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Child Support State UIFSA

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The following is a list of states that participate in the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act UIFSA. If you see your state listed, then it is well past time that you sign this Petition. You may do so by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Alabama Child Support

Alaska Child Support

Arizona Child Support

Arkansas Child Support

California Child Support

Colorado Child Support

Connecticut Child Support

Delaware Child Support

Florida Child Support

Georgia Child Support

Hawaii Child Support

Idaho Child Support

Illinois Child Support

Indiana Child Support

Iowa Child Support

Kansas Child Support

Kentucky Child Support

Louisiana Child Support

Maine Child Support

Maryland Child Support

Massachusetts Child Support

Michigan Child Support

Minnesota Child Support

Mississippi Child Support

Missouri Child Support

Montana Child Support

Nebraska Child Support

Nevada Child Support

New Hampshire Child Support

New Jersey Child Support

New Mexico Child Support

New York Child Support

North Carolina Child Support

North Dakota Child Support

Ohio Child Support

Oklahoma Child Support

Oregon Child Support

Pennsylvania Child Support

Rhode Island Child Support

South Carolina Child Support

South Dakota Child Support

Tennessee Child Support

Texas Child Support

Utah Child Support

Vermont Child Support

Virginia Child Support

Washington Child Support

West Virginia Child Support

Wisconsin Child Support

Wyoming Child Support

Please take a moment and SIGN for Child Support Reform. If not for yourself; then do it for the Children. PLEASE USE THE COMMENT FORM TO SIGN LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE; Thank You!

Do to the recent amount of SPAM, I have gone to a Captcha Comment Format in-order to receive Legal Only Signatures. Please note that Signature/Email/Comment fields must be filled out. If you do not wish to leave a comment, but would like to sign, just type in three (3) random letters in the comment box. A name and valid email address is all that is needed for a legal signature.

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About The Author

My name is James (Jim) DeLelys. I have been involved in the Child Support System for nearly 16 years. Over those years I have acquainted myself with countless individuals who have had to bear the burden of a terribly broken and corrupt sytem. It is through 'listening' that I have come to the enevitable conclusion that Child Support Laws and Government interference can not be tolerated anymore.


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21 Responses to “Child Support State UIFSA”

  1. Lori ClardyNo Gravatar says:

    We need reform here!

  2. I have joint physical and joint legal custody and I still have to pay child support! How is that fair?

  3. Child support laws need to be completely removed from every state. Not every woman is awarded custody of the children. I lost custody of my son, and now he’s being brainwashed against me. My husband’s ex has abuse and neglect on her record, but still has custody of all of her kids, which is infuriating. Your constitutional rights don’t count in the family court system, either. Apparently, debtor’s prison IS still legal because they’re more quick to throw poor people in jail. Between my husband’s child support and mine, we can’t afford our cost of living and our 3 subsequent children. The “Family Court” should be called “Alienation Court.”

  4. roy willingNo Gravatar says:

    The child support laws are so unfair because even while the person is incarcerated his or her child support is still going in debt making it impossible for us to ever catch up causing us to never have a good job or a stable home for when we actually get to see our kids

  5. Please make shared parenting a priority in family court. If child support is ordered please remember the other parent needs to be able to support themselves too.

  6. holly nausedNo Gravatar says:

    child support system needs to be fixed!!

  7. these child support laws are so criminal that our state representatives should be jailed or forced to pay us for having to put up with this bull crap. fix the law stand up to the state and fight strength in numbers people if we stand together we can get it changed!

  8. My Husband & I are Victims of false Allegations during a Child Custody Case.

  9. john regrutNo Gravatar says:

    one day our kids will be dealing with this broke system.god help got my petition!

  10. I support a reform in the broken child support enforcement system of placing burden on others due to greed!! I support this petition!!

  11. It is a travasty that in America this system exist. The Child support system is simply designed to generate income for the states, attorneys, the so called experts that testify in court rooms, and to create jobs for judges.

    The law should only allow judges, attorneys, and experts that are actually in the child support system represent and rule in family court. We should be judged by our own peers in the same situation and living under the same set of rules. I guarantee you that if this was the case the system would have changed a long time ago.

    Why is it that the government can come up with a welfare calculate amount needed to provide for a child but that amount is not the same for a working parent?

    My child support order for one child is $1,980 a month which is taken from my check after taxes so Its actually 30% higher when you factor that I pay the tax on this money. I have been paying this amount since my son was 6 months old.

    Now I want to give my son the best but you can’t spend $1,980 a month on a 6 month old child. In addition I also pay for his medical insurance. His mother doesn’t need to account for any of the money and how it is used. How is this fair to either my son or me?

  12. Connie BlairNo Gravatar says:

    The child supports laws are so inhumane that I cannot fathom the fact that they have existed this way for so long. There is a huge difference in “dead beat dads” that never see their kids, skip town to avoid paying, etc. Dads that are actively involved in their child’s life and that are paying for the kids when they have them and giving child support (that they can afford) that should be enough. These women would still have to pay for a place to live and all the other bills that they have even if they had no kids, so why do they think that if they have a child then it is the man’s responsibility to provdie all these things? It would still cost her the same amount to live as far as base expenses, so that should in no way involve “child support”. That is normal living expenses. If the amount is set for “child support” it should only include “child support”. Plus most of the women I know that get child support – spend like there is no tomorrow. Not just on their kids – but on themselves lavishly and do not budget and then when they run out of money they want to exthort money from the “father” and know that if they get him put in jail for any arrearages – they will get this big lump sum of money. Very much a racket and so grossly unfair to fathers. Robbers, drug dealers and robbers get better jail time than child support – it is travesty and it needs to be fixed now!