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Why is our court system part of our family

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When there is no violence why should they be a part of our children’s future. Why can’t we as intelligent people try to work it out between ourselves. But there it is we allow government to come in our homes and fix our problems for us. Let’s be honest we all need to take responsibility for our actions and try to make things right and keep the court out of our homes and out of children’s lives.

Stop the court involvement not change child support stop it all together ! I believe it is the responsibility of the parent who decides to take the children to take care of them. If it was that way I would have had my children I know this factually the women I was with only wanted the paycheck or just a healthy child .

So what I am trying to say is stop the law altogether don’t change it unless their is abuse then make it so that they are observed¬† when with children and who ever takes the children cares for the children .

I had an abusive realationship she tried to kill me so I get when women get abused don’t only think women are the ones who get abused so do men .

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