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SIGN a Petition for Child Support Reform!


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The following opinion was copied from ‘my’ response to a comment that was posted on the Tea Party Organizations website.   It is my True disire, hope and prayer, that people in this country will be allowed to see what is taking place, right now (not in the distant future), but taking place right now in this Country.


First I would like to say that it is very comforting knowing that someone of your early age, (compared to me lol) is doing what Americans should have been doing all along… being American. I personally prefer to think of it as not being involved in Politics, but just doing what our Fore Fathers intended us to do, be involved and keep our Gov’t. from getting out of hand.

As far as becoming a Socialist Nation; I honestly believe it is here already. This is why I make such a claim:

Health Care What makes the American people believe that there will be no future jail time for Americans that refuse or can not obtain health insurance? They are jailing people right now in the Family Court System, in particular the Child Support System. People out of work, making partial payments are still going to jail FOR DEBT!
All in the name of $$$$ under the guise “Best interest of the Children” Read Bush’s Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 that was signed into affect February 8, 2006. Money from the Child Support System is used to REDUCE THE DEFICIT!

The fraudulent use of funds (tax payer dollars) gathering interest… etc. all under the Welfare Reform Act Title IV-D Federal (tax payer) Incentive Funding that was supposed to have saved us money, is now REAPING IN COUNTLESS BILLIONS $$$$ of excess money and costing us money (taxes). Indigent Servitude and this is exactly where this Health Care is heading. Mark my words. I could be wrong, I hope I’m wrong. But if they are making money jailing people today in this country for debt, they’ll make money by jailing them in the future with the Health Care System also.

Health Care and Socialism thing of the future? Truly I believe it is here, Now; Today…
In my humble opinion.
P.S. The same folks running the Family Court System, are the same people in charge of Health Care; HHS Health and Human Services!


Please take a moment and SIGN for Child Support Reform. You do not have to be directly involved in the Child Support System to Sign this Petition. Yet, we are all apart of the System; if someones’ U.S. Constitutional Rights are being violated, you are being violated. How much more Government interference are you able to put up with? Presently, the Children are always the losers; relationships are being ruined, thousands go to jail and thousands commit suicide each year! PLEASE USE THE COMMENT FORM TO SIGN LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE; Thank You!

“The more of us we have, the more hope we have and hope is the commodity we need; RIGHT NOW!”

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My name is James (Jim) DeLelys. I have been involved in the Child Support System for nearly 16 years. Over those years I have acquainted myself with countless individuals who have had to bear the burden of a terribly broken and corrupt sytem. It is through 'listening' that I have come to the enevitable conclusion that Child Support Laws and Government interference can not be tolerated anymore.


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