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Child Support Corruption

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Just when you think that you have heard every conceivable situation out there… Not a chance. Here is a testimony that reaks with corruption and incompetance.

“I am past the point of having to pay child support with my youngest now 27 years old. During the time I did pay I ran into countless problems. In one instance 4 checks over a one month period were not cashed and sent to the mother of my children. Result was wages being garnished for non support.::Finally after all the children were grown and the vacating order for child Support was granted, someone in Harrisburg reimplemented the garnishment and I found myself paying Child Support on an order that was already vacated. $2000 later I finally had to back to court and get another vacating order and the garnishment stopped. When asked when I would gewt my overpayments back, I was informed I would have to sue my exwife. They take the money and have no accountability for their dumb mistakes.”

Does anyone have any suggestions as to who else may have received a piece of this pie???

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About The Author

My name is James (Jim) DeLelys. I have been involved in the Child Support System for nearly 16 years. Over those years I have acquainted myself with countless individuals who have had to bear the burden of a terribly broken and corrupt sytem. It is through 'listening' that I have come to the enevitable conclusion that Child Support Laws and Government interference can not be tolerated anymore.


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9 Responses to “Child Support Corruption”

  1. Missouri is the same way. We had a child out of wed lock and thinking I was the father I signed the birth Certificate. this was in November 2004. We got married and was happy. Jessika was sick allot and I ask the doctor could it be because she was a pre=muture baby. Because from the time I met the mother to the time Jessika was born was only 7.25months. At which time the doctor informed me that she was not a premature baby. When he gave me the date that she was being treated for baby. it was over a month before I met her.
    I confronted my wife about this and we split in latter of 2007. in 2008 Missouri DSS Child support wrote me saying they was going to presue me for child support and That I had a right to contest. I wrote a letter to contest and stated why we separated over her not being my child. Instead of hearing back on the contest. I only got a court order stating that I would start paying child support.
    DSS would not even listen to me. Every time I write trying to fight this all I get in respons is a letter stating my support is going up. Now I am behind in child support and they talk about locking me up. I think it is so wrong they make me support a child that is noteven my child

  2. Bryan CheeksNo Gravatar says:

    The system here in Arkansas is so corrupted they pretty much will take a persons earnings and pretty much create a Slave for the State, with no means of providing for themselves, and let’s forget about the Arkansas OCSE’s shadow arm the infamous Lien and Levy section who has its own agenda where the parent cant win or get ahead, but they are quick to send you to Jail or suspend your driver’s Liscense or and ungodly garnishment of your wages, but they claim is fair

  3. I currently pay 900 a month in child support for my 4 year old daughter. Delaware is so crooked that even though her mother’s earning potential is much higher they gave her the low amount which she is making. Nothing about my own living costs are considered and i can’t even pay all my bills let alone have enough my to spend for food and all when my daughter comes to visit me. Basically I am to live in poverty while her mother enjoys life stress free.

  4. I’m suppose to pay $502 per month or 65% of my income for my only daughter. Whose father I never married. This is such a set up for failure and evident corruption of family court authorities.

    Next may be jail time, license taken, bank account, car, house, etc. Lord hear our cries! This seems like a new form of slavery to me seperating the rich from the poor.

    Continue to pray for those living in wickedness to have a heart of compassion especially for children.

    I see my daughter some holidays and some summers. It’s all about the money. Sad but true.

  5. The whole child support system needs to be seriously over hauled. The system is in the favor of the custodial parent with no accountability. Putting parents in jail over non payment is in violation of U.S. Constitution that prohibts “Debtor’s Prison”. The legal system should spend more time keeping marriages together and building bonds between parents & child espically us father’s who always get a bad rap. As long as the states can profit from the destruction of the family there will be no desire or motive to stop this insane “money game” at the expense of the family and profit for the states.


    Gilbert Guttridge

  6. 3-12-11/10/19/11


    Have you ever felt like you were drowning in disappointment, disrespect, and disgrace? Have you ever felt hostility all around you but could not put your finger on it? Have you ever been the victim of misrepresentation? Has your presence ever been fouled up by malicious intent and misunderstanding? Have you ever felt frowned upon without good reason or provocation? Do others give you quick, short, looks like they wish something bad would happen to you? Has your reputation ever been put in jeopardy by controlling persons who find it easy to spread false information about those they do not like? Have you ever felt ostracized? Have you ever been judged solely on your Zodiac sign, your marital status, or you personal resume categories….i.e (background, education, experience, awards, pedigree)

    These are some of the questions which I can answer ‘yes’ to. None of it makes any since but here I am a victim one way or another of the Department of Human Services and Child Support Administrations. This is a organization gone wild. They make their own laws via General Assembly without the acknowledgment of the major public. Now one asked them to become so very intrusive. They mock, depreciate and defame hard working citizens on which these laws are administed, sometimes through arbitrary processes. They are rapidly maiming the trust of the marriage and divorce freedoms. They add a touch of shear antagonism. Invariably it is causing members of the male populace great dislocation of identity and belonging.


    Willie J. Willis