’t make enough money for someone who cut him off and his family, he is now almost considered a felon (like a murderer, a rapist or a crook) and a refugee in France.
    Due to the fear of losing his new family (I am a French citizen) and all his rights as a US citizen, he has not been able to return to the States to visit his brother and nephews in years or to go to his father’s funeral. His father understood him, as he was poor himself, and always advised him to stay in Europe due to the risks involved in his return to America.
    My husband used to be a “good citizen” but now has become disgusted by what a government can do to a citizen who loves his country dearly.

  496. Mark Frommelt says:

    Legalized Slavery.

  497. Douglas Meyers says:

    please keep up the great work I need somebody to talk to can I talk with somebody
    my # is 443.422.1954 Maryand

  498. The child support laws of today are unconstitutional (and against the 2nd ammendent)and do not allow fathers any rights other than to give 50% of their income to help support the ex-spouse so she can have money rolling left and right and don’t even care about how the child is cared for or clothed only how she is cared for and clothed. Child support should be based on exaccty what it takes to take care of the childs needs and slit 50/50 with the mother or shared custody would be even better, and no money changes hands. Then the father gets just as much time with the child as the mother. The child should be shared and then the ex spouse could not use the child as a crutch nor a battle weapon. Lets get this straightened out so everyone is treated equally and the child is not used as a PAYCHECK.. Then alot of these women would have to love their child for being their child and not the LOVE of $$$$$$$$.

  499. Craig says:

    It is obvious to me that the court systems think that women are incapable of providing for themselves or their children. What was the women’s movement for? Child support and alimony is legalised slavery….call it what it is.

  500. Jennifer Buchanan says:


  501. michele baker says:

    Something has to be done, we can barely make it because of how much my husband has to pay each month.

  502. I would add to my tale but its too long of a story and right now I’m sick to my stomach reading all the BS about our corrupt system.

  503. It is time to put a stop to the most corrupt system that exists in this country. The family court system in this country violates the U.S. Constitution, Amendments 4, 5, 7, 11, 14.

  504. Sharif Davis says:


  505. Leonard Boyd says:

    Child support has no forgiveness for major illness or unemployed or under employed men

  506. Jasen Hobson says:

    I have been going through this for the past two years and have gone from seeing my daughter everyday to no contact at all. lies were told by the mother and next thing you know my rights as a father were stripped. Now she is with a loser boyfriend who has active warrants and the courts still think she is a saint even after she was caught in all the lies she had told them. I pay child support only to hear that she uses it for spending money on her boyfriend and out to eat. Not what it is supposed to be for. The whole system needs to be reformed. There are bad mothers out there too and fathers dont get our due respect when it comes to our kids.

  507. Zachary Garrett says:

    The system is very slanted. I find it interesting that my daughters mother is not required to get a job so I am held responsible for the majority of the income. At this point in my case it looks as though I will be paying 40% of my income in child support. Thus I will have to get a second, maybe third job to maintain a roof over my head. By doing this I will not be able to keep to my mediation agreement that I have my daughter for three nights a week with two of those days on alternating weeks. This will send me back into mediation and back to court to have my child support increased not only because of the increased income but the “timesharing” limited on my end. Putting me back to square one.

  508. Richard Mitchell says:

    I would add my tale, but it would only seem redundant. The injustice system is truly blind, or at best, has “selective sight/hearing”.

  509. Kenny Cosme says:

    I live in NJ. I was living with my girlfriend we have 2 Kids together. She ran out with some man. She take welfare and SSI for my daughter., and put me in child support. I have to pay 390 every two weeks eventhough my kids live with me almost 4 days a week, they stay with me every weekend. I only make 11 dollars an hour, and I can’t even afford to pay an apartment, because all my money goes to her. She get food stamp and SSI, as I mention before. I am living with my parents. I owe in arrears 1100, and I was paying every two weeks still they put me in the credit bureau, and I just started to pay in dec 2011. I do not know how the system work. But men we do not have any rights. I love my kids with all my heart. But sometime I feel like stop working, because I do not have money for anything while she is enjoying. I have to give her more than half of my pay check, and living in nj where everything is expensive. Im goin insane.

  510. Antuan Davis says:

    It’s about time, the system is not fair, a man that can’t afford to pay what the court considersis labeled a deadbeat dad, they never questin the mother and the kids suffer the most, there should be a change in the laws, both parents should be equally responsible for support, my ex wife is married and just had 3 other kids and she never has tem with her, they are always with her grandmother or mother. Child support has broke me with all these enormous fees. I ask for help, but nobody wants to help. We need new laws to help fathers too.

  511. Jason Ward says:

    I hate the California child support system

  512. Kim Hendrikx says:

    Time for change

  513. Andrew Martinez says:

    When I hired a lawyer to have my child support and alimony payments reduced because it was more money than I ever made in my life and I was going into heavy debt I was thrown in jail. The lawyer I hired got my payments reduced and then charged me more than the payments would’ve been. I will never have money in my life because I got divorced.

  514. Tony says:

    Dear all,

    Over the last six years I’ve gone through a horrific experience with the Illinois Attorney Generals office, and to say that there clueless and inept would be an understatement. Without becoming redundant or making this opinion elongated, I’ve started a face book page called Divorced Fathers Fighting back, why? I believe that the only way to change these laws is for men to stand up and fight back. I would like to organize a class action lawsuit against the Illinois Attorney Generals Office, as well as a possible class action suite nationwide. If you read my story and what’s happened to me, you’ll understand, but I have another part of this story and much more evidence, but it would take me days to explain. I can guarantee everyone this; my evidence is legitimate and written on legal documentation, pleadings, etc…

    I realize that taking on the attorney Generals Office is at best a stretch, but divorced men vote, so we need to stand up and be heard. My goal is this, if we can force the Attorney Generals Office in Illinois as well as the Attorney Generals Offices to audit all of there arrearage cases, and then once we find out as in my case that more than likely 10 out of 10 arrearage cases are false or flawed, then there’s our compensatory class action lawsuit for damages. Please feel free to visit my face book page, and please note as I’ve stated, I won’t put anyone’s face book page or there information on my face book page. To be honest the responses that I’ve received has been overwhelming to say the least. Can this be done? I’m not an attorney, but I’m smart enough to know the change comes only in numbers. The more divorced men stand up, the more we’ll be heard.

  515. Gale Billings says:

    A man shouldn’t have to pay for the rest of his life for having children with the wrong woman. What about the second wife and their kids. My husband is paying child support arrears, his children are 18 and 21, so his ex can buy a new Lexus and we can’t afford to take our 4 year old daughter to the doctors. Really? Something has got to change!


    My husband has to pay his ex-wife over 30k when we thought we were done w/child support since his kids are 18 & 21. How is this a just system to reward a mother who did a horrible job as a parent. While our 4 year old little girl has to go without. I would feel better if the money went directly to his kids but they won’t see a dime.

    From President Obama; Legislatures, 2012/03/05 at 7:14 PM

  516. andrew woodford says:

    When I was 20yrs old I was trapped .The judge ordered me to get a life insurance policy for the lifetime value of my child support naming the mother as beneficiary,and all the rest.I asked for shared parenting but the prosecutor who filled out the paperwork had no interest and so on and on exc. It has ruined me to this day.I am 47yrs old now and never was realy allowed by the mother to see my son and the courts did nothing ever to make her follow through with visitation.My heart and life stolen I still owe and cry every year year after year.Thay know what thay do and profit greatly from these criminal act of slavery. THAY MUST BE STOPPED>WOMAN STOP SELLING MEN AND BOYS INTO SLAVERY.

  517. jason biggs says:

    Stop talking and start doing…

    Response from Admin: Currently we have a Federal Lawsuit “Constitutional Question” 9th Amendment… How ’bout you?

  518. Robert says:

    Loss of income has no baring on CS….I stand to spend 6 month in county jail because I did not get a written agreement from my ex, when she told me not to worry about CS. Because it is a re-election year for county judges and the Attorney General…..I will suffer the consequences of being poor. Child support is ransom. I had my son 14 days a month and because I can’t pay CS I am reduced to seeing my son 1st,3rd,&5th 2 hours on Wends.
    I have more time than money but I still have to pay my Ex and her Millionaire husband every penny I have or I go to jail…… Texas Choices are this Pay, Jail, or Sign away your rights IF THEY LET YOU…… So Jail it is…..

    God Speed to all of you…….I hope everyone involved with this system rots in HELL, it has cost me a loving and wonder relationship with my only son……

  519. Ruined in cali says:

    Had a buisness house car wife now I live under a bridge with my wife by my side we live off my veterans
    Disibility (nobody can take that for now)and odd jobs
    We need change

  520. michele baker says:

    My husband has been ordered to pay an extreme amount of child support, and two of the children may not be his, but dhs will not give a paturnity test. Our current family has to go without just to pay this amount.

  521. june mls says:

    Reform……Ive been living in hell with MA CS they have destroyed my life and revoked y licensee. but they want money unbelievable.Dam to those greedy mothers.

  522. Clinton b. Squire says:

    This child support collection agencies are communist! Who voted these unfair laws in?

  523. Michael Matthew Simmons says:

    stop child support corruption from ruining any more lifes ,children are not paychecks and collecting child support has become an occupation !,something NEEDS to be done ,their should be help for parents trying to pay support in harsh times but instead are only punished .i get over 60% of my check taken and dont even get to see my kids cause their mother moved them 900 miles away ,i raised them for over 12 years and now there gone and so is most of my paycheck also 2o,ooo in rear after only 4 years . i live off 50.00 a week ,there is NOTHING fair about this !

  524. Pamela Jones says:

    It’s sad that our country is so crazy I pray for those who are going threw hard times

  525. Marcus Upshaw says:

    The child support guidelines in MA suck. That chief justice who wrote them must be a socialist jerk. They have re-distribution of wealth written all over them.

  526. GARY LINDQUIST says:


  527. Melissa Iozzi says:

    I’m appalled at these stories!!! How can our government do this to the (mostly) fathers of our nation? I hate this country! It’s no longer free! Not when they take children away from HALF of our citizens…and force them into slavery for the benefit of dispicable, unappreciative, greedy, vindictive, slimy women who serve no purpose but to enact vengeance upon a man! And vengeance for what??? Her divorcing him?? I hope these women get what’s coming to them 10 fold past what they’ve dished out!

  528. Manish Srivastava says:

    The Child Enforcement system ion New York state violates the basic civil and human rights of decent parents by criminalizing them. I have always paid child support but when I was unemployed for almost a year, the massive powerful machinery of New York state started harassing me. Even though upon using my job, I had immediately filed a petition with the family court, I observed that the family court support magistrates in New York city are trained to delay modification herrings so that the state can come after people. This is shameful conduct. We preach to other countries about human rights – what about gross human rights violations in the United States. The government of the United States is destroying the lives of decent parents. Shame shame!!!

  529. Huan Nguyen says:

    I was surprised when i found out that DCSE collects our money but do nothing to see that the money is spent the way its intended.

  530. Randal Swier says:


  531. Christopher fly says:


  532. Jeremiah says:

    I pay four houndard dollars a month… Mean while my Ex-wife is running the steets with strange men. The kids life in 2 different places… only justice is being served is her “BAR TAB”

  533. Miranda Kaye Larkin says:

    I want to see the good dads have a fair finance is gettin””g run through the ringer for the past yr.we have a family of four here and now they r hitting him for vack child support for a child He didnt know existed. We have been on sgates assistance for 8 yrs so its not like he has been hiding from them.when we were contacted the child wasnt even in the moms coustdy and the court awarded her 60 a wk in child support.we didnt know this at the time 7 months. Later we get anither summons to court for child support with the grand father well they judged us another 2000$ behind in child support cause they had been putting the 60 towards back chd support without telling us.and is is taken straight out of his check each y is it his fault that they wernt sending the money to the right person?i think these moms that keep the kids from the dads should suffer the financial burrden for it.i kno that not all men pay there child support but if u never give them the chance how is it there fault.i mean we ha e lived in the same county for almost 9 yrs now.we need dickson county,tn.lets geg the law changed.

  534. deb frank says:


  535. Anthony Rocca says:

    The whole system is fucked. I put in an order for modification back in august of 2011, have went through 3 hearings and still no change. I make about $800 a month right now because I’m unemployed and just doing odds and ends stuff. Out of that $800 I’m order to pay $500 along with provide health insurance, which is currently costing me $161.. So how is it I’m suppose to eat and live? lol, what a fucking joke.

  536. April A. Haaf says:

    I am a mother RECEIVING child support in the state of WI and I fully support and agree with this petition and it’s objectives. My ex-husband and I have a healthy relationship and come to an agreement on most everything that we discuss. The ONLY entity that interferes with our peaceful coexistence is that of the Child Support Agency and it’s enforcement and regulations. In the past, for example, he has had periods of unemployment due to the overwhelming economic recession. During those instances, he has, nevertheless, done his best to support our daughter and contribute to her care and keep. There had been multiple occasions that I had considered requesting the agency to waive child support on a temporary or permanent basis. Upon questioning the agency on the process involved, I was informed that, if I were to waive child support, it would void my eligibility for any and all government-funded assistance programs such as FoodShare, Medicaid, etc. I had no choice but to watch as my daughter’s father went quickly into debt, as I have 2 other children and a husband that were also depending on those assistance programs to get through our own hard times. My family, my ex-husband and, most of all, my CHILDREN have been burdened for too long by the agency that claims to have “the best interest of the child” in mind. As for me, I believe their motivations are selfish and, although there may be a rare, positive, experience with this agency, they impose more poverty than they eliminate.

  537. Chris Ghalayini says:

    Florida Child Support Laws not fair. Even though I make 3 times as much as my daughters mother, I paid for everything and have been putting at least $1000 in an interest bearing savings account for my daughter since she was born…now I am required to pay that money+ to my childs mother that she frivolusly spends on anything BUT what is needed for my daughter…just because I make more.

  538. Joyle Avitt says:

    Yep time for change!

  539. Alex Holmes says:


  540. Jay says:


  541. leann sallach says:


  542. Jose larios says:

    my nigthmare childsupport wife not getting a penny.stealing my money.

  543. David N Johanson says:

    I am all for paying a reasonable child support payment for my kids benefit. Especially when I know it will go to their welfare and not paying for my ex-wifes new car, vacation, etc. I realize that some of the support money is used to improve the general livings standard for the kids and the ex-spouse, but there should be a limit (standard support calculations are harsh to the non-custodial parents). If the non-custodial is no longer able to maintain the mortgage payments and bills then it appears the system is unfair and draconian in its methods. We need a reformation of Child Support calculations that takes a more balance and reasonable approach to elevating/balancing the living standards that the children actually need and his healthy for both the custodial and non-custodial parent.

  544. Eli says:

    It’s time for us the non custodial parent to get our lives back. These women get pregnant to milk the system. i’m not blaming all but every tree has a few bad apples. i support the reform a million percent!!!!!

  545. Grant M Lawson says:


  546. KEITH L. PERRY JR says:


  547. Greg Davis says:

    Reform this mess.

  548. Billy Chinault says:


  549. Arthur B. Mandy says:

    We seriuosly need to do something!!

  550. Charles Irving says:

    I have two children by two different women. The mother of my youngest child and myself get along fine and I believe she handles our daughter well and we have a good custody agreement. I get to see my daughter many times a year, not as much as I would like but a good amount of time.

    The mother of my oldest daughter lives off of many government programs, married someone else, has two kids by him. They live in a small two bedroom single wide mobile home, and I don’t agree with the way my daughter is raised. Child support for her take 60% of my pay, I missed a court date and as such have no known custody agreement with her, but the mom has her. She moved across country from me and I am lucky to see my daughter a month out of the year and to get her I have to go out, pick her up and take her back. Her mom also makes me jump through a lot of hoops to get my daughter even tho the child support keeps me from being able to support myself.

    I was out of work for a while and got behind on child support, and even lost my drivers license for a while (good luck finding a job with out one of those). Child support takes all my money and I cannot support myself even while working full time now. I cannot take child support off my taxes of claim my children for the earned income credits. If you have tax problems (which child support is also taking my tax return), credit card problems, any other debt there are a ton of programs out there to help you get out of it, with child support debt you are given no help, kicked down and looked at like an awful human with no rights. I am about to be homeless and that will surely in the end make me lose my job all because of child support on a child I never get to see.

    The system is broken and it set up to make you fall and once you’re down they stomp you into the ground. That is why I support Ron Paul, not because I don’t want to pay to support my kids, but because the government should not have the power to ruin my life and make me become homeless. I would love to support my children, I would love to see them more, my children are my life, but the system is not helping me down that.

  551. Jose Herrera says:

    We need to support the reform!

  552. Nicole says:

    I have been on both sides of this issue. I had a child when I was 19 with my first husband. We were both really young and it didn’t last. My parents raised my daughter for us and we paid child support. I worked 3 jobs to pay it and make ends meet. after 3 years I remarried and had additional children. The whole time I was a stay @ home mother who couldn’t work due to the high risk pregnancies and how young our children were not to mention their own health issues making it hard to place them in daycare. My 2nd husband wouldn’t allow me to pay my child support out of his income. So 8 years later when we get a divorce, my mother decides that is when she is going to allow the AG to take the case over. I had to prove that I had paid anything at all because they didn’t even step into the clerks office while they were in the building for court on other cases(which they had to walk past every time they were in the building) and ask for the records. 18,000 is what they said I owed. I proved I had paid 12,000 of it, wihtout any help from the bought for lacky of a lawyer they stuck me with. ( He actually boosted to another lawyer how easy money these cases were in front of me and my family and told him he should get in on it) Probation, Probation fees, lawyer fees, court costs, plus raised Child Support to cover their imposed interest. They didn’t even tell me I had to report that day. They were too busy being upset that my lawyer was late to court because they wanted to go to lunch.
    My current husband has 2 different exs he had to deal with. They stuck him in jail, made him sell everything he owned, he has an injury which is the cause of his disability, the AG actually accused him of DR shopping and wanted him to sell his only possession.(a truck worth $200 ) the judge tole them no that he needed a way to get around. After 23 years of this treatment, We finally got the best of them all! our Child Support is paid in full, all the kids live with us, his exs came out lucky not to be in jail their selves( between lying to the judge (2nd ex), accepting both ssi and child support at the same time((which is a federal crime when it deducted from disability) his 1st ex), child endangerment,etc.)

    Now I am dealing with my 2nd ex over nonpayment of chid support, and he is claiming the kids on his taxes even though they live with me. Because I don’t want to deal with the AG in this case, I am left trying to get him to do the right thing. (-$4500in Child Support, -$800 in medical) I really don’t want to put him through the same ringer but he is not giving me much choice.

    Sometimes there are reasons why an ex waits to file with the AG.

  553. james binder says:

    i am 50 years old have 5 children 2 ex wifes, both ex,s can sit on social services for years,, state of ny on thier side my youngest 18 is with me now,been shun by employers becauce of stearial typing ,dead beat dad ex,s moved from county to county old accounts that the state cant consollidate restricked drivers liscense,,, nice world we live in, will die someday with back support still on my back, i dont deny i owe money, thier methods, are exstorded and distructive to familys,,,,jim

  554. Gina Mealey says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Valuable information that needs to be shared with everyone!

  555. Melissa Johnson says:

    I am on the other side of coin, my ex husband took my child after I had physical and soul custody and made me fight the court judge and system. He is a prominant businessman. And then he made me pay him support, and I also have not received one income tax refund in 12 years. What a joke. the court in my area. And so far I have paid him tons of money……….

  556. Steven Morris says:


  557. Andrew Sharer says:


  558. Lori Reynolds says:


  559. Steve Stuart says:

    I have three children, they all live with me full time. Two have completed high school and are no longer included in my support payments, but the third still is. I have been paying support for 7 years!

    I am ordered to pay child support to this neglectful mother and the court continues to support their position on this. Where is my justice?

  560. Tracie Holbrook says:


  561. timothy says:

    the corruption in the state of illinois child support system is long overdue for reform

  562. timothy says:

    reform is long over due i’m tired of the corruption from state illinois child support

  563. David Woodard says:


  564. Joshua Lawrence says:

    I’m a 24 year old father of one 4 year old. Before my son was even born I was brought into child support because she chose to get cash assistance. Granted we were young and times were rough.

    I have been in my career since I turned 20 and ever since its been hell cause my sons mother cannot say in work. So since I make a lot they take it all from me. She sits her her but every day with my kid, her other child and a boyfriend. But none of them work cause I pay $1000 a month which covers everything for them. Not even including the court ordered healthcare.

    I can’t even prove I spend $1000 on my son. I buy all the clothes on his back, take him out to events, circus etc, every Christmas I get him a tree and he stays at my home and give him gifts to be happy, every birthday I’m throwing big events…and at the same time I’ve just been told I have to support an entire family that isn’t mine and then get slapped with a $14,000 debt in child support that’s been garnished since my son was born cause I have not stopped working, but I owe it anyway?. Lord only knows how mad I am cause I can’t even do what I want to do for him anymore. Can’t get gifts or surprise him or taking him out to events. Very sad. I’m about to get a lawyer and see if full custody is an option.

  565. Ohuanasis Garcia says:

    The money that is giving from child support should be controlled by some sort of system which only allowed to be spent on things for the minor

  566. Willie Bowens says:

    The only thing i have to say is that it’s about time soneone did something about peoples rights being violated. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  567. Mitchell Edgar Greene says:


  568. Jessica Dandreaux says:

    I am a divorced 22 year old with a 5 year old. My ex husband was 13 years my senior, making me 16 when we got married and he, 29. When I left him and we divorced I had no money, no car, no place to live, nothing. When we got our divorce finalized almost a year later I was ordered to pay child support on “assumed income” being that I had just completed a training course for a job I didnt even have. Meanwhile he lives in the home we had, has the car, has everything and I had to start over with nothing. I pay child support every month even though I have our daughter the exact same amount of time, we split all her expenses between our houses and never share clothing so we are each responsible to buy her things for our own homes. She is covered under my medical insurance as well as his. I was 3000 in arrears because I couldnt make enough money to pay my bills and child support, when they started garnishing my wages, now I have petitioned for a modification and he lost his job so I will more than likely get screwed and pay more even though I cant afford to pay him anymore. Its wrong. The system needs to change.

  569. Eric Stevens says:

    I myself have experienced and witnessed the crimes perpetrated against good standing fathers by the county court systems. Unfortunately, the problem has grown out of hand and the only way to correct this and other unjust issues in this country is to dismantle the present corrupt and criminal government systems and start a new. Honor and having respect for all citizens is suppose to be a rule of thumb for an honest, fair and just government. At the present the U.S. Government is mainly controlled by groups of thugs in suits. As long as these criminals remain in political offices and our courts, expect more crimes against citizens and especially men from the criminals of the county family court systems nationwide. Caesar needs to answer and only you, me and other upright citizens’ can make this happen. Always throw Caesar, His Centurions (The Police) and his Minions (County Court Employees) under the bus any chance you get. Do not give service to any of them. Do not pour their coffees, do not fix or repair their homes or cars, and do not help them in any way. By helping them, you are cutting your own throat. The time has come to stop catering and condoning these thugs!

  570. Dahlila Grant says:

    I have been a victim for over 10 years in US. Harrass to pay child support for two of my children. When I took their fathers to court; one father took a leave of no pay absent to stop the support the other quit his job to not pay child support.

    I never received any support. I gave one daughter to her father for three years and the state of Connecticut came after me for support. Out of 18 years the father never paid any support toward the child. Instead of him getting a job to support himself and daughter he went to the welfare to get assistant. The U.S. garnish my check.

    My other child stayed with my mother and then got emancipated for her last three years of high school. My tax refunds are garnishes to pay the U.S. back for not just child support of her but also the child she conceived as a teen.

    I have been emotional stress and disturbed on how the U.S. is very discriminating and is using forces to oppress and suppress my life.

    Now that they recieve funds; why denied passport. We went back into the slavery act.

  571. Crystal Dengler says:

    Child support guidelines leaves our second intact family with very little to support our children, one of whom has special needs. Full guideline amount is always ordered even though the ex-wife and her spouse have higher income levels. Custody laws are a joke as well, tried for shared custody due to completely inappropriate actions of ex-wife’s current spouse. These laws must be amended so the children do not suffer from the actions of the adults!

  572. Jay M. Jones says:

    CSSD here in the State of Alaska is not only ineffective to those who truly need help in collecting child support on their behalf..but extremely destructive to those who do pay their child support…and then some.

  573. juan moreno says:

    a child should be both parents finacial responsebility. i have no problem supporting my son. but his mother should be maching me dollar for dollar and maybe a smaller check
    and finacial resposibilty would make her think whats better for her son and not the finacial gain/incentive of leaving a marriage. and more inportant than money is the childs happiness some people wish they had a father i was one of them!

  574. Saad jawed says:

    I am also going through this “child support” scam. I pay for everything and have provided my daughter with great schooling. But the court deems fit that I pay almost 800 a month for what??? So the mother can go on vacations and I can pay her rent. Now I will loose housing and my child will loose great schooling because the courts are useless and heartless when it comes family business. Child
    Support is a curt opt system. No better then the mafia. I am
    Disgusted with it and will never have respect for the courts when it comes to this.

  575. Steven Moss says:

    State Of Illinois 20% for one, 40% for 2 ( from different mothers ) Plus non Licensed Nannies for both. ( half = 1400$/month). All post tax.Plus I am required to cover medical for both. This is equivalent to 66% +/- of my take home income. I am foreclosing on house, and live off of 20$ per day for everything. Both mothers make more than I do without Child support. Courts will not give me custody…Something is wrong with this picture. Something has to be done and the total financial picture of both parents need to be taken into account rather than going by default percentages…

  576. amanda taylor says:

    My ex and I have shared parenting but I still have to pay him child support because he lives on welfare.

  577. robert manni ii says:


  578. I left the shithole America 4 years ago just for this reason. I am not looking forward to ever returning! DOWN WITH THE BULLSHIT CS SYSTEM!

  579. Steve Coleman says:

    The family courts and govt are violating the law and apply double standards. In the case where the mother is malicious, manipulative and/or out for herself as well as an abusive person, she can lie in and out of court, use the child (deny access) and violate the court orders in order to create conflict and the family courts will not question her or her motives, but will deny the father access to the child as the conflict is not good for the child. Thus, they reward this behavior in such mothers who use the child as an implement of torture. These are the exact mothers who will use the system. Of course the govt benefits from removing the father from the family financially as well, a total conflict of interest for which there is no one to complain to. The govt and family courts and divorce industry depend on malicious mothers to use the child and create conflict to and they all blame the dad in the end. “Best interest of the child”? Overall the father and child have been victimized and you never hear this aspect in the media, yet most people on the street will scoff and say “this is the way it is”. Also, ask yourself how many mothers (who “win” the majority of cases were charged with perjury…none you say…well I guess then denying fathers to be parents has a very low burden of proof since the courts must believe women never lie, and should never be questioned or have their motives analyzed). None of us are saints yet this is the way the double standard of the courts and the divorce industry presents women, and at the same time vilify fathers. Most of these fathers, as many of the mothers are loving parents, but they court/divorce industry REWARDS those who will lie and cheat, steal and use the child. It is accepted for mothers to be allowed to do this and victimize their child and their ex-husband for their own enrichment.

  580. Laura Villarreal says:

    The Child Support system needs to be reformed. My husband is currently dealing with the hassle of having a lien put on his bank account in excess of $21,000, he can’t get through to the Attorney General, and even after paying over $5,000 to a family attorney, even he has trouble getting through to them. The Attorney General wasn’t even supposed to be able to do that for two reasons, one, there was a payment “arrangement”, which they obtained an “Administrative Writ” which basically meant that they could take whatever amount they deemed fit without having to go through getting him in front of a judge, and two, they aren’t supposed to put a lien on the account without taking it in front of a judge. At least let the non custodial parent plead his case with a judge or at LEAST let the person know what’s going on…they put a lien on the 18th, sent out a letter on the 24th, but then backdated themselves to the 19th….that’s not fair in any way shape or form. Hopefully something can be done.

  581. martin tesch says:

    let me know what I can do.

  582. Rick Hutchins says:


  583. PAUL HART says:


  584. Jonelle says:

    Me and my husband have a family together his EX moved out of state when his son was 6 months old and has this child thinking another man is his father. My husband pays $425.00 a month in child support and we have 3 kids of are own we don’t spend that much on our children month shoot all she wants is a pay check that my husband is working hard for

  585. jim cerny says:

    My exwife uses child support for her and hr new husband trumbull county in ohio sucks her atty was married to the judge I am making less then ten a hr they leave me t live on 194 bucks a effin month they don’t care what happens to the father all they care about is the female .. this is wrong

  586. I agree with everything said above. In my case another man put his name of the child’s birth certificate and I was told to walk away I wad not wanted or needed in this child’s life ,so I did. I am now married with three children and the mother said child in my case is coming after me for child support. I took a DNA test 4 years ago to prove weather or not he was mine and he is. The state I live in has determined that I am 6,291 dollars behind and they are now taking 50% of my pay every week. I am about to loose everything and my wife and children and myself are about to be homeless because of these biased , unfair , ridiculous laws.

  587. Luis A Aceves says:

    The laws have to change….

  588. nicolas mitchell says:

    CSA is trying to break me! need HELP if anyone knows of any resources in the state of California to help try and combat the nonstop attack they are taking on me my income and even bacnk accounts please forward the information to

    Thank you for your time and help.

  589. James Mayer says:


  590. Kenneth Jones says:

    I support this reform…..

  591. mike weber says:


  592. Anthony h jones says:

    I support this reform it is about time we let so many of the law makers not for get the words for the people by the people.

  593. Danny says:

    I have posted here before, but, I would like to do so again. I was sentenced to suffer through the Child Support system in 1998. Since that time I have lost my driver’s license, my credit rating and everything I own. It has also destroyed the two relationships I have managed to build. The only thing I have left is my son, the one that money was supposed to take care of. The problem is that he hasn’t been in her custody since 2001. But, the state didn’t care. They kept adding interest to a debt that was fraudulently entered in the beginning. As of now I am sitting in DC getting ready to move, yet again, because of the damage this situation has done to my latest relationship. I support this petition and hope that someday these barbaric laws may be overturned so that other people will not have to suffer through the travesty of justice that has destroyed my once productive life.

  594. Dennis Helper says:

    lets do it.

  595. William Dawson says:

    I agree 100% and Wisconsin child support has put me through the ringer many times and only want money, lets get this corrected for the future.

  596. James Carter says:


  597. Joel Hammer says:

    If this issue was more well known it would have more support . I people boycooted joining the services politicians would think twice.

  598. John Hunter says:

    I am screwed

  599. Roy J Ruppert II says:


  600. Ron Girard says:

    Family Slavery Courts in Louisiana are no better. They are experts in stealing money from non-custodial parents. I have been a slave to the FOC system for 18 years.

    Sad to say but I treat the whole slavery court system people the way they treat me. They are RUDE, UNCARING, TREAT EVERY MAN AS A CRIMINAL, and as everyone here has stated, are only about MONEY. I have have been dragged into court once a year for 18 years all for the love of money. So I started being rude to them like they are to me. The court appointed and financed “social worker” told me I could’nt talk to her in that manner, to which I responded, I pay your salary I can speak to you any way I damn well please. The judge in the case threatened me with jail for disrespecting HIS staff. I pointed out to him that his staff was rude and disrespectful to me, to which, the court room erupted with clapping and cheering from the other slaves to the system.

    My son just turned 18. I THOUGHT THE NIGHTMARE WAS OVER! But no, my ex came up with a list of “extra ordinary” expenses that “she has paid over the years” to the tune of $55,000 of which the slave court wants me to pay 57%. This insanity has got to stop.

    In addition, all my son has to do is come to court and say he is dependent on one of his parents and I will be forced to pay child support until he is 22 years old.

    If there is some class action suit against these kangaroo courts I would love to participate.

  601. Christopher Kelley says:


  602. Charles Aprea says:


  603. Joseph M Behr says:


  604. Michael Peoples says:


  605. victoria says:

    its all about the ex wife and being a slave to the ex. for the rest of his life this needs to stop and stop now !victoria

  606. Chris Pickney says:

    I fully support child support reform.

  607. robert w little says:

    War on drugs, war on you name it and this sits right under our nose burgeoning society.

  608. andrew a. clark says:

    lets take our country and our liberty back! petitions are good but this is likely to require an all out revolutionary war to restore the system. remember why we were given our constitutional right to bare arms and to form militia. its time we exercise our rights given to us by our founding fathers who drafted our constitution after winning a revolutionary revolt against a similar corrupt and evil empire. I AM READY TO FIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE AND THE FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY. I DONT MUCH CARE FOR POLITICS. DESPERATE TIMES CALL FOR DESPERATE MEASURES. I SAY WE ORGANIZE AND EXECUTE A 1776 STYLE TAKEOVER. LETS SEE THE PETITION FOR THAT IDEA.

  609. LONNIE TIRAN says:

    I fully endorse this petition and request that as signer,that the petition be given full and formal consideration. Lonnie Tiran

  610. waleed ahmad says:

    This is great! I had my fiancee post the petition on her facebook page. If she gets too many comments I will take the time to post a facebook page for the petition. I’m not a facebook person because I take my privacy very seriously, but this issue is too important.

  611. Michael fox says:

    I payed 408 a month for one child after 3 years based on a pay check that i no longer recived. i fianally got a mod and then it was reduced to 256 a month 123 amonth for back then 200 a month for medical insurance through a temp agency. We were not married so i do not have a custody aggrement i can not afford a attorney to fight. so i have to pay and dont get to see her. I have no choice to sign over my rights

  612. Brigett Dega says:

    I am a woman who has been divorced and through the worst of it. However, I hope I do not live up to the typical divorced women’s saga. Other than the corruption by lawyers and judges who have no concept of the role they play in destruction to children and families, some of the ugliest players are the lazy, greedy, women who stand there with their hands out, waiting for everyone but themselves to pay their way. The men don’t sit around crying poor me and asking their neighbors to mow their lawn and spending their days telling the world how hard it is to be a single parent. If I hear that term again, I think I will choke. Ladies, man up, get to work, quit looking for a handout, and figure out your own problems.

  613. Michael Edward Gallegos says:

    My property was taken unjustly, I was treated unfairly, they will not address issues I have questions and concerns about. They do not follow civil, constituional, and fair debt collections practices laws.



  614. Norman Williams says:

    My ex-wife and I went to the child support office on our own free with our own child support aggreement including back child support for like a year. The information given to me about the back child support was very misleading and incorrect. I was told that it would not affect me in any way as long as I make my payments. For 7 years i have never missed a payment NEVER. Found out it damaged my credit, IRS checks will be garnised.. I recently got laid off they took half of my vacation check, took my retirement that I pulled out and contiue to take half of my weekly pay from my unemployment check. In just one week she has collect almost $8,000. she is living large and i am wondering how i am going to continue to provide food, shelter and etc. for my child that i have custody of. Pay my car note so that i can find a job and basically just live. ITS not right. And I had to pay the taxes on the retirement..IT IS NOT RIGHT…

  615. David Sultan says:

    The best child support is both parents. This abusive system needs to die.

  616. Mike M says:

    Mine is too long a story but all the same. With one single year left to pay child support, they have come down on me so hard recently that I have no way to feed myself and I now live in a cold garage. They are going to take my license since I fell behind a couple of months after being laid off due to company downsizing as if they will get their money when they cripple me. They have increased my payments many times, eventually to an amount which was more than I made. I followed every legal channel to have my case reviewed and adjusted, though have never found one instance of them adjusting a dollar amount down to fair, legal levels when needed. The mother is in hiding because of warrants for child abuse, drunk driving, neglect, etc and I cannot have her served for court, even the C.S. people are openly helping her hide from the authorities and myself as finding her would lower my payment.

    I can’t even begin to tell you the horrible things they have done and said to me over the years, even when I was capable of paying this huge amount. But it comes down to this… They are going to take my license and have told me they don’t care about taking directly from my check unless my checks cover the full payment, I have borrowed money and and am in so much debt to everyone else as the Child Support NAZI’s are more important than anyone. (fyi – the mother has nothing to do with her children, hasn’t supported them in years and they don’t live together. The child I’m forced to pay huge amounts on lives with friends and her mother parties and drinks my money away, I even have proof, but nobody cares to see it)

    I recently became very sick as well, which has turned to bronchitis and is progressing into pneumonia. Among a few other untreated health problems, I can’t afford a bottle of cough syrup much less a trip to the doctor and I am now to the point that even if I could…. I give up. It may take some time but with the weather getting cold, I will hopefully not be alive in 1 – 2 weeks. All because of a year left to pay and no civil treatment when I’ve always paid in the past. I am nothing but a Slave, I’ve been used up and when I stumble once, they kill me. I wish the rest of you luck in changing this hell to be FAIR.

  617. Jeffery Baryo says:

    These current laws MUST change!!!!!!

  618. Peter Fernandez III says:

    This system needs to change today. How can we get reform to the vote today?

  619. jonathan turvalon says:

    unfair, no one to reduce payments. i pay her more than the lazy women makes in a month. unfair

  620. Angela Wolfla says:

    Yes, I agree. I have a wounded soldier at home now who has been fighting the courts and lost. Half of his pay check is taken out for his one child.

  621. Corey Gordon says:

    Like most of those who signed and posted here….I too am living in the nightmare!!!! My experience is so similar to many here that I will refrain from reiterating. My hope is that something will cause a drastic change, my instinct is that nothing will.

  622. Frank C. says:

    We are FATHERS, not CHECKBOOKS. “The best interest of the child” is best served by leaving us FATHERS with enough money to get a decent place for ourselves and our CHILDREN during the custodial time we spent tens of thousands of dollars to win. “The best interests of the child” is not served by turning fathers into empoverished, pathetic shadows of the men we once were … and still want to be … helping our child’s mother buy new cars and new homes while we survive on Spaghetti-Os. This is a PATHETIC, SHAMEFUL, BLASPHEMOUS system, in DESPERATE need of IMMEDIATE change. But it never will change until AMERICA wakes UP. The Courts don’t care about “the best interests of the child.” The Courts care about MONEY. THEY CARE ABOUT enforcing CHILD SUPPORT. For every CHILD SUPPORT DOLLAR PAID, the state gets MATCHING FUNDS (66 cents on the dollar) taken from the SOCIAL SECURITY FUND. Wake up, AMERICA. There are DEADBEATS out there, but not me. The DEADBEATS are the WOMEN who depend on our money to TAKE VACATIONS, and BUY NEW CARS. The DEADBEATS are the COURTS who CASH IN on this SHAMEFUL system. I have never been so DISGUSTED to call myself an AMERICAN. This LEGALIZED CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY needs to be FIXED. WE SUFFER, and OUR KIDS SUFFER, so someone else can make MONEY THEY DON’T DESERVE.

  623. Chris Wolfla says:

    This is prime example what you get when we the people allow government get involved in anything. How long are we going to let this system destroy our lives? When is this going to change? The state is starting to destroy my life. more than half my pay is gone. My bills are overdue Im about to lose my appartment and will be forced to live in my truck. I have a full time job. I make 40 thousand a year and cant live because of the court. There wasnt even a major dispute between me and my ex-wife. She only asked for 400 a month and they gave her half. I have no clue what to do. My life is ruined. Its the states fault. Its this countries fault. I made the mistake of serving in the Marines. This is what I get. Ashame. I know I am not the only one in my position.

  624. Paul Johnson says:

    The court system has failed non custodial parents that pays their support & try to maintain a living for theirselves!!

  625. Eric Anderson says:

    The child support system is terrible. I can se if it was used fairly and th right way for those parents that dserve to be on it but the vast majority of people in the system should not be. I am on of those people. I’m 27 and have twin girls (age 2 this Septmber). Me and the mother were together off and onfrom 2007-2009. She was already in the system (food stamps, child support by another for one of her other kids, cash assistance, etc..) while we were together. My love and care for her then made me want better for her so she can gt off the government assistance, finish school, and find work (which i was hlping her with ALL the way). I fell in love with her already two kids in the process and loved them as my own also helping her with them. I already knew what would happen if we had a child of our own but the plan was to marry this woman and have a life togther as a family. Well things didnt end up working out between us and I finally had enough of the drama (this was after my own daughters were born). Me not being a typical dead-beat dad was and am still involved in my kids lives because I simply love them and want to be the best father i can be to my daughters. Child support got hold of me and i we went to court and they determined from my income that support will be $890.56 a month for my two daughters (rediculous seeing that it dosnt cost no where near that much a month to care for two kids). Mind you I was driving trucks locally at that time (this was all in Michigan) and th company paid us as independant contractors (no taxes taken out). My checks literally varied weekly from $200.00 to $800.00. Soon after, freight went down due the economy and my checks were no more thaN $300.00 a week. Still the support amount stayed regardless of this change. I ended up losing my job and was still getting charged the amount per month EVEN after me notifying the court of this in person at a hearring AND tyring to modify the support order. From 12/2010-7/2011 i was looking for work while in technical school {for better opportunity for my girls} (paid by financial aid and scholarship). Still getting charged of course and the judge said to pay $200.00 a week eventhough I’m unemployed (seriously??). Throughout the time of unemployment, my mom has been helping me with my girls when I had them (every weekend) which was kiling me. I decided to move to Georgia to find work and for a better life for my girls (Detroit MI not looking good). Got to Norcross, GA in mid June 2011. Found work 7/11/11 and this pay is $639 a week before taxes and of course the support takes out their $209.00 out of each one leaving me with $320-$340. I cannot get things going off of that (getting a place so that I can hav my girls down here with me where things are looking better than in MI for school and greater opportunities). Mind you that the mother has had 4 calls to protctiv services on her since my girls were born, moved 5 times because she splurges her money on everything but the right priorities, has different men around all the kids constantly, will start school and then quit after she gets financial aid check, and so much more and I’m the one getting hit bad in the system while they side with her 100%??!! It’s the fathers that are trying out here that are jacked up in the system and the dead-beats that NEED to be paying support are getting away with not. The system eaither needs to change EVERYTHING about how they dtermine who’s on it or just ELIEVIATE it completely bcause it’s doing way more damage than good and the true victims are the CHILDREN! I am now going to attempt to modify the support order so that I can have more $ from each chck so that I can gt my babies down here in GA and give thm the good life that they dserve. God bless all the fathers that are going thru bad situations with this child support (i call it “State Support”)……we can fight this! I’m in 1,000%!! :-)

  626. David Bellamy says:

    The system needs fixed for sure

  627. Mulugeta Mikael says:

    We need more signature to change this unfair child support system.

  628. yes i do agree with all of this…..

  629. David Munro says:


  630. Luke Allen says:

    How can a mother just give her child up for adoption and never be held financially responsible for that child?

    Is that not treating men different than women?

    Can someone go after the courts for ruling in favor of support payments when the law allows one to give up there rights as a parent?

  631. Stacey Greenwell says:

    Stop treating Fathers who try so unfairly.

  632. Peter Greenwell says:

    I was treated unfairly when my support was ordered. Then denied a case review when I lost my job. I am paying extra for false expenses as well and when I reported this, nothing was done about it. I had no job and no income, not even unemployment compensation… and the lady at the court told me I’d better pawn something or I will lose my license and then be thrown in jail. How on earth will either of those benefit my child? If I am willing to have my child 50% of the time and pay 50% of all extra expenses, then I shouldn’t have to pay support payments at all. It hurt the most when she pulled up in a brand new car, smoking marijuana and said “Thank you”. I said “for what” and she said “Buying me a new car”. I reported her for smoking drugs and they didn’t do a thing about it. I live in FL… I live in hell.

  633. Kristopher Mickens says:

    I’m ordered to pay child support for my son who has been living with me for 5 years all of his life Monday through Thursday. His mother makes much more than I do and I’m still ordered to pay child support.

    My daughter’s mother refuses to let me see my daughter and still receives child support… What the hell……”you want my money but don’t want the father to be present in her life” ridiculous and the courts approves of this… ludacris

  634. Clint Pyburn says:

    paid child support directly to my wife instead of going thru the CSDiv at County. Court ruled my child suport as a gift. She wanted me to send it to her every month so she wouldn’t have to wait. My children were with me every other weekend and most summers. My oldest daughter lived with me, I gave her my half of the profit on the sale of our home, my car, and income tax refunds that she got for claiming our children who lived with me as much if not more. She wants double indemity and I have been arrested and treated like a dog. When i tried to explain and my children tried to explain that I wasn’t a dead beat dad and that their mother did receive child support and they lived mostly with me……….the court in Williamson County, Texas would not listen. My x-wife wants me to die in jail as I am terminal and most likely will not live another year. I even furnished the court with documentation and records showing I had paid all child support to my X-wife…………they (Attny Gen) said the amount would be considered as a GIfT and she could either drop or refile for child support again. She choose to refile….this is a very bad situation…..My children are so upset with their Mother for being Greedy and using the Court to get double indemity.

  635. Dan Fabbri says:

    Paying child support and alimony now. I believe that parents should pay for their children’s needs. But I think the existing system needs to be changed so that the money goes to pay for the children only. Custodial parents receiving the support should be held accountable for their spending of support money, and expected to report and document how the money is spent. If a parent receives support money from a non-custodial parent then the custodial parent reviving the child support should be required to contribute matching funds towards the child and document those expenditures as well. As it stands child support is a mandate enforced on people by the government yet it is not tax deductible by the person forced to pay. This also should be changed.

  636. Charlotte Baber says:

    As a veteran/soldier, I contacted every single member of the Maryland General Assembly plus two members of Congress regarding my pending incarceration due to lack of child support and how I was willing to make a sociopolitical statement of immoaltion with the AP notified regarding the matter. NOBODY wants another dead soldier but I let them know that I had evolving ideations (they cannot lock you up as long as you don’t claim to want to hurt yourself OR anybody else) and that I had rewritten my Will and given everything away except for one slightly used toothbrush. I also stated that while being homeless and preparing for medical school that I’d never earned $30k annually let alone being able to pay $12,234/annually to an abusive ex-husband with a household income of $200k.

    The end result is that I am pretty sure that some elected official put a hold on my case because I called the Circuit Court and the clerk said “Oh!!!,….Your case has been closed.” Meanwhile I filed Contempt of Court charges with the option of jail time on him with a visitation log spanning three years.

    I am pretty sure that this strategy is going to work in that it is incredibly bad press to have a soldier/veteran make such outlandish sociopolitical statements when there is such an exceedingly high suicide rate.

  637. Christopher W. Shear says:

    Take the $ out of child support and so many people would not be fighting over their kids. Instead, maybe the children could be raised by both parents in peace. Also, child support is the only debt punishable by prison, yet our government can make all of the debt it wants and nobody ever goes to prison for that!

  638. Jeffrey S Owens says:

    Dont force us to be enemies of the state.everyone has a line and yall are now on it!

  639. mike colletti says:


  640. Charles Baxter says:

    It is time for a change…

  641. Wayna Rumley says:


  642. jamey livingston says:

    i have joint custody of my three kids which means 50/50 but i get them on most of her sundays because she needs a so called break. she has had two other kids by two other men in the past couple of years so she receives child support from myself and another poor sap but is now remarried to the last baby daddy. I pay support plus medical plus half of daycare, clothes, sports and etc meanwhile i can barely make it and filed bankruptcy this year just to save my home. She and her husband are well off buying new homes, trucks, four wheelers and motorhomes. please tell me how this is fair. WE NEED A CHANGE!!!!!!!!

  643. Amanda Nuechterlein says:

    Have watched my husband for the past 5+ years get screwed over by the courts while his ex-wife decides to take a job making FAR less than she’s capable of making…..Makes me sick to my stomach.

  644. Samuel Nelson says:

    Married someone in 1984. Left 2 weeks after marriage. no idea where she was.Returned 2 weeks before child was born. left 2 weeks after child was born. Never saw her again.
    Mother pops up now suing me for arrears on a 27 year old. Was never given any money or medical ins. because she disappeared. Yep you guessed it. The court is telling me to pay!
    Am fighting. But assume will be a losing battle. the court knows this is 100% wrong but no judge wants their name on any hot potato issue where they will be cited for a ruling.
    I am poor, disabled and will soon be homeless because of this. they are about o take my disability check. Take away my license and i will not be able to get to any doctor for treatment as i am in a rural area. Cant live in my 15 year old car because will not be legal to drive it. Abandons me after child’s birth. keeps me from him all these years disappears and comes back 27 years later for a pay off and the court says great. I can not handle this. Wish i was dead and will probably do so because i have no way to live.

  645. Stacy B. Williams Sr. says:


  646. Douglas Maier says:

    The Child Support Laws are against my United States Constitutional Rights. WE NEED TO REVOLT, A REVOLUTION IS WHAT WILL FIX THINGS IN AMERICA!!!

  647. Eric Middleton says:

    Tom Lycas was right. I recommend every young person to listen to this man at least for 1 hour every day. If you are confused about what to do when disposing of a condom properly. Why you definitely do not under any circumstances get into a serious relationship before the age of 30, and why you should not marry unless you are into the 6 figure income bracket. Tom educates us all. It is up to us to listen.

    Eric in Victorville, Ca
    PS. Log onto

  648. Sherlynn Benson says:

    Court ordered to watch daughter blow $1,200 a month with her mother, and I can barely afford groceries!

  649. Robert Dickinson says:

    THank you… This bill is wrong and evil… and Hillary Cliton needs to be removed from office.. The Debtors’ Act of 1869 abolished imprisonment for debt… It seems we are returning to the mid-evil times, where Governments act like Kings.. making their own laws.. no matter whom it affects….
    I pay my arrears child support, and i was never allowed to see my 2 kids or raise them…
    But the courts do not see it as the womon was wrong.. but that all men must be treated less differently than women…. By the way this is a violation of the America’s family law system of the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights….

    The double standard granting full reproductive rights to woman and none to men is a violation of Article 2 of the declaration which states that a rights violation has occurred when men and women are treated differently…
    We all need to stick together if we are going to defeat this admendment….

    Robert Dickinson

  650. anthony mascolino says:


  651. James P. Arceri says:

    The state of Texas has one of the most corrupt CS systems of any state.

  652. James Behen says:

    I am on active duty in the Army and because of the child support laws of Massachusetts I can hardly afford to support my wife and myself even with her working and going to school. Aren’t there some sort of protection laws for service members?

  653. Gary Teague says:

    I think the Interest charges and Starting in arrears can be worse than the principal amount at times.

  654. Soraya Cuevas says:


  655. Bill Hackbarth says:

    Outrageous behavior by government hacks!

  656. Travis Scroggins says:

    The women will watch you driven to being homeless, as long as she gets her money, who cares…My situation…My X lied too me about moving to another state with my daughter, at the time she was 7…I was supposed to meet up with them after I finished the semester of school…I got the divorce papers 1 week before leaving…Out of the blue, she stole my daughter, all my possesions, lied to me about everything, took my daughter out of state, and as resident of that state (which was a lie, she was only there 3 months before filing for a divorce)….Now she wants my money…HAAAA….In my mind you get NOTHING! If a woman wants to go off on her own, take full custody, and have no other reason than ” I wasn’t happppy”….Then you get NOTHING! Your choice, not mine…WHY AM I COURT ORDERED TO PAY FOR HER NEW LIFE?

  657. Brian Grate says:

    I have been denied seeing or even talking to my two daughters and have been rejected by the state of new mexico my rights even though my daughters were taken out of state with out my permission……………………..for the past almost 8 years…………………

  658. Lee mayo says:


  659. Gary Sibilia says:

    I’m in the same boat

  660. I support the CS reform to the fullest

  661. GEORGINA OBRYAN says:

    I fully agree with all of the above. CSE is a corrupt organization that gains bonuses and income based on a percentage of the payment. This is a complete conflict of interest as it is an incentive for CSE to keep raising the monthly child support payment rather than playing an unbias role. The higher the child support payment, the more CSE makes in fees.

  662. Roger Fernandez says:

    I will NOT put up with the continual violation of our CONSTITUTIONAL and CIVIL RIGHTS from the BLACKMAIL and EXTORTION perpetrated on non-custodial parents for far too long! I WILL support ANY class action LAWSUIT against ANY LOCAL (WA) and NATIONAL government agency that has violated the rights of non-custodial parents through the use of THREATS, BLACKMAIL, EXTORTION, ILLEGAL SEIZURE OF PROPERTY, VIOLATION of the FEDERAL FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT (FCRA) and/or the FEDERAL FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT (FDCPA).

    Just let me know what I can do to help!


  663. John M. Schroeder says:

    Lets bring some justice back to this insane and corrupt system that is designed to destroy families and good men!

  664. Christian Gwilliams says:


  665. Melissa Gwilliams says:


  666. christy mobbs says:

    child support reform needs to start now

  667. Natashia cox says:

    help our men from monster women

  668. annette marks says:

    Please help we need something done about these women who destroy our men

  669. its not right how men are treated

  670. Jeanie Marks says:

    I support change in child support reform

  671. Jason Schimmel says:

    Bradleys Amendment needs to be repealed.

  672. More power to you. The system they create will be the system that destroys them.

    No Man Has A Good Enough Memory to be A Successful Liar.

    Abraham Lincoln

  673. Ray A. Lawson says:

    Every single divorced father in the corrupt State of Georgia are at the mercy of a Marxist Legion called “The Child Support Enforcement Agency. Every single right afforded to me by the Constitution Of The United States, has been violated. Please, cast votes for people who are willing to help us. Everything I have has been taken, my kids still live in Poverty. My credit is shot, so I have to work for minimum wage. My ex-wife is a liar, evil tyrant. Her current Husband, whom was formerly a deputy sheriff, sexually molested my daughter from my first marriage, and because I went to the law, she opened a case against me with forged divorce papers to punish me and my daughter. The State of Georgia, who declined to press charges on behalf of my daughter, but was more than willing to help her destroy me financially. I have 3 other children from my first marriage that I have custody of to support but yet they want almost every penny I make. I don’t mind paying my share but I will go to jail before I make my other kids homeless or see them go without food. My ex has never had a job in her life that’s lasted for longer than a month. She has never contributed not one dime to help support any of her children. Please dear God, let this reach someone that may help us. I am not a rich man and have never been and I don’t care to be one. I just want my kids to have what they need. I got a letter today saying they want my title to my 12 year old car. The only transportation I have. Last week without notice they took my Tax Refund of $2020..which I had planned on giving them half anyway and paying Utilities Bills and buying food with the other. When will the madness end? Dear God…when will this madness end?

  674. Julie thompson says:

    It sucks reform is needed

  675. John Sampson says:

    I share physical custody 50/50. My ex makes $210K. I make $24K, and it’s $12K after taxes and child support. Support in my state is based only on the person that has the non-custodial parent label, which I am designated. The children live in luxury one week and poverty the next. The system set up to keep the children out of poverty has put them there instead, and it has been that way for 14 years since I divorced. Yes, I am for reform.

  676. Walt E Grulkowski Jr says:

    I am a serial payer (3 separate cases) last child born in 1999.
    At the time my last child was born I was at 22,000 a year. I went through the years with modifications, every time they assumed i would get the same overtime , which i did not and fell into arrears at the tune of 22,000, back then i took home 120.00 a week and could not afford a attorney. I have constantly tried to better myself because of mistakes i have made in the past. In 7/2008 I advance to a even better job and have a current salary of 700.00 a week and 12.5% for incentive bonus(project manager,faster I get the job done, and more I save the company, better the bonus.) In 2009 I made 118,000 total. Again there was A modification, lucked out and just one obligation went for modification and was adjusted to set amount of 700 Plus 17% of what bonuses I receive. The problem I am having now is when the other two obligations also get adjusted, the paper the child support sent me is as if I always will make the 118,00 in which I can only guarantee my salary, bonus depend on the job. Even if I would make the 118,000, they want to set 56,124 for child support (all 3 obligations) a yr, I payed 38,515 for taxes on the 118,00, so that leaves me a take home pay of 23,313??? REALLY? I am really at the point of throwing my hands up ! Yes I support this reform!


    We need to correct this problem. Child support amounts should not be ordered until a DNA test has been performed. I have two children that I would like tested, but it is out of the question to go to court about the issue because can not afford a attorney. Is it not the child’s right to know who their real father is, not to mention in the best interest of the child for heredity health issues.


    The vast majority of state child support guidelines do not include provisions that specifically address the full complexity of multiple partner fertility.

    For example, if a noncustodial parent is responsible for two children with the same partner, he/she would have an order of 25 percent, but if the children were with different partners, he/she would owe 17 plus 14, or 31 percent.
    Similarly, from a custodial parent’s perspective, a second child with the same nonresident parent raises his/her order from 17 percent to 25 percent of income, an increase of eight percentage points. In contrast, if the custodial parent has a second child with a different nonresident parent, the two orders will total 17 percent of the first nonresident parent’s income, and 17 percent of the next nonresident parent’s income

    There is nothing right about this if you start a second family and separate you have to pay more.
    But at the same time a Mother can have a child from separate partners and receive 17% from each (34%) but if she would of had two children from the same man she would of only received 25%.

    Just another thing that is against the NCP’s

  677. Chan Melton says:

    I agree that men have been treated unfairly when it comes to support laws and judges deal more with there fealing than whats right for the whole situation.You cant drain a orange if it has no more juice,especially the way our economy is failing to respond to unemployment.

    ADDITIONAL COMMENT: As men,we dont have a chance because of the personal feelings of judges.

  678. Diane Mangiero says:

    I’ve just begun to get just a taste of what I am in store for. I, being a “joint custody” mother have been put through the worst abuse I could ever imagine. But, as long as I pay, and pay, and pay the courts are happy; yet he and his new wife keep my children from me. It’s a mess. Had I known, I would have never gotten married. i could go on and on but I would not be stating anything new.

  679. Don Nicholson says:

    I fully support reform! What are we doing about this though?!?! There are so many various websites that our voice, yet the same theme, is parced between these sites and it’s become a complaint center with nobody listening. I’m tired of signing petititions with no traction. Let’s form up and march on our state capitals, march on our legislation. Maybe, if someone can pick a date and we march, thousands of us dads (non custodial parents), then maybe we’ll be heard. Maybe even set up something central to submit funding and get some legal representation for us fathers as a whole to change the corrupt laws? Who knows… But these parced out websites aren’t doing anything. We need a united front… Any ideas on a united front?

  680. Lisa Winnie says:

    I have seen the unfairness first hand and I support this reform!

  681. James Crouch says:

    well i just paid the rearage at the beginning of april….and the county took my tax return anyway ….my wife has hired a lawyer to sue said county and force them to do what is right and give back what was stolen

  682. Mindy Lee Crouch says:

    I fully support child support reform!

  683. Kavi Arundvaraja says:

    The current child support system is absurd and biased.


  685. Jamie Joel Luttrell and Chris and Andrew says:

    Where was this at 15 years ago? It’s refreshing you’ll be hearing from me soon

  686. Fabian Lefler says:


  687. Elvis Vang says:

    We have young ladies growing up in this society that have a MINDSET that they can CONTROL and PUNISH men through CHILD SUPPORT! “if you don’t do this then child support… if you don’t give me this then child support….” This is BULL!!

  688. Jason Smith says:

    Are there any attorney’s that are involved with this campaign who can help with misrepresented financial fact leading to a ridiculous CS award???

  689. Melissa Iozzi says:

    Men and second families get the shaft CONSTANTLY!!!!

  690. Jason Hickle says:

    On the verge of being homeless and credit is destroyed

  691. Richard Moore says:

    I was unemployed for nearly two years in Oregon….finally secured a job. The new job requires that I travel out of the country. I’ll follow up in a minute.

    In the mean time: Over the last two years I have racked up a large amount of debt paying for my home, my “other child” and life. For the 14 months it took me to get a modification, the child support division took 46% of the unemployment. This left me with less than nothing after paying for housing and food. Thus the debt incurred. During the process of getting a modification, the judge was a complete “A”hole. He referred to me in derogatory terms and was completely one sided. The mother of the child implied I was cheating on my earnings and he actually went down that road with her. I have a rental that looses money and he even dictated that I pay her based on the gross income of that rental, not the net…? Wow I go screwed. After the modification and 14 months of work, they reduced the amount by only 25% yet my income was cut by 73%.

    So anyway, currently I have a job, the job requires that I travel out of the country; for which I need a passport. So, I applied for a passport and was denied by the Dept. of State. The letter said in short…No passport until Child support arrears are paid. My employer would say get lost, not even mentioning the fact that I fudged my history even to get a job. I called the Child Support Division for Oregon; I was told that Oregon had a zero tolerance law and I would get no passport until I paid (tough luck chuck).

    I do not have the funds to pay this debt, (I’ve been unemployed for two years). Yet, I will loose my job and will not be able to pay child support.

    This system is absurd, unfair and without any shred of intelligence. It is just about money. No rhyme, no reason but money…It is appalling.

    Help! I pay so much money for the child that goes through the system, that the one that doesn’t suffers… How is this right. I am liquidating the savings account for my non-system child to pay for the system child’s back support. I am an old Dad with few assets…How am I supposed to pay for an kind of retirement when all spare funds go to supporting children. If I were married, I would not spend that kind of money on my children out of the household budget…ridiculous. Not to mention that I would have discretion in how money is spent on my children.

    Please help change the system.


  692. Dennis Murray says:

    Last spring I was paying arrears and lost my job because my passport got denied. A passport was necessary for the execution of my job duties because I was a field engineer and international travel was routine. Now, no passport = no job = no arrears payments. I am now homeless as a result. And they want to throw me in jail. My children are 26 and 28 and have careers of their own. Good thing because dad cannot help them. The federal government just destroyed my career.

    It was not too long ago in the Soviet Union when the intelligentsia tried to emigrate due to the oppressive government policies. The USA is in the same state of affairs. The US government’s policies are sending all the high-paying jobs overseas. The people who need such jobs the most are not allowed to pursue them. Debtor’s prison is alive and well in the USA.

  693. Columbus B. says:

    I’m in the state of GA…for one I fully believe in taking care of the kids, but their notification process of letting the non-custodial parent know of a court action is flawed. They don’t require a signature on the court document or at least go to someone’s job and serve them the papers if you have to. Then if you’re paying child support in another state, which by law they have to recognize and calculate into the younger child’s support calculation, they fail to do so and require you to jump through rings of fire to get it squared away after you’ve proved they dropped the ball. So please let get this done so a reform in the system is handled and let some type of penalty occur when mothers play on the system to just receive another check.

  694. James Conser says:

    It is clear that the Friend of the Court is no friend of the family…

    Time for reform indeed.

  695. Todd A. Bouwman says:

    Im backing this for sure!

  696. gary says:

    I have been getting my pockets rung out for the last 11 years, and I don’t get to see my son. I have been jailed in the past, and my name dragged through the mud. I always wanted to be in my sons life, but his mother made it impossible. He is 12 now and I hope one day he and I will be united again. The system is more than flawed, I would call it down right illegal what they do to people, and would like to see the child support system answer for all the lives they have ruined.

  697. Jessica Goodwin says:


  698. robert e koehler says:

    I do agree,am I am fighting so hard right now on one that i am being shafted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  699. Douglas Scott Miller says:

    This definitely needs to be changed!

  700. Ellery Handy Sr. says:


  701. CALE CARDER says:

    Why cant the goverment just figure out how much it cost for one child and than make our support from that, the more money you make the more they take so why make more money,

  702. Elayne Dent says:

    The whole Family Court System needs to be changed. Child Support should not put the non-custodial parent on the streets & bankrupt and can’t claim the expense, yet the custodial parent claims the kids & not the income.

  703. Lexie Romeo says:

    Jamie, just to make you aware, the government isn’t paying the bill for custodial parents accepting assistance. The non-custodial parents are saddled with that bill. In fact, they are even made responsible for medicaid bills related to the birth of their children. The government makes NCPs carry the full burden, and when they can’t bear it, they abuse them and deny them basic rights including freedom.

    Wake up, America, before it’s too late.

    ADMIN RESPONSE: Very true. The FED gives the CSEO a Block Grant to enforce collections… ‘a loan to the American Public with Interest!’ Then the Financial Management Service collects and circulates every single penny through the Federal Reserve to make even more Interest before returning to the Local CSEO Bank for distribution! Is this another Bubble (aka lie)?

  704. stan darnell says:

    i am signing the petition for child support reform

  705. Jamie Fulcher says:

    It’s amazing how many POS mothers sit back and make a living off the system. Getting child support, food stamps, WIC, free childcare, etc, all at the father and governments expense. Some one needs to step up and make these custodial parents work and contribute to the financial responsibility of the child and stop letting the government carry all their weight.

  706. im 50 thousand dollars in debt lost everything even my land had to give it away to pay child support got to love it i was gonna hand it over to my kids now i got nothing to give and have to pay rent and support and walk to my job and look over my shoulder cause they took my work licenses thanx maine 1 down 1 billion to go


  707. Gary Stallworth says:


  708. Stefanie Cannon says:

    I dont think a price should be set on a childs head, i believe that, it is both parents jobs, to take care of there child, not handing the mother a pay check to spend as she wishes, its about the children, and people need to realize

  709. Frogg says:

    this system needs all the help it can get

  710. mikki says:

    There has to be a MILLION MEN — WOMEN MARCH!!!! Until there are repeated large Marches on Washington, DC regarding this issue….this American indentured servitude will continue. Men and their spouses or significant others are suffering.

  711. I’m a father in Georgia…I’ve tried for years now to see my boy and the courts here in GEORGIA have done nothing but give me the run around! The first time I walked into court for my son the judge told me “she (the mother) can let you see him or she does NOT have to let you see him! You have no rights in the state of GEORGIA!!” Me and my family have suffered heartbreak for a LONG time trying to get visitations with my son and have spent thousands of dollars on attorneys and court fees! Please sign this petition and try to change this God awful dream that is in fact a REALITY! I love my son very much and I want my time with him too…I live in RINGGOLD, GA by the way, a very CORRUPT city! All they want is your money here and don’t care if you see your child or not!

  712. Bruce Eggum says:

    The child support system does not consider folks self employed, farming. small business. Child support only see’s gross income as wages. Expenses to run a business must be deducted to equal net income.The whole system is flawed.

  713. Rebecca DiLeo says:

    Oh my gosh! Maybe you can help me get in touch with my state’s legislature.

  714. jason l johnson says:


  715. Rob says:

    I am one of your statistics it seems.

  716. John Wion says:

    Where money is, corruption follows.

  717. Adam Adorni says:

    I have very little time to spend here so let me be short and to the point. I am a slave to the state of California and to the county of Humboldt. My daughter has been taken for ransom by the family courts for 8 years she is now 8 years old. They have caused my beautiful daughter and i such agonizing pain, financially,physically and mentally there’s no words to describe. It has to change. It seems to me as if The bill of rights, The Declaration of independence have just been thrown away. I am a slave and nothing less. This is Rage. I don’t know from one day to the next what i want to do about it but i cant get out or away from it i work for them. I am not free! I can not have the pursuit of happiness. My daughter has been taken hostage by the family courts and i have been turned into a slave. My love for my daughter is unconditional, i could never walk away and say i quit on her. Please help somebody! this is not fair to the little children of this world. God bless America and all the broken families. Amen

  718. Reynold Johnson says:

    Long over due petition. The child support system has ruined many lives and continue to do so to this very day. You have sheepish judges who use their power and authority to abuse the lives and welfare of hard working American citizens in this bias system. I hope that we are able to reform this system, so that it is fair and equatible.

  719. Paul Peanick says:

    I support these reforms. I dated a girl with 3 kids by another man for 6 months, and we broke up. 9 months later she has a baby and decides to call me, what a surprise! She doesn’t yet go for child support, instead marrying another man. They have 2 more kids now and are working on a third. Now she comes after me for child support and I am just in college. I suggested her husband adopt to create a singular family unit. She loved that! Says both her baby daddies are gonna come kick my ass. I only make 400 a month on work study and am trying to get into law school. I agree that women should bear part of the burden of responsibility for ‘strapping’ up, and without a contract, there should be no child support. This is due in part because a man’s responsibilities are currently dependent on something a woman has choice over. This is fundamentally unfair.

  720. Torm Howse says:

    This page explains the TRUE nature of the roughly 96-98% fraudulently VOID “awards” and “grants” of child custody in America, and, indeed, around the world:

    When you have some sort of legal issue(s) upon you, you generally have but a total of five (5) basic options from which to choose in response:
    Option 1 — Do nothing, at all, whatsoever. Nothing.
    Option 2 — Formally hire a professional attorney.
    Option 3 — Consult with other Citizens in your State.
    Option 4 — If you have time, learn the law yourself.
    Option 5 — Obtain help from a Patriot Legal Scholar.

    Learn more on all five options here, with more details, links, etc.:

    Visit the free online UCRCoA Publix Law Schools, with online primers for everything to get you started learning law, and plenty of research links for state and federal stuff:

    I have over one dozen years, daily, 365/24/7 legal training and experience, having litigated in some 30 States top to bottom, 60+ of the 94 “normal” federal Districts, all 11 of the federal Circuit appeals courts, and the U.S. Supreme Court. Here’s a quick summary of popular legal options often chosen by my clients, my rates, and etc.:

    Here are one dozen various examples of my professional work in both state and federal courts. Feel free to review and reuse strong caselaw, etc., as applicable:

    If you would like to offer your case to other Scholars, use the online form on the RequestLegalHelp page linked above. That gets routed to the Scholars in the group for the matching federal Circuit, and one or more of them may contact you towards working on your case needs. There are several dozen in the private Legal groups now, and some of those are professional attorneys giving price breaks to the family rights movement.

    Sincerest Regards,
    Mr. Torm Howse
    Co-Founder, National Board Director, Instructor,
    United Civil Rights Councils of America
    Founder, Executive Director, Instructor,
    First Class America
    Founder, Owner, President,
    The FIDO Network
    Co-Founder, National Board Director, Trustee,
    Parental Alienation Awareness Organization – US
    General Contact:
    (317) 286-2538 office
    (888) 738-4643 fax

    Increase Your FAITH!

  721. felix toral says:

    thank god all that i ow is 18000 dolers i fill that i shud not pay this the guvement will tack it

  722. alex parker says:

    It is ridiculous that men are forced to pay obscene amounts of money to women who choose to have children without the consent of the man, especially when it is a result of a one-night-stand.

  723. Admin. says:

    This comment was sent to me by a dear friend, who along with her husband have found themselves in this nightmare. It appears I didn’t allow this comment, or overlooked it the first time it was submitted; I am dearly sorry. To amend my mistake, I have presented her plea for help and for world ‘awareness’ below:

    “Tyranny is alive and well and thriving in America! It’s being allowed to root and bloom in our legislature and inaction is the Miracle Gro of this malignancy.

    Please read the articles, comments and go to the links on these pages. Become informed and educated on what’s going on and just how your tax dollars are being used to front atrocities happening all around you in this The Land Of The Free and The Home Of The Brave. And PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION!

    If we continue to ignore and turn our backs on these and other important issues, we do so with devastating results that impact and then decimate the family unit; the very core of our country’s foundation.

    Acts of Civil Terrorism are right now being perpetrated against Americans, by Americans and on American soil! It’s even happening to our US Service men and women! It could happen to your son or your daughter. It can happen to YOU!

    Again, I urge you to PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION!”

  724. Michael Husson says:

    I just went to a Worcester Ma. court yesterday fo $60,000 owed in back support. Only 34,000 is hers and the rest is interest and penelties ….
    After i paid $12,000 in 04′ they took my licence 2 months later.. No reason to give me they just took it .
    I am done with this system- I cant win and niether can YOU.
    Soon they will NOT be allowed to put you in jail because that a DEBTORS jail and that against the law

  725. Salvador Pena Jr. says:

    SMITH COUNTY, TEXAS is ridiculous about this. I lived 8 hours away from where I had to report every week so it very hard for me to keep a job because of having to be off every week to report. I ended up losing my job because of this so they made me move into the Salvation Army, get a job there, they would leave me with only $50 of my check. That left my wife and children at home with nothing. They even told me to sell my house the county wanted their money. I never even got to see my kids because of my vindictive ex, but that was never enforced even though I had court ordered visitation rights. They would tell me their was nothing they could do about that. My rights are beeing violated and I’m sick of it! Where’s my protection for my family and me? Judge Carol Clark is the worst.

  726. Robert Boales says:

    I was court ordered to pay 190.00 a month for 1 child, but Arizona Child Support is saying the court ordered me 232.00 a month. I been paying 190.00 since I was ordered and AZ Enforcement is garnishing my wages now cause since I didnt pay 232.00 a month I have arrears now!……. AZ is very corrupt and no matter who I talk too I get the run around! I support your cause very much!

  727. I can relate too everything that everyone has said before me. Right on ! Amen !
    I am being treated like a crimial , there is much misconduted & curruption . when I try to tell my story about how I am being treated I get , ” well you should of paid your support ” nobody care that they threw you under the bus from the very get go , and made it where you could’nt keep up ,because they made your payments so high that you could’nt keep up. There needs to be a movement just like the one before , you know ! like the womens rights movement , the civil rights movement , the gay rights movement ect….we need a child support reform movement . Everyone needs to stick together ,and stay together,we need to donate money so we can hire the big boy attorneys that will fight for our rights,, that are being stomped all over by the system . Im ready if you are ,lets get the ball rolling ! take me too your leader , tell me what we need to do. This is what I do know , we will have to get it put in the national spot light ,and a march on washington, a bunch of protest thats the only way. Oh! and some one to lobbie hard . thats where the donations will have to come in. anyway show me where to go , and Im there as long as everyone else is. Key is eveyone has to stick together or there’s no use in trying. see ya at the ralley!

  728. Lourdes Valentin says:

    All for Shared Parenting and reformed to CT child support guideline. To many good father being treated unfairly and to many mothers using their children as a pay check

  729. Kyle Coon says:

    Children Held Hostage in America. This Country is in perilous times and our children are in big trouble with the Friend of the Court Systems. With a divorce rate of 50% even the best of parents ending up in the court system with the best of attentions for what’s the best interest of the children quickly finding out it’s not about the children at all but about home much monies your children can bring into the system. Instantly fathers are “deadbeat dads” and poor old mom needs more monies. My heart bleeds for men and women caught up in this evil system that a multi-billion dollar industry which thrives off of extorting money from people by holding their children hostage. I wouldn’t have believed it unless I lived through it. My ex-wife and her Lawyer committed major fraud against me along with the Friend of the Court workers. After the investigation was conducted by the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission they found my ex-wife’s lawyer guilty on six counts of fraud and lawyer misconduct. Because of the fraud I was incarcerated twice, once without even having a court hearing, just handcuffed in court and drug into jail until your released. This is about as wrong as wrong gets and the children suffer tremendous trauma over it. The FOC has me in court every month for higher support, it took me two years to get my support lowered to where is suppose to be but they still imputed my wages four times hirer then my earnings for the last three years. Just when I thought it was over the nightmare started all over again, back to court. I filed motion on top of motion (court stamped with hearing date) only to have the FOC toss them in the trash and then the Judge would be confused and tell them the next time I came to court he needs my motions. This happened to many times, I proved time and time again the fraud within the FOC and even proved employees perjury in court and reported that. The investigation is well the employee only misspoke herself. Perjury is perjury unless you work for the FOC and when you get caught then it’s called; I misspoke myself. What’s happening to Gods children is a terrible evil under the sun with the FOC. I was never in any arrearages get hauled back in front of the Judge and to my surprise he takes away what I paid in support (proved / court order) and says; that was a nice gift you gave poor old mom and I’m going retroactive back to the date of your incarceration and you have to pay her again or go to jail for felony support. I had one week before the hearing to come up with $11,000 for my ex-wife, more extortion monies. The fraud never ends until the Defendant (dad or mom) is financial broke. I’m here to say; never give up on your children, it’s not their fault and never give up on Justice. Keep fighting the good fight! Praise God for strength and ask for Justice to prevail for His children. There is a serious problem with the FOC and it’s an evil system that does NOT have what’s best interest for the children’s welfare. Take a loving father or mother away from the children in the name of greed in criminal and a violation of every Americans Constitutional Rights. I’ve proved their fraud and was highly warned not to take it out of the County or else! You see my daughters on my webpage:

  730. Elaine Cochran says:

    Fathers deserve to be equal parents, in every aspect of being a parent, not just the financial aspect.

  731. morgan robinette says:


  732. tarek awad says:

    i go thru child support hell every day i cannot afford to live and all they want to do is throw me in jail for it

  733. Tim Neisen says:

    The chid support system only encourges the parent with the child to be criminal in extorting money from the paying parent by abusing a criminal system. It also provokes women to be criminal in trapping men by getting pregnant on purpose for the soul reason for a free fatherless child and a free meal ticket!!! I call these serial father’s life killers. Death to the criminal Child Support System!!!!

  734. M Nutter says:

    My husband has been extradited to Indiana for being behind in child support. He was unemployed for a couple years and finally found a stable job last year and started paying child support. But the State of Indiana still took him in for what he owes. Doesn’t make sense. He’s paying now. How can he pay what he owes if he’s locked up? If he loses his job for being incarcerated, how is he going to pay? What good is the system doing? Nothing!

  735. Jim Hobbs says:

    Child suport is another form of wealth transfer created by liberals. Additionally it encourages the destruction of the family which has huge moral and financial consequences on us as a nation.

    The current system has nothing to do with whether or not the child’s needs are being met. Instead it is a money making machine for burearacracy, custodial parents, and family lawyers.

    A fair system would consider circumstances other than how much money the non custodial parent makes. In my view there should be two sides to the equation. i.e how much does the custodial parent make? How much does his/her live in or new spouse make? How much more do they actully have the child? Doesn’t the child’s needs have to be met at both households? Obviously this is about something other than fairness for the parents and best interest of the child.

    My hope is that if the recession deepens it will increase the movement for reform. Problem is that any reform legislation that negatively effects the income of attorneys is very difficult to pass.

  736. Jerry D Shaw says:

    Thank you and keep up the good work. I am disabled due to a motocycle accident. I know I am not the father of this child as she was 2 months pregnant when I met her in 1994. I had a good job as a Private Investigator and when I got the papers from the court
    saying she was claiming I was the father I was shocked.
    I was in another state working at the time of the trial but had sent the court a letter asking the case be continued untill me return. I got back to find that letter had been “Lost”
    and I was now the father and she wanted money. My accident gappened in 1997 and I will never be able to work again. I have not spoke to the mother sinve 1995. She does not work and was just arreted on a drug charge. I have been told the state is taking care of her. I do have another daughter from my ex-wife and I was never once late on a payment. This child is mine. Now I am told on the other child, there is nothing that can be done. My friends wanted to take me to Niagra Falls this past summer and they were going to pay for my Passport. It looks as if I am a Prisoner in my own country now for the rest of my life.
    Things need to change. I am just waiting to be taken to jail as I hear that can happen also. I can’t help but wonder if this is what I served in the Navy for and went to war in 1991?

  737. Joel Brody says:

    Same goes for the “Fuggedaboudit” State of NJ. Where else do I pay full child support for two children, while the older is living away at college 67% of the time. I am also responsible for 50% of his college tuition. The state won’t adjust my child support so I am double paying.

    My ex-wife’s attorney makes more than the both of us combined quarterly.

  738. christopher simmons says:


  739. Deborah Field says:


  740. Amber Woodard says:


  741. carol skeens says:


  742. Bart Howard says:

    Well after 30years and my son and my daughter from another ex im still broke from the child support system and have once again lost my drivers licsence to child support arrears and looks like well i wont be able to get a job now and wont be able to have christmas for my 3 teenagers once again …if you owe the System weve never had a new car..vacation new house and bad credit no passport alaska born native and now no future to get a job without a license no points just taken by child support enforcers. What do they leave you with but little hope..ive been selling what i have to get by. This is the america we live in , one group of people thrive and another group is attacked and broke and beaten down by garnishments at every turn while another group lives and has all good things glad for food banks and others that are strong to keep your will and faith to live will is tarnished and diminishing and weak my so called subsequent children keep my blood flowing and heart beating .

  743. Jason Green says:


    Dont believe me? This crap goes back a long way:
    And WAKE up!

  744. Richard Hernandez says:

    I was set up by my x and the Maryland,(Hagerstown) Judge fell for it! At the end he said to me. I am not blaming you. My x cut off all communication with me except her work email, then she bought that up at court. My x knew my financial situation, and made three times as much as I did. For year said nothing. After as many years of pushing for more time with the kids she filed for Full Legal and Full Physical custody. I lost because she set me up!
    Now I will lose my Contractors License, not be able to get a passport. be reported to a credit agency, etc. Basically snow balls. I am portrayed as a criminal. A criminal gets a State assigned Lawyer. I do not. This is not an American Dream. It is an American Nightmare with Corrupt Judges ( whom lied about what my daughter said in their closed meeting) Corrupt Lawyers, and evil people. It is all about the money to them not the Children. The monies should be for counseling and mediation and parenting classes to allow the children to be with the parents 50/50.
    The system is one sided. After all it keeps Federal and State jobs around, from the Judges, Child Support Agencies, the prison guards, and just everyone involved in Destroying the lives of Honest non custodial parents.

  745. James Young says:

    After having put my wife through college to her master’s degree and she started her career, she decided she wasn’t happy anymore and disappeared with my kid’s one day. She never said a thing before I was served the divorce papers. I had no idea where my kids were. The court has forced me to pay the maximum child support, 40% of my take home pay, even though I was not at fault for the breakup of the marriage and didn’t even want the divorce. That my ex-wife does everything she can to keep me out of my kid’s lives and the courts won’t do anything. I also pay all the health insurance and she does not help with the medical bills although ordered to in the court orders. After 3 years she is still trying to take everything that’s left, and the legal fees are driving me into the ground. When does it end? She makes more than I did after working for 15 years for the same employer, yet her salary does not factor into the child support calculation!!?? What’s up with that? I have no more retirement and all of the investments I had, that I had hoped could be used for my kid’s in college were all spent on attorney’s, for both sides. The system really needs reform badly. When women can hop from bed to bed and then decide they don’t need the father of their children anymore, on a whim, and then take everything he has, though the husband was faithful to the marriage and did evberything for the wife, something is really broke here.

  746. GEORGE HARRISON says:

    its a total disgrace. i have my children almost half the time dont have much work and dont have enough pay my child support.

  747. Deborah A. Khora says:

    Women are victims of fraud too. What all of us have done is got divorce, and we now see irreparable damage, like Humpty Dumpty that can’t be put back together again. I don’t care that my ex hated me, I wouldn’t go back to that marriage but divorce is no better. I am the support ordered non-custodial parent, marriage was slavery to him, and forced employment is slavery too. In my political science class we had to draft a bill for legislation and we thought about making marriage unconstitutional.

    My case is currently in the appellate court (two years long) challenged on the basis of involuntary servitude and a violation of my constitutional rights, especially since my ex waived his right to child support in exchange for the kids but lost custody to his sister do to drugs. I am just wondering if the author of this website has a legal case pending and where the case stands.

  748. I am still paying child support after more than 38 years. Child support has harrassed my through out my life and taken money from my bank accounts through out the years. Now I am homeless at 62. They are even taking money from my only scorce of income…my SSI. My oldest child is 43 and my youngest is 32. I don’t have any children at this point in my life but I do have grandchildren! None of my children get the money they take from me and their mother is dead for 2 years now. Who gets the money? And when will it stop (child support) robbing me…the way it looks, I’ll continue to be “Robbed” all the way to my 70, 80’s and 90’s. By that time I’ll be a great, great grand father with no end in sight for me being forced to pay for children who I have already paid for over and over and over again. They (child support) even tell me that they don’t have any record of me paying all of the money they have stolen from me and my family.

  749. Gregory Carney says:


  750. Brent Bevan says:

    I get no help from the friend of the court. They do not send arrears to the states that should be getting the back support as my ex has moved from state to state setting up welfare. I have garnishments from 4 separate states including Michigan. I am currently raising 6 children in my second marriage and pay support on 2. We have been forced to move to bad neighborhoods and I work 60 Hours a week and still have 40,000 plus in arrears.

  751. Crystal Johnson says:


  752. J. Sanchez says:

    I totally agree that something has to be done & it has to be done NOW!

  753. Howard says:

    Why can we not file a federal lawsuit. I will pitch in $500.00 dollars. Can this not be done?
    This system is outrageous. If this can be done we need to all pitch in and file some type of legal action.

  754. chad hain says:


  755. Dorothy Whitehed says:

    I am glad someone is doing somthing. The state should never have become involved in these domestic issues. I don’t think we need a reform I think we need to abolish the program all together. My belief is that whoever decides to leave a marraige should leave by them selves, unless they can prove spousal or child abuse. That may be extreme but divorce rate would go way down. If that is too extreme then – If a woman leaves the marriage and takes the children she should be prepared to care for them!
    I compare it to someone coming to your home kidnapping your children and then charging you for the rest of your life to care for those children.

    If the courts want the children to have the lifestyle that the father can provide, then they should be living with the father! I can’t believe that fathers have not combined in complete revolt against a system that so strongly favors the women and reduces them to nothing. The woman holds all the keys! That balance of power is not good for anyone, but the woman and maybe her new situations.,

    If Childsupport must continue then the father needs more control in how it is spent. It should be fraud to spend it on anything but the children!!!!! And it should not bankrupt the father. We shouldn’t punish the fathers for divorce! In many cases the divorce isn’t even their fault, yet they carry the blame.

  756. mark goggins says:

    Child support needs to be reformed and we need to ensure that the money is being spent on the child(ren). And there needs to be alternatives to jail time.

  757. Rafael Cruz says:

    It is a huge understatement to say the system is broken…it is incredibly unjust and plain abusive. In fact… in lack of an alternative, I support this petition, but I would be looking for a movement going to overthrow the child support system and i will support it.

  758. Nathan Rice says:

    penalties, and interest on arrears can be a life sentence of payments.
    something needs to change. Its a mess.

  759. Walter Watson says:

    The DCSE and the court systems here in VA is a complete joke!! I went to court yesterday and was completely railroaded being that i cant afford a attorney, my ex had her attorney there and made me look like a complete deadbeat, the judge was not willing or interested in hearing anything I had to say. so now I am forced to pay $5400. in two weeks or face 60 day’s in jail !! where is the justice !! I have lost my business, my bank account has been frozen by the county, the bank has come and taken my assets, I have done everything I know how to do, payed ten’s of thousands in support and still it’s not enough. the economy is fallen through the floor and there is no job’s to be found, but the court does not and will not hear anything you have to say about that !. but my ex gets to be free and do as she please with no cares how it this affects our children. There has to be reform in the court systems !. my fiance wants to get married but now is fear full that she will have to pay for my kid’s. why should my to be wife be responsible for my children?? dot get me wrong she love’s them and would do anything for them, but it’s just not right !!! change has to happen NOW !

  760. Howard says:

    I am shocked by the complete unfairness there is in Child Support. A female can Rape, Abort,commit fraud, and or drop off at a fire station her child. If after any of those personal choices SHE chooses to have a child SHE can financially devastate the man. This is unfair, immoral, and outrageous.

    This will only change for what is right when society makes females responsible for THEIR choices. What happen to equal rights. The current system is criminal to say the least. Something needs to be done.




  761. My high Child Support payments are used by her mother to pay for everything other than my daughter’s needs. The whole child support system is full of discrimination, anger, and rudeness, the constitution and civil rights are totally ignored.

    I am paying child support but my ex found the way to lie by inflating costs and hiding income, I ran out of job back in 1999 and I own $35k for RETROACTIVE Child Support.

    After the court order was issued, the court agreed to accept certain amount per month towards to the retroactive amount and ignoring the court’s decision, the Child Support placed a lien on my credit and took my passport away.

    For about 10 years, I have been suffering in silence but two years ago I stopped believe on God. I am not religious anymore and the suicide still an option to stop suffering but I haven’t decided to take my life away yet. Instead, one year ago I sent an email to my daughter stating that I will be done with her in 6 more years when she turns 18 and after that, she goes not longer to exists for me.

    4 years ago, I decided to stop paying all credit cards and all debt that I had including the house and cars, successfully ran away from repo trucks for a year until I decided to turn the cars back to the banks totally destroyed. A Dodge RAM, BMW X5 and a Ford F250. What the heck, my credit file is trash anyways after the child support placed a lien on it so it doesn’t worth to making efforts with paying bills.

    I was wondering how many fathers are out here on a similar situation praying for their children no to go to the College because then the child support will continue until 21

    So far, what are the results of all this, you can lie all you want to yourself but those are the facts:
    1- Degradation of the moral values and decadency of the society by removing the father from the picture and growing a new layer of women who will be fucking all around regardless of the consequences because more kids is translated into more money.
    Question: Is that the kind of society that we want in the US?
    2- Raising a kid with the idea that the father is bad, stupid and all bad things caused that many kids lost their fathers forever even if the father still alive
    3- Destroying the father;s ability to buy a house that can be passed to his kids in the future seams that the interest is destroying and punishing the father and don’t fool yourself, that is not the the benefit of the child.

    This system needs to be changed, not for me, in 6 years I am done with it and my daughter will be looking for a job. Then I will be enjoying the life. This shit will affects me for 6 more years but my daughter will be suffering the consequences for the rest of her life.

    Things that need to be changed are basically CUSTODY, sole custody should be translated into no child support and on this way both parents are going to be participating more actively on the child’s life.

    Child support amount must not be set based on the parent’s income, that will force the mother to move her ass and get a job but will make the woman to be more responsible at the time of conception

    One contradiction it that their constitution stated that a person shall not be imprisonment for owing money? Considering the fact that the child support is exclusively about money [You pay or dont pay]. The act of issuing a warrant for arrest against a child support debtor is against their own constitution.

    This is what is left from the United States of America and it keeps going down

    I personally don’t believe on anything at this moment, not even on any God and dreaming with reforms to the child support is a wasting of time. The tragedy from Oklahoma was product of the frustration of a guy who didn’t success with having a fair decision and he decided to bow up the whole thing so you can count with my signature but I don’t believe that there will be any kind of reform.

    Thank you, George

  762. Amy VanAelst says:

    Reform now!!

  763. Elizabeth Ford says:

    elizabeth ford

  764. James Turanyi says:

    I just wrote a whole well thought out paragraph only to loose it when pressing the submit button. USELESS!!!…just like the reform I have been fighting for the last thirteen years.
    Bradley…(Man responsible for the Bradley Amendment) how is it that one man, an ex-basketball player had the power to commit such an injustice in hurting so many…including the children he wouldn’t give the time of day to in passing on the street. That is reality.

    Admin. James I found your comment, it is copied and pasted below:

    My ex was originally awarded $2400.00 a month based on lies and deception upon filing for divorce. The case was dragged on for years leaving me with thousands in arrears before the divorce was finalized. Nothing I had written (said) or did mattered. My attorney was a joke (a judge himself) and basically had less than no legal representation. My ex prides herself on getting-back…on being hateful and loving to punish without relent, and I have no recourse.


    Again…on New Year’s Eve Child Support Collection raided my bank account. I am paying $216.00 a month for arrears that should never existed in the first place. Now they tell me if I agree to pay an additional $100.00 a month they will stop the bank levy. I have no money for them to take, but wonderful B of A charges me $100.00 for a procession fee! If I do not pay the additional $100.00 a month to Child Support Collection they are going to raid my account on a monthly basis. What is wrong with this picture? I am now overdrawn with an additional $35.00 fee from the band, and unable to pay my rent…so I am facing possible eviction. Happy New Year! Our Government SUCKS! The scum sucking lawyers Suck! Maybe it just isn’t worth it anymore…if it ever was.

    From Child Support Arrears, 2011/01/03 at 9:00 PM

  765. Scott Weiner says:

    We just want fairness!!

  766. Francine A. Ford says:

    A Note Of Vital Importance
    by Fran Ford on Saturday, October 9, 2010 at 1:17pm

    October 9, 2008

    To ALL:

    I would like to take this time to thank all our friends and family who know of our circumstances for being as supportive as possible during a very difficult time.

    The next time you see a Most Wanted poster that lists men as deadbeat dads, there’s something I want you to know. While some of those men are listed because they choose to run, hide and shirk their responsibilities to provide for children they have fathered, others are there not out of choice, but out of desperation. It’s not their responsibilities to their children that they ran from, but from the laws that are completely in favor of the custodial parent to the point of many times leaving the non custodial parent with upwards to 65% of their wages garnished and in turn destined to many years of destitution. poverty, homelessness and despair.

    The courts claim that they are all for the unification of families. The courts lie. How can they justify leaving a non custodial parent so broke that they many times can’t even afford the gas to go pick up their children, never mind have a decent place to bring them to or even feed them if they do take their kids for overnight or weekend visits?

    Statistically 400,000 men a year commit suicide because of over inflated and out of control exorbitant court ordered child support payments which many times leaves many unable to provide for a second family they may have or facing jail, the loss of their jobs, the revocation of their driver’s license and even the right to vote or have a passport. And all because they were court ordered to pay exorbitant amounts of money they do not have because the wage assignment conditions do not take into account that the non custodial parent has another home and themselves to provide for. In our case, the court went by gross earnings and not net and did not take into account the living expenses that this particular non custodial parent needs to survive.

    How is someone supposed to live on $58 a week when the court grants the custodial parent 65% of the non custodian’s wages? That barely buys the gas needed to get back and forth to a job! How is this being allowed to happen? Why? So the children they are supposed to be feeding and clothing can have all the biggest and best electronic devices and a library of all the latest X Box 360 and Wii games to be played on a state of the art HD TV system? I KNOW this happens…I’ve heard it from some I’ve talked to who are in the same boat we are.

    The custodial parent is not held accountable by the court as to exactly how the money is spent. How much of the money actually goes to necessary care of the child such as food and clothing? Is the child eating mac and cheese and wearing hand me downs while the money is being spent on non necessities. And what child needs $800 a month to live on?! All this goes on while non custodial parents who are most times men go broke and end up disappearing, in jail or dead by their own hands? Perhaps if the amounts were lowered, the custodial parent would have no other choice but to spend what’s given to them on the child they are supposed to be spending it on and for the things they’re supposed to be spending it on.

    Reform is needed, NOW!

    Why am I writing this? Because we are living the nightmare. A good man who thought he was doing the right thing, due to being unable to afford a lawyer top speak on his behalf and help him through the process, misunderstood legal jargon, signed forms under duress (not even in front of a judge, but a law clerk, mind you), was taken advantage by the court system and now faces a life no one should ever have to live. Especially someone who always had full intention of owning up to the responsibility of providing for his child. His wages are being garnished to the tune of 65% of his take home pay (AFTER TAXES!) and shortly medical insurance monies will be added to that and taken out of what’s left of his check in order for the child to be put on his medical plan.

    So, the next time you see a Most Wanted Poster with one or more dead beat dads listed on it, please think twice and do not be so quick to judge, not all is what it seems.

    Pro Bono legal help is desperately needed (by us) and will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for reading.

    Fran Ford

  767. Alma Daniels says:

    Texas is a joke!

  768. janice Woodson says:

    Texas is just scandalous with their fraud practices.

  769. Glenn Williams says:

    I support this effort wholeheartedly the Texas child support system is a big joke and has ruined my life.

  770. Patrick Lee says:

    Child Support Enforcement is UN-CONSTITUTIONAL!!! I have been in arrears for about 15 years and may go to my grave owing this money!! However, now that millions more have been added to the unemployment lines, maybe, just maybe this law will be repealed!! REPEAL THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL BRADELEY ADMENDMENT!!

  771. Ocse is one of the worst state run offices

    Very true UnConstitutionally the Worst! Why people aren’t suing the State and County run OCSE for violations of Constitutional Rights is beyond me??? Gotta say though, the OCSE does a great job circulating every single penny collected from non-custodial parents through the Federal Reserve before distribution. And they do such a great job of harrasment, so they can grab as much TAX PAYER INCENTIVE MONEY from YOU as possible, in-order to meet County and State budgets… not to mention if they don’t perform the Fed will APPLY A PENALTY and cost them money! Every Tax Payer is paying for this program… Countless Billions are being made in profit off this corrupt system. Don’t believe me??? Look at President Bush’s “Deficit Reduction Act” of 2006. $25 annualy on every single child support case and it has nothing to do with Children what-so-ever. HHS said in 2008 that their were 15.7 million cases X $25 = ????

  772. Antonio Petrone says:


  773. david Rosenthal says:

    it is a shame what the system is doing to parents and their children

  774. The Rev. says:

    Robert Tomesello & any of you who have/had equity. You may have overlooked something in your martial dissolution decree judgment. Did the Court sequester a fixed amount of the Marital Residence or accept a valuation in accordance with rule 61.075 and 61.077 associated with rule 61.30 Fla. Stat. under Florida Rules of Civ. Procedure. Was this non-marital property used to illegally grant an order of support thus, bifurcating the case without a valid civil assessment? You need to have the Guidelines Worksheet examined for fraud upon the court ( financial fraud in particular) which seems to be the pattern of behavior (motis operandi) exhibited by some of the Judges in the Family Courts who’s aim it is, to keep one in involuntary servitude just to punish an obligor parent. You really need to have your financials scrutinized by a forensic investigator / corporate accountant. contact me through for further details involving these investigations within the Florida Courts System.

    In His Service,

    The Rev.

  775. Taylor Humphries says:

    Me and my husband are both having to pay child surrport my husband is the only one working at this time. In the court dockets they have us down as not being marrided and not living together so I dont under stand why they can make both us pay when were living off his income.. I really need some answer so please contact me at 919-398-0768 or asap

  776. Rob Freese says:

    The current Child Support System is flawed and many of us paying support are being rail-roaded by County Attorneys and Enforcement agencies who have no real interest in our children but rather in the financial ruin of us, as parents for sake of the custodial parent. The custodial parent is fully furnished with legal representation to a T, and those of us struggling to survive are left just outside of hells gate, with not even an ioda of where to turn for any kind of help! There’s not a single congressman, senator…or legislator who will ever have the “pair” to champion our cause because it will effectively cost them the female vote! Without the woman’s vote..the politician cannot be elected! I am signing this attempt at reform in the hopes that SOMETHING can be done, for the highest percentage of us there is no light at the end of the tunnel…and this affects our children, belive it or not! I pray that our Government can help solve this financial crisis for a remarkably large amount of Americans whose list is growing larger and deeper in debt by the minute. We cannot afford to buy a vehicle or to attempt to crawl out of our desperate and dire circumstances as a result of being bilked by an unfair and unconstitutional set of rules geared towards the benefit of others around our children, using them as the reason when in fact a lrage amount of our support actually pays the bills of these attorneys, their case workers…judges etc. etc. If the best interest of my children is truely at heart then why am I constantly being bombarded for more and more intrest on my arrears? Why is it that there is not a Child Visitation Enforcement Agency? The 2 are held seperately for many reasons yet no legislation exists as a result of having my childrens’ “best interests” in mind for enforcement of visitation!
    The cards are stacked so heavily in favor of the custodial parent (for the most part mom) that they need not work nor show proof of how the money we pay is spent. I am in court, in person or telephonically, every 2 or 3 months…They harass me continuosly! When will we all be given the opportunity to stand in a court of law and be heard for what is moraly right instead of what is currently legally incorrect. This system is killing people, and unfortunately it is our children,whom we LOVE the most, whom are paying the price!
    Rob Freese

  777. Jim says:

    Family Court is so Corrupt, Shame on All the Family Court Judges.

  778. Mark Stanfill says:

    I live in a small town where the divorce court chancery judge makes the law as he goes. And he is always on the mothers side no matter what. Most men don’t want divorce for their childrens sake and happyness. My spouse wakes up one day and decides she wants a divorce. Excuse there is no love and I’m not happy. So what my 2 sons that are very happy and say Dad we are all happy what is wrong with mom we have a perfect family. She replies I just want to be happy and then come the lies and deceipt against the father. I had thirty thousand in savings. Spent it all on child support, spousal support and attorney fee’s before I even got to divorce court. It took a little over two years. Fathers are looked at by judge as just a payer with no rights. I had stated I will take my case all the way to the supreme court to have my boys half the time. My wife and 3 other of her family members were under arrest and charged with my beating, and false inprisonment, and destroying evidence. I was tied at my own home and beaten by my wifes family because I would not leave my home. Its been three years and they are still not prosecuted. I have four plastic disc, four bone graphs, four metal rods and screws and and some kind of plate in front of my spine in my back after being beaten. This happened in my driveway after I come home from my sons ballgame. The small town court out smarted me and stalled the court long enough to break me so I could not fight them any longer. DA does not return my calls because of his mistakes in law advice. How does this happen in our country. Total corruption in small hill billy towns. Read the bible about divorce it is quite clear on divorce and simple. The bible has an answer for anything but the United States has become so corrupt and the morals are thrown out the door. God is kicked out of schools. There is absolutely NO support systems for the non-custodial parent only condemnation. A father feels like he has no rights and has been raped after a divorce. You can get relief in prayer and know that the judges that judged wonderful fathers and mothers unfairly along with corrupt attorneys and DA’s will be judged by God on the basis they judged others. We must pray for their souls. There will be the day of true justice. It could be better on earth now. I support your movement.

    The courts have given women an incentive to get a divorce. A nice check from Dad every month. Mom does as she pleases and adventually turns her back on her children to whore around, drink and party. The court system has coused many divorces and divorces will continue until the money is taken completly out of the picture. Remember you law makers you have given mothers a big money incentive and money is the root of all evil. What ever happened to better or for worse. Law makers it is time for you to act. We all are watching the best country in the world slowly becoming a third world country. Law Makers don’t tant God with taking him out of your buildings and our schools. That is worse than Sodom and Gomora in Gods eyes. Fear God and do the right thing not what your buddy wants.

    Mark Stanfill Tennessee

  779. Stephen Bowers says:

    There are those of us who love our kids and pay our Child support but are now being faced with the lack of employment and or are now unemployed are facing jail time because there are no jobs

    Plus the fact that for whatever the reasons may be, those who have married again to another,

    I believe it is unconstitutional to force the current spouse who is not the parent of the Child to pay under the guise of what the current spouse being into the marriage financially as income

  780. David Hunsley says:


  781. My name is Kathy Bertschy. My web-site is: My email is: Please feel free to follow my site as I unfold my horrific fight for my child/children and my plight to bring PUBUC AWARENESS to this ridiculous situation of over extorted non-payment of Child Support. There is absolutely NO support systems for the non-custodial parent only condemnation.The Deadbeat label is far to common of an accusation which does not describe most parties in this situation. Its a form o fpublic humiliation and ostracization When in fact the non-custodial parent also fall pray to circumstances beyond control and sometimes non-recovery when being prosecuted, and they too need just as much support and help as the custodial parent.. Its unfair for both sides of the coin. .It also keep the fight between the parties on going, which also raises revenue with in the city and job security for the overly paid, over educated lazy attorney’s (especially in my cases). I too want to speak out an join in the fight for REFORM. Debtors prison is recognized as lawful in most “states” constitution and utilized viciously by the courts systems for revenue by throwing one parent in jail while the other is forced into welfare…now the state supports BOTH parties and that is perceived as a WIN situation? NO! It is NOT! I would love to join you and others to present the problems and a hopeful solution….
    There was a web-site called the that allowed you to rate the Judges in your area but recently was taken down due to the dis-favor one particular Judge received repeatedly . You can read more about it if you google Xollie Duncan and read the 20 year sentence her husband (Judge Clinger) handed down from a civil case Judge Xollie Duncan handled. Since then she has filled the Benton County, Ar jail to the brim with anyone who crosses her court with non-payment of child support regardless of the circumstances. The tag teaming of the Judges presents a biased conflict of interest border lining on conspiracy (definition of conspiracy – any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result). …in my opinion. Harsh words…yes! Very harsh especially if your the object of their intentions… and im not going to apologize for my lack of eloquence …Thank you for reading.

  782. Joyce A Mason says:


  783. Cindy Deskins says:

    Most of the bad things child support can do have been done to me. I look for work every week and have been unemployed for a long time, but that matters little to the system.

  784. Helen Metzger says:

  785. Paul Mendoza says:

    I’m in Louisiana and forced to pay an abusive bipoler mother who turned her kids against me, have no longer a relationship with. Went to court over 40 times. My own lawyer droped me, got money stolen from another lawyer, kept from going to trial because I had too much incriminating evidence on the ex! This is the biggest scam of our nation!
    The system turns loving Dads into their money making machines!

  786. Annie Loe says:


  787. David Robertson says:

    I have been through hell the last four years. I think non-custodial parents need to start gathering and finding ways to combat the courts corruption. I don’t advocate violence but as my grand father used to say ” there’s more than one way to skin a cat”. We must buck the system. It is the only way.

  788. Michael Faulkner says:

    Hopefully the reform will include more visiation for custodial parents and a reduction in payment from 21 per cent for one child to 17 per cent.

  789. Robert Tomasulo says:

    Help!,..I gave all to my X wife,…after she walked out on me and took residence with her friend I gave her out of respect for my kids,.(2) daughters,.My son stayed with me by my side,.$200.00 a week with no court order. After she filed for the divorce they came up with an order of what was suppoesed to be temporary support amount of $670.00 per week, that was based on an assumption that my ligit tax return was frraudulent because I was self employed as a contractor, (sole Prop),.(home improvements) so they inputed additional income. After paying $670.00 per week for 3 years and handed her $175 K in cash before the house was even sold, I filed for a reduction because due to the economy I wasnt making the money I made in 2004,..its now 2007 and recession has eaten me alive, im going out of business! When I got to court the judge told me I have no right modifying the decree because I have not sold the home and give her the lump sum she was agreed to get in the negotiations. I explained that the home was on tha market and not selling, originally appraised at $800 K. he advised me to reduce it untill it sold and I further explained that I would not be able to pay her what she bargained for if I did that,..well he told me it was my problem and I would have to continue paying the $700. per week, we are 2010 im like 50 K in the rears being made a dead beat dad after giving my x wife over 400K in distribution and support my children dont even talk to me and they took my drivers liscense away. I have Ulcerative colitis Bleeding ulser’s from the stress, rotator cuff surgery 5 screws and have been an unemployed for nearly 1.5 yrs, now they reduced my support to 240.00 a week,..hello!!,..I have no job or money left, live in a trailer park with my girlfriend by the graces of my 77 year old fathers financial help!,..What am I supposed to do now??,..I cand do masonry work anymore my 50 year old body is torn up and there’s no home improvement industry at the present time in Florida. Does anybody care???? I just can hope to die! She has a 300 K judgement and almost 50 K in the arears in just 2 years. I can never have a life financially again! She never had to work a job while married to me for the sake of our children and after 15 yrs of marrage I am left with owing her for the rest of my natural life! HELP ME!!!! PLEASE!!!

  790. Sherri Hagerman says:

    I can’t believe I found this site. I have been going through this nightmare for eight years. I am a mother signed over custody to an abusive ex-husband and father. He kept my children from me and I did everything I could to see them and to get them out of that situation and it was always my word against his. The change of custody was in 1994 and even though I supported them in other ways, bought them clothes, toys, paid for their trips to see me when he would allow it that didn’t matter. He went on welfare in 2000 and came after me for support. My sons are now 25 and 23 and I am still paying even though I have paid this obligation off. I am dealing with two states that I have been fighting with to get the child support calculations to match. Both states say it is the other states fault. I could go on and on about my ordeal. Whoever is running this site if you want to contact me directly I would be happy to provide you with additional information and help in anyway that I can.

  791. Francisco says:

    Are there articles in circulation in regards to this matter and if so how do i go about getting those updates.

  792. maria toro says:

    I do agree and support that their should be a reform on how child support cases are handled by the state. I believe that the courts make the mistake in handing over is children to this so call parents being responsible jusit for being there. Sorry to say that’s not enough what would they do if there was no TANF & CS they would have to go out their in work to provide food and shelter for their kids. The court in cases like this should consider giving custody to the person who can already provided for that child well being. I don’t understand how courts say that they are looking for the best interest of a child when they see only one parent working while the other does nothing. I understand that parents should pay to provide for their kids but it should be deem equal for that child that they both conceived.Why should one parent have to go to jail while the other gets a slap on the hand for doing the same. I really do hope their is change, this being my honest opioion on the matter.I do hope all you good honest hard working Fathers/Mothers going through all this get heard.

  793. John T. Harris says:

    I am free now, but for about 4 years my life was a living hell. The corrupt system destroyed my family and my faith in government. Remember, all of the evil aspects of the CS system are a direct result of FEDERAL intervention.
    I took names and I will remember. Payback is coming.

  794. Michael Kramer says:

    Delaware County Ohio is corrupt as they come. They want to put me in jail because I lost my job, have NO money, and fell behind on child support. They just don’t care and now they want to make me a criminal.

  795. teresa willis says:


  796. Stephen Davis, Sr says:

    It’s amazing that it has taken this long to recognize a problem that was screaming to be heard a LONG time ago….better late than never!

  797. Kenneth W. Patterson Jr says:

    I have been paying child support for 23 years. I am 41 years old and I haven’t seen an income tax refund check since I was 19. My eldest daughter is 24 and while I don’t really blame the system totally—I am disgruntled somewhat with them because it drove my daughter’s new family away from me. We had a relationship when she was in her single digits. I was trying to patch up the spots that I’d left blank–time that you really can’t get back but you try to make the most of it for the sake of fatherhood. I got off to a late start trying to be a father to my eldest daughter. I don’t blame the state for that. I knew where she was and I had a way to get to her. That part I was trying to correct. I was young dealing with whatever feelings I still had for my ex at the time. We were over for sure, but her husband then and now (and her as well) and I were working that out on our own terms.
    Even they had decided the little rinky-dink job I had at McDonald’s wasn’t even enough to help them as they had kids of their own also.

    My ex and I were due in court on a certain date and she actually told me that she would tell the judge that she didn’t want it anymore because what I was making and what the system was sending was not helping her and new family at all. The judge looked at my ex and told her that she (the judge) would determine if my ex needed it or not. My ex was infuriated by this and she told her husband. I went by on one of my patch-up visits and my ex and her new family along with my eldest had moved to Colorado. I did get to see her a few more times when they would visit in the summer, but things slowly started to change with my eldest child and me. When she turned 14 she told me that she no longer wanted anything to do with me. I don’t have a problem with doing what I have to do or can do for my child.
    Even if it means I have to give the money to her mother. She’s 25 now and we still haven’t spoken really. I have a granddaughter I may never meet. For all I know, I probably have 2 grandchildren. And where does any system get off feeling that they can tell you how to feel about your children and what you can and can’t do for your children?

    I have ready every story on this page and I know that this happens in the system.

  798. jimmy bridges says:

    I pay $160.00 a week for one kid way too much for what i make

  799. Kbrown says:


  800. Barbara J. Cook says:

    An enemy has done this. What would an enemy of our country want. 1) To kill the strength in our country before they are even born or in their youth. This will do it. I wonder if we could have a “system restore” on our government laws?

  801. Keith Reed says:

    F@#k the csea and that f#^king c#*t that takes my money me they all will burn in f@#king hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  802. VICKIE MALONE says:

    I support Child Support Reform!!! It’s time for change for this law that does nothing but put people in jail for not being able to pay child support. The law is causing mayhem and madness among families, the custodial parent (usually the mother) doesn’t even know that they are being tricked into a system that rob the other parent of their money and then without question (only assumption) puts you in jail if you should miss payments due to no fault of your on.

    I strongly believe that if we stick together on changing the laws to child support reform their would less crowding in jails and peace of mind for all of us.

  803. joseph santiago says:

    My child’s mother and I went to see a sitter before she gave birth. The sitter was the wife of one of her co-workers. We were quoted a price and decided to chose this person. Things didn’t work out between the mother and I. she took me to couurt for support two weeks after our child was born. During supprt, she claimed that the cost of childcare was $50 more a week than we were quoted. ($200 more per month) I pleaed my case to the judge, the judge didn’t want to hear it. I even showed the judge prices of licensed daycare centers that didn’t charge that much, and this women wasn’t even licensed. The judge didn’t care. when i asked for reicepts for payment, the judge told me she didn’t have to supply them. I was forced to pay this outrageous amount for support and childcare and the mother walked out of the court laughing. The court system is definately bias and unfare !!!!

  804. james hare says:

    I support the Child Support Reform with every breath in my body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  805. Sheila Lugo says:

    The system is indeed broke. When a ex-wife can come back several years later and say you didn’t pay the child support right or if any and the courts can make you (apparently) pay back child support, even if the ex never brought this issue up before. My husband’s son is now 36 years old and she never raised him, her mother did and now she is trying to get an attorney to put a child support lien on my husband for back child support. This witch, changed his last name without my husband’s consent at age 15 (they say they published it), inwhich I found through the newspaper files that it was ran 1 day in a small Texas newspaper where they lived for 1 day and expecting the father to dispute it when the father lived in California and sure didn’t get the pooo dunk newspaper. We faught in court several times to prove she was keeping him from his father for his visitation, but the court never did a thing about it and would only address her issue that was to increase the child support she was getting. It’s a real shame on what the ex wifes try and hold over their ex husbands and how they use their children to try and get back at them too. They forget these are children, not animals and they should never be kept from the other parent on a divorce. Children need both parent’s and it just isn’t right. Thank you all for listening to me fuss, but you really get tired of it after awhile. SGL

  806. John says:

    I haven’t had a child due to the fear mongering I have seen in the system. A friend of mine was really put through the ringer by the system. I support your cause. I am a firm believer in our rights under the united stated constitution. Call it what you will, but I believe every person on this earth is entitled to the freedoms we once enjoyed. It doesn’t have to be like this, we need change. There are too much politics in the system, too much greed.

    Speak the truth, even if they strike you down. The truth will set us free.

  807. Adam Bethea says:

    i back this all the way.

  808. don newton says:

    Enough has been said above, all of which I agree with.

  809. Ron Smith says:

    Been through all of the above comments. C/S being missued on new boyfriends/husbands and even their children! Not being able to see my own sons and daughter because the court system allowed my ex to move 150 miles away to move in with a new internet met boyfriend and his 6 children. She eventually married this looser and then the abusive phone calls and e-mails started.

    Not being included in decisions that directly effect the children is wrong and supported by the court. An obligor is only an ATM machine! Not a parent!

    After 30 years of this punishment, I just recieved a notice yesterday of the termination of support. In fact I overpaid some of it! Thank GOD it’s finally OVER!!!

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