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DNA Tests and Fraudulent Paternity

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This is a must see website.  Serious discussions about men paying child support even after ‘two’ paternity tests prove they are not the Paternal Parent.  There is a short video presented by a news station (FOX 5 News) out of the State of Georgia.   At the State Capitol, law makers are presented with a serious predicament that many face; there is no provision to stop the child support payments once they have been started.  (Even after evidence (DNA TESTs) prove that they are not the Paternal Parents.)). 

I have no doubt this will help pave the way for those non-paternal men who have found themselves paying child support.

This is the link:  Go here to find out the status and progress being made that may help you in the, HOPEFULLY, near future.

Also found on this website, is a place where you can obtain inexpensive DNA Testing. Prices start as low as $89. The DNA Tests that have a chain of custody are a little more, but necessary for any chance of being allowed in a Court.

The above mentioned website also contains a wealth of other pertinant information that may prove to help you. Check it out. Again, I say, “This is a must see website.”

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