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HEALTH CARE No New Violations Here!

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This article comes to us from Mr. Stan Rains. Very seldom does an article come to us with this much insightful information, to include facts and figures. Mr. Stan Rains clearly spells out what has happened to this Country and brings to light the Violations of our U.S. Constitution, right under the noses of the American people. Thank you Mr. Rains for your contribution, may your efforts be rewarded by eliminating the ‘silence’ of the American people; silence is what allowed us to end up where we are… broke and violated…


So what’s the big deal with National Health Care? We have seen all aspects of this new law already brought together, applied, and precedence established in the courts with the States’ Attorney Generals all working to help strengthen the very issues over which they now weep, whine, and rage with impotence.

Is it the massive intrusion into personal liberty and freedom to which they object? Is it the dictating of laws to States that openly and directly violate the Constitution? Is it the open admission this new law is about power, control, and redistribution of wealth in an effort to create a Utopian Socialist/Communist State out of America? Is it that the new law now criminalizes normal human behavior and forces civil law into criminal? Is it forcing everyone in America to buy the government’s product in the same manner that Islamic countries force the worship of only their religion? Is it that a commercial transaction now is forced with criminal penalties for failure to comply even when a person is too poor or too disabled?

Or, is it that the Feds are now coming for them?

I don’t understand why the States are at arms over the new National Health care. There is almost nothing new in it at all.

I completely understand why Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, and others are so confused and caught off guard on the public response. (All of these individuals are believed to be from single mother households, how can they understand?) After all, none of the components of National Health Care are really new devices. No one complained when they violated States’ and individual rights in the exact same way in another arena of law. So, why now?

There is that one other area where the Feds have created and enforced laws that already do all these things at great personal and financial costs to both individuals and the States. Why is no one complaining of those violations of public trust and Constitution?

We already have the Feds forcing States to give up States’ Rights and to violate individual rights. We have statutes and court precedence well established for over 30 years of this. We already have the States defending the Federal Government’s abuse and open denial of individual and States’ Rights.

The Federal Courts, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court have upheld this horrendously destructive intrusion into States’ and Individual Rights by calling this area of law “Tainted”. If your case has this “taint” the Federal Courts refuse to look further, no matter the base issues. We already have the I.R.S. and every law enforcement group in the U.S. involved in one way or another in the policing of these laws established in just one other area of law besides the new Nationalized Health Care.

The States even aggressively assist in the surrendering of their own rights and the individual rights of their own citizens in collusion with the Federal Courts and government in this one other area of law. So, why complain now?

These 30 to 40 year old laws in this one area have been documented by our State and Federal Governments as being the greatest single commonality for the multiplying of every conceivable social ill and deviancy in our country today. And, no one but the victims are complaining about the destruction of society and economy. This other older area of law was the “Trial Run” of the abuses now openly debated.

How can we forget that forced purchase of health care policies is a 30 year old reality? We have the Federal Government imposing constitutionally violative will upon the States and individuals with the States aggressively supporting the forced purchase of health insurance by individuals. The States even eagerly prosecute those who refuse or are unable to make those purchases. These targeted individuals can be imprisoned for not purchasing health care even if they are unemployed, sick, injured, impoverished, or even dead. The Attorney Generals enforce these laws.

The laws in this established arena can take away children from innocent parents and place these children in dangerous situations where they are abuse and sold as chattel property of the States using laws forced on the States by the Federal Government. So, what’s the big deal with being forced to buy the government’s health insurance? It worked with the test group so why not all the rest of you?

We have denied innocent individuals specifically targeted by the laws in this one arena the ability to travel if they are under the purview of these old court tested and upheld laws.

These individuals often cannot leave their homes, cities, counties, or state.

These individuals are denied passports. These individuals are denied their own personal health care over state forced payment on health care for others.

These individuals are forced to work at jobs chosen by others and to earn incomes at levels arbitrarily and unilaterally established by a government official, in some instances the States’ attorney generals who are now complaining, themselves.

These State’s Attorney Generals even jail these innocent targeted individuals for violating laws that are impossible for many to obey. The individuals are jailed for civil debts.

The jails have become debtors’ prisons where innocent men lose all freedom and frequently die violent deaths at the hands of guards as well as the hardened criminals with whom these innocent men are jailed. So, what is the big deal, now?

But, I did not hear the States’ Attorney Generals stand up against these now established laws in that one arena. These attorney generals were quiet, acquiescent, and even eager to enforce these violations against which they now complain.

We have laws in this one arena that allow for secret hearings with secret rulings that imprison innocent citizens without warrant, defense, trials, legal representation, or even knowledge of the allegations against them until after punishment is imposed.

We have a standard of proof in criminal allegations that is merely the allegation upon which to base a conviction.

We provide direct financial incentives to the public, to judges, police, and prosecutors to process vast numbers of men through the civil and criminal statutes in this one area of law.

We have salaries of judges paid by prosecutors. We have prosecutors paid funds by the activist and biased expert witnesses who receive federal dollars for their activism and the purchase of prosecutorial efforts.

Prosecutors are paid money by groups per conviction in their private area of concern. These payments reward prosecutions not on merit, but on a predatory basis of going after the weakest and those least capable of paying to defend themselves. Prosecutions under this ‘justice for sale’ system are based on pure ideology for profit and less on actual guilt and due process.

We have Federal funded programs that pay money to anyone who will make a false allegation against one of the targeted group of men. The government will even pay funds to have someone provide corroborating witness testimony to prosecute a known innocent man. I have watched these travesties. These are bounties more frequently on innocent men’s heads than they are on the guilty.

We have special taxes on this very limited and defined group who are innocent of any wrong doing but can be taxed for amounts greater than their established and provable incomes. This is done after the men are declared completely innocent of any wrong doing.

We have innocent individuals who are guilty not only before proving themselves innocent, but guilty even after they have been proven innocent. They are guilty even after the accusers admit the allegations were false.

These false accusers almost never face prosecution for their crimes and are more frequently rewarded with tax dollars, property, future income, housing, health care, and custody of their own children.

We have courts declaring in civil trials in this area of law that a person who is declared innocent, with no fault, and a victim of abuse, false allegations, and fraud is to be denied his home, property, wealth, freedom, future income, and even access to his own children for being innocent while the declared guilty party is rewarded with all these stolen items, including the man’s reputation and children.

We have courts declaring in civil trials that one demographic group is immune from these same draconian and tyrannical laws and another group is to be preyed upon with open immunity. The courts declare that their preferred and arbitrarily favored group can perjure themselves, commit fraud lawfully, harm and even murder spouses and children with near complete impunity.

Now, I repeat, “What’s the big deal?” Is it that our new National Health Care Law is like the Jewish adage from WWII Germany about silently watching all the other Jews, the butcher, the banker and the candlestick maker, in town led away to camps and death so that when it was the story tellers time, no one was left to speak out for him because he had not spoken out for others?

Is it that, now, they are coming for those who stayed silent while millions of their neighbors were destroyed with lives, children, and futures, devastated.

I think so.

I can not help but see these various Senators, Legislators, talking TV News Heads, and States’ Attorney Generals as the KGB of the Stalin era who themselves were eventually run through Stalin’s Gulags after helping to murder and imprison so many innocent men.

Those who are familiar with me will already know what area of law on which I am writing. It is Family Law.

The Federal government passed all types of laws affecting the family based on mythical and emotionally charged tall tales by a group with their hand out for massive funding. Just do the simple research on the passage of VAWA and the establishment of the CSE. These laws forced the States to enact laws in areas that were and are still openly recognized as areas of States’ Rights. The States were to lose all Federal Funding if they did not pass laws with specific content and wording that then limited personal freedoms, forced men from their homes where the man has done nothing wrong, forced men to surrender either part or all accumulated wealth, forced men to buy health insurance where none existed previous to the State stepping in and enforcing Federal mandates; criminalizing those who could not comply as fiercely as those who refused to comply, denying basic due process and human rights as defined in both our Constitution and various international treaties; and ever so much more.

The move to grab power and money at the expense of State and Individual Rights was so strong as to write into the laws of every state the ability to legalize and provide financial incentive for known and admitted fraud, perjury, and kidnapping of children from innocent parents.

A system of providing financial incentives to women to leave the safety of their husband’s home and live at government expense was established.

Then, the bright idea came about to have the men pay for the welfare the women received even though the woman left over his objections, took the children over his objections, took his property and future income over his objections, allowed the women to apply and receive welfare over his objections, and all of this done while the courts declared the man to have ‘no fault’ and even frequently declare the women to have acted with fault and even criminality that was not punished.

Then, when you have done that homework, look at the cost of means tested welfare. The means test is simple; is the program available equally to all citizens or just a select demographic. Just within the past few weeks it was announced by one study group that welfare, defined as any individual entitlement not available to all citizens is welfare. There were 72 programs that fit that bill. Social Security Retirement does not qualify as welfare because it is available to all citizens just like police protection is, in theory. These welfare programs are all incentives for women to leave their husbands and the safety of their home and the protection of (not from) the fathers of their children, or to never marry at all, just have illegitimate children.

The cost of these means tested welfare programs is recently reported at $714 Billion a year. That is a direct tax dollar expense of $7.14 Billion per decade. The additional social costs of increased prison capacity and increased police and court expenses were not included as the children of single mothers are the vast majority of all criminals, cop killers, mentally disturbed, chemically dependent, prostitutes, sex offenders and the leadership of the Democratic Party, to name a few. What do all these destroyed or diminished lives cost the rest of us? It is costing our lives, our family, our property our freedom and all our hope for the future of our country. So what is the big deal with National Health Care costs?

We could go on for hours listing all of the details of the mechanisms now being used to force nationalized health care on Americans; violate State’s Rights and deny citizens every right enumerated in our founding documents; and how all of these mechanisms and more are already well established by the States, themselves.

To repeat myself, What’s the Big Deal?”

We have individuals and politicians up in arms combating the imposition of National Health Care.

We have the media presenting the various sides of National Health Care.

We have are having a nationwide debate on laws that deny and destroy States’ and individual freedoms and rights.

I say, “You are too damn late, fools.” That train has left the station and you not only paid for the tickets you helped build the whole system and test it out on families and fathers. You built it well, too well to escape.

Telling morality parables has falling out of popular favor. However, I am going to offer an old one to you that is appropriate.

There was once a blacksmith who was known far and wide for the perfect chains that he created in his shop. He received the highest price for his chain of any blacksmith known at that time. He was proud of his chains and built each link with great care so that there were no faults or weak links. He boasted of his chains. The only ones who could afford these high quality chains were the kings in that part of the world. The kings used the chains for prisoners and dungeons. Many of the kings were known to be absolute tyrants. The blacksmith pandered to all of the kings, good and bad alike for the gold they offered.

The blacksmith boasted long and loud about his chains and how all the kings wanted his chains and that no one had ever escaped or broken his chains.

One day he accidentally offended his own king, one of the most oppressive of all the tyrant kings. The king arrested this great and strong blacksmith. The blacksmith was imprisoned in the king’s dungeon awaiting a public execution. The blacksmith was chained to the wall with his own chain. As strong as he was, he was unable to break the chain and escape in the dark of the night. In the morning he was led from his cell in his own chains. He was bound in his own chains. He was executed in his own chains. These were the very chains he had made for the tyrant kings to bind and execute others. He had made the chains for this very purpose.

We see our States’ governors, legislatures, TV Talking Heads, and attorney generals now being bound by their own chains.

We watch as they struggle to break the chains that they eagerly and boastfully created for others. What adult human in the U.S., today has not heard politicians vying for status as the one who imposed the most stringent of laws on men and fathers claiming to ‘protect women and children’ from the very person most likely to protect, nurture, and provide for these same women and children with no cost to the State.

Who has not heard a TV Talking Head go on a tirade about men not supporting families and abandoning families when up to 85% of all divorce is women filing ‘No Fault’ divorce against the man who has committed his life to her and their children, then has all property stolen from him, he is removed from his children and his home and them made to pay for the legal actions, two households, health care, spousal support to a faithless ex-wife and more. Facts are ignored, myth rules and Constitution violated.

We watch as our personal freedoms for all, not just fathers and men, are led to the execution block with chains of their own making.

Somehow, we all seem to have heard this and seen this scenario play out before in every massive human tragedy from Auschwitz to Rhodesia to Srebrenica. Now we watch as we are bound in our own chains to be led to the block. We were filled with too much false pride. We ignored the wisdom of those created what was once the greatest ever seen on this planet. We will have our place in history but we will have no more future. And, our place in history will not protect our children from their future slavery and the cold, ruthless, tyrant kings with their perfect chains we helped to make.

As a people we have forgotten that the only way to retain our own liberty is to help our neighbor fight for his.


Please take a moment and SIGN for Child Support Reform. You do not have to be directly involved in the Child Support System to Sign this Petition. Yet, we are all apart of the System; if someones’ U.S. Constitutional Rights are being violated, you are being violated. How much more Government interference are you able to put up with? Presently, the Children are always the losers; relationships are being ruined, thousands go to jail and thousands commit suicide each year! PLEASE USE THE COMMENT FORM TO SIGN LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE; Thank You!

“The more of us we have, the more hope we have and hope is the commodity we need; RIGHT NOW!”

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My name is James (Jim) DeLelys. I have been involved in the Child Support System for nearly 16 years. Over those years I have acquainted myself with countless individuals who have had to bear the burden of a terribly broken and corrupt sytem. It is through 'listening' that I have come to the enevitable conclusion that Child Support Laws and Government interference can not be tolerated anymore.


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