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Child Support Arrears

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I have seen and heard the following comment from so many people it isn’t funny; women included!

The following is a comment submitted by someone who signed our petition.

I support the reform of the child support laws. I have been on all sides of the system and it is very unfair to the father. The system is set up for these fathers to fail, they approve monthly support obligations that are not obtainable therefore creating the arrearages. Reform needs to be done immediately.

Please help support reform by signing this petition at the bottom of this page.

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About The Author

My name is James (Jim) DeLelys. I have been involved in the Child Support System for nearly 16 years. Over those years I have acquainted myself with countless individuals who have had to bear the burden of a terribly broken and corrupt sytem. It is through 'listening' that I have come to the enevitable conclusion that Child Support Laws and Government interference can not be tolerated anymore.


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20 Responses to “Child Support Arrears”

  1. I got lay off from my employer and the child support office
    Start subtracting from my unemployment benefits, they take more than 400 a month my unemployment benefits are 1200
    A month now I need more than ever my income and worst the child support raise to almost 500 and on top of that they
    Told me that I have to pay a lump sum of 1400 dollars or
    I go to jail , my ex is pregnant from other guy and she treats my daughter like shit, and there’s nothing I can do because I
    Don’t have money to hire a lawyer also she laughs in my face
    She said well go to the child support office and explained that
    I m from lake county Illinois.
    I hope congress do some thing about it because many don’t care for the children they just wait for their check
    By the way I already pay 37000 dollars not missing payments
    Month to month.

  2. Louisiana is the worst. I am in arras of $10.000. and have joint custody of my son. She will not let him come to visit and have gone to court several times. Guess who goes to jail for being in com temp of court,You guessed it me. Not her for not letting me see my son and the judge ordered it. I love my son bit, you know what had , she not got pregnant on purpose I would not be paying child support.She knew all to well I was not ready to have children.It her way of holding on.
    It time these courts start making the mothers accountable,Hey I got a idea,child SUPPORT OR FOOD STAMPS,FREE HOUSING,LIST GOES ON AND ON . make THEM PICK ONE OR THE OTHER.

  3. What do you do, when your child support oblidation is 125 a week, and you’re not working? And on top of that, that amount was reduced from 140 a week when the father initiated a motion for reduction due to unemployment? Now he’s racked up 22,000 in arrears, with no employment insight, and knowing that a warrant will soon come…

  4. j jordanNo Gravatar says:

    tired of being bullied. and i think the judges singniture stamp is being abused to help this bulling.

  5. Alan SowaNo Gravatar says:

    How long before things change?

  6. Chris HinesNo Gravatar says:

    My father pays child support for me to this day (I am currently 42) due to growing arrears when he was unable to work due to a life debilitating disease (MS). They take from his disability and neither I nor my Mother have seen a dime of this money!!! but they make sure to send an annual statement to my mother showing how much they took..stating that the public assistance she got (not even coming close to the amount they have taken from him) is being reimbursed.
    I am now in my own situation where the Ohio CSEA has refused my payment for my children returning my money via check and then immediately placing that amount in arrears tarnishing my credit and charging me more money…..I have just payed this off and they sent me checks for over payment one week ago and now are nailing me for arrears again for $400. ???? what the ###???? how do i go one pay period having over payed to the next minus $400 when they are automatically taking money from my account????? My guess is that they assume I am stupid and do not follow my money and payments and figure this will get our County more money from the Govt.
    Can I sue them for this? I must have some rights … don’t I ? how can they do this?

  7. I think the news/media need to get this information so that the public is made aware of these injustices. The whole system is corrupt, intolerable, & certainly creates & fosters more family dysfunction. REFORM needs to happen!

  8. kelly keenanNo Gravatar says:

    I am with a man that pays child support regulary and comes out of his paycheck…just the other day we recieved a letter stating he owed over $6,000 in statewide past due amount..and now three days later he is getting this garnished…he called and asked what is this coming from and they told him its from three years ago and told him if he had a problem then file a case against it…that would have been great three years ago but now we will lose our home over this untill it gets settled

  9. The whole system is corrupt! My poor husband has to pay his arrears in the amount of 36,000 becouse she took him back to court right before the oldest turned 18 and claimed that he did not pay from 1993 to 2000 and that was so long ago we did not have the bank statements to prove that he payed! So the courts gave her the judgement. So now we are stuck paying her 550 a month for the next 8 years :(

  10. debbie walshNo Gravatar says:

    this system is set up for the fathers to fail!!!!!!!

  11. Jason MechoNo Gravatar says:

    my ex has kept me fron my child for the last 12 years and this past year went and changed his name and finally took me into court and i have been paying my monthly payments but cannot afford the arrears at this time and they have now issued a felony warrant for my arrest. i have no means to pay the back support but have neen keeping up but now i dont no what to do. i could really use some advise on what to do

  12. Child support reform needs to happen. Mothers living off of state benefits and drowning fathers with child support is not right! Suspending their drivers license, making it harder to find employment or putting them in jail so they cannot find employment makes NO SENSE! Sure of they’ve never paid, have some consequences, but for fathers who have fallen from the recession is not right! Obama should pay their support!

  13. We need child support reform. Your situation is intolerable.

  14. i am certified bi-polar with numerous hospitalizations and the courts don’t give a shit. they took the only money i had to my name (as my ex-wife spend every damn penny i every made on her desires and laughted that she wasn’t responsible for the $25,000 in credit card debt because she did it on my account) . they took my lousy little 401k without my knowing and didn’t pay the taxes on it. they left me more IRS problem who are also garnishing my pay check every week. i never ever said i wouldn’t take care of my children, but now i can’t even afford to buy them a xmas present.
    if i find out that it is true the BS family court judges are actually getting bonuses/awards for ripping people off in court…i swear i will form a nationwide group to take these people down and have the monies they received taken back and split among every person they ripped off. the lawyers have destroyed this country for their own person money gains showing they don’t give a damn about people, just themselves.
    i will either flee this country or kill myself soon. i’ve had it. the courts have brought back slavery. why does one man (the judge) have all the say??? a man who is getting paybacks for destroying people??? i live out of state from new york. do you know the nassau county child support offices shut off their phones making it almost impossible for an out of stater to talk to them. most people in my situation can’t afford a lawyer. my death will be on their hands. (worst part is they don’t give a damn).

    ps… i left new york because i just couldn’t take my ex-wife threats over threats over threats. i got a job here in virginia right away. the courts order my employer to garnish my salary for $600.00 a week. my gross pay was that exact amount. my employer spoke to them and they came agreed on $156.00 a week. i comes out every single week yet what i own never comes down. i have been in arrears for almost $40,000.00 for the last 5 yrs. because i can’t afford the amount they demand i am being penalized every week. i am a slave to their system forever. i don’t plan on living much longer. what are they going to do when i’m dead??? put a broom stick up my butt and make me work so the judge can collect a bonus??? i am a very basic quiet person. i keep to myself and harm no one yet i’m treated as a criminal. i don’t steal, not a child molester, not a womanizer, never cheated on or hit my ex-wife yet i’m treated this way. i honestly feel like going back to NY and blewing my head off right there on front steps of family court. i also vote to have the name of the ny family court changed to the ny state dept of slavery.

    From Child Support Arrears, 2011/01/04 at 7:04 PM

  15. It is unfair and paralyzing to the Father with limited resources and no support structure. If I only make 10.00 dollars an hour and work less that 40 hrs a week, how can I pay 1200.00 a month in support along with 171.50 in medical with an ungodly amount in arrearages. I have paid my ex-wife 33,541.51 in the last 5 years… My arrears continues to grow.. I am now 73,500 in arrears… How is this possible… I am garnished and it seems like there is no help for guys like me. I finally got a decent job bringing in 37,000 a year, but I see less than 1/3 of that due to the garnishments on a fictional number… I am afraid that some fathers will resort to negative things because of this injustice.

  16. Debra LorberNo Gravatar says:

    Support enforcement is causing us to live in poverty.My husband and I have 3 children together,and I have 2 from a previous marriage-a houshold of 7.He lost his job last year and DCS was taking 750.00 a month out of his unemployment.He tried to have it modified to a reasonable level,but that didnt happen.they calculated his support with his family size at one,and we were informed they “didnt have to count the children in our home” when we asked how we were supposed to support the 5 children in our home on 1300 a month
    ( what was left after support ) The caseworker replied” well,you chose to have the kids”,so they dont count and have no basic needs because he owes child support for other kids.His other kids live in 2 income households,they have more than twice the recources we do,they own homes have nice cars,savings,ect.We are surviving on foodstamps and paying 700 a month support to familys who do not need the money.DCS says that their income and curcumstances dont he is supposed to pay for health insurance on top of it.we are on medicade,have just received an eviction notice,we are living in fear of losing our children because we cannot afford to care for them,and the state doesnt care.We have sent several “harship” letters to DCS and their only response-“nothing we can do” In desperation we filed taxes claiming our daughters who reside with us as dependants.with them we have a 6,000 return-all earned income and child tax credits.without claiming our girls we owe the IRS.DCS took the return because of back my husband”owes” So they will not count the children in our home,will not set support so we can care for them-but they will take from them very happily.It is so nice of our government to use my children like that.Child support does not help children,they do not care about children,they will take from children to the point of destroying their lives and they are not accountable for anything.