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Carol Rhodes Tells All

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Carol Rhodes, a former Enforcement Officer, who has ‘witnessed’ first hand the blatant lies and corruption that is within the Child Support System. She has stepped up to the plate and sacrificed everything by writing a book entitled, “Friend of the Court Enemy of the Family”, thus exposing the Child Support Holocaust.

Below is her video:

Please take a moment and SIGN for Child Support Reform. You do not have to be directly involved in the Child Support System to Sign this Petition. Yet, we are all apart of the System; if someones’ U.S. Constitutional Rights are being violated, you are being violated. How much more Government interference are you able to put up with? Presently, the Children are always the losers; relationships are being ruined, thousands go to jail and thousands commit suicide each year! PLEASE USE THE COMMENT FORM TO SIGN LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE; Thank You!

“The more of us we have, the more hope we have and hope is the commodity we need; RIGHT NOW!”

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About The Author

My name is James (Jim) DeLelys. I have been involved in the Child Support System for nearly 16 years. Over those years I have acquainted myself with countless individuals who have had to bear the burden of a terribly broken and corrupt sytem. It is through 'listening' that I have come to the enevitable conclusion that Child Support Laws and Government interference can not be tolerated anymore.


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4 Responses to “Carol Rhodes Tells All”

  1. Kory JohnsonNo Gravatar says:

    I say abolish the whole system of child support. The government has no right intervening in this part of domestic relations. Natural support of a child is better. Because children are not going to need the same amount money each month to be fed and clothed. Lastly, if we abolish the system of child support, this will detour women from having babies recklessly with men who are no good.

  2. sick of the corrupt system treating me as a criminal when i make payments and have always been there for my kids even though the mother never works and is in and out of trouble for drugs.

  3. James DavisNo Gravatar says:

    I beleive all men should provide for the children they have sired. However child support orders should be based on income of the non custodial parent and the amount of children they have and all state should have the same formula based on the percentage of the non custodial parents income. and Support order that the Courts know a person cant make is a way of purposely making the payer fall into dept to the point were they are a slave of the State. Alot of non custodial parents only crime is the fact that they are poor. Show me in the Constitution were it says poverty is a crime. If your making less then $10.00HR and they are taking around 50% of your pay off the top that would make people with ambition, the hardess workers less eager to work. They would do better on welfare, so now this person is a burden to the state. This is the deadbeat the state created, so the option is deadbeat or slave.