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Child Support System in Texas

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CHILD SUPPORT REFORM IS CRUCIAL. We have lost all of our rights in this country. The current “child support” system was NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE APPLIED TO EVERYONE! Sadly, most people are not even aware of that dirt little secret. “Child support” was initiated in order to be enforced ONLY in welfare cases and current “guidleines were ONLY meant to be applied in low income situations.

( very informative sight)

Everyone has a horror story but the fact is that child support guidelines are so extreme that they alianate the father to the extent that he has very few choices regarding his child.The court system in TEXAS is ridiculous and sadly men are treated as criminals from the get go, even if they were the victims in the breakdown of their family. The system extends the suffering of the child in these situations.

Since when does our government have the right to “enforce” how much moeny we should spend on our children?? BOTH parents should be EQUALLY responsible, this does include the custodial parent. Interesting that the definition for communism echos the mission statement proudly stated by the federal child support division…

enough is enough

Hollie Howell

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19 Responses to “Child Support System in Texas”


  2. Child Support needs a serious overhaul. This is how some women make a living.
    They get pregnant on purpose and then file for child support from 2 or more men.
    Sit back and wait for the check….. Something is wrong with this picture.

  3. zetNo Gravatar says:

    I am considering a class action lawsuit against the United States of America and the state of Texas for denying me of my right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Child support should be minimal between two parties making equivalent incomes. Child support should not exist as both parents should have children 50% of the time. The courts interfere in our lives. While I do feel there are parents that abandon their children, in the end this is a legal agreement between two people and should be treated as such. The draconian state apparatus that has been put in place is a waste of Federal dollars. Programs that were originally targeted to welfare recipients have made mostly male NCP’s into slaves to a system that no longer is worth defending. There is nothing in the system that promotes families and promulgates fighting and friction often between two people while two lawyers(snakes) drain the coffers of both parties.

  4. I am a non-custodial mom. My ex-husband, who was 40 years old at the time of divorce and I, 22 years old, was deceived and tricked into agreeing to allowing him to establish the primary residency for our child, a daughter, who was 2 yrs old at the time. He convinced me in that it would only be temporary so that once I found a job, secured a place to live, & reestablished myself after the divorce, our daughter would be placed with me as her primary residence. He also promised he would provide a nanny, private daycare, healthcare and a stable environment, as our child would live in the home we shared as a married couple. Neither of us were to pay child support & we agreed in that each of us would pay our individual expenses when our daughter was in our care. Believing this would truly be in our daughter’s best interest at the time, and once I signed the divorce decree agreeing to this temporary arrangement, 10 months later, in June 2002, he sued me for child support and for the provision of healthcare for our daughter!!! Unbeknownst to me at the time, he transferred assets into his girlfriend’s (now wife’s) possession, moved out of the home he was living in & moved into the girlfriend’s home to make it appear like he had no money & was having to sell his home (which he didn’t) and claimed he wasn’t earning an income to provide for our child!!! We went to a temporary hearing where the judge declined his request for child support & my attorney counter-sued him for frivolous modification. He never responded to the counter-suit & my attorney dropped the ball. He then accused my nephew, who was ten years old at the time of sexually abusing my daughter to prolong the lawsuit. I had to get a $20,000 loan to further defend the lawsuit & it dragged on until April 2004. Nothing resulted from the sexual abuse allegation & CPS dropped the case citing no evidence that the “abuse” occurred & right before the final hearing, my attorney requested more money & threatened to file a motion to withdrawal her representing me in my case. When I couldn’t obtain more money, she withdrew, just a week before going to final trial. She forwarded a request from the judge that we go to mediation, and I had to go alone, without legal representation. In April 2004, my ex-husband was there w/ his 2 attorney’s and I was threatened w/ more litigation & forced to sign an agreement to pay him $500/month in child support to include healthcare!!!! To date, I have paid him close to $35,000 in child support!!! I ended up paying my attorney $30,000 overall and health care costs over those years are over $10,000!!! Just last week, he had the Attorney General come after me because I fell behind in child support payments after being layed off in 2008….they hit me with a $700/month payment!!! My ex-husband sold his business in 2006 and profited $16,000,000…yes!!! 16MILLION!!! He owns 2 private jets, owns a Bentley, an Astin-Martin, two BMW’s, a Mercedes, a Porsche, a Lincoln Navigator & a FORD F250….he also owns 100 acres of land, a farm, has cattle & $1MM home, 45 acres in Minnesota, 65 acres of additional land in TX….and only God knows what else!!!! I, on the other hand, live in a $150,000 home, have a 2003 Nissan Altima that is not working b/c it’s in need of repairs, our home is in disrepair w/ leak issues, I am behind on the mortgage 4 months, and am struggling to make ends meet! My ex-husband is never home and he signed over his parental rights to his wife and is an absent dad. The stepmom mistreats my daughter & due to their negligence, in March 2011 she was admitted into ICU b/c they made her clean windows while she was sick with walking pneumonia & her lungs spasm’d!!!!!! How is this fair!!! The child support laws are not FAIR!!!! Why should I live in poverty while he gets to live the high life & isn’t requested to justify why he needs child support from me???? We should share equal responsibility…but what he is doing and what he has gotten away with is a travesty….an injustice!!! Please help!! I don’t know what to do and these child support laws in TX need to be reformed!

  5. My God’s will be done.

  6. Mr. Jackson, I feel your pain. I went through the same thing.

  7. I am in a retired and disabled verteran. My exspouse is also military. Currently she makes almost twice what I make. I live close to my children school. They spend almost as much time at my home as they do at hers. She will not buy them school clothes or other necessary items. She eats out often with friends and leave them to fend for themselves. I often cook meals for them to experience a real family setting. She is often rude and emotionally abusive to them. I recently tried to get visitation changed to half time with me and half with her. She gave an excellent performance by lying to the officials. They recommended no change. I am so frustrated with the Texas system. It is a disaster. It would appear that even those judges and the attorney genreral should be smart enought to see that the current system is not in the best interest of the children, but in the best interest of the “custodial parent”. This needs to change and be given more attention. Please for the sake of sanity reform this law!!!

  8. I have never been divorced but was widowed young. It seems like every man i tried to get to know had issues with support, but the one i ended up with is treated so unfairly i am flabbergasted. At the last hearing she flat out lied, and every member of the Attorney General’s office knew it because they were present at the situation she was lying about. Not a one spoke up and told the truth, and he ended up being incarcerated over it. She is a convicted felon, and apparently learned in prison how to play the system. She and her new husband have 10 times the income that we do, and have changed the child’s name without his consent. There seems to be no recourse, and we are close to losing our primary residence while they own at least 3 properties….something must be done!