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SIGN a Petition for Child Support Reform!


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 Baru Hornsby

I am glad this site exist. Thank you.

From WHAT WE ARE PETITIONING, 2010/12/30 at 10:52 AM

Terry Snyder

As a working IT business professional and father, the child support award was so much that I had file for bankrupsy. The mother is on welfare and the county DA sued me and awarded the CP 25 percent of my net income. I asked for some custody and it was denied. I am now in arrears to the amount of $3000. They took my passport and told me that my next tax return would be confiscated. DCSS is rude, uncaring and don’t care if I survive or die. The CP want’s more money, the award was $1000.00 and uses it to buy tv’s, clothes for herself and a home. Meanwhile I sit in an appartment that I can barely afford. Something must change. The mediator was biased against me, even though the CP admitted to getting pregnant for financial gain.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/12/28 at 7:48 PM

Martin Thomas

Just one more disgrace. There is no reason for this in America.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/12/28 at 6:49 PM

Jose Mederos


From SIGN HERE!, 2010/12/28 at 3:25 PM

Joe Reeder

I agree…

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/12/28 at 10:26 AM

Corin Royal Drummond

My cousin is caught up in the broken system. He’ll never make enough to pay what they want. Now his mom lives in Ecuador, and he can’t go see her. It’s really screwed up.

From Caught up in this broken system…, 2010/12/27 at 9:55 PM

Jorge Hernandez

Child Support

From HOME, 2010/12/26 at 4:33 PM

Joel Brody

Same goes for the “Fuggedaboudit” State of NJ. Where else do I pay full child support for two children, while the older is living away at college 67% of the time. I am also responsible for 50% of his college tuition. The state won’t adjust my child support so I am double paying.

My ex-wife’s attorney makes more than the both of us combined quarterly.

From HOME, 2010/12/24 at 1:44 PM

Joseph Aquirre

It is a travasty that in America this system exist. The Child support system is simply designed to generate income for the states, attorneys, the so called experts that testify in court rooms, and to create jobs for judges.

The law should only allow judges, attorneys, and experts that are actually in the child support system represent and rule in family court. We should be judged by our own peers in the same situation and living under the same set of rules. I guarantee you that if this was the case the system would have changed a long time ago.

Why is it that the government can come up with a welfare calculate amount needed to provide for a child but that amount is not the same for a working parent?

My child support order for one child is $1,980 a month which is taken from my check after taxes so Its actually 30% higher when you factor that I pay the tax on this money. I have been paying this amount since my son was 6 months old.

Now I want to give my son the best but you can’t spend $1,980 a month on a 6 month old child. In addition I also pay for his medical insurance. His mother doesn’t need to account for any of the money and how it is used. How is this fair to either my son or me?

From Child Support State UIFSA, 2010/12/23 at 7:46 PM

Christopher Simmons


From HOME, 2010/12/21 at 8:29 PM

Gregory Williams

I need your help asap. I’m dealing with the vendective mother of my child and she wants to hurt me using child support. I’m virtually homeless and have no income and I live in California.

From U.S. CONSTITUTION vs. CHILD SUPPORT, 2010/12/20 at 1:19 PM

Phillip Meizler

im under the gun right now on jan 5th 2011 ive been going through hell over 20 years now with 2 kids i havnt seen in over 20 years she took them out of michigan and went on welfare they shuved a 53 k bill up my ass in tennesse now michigan says its 90 k i need help the woman judge is going to cut my balls off lol

From Bankruptcy, Adultery, Perjury, Lies = $$$, 2010/12/20 at 9:27 AM

R Davis


From CONTEMPT OF COURT, 2010/12/17 at 9:14 AM

Deborah Field


From HOME, 2010/12/16 at 10:33 PM

Lester Colen

humm i have been thinking about how mutch money could be saved by leting fathers do thair owen work in child support .
i have been paying child support for 35 years and i still owe 25 thousand dollars
in arrerrages is thair a light at the end of the tunnel not for me.

anyway back to problems at hand get the lic back useing the homeland securty thing
and get rid of all chiod support coletion officers that are paid oh look
25$ un hour and if like my state has at least 1,000 of theam .
i am not a math geniues but 1000×25=25,000 dollars un hour just for my state alone
put information on the back of drivers lic in the magnetic strip and let the ones that owe child support work for theamself plus wear i live you have to show a drivers lic and ss card when hired slip the drivers lic threw a reader and get the info with in sec instead of waiting 2 weeks for mail.
i know of a few child molesters that have thair dl thay can drive wear ever thay want to

good going doc. but owe child support and count on your dl being gone with the wind.

oh wow ya have to carrie proof of insurance so why not carrie proof of employment
so when you get a job and you are behind on your support you can show theam proof of employment . and if it is laget employment and thair not holding out your childsupport money thay are in line for a law suit and if you have no proof of employment you get a ride to county till you can show reason for driveing and not supporting
oboma binladin said bush pushed some car into a ditch and he has a bad job ahead of him to get that car out of the ditch well i am not helping him get it out because with out a drivers lic i will have to push the car to wear ever obama binladin wants it .
speaking of rights i better hurry with this becuase i hear our freedom of speach will be next to go i hope this all works


if every one wants to get things done ya have to form a group a large group make
a move on your state capital and stand your grounds at all cost if ya don`t stand togeather ya just as well get out the ky gel and head for your childsupport office

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/12/16 at 9:11 PM

Eric Brown

Yes, this have got to stop.

From Non-Custodial Parents; Silent Minority!, 2010/12/15 at 9:07 PM

Daniel Shenberger

My friend just had a hearing and has to pay child support to her ex. He makes 30.00 bucks and hour plus has a live in girlfriend who works. MY friend cant even make a car payment , plus many financial issues. These are laws that can not be black and white!
People suffer ,children always suffer.
House hold finacial studies need to be done on a case to case basis. Also taking someones license? Thats the dunbest thing I ever heard!

Over the years I have heard so many stories!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/12/15 at 2:01 PM

Patrick W. Gonzalez


From Child Support THE FRAUD!, 2010/12/14 at 3:46 PM


I have to agree with all that is on these page. It is ashame how the government is actually the “middle man” in our family system today. They are teaching to love the other parent’s money. Why is so hard for men (or the non custodial parent) to get any help when the custodial parent is treated as if their made of gold? The funniest thing is that when the majority of the men have their children; they are not begging nor harrassing the mother (non custodial parent) for anything EXCEPT be a PARENT. When will this madness stop? When will the children be put first and not money?

From Child Support THE FRAUD!, 2010/12/14 at 12:52 AM

Amber Woodard


From HOME, 2010/12/12 at 2:40 PM

Carol Skeens


From HOME, 2010/12/10 at 7:19 AM


As a father whose daughter took away for no reason, this bring down tears. The mother intended not to communicate with me and the Court found excuse that we do not have cordial communication, so order sole custody, both physical and legal to the mother. After the judgment I have not seen my daughter in spite of visitation rights. Child protection service was involved in my daughter while living with the mother and her husband because they leave the 7 years girl to walk along to bus stop some 500 yards from their home. When the little girl missed the bus, she decided to walk to school in rain. Someone did the right thing and called the cop that brought the child protection service in the picture. The school also reported concern of inappropriate sexual behavor from 7 years old daughter. Court appointed Child Evaluator report acknowleged the involvement of CPS but the evaluator told court that mother has been sent to some sort of training and there is no concern as to the child’s safety. The biased judge refused to see any point despite strong evidences. While the cross examination, judge interrupted with my questions and instructed the mother and her husband not to answer my challenging questions. Both of us represented ourselves,. The judge told me he is acting as a refree. My daughter is not seeing father and when I called her she asked me Daddy when will you pick me. This really painful as the father. My case is not in Appeal court and I need help with writing brief. Anyone can help?

From Unfair Visitation Laws, 2010/12/10 at 1:47 AM

Christopher L Grooms

Christopher L Grooms

From Child Support Corruption, 2010/12/09 at 7:33 PM

Bart Howard

Well after 30years and my son and my daughter from another ex im still broke from the child support system and have once again lost my drivers licsence to child support arrears and looks like well i wont be able to get a job now and wont be able to have christmas for my 3 teenagers once again …if you owe the System weve never had a new car..vacation new house and bad credit no passport alaska born native and now no future to get a job without a license no points just taken by child support enforcers. What do they leave you with but little hope..ive been selling what i have to get by. This is the america we live in , one group of people thrive and another group is attacked and broke and beaten down by garnishments at every turn while another group lives and has all good things glad for food banks and others that are strong to keep your will and faith to live will is tarnished and diminishing and weak my so called subsequent children keep my blood flowing and heart beating .

From HOME, 2010/12/09 at 1:57 AM

Jason Green


Dont believe me? This crap goes back a long way:
And WAKE up!

From HOME, 2010/12/08 at 6:00 PM

Richard Hernandez

I was set up by my x and the Maryland,(Hagerstown) Judge fell for it! At the end he said to me. I am not blaming you. My x cut off all communication with me except her work email, then she bought that up at court. My x knew my financial situation, and made three times as much as I did. For year said nothing. After as many years of pushing for more time with the kids she filed for Full Legal and Full Physical custody. I lost because she set me up!
Now I will lose my Contractors License, not be able to get a passport. be reported to a credit agency, etc. Basically snow balls. I am portrayed as a criminal. A criminal gets a State assigned Lawyer. I do not. This is not an American Dream. It is an American Nightmare with Corrupt Judges ( whom lied about what my daughter said in their closed meeting) Corrupt Lawyers, and evil people. It is all about the money to them not the Children. The monies should be for counseling and mediation and parenting classes to allow the children to be with the parents 50/50.
The system is one sided. After all it keeps Federal and State jobs around, from the Judges, Child Support Agencies, the prison guards, and just everyone involved in Destroying the lives of Honest non custodial parents.

From HOME, 2010/12/08 at 3:56 PM

Andre Nichols

It is amazing how many women can get away with this. I live in Orange County California and Judges routinely screw men over. Right off the bat women are given majority custody (80%)for no reason other than being a women. Why not 50%? All they have to do is falsely accuse an man of anything, such as paternity, and the man is presumed to be guilty. Sad times indeed. This is why the rate of marriage of adults finally fell below 50% for the first time in the history of the country a couple of years ago.

From Father Takes DNA Paternity Fraud Case To U.S. Supreme Court!, 2010/12/08 at 11:17 AM

James Young

After having put my wife through college to her master’s degree and she started her career, she decided she wasn’t happy anymore and disappeared with my kid’s one day. She never said a thing before I was served the divorce papers. I had no idea where my kids were. The court has forced me to pay the maximum child support, 40% of my take home pay, even though I was not at fault for the breakup of the marriage and didn’t even want the divorce. That my ex-wife does everything she can to keep me out of my kid’s lives and the courts won’t do anything. I also pay all the health insurance and she does not help with the medical bills although ordered to in the court orders. After 3 years she is still trying to take everything that’s left, and the legal fees are driving me into the ground. When does it end? She makes more than I did after working for 15 years for the same employer, yet her salary does not factor into the child support calculation!!?? What’s up with that? I have no more retirement and all of the investments I had, that I had hoped could be used for my kid’s in college were all spent on attorney’s, for both sides. The system really needs reform badly. When women can hop from bed to bed and then decide they don’t need the father of their children anymore, on a whim, and then take everything he has, though the husband was faithful to the marriage and did evberything for the wife, something is really broke here.

From HOME, 2010/12/07 at 8:07 AM

Jess E Liles Jr

I have been in the court system for over 4 years, and paid thousands to attorneys, this current system is broke and needs immediate reform! New Mexico is the worst state in the union as far as being corrupt goes, and will openly will tell you, that the system is broke, but its the best we got……Sorry.

signing and praying!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/12/06 at 9:55 PM

Joseph Flaska


From HOME, 2010/12/04 at 2:43 PM

Lizabeth Woodson


From Child Support System in Texas, 2010/12/02 at 5:04 PM

Patience MUDEKA


From SIGN HERE!, 2010/12/01 at 5:15 PM

Christopher Sabin

I took care of my kids all their life while their mother, did what ever it is she was doing including stripping. My girlfriend took time out of work to help take care of my kids. ater seven years my ex decided to take the kids and immidiately reinstated child support she had filed while the kids were with me and my girlfriend. Now I OWE $30,000 plus in back child support and pay $600 per month on my $15 dollars an hour paycheck. i never went to court they just started taking money out of my check.
At one point after i realized she had filed for support while I had the kids and she was collecting public aid, I confranted her and she ended up signing an agreement with me that said I didn’t owe any child support and didn;t have to pay anymore, IT WAS SIGNED AND NOTORIZED . But now the child support claims it lost even though it shows I had a zero balance since the time we signed the agreement. SO now i have to pay for her and her husbands living expenses. Whatever happened to good old America?

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/12/01 at 5:12 PM

Richard A Fenske

There is also another petition at for “non-custodial parental rights”, please everyone sign this one also, change will only come if we all pressure
the lawmakers for it, also The Brady Amendment U.S. Code title 42, 666 section A-9-c
Stating that ” (c) not subject to retroactive modification by such state or by any other state;” MUST BE REPEALED OR AMENDED TO BE EQUITABLEY FAIR, this clause
prohibits any reevaluation, modification under any circumstances at this time, while
countless thousands are being victimized and criminalized every day because of
inaccurate support order information that the Government says we have no right to have corrected, this is utter bullshit, our rights are being violated & our lives destroyed.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/12/01 at 3:23 PM

Randy Dornbusch

I live in Texas and I was told that a child was mine, therefore I signed an acknowledgement of paternity. I find out 4 years later that the child is not mine and it cannot be challenged in Texas. The Texas Attorney General is also at fault for allowing this kind of paternity fraud to continue. I am stuck paying for a child that is not mine. DNA needs to be submissable in Texas courts no matter how long it has been. I have paid child support on a child that IS mine for 16 years without a hiccup and now I have 14 years on one that is not mine.

From Father Takes DNA Paternity Fraud Case To U.S. Supreme Court!, 2010/11/30 at 7:39 PM


its a total disgrace. i have my children almost half the time dont have much work and dont have enough pay my child support.

From HOME, 2010/11/29 at 6:19 PM

William F. Brill

I am in a similar situation awaiting a dna test for paternity. I hope that if the child is not mine that I can obtain a lawyer to STOP paying on another man’s child

From Father Takes DNA Paternity Fraud Case To U.S. Supreme Court!, 2010/11/25 at 6:35 AM

Jason Felton

we need to get more organised . the public must be made aware. what if they began treating other debts in this same manner as child support. this is slavery. this is why we fought the revolution in the first place. we americans are supposed to be the greatest culture on the planet. but we havn;t learned. history does indeed repeat its self

Iis time to stand and shout. TAKE MY MONEY AND EVERY THING I OWN

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/11/25 at 12:55 AM

Dirk Jackson

Sad and a situation I am currently in. An abusive, alcoholic ex-wife, 3 children who want to live with me, and a court which continues to tell me no…..

From U.S. Census Support Custody Arrangements, 2010/11/23 at 10:22 AM

Rasheed As-Samad

I am still paying child support after more than 38 years. Child support has harrassed my through out my life and taken money from my bank accounts through out the years. Now I am homeless at 62. They are even taking money from my only scorce of income…my SSI. My oldest child is 43 and my youngest is 32. I don’t have any children at this point in my life but I do have grandchildren! None of my children get the money they take from me and their mother is dead for 2 years now. Who gets the money? And when will it stop (child support) robbing me…the way it looks, I’ll continue to be “Robbed” all the way to my 70, 80’s and 90’s. By that time I’ll be a great, great grand father with no end in sight for me being forced to pay for children who I have already paid for over and over and over again. They (child support) even tell me that they don’t have any record of me paying all of the money they have stolen from me and my family.

From HOME, 2010/11/23 at 9:58 AM

Gregory Carney


From HOME, 2010/11/22 at 7:16 PM

James Howard King

I have Been Dealing with these child support Issues since 2003. This definitly needs to be streightened out…

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/11/21 at 3:31 PM

Brent Bevan

I get no help from the friend of the court. They do not send arrears to the states that should be getting the back support as my ex has moved from state to state setting up welfare. I have garnishments from 4 separate states including Michigan. I am currently raising 6 children in my second marriage and pay support on 2. We have been forced to move to bad neighborhoods and I work 60 Hours a week and still have 40,000 plus in arrears.

From HOME, 2010/11/20 at 3:05 PM

Crystal Johnson


From HOME, 2010/11/19 at 11:23 AM

Steven Joshua Logan


From Child Support State UIFSA, 2010/11/18 at 10:05 PM

J. Sanchez

I totally agree that something has to be done & it has to be done NOW!

From HOME, 2010/11/18 at 10:42 AM

Hector E. Sanchez

For too long the system has force the NCP into poverty and underemployment. It’s time for a change!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/11/18 at 9:44 AM

Joseph MacDonald


From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/11/17 at 1:55 PM

Michael Richards

Wayne county in Michigan is so corrupt, they don’t care about people, only the money….

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/11/15 at 7:30 PM


Why can we not file a federal lawsuit. I will pitch in $500.00 dollars. Can this not be done?
This system is outrageous. If this can be done we need to all pitch in and file some type of legal action.

From HOME, 2010/11/15 at 7:15 PM

Terry L. Hammond


From Child Support Arrears, 2010/11/14 at 7:45 PM


My name is Cameus and I like most fathers am frustrated with a system that is design form its very core to be unfair. I am to a point where I can’t even afford to take my three year old girl to the movies due to an overbearing child support. I own a small production company I feel compelled to do a full length documentary on this subject. Please you may contact me anytime.


From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/11/12 at 9:28 AM

Gregory Turner

I pray that the courts open their eyes to what’s really going on! Florida is the most corrupt state when it comes to child support.

From FRAUD DAMAGES HHS SYSTEM, 2010/11/10 at 9:25 PM

Chad Hain


From HOME, 2010/11/09 at 11:35 PM

Leslie Singleton



Edgar G. Hinson

I am a victim of Paternity fraud. I live in South Carolina and the ex spouse, told what I thought to be our son, that I was not the Biological father, when he turned 18 a DNA test was done and now he has reunited with his father whom I had never had any knowledge of. I paid support obilgations for 18 years. Edgar Hinson.

From Father Takes DNA Paternity Fraud Case To U.S. Supreme Court!, 2010/11/09 at 11:43 AM

Dorothy Whitehed

I am glad someone is doing somthing. The state should never have become involved in these domestic issues. I don’t think we need a reform I think we need to abolish the program all together. My belief is that whoever decides to leave a marraige should leave by them selves, unless they can prove spousal or child abuse. That may be extreme but divorce rate would go way down. If that is too extreme then – If a woman leaves the marriage and takes the children she should be prepared to care for them!
I compare it to someone coming to your home kidnapping your children and then charging you for the rest of your life to care for those children.

If the courts want the children to have the lifestyle that the father can provide, then they should be living with the father! I can’t believe that fathers have not combined in complete revolt against a system that so strongly favors the women and reduces them to nothing. The woman holds all the keys! That balance of power is not good for anyone, but the woman and maybe her new situations.,

If Childsupport must continue then the father needs more control in how it is spent. It should be fraud to spend it on anything but the children!!!!! And it should not bankrupt the father. We shouldn’t punish the fathers for divorce! In many cases the divorce isn’t even their fault, yet they carry the blame.

From HOME, 2010/11/06 at 11:00 AM

Susan Hayes

The story here sounds a lot like mine. The family courts are not fair in themselves. My ex lied about his income when he was really making over 125,000 a year. He got custody when my son was 5 years old because the court said he was married (I was single) and he had the same job for years(I worked at KFC) So they gave him custody just like that and then the nightmare started for me. He once had my child support at almost 500.00 a month when I was only making 9.00 a hour. He took money out of my unemployment check when I lost my job and was living in hotels with my other son from a previous relationship. He too had several properties,a income of 200,000 plus, several vehicles etc. Well, he closed the case 10 years ago because his Mom who was his book keeper passed away and so he couldn’t hide his income anymore. So he was told to pay me because his income was so great to mine. He said that will never happen and he closed it. I never knew it was not set to zero. A couple of years ago someone hit me and my husband head on. I have pain from it all through my neck,mid-back,shoulders, and on top of that I have degeneration of the disc with arthritis in my lower back. My arms now go numb in the night and my hands are in constant pain. I am filing for disability and should get my hearing soon. He reopened the case and now my nightmare is back. They are threatening me with taking my license away that I need to get to the stores, doctors, etc. I live on a hill and there is no way I could walk up and down it. I have little strength at times. When it is cold I can’t be outside because the pain is so bad in my neck and spine that it paralyzes me to the point that I can hardly walk. They have threaten to put me in jail too. The person I spoke to today said there is nothing I can do about it. The child support office said that even if someone is laying on a hostpital bed fighting for their lives even they can’t do anything about the on going interest. They said I can’t stop the interest or modify the past amount. I live in fear of having my license taken away or that someone will put me in jail. It is not fair that people with disabilities have to go through so much pain. I don’t know what to do or where to go. I feel helpless. I feel like no one cares what I am going through. It shouldn’t be allowed that someone can close a case than reopen it 10 years later. Now it doesn’t matter how much he makes or how many properties he has. I have no income right now and no assests. My husband is trying to pay some of it for me but he has no money either and he is the sole person to take care of his 89 year old MOM who nees a lot of care. I feel like the childsupport division is bullying me to pay or they will throw me in jail. Our family law and child support laws need to be reformed. I can understand paying support for a child but I don’t think it is fair when one person lies about their income,has several properties,several cars,etc. taking money from the other parent when they are barely making it.

From Lies, Corruption, Deceit and Totally Disabled?, 2010/11/04 at 7:23 PM

Marc Jim

I agree there needs to be change NOW! I had custody of my three daughters for the past 11 yrs. Due to the fact that the ex was out partying using drugs and basically left the parenting to me. The ex-wife was ordered to pay 27.00 in child support for the 3 monthly. I’ve always worked and supported them. Their mother wouldn’t even pay what she was ordered. I kept track and documented every visit that was missed, how she didn’t take care of them when she did visit with them. 2 are over age and the youngest decided to move with her mother this past summer. Now i’m attacked with a child support judgement that is outrageous! Over a thousand dollars a month! Where’s the equality? Doesn’t her mother have to share the cost? No instead they want me to pay for her to sit at home and do nothing and live off of my hard earned money! I’m not saying I shouldn’t pay but I have a home and a wife and another son that I need to support as well. WE NEED REFORM NOW!!

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/11/04 at 11:52 AM

Gerry LaMartina

I am by far no dead beat dad and have worked hard all my life. My ex left a good marriage and devout husband to follow her whims. I payed support out of court in full for 7 years. 3 years ago i went through health issues, financial hardship, and support of a sick family member. My ex decided after getting re-married to take me to CS court and was awarded arrears and an increase of $400!! I barely get by now in a 1 bdr apt and old car. My ex has a household income of $150K, and 2 new cars. I will not be able to make rent. If i default for 3 months i lose my license. How is a father supposed to support his kids when the court turns all odds against him??? Those who receive CS should to be required by law to submit proof of expenditures on a child. The Bradley act needs repealed! Irrevocable liens, debt slavery, and containment are illegal. The CS laws promote extortion, wreck families, and ruin children’s lives!!!

From How is This Possible?, 2010/11/03 at 11:18 PM

Douglas Tielbur

I’ve been a slave to child support for over 30 yrs. now. Long story but the fact remains that slavery was not abolished with the Emancipation Proclomation.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/11/02 at 4:13 PM

Mark Goggins

Child support needs to be reformed and we need to ensure that the money is being spent on the child(ren). And there needs to be alternatives to jail time.

From HOME, 2010/10/28 at 10:49 PM

Cedric Harrison

It’s time for the government to get their greedy hands out of our family issues!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/10/28 at 12:32 PM

Terry W Preble

Lets see I owe 50,000 dollars went through 5 years of depresion 4 years with out my driving license 4 years with out my occupational license all my recreational licences mean while my kids were spending more time with me then they were there mothers in the end i was forced to join them cause i sure as hell couldnt beat them.i went on tanf. cause that was the only way to get my license back so i could get my kids back and fourth cause by tyhis time i had custody of them ive never recieived a penny in support anyway i will be in debt for ever with this child support and soon they will take all my licences once again.thats just part of my story the story of destroying the man i was and now im this person that will never own or have anything but ia bill that will never get payed.if ever laws needed to be changed.maybe some 1 needs to take a closer look at the big picture and realize maybe its the mothers that should be paying as well for money they didnt realy need cause they should of stayed home where they were well taken care of.Its to easy for a woman to leave get set up in a house and have an all expences paid vacation.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/10/28 at 10:46 AM

Rafael Cruz

It is a huge understatement to say the system is broken…it is incredibly unjust and plain abusive. In fact… in lack of an alternative, I support this petition, but I would be looking for a movement going to overthrow the child support system and i will support it.

From HOME, 2010/10/23 at 9:27 PM

Randy Flory


From Father Takes DNA Paternity Fraud Case To U.S. Supreme Court!, 2010/10/23 at 6:17 PM

Isaac G Ramirez


From CONTEMPT OF COURT, 2010/10/22 at 7:52 AM

Margaret Sandoval

what ever i can do i will please contact me if you need someone to stand somewhere to get signautres

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/10/21 at 1:13 PM

Lorelei Pablo

I am supporting this petition

From State Child Support FAQ’s phone numbers, 2010/10/21 at 10:39 AM

Nathan Rice

penalties, and interest on arrears can be a life sentence of payments.
something needs to change. Its a mess.

From HOME, 2010/10/21 at 4:19 AM

Walter Watson

The DCSE and the court systems here in VA is a complete joke!! I went to court yesterday and was completely railroaded being that i cant afford a attorney, my ex had her attorney there and made me look like a complete deadbeat, the judge was not willing or interested in hearing anything I had to say. so now I am forced to pay $5400. in two weeks or face 60 day’s in jail !! where is the justice !! I have lost my business, my bank account has been frozen by the county, the bank has come and taken my assets, I have done everything I know how to do, payed ten’s of thousands in support and still it’s not enough. the economy is fallen through the floor and there is no job’s to be found, but the court does not and will not hear anything you have to say about that !. but my ex gets to be free and do as she please with no cares how it this affects our children. There has to be reform in the court systems !. my fiance wants to get married but now is fear full that she will have to pay for my kid’s. why should my to be wife be responsible for my children?? dot get me wrong she love’s them and would do anything for them, but it’s just not right !!! change has to happen NOW !

From HOME, 2010/10/19 at 8:24 PM


I am shocked by the complete unfairness there is in Child Support. A female can Rape, Abort,commit fraud, and or drop off at a fire station her child. If after any of those personal choices SHE chooses to have a child SHE can financially devastate the man. This is unfair, immoral, and outrageous.

This will only change for what is right when society makes females responsible for THEIR choices. What happen to equal rights. The current system is criminal to say the least. Something needs to be done.




From HOME, 2010/10/18 at 5:56 PM

George Fleites

My high Child Support payments are used by her mother to pay for everything other than my daughter’s needs. The whole child support system is full of discrimination, anger, and rudeness, the constitution and civil rights are totally ignored.

I am paying child support but my ex found the way to lie by inflating costs and hiding income, I ran out of job back in 1999 and I own $35k for RETROACTIVE Child Support.

After the court order was issued, the court agreed to accept certain amount per month towards to the retroactive amount and ignoring the court’s decision, the Child Support placed a lien on my credit and took my passport away.

For about 10 years, I have been suffering in silence but two years ago I stopped believe on God. I am not religious anymore and the suicide still an option to stop suffering but I haven’t decided to take my life away yet. Instead, one year ago I sent an email to my daughter stating that I will be done with her in 6 more years when she turns 18 and after that, she goes not longer to exists for me.

4 years ago, I decided to stop paying all credit cards and all debt that I had including the house and cars, successfully ran away from repo trucks for a year until I decided to turn the cars back to the banks totally destroyed. A Dodge RAM, BMW X5 and a Ford F250. What the heck, my credit file is trash anyways after the child support placed a lien on it so it doesn’t worth to making efforts with paying bills.

I was wondering how many fathers are out here on a similar situation praying for their children no to go to the College because then the child support will continue until 21

So far, what are the results of all this, you can lie all you want to yourself but those are the facts:
1- Degradation of the moral values and decadency of the society by removing the father from the picture and growing a new layer of women who will be fucking all around regardless of the consequences because more kids is translated into more money.
Question: Is that the kind of society that we want in the US?
2- Raising a kid with the idea that the father is bad, stupid and all bad things caused that many kids lost their fathers forever even if the father still alive
3- Destroying the father;s ability to buy a house that can be passed to his kids in the future seams that the interest is destroying and punishing the father and don’t fool yourself, that is not the the benefit of the child.

This system needs to be changed, not for me, in 6 years I am done with it and my daughter will be looking for a job. Then I will be enjoying the life. This shit will affects me for 6 more years but my daughter will be suffering the consequences for the rest of her life.

Things that need to be changed are basically CUSTODY, sole custody should be translated into no child support and on this way both parents are going to be participating more actively on the child’s life.

Child support amount must not be set based on the parent’s income, that will force the mother to move her ass and get a job but will make the woman to be more responsible at the time of conception

One contradiction it that their constitution stated that a person shall not be imprisonment for owing money? Considering the fact that the child support is exclusively about money [You pay or dont pay]. The act of issuing a warrant for arrest against a child support debtor is against their own constitution.

This is what is left from the United States of America and it keeps going down

I personally don’t believe on anything at this moment, not even on any God and dreaming with reforms to the child support is a wasting of time. The tragedy from Oklahoma was product of the frustration of a guy who didn’t success with having a fair decision and he decided to bow up the whole thing so you can count with my signature but I don’t believe that there will be any kind of reform.

Thank you, George

From HOME, 2010/10/17 at 12:37 AM

Amy VanAelst

Reform now!!

From HOME, 2010/10/15 at 10:11 PM

Elizabeth Ford

elizabeth ford

From HOME, 2010/10/15 at 1:23 PM

James Turanyi

I just wrote a whole well thought out paragraph only to loose it when pressing the submit button. USELESS!!!…just like the reform I have been fighting for the last thirteen years.
Bradley…(Man responsible for the Bradley Amendment) how is it that one man, an ex-basketball player had the power to commit such an injustice in hurting so many…including the children he wouldn’t give the time of day to in passing on the street. That is reality.

Admin. James I found your comment, it is copied and pasted below:

My ex was originally awarded $2400.00 a month based on lies and deception upon filing for divorce. The case was dragged on for years leaving me with thousands in arrears before the divorce was finalized. Nothing I had written (said) or did mattered. My attorney was a joke (a judge himself) and basically had less than no legal representation. My ex prides herself on getting-back…on being hateful and loving to punish without relent, and I have no recourse.

From HOME, 2010/10/15 at 12:59 AM

Scott Weiner

We just want fairness!!

From HOME, 2010/10/14 at 1:51 AM

Teshanna Stephens

My bf has been payed up every bu last month cause of my seizure medicine and having drive 4 hrs away other doctors is a hole in pocket and he only $150.00 beheaded in payment but there saying he is $310.00 we had my father recheck it only and it he came $150.00 beheaded as well.Now my bf cousin hasn’t payed kid support in year and half there not anything about him but my has been paying for 8 years and there can harassing him and throw him in jail twice now cause he missed one payment.But his cousin who hasn’t paid for year and half is allowed walk free is not right.My bf hasn’t seen his seen lil girl since she 3 months old and she will be 9 in dec 2010.His ex gf stand if front of judge told them she doesn’t allow him see her which in are state visiten rights are allowed but sheis breaking the agreement term and they told him get a lawyer.We don’t even know if she still in the states neither does the court house cause she don’t update her address.His lil girl don’t know who real dad is cause she her mom keeps switching men the reason I know so well we where close friends at one time until she pulled this.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/10/12 at 3:29 PM

Francine A. Ford

A Note Of Vital Importance
by Fran Ford on Saturday, October 9, 2010 at 1:17pm

October 9, 2008


I would like to take this time to thank all our friends and family who know of our circumstances for being as supportive as possible during a very difficult time.

The next time you see a Most Wanted poster that lists men as deadbeat dads, there’s something I want you to know. While some of those men are listed because they choose to run, hide and shirk their responsibilities to provide for children they have fathered, others are there not out of choice, but out of desperation. It’s not their responsibilities to their children that they ran from, but from the laws that are completely in favor of the custodial parent to the point of many times leaving the non custodial parent with upwards to 65% of their wages garnished and in turn destined to many years of destitution. poverty, homelessness and despair.

The courts claim that they are all for the unification of families. The courts lie. How can they justify leaving a non custodial parent so broke that they many times can’t even afford the gas to go pick up their children, never mind have a decent place to bring them to or even feed them if they do take their kids for overnight or weekend visits?

Statistically 400,000 men a year commit suicide because of over inflated and out of control exorbitant court ordered child support payments which many times leaves many unable to provide for a second family they may have or facing jail, the loss of their jobs, the revocation of their driver’s license and even the right to vote or have a passport. And all because they were court ordered to pay exorbitant amounts of money they do not have because the wage assignment conditions do not take into account that the non custodial parent has another home and themselves to provide for. In our case, the court went by gross earnings and not net and did not take into account the living expenses that this particular non custodial parent needs to survive.

How is someone supposed to live on $58 a week when the court grants the custodial parent 65% of the non custodian’s wages? That barely buys the gas needed to get back and forth to a job! How is this being allowed to happen? Why? So the children they are supposed to be feeding and clothing can have all the biggest and best electronic devices and a library of all the latest X Box 360 and Wii games to be played on a state of the art HD TV system? I KNOW this happens…I’ve heard it from some I’ve talked to who are in the same boat we are.

The custodial parent is not held accountable by the court as to exactly how the money is spent. How much of the money actually goes to necessary care of the child such as food and clothing? Is the child eating mac and cheese and wearing hand me downs while the money is being spent on non necessities. And what child needs $800 a month to live on?! All this goes on while non custodial parents who are most times men go broke and end up disappearing, in jail or dead by their own hands? Perhaps if the amounts were lowered, the custodial parent would have no other choice but to spend what’s given to them on the child they are supposed to be spending it on and for the things they’re supposed to be spending it on.

Reform is needed, NOW!

Why am I writing this? Because we are living the nightmare. A good man who thought he was doing the right thing, due to being unable to afford a lawyer top speak on his behalf and help him through the process, misunderstood legal jargon, signed forms under duress (not even in front of a judge, but a law clerk, mind you), was taken advantage by the court system and now faces a life no one should ever have to live. Especially someone who always had full intention of owning up to the responsibility of providing for his child. His wages are being garnished to the tune of 65% of his take home pay (AFTER TAXES!) and shortly medical insurance monies will be added to that and taken out of what’s left of his check in order for the child to be put on his medical plan.

So, the next time you see a Most Wanted Poster with one or more dead beat dads listed on it, please think twice and do not be so quick to judge, not all is what it seems.

Pro Bono legal help is desperately needed (by us) and will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading.

Fran Ford

From HOME, 2010/10/12 at 1:33 PM

Alma Daniels

Texas is a joke!

From HOME, 2010/10/11 at 11:31 PM

Janice Woodson

Texas is just scandalous with their fraud practices.

From HOME, 2010/10/11 at 11:24 PM

Glenn Williams

I support this effort wholeheartedly the Texas child support system is a big joke and has ruined my life.

From HOME, 2010/10/11 at 11:22 PM

Patrick Lee

Child Support Enforcement is UN-CONSTITUTIONAL!!! I have been in arrears for about 15 years and may go to my grave owing this money!! However, now that millions more have been added to the unemployment lines, maybe, just maybe this law will be repealed!! REPEAL THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL BRADELEY ADMENDMENT!!

From HOME, 2010/10/11 at 7:40 PM

Charles Bufalino


From Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, 2010/10/11 at 3:45 PM

Jeremy Woodall


From CONTEMPT OF COURT, 2010/10/07 at 6:51 PM

Mey Saelee

I agree.

From Child Support THE FRAUD!, 2010/10/07 at 6:18 PM

Derrick Crowder

Ocse is one of the worst state run offices

From HOME, 2010/10/07 at 12:50 PM

Chan Melton

It is hard out here for men who want to support there kids and cant because of the economy.The law is very bia’s when it comes to men and women rights.The system is a no win situation in any case for a man.The bible is our guide for the world, but it states that women have no power, but the courts goes against what the bible speaks on. Corithians.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/10/04 at 11:47 PM

Antonio Petrone


From HOME, 2010/10/04 at 1:00 PM

Max Pearl

Shakespeare forgot to include the judges

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/10/03 at 12:17 PM

David Rosenthal

it is a shame what the system is doing to parents and their children

From HOME, 2010/10/03 at 12:06 PM

Nelson Prado

I dont understand why there aren’t many more signatures on here. Its seems Americans have become so docile and complacent to being abused by our leaders. We have become a nation of, Jello for brains, slaves. I am concerned that my government abuses me, lies to my face and uses me. Why aren’t more people upset about this? America was built by patriotic citizens that questioned and shaped their government. What ever happened to those people? Take a stand, turn off those mind numbing reality shows and spread the word..

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/10/03 at 11:12 AM

Eric Sias

count me in.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/10/01 at 1:54 PM

Paula Snyder (for Michael McCoy)

I have been with Mike for four years, we have a three year old son together and between us 3 daughters. His ex-wife used the child support system to make his life a living hell. She calls every week if not every day, works under the table so they can’t track her money, uses the child support to go out and party with, she doesn’t even take care of her children, her sister and mother do. All she cares about is the money, she does not care about the kids and things became even worse three years ago when both her daughters said they wanted to come live with us….well I don’t blame them considering everyother week its a different man being brought around them. The child support system is corrupt, it screws men and women alike that have to pay….it takes the side of the parent with the children and does not consider that they may be abusing the system…..I could only hope that the whole thing is taken away. I know personally I have paid for my own daughter…she is 18 years old and I have never gotten a dime nor did I ask for one…screw that crap and screw him…she is mine and I did it on my own…I have the right to say she is what she is because of me.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/10/01 at 8:38 AM

Taylor Humphries

Me and my husband are both having to pay child surrport my husband is the only one working at this time. In the court dockets they have us down as not being marrided and not living together so I dont under stand why they can make both us pay when were living off his income.. I really need some answer so please contact me at 919-398-0768 or asap

From HOME, 2010/09/29 at 4:51 PM

Hannah Ness

i pray this works child support is a scam

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/09/28 at 7:55 PM

David Jenkins

ohio chilld supports laws suck bad!! i can even see my son but 4 times a month. and pay 533 a month

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/09/27 at 10:46 AM

Raul Cortes

there is no justice for fathers, I believe the system is benefiting from it. i hope this works.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/09/27 at 6:58 AM

Deron Taylor

SMITH COUNTY,TEXAS should be first for reform,I assure you they wreck homes,make people move in the salvation army,make people sell their homes,lose their jobs by imprisoning them undufully,and the majority of the funds the state keeps.This county is a travesty to the fullest,with JUDGE CAROL CLARK as the head robber.ALL they want to do is make money for the county and state.I feel for people who put burdens on others that they themselves wouldn’t bear,as the GOOD LORD will surely do the same to them.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/09/22 at 7:24 PM

M Morris


From Child Support THE FRAUD!, 2010/09/19 at 3:46 PM

Bonna Mullaly



Bonna Mullaly

Please see my comments above, and tell me what part of the government I need to visit or talk to in order to start a coalition to change child support in the state of TN.


Bonna Mullaly

I know how unfair and unjust the child support laws are in this state, and being a tax paying citizen for only a little under 6 years, I am ready to move out of this state just because I don’t want to pay taxes to help pay Child Support Services, and the paychecks of the caseworkers who harrass my husband and thus stressing us both to the point of being physically ill. They don’t care that my husband has several big health issues and that he can’t do just any job. They don’t care that he works all that he can, and that he had a plan in place through his contract work to be able to have full time employment that his health could endure which would enable him to pay the unfair amount of child support he’s ordered to pay so that we can live peacefully without worrying about stress and harrassment. There are enough social networks to know we aren’t the only ones, and how unfair this state is to fathers and how quick they are to call them a deadbeat dad, and everything the mother has to say is taken as gospel, no proof required. I want to know what I can do to help get this changed. The CS system in this state serves to alienate children from their father. It seeks to destroy married couples – and I want to find a way to let child support know that I am never to be referred to as ‘the new wife’, they have no business referring to me in collecting money’s, and I’m not the new wife, I’m the wife, and should be called Mrs. (LastName) by them. There is no longer a debtor’s prison, and slavery is illegal……..except when it comes to divorced fathers. How barbaric and backwards can we get? Forcing sick men to die for their grown children is just wrong.

From FRAUD DAMAGES HHS SYSTEM, 2010/09/18 at 9:49 AM

Gillian L Mays


From Child Support System in Texas, 2010/09/16 at 11:34 PM

Jason Featherston


From SIGN HERE!, 2010/09/16 at 5:25 PM

Rob Freese

The current Child Support System is flawed and many of us paying support are being rail-roaded by County Attorneys and Enforcement agencies who have no real interest in our children but rather in the financial ruin of us, as parents for sake of the custodial parent. The custodial parent is fully furnished with legal representation to a T, and those of us struggling to survive are left just outside of hells gate, with not even an ioda of where to turn for any kind of help! There’s not a single congressman, senator…or legislator who will ever have the “pair” to champion our cause because it will effectively cost them the female vote! Without the woman’s vote..the politician cannot be elected! I am signing this attempt at reform in the hopes that SOMETHING can be done, for the highest percentage of us there is no light at the end of the tunnel…and this affects our children, belive it or not! I pray that our Government can help solve this financial crisis for a remarkably large amount of Americans whose list is growing larger and deeper in debt by the minute. We cannot afford to buy a vehicle or to attempt to crawl out of our desperate and dire circumstances as a result of being bilked by an unfair and unconstitutional set of rules geared towards the benefit of others around our children, using them as the reason when in fact a lrage amount of our support actually pays the bills of these attorneys, their case workers…judges etc. etc. If the best interest of my children is truely at heart then why am I constantly being bombarded for more and more intrest on my arrears? Why is it that there is not a Child Visitation Enforcement Agency? The 2 are held seperately for many reasons yet no legislation exists as a result of having my childrens’ “best interests” in mind for enforcement of visitation!
The cards are stacked so heavily in favor of the custodial parent (for the most part mom) that they need not work nor show proof of how the money we pay is spent. I am in court, in person or telephonically, every 2 or 3 months…They harass me continuosly! When will we all be given the opportunity to stand in a court of law and be heard for what is moraly right instead of what is currently legally incorrect. This system is killing people, and unfortunately it is our children,whom we LOVE the most, whom are paying the price!
Rob Freese

From HOME, 2010/09/15 at 10:22 PM

Fred Alloway

I just talked to an old friend who had cancer almost died and lost his compnay. When he got out of the hospital he had to serve six month in jail still very sick for back child support he couldn’t pay while in the hospital.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/09/15 at 1:28 PM


Family Court is so Corrupt, Shame on All the Family Court Judges.

From HOME, 2010/09/12 at 2:57 PM

Mark Stanfill

I live in a small town where the divorce court chancery judge makes the law as he goes. And he is always on the mothers side no matter what. Most men don’t want divorce for their childrens sake and happyness. My spouse wakes up one day and decides she wants a divorce. Excuse there is no love and I’m not happy. So what my 2 sons that are very happy and say Dad we are all happy what is wrong with mom we have a perfect family. She replies I just want to be happy and then come the lies and deceipt against the father. I had thirty thousand in savings. Spent it all on child support, spousal support and attorney fee’s before I even got to divorce court. It took a little over two years. Fathers are looked at by judge as just a payer with no rights. I had stated I will take my case all the way to the supreme court to have my boys half the time. My wife and 3 other of her family members were under arrest and charged with my beating, and false inprisonment, and destroying evidence. I was tied at my own home and beaten by my wifes family because I would not leave my home. Its been three years and they are still not prosecuted. I have four plastic disc, four bone graphs, four metal rods and screws and and some kind of plate in front of my spine in my back after being beaten. This happened in my driveway after I come home from my sons ballgame. The small town court out smarted me and stalled the court long enough to break me so I could not fight them any longer. DA does not return my calls because of his mistakes in law advice. How does this happen in our country. Total corruption in small hill billy towns. Read the bible about divorce it is quite clear on divorce and simple. The bible has an answer for anything but the United States has become so corrupt and the morals are thrown out the door. God is kicked out of schools. There is absolutely NO support systems for the non-custodial parent only condemnation. A father feels like he has no rights and has been raped after a divorce. You can get relief in prayer and know that the judges that judged wonderful fathers and mothers unfairly along with corrupt attorneys and DA’s will be judged by God on the basis they judged others. We must pray for their souls. There will be the day of true justice. It could be better on earth now. I support your movement.

The courts have given women an incentive to get a divorce. A nice check from Dad every month. Mom does as she pleases and adventually turns her back on her children to whore around, drink and party. The court system has coused many divorces and divorces will continue until the money is taken completly out of the picture. Remember you law makers you have given mothers a big money incentive and money is the root of all evil. What ever happened to better or for worse. Law makers it is time for you to act. We all are watching the best country in the world slowly becoming a third world country. Law Makers don’t tant God with taking him out of your buildings and our schools. That is worse than Sodom and Gomora in Gods eyes. Fear God and do the right thing not what your buddy wants.

Mark Stanfill Tennessee

From HOME, 2010/09/11 at 4:50 PM

Stephen Bowers

There are those of us who love our kids and pay our Child support but are now being faced with the lack of employment and or are now unemployed are facing jail time because there are no jobs

Plus the fact that for whatever the reasons may be, those who have married again to another,

I believe it is unconstitutional to force the current spouse who is not the parent of the Child to pay under the guise of what the current spouse being into the marriage financially as income

From HOME, 2010/09/11 at 3:42 PM

Carmen Colon

I feel that the government needs a complete evaluation. They must take care of home before trying to rectify other places and their barbaric actions. Now, all of these troops coming back home, to what? Greed, economy downs, and no jobs. I pray that the courts stay out of domestic issues as what goes on in a family. There many instances that the Family court laws are manipulated for gain, and usually it isn’t for the benefit of the child. It’s sad.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/09/08 at 6:52 PM

Bernard Pearson

bernard pearson, on september 8, 2010 i agree with everybody on this petition, because im on that boat to.i really do think something needs to be done about this matter,i think the indiana system is a contradictory of wat they say, far as locking you up while having a job and thats the whole purpose of getting the job to pay child support.judges telling you what to pay without vewing your case, when its based on your income,thats not right.i have kids that understands it aint all about the money, its the love and guidance and having there dads and moms around to protect them and not letting the streets pull them astray.and also locking you up with rapists and murderers and hard core criminals behind this child support .ididnt committ no crimes,its hard times and im trying to do the best i can and if i didnt care about my kids i wouldnt be on this petition,im just tired of going to jail behind this so, MR.PRESIDENT AND MEMBERS OF CONGRESS, PLEASE CONSIDER CHILD SUPPORT REFORM. YOURS TRULY

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/09/08 at 2:20 PM

Ervin Amstrong

20 years ago I went through a divorce. I was suffering from PTSD resulting from my military experience and didn’t know it. I was self medicating with drugs and alcohol and out of a job. My ex-wife stated that if I stayed away, she would not seek child support. Most likely she thought she’s never get any money and at the time I thought it would be best for my son. I went through 3 rehaps and years of AA meeting before I was finally able to free myself from drugs and alcohol. Later, I went back to college received a degree and worked for Intel. However, after dealing with 30 years of PTSD triggers and not being able to medicate myself, I finally broke down and went on disability. When my son turned 18 I brought him out to California and showed him the sights and gave him a car and a wad of cash to get back to Illinois. Later I was able to get him into college, tuition free with a $900 stipend every month. He had 4 years of college handed to him on a silver platter, all together a package worth over $80,000. He had a son but by this time his mother alienated him from me and didn’t want me to see my grandson. He was married to the woman who had my grandson so I hired a lawyer in Missouri to tell the mother and my son that I would seek visitation through the court if an agreement couldn’t be reached. My son is 34 lives in Illinois with his mother, 3 weeks after the letter was sent, I receive a petition for back child support for $56,000 from my ex-wife. In 20 years, she has never said nothing, no court order or anything. I was never served anything. This wasn’t about child support, she uses the court for vengeance because I wanted to see my grandson. She wants to alienate my grandson just like she did with my son, and the courts willingly provide her with a vehicle to do. I had a lawyer pressuring me into settling because it wasn’t worth her time to make another court appearance. And she told me she could get my ex-wife to settle for a lump sum cash amount. So, I agreed, and I told her, if she didn’t get my ex-wife to settle I would be forced to file bankruptcy. I had borrowed heavily to remodel my house and could not afford to pay any back child support. If I had known that I owed that amount, I would have never borrowed any money in the first place. Now I am forced to file for bankruptcy and I won’t be able to keep my house. There needs to be some changes in the law, you should not be allowed to wait 20 years, not filing anything with the courts or saying a word to anyone, then one day just decide to file. This is totally insane and grossly unfair.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/09/08 at 9:53 AM

Melisa Estes

my husbands ex decided she wanted more money 2 weeks after our son together was born. of course they gave it to her and the last 6 years have been nothing but struggle for us.. Texas Attorney General cares nothing about the second family..

From Unfair Visitation Laws, 2010/09/06 at 11:07 PM

Jabbar Powell


From Child Support THE FRAUD!, 2010/09/05 at 11:57 PM

Robert Breads

long over due

From HOME, 2010/09/05 at 1:07 PM

Odell McCain Jr.

I am a victim of paternity fraud as well in South Carolina. My “daughter” had emergency surgery which could easily have been life-threatening and even in this, her mother still hid from me the true father’s role in her life. She was willing to risk her life to keep money coming in to her! This needs to stop… not just in certain states but in ALL STATES. No one should be obliged to pay for someone elses responsibility just because the mother wants a check. And this is not a stab at good mothers who are actually honest. My wife and family are suffering financially due to the great loss of income due to this deciet. I pray that courts all over wise up and see this corruption for what it truly is. And deal with it with true justice.

From Father Takes DNA Paternity Fraud Case To U.S. Supreme Court!, 2010/08/30 at 11:12 PM

  Scott Sullivan

F*&k you FOC

From EVIL MONEY TRAIL, 2010/08/30 at 3:34 PM

Jennifer Hawkins

I have seen to many children and fathers in circumstances due to the lack of rights for most fathers if they are unable to afford legal representation or even be able to go to court to defend their rights to see their child. I think that the current laws that protect many of these mothers and do nothing to protect the fathers creates a lack of responsibility in would be mothers who believe that they can have as many children as they wish and not really have to support them…and even give negligible care so as to have more monies for themselves. These old stereotypes that set men up as providers and women up as nurtures is ridiculous it rarely applies these days, roles are versatile. Actually if the roles were reversed (since this is an equal society and could be right) we would be less condemning of women I think, if they could not afford excessive “child tax” lets just call it that, “child tax” rather than support fore that is precisely what this has become. Support should not be considered simply monetary.
This is not currently a nation of equality as long as these laws remain as they are. We have rights for every person in this country except for today’s fathers, interesting. This effects ever one and everything as it filters through.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/08/29 at 3:54 PM

Corey Lewis


From SIGN HERE!, 2010/08/29 at 2:33 PM

Ricky Greene

you know i have been caught up in this child support nightmare for a few years now. it seems that all the system is so interested in is teaching a child that money is everything well its not. im not a well off person n i do the best i can , but to me the most inportant thing to teach a child is to be there self to learn how to live when you dont have. not pay me money or go to jail. there is so much more to raising a child than just money even if you r seperated but does the system look at that???? H3LL NO

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/08/28 at 7:27 PM

Renae Reichardt

Your driving Dads away by making them financially poor. There is a better way and as a progressive society we must evolve.

From Money Mooching Moms, 2010/08/28 at 5:00 AM

Harold Wilson

read this….it explains alot

From Child Support System in Texas, 2010/08/26 at 10:18 PM

David Hunsley


From HOME, 2010/08/25 at 5:54 PM

Gayle Leier

Is it possible to file charges of purjury against a DCSS attorney? If so, where do I start

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/08/25 at 5:28 PM

Alan Colella

Child support in California is not fair for the Fathers. I am currently getting my wages garnished for child support. The mother of my child wants to change counties, now I am getting billed by 2 counties. I am spending endless hours of my own time to try and correct this. I am being billed interest for this as well. If the government stayed out of my business, maybe I wouldn’t be so angry. I have spent lots of money on lawyers that I can’t afford. I have spent money on classes that I didn’t need to take but the mother claimed I did. I have fought to see my daughter and I will continue to do so, but it shouldn’t leave me exhausted of my funds and energy. I have had limited time with my daughter and I have had to fight for what I have now. I shouldn’t have had to fight so hard to just see my daughter. Such BS. I want 50 percent time with my daughter, but it will never happen because the courts are crooked.

From POLITICAL PRISONER Attorney Richard I Fine, 2010/08/25 at 11:52 AM

Mary Jo Breshears

There needs to be something done to help the people caught up in the child support NIGHTMARE! Taking away their drivers license and putting them in jail for non support does not in anyway help anyone in the situation! All is does is break up famiilies.
It is a vicious cycle that the system has them going through. If they have a felony, they can’t get a job, without a job, they can’t pay child supprt. Then, they get their drivers license taken away and they can’t get a job because they can’t go to work. Around and around we go. There needs to be jobs and programs to help people like this.
What is wrong with this system anyway? No one can get anyone in any office to answer a phone calls. They always say they will return your call and don’t. But, iif they were to call you, You had better be there to answer!
Please pass this on and get everyone you know to sign this petition. Please Not every dead beat dad as they are labeled are just NOT paying their child support, they honestly don’t have a way and the system sets them up for failure to begin with!

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/08/24 at 8:16 PM


I’m all for your concept of Child Support Reform.

From Child Support and “debtors prisons”, 2010/08/23 at 10:56 PM

Kathy Bertschy

My name is Kathy Bertschy. My web-site is: My email is: Please feel free to follow my site as I unfold my horrific fight for my child/children and my plight to bring PUBUC AWARENESS to this ridiculous situation of over extorted non-payment of Child Support. There is absolutely NO support systems for the non-custodial parent only condemnation.The Deadbeat label is far to common of an accusation which does not describe most parties in this situation. Its a form o fpublic humiliation and ostracization When in fact the non-custodial parent also fall pray to circumstances beyond control and sometimes non-recovery when being prosecuted, and they too need just as much support and help as the custodial parent.. Its unfair for both sides of the coin. .It also keep the fight between the parties on going, which also raises revenue with in the city and job security for the overly paid, over educated lazy attorney’s (especially in my cases). I too want to speak out an join in the fight for REFORM. Debtors prison is recognized as lawful in most “states” constitution and utilized viciously by the courts systems for revenue by throwing one parent in jail while the other is forced into welfare…now the state supports BOTH parties and that is perceived as a WIN situation? NO! It is NOT! I would love to join you and others to present the problems and a hopeful solution….
There was a web-site called the that allowed you to rate the Judges in your area but recently was taken down due to the dis-favor one particular Judge received repeatedly . You can read more about it if you google Xollie Duncan and read the 20 year sentence her husband (Judge Clinger) handed down from a civil case Judge Xollie Duncan handled. Since then she has filled the Benton County, Ar jail to the brim with anyone who crosses her court with non-payment of child support regardless of the circumstances. The tag teaming of the Judges presents a biased conflict of interest border lining on conspiracy (definition of conspiracy – any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result). …in my opinion. Harsh words…yes! Very harsh especially if your the object of their intentions… and im not going to apologize for my lack of eloquence …Thank you for reading.

From HOME, 2010/08/23 at 2:25 PM

Andre Sullivan


From CHILD SUPPORT MYTHS, 2010/08/21 at 11:09 PM

Younes Jirari


From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/08/21 at 2:35 PM

Jamie Grant

i just can’t believe domestic relations anymore. i’ve been doing this 12 yrs now with no problems with paying or paying increases. but now, they are ready to increase it again. and to a point where i will be left with nothing to live off to make my own bills. i do not waste money now. and my kids are already sick of coming to my place because i cannot afford to do things with them like their mothers. it doesn’t matter to d r if you are a goodparent or a bum. i think they rather prefer you to be a bum. it’ seems like they like to ruin a parents relationship with their kid(s).

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/08/21 at 10:40 AM

Joyce A Mason


From HOME, 2010/08/20 at 2:47 PM

Brian Hutchings

Time for Child Support, CPS, and court reform(s) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations as well as the rest of the nation and world to have Shared Parenting (Joint Physical Custody as well as Joint Legal Custody) the default expectation for families with children and at the time of a child’s birth even if the parents may not be married.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/08/20 at 7:34 AM

Lori Johnson

Totally in support of this petition

From UIFSA Uniform Interstate Family Support Act UNCONSTITUTIONAL, 2010/08/19 at 7:05 PM

Rafael O Molina

I am also a victim of Paternity Fraud from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. In 1989 I joined the Army and a few monthe later an ex-girlfirend told me she had given birth to my child. I married this girl in 1991 to make things right and give the child a family. This did not work out and we divorced two years later in 1993. I payed child support for this child for 20 years and in June 2010, out of curiosity, we conducted a DNA test. It turned out to be negative! The mother claims that is imposible, and threatens to sue me for doing that test… I am opening a paternity challenge suit in Puerto Rico since that’s where the documents are at and corrections need to be made. LAW 215 of 2009 in PR supports Paternity Cahllenge and corrections to the birth certificates, along with child support suspensions.

From Father Takes DNA Paternity Fraud Case To U.S. Supreme Court!, 2010/08/19 at 12:27 PM

Margie Nelsen

Please fix this government cas cow. I have read so many heartbreaking cases and seen people that I know suffer due to this crooked agency. Justice has fallen in the streets.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/08/18 at 6:06 PM

Steven Chaisson

My rights as Father were taken away from me in 15 minutes in an Oregon Custody Court, without any evidence of wrong doing or harm to my child. But of course I am ordered to pay half the amount the Court deems necessary for my daughter to live comfortably and I am allow to see her 48 days a year, which my ex wife makes sure never happens. When I petitioned the court to enforve the visitation rules, I was charged with Contempt of Court, I won’t do that again. This all true. I haven’t seen my daughter in 3 year and no one cares.

From Unfair Visitation Laws, 2010/08/18 at 3:22 PM

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/08/17 at 9:58 PM

Cindy Deskins

Most of the bad things child support can do have been done to me. I look for work every week and have been unemployed for a long time, but that matters little to the system.

From HOME, 2010/08/17 at 11:02 AM

Helen Metzger

From HOME, 2010/08/17 at 11:01 AM

Paul Mendoza

I’m in Louisiana and forced to pay an abusive bipoler mother who turned her kids against me, have no longer a relationship with. Went to court over 40 times. My own lawyer droped me, got money stolen from another lawyer, kept from going to trial because I had too much incriminating evidence on the ex! This is the biggest scam of our nation!
The system turns loving Dads into their money making machines!

From HOME, 2010/08/13 at 11:14 AM

Annie Loe


From HOME, 2010/08/10 at 3:30 PM

James McDaniel

I am currently stuck in this hell and have had my bank account frozen and I know the license is next, what a corrupt fucked up system! To boot I have never been in any trouble in my life Now I have to deal with this indentured servitude!

From CONTEMPT OF COURT, 2010/08/09 at 11:15 PM

Mark Ledbetter


From SIGN HERE!, 2010/08/09 at 8:41 PM

Anthony Meriweather

I suffered from a great deal of depression when I was a kid my only way till to deal with my problem so I thought was my love for females well long story short when the smoke cleared I had sixteen kids. I live in indiana and I have ten child support cases at 35 dollars a week a child that’s 1400 a month 1750 if the month has a five week period. I can’t afford this but my kids want for nothing they have what they need but since I can’t pay what the courts want they keep locking me up but the messed up part is the money keeps adding up even when I’m locked up and I owe so much because of the fact that the money don’t stop adding up. If the whole world is in a economic funk. How can they lock me up when there’s no jobs. I try to show my kids that jail is no place for anyone so I try to do things legit but its really pushing me to come up with ways make cash fast being that all I seem to go to jail for is child support. Listen it takes more then money to raise kids like spending time listening to there problems being there for advice putting me in jail takes this away from them. While I’m locked up no child support gets paid and my kids get they advice from the streets just like I did.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/08/04 at 7:13 AM

Brian Lancaster

I live in california my ex wife live in seattle with my boys. I fly them back and forth 10 times per year for visitation.

I was just served with papers when i flew to seattle to pick up my boys. I am being charged with contempt of court in seattle even though my child support case is here in california and they have been directly deducting 25% of my unemployment check

I have been harrased to the point I cant take it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Child Support and “debtors prisons”, 2010/08/04 at 12:38 AM

David Robertson

I have been through hell the last four years. I think non-custodial parents need to start gathering and finding ways to combat the courts corruption. I don’t advocate violence but as my grand father used to say ” there’s more than one way to skin a cat”. We must buck the system. It is the only way.

From HOME, 2010/08/03 at 6:51 PM

Chris Bennett

End the fraud, justice now.

From Father Takes DNA Paternity Fraud Case To U.S. Supreme Court!, 2010/08/03 at 2:51 PM

Michael Faulkner

Hopefully the reform will include more visiation for custodial parents and a reduction in payment from 21 per cent for one child to 17 per cent.

From HOME, 2010/08/02 at 3:13 PM

Gerald Sean Coleman

This I know about I figured out how not to do harm to my self in the middle of the victimzation will make you sick and can kill you. It started June, 1996 when mywife allow someone to burn my child 10months old with a hot steam oron. That was the beginning of ten years of abuse by her to my children.

From Indigent Servitude = Slavery, 2010/08/02 at 2:30 PM


Gerald Sean Coleman

I am in this picture I am Military Service Connected and will not be allowed a blood test by the state of Louisiana because I was married.

From Adultery: A Lucrative Business, 2010/08/02 at 2:09 PM

Connie Blair

The child supports laws are so inhumane that I cannot fathom the fact that they have existed this way for so long. There is a huge difference in “dead beat dads” that never see their kids, skip town to avoid paying, etc. Dads that are actively involved in their child’s life and that are paying for the kids when they have them and giving child support (that they can afford) that should be enough. These women would still have to pay for a place to live and all the other bills that they have even if they had no kids, so why do they think that if they have a child then it is the man’s responsibility to provdie all these things? It would still cost her the same amount to live as far as base expenses, so that should in no way involve “child support”. That is normal living expenses. If the amount is set for “child support” it should only include “child support”. Plus most of the women I know that get child support – spend like there is no tomorrow. Not just on their kids – but on themselves lavishly and do not budget and then when they run out of money they want to exthort money from the “father” and know that if they get him put in jail for any arrearages – they will get this big lump sum of money. Very much a racket and so grossly unfair to fathers. Robbers, drug dealers and robbers get better jail time than child support – it is travesty and it needs to be fixed now!

From Child Support State UIFSA, 2010/07/30 at 9:24 AM

James Caldwell


From SIGN HERE!, 2010/07/29 at 2:59 PM

Jeremie Lee Cook

It is unfair and paralyzing to the Father with limited resources and no support structure. If I only make 10.00 dollars an hour and work less that 40 hrs a week, how can I pay 1200.00 a month in support along with 171.50 in medical with an ungodly amount in arrearages. I have paid my ex-wife 33,541.51 in the last 5 years… My arrears continues to grow.. I am now 73,500 in arrears… How is this possible… I am garnished and it seems like there is no help for guys like me. I finally got a decent job bringing in 37,000 a year, but I see less than 1/3 of that due to the garnishments on a fictional number… I am afraid that some fathers will resort to negative things because of this injustice.

From Child Support Arrears, 2010/07/28 at 11:11 AM

Robert Tomasulo

Help!,..I gave all to my X wife,…after she walked out on me and took residence with her friend I gave her out of respect for my kids,.(2) daughters,.My son stayed with me by my side,.$200.00 a week with no court order. After she filed for the divorce they came up with an order of what was suppoesed to be temporary support amount of $670.00 per week, that was based on an assumption that my ligit tax return was frraudulent because I was self employed as a contractor, (sole Prop),.(home improvements) so they inputed additional income. After paying $670.00 per week for 3 years and handed her $175 K in cash before the house was even sold, I filed for a reduction because due to the economy I wasnt making the money I made in 2004,..its now 2007 and recession has eaten me alive, im going out of business! When I got to court the judge told me I have no right modifying the decree because I have not sold the home and give her the lump sum she was agreed to get in the negotiations. I explained that the home was on tha market and not selling, originally appraised at $800 K. he advised me to reduce it untill it sold and I further explained that I would not be able to pay her what she bargained for if I did that,..well he told me it was my problem and I would have to continue paying the $700. per week, we are 2010 im like 50 K in the rears being made a dead beat dad after giving my x wife over 400K in distribution and support my children dont even talk to me and they took my drivers liscense away. I have Ulcerative colitis Bleeding ulser’s from the stress, rotator cuff surgery 5 screws and have been an unemployed for nearly 1.5 yrs, now they reduced my support to 240.00 a week,..hello!!,..I have no job or money left, live in a trailer park with my girlfriend by the graces of my 77 year old fathers financial help!,..What am I supposed to do now??,..I cand do masonry work anymore my 50 year old body is torn up and there’s no home improvement industry at the present time in Florida. Does anybody care???? I just can hope to die! She has a 300 K judgement and almost 50 K in the arears in just 2 years. I can never have a life financially again! She never had to work a job while married to me for the sake of our children and after 15 yrs of marrage I am left with owing her for the rest of my natural life! HELP ME!!!! PLEASE!!!

Sherri Hagerman

I can’t believe I found this site. I have been going through this nightmare for eight years. I am a mother signed over custody to an abusive ex-husband and father. He kept my children from me and I did everything I could to see them and to get them out of that situation and it was always my word against his. The change of custody was in 1994 and even though I supported them in other ways, bought them clothes, toys, paid for their trips to see me when he would allow it that didn’t matter. He went on welfare in 2000 and came after me for support. My sons are now 25 and 23 and I am still paying even though I have paid this obligation off. I am dealing with two states that I have been fighting with to get the child support calculations to match. Both states say it is the other states fault. I could go on and on about my ordeal. Whoever is running this site if you want to contact me directly I would be happy to provide you with additional information and help in anyway that I can.

From HOME, 2010/07/27 at 2:25 PM

Bradley Howe

JOINT ‘SHARED’ CUSTODY… What is it? And why YOU won’t get it!

Every family study published by competent researchers have found that the Childs Best Interest would be best served through ‘equa’l continued contact, emotional nurturing and Love from both parents throughout his/her lifetime. Yet every family court consistently rules on the ‘every other weekend visitation schedule’ for the Non Custodial Parent. Every other weekend is nothing at all. The extensive financial benefits given to the Custodial Parent nurtures complacency and gluttony, which in turn motivates the CP to maintain this visitation schedule. These extensive financial benefits include, but are not limited to: child credits, tax free income each month from the Non custodial parent, and support from DSS programs such as medicaid and child care assistance.

To put this in perspective, every week visitation of two days immediately doubles your time, but does nothing to the Non custodial parents child support obligation in most states. Heres the math:

Days in a year 365.
Worksheet sole custody nights required from Custodial parent: 243 nights
Days allowed for Non Custodial Parent BEFORE considered joint custody: 122 nights
(NOTE: Joint Custody allows you access to school and medical records. 122 nights does not mean that you have Joint ‘Shared’ Custody. It is Joint ‘Shared’ Custody that allots equal physical time with a child that would eliminate the need for Child Support obligations. When a child resides with you on an equal basis, that child is receiving Child Support without the Government involved. Thus, also allowing the opportunity for future reconciliation; that which is not allowed in todays Family Court System.).

Every other weekend per year nights: 52 nights
Every week two nights visitation per year: 104 nights
Throw in holidays, vacation days etc, and you will ‘ALWAYS’ fall just short of that 122 nights measure for joint ’shared’ custody unless you have other visitation as agreed upon through the Court and we all know that is not going to happen; too many incentives for the Custodial parent, to include the financial incentives for the County, State and Federal level budget offices. (Supporting our economy and those in office that receive ‘proficiency awards’.).

Ok, lets add 1 more night each week to the mix and now we have a difference of only 44 nights per year. Add vacations and holidays and this balances out pretty well indeed. However, look what it does for the custodial parent? It takes away the incentives for the Custodial parent. This is why, the system works. This is why Joint Custody is handed out like candy and Joint ‘Shared’ Custody is so extremely hard to come by. All judges and family courts are taught that fathers are only trying to get out of paying child support. Well, I’m here to tell you that Custodial parents are just as likely to deny the father to GAIN child support. You see the argument doesn’t hold water. Doesn’t equal parenting time, which includes emotional support and financial responsibility of a child when they are with you, constitute child support?

So, in reality, when you strip away all the brain washing and bribery, assert the REAL best interest of the child, you will see that Child Support Enforcement and the Family courts are acting AGAINST the best interest of the child by creating of itself the poisonous environment that allows the destruction of families and their separated children. Child Support Enforcement and the Family Courts are the cause of Parental Alienation. We must remove the Title IV-D incentives, and remove the adversarial nature of family courts to maintain moral, ethical, and continued mental health of our children by awarding equal parenting from both parents.

As long as there continues to be Title IV-D Incentives; (tax payer money awarded to the State), President Bush’s “Deficit Reduction Act”; ($25 Service Fees that have nothing to do with Child Support services, but was implemented to reduce the Federal Deficit), Penalties for States; (Loss of revenue for State budget), FMS Federal Management Service (which routes ‘every single penny’ collected across the United States through the Federal Banking Reserve)… As long as the Custodial Parent, County, State and Federal Government continues to make money off from your children, JOINT ‘SHARED’ PHYSICAL CUSTODY will continue to be unheard of.

From Child Support THE FRAUD!, 2010/07/27 at 12:31 PM


Bradley E Howe

I feel the current support laws encourage separation of children from 1 of the parents. It’s all to easy for one parent to deny custody to the other in order to gain monthly income. The courts don’t care this is happening, or just don’t know how to address the problem. Perhaps an idea is to just split the cost down the middle regardless of nights with each parent. This would encourage more interaction between the parents and less emphasis on “I need 23 more nights with the child to gain $XXX more dollars”.

From HOME, 2009/09/10 at 2:53 PM

Steve Haviland


From SIGN HERE!, 2010/07/27 at 10:18 AM

Eric Moten

I think its a bunch of crap that they basis the amount you have to pay off of your gross income, when in fact we do not receive the full gross income to live off of. I also think its a bunch of crap that if you re-marry they take in account your spouses income as well. I think it a bunch of crap that they dont allow the person paying chid support to claim the children as deductions on your tax return since the amount you pay is based on the gross.

Admin Response: On the flip side, if the ex re-marries, they ‘Do Not’ take into account their additional income….

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/07/26 at 2:27 PM

John DiBiase


From HOME, 2010/07/25 at 10:22 AM

Andrew Egbert

My two boys were taken into into protective custody after DHS found out that the VA was paying me compensation for Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, and Major Depression. That was my mistake telling the case worker who came to visit the boys and I. After two years of battling with DHS (ADAPT treatment-passed, anger management treatment-passed, constant nagging for my VA medical records which the VA refused to disclose to them, and parenting classes) they decide that I can never parent alone. The wife and I couldn’t parent them together, so I decided in the best interest of the boys to sign them over for adoption.

My child support is still incurring monthly amounts, even though they said that all I would have to pay was past due.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/07/21 at 7:47 PM


I feel that your case for reform lacks structure or any concrete Ideas for changing the system.
I’ll sign this petition anyways though because the system as it stands now is vertually the same as it was in the 50’s way before there was a feminist movement. Now that woman want to be treated as equals it’s time to shed these old laws, that are truth be told insulting to women. . . . . But getting women to sign off on this is about as likely as getting them to sign off on an eaqual draft. In short it’ll never happen but keep fighting the good fight!!

Response: At present we have Appeals, Writs, Law Suits, Rallying and an up and coming DC Rally Event this weekend 23-25 July 2010. We act upon Bills presented by the House; Yea/Nay. Plus we work with approx. 18 other ‘reciprocating’ Organizations. Possibly we should set up a page informing people about the steps we are taking. Thank you for being here… we need more people to come forward. Public Awareness and changing Public Opinion by revealing the Truth about what their tax dollars are being used for is the number one priority of any Organization; We have to let people know that Incentives/Penalties exist which waste their tax dollars.

From Unfair Visitation Laws, 2010/07/21 at 5:11 AM

Susan Thebeau

The Florida Child Support Enforcement system is a scam. I used to never believe that until my ex-husband used this system to take custody of my son away from me, abuse me by using the court system when I didn’t give in to his demands and then, the worst thing….he abused my son. He’s lucky he’s not dead. After my son was brave enough to disclose the abuse to the authorities (who didn’t prosecute the pervert because of the child support dispute between us), I was finally able to get my son out of that pedophile’s presence. You should know that my son took and passed a polygraph about the abuse and the assessor from the sheriff’s office reported that my son is suffering from severe depression and trauma and should avoid his own biological father for safety reasons, so what my son said was indeed true.

I am still involved in a disgusting battle with Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement and I feel so bad for all of you as I have experienced some of the same circumstances. I have been successful in getting the state to open an investigation into my case, although they are trying to cover up their misconduct. I have a website that I created only to tell our story and to let others know what is happening to us because of this broken system. I have also uploaded contacts that I have accumulated over my past 12 months of fighting for others to use if you they could help. I am just trying to right the many wrongs in my case, get my son and I out from under the threat of abuse by proxy from my ex-husband (domestic violence) and get the DOR CSE agency to stop aiding and abetting my ex in his criminal acts.

The web-site is Thanks for listening to me and I wish everyone luck with what I am sure is a nightmare with the child support system.

NOTE from Admin. I have made a permanent link of your website to the left of our Petition. My prayers for you and your son will always be upon my heart.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/07/20 at 10:05 PM


 Are there articles in circulation in regards to this matter and if so how do i go about getting those updates.

From HOME, 2010/07/20 at 12:54 PM

Maria Toro

I do agree and support that their should be a reform on how child support cases are handled by the state. I believe that the courts make the mistake in handing over is children to this so call parents being responsible jusit for being there. Sorry to say that’s not enough what would they do if there was no TANF & CS they would have to go out their in work to provide food and shelter for their kids. The court in cases like this should consider giving custody to the person who can already provided for that child well being. I don’t understand how courts say that they are looking for the best interest of a child when they see only one parent working while the other does nothing. I understand that parents should pay to provide for their kids but it should be deem equal for that child that they both conceived.Why should one parent have to go to jail while the other gets a slap on the hand for doing the same. I really do hope their is change, this being my honest opioion on the matter.I do hope all you good honest hard working Fathers/Mothers going through all this get heard.

From HOME, 2010/07/18 at 11:37 PM

John T. Harris

I am free now, but for about 4 years my life was a living hell. The corrupt system destroyed my family and my faith in government. Remember, all of the evil aspects of the CS system are a direct result of FEDERAL intervention.
I took names and I will remember. Payback is coming.

From HOME, 2010/07/18 at 9:40 PM

Michael Kramer

Delaware County Ohio is corrupt as they come. They want to put me in jail because I lost my job, have NO money, and fell behind on child support. They just don’t care and now they want to make me a criminal.

From HOME, 2010/07/18 at 4:09 PM

Teresa Willis


From HOME, 2010/07/17 at 3:34 PM

Chad Swanson

It is crap that custodinal parents are not held accountable.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/07/16 at 8:11 PM

Michael Clarke

Fathers being locked down because of lay_offs,still there is no jobs,yet while incarcerated,arrearages constantly pile up ,purge out,then return to court in thirty days after release,warrants issued for court cost,its an ongoing process,wheres my freedom ???????peace of mind !!!!! I will never be caught up on my own bills,and watch crime steady rise do you start over when your released ,no home,job,or respect for the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/07/16 at 11:14 AM

Patricia Dowling


From SIGN HERE!, 2010/07/12 at 7:57 AM

Terry Dowling

My kids are grown and I have been disabled since 2000. The company I worked for downsized and I lost my job in 1993 (my child support was up to date) and I was unable to find work to support my children and myself. I became severely depressed and was unable to work for months at a time but kept trying. My ex was not willing to take a cut. I didnt know what to do so I began drinking heavily to forget about this problem. Which I was slowly committing suicide. I heard nothing from the child support from 1993 until 2007. I owed $65,000. $40,000 of this was interest and they wanted me in court . I was ordered to pay $200 dollars a month or go to jail. Every month they apply $230 some odd dollars in interest to my debt which is more than the payment. One bad thing about all this is my children could use my help now and once again because of this issue I am unable to help my children. Why can’t I get some justice? It kinda looks like I will go to my grave trying to pay this debt off.My children were with me and my parents anytime they were not in school and my parents paid for their school supplies, clothes and other things they needed.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/07/12 at 7:38 AM

Adrianne Reyes

Redress of grievences

From Child Support THE FRAUD!, 2010/07/12 at 1:41 AM

Cesar A Garay

Thanks to Manny, that recomended this site . I believe there is no justice for the American fathers, and beleve the system is benifiting from it.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/07/09 at 4:32 PM

LEFT OFF HERE for copy to plain text and website page.

Jennifer Shelton

The system is very flawed. And is very much in need of reform. Not just for those that pay but for those that recieve as well.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/07/07 at 6:59 AM

Molly Schroeder

I am a mom paying support. My son decided to live with his dad and they wouldn’t split the kids unless a Jury did it. I can’t afford a jury trial but the ex is using my 401K that he will get in the divorce to take the kids. He never had a job longer than 2 years and has several drug convictions. I have a clean record. This is a nightmare and i understand why people kill themselves over this. I owe 9K in taxes for 2009. He got 6K back!

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/07/06 at 4:42 PM

Deborah Khora

I granted my ex-husband custody in divorce with stipulastion that I was not required to pay child support. He lost custody to his siter due to drugs. His sister, who makes plenty of money, collected benefits for the kids, now they want child support for me, arrears $45,000. I don’t know how to enfoce my divorce order. Also, she collected benefits when two kids were at college and one child went back tolive with his father (illegally, because the children were not allowed to live with him.) There does not seem to be protection of any kind for this type of fraud.

From FRAUD DAMAGES HHS SYSTEM, 2010/07/05 at 9:37 AM 


Deborah A. Khora

Women are victims of fraud too. What all of us have done is got divorce, and we now see irreparable damage, like Humpty Dumpty that can’t be put back together again. I don’t care that my ex hated me, I wouldn’t go back to that marriage but divorce is no better. I am the support ordered non-custodial parent, marriage was slavery to him, and forced employment is slavery too. In my political science class we had to draft a bill for legislation and we thought about making marriage unconstitutional.

My case is currently in the appellate court (two years long) challenged on the basis of involuntary servitude and a violation of my constitutional rights, especially since my ex waived his right to child support in exchange for the kids but lost custody to his sister do to drugs. I am just wondering if the author of this website has a legal case pending and where the case stands.

From HOME, 2010/11/28 at 2:39 AM

Alan R. Miller

I dated a girl for two weeks. She got pregnant. First she said she would have an abortion that I paid for. When I learned that she didn’t do it, she aid she spent the money. She then said she was giving it up for adoption. I filled out pages and pages of paperwork for the adoption agency. Then, months later, I was sued for Child Support – she lied again. It ruined my life. I have no job and no money anymore because of this. When I am lucky enough to get a job, they take 51% of my checks immediately, making it impossible to live. No DNA Test was done even though I requested it. She was with other men as well as me I later found out. I want this to be over before I kill myself.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/07/03 at 1:35 PM

Stephen Davis, Sr

It’s amazing that it has taken this long to recognize a problem that was screaming to be heard a LONG time ago….better late than never!

From HOME, 2010/07/02 at 5:09 PM

Ronald White

I am a victim of fraud in a child support case but a different type of fraud. One where the mother stole the child, ran off with another man telling him that he was the father. She told me I was not the father. The birth certificate said father unknown. The mother refused to allow me a DNA test. She filed a case behind my back without telling me, even though I had given her money.(Not knowing if I was the father or not) She had process of service made on her own address using my name.(Although I never lived there or was told by her about the case) Service was by alternate service giving her full access to the complaint and papers. She falsified all documents including her complaint and application for support. She listed false information of my location when she knew exactly where I was and how to contact me. She had a long history of fraud when and before she filed this case. I resided in another state months before the service date. My address was well known to the mother who was in contact with me but never told me about a case. she concealed this from the court. She severed all contact and disappeared after she apparently got her judgment. I was never served. The state never had personal jurisdiction even by their own statutes and court rules. I found out about the case 10 years later, was denied a DNA test. I found out about it when my bank account was levied. I was denied a DNA test and was threatened with 5 years in jail if I did not pay on a $50,000 judgment with arrears. The mother did not want me found. She plainly stated under oath in court that she knew I lived in another state when she filed her case but that I was not her responsibility to tell the Court or Friend of the Court where I lived. (Her complaint listed a bogus address/a post office box for me, that she knew was closed over a year prior) She had told the child for 10 years that another man was her natural father. I was forced to pay under penalty of enforcement of a warrant for my arrest. I was forever denied all Due Process and equal protection under the law. I was denied any visitation rights. After fighting and paying for two years, I obtained visitation. When I tried to enforce it, the child was deliberately and totally alienated by the mother which was even acknowledged by the court but they did nothing. And she flat out refused to ever honor her visitation and did not show up for any visit for over 4 years. The court did absolutely nothing. And I am stuck with a insurmountable debt. My credit has been destroyed, I cannot get a decent job even though I have made all of my payments since finding out about this case.


From Father Takes DNA Paternity Fraud Case To U.S. Supreme Court!, 2010/07/01 at 4:54 PM

Kenneth W. Patterson Jr

I have been paying child support for 23 years. I am 41 years old and I haven’t seen an income tax refund check since I was 19. My eldest daughter is 24 and while I don’t really blame the system totally—I am disgruntled somewhat with them because it drove my daughter’s new family away from me. We had a relationship when she was in her single digits. I was trying to patch up the spots that I’d left blank–time that you really can’t get back but you try to make the most of it for the sake of fatherhood. I got off to a late start trying to be a father to my eldest daughter. I don’t blame the state for that. I knew where she was and I had a way to get to her. That part I was trying to correct. I was young dealing with whatever feelings I still had for my ex at the time. We were over for sure, but her husband then and now (and her as well) and I were working that out on our own terms.
Even they had decided the little rinky-dink job I had at McDonald’s wasn’t even enough to help them as they had kids of their own also.

My ex and I were due in court on a certain date and she actually told me that she would tell the judge that she didn’t want it anymore because what I was making and what the system was sending was not helping her and new family at all. The judge looked at my ex and told her that she (the judge) would determine if my ex needed it or not. My ex was infuriated by this and she told her husband. I went by on one of my patch-up visits and my ex and her new family along with my eldest had moved to Colorado. I did get to see her a few more times when they would visit in the summer, but things slowly started to change with my eldest child and me. When she turned 14 she told me that she no longer wanted anything to do with me. I don’t have a problem with doing what I have to do or can do for my child.
Even if it means I have to give the money to her mother. She’s 25 now and we still haven’t spoken really. I have a granddaughter I may never meet. For all I know, I probably have 2 grandchildren. And where does any system get off feeling that they can tell you how to feel about your children and what you can and can’t do for your children?

I have ready every story on this page and I know that this happens in the system.

From HOME, 2010/07/01 at 4:49 PM

Jimmy Bridges

I pay $160.00 a week for one kid way too much for what i make

From HOME, 2010/07/01 at 1:56 PM



From HOME, 2010/07/01 at 10:58 AM

Mtthew Bower

I have court in about 4 hours. I am being charged with Contempt of court for “Wilfully disobeying a court order to pay support.

I am 23 years old and live in PA. First off I don’t drive/own a car It’s hard to find work in my area concidering I live in the country. Sad thing is My girlfriend dropped support back in April 2010 as well as my arrearages. She signed the papers and they told her it was done but I would have to pay back a portion of my balance to “Cash assistance” that she is on. About 2 weeks ago I got mail and there it was. I’m being charged with “Contemp of court”. After she “dropped support” I didn’t get anything in the mail from Domestic Relations about missed payments or anything. I thought to myself thank GOD it’s over. I was wrong. My fault for not calling domestics to confirm. I hate dealing with them though. They told her yesterday when she called to see what was going on that it never went through because she is on cash assistance. Even though they reduced the cash she was receiving from Assistance. I really don’t know what I am going to do. Im enrolled in LCCC for the fall semester….

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/07/01 at 4:01 AM

Selim Nuri

Child support laws were originally meant to help mothers and children left behind by a father. The mother had no means to make an income due to having been a homemaker and therefore not being able to go into the workforce without proper training.

This has not been exactly the case for most families the last 30 years and certainly not the case today. Most fathers want to be in their kids lives and many want to share the responsibilities of caregiving and raising their children. Why are we still today assuming the father is out there only working and “still” must be the breadwinner when many women have careers with good incomes.

And, what about the fathers who have significant amount of time with their children, share custody and those who want to have more time? If we truly want the best interests of the children and for those fathers who have proven that they are just as capable to nurture and guide their children, then be true to the idea of “best interest of the children”.

I share custody of my daughter with 40% of the time. Plus I pickup my daughter from school 4 days a week. But, her mother is jealous of my relationship with my daughter. She even signed her up for several weeks of summer camps just so that I don’t spend much time with my daughter during the week due to the fact that I work weekend nights. She has mentioned several times that it was unfair that she has to work during the week and that I had the week free. I would love to be able to help fathers who want to be invovled more in their kids’ lives.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/06/30 at 7:23 PM

Dennis Lockett

It appears that this issue is finally being address it’s terrible how they do us. Like if you had the money you would want to take care of your sons and daughters. Just another tool to keep us a tie up in the system. Please believe!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/06/29 at 7:05 PM

Barbara J. Cook

An enemy has done this. What would an enemy of our country want. 1) To kill the strength in our country before they are even born or in their youth. This will do it. I wonder if we could have a “system restore” on our government laws?

From HOME, 2010/06/29 at 8:15 AM

Keith Reed

F@#k the csea and that f#^king c#*t that takes my money me they all will burn in f@#king hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From HOME, 2010/06/29 at 5:33 AM

Stephanie Dinkins-King

We believe strongly in child support reform. In today’s economy circumstances can change over night. And it’s never taken into consideration. There are SO many procedures and red tape bull crap to go through to have it changed. And it certainly shouldn’t be based on projected income for the year. The fact that the parent the kids live with feels no obligation to financially support the kids, other than finding another man to go and work 6 days a weeks. It has become all about the money. The laws are are so biased against the man.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/06/25 at 10:03 AM

Rebecca Rochester


From HOME, 2010/06/24 at 10:37 AM

Gary Carroll

I strongly support your agenda. The U.S. Supreme Court has recognized for over 40 years that Judges in the Country’s District, Superior, and Family Courts are often biased in contempt proceedings because they inevitibly see contempt proceedings as the Defendant disrespting them personally! The conflict of interest in this matter is being paid for by the innocent children involved.

A person found in Contempt of Court in a child support proceeding can be jailed (criminal punishment) for up to 21 days if found in willful contempt (civil)!

The same person if on probation for 6 years, is found in Comtempt of Court can face probabation revocation and be sentenced to serve the ENTIRE balance of his 6 years on probation incarcerated! This is one of the grossest violations in history of all U.S. Citizen’s right to Equal Protection afforded by the U.S. Contstition.

How in the world does either of the scenarios listed above benefit the children involved?

From HOME, 2010/06/24 at 2:28 AM

Kenneth Rogers

Out of work and file for a modification to child support and alimony. Judge says; Well maybe you will find a job tomorrow – request for modification denied.

If the individuals were still married and one of the parents lost their jobs, the “family” would need to make adjustments to spending immediately – NOT AFTER waiting for a court ruling!!

Why is it that if you are divorced and have a change to income for whatever reason the court believes you can pull the money out of thin air and afford the same child support and alimony payments?

From Child Support Arrears, 2010/06/23 at 5:32 PM

Shawn Post

I think the present system is an outrage. Many reasons. Not caring about you even having enough money to pay minimal living standards. Its worse then divorce. She got half now she gets half for the next 10yrs too. Oh yeah she gets half TAX FREE!!! WTH… SO she hasn’t worked for 3 years cause she can live off the child support support.. So I ask myself EVERYDAY WHY DO I GO TO WORK!!!…
I totally believe in supporting my child and helping take care of him. I have NEVER been late on a payment. But there is no reward for trying to be a good dad. Its just pay MORE!

Lastly SHE filed for divorce. SO I can support her for the next 10yrs.

Suicides,Murders and Violence are caused by the present system. I causes outrage, desperation and depression to the point of being dangerous to all of society.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/06/23 at 12:17 PM

Scott Madden

glad to find out i’m not alone in the abuses and contortions of reality from an abusive system. of course i’ll sign and i’ll open every possible eye and solicit more signatures from family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues

From HOME, 2010/06/23 at 12:14 PM

Wayne D. Hooper SR

Like many others I had a truly horrible experience with Florida Department of Revenue (Child Support Enforcement) as well as with the mother of my daughter. I experienced everything from suspension of my drivers license, threats of incarceration, bias assistance for the mother, violations of my parental rights and parental alienation syndrome.

I found very little support and had to actually contact the Governor of Florida in order to get a call back from DOR and initiate an investigation.
Once a man is placed on child support he is automatically placed in debt and assumed to be a dead beat or criminal.

Reaching out to lawyers can be a costly soul wrenching disappointment as you encounter the “Money hungry sharks”, the “biter female lawyer” who takes out her revenge on you and the “wimp” who agrees to what ever and refuses to fight for justice.

From DOR to the courts and those who swore to uphold the law down to the cops who could care less and the ever silent politicians looking the other way, corruption is wide spread.

So where does the child support money go?
It goes on the latest fashion for mom, helps to host parties and pay for trips. It goes to frugal attempts to make oneself appear to be more than what she is and lastly it goes toward any habits picked up along the way with very little if any actually going toward the care and welfare of the child.

My child was under nourished, wore worn-out clothes and shoes and her hair was a mess nearly all the time while the mother sported Apple bottom, Baby Phat, Coach, Duney & Burke and got her hair and nails done. Yet somehow the department of children and families, the Department of Revenue and the Florida courts saw nothing wrong and forced no accountability on the mother.

I agree the system is corrupt and destroying families and needs an overhaul!
Something must be done to make the system fair for both parents and to ensure the support and welfare for the children no matter who’s on child support.

I thank GOD for my children and I don’t understand why other people use them as a paycheck and neglect them.

Lets ban together and demand a change!
Check out my site as well….

From HOME, 2010/06/23 at 8:01 AM

William Bennett Peirce

I support Child Support Reform. The current system has managed to do the opposite of what it what it was originally intended for by taking my livelihood from me and thus ruining the whole family. It’s too late for me and my kids, who are in their thirties now, but this can’t go on. Let’s do what we can. Would “Deadbeat Dad” T-shirts and bumper stickers be too provocative?

From HOME, 2010/06/22 at 10:47 PM

Morgan Rose

Hello everyone didn’t check the dates before signing up for this, I just wanted to say that I was googling a way to have my ex-husbands license taken away. I suppose every situation is different. I have a baby daddy who doens’t do what he is supposed to do and yet he isn”t held accountable for it. You are correct that someone who is sitting in jail cannot work. I personally would feel a lot better about his little butt sitting in jail while I work 2 jobs to take care of my daughter. Just recently got married to a very educated man who loves our daughter more like his own then her BIO Father. I have been dealing with him and all of his antics for over 5 years now. I know that him being in jail or not having a license doesn’t help with the Child Support. I would like to know thought that while I am at work and unable to tuck my daughter in that he isn’t out having the time of his life spending money on the next good time that comes along!

There are indeed things about the legal system that don’t really make good sense. What do you do?? If you have mouths to feed and bills to take care of. Who has time to combat the government for change. Didn’t read the bill that this is actually about. I did read what some other folks had written and just wanted to put my 2 cents in for what it’s worth.

I have seen all sides of child support, from him paying diligently to him not paying at all. God could not have put my husband in my life any faster or at any better timiing. Since my baby daddy decided that he didn’t want to pay for her and help take care of her anymore. But still wants his right to claim her on his taxes and get every penny he can out of her. I worked after we were divorced, I didn’t pay for my hair and nails to be done with her money. I was responsible with it, took care of the things that needed to be taken care of. I don’t understand why he even has rights to see her when he doesn’t help and doesn’t even attempt to talk to her half of the time. My new husband is a DR. and he see’s with his own eyes the things that he says to my daughter.. how he wants her to come and live with him and his new wife and how he thinks that her Mommy (me) is such a skanky whore. Nice huh?? Well the only thing that i can say to that is good parenting sweet heart and keep up the awesome job Daddy of the year. She will end up growing up to despise him and I get to go to bed every night with a clear conscience when it comes to him. I really have tried to be nice to him and get a long for our daughters sake but, he doesn’t want it. So instead he makes himself look like a ignorant butt to his 2 girls ( one by me and one by another)!! Which is doesn’t pay for her, either. If anything he has done better paying child support to me for his youngest than for his oldest. IDK I don’t know what direction to go in. He has taken me to court basically suing me for overpayment of Child Support which indeed did happen he did over pay by about $1,000.00 only because he didn’t file the order to stop the payments from being as high as they were. It was n’t my fault that he dropped the ball. I didn’t order him to pay that much but, you can bet your butt that my daughter didn’t go without either. She had $ for filed trips and things like that.

Anywho I also have another example that is opposite to mine. My brother never ever gets to see his son. Has paid for him since he was born, she will say that she will meet him at the park and never shows up. The justice system doesn’t work well for men like him. Who actually do what they are supposed to do and still don’t get to see their children. I just sent my daughter up to her father that hasn’t paid child support since 09? I had to send her with him to another state. I genuinely don’t know if he has money for groceries while she is there. I hate that feeling in the pit of my stomach that doesn’t go away until she is back home with me.

I really would like to see several changes come about, but, not every man or woman on here in my opinion deserves the same treatment in Child Support cases and laws. I feel like if you work hard to maintain that relationship with you daughter or son, you help provide for them like a real man or woman does. Then you should have every right that the mother or father that has them has.

In retrospect if you do not pay your child support just because you are too damn sorry then NO I don’t think that you should be allowed to have any say so as to what happens in that childs life. I also feel like if you are in another state and you (primary parent) die then that child shouldn’t automatically live with THE OTHER PARENT! I feel like Grandparents should have rights and that if that Primary Parent is remarried and that child loves that other parent and they have a stable home then who is that person who has a right to take that child away from that home that she knows and loves when everything is happening so fast around them and changing. I think that the last thing that child deserves is to be placed with a father or other parent who doesn’t have a relationship with that child and only see’s CHA-CHING $$ for Social Security benefits.

I don’t know or personallly care if anyone on here agrees with anything that I have said but, that is the way that I feel after having seen myself, my Brother struggle!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/06/22 at 3:11 PM



From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/06/21 at 4:56 AM

Shanda Wolfe

My husband was ordered to pay child support for two kids that wasn’t his in 2004. We lost a house, 2 cars, and almost our marraige.. He went to jail 3 times all the while we had a son together.. A month ago a new Judge stopped the child support. It took 6 yrs of losing a house, cars, and destroying our lives before anything was done. While now the Dead Beat mother has a house paid for, a 2000 Cavalier, 96 Camaro, and a 95 ford pickup that my husband paid for. I believe in child support if the child is yours, but if it’s not the dead beat mom needs to get off of her behind get a job and stop using a man to get what you want. Until recently we’re slowly putting our life back to the way it was before this whole child support ordeal. We are now slowly starting to get that stability back in our lives that we once that we had before. So don’t give up for what you believe in because I didn’t..

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/06/20 at 10:11 PM


Tykeal Galery

my story is a little fu ked up yeah 2004 i got married in the phillipines i got tired of american women there attitude there way of thinking all of it they have no values some of them i get a call on my wedding day sayin i have to contact these ppl regarding a child im thinking to myself what child my ex left a year ago cause she wasnt happy living in florida son born jan 20th 2003returning to south dakota i left the plilippines that next day come to find out that the guy she was with was payin child support and she landed in prison the child was taken from her 3 times befor than drugs neglect and others i got back to the states on nov 9th 04 they said i need to be in court in sd dec so i caught the greyhound bus to sd i get as far as minnesota my bus didnt leave for 14 hours due to the storm so i called my sister and got a flight when i arrived in sd i couldnt rent a car they were all out i had to huff it on foot 50 miles in a snow storm to sturgis sd i get there and the district attr contacted me and wanted some information i wouldnt talk to him until i had some legal help so i asked the judge for a court appointed att well aint this a bitch the att they gave me after all is related to the judge and sees my son every sunday in church he was stayin with this family that wanted to adopt him he has been there for a year why didnt they contact me sooner they said they couldnt find me after 2 years going back in forth from floridato sd the att calls me and tells me they killed my parental rights and that my son is going to be adopted out where he is i was out raged the case worker of my son said your going to have to pay child support here it is 2010 and guess what this whole time im thinking im paying child support for my son i get a letter in the mail certified with a name on it le monnds holly e a girl i met before i got feed up with because of her drugs and drinking and staying out late till the we hours of the morning this aleged child was born dec 26 2004 how do you figure this the case worker of my son gave consent with out my knowledge to do dna on this girl so i have been paying for her and not my son i pay 550.00 a month so now im tryin to get a fair shake at dna and keep getting rejected not only that i have a 1200.00 purge they took my drivers i lost an 18hr job cause i couldnt get to work im doing everything possible to keep from landing on the streets and begging for change they stuck 10784.00 back support on me and im one step closer to the edge check this out the mother of the daughter is in prison for 4 years neglect drugs trafficing drinking got 2 dui and she got out of it on parole work program after a year now shes back in the daughter has been staying with the aunt for 2 years and im just now finding out the aunt is fighting to get custody if anyone can help please contact me 8084285048 or

From Working for Nothing, 2010/06/20 at 4:24 PM

Romell Carter

For many I have been harassed and forced out of my three daughters’ lives by the Illinois child support system’s neglect and incompetence. Here is a quote from letter I reciently sent to a representative of the child support system:

“Over the years your office has caused a tremendous inconvenience for me as a father. I have diligently paid my child support orders, remained current in them, and in-fact overpaid them. I am perplexed as to why this harassment continues to evolve from your office. Please note that your mistakes are negatively effecting me as the father of my children and my relationship with them as whole.

In conclusion, I am requesting that you review the information I have submitted, perform an audit on the my account, adjust my account accordingly, and provide me with a hard copy of a receipt or correspondence that you have done so. Additionally, If have in questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or my attorney.”

The audit/review of my child support case has never been effectively completed and the harassment continues. I stand in agreement with this petition.

From HOME, 2010/06/17 at 11:46 AM

Michael Brom

I’m all for the Child support reform.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/06/15 at 12:29 AM

Earle Beason

Stop the rage

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/06/14 at 10:30 PM

Jason Ewing

Paying almost 50% of my income, for a 12 year old child that has had paternity established 3 times already, and i get hauled in for DNA which comes back as mine. Child wants nothing to do with me, yet i now have to bear his expenses. 12 years after the fact, it destroyed my marriage and my relationship with my children that i knew and loved since day 1. My credit is shot, i have a bench warrant since i have to pay for arrearages on a child i didnt even know existed. I cant go see my other children now, due to having a warrant in that state. Also, i can barely eat every day, due to paying so much for the kids. I have to live off of $2.72 an hour from my paycheck. Thats all im allowed to have for my own expenses. How is it that the kids get more money than i get to live off of??

From What Would It Be Like?… An American Citizen With Rights!, 2010/06/14 at 1:14 PM

Brad M. Pearson

I want my life back ive jumped thru every hoop and more keep coming. I spent 11 months locked up in two states. is there any way to contest payment owed for that time?

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/06/13 at 1:34 PM


I’m signing this for the sake of my husband. His only mistake was the woman he chose to marry previously. She treated him poorly, had two kids for him, left him in debt, and took the kids. Unable to afford to do anything about it, all he had left was his job, but he soon lost that. The court doesn’t want to hear it. They’ll just tell you to find another job. If it doesn’t pay as much, they’ll tell you to find one that does.

He pays what he can when he can, but life is such a struggle. We have been close to homeless at least a few times, and now we have a two year old. My mother helps as much as she can afford to, but we’re usually just getting by. There were times he could have paid more, but then the car would break down. He needs it to get to work in a timely fashion, and we’ve had to pump too much money into it as a result. My mother has even helped with that.

His ex calls frequently and hurls threats and insults at him, leaving him feeling depressed and ravaging his self esteem. He wants so much to be a part of his kids’ life, but the child support payments are like a randsom and it’s too steep for him. It would be one thing if there was an upper limit and it was shared between both parents, but he’s expected to pay more money in child support than we do for our apartment and that just seems ridiculous.

Please reform these absurd laws. Think of what it’s doing to the kids. My husband’s children are told he’s a deadbeat. She has them calling him asking him, ‘When are you gonna pay mama so I can see you?’ That’s disgraceful. I would never have my child say things like that to anyone, far less her own father.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/06/13 at 6:51 AM

Russell Beauvais

I consider myself a victim of Child Support Enforcement. I am expected to pay almost half of what I receive from SSI. I am kept alive by a machine and computer and have a county Nursesnt out the first stimulus checks I instead received a letter stating that the check was divided between my ex-wife and ex-girlfriend – I am still close friends with me ex-wife and asked her if she got a payment from child support she said NO. I would like to know why they lied and where the money went.
I am in full support of reform so,should everyone else who is aware of the corruption inside Child Support Enforcement everywhere.


Darya Keo

We should not have to pay for the other parent being lazy and unwilling to get up make a difference for not only themselves but their children!

From HOME, 2010/06/12 at 4:16 PM         

Jamie Wright

I live in lexington, ky. I have two sons that i love very much. 5 and 2 years old. I have been paying child support for two years now. The first time that i did not make a payment on time, The judge gave me 60 days on December 17 2009. That was eight days before chrismas…. that was cruel. My sons mother does not work and does not spend the money that i pay her on OUR children! She sometimes forgets that they are our children, not cash cows. She has a long running drug problom and a new boyfreind that does also. When i brought up the fact that i know she isnt spending the money on my sons i was told its none of my concern what she spends it on. My concern was just to pay it. WHY is that? Then why am i paying? This child support law is one sided. No matter what we left our babys mommas for we are considered ” Deadbeat dads” THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED!!!

From HOME, 2010/06/11 at 6:44 PM


To SENATOR SCHUMMER & SENATOR GILLIBRAND of NY. One day we the Non_custodial parent are going to rise up in the streets with a MASSIVE PROTEST if these laws are not change. WE CAN”T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!! SICK AND TIRED OF THIS UNFAIR SYSTEM! TIRED TIRED TIRED OF IT!!! We are taking massive action! Child Support laws are Unfair, inhumane and unamerican. You pol-lie ticians only care about yourselves. Government intrusion will not be tolerated any longer!
There has to be a cap on support!

From HOME, 2010/06/11 at 12:19 AM

Jacinta Cunningham

I strongly support this petition

From HOME, 2010/06/10 at 2:46 PM

Michael Harvey

I’m currently paying way more than I can afford to and this is why I can’r get anything I need such as apartment or car. But, yet I’m expected to keep working to pay this almost $1000.00 a month. My request for adjustment has been denied twice.

I’m paying an amount that doesn’t allow me to live on my own for a very long time. This is outregeous. How do they expect me to live. I love my children but this system is killing me.

From HOME, 2010/06/10 at 2:46 PM

Thomas Taylor

I just got out of cort for another incress, I have been going through this for 9 years now, we went through all my bills, all my taxes, cost of living in the area, everything. then they bumped up my payscale (they said I made below minimum wage) and knocked me down to less then $800 a month to live off of. They pull it directly from my paychecks and when they mess something up with it they hit my credit so its already gone, I have had many warrents out for my arest due to their mistakes, my drivers licence got suspended once due to it. And I have gotten to see my son for less then 10 hours his whole life. That was due to me driving from oklahoma to new your to show up in person at one of the corts without her expecting it then forcing the judge to tell me where he was. (she moved a week later). today the judge said he did not care that she did not keep up on her part of the cort order, she lied on the phone and he waved it off.
I am about to have to move into a life of crime to support this and sahe is living happy with her new husband and 2 other kids.

I am a disabled vet and now I am being forsed to live off 800 a month….

From HOME, 2010/06/10 at 1:05 PM


I happen to be on the other side of this issue and the women that utilize ORS are just as much harassed by this institution as the men. My ex forcibly, without cause, took custody of my three children. He then was able to get the court to agree that I should pay child support to him, even though I was working a low income job and between him and his new wife, they made 7 times as much money as I did. There is a lot of hating on the women on here and I am here to let you know, it works BOTH ways.

From HOME, 2010/06/10 at 12:55 PM

Joseph Brin

There is nothing wrong with the concept of marriage, divorce, and Parenthood. Whats wrong is the immoral corrupt punk ass slave laws that are imposed on marriages, divorces, and Parental Authority. The current and evolving laws are a direct reflection of the slavery and human rights violations that this country was founded on and continue to practice and enforce to this day. Different names, same games. These slave laws doesn’t need to be reformed. These slave laws needs to be destroyed. A marriage needs to be a marriage and a divorce needs to be a divorced. If a man and a woman is to be divorced sexually, they need to be divorced financially as well. No longer should the government be allowed to impose any financial and immoral debts directly and indirectly on marriages, divorces, and on Parents. The people that currently enforce these slave laws should be transferred to new and honorable jobs. Their slaves should be compensated for and freed from slavery. No longer will a Parent’s passport be frozen or be denied a passport once those slave laws are destroyed. No longer will a parent be forced to remain a citizen (slave) of america against their will. No longer will the human rights of parents be violated.
No longer should the government or any entity be allowed to interfere with or sabotage the Godgiven Authority of Natural Parents.
No longer should the government or any entity be allowed to impose itself as a replacement for Natural Parents at the expense of the Natural Parents. No longer should the government or any entity be allowed to impose any exclusive authority and influence over children at the expense of the Natural Parents of the children. No longer should the children be financially, politically, and sexually exploited used and abused by the government or any entity. No longer should Fathers be enslaved, demonized, demoralized, and dishonored by the government or any entity. No longer should the government be allowed to make it more profitable for a woman to divorce her husband consequently contributing to unhappy marriages and high divorce rates Instead goverment should operate as a godparent figure to assist Natural Parents in maintaining their authority and honor as Natural Parents.
The government have never morally and financially operated its own prisons, military, foster homes, orphanages and it’s other entities properly. Who the hell are they to manage our morals, finances, and children.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/06/10 at 5:32 AM


Please President obama, We believe in your slogan you say ( YES WE CAN! ) Yes Mr President You can make a change for your country and for the American people. Not all father’s are Evil, Corrupt, or Try to evade Their responsibities to pay support, But the way the system is designed now is cruel, unhuman, and Evil! Please I beg you, along with everybody else that’s fighting for this cause, Help make the laws a bit more flexible! We are all human and have the right to live.

I’m all for change!!! we need our lives back!!!


I’m all for the Child support reform.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/06/09 at 12:01 PM

Malik Dames

Something needs to be done and NOW!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/06/09 at 9:33 AM

Troy Thomas

I thank God for this site and those who have experienced the injustices of the OAG. As I write, I’m hiding until payday to keep from getting arrested because a warrant was issued for my arrest Friday. Even though I paid $5000 two months ago to finish my child-support obligations, and my son (who I raised alone until he was 14) is now 18, the OAG still wants to lock me up and make me lose everything again; just so they and their fellow agencies can collect more money. On what should have been my Iast court appearance, I was told that my child-support officially ended May 31, 2010, but I had 1 1/2 hours to come up with $570 or a warrant would be issued for my arrest. I was not given any prior notification or advance of a new payment agreement between us. They wouldn’t even talk to me about my case.

I told them I had just started a new job two weeks ago, which pays $12.50 an hour; and I offered to pay them $350, but they would not take it. Mind you, I had just gotten out of jail for the second time in less than seven months, after spending three months this time (9 of the last 15 months incarcerated), and I am just getting back on my feet again. Yet, they would rather see me lose everything again rather than to work with me. I thought I was the only one going through this, but reading your posts and watching the video by Ms. Carol Rhodes gives me some consolation. If I make it until Friday June 10, 2010, I will pay them and hopefully end this three-year nightmare. Now is the time to stand and fight the bullies, and make sure they never take our lunch money again!

From HOME, 2010/06/08 at 11:29 PM


i’M ALL FOR THIS PETITION, I am personally goin through this living hell!

From Money Mooching Moms, 2010/06/08 at 9:28 PM

Stephanie Lavely

my husband & i have been victims for the last 5 years & im sick of it!

From HOME, 2010/06/08 at 3:38 PM

Shawn Keiper


From HOME, 2010/06/08 at 3:39 PM         



From SIGN HERE!, 2010/06/08 at 2:14 AM

George Waugh

I feel ya, I have 2 daughters with the same woman, we were together 7 years. A year ago, I left because I didn’t want my kids to see all the fighting that was going on between me and their mother. I just got married to a wonderful woman with 2 girls of her own and I’ve been locked in a visitation/child support battle with my ex for almost a year. Not only is she trying to collect back support from when we lived together, She is currently recieving 1,100/month in support. My kids don’t consume that much stuff and I don’t know why I have to be punished because she won’t get a real job (She’s a bus driver for the school corp and works part time). So, I’m basically paying her Morgtage, Utilities, and Car insurance while she can bank her check. When does the Bullshit end

From HOME, 2010/06/05 at 3:35 PM

Beth Smith

The child support laws are extremely unfair to non-custodial parents! We have half custody of 2 children. Mother has physical custody, which means father (non-custodial parent_ pays ! We pay almost 900 dollars a month! WHAT KID NEEDS THAT MUCH MONEY A MONTH?????????????

From HOME, 2010/06/05 at 11:10 AM

Bret Viola

I am exhausted. Not only has my $5k tax return been STOLEN by child support enforcement but it is money I NEVER EVEN OWED. These fucking horrible women can go from state to state and open FAKE Child support cases and so Florida dipped in and stole money that I did not owe. Even after seeing that I pay weekly to Texas Child support enforcement, they still won’t give me my money back. I HATE HATE HATE them for ruining my life.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/06/05 at 9:19 AM

Saide Hulsey-Viola

This is FISCAL SLAVERY. I am disgusted to be an american. This corrupt government needs change. My life has been completely ruined and my husband’s because of child support. WE NEED TO PROTEST! if it changed the laws, I would gladly spend every penny I own to fly everyone out to DC and make the change. This country is set up to drain us of every ounce of money and sanity. After seven years together, we still arent even legally married. We can’t afford it.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/06/05 at 9:16 AM


Saide Hulsey-Viola

Please help fix america. I have no desire to live in a country who supports fiscal slavery. I count down the days till my nine year old step daughter is a legal adult. I can’t wait to get her lazy, greedy, lunatic mother out of our lives for good. We are in financial ruin because of her and contemplated suicide many many many times to get out of this hell hole we call america. The worst part of it is that the poor child gets no benefit from our large ridiculous payments. All benefits go to the mother who spends it on her nails.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/06/05 at 7:56 AM

James A Thomas

The system has been inadequate from it’s inception and must be rectified. it has destroyed family after family; created homeless men who were once proud Fathers and parents; a system manipulated through the emotions and frustration of those who have no regard for fairness, justice or the strength of the family. Every politician and hohum social worker gives nothing but lip service to protecting the family, strengthen the family, save the middle class. Look where we are now. What family? The rest of the world laughs at us and with due cause.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/06/03 at 11:03 PM

Pete Garrity

My company went out of business in 2007 [I immediatley filed for modification in Md.] & the calculation for the amount has not changed as the ex moved to NJ in the middle of the night taking my son and the courts will not hear my side and now the excessive bogus suport owed has activated a warrant prevenitng me from going to NJ [haven’t seen my son in 2 yrs.]. The ex found a public defender in NJ to move in with & he writes all her court docs while she merely prostitutes herself. The boyfriend influenced the Judge who put me in jail on day 29 of a 30 day Order. Even though the bogus amount was paid, I filed a Judicial Conduct grievence & was blown off. I will now sue the County this joke Judge works in. The ex also had me falsely arrested in Md. for violating a protective Order, however, I beat the criminal charge & beat her and her $10K attorney in court at the civil trial while I represented myself and won [vcery similar to the My Cousin Vinny movie]. No problem…I’ll win in the end. Going to get her boyfriend disbarred and then I will take my son back.

From Incorrect Child Support Orders, 2010/06/03 at 9:50 PM

Paul Cicrich

I believe in equality. To satisfy this nations drive towards equality for both men and women we must stop child support laws. Child support is often missused and gives women an unfair advantage over men. Child support is UNFAIR to men. If women want independance then get rid of child support; they go hand in hand.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/06/03 at 7:38 PM

Kathleen M. Hart

I pay child support for my two children. Have been unemployed for 18 months can no longer pay child support or and Attorney for my hardship.
When I divorced my husband I had no income and was a house wife for 10 years, but my attorney then said it didn’t matter if I had no income or skills to work that I still had to pay. What the hell is wrong with this picture.
I believe that child support should be based on not only the person who has to pay the support but by the income of both parties envolved.

From Child Support and “debtors prisons”, 2010/06/03 at 2:42 PM

E Cording

I don’t call it the Child Support System – I’ve started calling it “The Child Support Regime” because that is exactly what it IS!

From Woman faces jail sentence!, 2010/06/03 at 10:42 AM

Frasia C Chavez

We just went to court yesterday and got completely screwed by child support. I have been receiving Child support fo rmy oldest daughter for 16 years already and NEVER was the system so bad as it is now. It is completely unfair to the non custodial parent (mostly the men). We have researched and done our own figures and the TRUE figures from us and they still pulled figures out of nowhere and went with those. The most important thing we did get was finally after 3 years, we got vistiation which in itself in great however our “attorney”, just basically went with what they said, athlough we had everything correct, (his assistant and myself) and he still just went “OK” to them… We are now going to have to pay $330 more a month then we even pay for his first child…Sound wrong? UH YA! I completely understand that its possible CSA are “just dong their jobs” HOWEVER what about the ones who have voluntarily paid and did what they could to take care of the child and was still denied visitation and told to just die already”? Its no wonder there are so many who try to hide out and committ suicide…This is the reason the economy is so messed up…Its GREED….Just like people who really NEED social security disability are denied while the others who are so very capable of working get it? How some can cheat and get food stamps and AFDC while others who really need it can not…Because the honest ones get screwed and the dishonest seem to win..I am so dumbfounded by the system and HOW can these people get away with this for so long to so many people. The CSA office here has been complained on so many times and all the higher ups in gov’t can and will say is, “well they are just doing a job”. NOT…Our attorney happens to be now running for State Representative and he pulls this? Who is he representing? (I live in NM).
We were told by someone else who has had to fight for a $50,000 HONEST reduction in the amount he supposedly owed and has won. They CAN NOT take more of a percentage then regulated, however that is what they plan…They CAN NOT take more child support for the second child then the first. However, they are…They HAVE TO use the money that is paid on the first child and subtract it when doing the figures for the second, however, they did not…Since when does the women have so much power to say, YES I will grant the credit for past payments THAT WERE PROVEN WITH SIGNATURES, or say NO I will NOT grant that even though the proof is RIGHT THERE…. Since when? I didnt have not one say in anything when they did mine….My ex got a $10,000 a year raise and I went to child support and told them and all I got was….” We are to busy to deal with you, sorry”….So my suport has been $235.82 a month for 16 years already, without ever going up and now that she is 17 NOW this crooked office sends me papers to NOW after all these years say they want to review it…I sent what I needed, they say they didnt get it….I sent it again, FAXED both times, and they say they didnt get it….Forget it…I have not sent anything else…I am not GREEDY and KNOW that as a mother, I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR PROVIDING EVERYTHING I NEED TO TAKE CARE OF MY KIDS. Whether I have to alone or not….THATS WHY GOD MADE ME A MOTHER….To take care of my children whether alone or not….CHILDREN ARE NOT PAYCHECKS…Why cant people remember that?????? Why do people have children JUST TO GET PAID?????? Whatever happened to having a child and raising it the best way you can?????

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/06/03 at 9:20 AM

Brittany Delzell

I support this Petition!!

From HOME, 2010/06/03 at 1:59 AM


The state courts are abusing their power all for Title 4 government money and then using charts which don’t even represent the research from which they came, e.g, the Wisconsin model..etc., 90% of cases result in no deviation. I am in a case where I make 40K a year…the first year of my order I was making 71K…that was 3 years ago and 2 layoffs since then…I spent 15 or the 36 months my order has been in place on involuntarily unemployment. During that time, I had my children for 1 month, moved after the 2nd layoff (which I had the children for the summer when this took place – 2K in daycare) to be closer to my son who was put in a mental hospital for drawing pictures of his mom chopping his head off…I was paying rent on a place in KC and a place in Little Rock….living on unemployment, while she was on her 2nd fiance of the year, both of whom have assets over a million dollars….talk about unbalanced.. My support order was NEVER adjusted, so while unemployed I paid over 85% of my net to the order. no credit was given for having the kids extra time for for the summer or for daycare. The state laws of AR are as messed up as any others. If a father recieves the tax benefit, which is hard to get in the first place, he is placed with a MANDATORY order for increased payments…pretty messed up. AR uses the income shared model…which is based on 4 huge criteria: 1) the mother has 100% visitation/custody 2) Both parents combined income is less than $27K in 2010 standards 3) father recieves the income tax benefit 4) mother has no other source of income. It’s also based on the low income of the father resulting in low taxes. However, the charts used are presumeably correct, with a rebuttal requiring major burdens of proof. The first being an attorney with the nuts to argue this…remember, they are friends of the court…not yours. If their divorce industry gets messed up…then they lose money…the longer they can keep you unaware of your actual constitutional rights…the better off they are and the more in debt you’ll be. With the 4 conditions in mind, you should state: None of these apply to me, therefore the foundations of the chart do not as well…therefore, the chart is rebutted. This is the argument I am preparing for the courts, after a well versed monologue reciting the history of how the Wisconsin model came about and how it was not intended for child support charts…instead, for very low income…which is why it kills the middle and lower middle class…we have to stand up for our constitutional rights for separation of powers, due process, and equal protection instead of letting this organized crime ring of judges and collection agency kickbacks violate the constitution and destroy children.

From Unfair Visitation Laws, 2010/06/02 at 10:13 PM


I feel all of your pain. i live in NY and have court date for tommorrow. I dont have money to put towards my sons college tuition I have no savings anymore and my monthly bills vs. with what was left in my check I was 50.00 in the hole last month.and my——ex decides to take me to court every time her spoiled ass doesnt get her way. I dont have any money because i have paid well over 150,000 dollars in support over the last 9 years.I have 2 boys. I am A BRICKLAYER not a doctor or lawyer.I currently dont owe 1 penny .I told my son I would help but he would have to get student loans.I can be compared to an Egyptian slave.I go to work I go home I go to work Thats it. I have nothing to show for busting my butt nothing. all while they take the money out of my check.Then the add ons from the divorce agreement kick in 75% of all dr.bills ,sports and recreational expenses.That come out of what they dont take.I am at the point where maybe NY should take ALL my money and just give me what they think I could live on.Why dont they have a maximum percentage to stop at? Also you gotta love the fuzzy math where 25% for 2 kids before taxes turns into 33% after taxes.NY has taken my unemployment checks, taken a portion of it and I owe the rest and Given my ex a Cost of living Increase while I was collecting UI. WTF? My ex has had 3 new cars in the last 9 years, she just bought a new house with her husband,,,,I have a mobile home ,,,,but I go to work EVERY Day. Hes a rookie cop and shes a secretary.Shes a cougar and hes the other man.. AH -ha.. take her you putz. I got a younger better looking one.anyway . Both boys dont like living there either.They dont feel comfortable in thier own home NICE. I hope the younger one doesnt get too screwed up by this.Shes demanding he room at a college that is 25 mins from both our houses, (moron)Apparently shes the better parent because she has said she will put up 30k over 4 years for tuition but if you consider he wont be living at home and 1/2 of the support is 620 mo. times 12 equals 7400 a year times 4 equals 29k ,I think shes Mother of the year? I wish all of you luck because this system is SOOOOOOO broken its not funny.I am surviving now but 1 more judgement against me and I will have to choose who not to pay and who I should pay.I have already cut food and doctors for myself. I figured it out today while I was working I feed myself for 6 dollars a day. Amazing …I love you,,,, I want to have a baby….Get out.. I want a Divorce…Then you go to pick up your kids and some moron is moving his stuff into your old house 3 weeks later…and I’m considered the CRIMINAL

This one size fits all mentality needs to go.I am 100% current and I am a criminal still, also make the custodial parent 50% responsible. If the kids are in the late teens make HER get 2 jobs also.Its not like they need a babysitter

From HOME, 2010/06/02 at 6:08 PM



This makes me sick

From VETERAN SUICIDES and CHILD SUPPORT, 2010/06/02 at 6:34 PM

James K Wright

In order to have time with my son I pay for every expense including child care, her car payment and expenses, her credit card, her legal fee’s and a cash payment that is based on my inflated gross income that I am forced to work 80 hrs a week to acquire so that I can afford to stay out of jail and have time with my son…and she get’s the tax benefit while I get the loan payments…

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/06/02 at 5:37 PM

Austin Kirby

Thanks to everyone who has posted their story here and signed the petition.
I pay $900/month for a wonderful four year old son. Too much I think but if it gets her an extra pair of shoes or purse, maybe she’ll be a happier and better mother to my son. I fought and fought and jumped through lots of hoops to get visitation and “SHE” finally caved in. I was financially distraught but willing to lose it all…spent thousands in attorney fees and came very close to bankrupcy and suicide. I believe that visitation should be automatic.
He doesn’t have my last name because “SHE” has to agree to it. I cannot believe there is no law to force her to change his name. My son has her ex-husband’s last name so that “all three of her children have the same last name.” Make sense to anyone? Anyone?
She wanted me out of her life and she later married a guy she works with. My son calls me “Daddy” when we’re together but when we are not together he calls her (3rd) husband “Daddy” and calls me by my first name. He is subjected to emotional trauma as his loyalties are constantly divided. His custodial parents portray me as a horrible person who doesn’t love him. All I can do is drive the forty miles each way to pick him up and return him weekly and be consistent with him. We have a great relationship. I got married (1st) to a wonderful woman last November and we are expecting our first child in December. My ex is instructing my son that he “already has a brother and a sister (1/2) and our baby is not related to him”. What do you do with THAT?! We’re just going to be consisitent with him and keep on keepin’ on. We realize that this is a marathon…not a sprint. Eventually the truth will all come out.
To all fathers out there who are where I was…I’ve been repeatedly disappointed by the judicial system but never by prayer. He will answer your prayers and “give you the desires of your heart”. It takes patience because He does His works in His time. Have faith, read Psalms and Proverbs, and things will get better!
To everyone, let’s do everything we can to make things better for the next generation. The last thing I want to live to see is my son or nephew or my neighbors son or nephew being victimized by this unfair, corrupt, biased legal system.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/06/02 at 8:43 AM

Jesse Lee Kirkland II

I absolutey agree this is an imperfect system.

From HOME, 2010/06/02 at 7:30 AM

Barry Hedgpeth

“The mere existence of UIFSA, the Uniform  Interstate Family Support act, is a violation of the U.S. Constitution!…UIFSA-crosses state lines and empowers states to “unleash” a tormment of injustice and corrupt practices….”

Correct me if I am wrong, but Congress never adopted the UIFSA, they only mandated it against the States. Yes, I do believe it violates the constituion, but not Article III(Judicial Powers). It violates Article IV (Federal Supremacy Clause) by giving a legislative body that trancends the authority of the U.S. the power to write laws that states must follow-without representation from those citizens who are effected terstate Family Support act, is a violation of the U.S. Constitution!…UIFSA-crosses state lines and empowers states to “unleash” a tormment of injustice and corrupt practices….” by such laws. I am an Arizona and American citizen. I have no social, economic, or political representation in the The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws. They are not a legitimate law making entity. Congress only made them one.

Federal Supremacy Clause Article 4 Clause 2:
“This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

Here is part of the history of the UIFSA:
The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws adopted the UIFSA in 1996, “the likelihood of universal acceptance of the revised Act became virtually certain. In enacting welfare reform, officially known as the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, Congress mandated enactment of UIFSA
in order for a State to remain eligible for the federal funding of child support
enforcement, as follows:


Section 466 (42 U.S.C. § 666) is amended by adding at the end the
following new subsection:
“(f) Uniform Interstate Family Support Act. – In order to satisfy section
454(20(A), on and after January 1, 1998, each State must have in effect the
Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, as approved by the American Bar
Association on February 9, 1993, together with any amendments officially
adopted before January 1, 1998, by the National Conference of Commissioners
on Uniform State Laws.” P.L. 104-193, § 321, 110 Stat. 2221.


“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, Give me Liberty, or give me Death!”-An American Patriot in response to another form of legislative despotism.”


From U.S. CONSTITUTION vs. CHILD SUPPORT, 2010/06/01 at 1:55 PM


Barry Hedgpeth

Child support enforcment is evil. The heart of the evil lies in the violation of Article VI of the constitution by delegating federal authority to state appointed officials who are not under oath to support the constitution or commom law. Article 6 reads:
“…This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding…”
This implies based on the last clause that Acts made under the autority of the United States or enacted by the state law can violate the constitutional. But Judges under oath to support the constitution can repeal those laws or find acts of congress unconstitutional. The problem with the child support system is that judicial officers are given the authority by the states not the feds to exercise the judicial power of the United States(see Article III Judicial powers) and the several states without taking an oath to support the constitution. See family law commisoners or masters..etc. By doing that they have created a jurisdiction forgein to the constitution and common law. If you are being harrassed by child support enforcment pledge alligence to the flag and then ask them what authority do they pledge allegience to.
Understand that the constitution protects both the government and the individual. Peace.

Here is the rest along with my favorite quote by a true patriot in response to an illegal act of legislation:
“The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”
and patrick Henry:
“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, Give me Liberty, or give me Death!”

From Contempt of Court – Contemptible!, 2010/05/23 at 1:36 PM

Lisa Jablonski


From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/06/01 at 11:38 AM

Darla M. Lapole

I am signing this petition because I have long felt that non-custodial laws do everything to protect the custodial parent but the non-custodial parent has very little rights. It seems the laws are written for wealther parents. Parents with limited income are not neccesarily “deadbeat parents.” This goes for male and female non-custodial parents. Sometime the demands are so great it put the non-custodial parent in a tailspin downwards.
I have long felt that the law that removes the driving rights of the non-custodial parent is ridiculous! I the person has problems finding jobs (non-skilled or lower education) how is that person supposed to find a job or keep a job?

Don’t get me wrong, I believe it is the responsibility of both parents to contribute to the care and upbringing of thier children. I also believe that there should be recourse for low-income non-custodial, loving parents to have visitation and be more a part of thier childrens lives, when the custodial parent withholds the child from the non-custodial parent without proven cause.

The crazyness needs to stop!

From HOME, 2010/06/01 at 8:23 AM




From Child Support Arrears, 2010/06/01 at 6:37 AM

Giovanna Scognamiglio

My husband has 50/50 custody of his daughter. In the past mom has lied about her income and child care and we have had to pay high child support based on her lies. Once my husband received 50% she quit her job so her child support would not get lowered. She is remarried and her husband says that even though he knows it’s not fair he is going to milk the system and take the money. He said he has a great deal of expenses for his own kids. When we told him that was not our responsibility he said that my husband’s daughter uses too milk, electricity and water. I could not believe my ears!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/31 at 10:15 PM

Laura Nardi

My second husband is almost 40,000. in arrears. He has paid some of his child support each month in the last 6 years. He is totally physically and mentally disabled and probably was mentally disabled all his life. He makes 500.00 a month. He will never be able to pay back this money. 1,000s of dollarsin interest in the arrears hoping that his ex will accept a deal. It shouldnt be up to her and the state should not have the right to add such high interest rates on it! Child support should be paid but individual situations should be evaluated and some fair agreement should be made by all parties.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/31 at 8:18 PM

Stephen J. Boudreau


I received my Divorce in September 1990. My exwife got our Commercial Rental property in the state of Texas plus a $387.50 Child Support order. We had 2 daughters, one born in 1978 and the other in 1981. I became severly injured at work in December 1991 and was undergoing treatment for a severe spinal cord injury for the first 5-6 years and I was living on what my insurance would pay at that time. During 1996, I was placed on Social Security Disability because I was not able to gain sustancial employment anymore. I requested many times a Remodification on the case due to my inability to work and was denied each time even when I requested an Undue Hardship it would cause me. The amount I was ordered to pay on the court order was a total of $44,000.00. I have payed in $32,000.00 plus. The AG’s office told me that I still owed $56,000.00 plus, so I asked them to send me the Payment Records. I reviewed the records and it showed how they applied half what I payed on the amount ordered and the other half on the massive Interest Rate they attached. I am currently paying $200.00 per month taken from my monthly Social Security on a Voluntary Administrative Writ. I was only paying $125.00 a month last year and they suspended my passport renewal and placed my name on the Certified HHS list. They have also applied many other Sanctions on my case even when I was paying what I could afford. According to the Family law Code of Texas, it says that only a 12% Annual Simple Interest rate could apply to arrears. Both my daughters are married and living away from home and I have No contact with them. Maybe someone out there can share some insight on what to do, because I am not fully understanding why the Child Support Offices can use the power to Discriminate against me and Violate the laws that they swore to withold to protect us?? Please reply!!!!

From HOME, 2010/05/31 at 12:51 AM

Scott Fulp

I am glad I found this site, it lets me know this is a nation wide problem. The reality of it is we are caught in a trap. Depending on the number of years you have left to pay, your life is no longer yours. You are now slaves of the state. They recieve Federal reinbursment for the money collected and is a source of revenue for state. My order was based on 56 hour per week, so I became a prisoner to the job that kept me out of prison. To the ones trying the legal system, how can you fight something legally that is illegally being done to you? They will go after the ones they think will pay and use you for as long as they can. Untill fear is placed in politicians concerning this manner, nothing will be done about it. Most of the time to have something changed, there has to be an uprising of some sort to stir things up. A group has to be formed and action taken. Slaves are seldom released because of compassion. This is a money making scheme for the legal system and raises revenue for the state. So why would they want to change it?

From HOME, 2010/05/30 at 3:06 AM

Naomi Ambach

The child support laws are so unfair to the non-custodial parent. Even if the custodial parent makes 8,600 per month and the non-custodial parent has lost their job and is on unemployment trying to keep their head above water, they must still pay the same amount of child support for 6 months before they can get a modification and a modification still puts them in arrears. The custodial parent gets to claim the child on their income tax and gets at least $3,000 in child care credit. Many men just give up and commit suicide. The women turn the children against their fathers and grandparents and no one cares. When they do this, they should lost their custodial rights. Fathers are just as important to their children as Mothers are. A man can never be as mean as a woman. Woman use their children to get back at the Father and they get away with everything. The laws are made for the woman and completely against the man. There needs to be some Federal updating of this outdated law, especially during the worst recession we have ever had. Commiting suicide is the only way out for many men and is this fair to their children?

The child support laws need to be updated at the Federal level to be more fair to the Fathers, who for many, commiting suicide is the only way out of this unfair system.

From HOME, 2010/05/29 at 3:19 PM

Patricia Morgan

My friend is getting screwed on his child support. Paying 75% and never get’s to see his kid’s. While she bought a new house, he can’t afford his own place to live. Not only is it unfair to the fathers, the ex-wife seems to hold all the power. If a man doesn’t pay child support he goes to jail, if a ex-wife doesn’t let him see hi kid’s nothing happens. He is the one that has to pay to go back to court. There is more then money at stake here, fathers have rights, and the kid’s need to know their father did want to be apart of their lives. I hope this petition gets the ball rolling!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/29 at 12:34 PM

Scott Ferreira

I pay weekly child support, comes right from payroll, I also pay weekly for very expensive health care for me and my dsughter. BUT, my ex wife has her on FREE medical with the state, plus my ex gets section 8, food stamps, income for her from disability and she is most certainly NOT disabled! She also gets a child stipen for my daughter. Is that fair! 41% of my weekly income goes to the support of my child, while my ex sits on her ASS all day! And my child wants nothing to do with me because of the lies my ex has told her, what is wrong with this picture! Here is the worst part on the court ordered financial statement she claimed to received 384.00 monthly in food stamps, but where the amount should be for the amount spent on food, it said 0! Prepared by an attorney, signed by my ex, signed by her attorney and looked at by a judge???? Right…. The court system should be ashamed of themselves!

From HOME, 2010/05/28 at 8:56 PM

Skylair Sambor


From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/28 at 7:17 PM

Nora Brown

I have been married to my husband for over 2 years he works 3 jobs because he pays alot of child support on his children whom he hardly gets to see. One of the mothers of one of his children just recently married a man who isnt working so she is paying his child support for his children and now wants to take him back to court to up my husbands child support because they are strapped for money seeing as she is the only one working. my husband pays each month and provides medical, dental, and vision insurance for the child also whenever she needs something for him and cant get it my husband provides even though we cant afford it most of the time. our children at home hardly get to see him because he is always working so they are without a father at home because he is working to pay too much child support. i honestly dont see this as fair to any child caught up in these situations. when will this end???

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/28 at 4:20 PM

Stan Darnell

I have been out of work since the very start of the CS order, my ex-wife knowing that i was jobless pushed the issue through the state and OCSE. I found a job last week, and started paying my obligations, but it is a lot more than i can handle. I made 2 grand per month at a previous job, now, i am only making 800 per month……. my OCSE obligation is 800 per month, I asked a worker at the OCSE what i was supposed to do if i got hungry one day while trying to work and wanted to eat a sandwich or something since i have to give them every penny i bring in….. her reply “Well, you should just eat outta the dumpster for all I am concerned, and your new family too. Be late again on your support, and I will personally take you to jail”

Seriously? What did I ever do other than lose a job, why has that made me a criminal and hated so dang much? I would feel badly for a new wife, for she would have to suffer and “eat outta the dumpster” with me…

I am in full support of child support reform

From Child Support Arrears, 2010/05/28 at 6:18 AM

Jefferey Bliss

What she said!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/27 at 5:40 PM

Dorthy Bliss

 “If you are paying or know someone paying child support, then you have felt the frustrations of the unfairness of being held hostage by a broken system.”

….why does one child cost $400 a month to raise according to the system and another $800? Just what is the actual “cost” to raise a child? Take that cost of support for the child, divide it in half…the mom & the dad shares 1/2 the expense. Whoever has custody gets a csea credit card that can only be used on the child(ren) for food, clothing. Itemization would be accounted for. No cashing checks in bars or taverns!
Why should support fatten someone’s savings account? Why should support buy the mom new shoes or pay for her vacation she isn’t even taking your kids on?

“This country is failing children, the family courts are a mess, the law is inadequate and needs changes fast. Why should the non resident parent be forced into legal battles, long winded COSTLY legal battles in order to maintain relationships with their children. Why should one parent have all the control and power ……..”

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/27 at 5:38 PM



From HOME, 2010/05/27 at 1:26 PM

Tracy Durbala

My ex husband number 2 filed against me, he has health insurance and a brand new car and 401k and Ira and he wears acuvu contact lenses and new shoes and buy clothes constantly. He eats meat and vegees all he wants. He makes 22.00 an hour. I’m a woman, I have 2 other children from a first marriage, I am struggling finding work and keeping work. I made 62.00 last week! I have an old car with problems. How will I live?

From HOME, 2010/05/27 at 11:15 AM


I am a supporter of reform, especially in my present situation. I wrote my story here back in November and although James is doing everything he can to help us, it is not working fast enough. i have been put in the poor house twice now and everytime i try to do something to help support myself, it gets taken away from my by the barracuda’s at the Mass DOR. i have filed for a modification of my support order, but all i hear from them is that it will take between 9 and 12 months to even get a hearing. This is BS. The bigger problem is that the child is not being treated respectfully and her mother doesn’t even want her in her life. But she is doing everything to make me look bad including making up stories of abuse on my part. But of course the DOR believes everything she says and doesn’t even want to talk to me about anything. I have a case worker that is an absolute bitch and give me the biggest attitude you can imagine. I have done nothing wrong. My ex lied to the court and got away with it. i have written to the MA governor’s office, the MA attorney general’s office, and even the US attorney general’s office and no one cares. The only response i have received was from the MA governor’s office and all they do is refer my concerns back to the MA DOR. Now they have discovered that i am working again and i am left without enough money to live on. I can’t keep my car, i have already lost my house and been kicked out of two apartments. Now i am going to lose my car and then i will lose my job because i can’t get to work. So now again I will be left with nothing. My ex has already found a new man to take care of her and I am left with nothing. She got everything she wants financially, and doesn’t even care about our child. I am at my wits end and I have been overcome with depression again. I am not living this way anymore. So I will become the next statistic of the corrupted system. I wish everyone here good luck with their cases. James is doing a great job. I hope that soon he will get some results that will help all of you. I am finished with all this crap. Thanks for standing up for us James. I just wish it could have helped me sooner.

From HOME, 2010/05/25 at 10:04 PM

Charlie Baker

I have always kept up with my bills, including the CS bill. A time came when I was unemployed for a few months & the CS bill has accumulated. I’ve had random jobs, though not able to keep up. My CS bill continues to climb, with the added arrear percentages. Certain jobs now don’t hire you due to a bad credit score. I am unintentionally digging my own financial pit grave.

From HOME, 2010/05/27 at 10:46 AM

Richard Juliano

 have “joint custody” of my son with my exwife, which, since she has physical custody, means I basically have no rights. My fiance and I have a new son. We have my first son with us literally half of the time; 3-4 days per week. I currently pay my exwife 35% of my monthly pay. Justify for me, how the state can make a calculation that takes a percentage of your gross pay, does not allow you to deduct your federal and state income tax, and kindly removes that amount from your net pocket? How can a man survive? My exwife is studying to become a doctor. So I get to work, while she goes to school. I am having trouble paying every bill. At what point does the state recognize that my second son is in danger (financially)? There has to be a better way.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness?

From HOME, 2010/05/27 at 10:05 AM

Mr. I hate the system

Men f#^k the child support system. This s*it makes your life horrible and they dont understand, much less dnt care!!!!! The judge in the courts need their a*s wooped. They want to take your license then u can’t drive, basically u can’t get to work. The system is nothing but a joke. And this is how they make their money, then you have to pay a lawyer,and the process isnt ant faster. Hang the people who make the child support system!!!!!!!!!!!!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/26 at 7:23 PM

Victor B. Vinziant

I just wanted to say, I support this in it’s entirety.!/pages/Killeen-TX/I-hate-Greedy-Baby-Mamas-Ex-Wives-sorry-ass-women-living-on-child-support/287403574267?v=wall&story_fbid=116326911742381

From HOME, 2010/05/25 at 7:52 PM

Rondell Randall

I’m in NJ and in a state of perpetual fear and hiding because I have a warrant for child support. I have had my hardships but never dreamed they would be compounded by the local government. The Constitution states that “a man can not be imprisoned for debt” yet I have been incarcerated over 14 times for failure to pay child support. Can/Will someone explain to me how I lost this right?

I’m 100% behind reform for child support

From HOME, 2010/05/25 at 6:52 PM

Aaron Tuff

There is no relief for poor unemployed non custodial parents! If youre receiving unemployment benefits the custodial parent gets a cut. If the amount they get doesnt match what you were court ordered to pay,when you had a job,you then get to pay interest on the unmatched portion of the ordered amount.Regardless of tax returns taken
and benefits seized the interest alone makes the amount one continues to owe insurmountable! I would rather owe a loan shark than have this burden.

From HOME, 2010/05/25 at 6:37 PM

Karen Beamon

She took it upon herself to stop taking the pill and my son has another 16 years of poverty to go. I resent the children. Child support laws are cruel and unusual beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. Why are they not taught to boys in school during “health” class?


Joel Burkart

As a man who has worked for every penny I have ever earned, and a man who is being forced by the Family Courts system to pay 80% of his gross income to his ex wife in child support, I am one more voice, left unheard and left to suffer with nothing.

If not for my girlfriend who has for some reason decided to stick with me and keep me alive, I would be homeless, hungry and without the ability to get to my job.

Too often I am confronted with the simple scenario…I can no longer live like this. I can no longer afford to pay what the courst have dictated with no remorse, with no regarg to how I will survive. It’s either go to jail, or run away…and running away means I lose my children…not paying means I go to jail…and lose my children.

Suicide…it’s inevitable! I can’t burdon my girlfriend and put her so deep in debt….and I refuse to spend the my life in prison because no matter how hard I work..every dime is paid to a woman who uses the money for her own lush lifestyle.

Fatc…the family courts don’t care if you eat, if you sleep, if you have clean clothes, if you have a job…all that they care about is making sure that money is paid. Yes, it’s my responsibility to support my sons…and I want nothing more than their comfort. The obvious truth is, there is no check and balance for where that money is going, so if she pays for a cruise with that money, and my children sleep on dirty sheets and wear torn clothes…who is checking that? No One. Meanwhile, if I can’t pay, my only recourse is jail. This is horrible. I’m not a deadbeat.

I also can’t see living like this forever. I am a very proud man, who has paid for everything he has with the blood sweat and tears of his own work ethic…yet in an economy that is destroyed by the same lawyers who control the justice system keeps me underemployed, I can’t even get a job that pays better than minimal…..

When ignorance is law, hope is lost. …Zach De La Roca


Vince Faulkner

I am a service connected disabled veteran currently at a 50% rating with another surgery coming up this July. When I asked for a downward modification not only did I get denied but they actually increased my support payment. The Judge imputed my income from years ago from a job I can no longer physically perform. I showed papers in court where the VA said my disability severely impaired my employability but the Judge does not seem to care. When they turned my case over to CSE I immediately provided them with medical records and VA paperwork and it has been 9 months and still no review. So far I have been able to stay out of jail but I don’t know for how much longer. We must all band together to change this broken system because the cost is to high in both dollars and peoples lives.

From About The Child Support System, 2010/05/24 at 2:40 PM

Ronald Hicks

I am currently in Iraq fighting for our country and I pay child support on time monthly plus my back child support that is due before joining the military. I applied for a passport to go to the Philippines and was denied because of child support that I owe. I think this is such bullshit I can leave the country to go fight but I can’t get a passport to go enjoy my R&R. They need to look a little closer into what they are doing to some people that are actually trying to do the right thing. I have daughter’s that the mother is collecting her child support but when I am in town she is always somewhere hiding out. So that I cannot see my babies and this hurts really bad. But I will get thru it all.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/24 at 12:07 PM

Aaron Adams

Reform child support now!!

From HOME, 2010/05/24 at 10:27 AM

Rebecca Belanger

I too am living the child support nightmare with my boyfriend. People tell me I’m crazy for sticking with him because of the building of debt and emotional stress I’m going through because of his situation. But I stand by him because hes an honest man and a hard working man. He wants nothing more than to do right by his children. The court system that lumps together every situation based on a number is unfair. It makes it impossible for us to live long term. our debt is mounting from loans to keep up with child support we cannot afford. If he were to live alone he could not afford food or shelter for himself. What kind of country do we live in that our justice system takes from one every thing he has and leave him penniless and homeless and suicidal to give to women who dont even use the money on the children. She funds vacations and home furnishings and nights out on the town. Yet when the children need something she has them call to ask for more money because she has spent all on herself. She manipulated the children against him. She controls visitation based on child support. She uses the kids to extort money. Yet we sit and watch every penny, barely affording food. Cannot afford legal representation. Cant afford time off his 12 dollar an hour job to sit at legal aide. who by the way wont even return phone calls. Sad, depressing, frustration, what are we to do as americans when your left in the cold with no resources to fight. When the system takes the side of evil and injustice. Where do we go for help and support? When will it end.
Rebecca Belanger
Covingtion LA

From CHILD SUPPORT KILLING FATHERS, 2010/05/24 at 10:02 AM

Pamela McNemar

Any governmental agency/office in this U.S. is downright repulsive. “We the People’ deserve to have a life of equality, respect, decency, compassion, and justice for ‘all’. Who are these government ‘people’ to tell us that they will make decisions for the people in our best interest? They are people just like the rest of us, we voted them in and we have the power to remove them. The rules only apply to ‘the people’ and they feel they can twist it enough to cover themselves from following the rules themselves. We need to protect ourselves and our families from this corruption because you the end money, power etc. are not going to matter when we all are fighting and begging for our lives and our childrens and loved ones. Life does not equal money and power on any level.

We need to protect our children and our families and stop letting someone else decide what’s best for all involved. The rules and regulations are not in place to ‘protect’ the children, it’s in place to protect themselves and to take away from everyone at our expense. We are the ones suffering and trying to live a decent life, they do not lose sleep at what they do, that makes them inhuman…

From Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, 2010/05/23 at 2:51 PM  ADDITIONAL COMMENT:

Pamela McNemar

My husband is ordered to pay child support for his son from his 1st marriage. I support the order to pay the child support, but I do not support how DCSE has been handling the case. My husband’s son lives in CA with his mother so it is a interstate case. AZ sends the payments to CA. My problem is that here in AZ the DCSE collects the monthly payments through wage garnishments with my husbands employer. DCSE never fails to reject payments sent to them based on some excuse or technicality, therefore putting the child support into arrears and then reporting it on my husbands credit report as delinquent. The most recent episode was in April of 2010 DCSE received a payment they say was dated for March which was an overpayment for March and therefore they could not credit the amount for April. They received that money April, 5, 2010. They admit that they knew it was an overpayment and that amount should have been refunded back to my husband immediately, but it has been 2 months now and they are reporting that he owes an arrears balance for April. CA is also reporting an arrears balance on his account as well. This has been consistent over the past 3 years now and it seems to me that they are trying to keep that misconception that one “dead beat dad” defines the entire group of men that pay child support as “dead beat dads”. Totally unfair to those that do what is asked of them and are dedicated to their child/children. Now to me it seems that they feel they are enforcing the law to pay child support, but in this case my stepson lost out in April on money that was for his that justice for the child for whom the money is for?? NO!! DCSE employees are very rude and do not do their job effectively or efficiently for those involved in the process. The system is definitely corrupt and non-supporting/ non-protecting. They make something easy very, very complicated and stressful for the parent paying the child support as well as for all those involved, especially the children. I fear that if this continues one day my husband is going to have an arrest warrant on him and then what will that do to our family. Something has to be done to take away their control and power misuse.

From Child Support Arrears, 2010/05/23 at 2:35 PM

Ronald Henry

Finally gave up! AS a commercial truck driver, I’ve gotten the raw end of the deal many times. Even when I was making payments, my license STILL got suspended periodically. So after I decided I had had enough, I just stopped paying. Hell, my son was well over 18 by then anyway. Licemse has been suspended for over a year now. Didn’t stop me from driving though. Might have made me a bit of an outlaw though… Fuck ‘em. License expires in 2012. If nothing changes by then, they can have it!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/23 at 4:31 AM

Paul Lopez

I also have been paying child support for the last 5 years and my ex-wife lives off the system. She doesn’t let me see my children and the system allows her to do that. I am not a dead beat. I love my children. I am in still IN debt for over 18,000 even though I pay my dues. The interest rates are killing me. Why doesn’t the law focus on mother’s who are also responsible to pay for their children????

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/22 at 11:10 PM

Jennifer Eades

I concur wholeheartedly that it is time for child support reform. As a mother receiving child support (if you can call it that) and a wife with a husband that has to pay child support, I can see how this system really messes with men. Even though my ex is worthless piece of crap to me, I told him I would sign off his interest and stop any further interest from accruing just to help him out. If he has trouble paying child support, falls behind and has to go to jail, I will then get nothing. Something is better than nothing in terms of help. My husband on the other hand pays child support out the butt and the interest in his case far exceeds the actual arrears (he got behind because he was on unemployment, they threw him in jail because of it and it added up even more) and his exes will not do anything to help because they are lazy and they do not want to work. I work hard and so does my husband and we continually get screwed by child support and the government. TIME FOR A REFORM!

Reply Question: If you are re-married and you see what your husband endures, why would you need two husbands? I honestly do not understand this.

In reply to the question asked in my original post (May 6, 2010), I do not have two husbands. My ex boyfriend who is the father of my two children was incarcerated for 5 years and was just released of August of last year. I have been married to my husband for 4 years and he pays child support for his two children he had with his ex wife. Where did you get that I had two husbands? The main purpose of my post was to say that child support is anything but just. They let some men get away with not paying, while they throw some men in jail right away if they do not pay. The system needs to be consistent and fair to anyone who is paying child support, which it is not.

Reply: Thank you, the second post clears everything up. Wouldn’t you rather have both of them not within the system so you and your husband could get on with your life and the ex-boyfriend was out of your life?

From HOME, 2010/05/21 at 1:51 PM

Cindy Cox

i’m owed 148,692.000 in child support it’s court ordered been court ordered for 20 years only recieved 2200.00 in 20 years.The attorney general office says i have to find dead beat dad , i do he goes to jail gets out every time he hasn’t even serviced 30 days in jail yet .THis man has harrassed my family and me saying if we don’t drop the case they may find us dead his voice was recored on my daughters cellular police said couldn’t do anything until he approaches me.Attorney general office said its up to the judge in court what they do the judge releases him everytime because they talk to his self -employed bosses says he will paid but never does i’m telling you it’s a joke .

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/20 at 9:27 PM

April Herrmann

I am getting ripped off by my ex-husband, so its not always the woman. Men abuse it too.

From HOME, 2010/05/19 at 8:32 PM

David Richter

why are we being controlled by these idiots, we have more rights to our children than they do , all judges and politicans who believe in the sick ways fathers are treated should be sent to jail for life.

From HOME, 2010/05/18 at 7:44 PM

Lorinda Hardwick

For all the florida men out there who are being run into the ground by the child support system and the DOR- my apologies to you. My husband is also about to get into a child custody battle with a whacko in Flroida. They were never married, she had two children from a previous marriage when she lived with my husband at the time. Then she got pregnant with twins, this was 11.5 years ago. He paid support out of his pocket for 3.5 years and then found out that his name was not even listed on the birth certificates. Then she showed up one night, dropped them off at our home and left for the next 14 months. No phone call, no visit, no money, no shot records, no birth certificates, and nothing more than a temporary custody note written on notebook paper. Because my husbands name was not on the certificates, there was nothing much that we could do, other than call the state and turn them over thru abandonment. When she showed back up 14 months later, she told the cops that the kids were not my husbands and he could not prove that they were. She left and we did not hear another word for the next 6 years. 2 weeks ago a petition from the DOR shows up on her behalf and she wants child support and back child support. Ridiculous because for 11.5 years this women has lived off of welfare and the state, and now expects my husband to pay her 100% of the custody ordered because she has no income to claim. the more I do research and the more I read about how this is figured, the crazier it gets. She has to contribute nothing on the kids behalf and my husband will end up paying for everything while she sits at home doing what she has done all along. The address she provided is to a two story shed that has been converted into an apartment and she has no vehicle or license to be able to get the kids anywhere. Even though I know that the child support will take effect it will only be a matter of time before we will be able to gain custody and have my husbands parental rights enforced. To the best of floridas ability that is and I do not put much faith in that. It is just amazing that she or other women are not expected to contribute any form of imcome and then the men are suppose to make up the difference. After 11.5 years I would think it would be common sense that he would have married and now we have our family as well as being established bill wise. What a mess- something needs to be done. I am afraid to read much further into the statues because the ignorance of them all is so glaring.

From Florida Above the Law, 2010/05/18 at 6:45 PM

Cesar Almanza

My work day starts at 3:15am and ends at 7:00pm working two Jobs and one weekend a month in the national guard. Exhausted broke & providing for my children at home and my second wife. My wife stays home to raise our children and manage the house. All my income is garnished at around 50 – 60 %. Even if something could be done I couldn’t even afford an attorney. Worse yet I would be afraid to make my situation worse by iven ringing it up. The system isn’t blind, it’s just biased.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/05/18 at 2:13 PM

Renee Wheeler

My boyfriend is about to go into a custody battle, and I’m trying to do research for him, so please tell me anything that would be helpful.??

From Florida Above the Law, 2010/05/18 at 12:02 PM

Clint Decker

Sounds like there are a lot problems. I’m one of the fortunate ones that actually get along with my ex.

From HOME, 2010/05/18 at 3:51 AM

Tina Welborn

My husband has been in a nightmare court battle with his X that began BEFORE he was even married to her, resulting in $1,500 per month pre-natal support . He is now paying $800 per month support for twins that she did not allow him to even see until they were 3 months old. He has not seen them since they were 9 months old…they will be 8 years old in Novemver 2010. The courts have assisted her in alienating him from his only biological children & they from their father & it seems there is no end in sight. And…as you might guess, my children have done without many times in order to pay that evil poor excuse for a woman. And…I raised my children…all 5 of them with no support from any of their fathers & no interest of the system to assist me in obtaining any either…I am really beginning to wonder if I am living in a 3rd world country rather than The United States of America.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/18 at 12:17 AM

Gerard Rucker

well make a long story short i was jerked around from them paying but still falln behind for years and askin and beggin for help from them and nothing so finally after 5 years and countless rearages and court expense finally lowerd now 3 years latter there just jackn it up agian and im not workn now but here and there and u know they make it hard to pay regular its like they dont get it they follow these rules that they dont even fully know like they have to much power and not enough sence to use it and u know u tell them u wana get stuff sq with them and give u hopeless payments and etc dam i gotts live to and why do i have to be taxed for her not wanting to get a job !!!! im sorry if u think it sounds cold but wow !! i got work and she or he should have to work its not my fault they cant get off there!! well u know !! so please understand i wana pay and they should get there money after all its for the kids ! not cause they wana stay home now if there are health reasons well thats diffrent but that is not my case! sign the petion PLEASE!!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/17 at 9:45 PM

Regina Dreher

I am the “step-mother” to three children who my fiance pays support for and also has for 10 overnight visits a month. Everytime he gets a pay increase the mothers are in line with there hand out looking for more money. I have to say they are greedy and need to get jobs. One mother is a bartender who does not supply proper shoes/clothing and makes their father purchase it or they go with out while he pays support. I think it is time that the custodial parent is held liable for caring for the child and stops living with there hand out for free money. These kids are not your pay check. Get a job and get off the system. Oh did i mention each of the mothers get food stamps and housing assistance.. Why should the father have to pay over $1500 between the two of them, but the state gives the mothers everything for free.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/17 at 2:42 PM

Willie M. Foye

I support reform completely because this system that was created to help single mothers is now being abused and unfair to the non-custodial parents.

From HOME, 2010/05/17 at 4:31 AM

Garry Crafton

check this one out.i was found to NOT be in contempt at first hearing but the prosecutor convinced the judge to suspend my DL for six months to ensure that i continued to be NOT in contempt after wictch i lost my job my rooming house (yes thats right rooming house) and was forced to move in with my parents out of state.Now with the patriot act and the immigration laws you have to have a DL to even get an interview,so once again it is back to court for criminal contempt.I’ve exhausted all my retirment funds to put my oldest daughter through college,but am still a DEADBEAT dad.
wake up america and let both partys pursue a life beyond seperation

From CONTEMPT OF COURT, 2010/05/16 at 7:49 AM

James Singh

Iam all for this and will back it up 110%

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/16 at 2:13 AM

Mazzeo Mouzon

I will advertise this reform everywhere i go. The child support system should be called custodial parent support . totally unfair . I have never been so miss treated in my life all because my childs mother dislikes my wife .

From HOME, 2010/05/14 at 10:13 PM

Jenn Walt

This rediculous system is tearing my family apart. Once again, a worthless parent, collecting so much money from us monthly is still collecting welfare! We need to be able to allow non custodial parents the right to sign over all rights. If we don’t visit the child, why should we be stuck? Men have no rights! The woman has the last decision once pregnancy is determined, therefore, she should be responsible. Come on America

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/14 at 4:32 PM

Michael Celestin

My ex-wife lost my kid after becoming addicted to opiate drugs. She and the people she was hanging around with stole my credit cards, identity, jewelry and caused me to lose my home. Child Youth Services finally gave my daughter back to her because they always give the kids back to the mother and don’t give a damn about the father. I have heard that my ex is once again using drugs and I am being harassed weekly by Domestic Relations about child support, even though I pay every month, though sometimes not the full amount which is based off of a management position I held in 2008 right before the economy collapsed. I now am homeless and struggle to pay for the debt that she accumulated during her drug usage. I stay with friends and family and work. I have now received in the mail at one of my friends homes that my license is now suspended because I haven’t been paying which is a lie, and I paid the full $375 last month. I am afraid that I will be unfairly put into jail and lose my job. What should I do.
P.S. I am not on welfare and I will not go on it. I am not complaining about my life I just feel like I am in a hopeless situation with these people. I fought in Iraq in 2004 as a U.S. Marine and ever since I have come back I am thoroughly ashamed of what my country has become.

From Contact/About Us, 2010/05/14 at 11:09 AM


I support Child Support Reform!!! It’s time for change for this law that does nothing but put people in jail for not being able to pay child support. The law is causing mayhem and madness among families, the custodial parent (usually the mother) doesn’t even know that they are being tricked into a system that rob the other parent of their money and then without question (only assumption) puts you in jail if you should miss payments due to no fault of your on.

I strongly believe that if we stick together on changing the laws to child support reform their would less crowding in jails and peace of mind for all of us.

From HOME, 2010/05/14 at 12:51 AM

Joseph Santiago

My child’s mother and I went to see a sitter before she gave birth. The sitter was the wife of one of her co-workers. We were quoted a price and decided to chose this person. Things didn’t work out between the mother and I. she took me to couurt for support two weeks after our child was born. During supprt, she claimed that the cost of childcare was $50 more a week than we were quoted. ($200 more per month) I pleaed my case to the judge, the judge didn’t want to hear it. I even showed the judge prices of licensed daycare centers that didn’t charge that much, and this women wasn’t even licensed. The judge didn’t care. when i asked for reicepts for payment, the judge told me she didn’t have to supply them. I was forced to pay this outrageous amount for support and childcare and the mother walked out of the court laughing. The court system is definately bias and unfare !!!!

From HOME, 2010/05/13 at 7:08 PM

James Hare

I support the Child Support Reform with every breath in my body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From HOME, 2010/05/13 at 6:51 PM

Joany Vasey

This child support is a total scam. Those who created this are evil minds.

From HOME, 2010/05/13 at 7:54 AM

Alivia Myers

My husband has to pay child support to this lady whom he never had a real relationship. It was only a one night stand and I think this is already a growing business here in US. I would say that if your husband pays child support, your own children is being deprive of everything because almost all the money of your husband went to one child only and the government didn’t see those. Women take advantage of it and I am pretty sure the money that they get will never really benefit the child because they use it for themselves to buy cars, jewelry, and other things the actually not needed. This child support is totally a scam and the govt. is allowing this. Our comstitutiomal rights are violated in this country.

From HOME, 2010/05/13 at 7:52 AM

John Myers

My own children from my legal wife will be deprived of everything because I am paying a child support to this woman that I have only one night and not even a girlfriend or anything to me. She never shows up the baby until it become 8 years old and from this time that I met them, my whole 6 months was full of blackmail from this lady. The child support is only abuse by the women and most of them use their children so that they will not and depend only on this. I hate to say that the government penalize men unreasonably because it was the choice of this women to have a baby and later on charge this men child support and I think the government didn’t see that this is being abuse only.

From HOME, 2010/05/13 at 7:47 AM

Debra Lorber

Support enforcement is causing us to live in poverty.My husband and I have 3 children together,and I have 2 from a previous marriage-a houshold of 7.He lost his job last year and DCS was taking 750.00 a month out of his unemployment.He tried to have it modified to a reasonable level,but that didnt happen.they calculated his support with his family size at one,and we were informed they “didnt have to count the children in our home” when we asked how we were supposed to support the 5 children in our home on 1300 a month
( what was left after support ) The caseworker replied” well,you chose to have the kids”,so they dont count and have no basic needs because he owes child support for other kids.His other kids live in 2 income households,they have more than twice the recources we do,they own homes have nice cars,savings,ect.We are surviving on foodstamps and paying 700 a month support to familys who do not need the money.DCS says that their income and curcumstances dont he is supposed to pay for health insurance on top of it.we are on medicade,have just received an eviction notice,we are living in fear of losing our children because we cannot afford to care for them,and the state doesnt care.We have sent several “harship” letters to DCS and their only response-”nothing we can do” In desperation we filed taxes claiming our daughters who reside with us as dependants.with them we have a 6,000 return-all earned income and child tax credits.without claiming our girls we owe the IRS.DCS took the return because of back my husband”owes” So they will not count the children in our home,will not set support so we can care for them-but they will take from them very happily.It is so nice of our government to use my children like that.Child support does not help children,they do not care about children,they will take from children to the point of destroying their lives and they are not accountable for anything.

From Child Support Arrears, 2010/05/11 at 12:30 PM          

Demetrick D. Williams Sr


I am a victim of this unjust and unequal child support system and would love to see some sort of reform. The system puts the FATHERS in akward predicuments, how can one be expected to live if over half of his income is being butchered by the system. I cant do anything else for my kids due to the large amounts being taken from me, (what about the months of the summer , when a father has his children) how can he afford to do any nessecities , entertainment or summer training? Not to metion the harsh penaties for non-payment or inability to pay. ALL FATHERS ARE NOT DEADBEATS!


From HOME, 2010/05/10 at 10:02 PM

Alfred Fuentes

I’m not afraid and will fight the good fight that deadbeats and an obvious innefficiant court system monster till its death.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/05/10 at 10:00 AM

Jon Clint Rocha


From Where does Child Support Money Go???, 2010/05/09 at 11:44 PM


I haven’t had a child due to the fear mongering I have seen in the system. A friend of mine was really put through the ringer by the system. I support your cause. I am a firm believer in our rights under the united stated constitution. Call it what you will, but I believe every person on this earth is entitled to the freedoms we once enjoyed. It doesn’t have to be like this, we need change. There are too much politics in the system, too much greed.

Speak the truth, even if they strike you down. The truth will set us free.

From HOME, 2010/05/09 at 9:22 PM

Adam Bethea

i back this all the way.

From HOME, 2010/05/09 at 5:58 PM

Christina Strusz

I am 100% for this. After 23 yrs of paying child support, it is crazy the troubles we have gone through where child support is concerned. It is way too one sided.

From HOME, 2010/05/08 at 7:38 PM

Chris Powel

My exgirlfriend claims to be pregnent by me. She said she is prolife and will not get an abortion. She said she will file child support charges against me, if i do not want the baby. The pregnency is 5 weeks. What can i do?

From HOME, 2010/05/08 at 3:09 PM

Kira R Banda

As a mother, I support this! I also think the state needs to stop forcing people into the system. my ex and i worked out our own agreement when we split. he payed me every week and i was fine with it. The state had to but in and practically MADE us go through the courts! why? believe it or not, some woman arent greedy bitches and some men arent dead beat assholes. its been 3 weeks now and ive only saw 1 payment. i’d like to just say, STOP TRYING TO FIX STUFF WHEN ITS NOT BROKE!!!!!!!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/08 at 1:30 AM

Carolyn Fink

Child support should be a 50/50 split. The salary of both the custodial and non-custodial parent should be taken into consideration. Perhaps the recipent of the child support payments should have to claim the support as income or the person paying the child support should receive tax break. Funny thing…there is not a bit of information out here to assist the non-custodial parent in stopping the child support payments once the child has graduated and it 18 years of age. The system is broken….let’s fix it.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/06 at 8:54 PM

Sandra Bryant

There most definitely needs to be child support reform. I know of many men who are awesome fathers, but unable to pay child support but when they have money, they absolutely pay, no problem.. They see their children on weekends and cook, clean, wash their clothes and enjoy their children but just don’t have the money to pay and now they’re facing jail time. And they lose their license, FOR GOD’S SAKE, WHAT IS THAT ABOUT??? How can a man try and make something happen financially for his children behind bars and without license to get to work or to look for work?

How is a man suppose to take care of his children from jail, how is that reform, what sense does that make and what about the children who are missing their fathers and can’t see them because they’re locked up like a common criminal. And who has access to legal representation? It’s inhumane!!!! How dare this country imprison fathers who are truly being fathers in every sense of the word but not financially. Sure, there are some deadbeat men who don’t do anything, we’re not talking about them. There’s a growing number of men who love, support and care for their children, they just don’t always have the finances.


From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/05/06 at 8:09 PM

Johnny from Texas


The United States Supreme Court is set to hear a Writ of Certioreri for the Social Security Act violations via State ran governments and local municipalities. This form of fraud has damaged the health care industry that was setup to lend support to tax payers.

The States of seeing the Title-IVD wealfare healthcare and public benefits program has created laws that violate the constitutional rights of the citizens the program was designed to serve. They have created laws that funnel the federal dollars into the States General Fund and from that fund has been mishandled by corrupt elected leaders of the local municipalities.

Another form of mishandling the federal fund supporting the title-IVD program has been in the form of : “The caseworkers neglecting to investigate claims presented to them by individuals that are not qualified to claim the dependants”.

The Writ of Certioreri submitted to the United States Supreme Court highlights and pinpoints the corruption and extortion practices the state ran governments have created the situation of allowing the local municipalities to impose unjust and unconstitutional restrictions on a selected group of citizens depriving them of the fundamental constitutional rights supposedly granted to all citizens. The right to due process of law, the right to equality and equal protection under the law.

To allow individuals the pray upon the welfare system when they have never held a job to contribute to the funding of such programs isn’t fair or right to those who have spend a lifetime paying and contributing to the programs success. To allow a 30 year old woman that has been forbidden by the courts legal and physical rights to the very children that D.H.S (Department of Human Services) allows them to claim on public benefits without even being the caregiver to those children is outrageous.

In this very case, the woman in question is a convicted felon, that was charged of neglect and abandonment of the children that she now has been enabled to claim as dependents on public benefits. For a total of nearly $1800 a month paid to the non-custodial mother for the past 12 years. Paid for by all taxpayers. This has lead to further neglect of the child court ordered support for the children and has promoted and funded further drug usage to this very individual.

I find this very disturbing because I just lost my mother this past October due to the fact that she could not get health insurance from the very same program that she has spent her entire life contributing to. My mother started working when she was 13 years old. When she passed away she was 63 years old. I feel as though, and the supported facts show that D.H.S discriminates against those who have worked and paid to have help when it is needed over those who have never held a job in their life.

I know for a fact that if my mother could have had the insurance that she despritly needed and deserved, that she would still be with us today. To know that this situation is what it is because of the incompetence of the system. Angers me beyond belief.

I firmly feel as though this type of problem within society has lead to the destruction of the healthcare industry and has violated the public trust.

She this is how the system works. Once somebody, be it male or female applies for public benefits. If there are children in the household, D.H.S requires you to help them seek out the absent parent. I have found if a woman is applying for the benefits, they never question her about if the children actually live with her or not.

But seeing that I am a male and the custodial father, I put it to the test. I swallowed my pride and went to apply for help. They asked me to prove that I had legal custody and the child lives with me, I did so. They then asked me to prove my that I had housing, I did so. They then wanted me to prove that I was out of work, I did so.

They then required me to help them find the absent parent for the purpose of collecting child support from them, I did so. Once the non-custodial parents name was entered into their system it was discovered that she had been claiming not only my child, but the other two children that she had with a different man. The computer screen showed that she was collecting $400 in food aid, $800 in rent assistance, helath insurance and other program assistance. She lost custody of the children in 1997 and her policy was renewed in 2006.

They have never pursued her for the fraud committed against the taxpayers. They have never even raised the question in court. But I have and they continue to swep it under the rug. They are doing this because if they did pursue her for fraud, it would mean that the state has not been in compliance with the Federal rules and regulations of the title-IVD welfare program. This little known fact means that the state would then lose the federal funding for the program and would have to investigate each and ever case before federal funding would continue. Plus they would be forced to pay penalties to the federal government for the violations per case proven to violate the federal rules and regulations of the Social Security Act.

A lot of people view this as not being their problem personally. But you could not be more wrong. This effects everyone that has had to pay into this very system by paying taxes. This is fraud by the State governments that have deprived it’s citizens that deserve the help they have paid to have the security of knowing that they have paid for something to rely on if and when times got hard.

The corruption starts at D.H.S then carries over to the local municipalities via Child support court, then other federally funded agencies get involved such as the Child Support Enforcement Office, Child and Family services. The court aids in setting up the collections from the non-custodial parent and the state that uses the federal dollar. When the non-custodial parent pays current or back child support payments, the state matches dollar for dollar collected. That money is funneled into the general fund.

The same goes for if the non-custodial parent can not afford to pay the huge amount of back child support issued to them via the court and they jail the non-custodial parent.

The state pays $86 a day they are housed in local jails. If you do the math, that equals nearly $30,000.00 a year (Which goes into the general fund). That is more than the non-custodial parent would earn per year at a minimum wage full time job.

That general fund pays the “Service Providers” the large inflated salaries and bonuses they give themselves each year. While the Custodial parent and child suffer by doing without the source of income all the while the Judges and court appointed attorney’s and case workers pay themselves.

The other issue is this. When you take your child to the doctor and that doctor issues a bill to the state funded insurance program, they increase the sum billed by 30% than if you paid out of pocket for the visit.

Couple that with the fact that people that have been removed from being eligible to claim the dependents in the very same state and county that they have applied for the benefits in, and they get them without any roadblocks at all. Is totally alarming to us all.

Is it any wonder that people have lost total faith in the corrupt , greedy,bias, prejudice, discriminating system?

The State of Tennessee is padding their own pockets while they discriminate and deprive the children that they are supposed to be working in the best interest of in the first place according to the statue that they promote to the general public as being the motivation behind the way they conduct business.

This method violates the publics trust, it violates the Oath they took to officiate and over see the process.

Most importantly it violates the fundamental constitutional rights of it’s citizens by depriving the equality standards to only one of the parents, it violates the equal justice under the law, It violates the due process of the constitution.

This is the reason that every state has had a budget shortfall. Tennessee alone had a 20 million $ shortfall this year alone. Is there any wonder as to how that happened?

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/06 at 6:22 PM

Micah Marchand

I am all for this. My ex has a pattern. She gets married, has a child, then when the child is a year and a half she leaves the husband and gets child supprot. She did it to her first husband, then me and is now about to do it to her third husband. She was remarried 14 days after our divorce was finalized and already trying to get pregnant before the marriage to her new husband. She purposely took a lower paying job right before court just to say she has more time and less money before the court date. I am all for this. Let me know how I cna help or what I can do.

From HOME, 2010/05/06 at 11:21 AM

Jesus Gonzalez

it would be a very good idea for child support services and the way they handdle things to be investigated . their actions and the message they give to the custodial parent,are very wrong. they make the non custodial parent seam like a criminal just because they dont live with the children . i never seen the child support money spent on the children like it is supose to . the custodial parent thinks its another pay check for them not the children. it has to stop it got out of hand the real victimes of all this are the children .lets think about them for a change. money to the children will not make them happy only the love from both stop using money as the excusse . lets investigate child supports services if they got nothing to hide they should say go ahead and investigate us only the ones that have something to hide dont want to be bothered

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/05 at 5:54 PM


i was unemployed at the time they started to order me to pay child support and they went off my income from my last job. i was on unemployment getting $400 a week. they ordered me to pay $900 a month in CS (child support) so needless to say i lost my truck my house EVERYTHING! i still couldnt pay my CS so began my orrearages. So, I joined the military, couldnt find a civilian job to save my life. my orrears by this time where up to $2k and they were taking over 50% of my income which left me with Exactly $326 every two weeks and she got $389 out of my check every two weeks. How is this possible? I still couldnt afford an apartment much less a vechicle of ANY kind. So, I got part time jobs that paid cash. Yes, CASH! I gotta make it some how, right?! So, I did this for quite some time till finally i got back on my feet. It came time to do my taxes, I WILLINGly paid my CS orears to get it over with. Which my ex-wife NEVER saw. If I owed her that money and the CS agancy threatened to take everything from me for her to get and now that I paid it she didnt even get it, What kind of sense does that make?! I have ALWAYS been in my two lil boys lives, T-ball, birthdays, EVERYTHING! So, why am i being treated like a deadbeat dad? Im caught up on all my CS orrearages and they STILL TAKE OVER 50% OF MY INCOME! My current wife cant get hardly anything from the CS agency much less a return phone call back from her case manager. I think its very clear ( atleast it is to me ) that this agency they call child support enforcement isnt for the CHILDREN AT ALL, its more like a FRONT to take money from the citizens of the U.S. to fund the state in which it resides in. Seems like a scam to me, Thanks Congress!!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/05 at 8:02 AM

Donna Gore


From HOME, 2010/05/04 at 2:36 PM

Carl Annanders

i support childsupport reform 100 percent… i have been harrassed by the shawnee oklahoma office for years, they have froze my bank account and my 9 year old daughter that i do have custody of is now doing with out and i have tried to talk to this office but they will not listen. i am a truck driver and they have treathened to take my licence and everything i own just because i got layed of and my unemployment ran out, i tried to explain to them but they just dont care, they have taken 8000.00 dollars in taxes this year alone and 11,000.00 dollars in taxes last year. i did not owe that money according to my reciepts but they apparently did not learn how to add in school. the mother of my children that i do pay childsupport to has even pleaded with them but they will not listen to her either. last year their was a settlement drawn up and sign by me, the mother of my children and a judge, childsupport enforcement has now went back on the settlement and now that they have drained me of everything i can not afford an attorney. my 9 year old daughter is now doing without grocerys, clothing and a roof over her head. this office has lied to my wife and me for 4 years now, it is fraud by them and if it was fraud by us we would go to jail. last year alone 3 cases aired live on the news for the wrong doing of this office. this office needs to be audited by some one who really cares and know what they are doing..

From HOME, 2010/05/04 at 2:33 PM

Stephanie McRoberts

The system is a joke, father’s have trouble surviving because they pay so much to the mother’s.

From HOME, 2010/05/04 at 2:12 PM

Manuel Bailon

manny b iam currently fighting to get credit for over nine thaousand dollars that were intercepted by child support services in los angeles from my income tax refunds . child support says they returned the money back to the i r s wich is not true i have all my evidence of all the money they took yet they dont have any evidence that they returned the money to the i r s . they keep saying that i owe over seven thaousand dollars in back pay . now here is the question if i owed back pay why would they return any money back to the i r s like they claim they did . makes no sense i asked for proof they say they dont have it i called the i r s they told me that childsupport does not return any money back to them . so what happened to that money i smell imbezzelment. who took that money if anyone could help me please let me know .

From HOME, 2010/05/04 at 1:42 PM

Harry Wilders

Great idea to reform the system.. Had a horrible experience myself with the system.. Luckily I had a decent judge..

From Support reform, 2010/05/04 at 6:53 AM

John Wesley Doughman Retired P&P from Kentucky

Child Support should be based on household income. Child Support Accountability should be part of the law, Parenting Plans should be required. There should not be a “one plan fits all plan”. Currently visitation documents in Knott County, KY, where I got my divorce, states that (parapharsing) if the non-Custodial parent shows up under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the custodal parent can refuse visitation, but nothing is said if the reverse is true. Also we all know about Amber Alert, but a warrant will not be issued, if the custodial parent takes the chilc(ren) away for the weekend or even for three years. The system does not care about a child’s future!!! I offered to pay into the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authourity, on a monthly basis, if the amount would be deducted from my child support payments, but no luck. Also, I was to have Joint Custody, which is a f*((( joke. If you have Joint Custody, you don’t get any monetary credit for providing food, shelter and clothing, but the non-custodila parent gets all of the credit.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/03 at 10:31 PM


I 100% support child support reform!

From HOME, 2010/05/03 at 9:49 PM

Michelle Torres

I am a woman and i belive this child support system has been created in order for us woman to control and ruin most mens life is not about the child is always about the money. i have children and the reality is it is not that expensive to feed and cloth a child. I get tired of seeing women manupulate men with child support and visitation and yes almost always most of the money goes towards paying the womans hair, nails, clothes and othe luxuries.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/05/03 at 4:06 PM

John Kennedy

My ex-wife just received her last child support payment for my legitimate children. The third one she will have to go after the father, I’m not playing the game. Paternity results have already been established through Minnesota Blood Banks, I wonder just how ignorant she really is. Wait and see.

From Father Takes DNA Paternity Fraud Case To U.S. Supreme Court!, 2010/05/03 at 7:39 AM

Tyrone Wright

I think family court is a crime in it’s self . The only place you can be kick out of your home without a word . I’m not alound to see my childern anymore and have no way of getting a lawer in family court. You take all that we have because you know we pay for your checks by give more money to our states to run program that only a few get to share. I pay child supprot abd her wants 400 H more and she make 70 K a year I live with my father and pay rent . Peolpe in jail have more rights that we do. Thank for making me life a living hell .

From HOME, 2010/05/02 at 8:56 PM

Riel Gagnon

I live in a county that has a 51% unemployment rate. I count my self lucky to have a part time job. 3 of my children live with their mothers. I am expected to pay 50% of this income to child support which does not cover the full amount court ordered. Then there is the national medical support notice which causes me to retain medical coverage even though my children are all covered by medicaid or insurance from an employer. One of the mothers has a good job and is making over 3 times as much as me yet she still wishes to collect support. This system is not flawed it is evil. Any thing that resembles a reward for breaking up a family IS EVIL in my book. I think that if you get on welfare you should have to pay it back yourself just like a loan, not someone else pay it for you. And one more thing I have tried to retain a lawyer for some time now and it doesn’t matter if I have the money or not, when I say child support its always we don’t do child support. Even if it says they do on the advertisement.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/05/02 at 2:56 AM

Aarde V Atheian

When my lawyer asked me how did I feel about judge Marjorie Steinberg and Isabel Cohen who had just rendered a verdict giving two thirds of my income and virtually all of my premarital wealth to my wife for child and spousal support, I told her I felt like strangulating each and every one of those divorce judges with my bare hands. I loathe them so much that I wouldn’t get tired of them even if there was a million of them.
She then asked me what am I going tell the judge when she asks me was I coerced by the court to accept this verdict, I said no I’ll tell her ‘Noo, I was not coerced your honor.’
That’s how bad it is. We just have to go thru with it until our day arrives.

From HOME, 2010/05/01 at 7:14 PM

Lacey Murphy

I am in favor of reform.. my boyfreind has a child from a previous marriage and we pay dearly if back child support.. i have been with him for five years now and he hasnt missed one payment and his back child support hasnt gone down but up.. we also have our own child and she gets the money that we get back for him also

From HOME, 2010/05/01 at 3:50 PM

Nicole Avalos

i hope no one has to fight to be dad it so sad

From HOME, 2010/04/30 at 9:57 PM

Vikki James

I recieve child support but im very fair when it comes to my ex husband. Some women are snakes and run these men into ruins. They use their children as pay checks and its sad. Every penny i get goes towards my kids and i go down a lower the support as needed according to what he makes and it works it gets raised only if he is making more money and we agree on a reasonable amount. i feel sorry for these parents who get raked for support that is an obsurd amount so the other parent can go use it on themselves and not the kids.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/04/29 at 11:23 PM

Steven Chenoweth

I work for the county, and i work with inmates daily half of them are child support. What happened to Justice and the constitution? Pursuit of Life,Liberty and happiness, America is changing at the sake of greed? God help us!

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/04/29 at 5:29 PM

Don Newton

Enough has been said above, all of which I agree with.

From HOME, 2010/04/29 at 2:49 AM

Ron Smith

Been through all of the above comments. C/S being missued on new boyfriends/husbands and even their children! Not being able to see my own sons and daughter because the court system allowed my ex to move 150 miles away to move in with a new internet met boyfriend and his 6 children. She eventually married this looser and then the abusive phone calls and e-mails started.

Not being included in decisions that directly effect the children is wrong and supported by the court. An obligor is only an ATM machine! Not a parent!

After 30 years of this punishment, I just recieved a notice yesterday of the termination of support. In fact I overpaid some of it! Thank GOD it’s finally OVER!!!

From HOME, 2010/04/28 at 8:08 AM

Henry Robinson

I read a lot of cases on this website and it really sicknens me know our government allow this type of injustice to happen. I pray for each and everyone of you and keep your head up! I’m projected to pay over 1700 in Maryland and they seem not to care how I am going to live! My girlfriend’s pregnant and we don’t know how we will make it . My exwife is money hungry and can careless how I’m surviving. Reform is desperately needed!!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/28 at 6:22 AM

Tony Gardner

My oldest child is 14years old my second is 13 my baby boy is 10 I pay child support for all of them .Now you might not believe me but after after they take my payment out of my check I might bring home $400 a month out of $1200.That’s $200 every two weeks.On top of that they suspended my license in 2008 and I didn’t know I was pulled over in january of 2010 and was arrested for driving on suspended .They was suspended for nonpayment but I havn’t miss a payment since 2005.The mistake was theirs but I had to pay for it.Something need to be done!!!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/27 at 5:03 PM


not all cases r the same tho.. i was 16 years old when i got pregnant and my Ex said he would be there to help.. where is my help im now 24 years old and he hasnt gave me more than 1,000 a year.. her school is 300 a month and food, clothes, after school activitys all cost money.. my husband now is the only father she knows she hasnt seen her real father since she was 6 months old she is now 7 .. i tried to take him to court trying to get him to atleast see her but the court said they cant force him to see her.. so i filed for childsupport and they cant hardly get n e thing outta him cuz he keeps getting fired or quites to move from girl friend to girl friend house.. i have taken him to court so many times and they just wont help me…

Reply comment: How many husbands do you need?

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/04/27 at 4:53 PM

Christopher Jennings

ITS rape yes you should pay for your child’s upbringing but not be raped. Doing so.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/04/26 at 9:31 PM

Mitchell E. Greene

No other person in the free world is subject to incarceration or privilege revocation over medical bills except a non-custodial parent. I thought the abolishment of debtors prison was a big part of the reasons America wanted away from the Kings of other nations. Anyone know of any other sect of society that can not bankrupt medical bills in America?

From HOME, 2010/04/26 at 8:24 PM

Terik Jelani Mackabee

I’m so tired of talking about how unfair the DCSS has treated me in regards to child support and how unfair my children are being treated in regards to visitation. It’s time to act.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/26 at 6:54 PM

Christopher from Fort Worth Texas


From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/26 at 6:26 PM

Kim Blackburn

I think for at least the state of Massachusetts the child support rules can ruin a mans life forever!! It to me is very unfair to force a man to pay for kids he helped raise but he and the mom could not stay together a lot of times the females just try to get back at the guy. I think there should be some waiver especially if the kids are adults and are willing to sign an affadavit that their father cared for them and no reason the mom should get all of the back monies. Also it is so unfair that men can not get the driver license etc due to DOR in Massachusetts. Please reform this ridiculous and very hurtful regulations of the child support!!!

From HOME, 2010/04/26 at 12:52 PM

Christie Crolley

I support child support reform.

From HOME, 2010/04/25 at 9:29 PM

Don B.

I am a father who has been working hard to pay back chid support arrears so much so that I overpaid for my daughter for three years thinking that the court would credit the diffence toward arrears. Big mistake! Hired a lawyer and took it to court and won and then the court found out because there isn’t a 15% difference in the amount of support I’m paying currently and the amount that I should have been paying, it didn’t matter ($4,500 may not matter to them but it matters to me)… .And then I find out that ARREARS (which accured because receipts for payments of child support directly to the mother were NOT accepted and later because I changed jobs and made less money and didn’t know how to get my child support lowered) which I believed to be only around $8,000 based on statements I received from the State had been accruing interest and were really $21,000. The system is a Joke. Interest at 12% on arrears when I’m still paying $600 a month for one child. Interest without ever seeing a statement saying that interest was accuring! Interest that the child’s mother will collect long after the children are adults. Interest that is not considered income to the mother! And the system doesn’t encourage abuse??????? I even talked to my lawyer about getting a loan of $10,000.00 (which is all I can afford to pay back after paying current child support and other living expenses) to settle the debt now and stop the interest accruing. But my lawyer commented the DA wouldn’t even consider it even if the mother agreed. This is Sumner County, TN!!!!!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/25 at 12:14 PM

Timothy Davenport

I definitely support reform

From HOME, 2010/04/24 at 8:54 PM

PeTer Huertas

I agree with said petition. I am a father of two who have been paying child support for the past 10 yrs. Even when I took custody of the children I was forced to pay some arrears while having my children in custody. After they were returned to her after 2 1/2 yrs to get back at me she took me to court and they awarded her $1,000/month and $7,000 in arrears for 6 months…even with me having two 10 x 13 envelopes filled to the top with receipts of all the expenses I paid on my children ..they handed her the envelopes and asked her if it was true …OF course she denied any of it she only approved of $100 receipt and the courts went on what she said and my words and evidence were NO GOOD…that’s when they awarded her $7,000 in arrears…..Needless to say that after noon her boyfriend bought her a cake and celebrated her screwing me over in court in FRONT OF MY CHILDREN. My children don’t see a penny. She put her boyfriend at the time through college with monies that were for my children and also got cosmetic surgeries done….IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN HUH???? At LEAST those are the words OF the Child Support ENFORCEMENT branches IN FLORIDA. ITS ALL BULLSHIT!!!!!

From HOME, 2010/04/23 at 11:03 PM

Angela and Tim Wisecup

My Husband was arrested last Aug of 09 for non support and extradicted back to Ohio from California. He was on unemployment almost a year and we moved to Cali. from florida so he could go back to work. The system is so corrupt in Clermont county, Ohio. The judge put him in prison for 2 years. Not to mention the interst that has been tacked on for 18years (which is againist the law).I was left with no husband and had to find away to get to ohio. The judge did not care that he was in compliance and was doing his best. I think that child support should be governed soley by the US and not by all the corrupt judges and the good ole boys were they have abused there discretion and dont uphold the law. Laws are established to be followed not to be disreguarded. Judges should not be able to make it personal. As a result we have suffered so much there has to be reform immediately! These judges need to be repremanded and removed from there positions if they refuse to follow state laws!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/23 at 7:30 PM

William Chad Wilson

Being served for contempt of court for “refusal to pay child support”. One, my income dropped to nothing when I moved from Tennessee to California after my divorce in Feb 2008. Tried to get my amount changed, sending in my info twice. Finally get a court date over a year later only to find out I’m being also held in contempt of court.

Yes I have a job now, but at 2/3 less than what I was making before, and they take out 50% for child support. So, hardly a refusal to pay and more like an inability to pay. I have looked for other jobs as well, putting in over 50 applications in the last year. The Child Support System in very unfair to the non-custodial parent.

From CONTEMPT OF COURT, 2010/04/23 at 4:48 PM

Kenneth B. Jones

iI who have in the last six years have become more involved with the child support system paying 1,241.00 dollars a month for one child,while still supporting two other children,the child support system doesn’t care how u do it as long as their calculations are met,my mothers son won’t even allow me to see my son if i try to modify our agreement because of my economic situation isn’t the same,and the court system tell u to file another modification which cost more money,the child support system is in desparate need of reform,before someone snaps and goes crazy…………….

From HOME, 2010/04/22 at 5:14 PM



From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/22 at 11:43 AM

Ronnie Cresong

My ex-wife purposely got fired from her job to collect un-employment and go back to school. She was making 70+ a year 3 months before the hearing. During modification the judge says the most she can make is 26K.

My oldest son had been living with me a year had spent the night in a year.
My other son is with me half the time. The judge gives us both 20% per visitation credit.
How does that work. So I have one son 50% of the time and the other son full time and
I pay child supprt.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/21 at 4:10 PM

Randall Alan Hess

I lost my job making pretty good money and now work for just over minimum wage. I tried to get it lowered but was denied because they told me that they do not care what I am making I have the potential to make more. So the CS that I pay is based on a fictitious number that they think I should be making. These people are out of control and should be considered as the real terrorists and probably part of the problem with the housing market crash.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/21 at 2:24 PM

Maria Villarreal

I used to believe that the U.S. government was fair and just. As an observer of what my boyfriend has had to endure over the past year in a child support dispute with his ex-wife, my faith in the system has been shattered. His ex-wife is a disgusting, lying piece of crap!! She left a higher paying job and now claims that she works (for her brother) for $10.00 an hour. She claims to be paid in cash and says she is an “independent contractor”. She claims to pay $1800 a month in rent, and states that her husband makes $2,700.

At the third court hearing, my boyfriend and his ex-wife were ordered to do a 1419 financial document exchange. He complied with a year’s worth of paystubs, all of his banking records, his past 2 years tax returns, and his W-2 form.

As an independent contractor, she was supposed to provide profit & loss statements for her business, 1099 forms, her joint federal tax returns for the past 2 years, any credit applications submitted over the past 12 months, and her bank account statements.

She submitted a letter to the court saying profit & loss statements, 1099 forms and business bank accounts “did not exist”. Her federal tax return showed that her husbnd made over $1700 a month more than she claimed. The credit application she produced for her brand-new vehicle did not show a monthly income, address, phone number, email address, street address, place of employment, amount requested, etc. All it had was her name and the name of 2 local references.

When my boyfriend raised concerns regarding the incomplete documentation, DCSS (Dept. of Child Support Services) stated that they were satisfied with her paperwork and the judge agreed.

Gavel dropped. She was ordered to pay $73/mo. in child support, even though my boyfriend has FULL PHYSICAL AND LEGAL CUSTODY of his son, and has been paying his ex-wife $626/mo. for the past 8 years, on an order based on his salary from a former employer.

I was completely disgusted and appalled. Why even go through the motions of asking for financial documents if all you’re going to do is accept crap in its place?!! She could have submitted a 5-year old’s crayon drawings to DCSS and they would have accepted it as complete and accurate!!

The worst part is, there was a 20-year old kid whose case was heard before my boyfriend’s. The kid made $11.00 an hour. The court ruled that he had to pay his ex-girlfriend (who didn’t work) $440/mo in child support!! How could this kid, who only makes $1.00 an hour more than my boyfriend’s ex-wife, have to pay $440/mo and she only have to pay $73?!!! She only has 1 other kid!!

There are no words to describe my complete and utter disgust at Santa Barbara County’s DCSS, no words to convey how sick to my stomach I am at the bias shown against my boyfriend, nor how a governmental agency can support and enable such clearly fraudulent actions on the part of his ex. His ex-wife is a liar, a money-grubbing, opportunistic, greedy and uncaring witch, and it is sickening how the government kept my boyfriend’s 2 federal & state tax returns and gave them to her for child support “arrears” (due to his inability to pay for a few months after losing the high-paying job on which his child support was based). The total she received in February, 2010 was over $2,600 and on my boyfriend’s son’s birthday (March 4, 2010), she gave him a t-shirt.

From CHILD SUPPORT MYTHS, 2010/04/21 at 1:32 PM

Katherine Sander

There should be something to protect non-custodial parents rights who paying child support to make sure the custodial parent isn’t using their children just for a pay check. My boyfriend is currently paying child support for 2 kids and his ex-wife doesn’t even live with them, she has dropped both kids off to live with grandma while she sits back and collects the checks and lives with her boyfriend. This should be illegal!

From HOME, 2010/04/21 at 1:01 PM

Roger Hess

This law is bs and something needs to be done.

From How can you pay Child Support?, 2010/04/20 at 10:13 PM     ADDITIONAL COMMENT:

My ex-wife is on drugs and uses the support money to supply her habits I do have all this documented and recorded on tape and I still have to pay a ridiculous amount to her.
This system is the perfect example of organized crime.

From Where does Child Support Money Go???, 2010/04/20 at 5:36 PM

Alana Swanson

Through reading, I have felt every single frustration and emotion mentioned here. I began to cry as I too have often contemplated just swallowing a bottle of pills just so these people couldn’t make my life even more miserable and stressful than they have. The only thing that has kept me here is my son. I would love to know in the grand thinking of these “enforcement” agencies how child support is going to get paid when the parent is in jail? “Sorry kid, you can’t see your mommy/daddy because they couldn’t afford to pay money for you.” How does that benefit the child by ANY means what-so-ever?? When did this stop being for the best interest for the children? Suspending a drivers license because you can’t pay… “Yeah! That will show ‘em!”

I sometimes think I should have just stayed getting my @ss kicked by my husband. I think it might be less painful.
Rethink “what’s best for the children.” The child support enforcement as is, is doing a damage to them all on it’s own.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/04/20 at 2:57 PM

Dave Harsh

I am currently making less money now than when the original CS order was put in place.
I filed a petition to modify CS. This modification followed the CS guidelines and would have reduced my Support by $200 a month. After being served the petition, she decides to get a fake job (after being voluntarily unemployed for 2 years) so that she can claim Day care of $500 a month. By doing this my CS went up $150 and the judge took away all of my credits such as paying for health insurance. I never did anything wrong. I always followed the courts decision no matter how insane it was. Now I am in jeopardy of loosing my current job. I am getting the point where I don’t care, because the system doesn’t care at least for the non-custodial parents.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/20 at 1:22 PM   ADDITIONAL COMMENT:

Something needs to be done.. before there are no fathers left.

From CHILD SUPPORT MYTHS, 2010/04/20 at 2:29 PM

Clifton Johnson Sr,

question ? WHY haven’t someone sued these states for civil rights violations ? Every person who signed this petition rights have been violated and countless others . I have been paying child support almost all my adult life and nothing has changed . My first set of children are grown and I barely even know them because the mother would not let me . I remarried and this time I was ordered by the court to divorce my wife , I refused and was attacked . I have an injunction against me for life . I can never go home , ordered to take 1/2 dozen classes and 2/3rds my income taken directly from my pay even though we never went to court for child support . I got a letter from child support enforcement saying I am $29000 in arrears . My rights have been violated repeatedly , my son began throwing up when he eats and had to be hospitalized . Both children cry when I leave them begging me not to go but I have no choice . I want to sue every one involved in this . Did I mention I had custody of the children ! contact me at my e-mail if you can help , I live in Florida

From HOME, 2010/04/20 at 3:47 AM

Chris Lemi

This archaic, unfair law needs reform!

From HOME, 2010/04/20 at 2:02 AM

Greg Hall

i support this important child support reform. i’m writing a research paper on the absurd, asinine, demonic, communistic, dictatorship, unconstitutional, evil, wicked tactics levied by the gov’t against fathers whose lives belong to the gov’t like slaves on a 21st century plantation concerning this issue.

From HOME, 2010/04/19 at 1:46 PM   ADDITIONAL COMMENT:

each state receives financial and other favors from the feds since 1975 when they round up fathers who owe child support. all the woman has to do is petition for such payments and the man’s life does not belong to him just like a slave except now its done in the 21st century. if u are in this system like i am u are owned by the feds and the harsh cruel wicked sanctions imposed on u. i sign this reform to tell those crooks in the legislation that it is unconstitutional to treat another person like this and that slavery was over in the 1860s. these depts are headed by and run by women. mostly if not all by white women as it is in my state (MA) so there is racism and feminism taking place at the same time. this has got to stop. my life should not be interfered with like it is by these God forsaken people.

Julie B.

Why when a mother doesn’t have a job or an income and cant support her kids she gets welfare and child support but when a father does have a job and an income and pays child support and then stops paying child support because he cant afford it or pays less than is required a month he gets hit with back child support payments (and interest) or goes to jail and not get help?Is this fair?I think not.Besides changing how child support is being calculated they also need to make these mother’s that stay at home and live off of there kids money either find a job or go to school to get a degree.Why is it if a dad doesn’t have a job(because he lost it or whatever the reson may be)and then he does get one he gets hit with back child support?What about the mom who doesn’t work and hasn’t provided her kids with any income of there own since there kids have been born,maybe they should also get hit with paying back child support.I just don’t get it.I don’t get how the government can be so stupid.Women can just spreads there legs have one kid after another and live off of the government,child support and not have to get a job.The goverment doesn’t think this is wrong.My husband has a son from a previous relationship and pays $600 in child support for one kid.He owes back child support because for the first 2 years he didn’t know the kid was his.He only found out because child support started taking money out of his paychecks without him knowing.So now our tax return goes to back child support (well it goes to his ex).Im positive that money isn’t going to my husband’s son.How the hell does my husband owe $7000 in back child support (2 years)?So that means they calculated that his child support payment was roughly $600 a month without even knowing how much he made.I don’t understand how child support agency can calculate child support payments without having the dad’s income information.Who needs $600 a month for one child?The CSA should calculate based on what the child NEEDS and have seperate checking accounts for the child support payments and the dad’s need to have copies of the bank statements to make sure that money is going to ther children (only).And if dad’s have to pay child support then maybe the mom’s need to start paying child support too.I’m just so disgusted with these women and the government.OBAMA STOP..we don’t need more speeches,we need action NOW!!!

From HOME, 2010/04/19 at 1:07 PM

Charlie Kelley

So now I have to pay to see my child simply because i’m not the custodial parent? Not only that but, I have a bad year(laid off,recession,etc.) and they want to put me in jail because of lack of funds?!!! I despise this system and it’s ignorant creators! God help us!

From HOME, 2010/04/19 at 12:37 PM

Christopher  O’Connor

how can the system repeatedly punish “deadbeat” dads when more often than not it is the system that creates them. i have a 3yr old daughter that i love very much. but after i was laid off, my driver’s license was suspended for non-payment of child support. how is this not completely counter productive. i am a master certified auto mechanic. my having a license is a prerequisite for me having or keeping a job. i cannot GET a job to pay my child support because csea is deliberately keeping me out of work. not to mention the fact that the heroin addict i am ordered to pay child support to no longer has any legal custody of my daughter. the fact that i still am ordered to pay child support is not the problem. but why is that support not directed to my daughters legal guardians. i WILL not pay $400 a month to buy drugs for my ex. things need to change.

From HOME, 2010/04/18 at 5:52 PM

Robert Morris

Save the American family . . . Revise family law

From Unfair Visitation Laws, 2010/04/18 at 1:17 PM

Michael Rhoades

the current system is tantamount to slavery and terrorism strong arming people who need no moral guidance and would rather have accountability for custodial child support recievers to at least have the standard of character to have a job themselves.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/18 at 7:37 AM

LaVern Patrick

I sign for I have two friends who are living the scenario that you describe. Seeing an individual attempt to live off of 47% or less of their income is a difficult thing.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/17 at 1:05 PM          


I cant believe how bad it is in Texas . I worked overseas as a contractor and thought my family life would be more secure making good money over here . Me thinkinking things were good at home I sould have about 100000 saved but theres only 2000 after I come home after 1 year . And what was waiting on me divorce and ohh yes child support . Long story short lost my house and have to pay 1600 a month in child support without any consideration about me . I left from working in Iraq came home and was making alot less and I got into arrears of like 7000 because it took like 5 months to get a reduction thriough thr state . That being said ;lost my job at home and came back overseas to work and it only took them 1 month to figure out I was making more $ and called a review . The paperwork from my last review said it was to be every 3 years before I get anotheer one and its only been 2 . Hell I came back over here to pay back the arrears I got in the first place . The system is flawed well thatsw a understatement . I hope something is done about this coruption and lawless acts .

From HOME, 2010/04/16 at 9:07 PM

Jeanine Woodard


From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/16 at 1:27 PM

Joel R. Bonnette

Child support law is absolutely out of control.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/15 at 6:29 PM

Jackie Lamb

We do need to reform child support, My ex is taking me to the CS office saying I owe her a years worth of back child support even though I have paid. I have came up with proof of most of it but they still do not believe me that i have paid more and refuse to ask for her deposits into her bank, “Which I did personally and told the bank teller to write ‘child support’ on the deposit slip” The CS office told me I have to seek a private lawyer if I wanted to get those records they only go by what she says. Even though on the paper she signed stating its 100% the truth. It doesn’t say to the best of her knowledge. And yet her lying under oath and me proving proof she is lying they still side with her. THIS IS BS. Now they are working on suspending my Drivers Lic. because they want me to pay $800 + my weekly support within 30 days. which leaves me with only around $100 to live off in 1 months time that is before I pay for lights and food. She has been living with her boyfriend from day 1 in a 3 bedroom house WITH his mom and dad. I have 2 kids 1 boy 1 girl that sleep in the same room because they only have the 3 bedrooms. The CS office refuses to let me have a break down of what my ex does with the money because for her to get $400+ a month from me and my kids have to share a room is a OUTRAGE!!!!! Oh and did I mention they her and her boyfriend drive Big SUV’s and go on vacation every other week. Child support services is BS and need to get facts from everyone and proof before they go sticking there nose where it doesn’t truthfully belong.

From HOME, 2010/04/15 at 12:08 PM

Shannon Mitchell

I believe that a man should have the same rights as a woman. If a man does not want a child but the woman decides to have the baby instead of abortion/adoption she should be solely responsible and should not be allowed to file for child support from a man who didn’t want the baby to begin with. Why do women get to chose if they want the baby or not but the man just have to live with whatever the woman decides?

From Debate Child Support With Texas Attorney General!, 2010/04/15 at 11:08 AM

Amy Paredes

I agree that there needs to be reform in the family code laws and child support guidelines. My husband was never married to the mother of his daughter. When that relationship ended, the mother decided to move across the country supposedly so that she could have a full-time job close to where her family lived. Both the Family Court Services mediator did not recommend this move away be granted since the child was only 2 years old and it would cause severe detriment to her relationship with her father. The judge acknowledged that this would cause detriment, but granted the move away anyway. My husband’s time with his daughter went from 50% to 18%. Later, my husband returned to court because almost all of the reasons the mother had given in court for why this move would be in their child’s best interest turned out to be fraudulent. The mom never planned on doing any of what she’d told the court and it was now clear that she’d lied in court to get the move away grant. Even though the judge saw that the mother had committed perjury, he did nothing. Even though the child’s home life situation was unstable and her mom had been involved in a marriage that resulted in domestic violence in front of the child, the judge still ruled that he didn’t believe there was enough to call for changing physical custody over to my husband who has a stable marriage, stable home, stable job, etc. My husband just recently returned to court with further complaints of the mother still refusing to co-parent with him, dictate his visitations, and lie about childcare expenses. He again requested physical custody be changed to him, but this again was not allowed even though the child’s life is still unstable and her mother is still not following the court order. He requested to have his visitation raised to all of his daughter’s non-school time since she’s older now and this is his only time when he can spend with her due to the distance involved now. Her mother was completely against raising his visitation time and insisted on having time with the child during her school breaks as well. The court again gave in to her requests and left my husband with only 23% visitation time meanwhile, allowing his child support payment to go up from $470 to $830 per month while tacking on another $100 per month in arrears because the request for visitation and support modification was filed 10 months before the hearing finally took place (so now he owes $3570 in arrears). There need to be laws put in place holding the parent receiving the support accountable for how they spend this money. Mom has been working on and off for the past couple of years and using the child support money to supplement her income while providing maybe 4 pairs of pants, shirts that are 2-3 sizes too big and have stains or holes in them, and only 1 pair of shoes for the entire year for my step-daughter. The last time my step-daughter visited, her only pair of shoes had a hole in them that went inside the shoe! There’s no way that her mother had been spending the previous $471 on her daughter and there’s no way she’ll be spending the now $828 per month on things for her daughter. Meanwhile, my husband is subjected to CA state furloughs in his salary and is going to be forced to declare bankruptcy. The child support guidelines need to take the non-custodial parent’s cost of living expenses in CA into account. The IRS allowances for living expenses is much more than what the child support guidelines leave for the non-custodial parent to live off of. These guidelines need to be fair and need to expect BOTH parents to have an equal financial responsibility toward their child along with leaving the parents with a reasonable amount to cover their own living expenses. Child support does no good if it puts an unfair burden on 1 parent, puts them in financial distress, and makes it nearly impossible to keep up with rent, food, utilities, clothing, gasoline, and car repairs so that they can get to work to earn the money that goes towards child support. There needs to be reform. There are many fathers who want to be involved in their children’s lives, but the other parent and the court system seem content in not allowing it or greatly limiting that involvement. Fathers are not just open checkbooks.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/14 at 3:41 PM

Julianna Cabrera

My husband and i ahve 3 kids together and he has a 5 yr ols from a previous relationship.He pays her $429 a month in child support.His ex has a brand new $60,000 car.She doesn’t work and has 3 other kids from 3 different men.She collects child support from them as well($429+$300+800=MOM NEVER HAS TO WORK).I believe in paying child support but come on $400 a month for one child?Child support shouldn’t be based on how much the other parent makes but should be based on what the child needs and the things that a 5 yr old needs is food,clothing,and shelter.At one time my husband ex told us she spent the child support check on a new wardrobe for him.$429 on a new wardrobe for a 5 yr old!!!but everytime we see him i never see any new clothes on him.Where is the supposed new wardrobe?Hmm,$429 sounds like a car payment (hint-hint).This needs to stop NOW!!These women are using there kids for money and to never work again.How sad is that?One more thing,my husdand is going to court for joint legal costudy next month,she decided that she wasn’t going to let my husband see or talk to his son util after the courts ruling.We haven’t seen my husbands son since March 20.WOW!!!Hoe can they get away with this?The law needs to change NOW!!!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/14 at 2:29 PM

Stephanie Davern

It’s such bullshit how a mom can take over half her ex-husbands income, not work when she is perfectly capable(kids go to school, it’s not like she needs daycare!), get welfare, and live with her “boyfriend” whom she will never marry because she doesn’t want his income known so she doesn’t lose the welfare benefits!!! That is outright RIDICULOUS! She is raping the system and her ex and new wife! Not to mention the horrible pressuring she is influencing on her children to hate their new step-mom! My new sister-in-law is an awesome step-mom, but the bitch refuses to see that and will ruin her children FOREVER! It is so sad how some people are! REFORM THE CHILD SUPPORT LAWS! Stop letting these women get away with murder! Its embarressing!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/13 at 8:33 PM


Orange county NY. My case was “prejudged.” Yea–lawyer never mentioned that! That is when Judge (sound like Sohn Scguirk) doesnt want to hear facts of case that he will have to MAKE TIME FOR rather than “general” court hours in which all others are heard. Then you get guardian ad litem who gets 250 an hour because he or she is in the “good ol’e boys club.” His name sounds like Sarty Soldberg a federal judge. Then you have Dr. Sark Sednick who withholds information becuase that is what judge wants. To top it all off–really high child support “imputed” more than what unemployed dad can even make.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/04/13 at 5:17 PM

Camille Clifford

I am all for the Petition of Chid Support Reform; This has caused kaos in my relationship, it is unjust for someone to pay out the butt for child support especially when the father went out of his way to provide what ever his child needed prior to being put on child support. Some women do this to be spiteful b/c they can not handle the fact they can not be a couple w/ the biological father. “NOT EVERY MAN IS A DEAD BEAT FATHER, BUT THIS SYSTEM IS SEXIEST AND IT IS HER WORD OVER HIS”. I wish the best for all the hard working fathers out there that make an effort to provide for their child/children and may God bless you all. I have faith that this petition will go in our favor.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/13 at 1:39 PM

Kara Masi

Mothers who have custody but do not properly take care of their children should not be receiving support. Instead, the children should be placed with their father who is beyond loving and capable to raise them.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/13 at 9:38 AM

Jessica Davern

The child support system makes our states money, which is why reform is going to be difficult. It is an unconstitutional system. My husband was supposed to have 50/50 custody, yet Child Support Enforcement “lowered” his time on their formula to 30%…and will not change it. Therefore he is paying an exorbitant amount of money that he cannot afford being in the military. This man has served his country for 16 years, is a beyond exceptional father, and deserves more than what he is receiving from the family court system. His ex wife refuses to work or take accountability for the support of her own children, even though she is not remarried…and the court seems to agree that her supporting them with welfare and “love” is enough.

This issue is destroying our children. In the states effort to gain monies from the backs of hard working people, resentment over money issues is destroying any friendly relationship these parents may have had after their divorce/separation. I don’t see how that is in the best interest of our kids. They could at least make child support tax deductible, but they refuse.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/13 at 7:45 AM

Stephen Jackson

I couldn’t agree more…..I’m a vet myself and I’m sick of the government controlling our lives.


Cassandra Downing

Hope this movement happens faster than I expect it to… these laws are so blind to the current society and the old laws aren’t working in a new world :(

From HOME, 2010/04/12 at 6:25 PM

Brian Franks

Please reform child support ASAP!

From HOME, 2010/04/11 at 9:18 PM


Judge Suzanne Stovall was so determined to remove me from my daughter that she had the opposing attorney write a Final Decree, which she signed, without a trial, without my signature, without my lawyer’s signature, & without compelling the mother’s (plaintiff) discovery.

In the 221st State District Court of Montgomery Co, TX, Judge Suzanne Stovall massacred me in a 3¼ year custody case for my, now, 6½ y/o daughter.
Convicted child molesters have more access to their children than I do.
Calls, letters, & gifts are intercepted, & I have no visitation.
The mother secreted her 2mo & 14mo babies, 1200 miles from their father, & for 15½ years, her family prevented all contact.
The mother’s 18 year history/pattern of hostility, alienation, & medical mistreatment was well documented to evaluating psychologist Dr Edward G Silverman, therapist Theresa Burbank, ad litem Lynn T Coleman, the attorneys,
Despite months of exams & x-rays by pediatricians & specialists, for a real & progressing condition, & prescribing increasingly invasive treatment, the mother, Edward G Silverman, Theresa Burbank, Lynn Coleman, Elaine Baggerley of CPS, & Judge Suzanne Stovall, refused to believe the diagnosis of the medical professionals & necessity for treatment.
Even after receiving the medical records & speaking with the medical professionals, they persisted in their false beliefs despite the invalidating evidence, continuing to Aid & Abet Injury to a Child.
A specialist repeatedly requested the mother & Lynn Coleman, attend the appointments, but they refused.
Even with the mother’s sworn statements of medically abusing/neglecting our daughter & with the doctors corroborating records of her mistreatment, Judge Suzanne Stovall took my daughter from me & placed her into the mother’s sole custody.
Symptoms persisted, but her condition is withheld.
Since infancy, the mother has secreted our daughter to doctors, & medically mistreated her.
From 2006 to 2008, the mother yo-yoed our daughter on steroids.
She has neglected her dental care.
The mother has a history & pattern of medically mistreating her other children with steroids, psychiatric drugs, numerous prescription & OTC medicines, & they have had significant dental issues due to her neglect.
Judge Suzanne Stovall signed a Final Decree to remove me from my daughter, without a trial, without my signature, without my lawyer’s signature, & without compelling the mother’s (plaintiff) discovery.
Despite 3 years of Hearings, Rule 11’s, hundreds of emails/letters/conversations, Judge Suzanne Stovall refused to compel the mother’s discovery, yet granted years of continuances because her discovery was incomplete; including continuing a preferentially set trial.
All knew how devastating her discovery would be & Judge Suzanne Stovall refused to compel.
Judge Suzanne Stovall inconsistently ruled on motions, laws, or rules to favor the mother.
My lawyers complained that she favored the mother.
Judge Suzanne Stovall ignored the overwhelming certified/certifiable evidence of violence/hostility/aggression/abuse by the mother, her family, & her friends.
Judge Suzanne Stovall disregarded 3+ years & 300+ exhibited provable charges of Contempt against the mother, including failure to pay child support, interfering with child custody, & worse.
It required my lawyer’s written threat of a Writ of Habeas Corpus for the mother to surrender our daughter to me.
I paid the jury fee, & for 3 years, pleaded in vain for a trial or in some way to present a case.
Judge Suzanne Stovall punished me with over 20% plus $100, monthly child support.
CISD records, depositions, sworn statements, & other Certified/Certifiable evidence revealed a home with an AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ASSAULT FELON, wrist CUTTING, daily VIOLENCE, 15y/o runaway, destruction, criminals, drugs (METH, COCAINE, XANAX, OXYCOTIN, etc), many police visits & a SEARCH WARRANT confiscated drug paraphernalia, probation violations, multiple sex partners, suspensions for drugs & violence, burglary, vandalism, shootings, disease, fighting, screaming, profanity, pornography (incl BEASTIALITY), boys/men sleeping over, my daughter sleeping at men’s homes, being taught obscene language & gestures, & so much more.
Aggravated perjury, forged letters, falsified evidence, unsupported/inconsistent/unchallenged false accusations, by the mother, CPS, et al., outweighed exhaustive undisputed facts, certified evidence, sworn statements, & objective/testable/verifiable documentation, disproving the accusations, & proving neglect/ abuse by the mother.
At 4 y/o my daughter could count to 29 & to 100 by tens, write her name, recognize most letters, tie her shoes, play checkers, had her own computer w/ games, play card games, front & back flip off a spring board, jump off a 5m platform, swim 100+ ft, & much more.
With the knowledge &/or support of Dr Edward G Silverman, Lynn T Coleman, Theresa Burbank, & Elaine Baggerley, the mother has so thwarted my daughter’s education that, in Kindergarten, at 6½ y/o, she is below District Guidelines, only counts to 12, she requires special attention, & is a behavioral problem.
Well known to Edward G Silverman, Lynn Coleman, & Theresa Burbank, the mother provided & reared her young children on GRAPHICALLY SEXUALLY VIOLENT entertainment & since infancy has repeatedly exposed my daughter to the same.
Well known to several Montgomery Co Courts & Probation, Edward G Silverman, Theresa Burbank, Lynn Coleman, & CPS, the mother’s teens became violent, drug abusing criminals, who attended alternative high schools.
On their first meeting, Elaine Baggerley of CPS began diagnosing my daughter as ADHD, & more.
22 months of Theresa Burbank’s therapy & the mother’s sole parenting have resulted in my daughter being referred to a psychiatrist.
The mother’s family & friends have threatened me at my home & away, & my property has been vandalized.
I have received harassing, obscene, & middle of the night phone calls.
The well paid, well insured mother has lived rent & utilities free for 3½ years, but claims to be deep in debt from undisclosed medical expenses.
The mother has committed tax, CHIPs, Medicaid, & insurance fraud at least since 2003.
Threats, violence, drugs, promiscuity, crime, lying, etc is normal in the mother’s family & normalized to my daughter.
There is no history or evidence that I have ever been indecent, violent, destructive, abusive, hostile, drug use, etc.
My increasing debt exceeds twice my gross annual income.
Fees & expenses have exceeded 4 times my gross annual income.
I have recorded nearly every contact with the mother, CPS, ad litem, & many others.
I will be presenting this case to the Texas: Bar, Commission on Judicial Conduct, Attorneys General, Appellate Courts, Supreme Court, Board of Examiners of Psychologists, TDFPS, malpractice attorneys, etc. & will include:
medical & doctors records of years of mistreatment
CPS reports of violence, drugs, medical mistreatment, etc
psychological evaluations include lying, abuse, etc
depositions of lying, violence, drug abuse, sex, etc
CISD records of violence, drugs, sex, etc
police reports of violence, drugs, shootings, etc
myspace of violence, drug abuse, sex, pornography, etc
emails to/from the: ad litem, psychologist, therapist
I have always loved & wanted my daughter & always will, & I will never, ever, ever give up trying to rescue her.
Judge Suzanne Stovall: Please right your injustice & return my daughter

From PARENTAL ALIENATION, 2010/04/10 at 11:22 PM

Shad Hall

I am a father of 3 and love my children with all my heart. My ex wife has primary custody of them. My child support is paying for her rent and to help her support her 4th child born out of wedlock from her boyfriend who is now in prison. She is currently on WIC and other government assistance programs (Food Stamps) etc. I pay for their Health insurance coverage and am still required to pay 50% of all medical bills. I am drowning in debt and am unable to keep my head above water yet she is living high on the hog. I pray this petition finds favor as I know their are many other fathers who love their children and are in the same boat!

From WHAT WE ARE PETITIONING, 2010/04/10 at 3:41 PM


You have my support After haveing to deal with child suppot from 2 diffrent counties. The system really needs to change all they really care about is money my first ex was littelry nuts i had medical documentaton about the stuff she used to do to my daugheter and she still got custiday and i never got to see her on top of that everything i paid to her directly didnt mean squat. Once we got our case 1 year later Not only did i get hit for 70+ percent of my check they also nailed me with 1 year back suppot from the date of fileing. She Made it so hard for me to live and or see my child that i wound up having to give up rights to her or face a prizon sentance. Second ex just uses them as cash cows parden the pun. If they caculate the payment off by 1 penny shes hounding them about the money. I got laid off from work do to the echonamy and just recently got a new job im faceing a contempt hearing for not being able to pay for the time i was out of work and they also revoked my drivers licence. So ya im all about reform when your ex can sit there and brag about how her and her new bf are going an all these trips that u paid for and your kids dont see a dime of the money its time for a change.

From HOME, 2010/04/10 at 1:29 PM

Sidney Henderson

I am in the same hopeless siuation and really have no clue as what to do hopefully this will get the ball rolling on some type of law being passed

From Father Takes DNA Paternity Fraud Case To U.S. Supreme Court!, 2010/04/10 at 1:16 AM

Patty Miller

Lake County OHIO IS outright unlawful! I recieve 200.00 a month for one child while my husband pays out 1250.00 a mo. for 1 child! He should be paying 500.00 a month but based on lies from ex that the court believed with no evidence!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/09 at 3:41 PM

Brian S Sontag
This is a great link to the solution of the child support crisis. A must read.

From HOME, 2010/04/08 at 4:57 PM

Bobby L Williams

im so sick of getting rear ended, i have been for many, many years. child support takes 1329.49 dollars a month from my check and i only make 12 per hour , you do the math, i have a family of 5 at home where my wife is the bread winner because i cant afford to look at my self in the mirror.. Been married for 11 years to this wife and she has been suffering because of it. no income tax check , barely making ends meet and its killing me. i even tried to get a second job to help out and child support took half of that too. I understand that i made a lot of mistakes in my life. but she dont deserve it. she is an extrodinary women. what im trying to understand is how come after my children has grown(age 19,21,22) my payment remain the same. Child support was first started out as a way to collect money for dead beat dads who walked away for thier responsibility of having a child. but what about us who loves spending time with there children, who children visit them more than the custodial parent. Child suport started off as and aid of care , into a business making serious money while the parent who is doing there best get raped.. my check is 117.41 cents a week after child support , and i have a family of 6 at home, you do the math, Since i cant afford a lawyer they continue to wreck my life.. I beg my wife many times to leave me, because im not the man, and probally never be…but she replys ” everything is going to be ok bob you’ll see” . thats bull she and i both know it. without a laywer our life is at a stand still… hand me down clothing, foodstamps, finace companies which never hardly get paid back , and a car that runs by prayer.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/04/08 at 4:10 PM

David Sinclair

Reform those shifty bastards!!!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/08 at 2:14 PM

Dale Albiston



From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/07 at 2:16 PM

Dennis J. Strothman

I am 27 and have been divorced 3 yrs. I have to live with my parents because I hold a job that pays $12 hr and cannot afford to move out on my own. I pay $398 month support on top on having to keep insurance on my son which is $200 a month as well. Thats a total of $598 in support if you add it up, compared to $900 I bring home to live. I cant just go somewhere else.. Im stuck because I get insurance at my employer and no other place is going to start me at the same rate of pay. Apartments are so expensive, and section 8 lists are so long. I cannot give my son the life I would like to. His mom takes him on trips, has his birthdays at McDonalds and gives him a good childhood. I wish I could do the same. I dont want him to look at what I can provide as being in-superior. His mom is giving him that life with the amount of support I pay. It is very unjust how the system works. Dad’s are not refusing to pay, they are having hard times supporting themselves after support as well as still giving their kids a childhood and memories they’ll cherish like trips to the museum and theme parks. Holidays such as Christmas get me down, he talks about all the cool things he gets at Moms house, and I feel as if the gifts from mine is inadequate. It’s been the hardest 3 years of my life, I just try to get by and be the best Dad I can.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/04/07 at 10:35 AM

Judy Wilson

if you have an arrest warrant for not payed child support and just started paying a day ago what can be done

From HOME, 2010/04/07 at 9:32 AM

Michelle Nielsen

I support this especially being a mother and having issues that my husband will need to take our daughter. I don’t want him to have any issues with getting custody or guardianship of her. It is his right he is the father, and no body should be able to take that right away!

From HOME, 2010/04/07 at 12:14 AM

Whitney Nielsen

I am all for this!

From HOME, 2010/04/07 at 12:08 AM

Chris Gleave

I agree.

From HOME, 2010/04/06 at 9:25 AM

Stacy Gleaves

Yes. Something needs to be done with this broken process and system.

From HOME, 2010/04/06 at 9:23 AM

Brian Wood

I am drowning too! When is the rescue ship coming?

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/04/06 at 1:08 AM

Paul Peanick

I support this petition

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/05 at 11:02 PM

Brandon Godboldt

I’m on the verge!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/04/05 at 9:17 PM

Donna Matchett

I agree the sustem child support agency has so much power to ruin lives and you have no right.

From HOME, 2010/04/03 at 6:23 PM

Stan Rains

So what’s the big deal with National Health Care? We have seen all aspects of this new law already brought together, applied, and precedence established in the courts with the States’ Attorney Generals all working to help strengthen the very issues over which they now weep, whine, and rage with impotence.

Is it the massive intrusion into personal liberty and freedom to which they object? Is it the dictating of laws to States that openly and directly violate the Constitution? Is it the open admission this new law is about power, control, and redistribution of wealth in an effort to create a Utopian Socialist/Communist State out of America? Is it that the new law now criminalizes normal human behavior and forces civil law into criminal? Is it forcing everyone in America to buy the government’s product in the same manner that Islamic countries force the worship of only their religion? Is it that a commercial transaction now is forced with criminal penalties for failure to comply even when a person is too poor or too disabled?

Or, is it that the Feds are now coming for them?

I don’t understand why the States are at arms over the new National Health care. There is almost nothing new in it at all.

I completely understand why Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, and others are so confused and caught off guard on the public response. (All of these individuals are believed to be from single mother households, how can they understand?) After all, none of the components of National Health Care are really new devices. No one complained when they violated States’ and individual rights in the exact same way in another arena of law. So, why now?

There is that one other area where the Feds have created and enforced laws that already do all these things at great personal and financial costs to both individuals and the States. Why is no one complaining of those violations of public trust and Constitution?

We already have the Feds forcing States to give up States’ Rights and to violate individual rights. We have statutes and court precedence well established for over 30 years of this. We already have the States defending the Federal Government’s abuse and open denial of individual and States’ Rights.

The Federal Courts, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court have upheld this horrendously destructive intrusion into States’ and Individual Rights by calling this area of law “Tainted”. If your case has this “taint” the Federal Courts refuse to look further, no matter the base issues. We already have the I.R.S. and every law enforcement group in the U.S. involved in one way or another in the policing of these laws established in just one other area of law besides the new Nationalized Health Care.

The States even aggressively assist in the surrendering of their own rights and the individual rights of their own citizens in collusion with the Federal Courts and government in this one other area of law. So, why complain now?

These 30 to 40 year old laws in this one area have been documented by our State and Federal Governments as being the greatest single commonality for the multiplying of every conceivable social ill and deviancy in our country today. And, no one but the victims are complaining about the destruction of society and economy. This other older area of law was the “Trial Run” of the abuses now openly debated.

How can we forget that forced purchase of health care policies is a 30 year old reality? We have the Federal Government imposing constitutionally violative will upon the States and individuals with the States aggressively supporting the forced purchase of health insurance by individuals. The States even eagerly prosecute those who refuse or are unable to make those purchases. These targeted individuals can be imprisoned for not purchasing health care even if they are unemployed, sick, injured, impoverished, or even dead. The Attorney Generals enforce these laws.

The laws in this established arena can take away children from innocent parents and place these children in dangerous situations where they are abuse and sold as chattel property of the States using laws forced on the States by the Federal Government. So, what’s the big deal with being forced to buy the government’s health insurance? It worked with the test group so why not all the rest of you?

We have denied innocent individuals specifically targeted by the laws in this one arena the ability to travel if they are under the purview of these old court tested and upheld laws.

These individuals often cannot leave their homes, cities, counties, or state.

These individuals are denied passports. These individuals are denied their own personal health care over state forced payment on health care for others.

These individuals are forced to work at jobs chosen by others and to earn incomes at levels arbitrarily and unilaterally established by a government official, in some instances the States’ attorney generals who are now complaining, themselves.

These State’s Attorney Generals even jail these innocent targeted individuals for violating laws that are impossible for many to obey. The individuals are jailed for civil debts.

The jails have become debtors’ prisons where innocent men lose all freedom and frequently die violent deaths at the hands of guards as well as the hardened criminals with whom these innocent men are jailed. So, what is the big deal, now?

But, I did not hear the States’ Attorney Generals stand up against these now established laws in that one arena. These attorney generals were quiet, acquiescent, and even eager to enforce these violations against which they now complain.

We have laws in this one arena that allow for secret hearings with secret rulings that imprison innocent citizens without warrant, defense, trials, legal representation, or even knowledge of the allegations against them until after punishment is imposed.

We have a standard of proof in criminal allegations that is merely the allegation upon which to base a conviction.

We provide direct financial incentives to the public, to judges, police, and prosecutors to process vast numbers of men through the civil and criminal statutes in this one area of law.

We have salaries of judges paid by prosecutors. We have prosecutors paid funds by the activist and biased expert witnesses who receive federal dollars for their activism and the purchase of prosecutorial efforts.

Prosecutors are paid money by groups per conviction in their private area of concern. These payments reward prosecutions not on merit, but on a predatory basis of going after the weakest and those least capable of paying to defend themselves. Prosecutions under this ‘justice for sale’ system are based on pure ideology for profit and less on actual guilt and due process.

We have Federal funded programs that pay money to anyone who will make a false allegation against one of the targeted group of men. The government will even pay funds to have someone provide corroborating witness testimony to prosecute a known innocent man. I have watched these travesties. These are bounties more frequently on innocent men’s heads than they are on the guilty.

We have special taxes on this very limited and defined group who are innocent of any wrong doing but can be taxed for amounts greater than their established and provable incomes. This is done after the men are declared completely innocent of any wrong doing.

We have innocent individuals who are guilty not only before proving themselves innocent, but guilty even after they have been proven innocent. They are guilty even after the accusers admit the allegations were false.

These false accusers almost never face prosecution for their crimes and are more frequently rewarded with tax dollars, property, future income, housing, health care, and custody of their own children.

We have courts declaring in civil trials in this area of law that a person who is declared innocent, with no fault, and a victim of abuse, false allegations, and fraud is to be denied his home, property, wealth, freedom, future income, and even access to his own children for being innocent while the declared guilty party is rewarded with all these stolen items, including the man’s reputation and children.

We have courts declaring in civil trials that one demographic group is immune from these same draconian and tyrannical laws and another group is to be preyed upon with open immunity. The courts declare that their preferred and arbitrarily favored group can perjure themselves, commit fraud lawfully, harm and even murder spouses and children with near complete impunity

Now, I repeat, “What’s the big deal?” Is it that our new National Health Care Law is like the Jewish adage from WWII Germany about silently watching all the other Jews, the butcher, the banker and the candlestick maker, in town led away to camps and death so that when it was the story tellers time, no one was left to speak out for him because he had not spoken out for others?

Is it that, now, they are coming for those who stayed silent while millions of their neighbors were destroyed with lives, children, and futures, devastated.

I think so.

I can not help but see these various Senators, Legislators, talking TV News Heads, and States’ Attorney Generals as the KGB of the Stalin era who themselves were eventually run through Stalin’s Gulags after helping to murder and imprison so many innocent men.

Those who are familiar with me will already know what area of law on which I am writing. It is Family Law.

The Federal government passed all types of laws affecting the family based on mythical and emotionally charged tall tales by a group with their hand out for massive funding. Just do the simple research on the passage of VAWA and the establishment of the CSE. These laws forced the States to enact laws in areas that were and are still openly recognized as areas of States’ Rights. The States were to lose all Federal Funding if they did not pass laws with specific content and wording that then limited personal freedoms, forced men from their homes where the man has done nothing wrong, forced men to surrender either part or all accumulated wealth, forced men to buy health insurance where none existed previous to the State stepping in and enforcing Federal mandates; criminalizing those who could not comply as fiercely as those who refused to comply, denying basic due process and human rights as defined in both our Constitution and various international treaties; and ever so much more.

The move to grab power and money at the expense of State and Individual Rights was so strong as to write into the laws of every state the ability to legalize and provide financial incentive for known and admitted fraud, perjury, and kidnapping of children from innocent parents.

A system of providing financial incentives to women to leave the safety of their husband’s home and live at government expense was established.

Then, the bright idea came about to have the men pay for the welfare the women received even though the woman left over his objections, took the children over his objections, took his property and future income over his objections, allowed the women to apply and receive welfare over his objections, and all of this done while the courts declared the man to have ‘no fault’ and even frequently declare the women to have acted with fault and even criminality that was not punished.

Then, when you have done that homework, look at the cost of means tested welfare. The means test is simple; is the program available equally to all citizens or just a select demographic. Just within the past few weeks it was announced by one study group that welfare, defined as any individual entitlement not available to all citizens is welfare. There were 72 programs that fit that bill. Social Security Retirement does not qualify as welfare because it is available to all citizens just like police protection is, in theory. These welfare programs are all incentives for women to leave their husbands and the safety of their home and the protection of (not from) the fathers of their children, or to never marry at all, just have illegitimate children.

The cost of these means tested welfare programs is recently reported at $714 Billion a year. That is a direct tax dollar expense of $7.14 Billion per decade. The additional social costs of increased prison capacity and increased police and court expenses were not included as the children of single mothers are the vast majority of all criminals, cop killers, mentally disturbed, chemically dependent, prostitutes, sex offenders and the leadership of the Democratic Party, to name a few. What do all these destroyed or diminished lives cost the rest of us? It is costing our lives, our family, our property our freedom and all our hope for the future of our country. So what is the big deal with National Health Care costs?

We could go on for hours listing all of the details of the mechanisms now being used to force nationalized health care on Americans; violate State’s Rights and deny citizens every right enumerated in our founding documents; and how all of these mechanisms and more are already well established by the States, themselves.

To repeat myself, What’s the Big Deal?”

We have individuals and politicians up in arms combating the imposition of National Health Care.

We have the media presenting the various sides of National Health Care.

We have are having a nationwide debate on laws that deny and destroy States’ and individual freedoms and rights.

I say, “You are too damn late, fools.” That train has left the station and you not only paid for the tickets you helped build the whole system and test it out on families and fathers. You built it well, too well to escape.

Telling morality parables has falling out of popular favor. However, I am going to offer an old one to you that is appropriate.

There was once a blacksmith who was known far and wide for the perfect chains that he created in his shop. He received the highest price for his chain of any blacksmith known at that time. He was proud of his chains and built each link with great care so that there were no faults or weak links. He boasted of his chains. The only ones who could afford these high quality chains were the kings in that part of the world. The kings used the chains for prisoners and dungeons. Many of the kings were known to be absolute tyrants. The blacksmith pandered to all of the kings, good and bad alike for the gold they offered.

The blacksmith boasted long and loud about his chains and how all the kings wanted his chains and that no one had ever escaped or broken his chains.

One day he accidentally offended his own king, one of the most oppressive of all the tyrant kings. The king arrested this great and strong blacksmith. The blacksmith was imprisoned in the king’s dungeon awaiting a public execution. The blacksmith was chained to the wall with his own chain. As strong as he was, he was unable to break the chain and escape in the dark of the night. In the morning he was led from his cell in his own chains. He was bound in his own chains. He was executed in his own chains. These were the very chains he had made for the tyrant kings to bind and execute others. He had made the chains for this very purpose.

We see our States’ governors, legislatures, TV Talking Heads, and attorney generals now being bound by their own chains.

We watch as they struggle to break the chains that they eagerly and boastfully created for others. What adult human in the U.S., today has not heard politicians vying for status as the one who imposed the most stringent of laws on men and fathers claiming to ‘protect women and children’ from the very person most likely to protect, nurture, and provide for these same women and children with no cost to the State.

Who has not heard a TV Talking Head go on a tirade about men not supporting families and abandoning families when up to 85% of all divorce is women filing ‘No Fault’ divorce against the man who has committed his life to her and their children, then has all property stolen from him, he is removed from his children and his home and them made to pay for the legal actions, two households, health care, spousal support to a faithless ex-wife and more. Facts are ignored, myth rules and Constitution violated.

We watch as our personal freedoms for all, not just fathers and men, are led to the execution block with chains of their own making.

Somehow, we all seem to have heard this and seen this scenario play out before in every massive human tragedy from Auschwitz to Rhodesia to Srebrenica. Now we watch as we are bound in our own chains to be led to the block. We were filled with too much false pride. We ignored the wisdom of those created what was once the greatest ever seen on this planet. We will have our place in history but we will have no more future. And, our place in history will not protect our children from their future slavery and the cold, ruthless, tyrant kings with their perfect chains we helped to make.

As a people we have forgotten that the only way to retain our own liberty is to help our neighbor fight for his.


From HOME, 2010/04/03 at 11:11 AM

Paul Nigel Lloyd

I SUPPORT CHILD SUPPORT REFORM TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL!!!! I have been extorted by the child support system for nearly 15 years. I am a father of 5 kids, but only 4 of them are on child support system. The Mis-Use of child support has been the story of me and my kids lives. The reason why I say the Mis-use is because you really don’t know what is going on between child support and child visitation with regards to scorn advice from generation to generation. Being a young Black Male, born from parents from the Islands of Trinidad who gained citizenship for us to make a way. As a young man we don’t understand everything, but as I grew into a man I started to understand everything. A man who DOES take care of his responsibilities as best as I know how to. I don’t believe in the word try, I just believe in the word “DO”. I do everything I can to see my children. I’ve done all I can to help raise my children. But at a point when a boy becomes a man and turns his life around, the women in my past seem to not understand that. I’m not trying to say I’ve been the best man in the world because I grew up in California where the street life was the life. I am no longer part of that life. I’ve gone back to school, I’ve
graduated with my massage therapy certificate of completion, as well as getting my High school diploma, and I’m currently getting my Associates degree in Advanced Therapeutic massage and plan to pursue family law in the future. As I go through my journey, I listen to other men as well as myself who say they have to go this route because they were kicked out of their professions due to child support such as licenses suspended. I even have officer friends who had to demote to security guards due to child support. As you can see, money has been taken from our paychecks as we worked as we have supposed to, I have showed up to all child support cases, child custody cases, but due to the fact that they have separated child custody and child support into two different courts the one thing that us men now have in common is that we do not get to see our kids anymore. The more we try to see our children, the more we don’t see or hear from them, the more we
don’t. At what point, if we have more time than we do money due to child support taking our licenses, and causing us to be out of our professions due to trying to see our children. The economy has definitely taken a big plunge due to that fact. You have overqualified professional workers doing entry-level jobs due to this fact of child support. I’m not behind on child support because I want to be behind! I’ve been spending more of my time and more of my money which I don’t have because if a woman says anything that sounds like violence, guess who is incarcerated? Me. I am writing this letter because I’m almost done with school and they put a lien on my life! I don’t know what the next move is. I’ve sent all my court documents and all my court papers about my school and now I have no money to pay for my license and move forward with my life. I am asking you to show me the next step and a solution to these obstacles that hinder me from moving
forward. I’ve been falsely put on child support by a same women, same kids, in 2 different states (one under my first name and the other state under my middle and last name) which has built up thousands of dollars in false arrearages. I have no where to go and no one to help me. Now two states are taking my money and I have nothing left. I have been told to relinquish my rights. The only reason the mother’s have put me on child support is so my other children don’t get any mother. I can’t go visit my children because the state’s that my kids reside in have arrest warrants for me due to the child support backpay.
I am telling you this because this is becoming a problem and hinderance to my well-being. It feels like extortion when you can’t see your child. Yet and still I can only see my kids if I have money. Women can go to court and ask for $1000 or issue a bench warrant for my arrest that is like the courts are taking up for extortion by these women. Are my kids ransom for money or are they my children? My kid’s mother is in another state and my child is not with her nor does she get to see me or stay with me. This is not fair. It’s hard to see your kids and spend money to bail yourself out of jail. It is hard to work hard when you can’t use your licesnse to see them, your diplomas are nothing when you can’t use them to work. What do when your kids have to sneak to email and your kids tell you, “My mom doesn’t know I’m emailing you, Dad!” How am I supposed to prosper if everything is constantly taken from me and the only sure thing promised is constant jail time if I don’t have legal means to make money. As you can see, I am not making this up. I am not looking for sympathy or pity. I have a strong women by my side now as Mr. President Obama has Michelle Obama. We are 5 years strong and here is some of her truth as to what she has witnesses. I have witnessed my man be accused of being a father to a boy and the mother being awared child support and backpay by default and my man’s license suspended when it turned out, “He was not the father”. I have watched women scorned only let his kids call while on speaker phone and yell in the backgrounds “Send them money”. I have seen my man who wants to be in his kids life not get calls on father’s day, not be called on his birthday, and not have emails, calls, and mail responses because the women only want money. I have witnessed a man nearly give up on life because financially there were no alternatives: no job because no valid identification, can’t visit his kids in the state where the kids live because the mother’s have requested a bench warrant or restraining orders and he doesn’t even live in the states, no opportunity for bank accounts and the banks have levied his joint account with me in the amount of over $79,000 for two of the 4 kids in the support system. This means that only 2 of the 5 kids will get any support, what about the others? It is beyond extortion. Extortion= Child Support. Kids are now held for ransom, if you don’t pay you lose your life, your money, and all chances of saving for their futures ceases to exist. If a man chooses to walk away from a relationship and not continue with a women, they are forced to child support, scorned women who don’t adhere to child custory and visitations orders, they change their phone numbers and move and only show up with my kid when they are going to court for more child support modifications.
If you get this letter, I will know. I was at your Inauguration on the and I watch you every day for inspiration because God gives me strength and everything I need to keep going on.
Nigel Lloyd

From HOME, 2010/04/02 at 12:12 AM

Tamara Dafney

I support child support reform for my boyfriend and myself who have both been victims of corrupt child support systems. I have witnessed nothing but unfair practices, unfair child support payments and arrearages out of this world. I believe that the Child support system is the new U.S. system of extortion. No other agency can compare to the amount of money for ransom that has been done and torn up so many lives of non-custodial parents. I have yet to see a fair chilld support ruling based solely on the best interest of the child that didn’t at best drain the non-custodial parent of all rights, license privileges, finances, emotional distress, and humiliation to say the least. I have nothing good to say when child support is mentioned. I am a women unlike these other vindictive women scorned whose only goal in life is to run back and forth to child support court for more money. Literally I have watched 4 baby mommas be at court on the exact days when they can modify for increases. It is unfortunate for the kids who have to sneak and call their parent’s. My daughter talks to me on speakerphone so that the custodial idiot father can hear everything I say. It is impossible to travel from Florida to California to see her with no support and now he is fighting me to pay him child support so that he can reverse his arrearages and as we speak the CA courts are allowing it. My boyfriend is not allowed to see his kids and the mother’s do not abide by the child visitiation orders but yet they are not punished, their licenses are not revoked, their passports are not denied, they have nothing but smiles and cocky attitudes as if they are untouchable. CHILD SUPPORT MUST BE REFORMED. I’ll say it again, CHILD SUPPORT MUST BE REFORMED. I can not believe that this constant extortion for kids who never see the money and never benefit from it is occuring to so many of us. Our kids are alienated and terrorized by the custodial parents who brainwash them and punish them if the speak loving words about the father or in my case, the mother. If have been on both sides of the child support system, and I have watched both sides screw and mistreat respectable proud loving parents because of scorned women advice.

I sign the petition on behalf of myself who is not a woman scorned and I only want what’s best for my child and my boyfriend’s children. I sign this petition on behalf of the women who think its funny to keep their kids from the fathers who love them. I sign this petition on behalf of the licenses suspended and homes and jobs lost due to wage garnishments and bank levies. I sign this child support petition on behalf of the days and nights spent missing our kids because child support has thousands of dollars in backpay accumulating with interest. I sign this child support petition because I hate the people who are allowing this kind of unconstitional non-family oriented greed to continue. I sign this child support petition on behalf of Nigel’s fight to see his kids, Tierra, Justice, Elizabeth, Queen and Khalani. I sign this petition on behalf of Dior who does not see me or live with me after being with me the first five years of her life simply because her dad doesn’t want to pay child support and is fighting me to change custody to himself so that I can pay it to him out of spike. This is for all the REAL DADS and REAL MOTHER’s Who know what it means to FIGHT FOR THEIR KIDS!!!!!


Tamara Dafney

From HOME, 2010/04/01 at 8:22 PM

Deirdre Harris-George

I am an advocate for Child Support Reform.

I am a mother of two minor girls who left an unhealthy relationship on 2006. Because I left the father after a 13 year relationship, he told me that he would ruin me, and he has.

The father asked me not to go to court & I agreed not to, but because I refused to return to him he used the court system against me by simultaneously filing for sole custody & filing false assault charges against me . Because of this, I cannot pass a background check or get hired. I was a teacher, but because I was falsely arrested, (never convicted-charges dismissed) no school district will hire me. The point is that I cannot get a job with an arrest record and I cannot pay child support because I don’t make any money!!!!!. Very frustrating.

When I was a single mother of my first two girls, I raised them well with no finanical support from their dad. We got by. I was the primary care giver and had them in a prestigious private school on a scholarship ( $20K per child!) in DC, the nation’s capitol. When I left the father, he had them put out of the school by threatening to sue the school for dealing primarialy with me (the mother) & alienating him. Unfortunately, the private school rescinded its offer and the children are now in a struggling DCPS.

When dad won custody, I was without a job (because he had asked me to quit my job & raise the children & live with him without being married, which entitled me to nothing under DC laws). I was living with family members, & engaged (not yet married) to my current husband, and seeing a shrink. In constrast, the father of my oldest children owned his home and had a good DC federal job. Essentially, he positioned himself before the court in a better light than I did. I appealed the case; filed all necessary papers & transcripts and paid all fees, but the DC court lost my papers and therefore denied my appeal because of filing dates & expirations. DC Family law is total crap.

The court awarded us joint legal and physical custody with primary physical custody going to the dad in 2008 because at the time, he appeared more stable than I.

Two years later, I am remarried with a new baby, but the court refuses to consider any of my new circumstances. I pay what I can, but remain in the rears because child support is the responsibility of both parents and I have to care for all three of my children when the eldest ones are with me & I pay for medical and dental needs and visits when dad fails to. Because I cannot afford to pay for everything my children need AND pay dad child support, I remain in the rears & am constantly threatened with contempt of court. He is very dedicated to having me imprisioned because he said it.

I understand that the court system is designed to protect those who are being abandoned, but there are a lot of parents who are taking care of their children and are not “absent” from their lives, yet are being seriously railroaded by court red tape, inefficient court proceedings, and out dated child support laws that do not consdire the current economoc climate, nor adequately assess each family’s needs.

Please Mr. President, reform the country’s Child Support laws to reign in out of control Family Law courts and biased and power-hungry judges. Children need both parents actively involved in their lives more than they need possessions. Child support involves more than just money. It involves particiation, constant supervision, and undying and unconditional love. You cannot put a dollare amount on this. Money is important and necessary for sustanance, but it will never replace love & value & actual time spent with the children we love.

Deirdre Harris-George
mother of 3 girls
Maryland (former Washingtonian) ADDITONAL COMMENT:

Let’s understand something; it;’s not just dads that are being railroaded. Family Court applies to men and women in most states. it is a game of who can file first to get back at the person they are hurt by. Family Court is awful and very unjust. Women get burned by the court also by men who file false charges or claim that the mothers are insane or unstable. The chidlren are caught in the middle and can become very seriously damaged emotionally. Parents need to stay out of jail to support their children, unless they are showing no effort at all to either be involved in their childen’s lives

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/03/31 at 11:13 PM

Keith Canale

I have been paying back support for support on children in their 20’s and 30’s for nine years after my children were 18, one child(man) was even in prison and I was required to pay for him in prison at the age of 24. I tried to fight the order and when granted the hearing, all they would discuss was the non-existent back support and would not let me speak about why I asked for the hearing. I paid for two children for 9 years when I should not have had to. All my tax returns have been intercepted and I have been denied a passport. I too am a veteran and would not fight for this country if they were landing on the White House lawn. I would probably receive better treatment from the enemy. This all happened in Delaware, a very corrupt child support system.

From Incorrect Child Support Orders, 2010/03/31 at 10:19 PM


In 1993 my ex wife and I were seperated and she became preganant had in 1994 we were divorced. She told the judge that the child was not mine. In 2003 Michigan child support told me that I was $ 60,000 in the hole for this kid. Because of child support for my son and daughter I cannot afford to pay a lawyer to fix this problem so now I am paying for a child that is not mine. Everytime I call I either get a recording or someone unwilling to help me. My case is in wayne county michigan and I live in alabama was it makes it really hard to fix this 1

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/03/31 at 8:11 AM

Carlos B Pena

I gladly sign this petition. The end of America is near! Family values are what made this country strong; people flocked all over the world to America for a better life for their families. Overseas people are hearing about the injustices done to families in America. We must stop it before America just plain STOPS!

From HOME, 2010/03/30 at 10:19 PM

Zee Warren

My husband and I have been together for 9 years. About 5 years ago he found out he had a daugther that was 12 from a girl he was casually seeing prior to meeting me. She had lied and told another man that the girl was his and after she got a divorced and went on public assistance a DNA test was done proving the other guy was not the father. Then she came after him and it was proven to be his. The system is so screwed up because this poor excuse for a woman knew all along the true paternity and never told him. Now the court system has ruled for her to get back payment from birth. The amounts are so high that he couldnt keep up with it and they have suspended his license and filed collections on his credit report. The worst part about it is that our children are suffering from it and we are now unable to secure a home loan until this is cleared. So yes we both support this Reform bill.

From HOME, 2010/03/30 at 4:25 PM

LaTasha Hutcherson

Please, make custodial parents actually take responsibility for their own choices! No one should have to pay and be subject to another adult’s rules and demands because a relationship didn’t work out.

to Crafty Gal

Why do think you ex-husband should pay for you and your current husband’s responsibilities, including your illness? You truly are Crafty. God will repay you.

What about if BOTH parties had to pay child support to a neutral government entitiy and the custodial parent issued a credit card that would only be used for approved purchases. If BOTH parents had to feel the pain of this, I bet there would be more out of court negotations

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/03/30 at 10:44 AM

Nicholas H Remes

My rights and ability to be a Father to my children has been taken from me by the child support system. I understand that I need to contribute to my childs needs, but this child support system makes it so I have to constantly try to make more money because the more I make the more they take and this has me in a situation where I’m never able to spend time with my kids or take part in there daily lives because I spend every minute of everyday working.Not once have I gone to a domestic relations hearing where they held the custodial parent in contempt for not working or for not even trying this isn’t fair we need child support reform to help keep families together. The system has made it so that a parent of a child usually the mother can leave there husbend for no reason, and hook up with some other guy and file for child support against there previous spouse and never be held accountable. This has got to stop because of this system 30 percent of children in pennsylvania live in broken homes. Make Child Support Reform a Priority NOW.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/03/29 at 3:59 PM

Linda Newton

The domestic relations section in the county of Northampton state of Pa. is a joke.My husband and I raised our nephew since birth.When he turned 9 yrs old (he is now 16) I went and filed for support.What a joke.He is currently 80,000 in arrears between 3 cases.If it werent for my husband taking on his responsibility I don’t no what we would do because i got run around after run around from domestic reklations.He seems to beat the system every time constantly moving then domestic relations wants you to do there job and track them down.Not to say once the child turns 18 although they could have excessive arrears they want you to drop it because they can’t find the person or now the child is of age.where is the justice for these children?We turn to our local agencies to help us out just to be given the runaround.theres no justice so therefore i’m signing this petion for stiffer sentences for those deadbeat daddies who dont pay there child support.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/03/29 at 11:09 AM

Jesus Collazo

I agree the it should be reformed, especially in the state of NEW YORK. Its system is corrupt, you pay you child support and they do an increase and don’t notify you, all of sudden your are in the rear and they slam you with all this back pay. Another is the cost of living allowance that they place on you, when you don’t get a cost of living allowance and the childs mother make more than you do. New York Sucks.

From HOME, 2010/03/29 at 8:01 AM

Tim Phillips

DFS are nuevo pimps.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/03/29 at 1:11 AM

Sa’eed R. Purcell

I want to start by saying I love my kids and believe I have an Allaah (God) given responsibility to provide for them. That being said, I don’t believe that doing so should mean I may woind up looking at homelessness. I’ve prayed for movement like this for so long and, al-Hamdu lillaah (praise God), one exists! I’m 100% behind the call to reform this ’system’, and put justice and humanity back into the process of divorce/separation. SIGN ME UP!!!

From HOME, 2010/03/27 at 3:14 PM


i want to know where the mens rights are? i have children that i cannot see unless i am with the skank. but she sure wants her money every month probably waiting right at the mailbox the day she gets it to go out and get trashed with her friends on my hard earned money. they sure dont enforce my rights as the father. in fact i dont think if you father a child that you even have a right like its your child. the government acts like it is their child.i am to the point where i give up on trying. im not paying it anymore. i dont think it fair that i cant see the children but have to pay. they can lock me up do what they want i will be alright. ive been to prison before its nothing. at least in jail i will not have to deal with worrying about how im going to come up with the money and being threatened with jail. sometimes jail just might be easier than dealing with these vultures. if she died tonight i would have a party tomorrow (obligee or mother or whatever they call her) thats pretty sad but it shows how i cant take anymore. im done.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/03/27 at 2:50 PM


i dont get how they can fix my income and say how much i i can afford to pay. i missed 6 payments in 2 years due to unemployment and the girl was even living in my house not paying any bills and they still put me in prison and put a felony on my record. now i can not find a steady job and am falling deeper into debt. they put me on probation for 5 years and tell me if i miss payments that i will go back to prison. whenever i fill a job application now it sure seems like they are getting tossed in the can because i got felony box checked on it. Im a plumber and now i cannot get my state license for plumbing work because you cannot have one with a felony. what kind of system is this??????????????????? now im really unemployed or working for some cheap idiot off craigslist or something. i look for or email at least 5-10 jobs per day and still cant find anything. looks like ill be heading back to prison soon. there at least i dont have to stress about not making my payment.

From About The Child Support System, 2010/03/27 at 12:47 PM

Meredith Bennett

Paternity fraud hurts ALL parties involved not just the men paying child support; it hurts grandmother’s, siblings, and most importantly, the child. People’s feelings about their children and grandchildren are precious. No one should have salt rubbed in a wound by having to pay for another man’s child.

From Father Takes DNA Paternity Fraud Case To U.S. Supreme Court!, 2010/03/27 at 5:00 AM


I just have to write and tell everyone that I was able to do the improbable without the aid of an attorney. In fact, I did more for my own case than when I had an attorney last year. I live in NJ and am a non-custodial parent who was laid off last April and has not found employment since. I have been fighting for almost a year to reduce my weekly child support obligation to be commensurate with my current earnings (unemployment benefits). NJ is a state that allows modification of child support, but there are three major hurdles. #1, the Lepis case is the landmark case that allows modification of both alimony and child support when there are a change of circumstances. A prima facie case must be presented however. #2, the Arribi case is specifically related to the job search while unemployed. A detailed log and evidence must be provided proving you are searching for new employment. This can include cover letters, dates of interviews, applications, rejection letters, etc. #3, and this is the biggest hurdle, is the venerable Bonanno case from 1950. This case, which occurred 60 years ago was during a time of societal norms that today are very antiquated. Yet, many lawyers and judges will refer to this case when dealing with unemployment stating that the court determined that unemployment is only temporary and does not warrant a change of circumstances. I did my own research of the case law (I used Google Scholar and searched for NJ) and found that many courts and lawyers omit key parts of that decision, which the court saw no evidence that the husband’s unemployment was more than just temporary. He simply didn’t prove his case. I also found other later cases that make the point that no two cases are alike and that each should be judged upon its merits. Even the Lepis court urged the need to move away from antiquated ideals of the husband’s job to support the wife, even though the wife works. I filed a motion with a letter brief pro se. I also included a section about the unconstitutionality of bench warrants based on US and NJ law. I just received my decision and my child support was reduced considerably. The judge also suspended the use of bench warrants temporarily (3 months). It certainly is better than nothing. I was arrested in my home by the armed debt collectors back in January and was on two-week bench warrant status. I just want everyone to know that you can do it on your own if you cannot afford an attorney. It just takes time doing your research, understanding the rules of court (in terms of filing motions, cross-motions, reply certifications, etc.) and writing a coherent argument based on fact. I know everyone is in a different situation and different states offer different hurdles, but don’t give up. I was heading down that path, but this little victory has given me hope. I still have other issues to deal with like Parental Alienation by the ex, who is also a hoarder (have you all seen that show?) and suffers from Munchaussen Syndrome By Proxy. But that is another battle. Keep up the fight everyone! Stay strong!

From HOME, 2010/03/26 at 4:03 PM

Angela Goodrich

I will sign! I am a CP, here in Michigan. We have been running around with the court system for almost 7 years. Although, my ex has made his decisions to not pay child support for half that time, I still don’t think it’s fairly run. That’s why every time we go to court because of his lack of paying, I always say “no” to putting him in jail. What is jail going to do for him, me, our daughter? Not a damn thing. He can’t work or look for work if he’s incarcerated. He can’t participate in parenting time. He can’t pay. All putting him in jail does, is he runs his mouth to our daughter about how I’m ruining his life, and I put him in jail. Unfortounatley, he doesn’t understand that jail is the results of his own actions (or lack thereof). I think child support should be based on a percentage of the amount of one’s paycheck, per week. I understand that it might make more work, but the NCP does need to survive just as much as the child does.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/03/26 at 9:16 AM


Child Support Issues has most certainly become an epidemic in our world today! Sad but true. My ex has been running from paying support now for 10 years. Owing over $70,000 in arrears for two children. He’s constantly in and out of jail and they free him???

The problem with our system is: they seem to like to group us all together, even though we all have different situations. We have waaaay to many dishonest, judges and even district attorneys in the courtrooms in the past and even today as we speak.

One day soon they will pay for the foul play they have dished out amongst our children. And of course leaving the parents as stressed out as ever.

If it wasn’t for my husband, my two children and I would probably be homeless right now as I am suffering graves disease and myasthenia gravis. Infuriates me daily though because I have watched my husband beat himself to the ground supporting my two children on top of his own two children.

The courts play too many head games for the ones who are playing and do nothing about the ones who aren’t, and won’t even give an inch for the ones who are trying!

Never seems to be a win, win situation with any given situation when it comes to our Government and dishonest court systems.

I hope in 2012 we do lose electricity because all them greedy people in this world, who only live for money and make everyone else suffer. Well, they won’t have anymore need for money. I just can’t wait to see if these so-called rich people can farm etc. like they did way back when….it truly is going to be hysterical sitting back and watching them have to live the way we all have our whole lives!!!

Bet they don’t last a day!!

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/03/26 at 1:16 AM



YOU ARE MARRIED??? How many husbands do you need to support you?

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/03/27 at 9:59 AM

Jay Griffith

Hitler’s dream came true thanks to the American Government. I wish I was dead.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/03/25 at 8:50 PM

Sheila Lugo


From Child Support System in Texas, 2010/03/25 at 11:36 AM


Sheila Lugo

The system is indeed broke. When a ex-wife can come back several years later and say you didn’t pay the child support right or if any and the courts can make you (apparently) pay back child support, even if the ex never brought this issue up before. My husband’s son is now 36 years old and she never raised him, her mother did and now she is trying to get an attorney to put a child support lien on my husband for back child support. This witch, changed his last name without my husband’s consent at age 15 (they say they published it), inwhich I found through the newspaper files that it was ran 1 day in a small Texas newspaper where they lived for 1 day and expecting the father to dispute it when the father lived in California and sure didn’t get the pooo dunk newspaper. We faught in court several times to prove she was keeping him from his father for his visitation, but the court never did a thing about it and would only address her issue that was to increase the child support she was getting. It’s a real shame on what the ex wifes try and hold over their ex husbands and how they use their children to try and get back at them too. They forget these are children, not animals and they should never be kept from the other parent on a divorce. Children need both parent’s and it just isn’t right. Thank you all for listening to me fuss, but you really get tired of it after awhile. SGL

From HOME, 2010/05/13 at 1:19 PM

Michigan’s Resident Rocker

Absolutely, I will sign my name on this Petition! “Child Support” Enforcement Agencies such as the Friend of the Court in My Home State of Michigan are out of control! It’s about time that Non-Custodial Parents Band together and say “We’re mad as Hell, and we’re not gonna take it anymore!” I am a father of 2 Teenage Children who has been Victimized by the Friend of the Court’s Practices ever since my 15 Year Old Daughter was only 7 Months Old! I now face Jail Time as well as the Loss of My Job since the Friend of the Court Claims that I owe almost $4000.00 In Back “Child Support” which I CLEARLY DO NOT OWE! I also have to reimburse the State of Michigan for Medical Bills that were paid for by the FRAUDULENT Obtaining of Medic Aid by their Mother! You can read many of the Blog Entries I have written about the Friend of the Court System by going to and click on “Blog”.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/03/25 at 10:54 AM

Perry Harlan

Cal, The fix i in the ” Money Machine. Judges grant numerous continuences for lawyer billing, Judges have a list of court aproved Attys for Minors and make dads pay for attys.,therapist,730 evaluations,reports and run up the bill until Dad is broke.
Then the court wants to know why DAD is broke and in arrears!

From HOME, 2010/03/25 at 12:28 AM

Mike G

I am currently awaiting my hearing for failure to pay child support. My Ex lied on a sworn affidavit indicating that I have not been paying her. I was paying her directly, and many times, I paid in cash. We were on good terms until she ran into money problems. Now, I was told that I could go to jail for failure to pay. I haven’t worked for 6 months, and do not receive unemployment benefits. I feel trapped. I am going to college, and have applied to over 500 places, with maybe 3 interviews, and no success. I am now living in an apartment next to my grandmother, and all I think about is how can I get out of this mess! I have never been in jail, and I don’t intend on going. I feel so helpless.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/03/24 at 6:21 PM

Rich Baker

Its with great humility that Richard O Baker has come before the O.C.D.C on his behalf to provide information that he has “Good Cause” and prove ‘Discretion of Abuse’ of his child support case # 51017606 and court # 05301753, pertaining his two children Elijah & Josiah Baker.

1. On the form 14 calculation sheet the State of Missouri itself said that it made an mistake by error, that Mr. Baker make $9371.00 monthly, when in fact he made 7 times less than stated amount. The State required Mr. Baker to pay $2250.00 monthly for two children.

2. Mr. Baker has relentlessly been trying to address this mistake for 4 years. He has submitted to the State his financial earnings history statement provided by the Social Security Administration and W’2s from previous employers that match exactly what the ‘SSA’ has on file.

3. Mr. Baker, in no way purposed intentionally to be ‘In Contempt’ by not paying his $2250.00 monthly child support. He simply couldn’t pay it because his income was only $2100.00 monthly. Family Services garnished over half of that. He has two other children prior to his marriage with Ms.Lattimore in which he has to take care of. (Young vs. Young, 762 S.W. 2d 535) Res Juditica

4. Unfortunately Mr. Baker is homeless. He’s in and out of homeless shelters; Larry Rice and etc. With the inability to afford basic life necessities, he lost everything he owned. The damages due to the State’s mistake or fraud committed by Ms.Lattimore are worse than any human can imagine. It’s clearly against the logic of circumstances and so arbitrary and unreasonable that it ‘shocked Mr. Baker’s sense of justice. (Mo. App. W.D. 2004 Macdonald vs. Minton’142 S.W. #3D247) (Emig ex rel. Emig vs. Curtis Mo. App. 2003’117 S.W. 3D174)

From Contact/About Us, 2010/03/24 at 3:51 PM

Kattisa Moton

Please Please Please help approve a child support reform. I am a single 36yr old woman who was placed in jail 2004 due to non-payment of child support. I have been struggling with this for years. I understand that the children need support, but how is it going to be possible if I’m made homeless in the process. The system is deducting more than half of my paycheck. The more you make the more they take. Making it impossible for me to keep a roof over my head and food on the table. Therefore, I was evicted from my apartment because I could no longer afford to pay my rent and my driver’s license was suspended. And I was forced to move into my parents 1 bedroom apartment sleeping on the living room floor. How is this helping the children if I don’t have a place to live and no license to drive to work? And on top of it wasting tax payer dollars to keep me in jail!! I have so much more to say about this matter, but I will stop right here. Please help!!!! Please!!!

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/03/24 at 12:15 PM

Lee Whited

I am tired of being a prisoner of the State as they reep the benefits of taking advantage of fathers (and some mothers). The fed pays them for every dollar they get and that is the sole reason why they do it. They don’t care about the kids. I want to be a father, not slave.

From HOME, 2010/03/24 at 11:34 AM

Raymond Reyes III

I support the need for change…

From HOME, 2010/03/24 at 8:25 AM

Margarita Garcia-Reyes

We have also been victim to this corrupt system. My husband and I have now been married for almost 7 years. His ex wife and him had an agreement prior to our marriage for 5 years. Their agreement was for him to buy all his needs clothes, school supplies, concert tickets to whatever he wanted to do and to make sure he could take him to all his doctor appointments. When she found out that my husband and I were pregnant and that we were going to get married almost 7 years ago….she took him to court for back child support. She told the judge that they never had an agreement…now keep in mind she never took him to court in those 5 years of their arrangement. So we go to court and then he gets order to pay 45,000.00 with interest in back child support for 5 years….WOW… we are paying monthly and now 7 years later he lost his job and we now have 3 children. I am the only one working and she is taking him back to court since he has now missed 7 payments. He has been paying for almost 7 years and still owes 42,000.00 with interest….We have paid over 25,000.00 in 7 years but he still owes 3000.00 less than 7 years ago….He goes to court on Monday the 29th of March and she is asking he be sent to jail for 6 months and that he be put on a 10 year probation…my husband is now suffering from extremely high blood pressure…I completely support this change that needed to have happened many years ago.

From HOME, 2010/03/24 at 8:24 AM

David R Wright

I too have been under tyranny. I hurt MY left shoulder got behind went to jail,got further behind. Hurt again further behind. I never intended to get behind ,but i never intended on getting hurt. Anyway,after 13 years of this i have no self esteem,no pride,no freedom,no monry and most of all,no justice.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/03/23 at 9:20 PM

Keith Jackson

MORE SIGNATURES!!!! No more shut-out, enslaved, poverty-stricken, or DEAD fathers….

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/03/23 at 4:51 PM

Keith Jackson

It’s about time that someone’s trying to do something about this. A friend and I were just saying that, in order for there to be any “change”, people are gonna have to organize and come together. There is strength in numbers. Most people, when they go through this, just sit back and gripe about it, but nobody ever actually DOES anything. I personally know of quite a few men who have been reduced to basically nothing, unfairly. I myself have been in the system a little over 3 years now. My ex, after seven years and two kids, decided she wanted something (someone) better and jumped state with my children. I hadn’t seen my children for about 4 or 5 years (didn’t and definitely don’t now, have the money to fight for visitation). She won’t let me see them at all. Then out of the blue, I get served with child support papers. Once the payments started, They were taking close to HALF (not an exaggeration) of my bi-weekly checks. Living alone and supporting myself, there was no way that I could pay that and even hope to stay afloat, with all my other bills. After about a year and a half of scaling back expenses and cutting back, I just couldn’t make it anymore. I had to bite the bullet and move back with my mother (which I hate). I eventually quit my job, and now just pretty much lie here watching TV, in a state of MAJOR DEPRESSION. I haven’t been to a doctor to be clinically diagnosed, but, from what I’ve read, that’s definitely what it is. My appetite is pretty much non-existant, I’m very rarely hungry. I don’t seem to have the energy to do anything. I force myself to shower about once a week. My life is just in shambles. (sorry, I had to let off some steam) All this, and I never wanted the separation (she left me for another guy). I never wanted to have my children (whom I love DEARLY), ripped away from me. This system needs to be overhauled, PERIOD. There are some people who deserve this kind of thing, but others do not. I’ve been reading online about people (mostly men) who are committing suicide, and or killing there exes and children, simply because they cannot handle it all. At the rate the Family Court system is working, this tragic trend will probably continue to rise, until the powers that be, open their eyes and see what is happening. Good first step with the petition. Hopefully, more will jump on the bandwagon and try and fix this….

From Child Support Corruption, 2010/03/23 at 4:43 PM

Rhonald Jackson

I have been in a protracted legal battle with San Mateo County regarding back child support. The case was originally filed in Marin County, but I eventually had to have a change of venue to San Mateo County in 1994. At that time I began to protest an order that stated tha I owed $7100 interest on a $6000 balance owed…I believe it to be excessive. All attempts to get a fair and accurate audit of the case has fallen on deaf ears. Earlier this month I met with the DA and told him that they had failed to check with Marin County and request that they do an audit of these figures as ordere by the court…he flatly refused and wants me in jail for failure to pay the remaining amount. It is my belief that an audit would vindicate me…the balance was $3800.
I have heard that the CA Supreme court had repealed the law giving counties the right to add a 25% interest charge on late child support payments. Does anyone know where I can look to find the info.
I would like to add that I was denied child support payments when I had the kids with me. lost my passport and drivers liscense, have lost out on some really nice jobs because it showed up in my credit report. Even though I complained to the courts, I have gotten nowhere and my now grown sons were the ones most affected by their callous disregard for the rule of law. I am still fighting and with little cash and nearing retirement age, face the prospect of my social security being attached to clear this mess. I feel that my 14th amenedment rights are being violated, that I will be forced to live below the poverty level and be branded a felon…I really need some sage advice!

From HOME, 2010/03/23 at 12:38 AM

Micah Govia

This is a topic that makes me mad every time I think about how this system is screwed up. I don’t care what nobody says, but the system is against males. The child support needs to be reform asap. When I got placed on child support I made 27k that prior yr. Note that’s with overtime included. At the time I went to court my job stop offering overtime so I wasn’t making the money I was making that prior yr. Now I got placed on child support for 416 per mo for my son, don’t forget I have my girl that stays with me which is my first child that I take care of also. Judge not taking that in consideration hit me with 416 per mo which leave me with barely anything to survive with and to take care of my little girl. Food been taken out of one child mouth and given it to another. Without the help of my family my little girl would be suffering. I been trying to get child support for my little girl but with the system being against male they give you the run around, but when it comes to female placing a male on child support. The child support system quickly assigned arrangements for child support. I feel that the reform need to have a cap on child support also the non custodial parent should be able to claim that child on their taxes every other yr or every yr and get money back because we as the non custodial we taking care of the child also. Why should the custodial be the only one able to claim the child on their taxes? I’m sorry I can go on and on about this but something really need to be done.

From HOME, 2010/03/23 at 12:01 AM

Linda Smalley

Why in the world do delinquent moms/ dads have to go to JAIL and license taken when parents are behind? When they get out do they get DL back? Not if behind on payments!
Ever occur to anyone that maybe there’s a good reason their behind (as w/ my son)?
These days no jobs to be found without a degree; even they probably have a tough time! Parents in jail CANNOT MAKE ANY KIND OF MONEY, and who has to pay for THAT? Give those people back their drivers license so they can at least look for work.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/03/21 at 9:13 PM

Michael Trumble

iam a father in desperate need of info please contact me bacvk i want to sign your petition as well! i need questions answered

From HOME, 2010/03/21 at 4:16 PM

Omar Cunningham


From HOME, 2010/03/21 at 3:37 PM






From HOME, 2010/03/21 at 1:14 PM

Montre Lamar Patterson

I jst found out through home DnA that I am not the child and the mother still wants me to preten that I am the father. I read that I shoul not. I am awaitiong my court dat to get a cout dna test ing to be relieve from supporting the child. I like the amendment.

From Father Takes DNA Paternity Fraud Case To U.S. Supreme Court!, 2010/03/21 at 10:15 AM


my ex was just busted taking my child out of state to disneyland and got pissy with me and threatened me because I demanded to be notified of her wear abouts she took her out of state without permission because five years ago she failed to obey two judge and court orders to adjudicate my daughters true name now she is enrolled in centennial elementary school with an illegal name and legally the courts could not give a fragmental fictitious furry fraudulent F%#*^ about fathers rights in corruption springs colorado,80909 THERE HAS GOT TO BE MORE WE CAN DO ABOUT THIS FRIKIN ABOMINATION OF FATHERHOOD AS A HOLE PEOPLE!

From HOME, 2010/03/21 at 12:07 AM

Covenant Counselors/Phillip

Parents of both genders are frequently harmed as a result of the unfriendly – often unrealistic – child support system. Everyone should contact their state legislator and their congressional representatives and request that immediate reform be brought about at both the state and federal levels of government.

The unfair, unjust child support system and, particularly, its enforcement components must be reformed immediately before more families are torn apart and further damaged.

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/03/20 at 4:36 PM

Mark and Misti Mastagni



Mark and Misti Mastagni

We just lost a custody battle trying to show that it was an unsafe home for my husbands daughter at age of 12.She wants to live with us,However it was more important for her mom and step father to fight us for more child support and guess what “They won” , and got a totlal of $10,000 more that goes to some medical bills and back child support in that we were completely caught up. Are lawyer told us we didnt have to pay unless she produced receipts and she never did but somehow we still have to pay so Yes the Child support Reform is very important!She has 3 other kids and we want the law to beable to make the custodial parent produce records where and what the cs is going.We work vewry hard for are money and we have the right to know……..
It’s not fair to the non-custodial parent ann family to have to suffer and make sacrifices so the other parent and family can live the life they want and treat you any way they see fit.
…it is very corrupt and feel something needs to be done NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From HOME, 2010/03/20 at 1:03 PM

John M. Jarvis

With all that’s on the plate of what is obviously a gang of corrupt politicians, it’s difficult to imagine that the rights of fathers (rights? what rights?) will garner any interest.

The priority list of ‘bought and sold’ government officials is overflowing with backroom money scams of which take precedence over something as trivial as fathers rights.

Besides, what’s wrong with yet another government cash cow provided by the nearly extinct middle class? It’s what we do. They take, and we give. Blindly.

The entire system is broken by the hammer of greed.

You say you want a revolution, well you know, we’re all doing what we can.

Or are we?

From HOME, 2010/03/20 at 11:30 AM

Another Victim

People that enforce this system are the real criminals. Not the fathers.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/03/20 at 3:59 AM

Daniel E Manhart

This system needs more than an overhaul, their actions are nothing short of criminal.

Daniel Manhart

From HOME, 2010/03/19 at 11:49 PM

Adam Scott

I agree REFORM NOW before another father takes his own life! the “system” is corrupt from the top down and needs to be completly overhauled to prevent atrocities like this from ever happening again!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/03/19 at 10:59 PM

Anthony Holmes

I have been going through it with child suport for years. I am backed up in child support for years because I would rather take care of my children directly instead of sending the money through child support because when they were taking the money out of my paycheck the mother was not spending it on my children. I found myself paying the child support and still having to buy them basic necessities. I have other children who have everything they need and more but it doesn’t feel good for some of my children to have and other’s to have nothing, so instead of paying child support I have been making sure that all of my children get equally. However, that leave me in dept with child support. None of my reciepts of how much I buy them or all the places I take them matters. My children’s mother is very jealous and spiteful and the more that I do for my children the more drama she brings to my life. The only reasons she has me on child support is because she is jealous of the things that I do for my kids and because she just wants to stay on welfare. She has even lied and told the police that I threatend her and my children and she got a order of protection preventing me from seeing my kids (mind you she did this with no proof at all and it wasn’t true. the truth is I threatened her boyfriend) First of all we split up because she cheated on me while she was pregnant with my son. When I found out about it she left me for the other guy and they are still together till this day. He has even bragged about spending up the that child support was taking out of my checks; money that was supposed to be spent on my children. It is to the point that I don’t even visit with my children anymore as of september of 2010 because it is too stressfull. My children have told me about all kinds of child abuse taking place in thier moms house including sexual abuse. I went to court for custody, they gave me temporary custody then the ACS worker didn’t get any information pertaining to the children to give to the jugde, but sided with the mom because she claimed that I abused her during our relationship. I got all the information; poor school attendance, medical records proving poor care, dental records proving extremely poor dental care, and an ACS psychologist report deeming the sexual abuse to be true. The judge would not even look at the paper work that I provided and she accused me of being a liar. Told me how can I take care of my kids if I don’t even pay child support. I think the whole system need to be reformed because none of it is fair, and none of it is about the children. LIke I said I don’t even see the kids anymore because I cannot bare to see the abuse and not be able to do anything about it. She is more than willing to let me see them only I am not “allowed” to question any of the many abuses taking place. If I ask then that is the only time she tells me “you’re lucky I even let you f****** see them.”
I cannot deal with it anymore. So I started paying the child support again and stopped seeing my children. That is the best way that I can handle the situation without loosing my mind. It may not be right and I am extremely unhappy because I truly love my children but I have to love myself too.

Correction I don’t see my children as of september of 2009

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/03/19 at 10:10 PM

S. W. Goodman Sr

Havent seen my Daughter since Jan last year. Texas could care less. The Family court system is so corrupt!! How do you justify ruining peoples lives!!! Smart thinking, giving the angriest person involved the biggest weapon..real smart!!
They dont care if you see your kids, hell they dont care if you even like you kids, but as long as that money filters through thier bloodstained hands, your Father of the Year!!
Idiots!! My Daughter deserves better from us all!!!!

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/03/19 at 5:42 PM

Kevan Davis

[…] feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Leave a Reply. Name (required) …PETITION for CHILD SUPPORT REFORM SIGN HERE!Kevan Davis, on February 1st, 2010 at 2:29 pm. Reform is needed. Fathers are held hostage by threats […]

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/03/17 at 7:05 PM

Bret Amorde

change now

From HOME, 2010/03/17 at 5:59 PM

Frank Cannella

good luck
go get them

From HOME, 2010/03/17 at 6:41 AM

Darek Eaves

You are one amongst many who have been denied a chance to be heard. The truth is that child support reform is the farthest thing from the minds of governors, congress and their legislative representatives. Child Support is not a service it a business.

Wanna know some interesting stats? Please feel free to look through some of my blogs on my website at or Feel free to contact us if need be, you have the support of Father Focus Inc.

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/03/16 at 11:56 AM


Belinda you should have incorporated and then hire your husband. You have the right to start your own business and hire who you choose. Pay him at a low rate. Don’t just give up. FIGHT BACK!

From HOME, 2010/03/15 at 8:27 PM


My Story:
I have been supporting my 16 year old daughter all her life. Her mother lost her job and is now on Public Asst. My daughter is one of three. Lawyer representing IV-D said it is hard for my daughter to get off because her mother filed as a Family – including the two other kids that are not mine. This is how the system is messed up. My daughter will be emancipated in her home state when she turns 18. But in my home state, I have to pay until she is 21!. I will be sending money to an Adult in another state!. My current Kids do not exist in the eyes of the Court!
On the day I went for the hearing. The lawyer for IV-D said ” I want you to know that your Black Berry and the nice suite and tie you are wearing will be taken into account! What the @#$ I could not believe my ears! She also said that If I come in with a Lawyer they are going to take that into account as one proof that I have money!
I HAD TO CHECK AGAIN TO MAKE SURE I WAS IN THE USA !! I thought I was in a another country because I couldn’t believe my ears! So I decided that I am going to beat the SYSTEM with MASSIVE OVERWHELMING FORCE. They declare WAR! then I am RETALIATING!
Here are some ways to protect yourself.
Remember it”s all about control. If they can control you. You loose!

1) Keep all your bill and payments. You can ask for and AUDIT if they try to pull a fast one on you. Some lawyers don”t even know this! and if they do they will not tell you. File a motion for an Audit. i.e Audit with a court order.

2) INCORPORATE. If you can be self employed. Incorporate with the assistance of a trusted person and pay yourself ! or pay yourself a 1099 and expense everything you can. If you can, incorporate in Panama or Guatemala or Wyoming. Its not illegal ! if you can incorporate or work as an Independent contractor. CS HATE THIS because they cannot control your income.

3) STUDY THE LAW AND know your rights . APPEAL APPEAL APPEAL & APPEAL. One of the great things about the legal system is Appealing.

4) If they mess up your credit by making mistake. Call the credit bureau and dispute it. Errors by law will have to be removed after 30 days.

5) IF YOU ARE IN ARREARS DO NOT PUT ANY MONEY IN THE BANK. Keep it in the safety of your home! Again check to make sure you are not being over-billed by CS.

6) Find a trusted Family member or friend and Transfer your assets to them. CS will try to garnish and cease your assets EVEN IF THEY OVERCHARGE YOU!. If your name and SS# is not on any ASSETS they cannot get it!

7) Come to a consensus with the Custodial parent and then present the agreement to the court then get off the system.

From HOM, 2010/03/10 at 10:14 PM E

Rebecca Burns

My name is Rebecca Burns. My fiance is a non custodial parent and it outrages me because of the way child support services treats him. The system is setup so the person paying the oblligation fails. Its neither fair for that person or the child involved. Jail time, license suspensions and unfair court rulings are the cause of many non paying adults and it needs to be reformed.

From Paying Child Support?, 2010/03/15 at 1:20 PM

Jennifer Toms

My husband is also in jail and he had complied with all the judge told him to do. Yet still in jail he sits. The ex made comment that, that was her main objective. This vindictiveness by ex’s and the messed up child support sytem sucks & needs fixing ASAP (NOW).

From CHILD SUPPORT KILLING FATHERS, 2010/03/15 at 10:48 AM

Nicole Heffington

thank you

From CONTEMPT OF COURT, 2010/03/14 at 4:25 PM

Belinda Morawiec

A Second Wife and Step Son

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/03/14 at 2:18 PM

Belinda Morawiec

Well, while I’m not a paying father, I am married to one. Less than two years ago, before we were married, my child was having trouble in school and was failed. Because I worked more than 45 minutes from home and worked usually 8am – 7 pm, he was home alone often during the work week. My then fiance and I decided that with his skills as a truck driver, and my accounting and business skills we would lease our own truck, start our LLP and I could work from home and home school my son, through the MoVIP program. Because this was a partnership, I received a letter of mandatory garnishment for my partner, which I have complied with to date.
Now funding for MOVIP has been cut, and my son forced back into public school. At his correct grade level I might add. I found yesterday, CSE had a warrant issued for my now husband. The truck sits in the drive way of our $200 a month trailer (All we can afford) because CSE has now decided that he is a sole proprieter, even though our business is registered with the state as an LLP, we use a payroll service to pay ourselves. The truck incurs $100 a day it sits on our lease, not the mention the lost income because he cannot move it until we get the warrant taken care of tomorrow.
While we sit on the verge of losing even our housing, our investment in our truck, it’s a slap in the face to me as his business partner and MY son.
Second families are routinely destroyed by the financial assassins called the CSE. No one wants to take on CSE, no one will listen with any amount of concern for what if RIGHT or FAIR. They are a rogue agency, who destroys lives to let the baby momma cut her full time job to go back to school and get her nails done. Our support review included child care expenses for a child that isn’t even his, yet, our payment is increased because she had another child? And we when asked for an administrative review, he has a warrant placed on him. I’m sorry, I must have missed the memo that gestapo like tactics were mainstream for the CSE.
I guess family and children in second families don’t account for much in the eyes of CSE. Perhaps they can just admit what they are and start the concentration camps for fathers and second families. Maybe then someone will take notice. Perhaps, as we slowly start of freeze to death someone will say “That’s not OK”
I’m a woman, it’s my choice, If I choose I can go get pregnant as many times as I feel I need to get CSE orders. Dad’s sorry, fellas, you have no choice or rights and second wives, take it from me sista’s, you will never build a life with your husband – CSE will make certain of that.

A Second Wife and Step Son

From HOME, 2010/03/14 at 1:56 PM



From SIGN HERE!, 2010/03/14 at 12:06 AM

SealTeam 0

I am in support of the abolition of the present draconium and absolutionly and flagerantly unconstitutional “Child Extort” system. Our children are suffering and uncheck fraud, con artists and other greedy hands are being allowed to run wild. The pretence of child welfare isn’t even used as a cover anymore. It is clear that sucking a father dry, diminishing and destroying the image and role of the father in the family and associating more automatic stereotypes to men in general is the goal.

The only way to fight for the restoration, and in this case, the initial application constitutional rights is to do it as a force. A sort of non-physically combative revolutionary army. Our battle lines must be clearly drawn and our ranks must remain tight. Above all. we must remain committed and resolved to overthrough the tyranny of a greed motivated set of profiteers and their lap-dog politicians. Included in the cadre of occupying offenders of our constitution are those with an inherent anti-male everything agenda. We see the denagration of male in everything from television programs and commercial to the day or absents of a “day-in-court”. Circumventing the due process of law and the constitution has existed in this country for centuries. However, in the case of, say slavery of kidnapped Africans, is was justified by claims that the inhumanity of the negro disqualified him for such high consideration. We have no such defense today. We have far passed the question of who has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. However, when it is convenient to turn a blind eye so that our already wealthy friends can make money or that some of the old guard can continue to draw and redraw the lines of haves and haves nots, CONSTITUTION BE DAMNED!

Forgive me for what may seem a meer rant from a victim of the “system”. I offer my voice in confirmation of obvious and boldly perpetrated undermining of America. My Ex filed for “Child Extort” while my son was living under my roof and was awarded money in spite of the evidence that she was filing a fraudulant claim.


From SIGN HERE!, 2010/03/13 at 11:47 PM

Nichole Stone

i am a sing mom on welfare and i only get 469 a mounth to support my self and 2 year old daughter and i cant find a job and even if i do find one they are going to take 65% of my earning how am i suppose to live
they want me to pay 208 a mounth

From HOME, 2010/03/13 at 10:08 AM

Lila Cook

somthing has to be done it not fair

From HOME, 2010/03/13 at 10:03 AM

Ronald Russo

Child support reform is need. Mothers get what they want and fathers get shafted. I am a father who is very in my daughters life and pay for all her medical, private school and basic needs and they want me to give my ex money. For what, to go out at night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

From CONTEMPT OF COURT, 2010/03/12 at 11:40 PM

Christopher Hoke

I will do everything in my power to lobby for CSR ( Child Support Reform) in the state of PA.

From HOME, 2010/03/12 at 3:51 PM

Rich Baker

HI EVERYONE/ in 2005 my ex wife was awarded a divorce without me being properly served. anyway, on the form 14 calculation it stated that my income was 10,000 a month/ i only made 3,000 a month/ i lost everything / the spirit of greed is a nasty spirit that doesn’t play fair/ i want to encourage everyone to let Jesus come into your heart and he will give you perfect peace in the mist of your situation/ i was bitter for 3 years because my living conditions went from good to bad overnight/ my ex wife decided she wanted out of our marriage/ that’s between her and Jesus/ i had to honestly forgive her/ when we walk in integrity it pleases God/ I’m just starting to regain my life back,however i still have crazy arrerages to pay/ my support for two kids was 2300.00 a month/ of course i couldn’t pay it/ ive been to jail twice because i couldnt pay it/ however when the judge looks at the child support order he tells them that something must be done to help me because this is unfair to me/ my ex knows that i never made 120,000 a year, but that spirit in her is causing her to miss her perfect will of God in her life/ my son called me the other day and told me he just want to be around me/it felt great

From CHILD SUPPORT KILLING FATHERS, 2010/03/12 at 11:26 AM

Shawn Robertson

The system is definitely corrupt. I pay $1100 a month and have $50000 in back child support that I owe. I pay $100 a month to back child support and have been paying for years. Alot of the back child support was because the mother lived on welfare for years and I am paying back the state. Guess what? She’s had another kid by someone else who ditched her and she STILL lives on welfare and now the state is trying to modify my order to increase it even more??? How in the hell does that make sense? I am remarried and my wife and I have 1 child together plus she has 3 children from a previous marriage and their father hasn’t paid in over 2 years and has moved out of the country….yet they are trying to increase my support? If they push to have an increase it will literally kill us and we will be forced to live in pure poverty. As it stands right now we are struggling to make it work…yet they don’t take ANY of it into consideration. They only go by gross income, not by the fact that my wife’s ex hasn’t paid in over 2 years, that we can’t include her 3 children as dependents in the home to reduce the increase, not that I already have $50000 in back child support, and they don’t make her claim her welfare benefits as income so she makes “0?. How fair is that? I can completely understand why men hide and take low income jobs so that they are not raped by the system anymore than they already are. I pay my support but I just want to be left the $@** alone! Something HAS to be done. These women need to quit being protected by the government and there needs be accountability for them as well. The should NEVER be allowed to stay on welfare year after year after year and should be forced to work to provide for their kids too. I could go on and on because I have so much more to say. It always falls on deaf ears and people are programmed to look at you funny if you complain about it and then judge you as a bad father, when in all actuality it has nothing to do with being a good or bad father and everything to do with EXTORTION!

From Child Support Ruining Relationships, 2010/03/11 at 12:16 PM

Mark Grewe

Hello The CS SUCKS it needs to be much more equal ! Are concerns need to be heard LOUD AND CLEAR if they dont listen we will make them ! Or they we have hell to pay ! Like alot of you have said follow the money! I am not sure how these goverment employees can sleep at night so lets wake there a#@es up !

From HOME, 2010/03/11 at 3:52 AM

Paul J. Southwick

Maybe you should have read my writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court. It covers all of this and more. A decision is coming soon….Win or lose, no-one can snooze.

We must file appeal after appeal, writ after writ. From the hinterlands to the metropolises…file those Appels!!!

From Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, 2010/03/11 at 1:09 AM

Paul J. Southwick

Mr. Hutson, ((edited version))

The same day you made your post, a case was DOCKETED in the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington D.C. concerning this very issue. I write to you because I have heard your cry for help. I encourage you to remain steadfast. File an appeal in your case, and hit the books. You cannot win an appeal if you do not file one. If you lose that appeal, file another, and another after that and file TIMELY. Many cases are thrown out for LATE filings. So, you may stumble. Forget that part. Pick up and run again. Perhaps the powers that be will ridicule you, like other great people in history. The ones that were castigated are the ones that had the last and best laugh. They are the ones that were remembered in history. Because they effected: “Change.”

Contact your State Legislators, Congresspeople, Assemby Members and ask them to consider; “Change.” Remember that word? We were PROMISED it by Mr. President Obama. Write to him and to the members of his cabinet. Write to everyone from the State Governor to the local dog catcher. Mass mail. Send out e-mails. Pass out cards from this site and other sites. Become an outspoken: ADVOCATE. An avocate is someone that uses peaceful means in a Non-Violent manner to bring about “Change.” Oh, there’s that word again. It keeps popping up on the social radar.

Contact your Rabbi, Priest, Minister, Pastor, Guru, Spiritual Advisor, Tribal Chief, or just sit down and have a good ole fashion talk with your inner man. Tell him or her that you are very concerned about the members of the Parrish, Temple, Church, Shele, Lodge or Tribe and inform them/him/her that family is coming apart in our country and you need their help putting it back together. Ask them/her/him to visit this site and read the messages posted here. This site is like certain “other” places in this country that make people THINK about what is taking place.

Pray without ceasing, whatever you envision that power to be.

Continue to be loyal to yourself, and become creative. You were born with a brain. Feed it with clean water, good food and study like a bookworm storm trooper.

I MAY need to call on you as a witness.

From HOME, 2010/01/29 at 2:11 AM

Paul J. Southwick

In reply to J. Sturtevant’s Comment:

Keep fighting for Constitutionally protected rights. They are secured under the
U.S. Constitutions’s Supremacy Clause; Aticle VI Section [2]. Organize locally
and act nationally on this site and others. “…Come together right now, join in
unison for the heartbeat of justice, and liberty in law.” [-PJS].

Other advocates are doing the same, myself included. Numbers, numbers
numbers. Get the word out. Have them sign this Petition. Talk to everyone you
know, call your Seators, Congresspeople, from the greatest to the least, and

There is a HUGH federal FRAUD being perpetrated on the Federal Government,
by states that are NOT in compliance with the FED. RULES. They are out of
control with wild eyed GREED!

Greed to pay their own salaries & retirements. Crooks everywhere, and in
magnificent disguise!

This montrosity of pecuinary gain is costing the Social Security Administration’s
Dollars.. This Cash Cow corollary RIP-OFF of the TREASURY is the same as if
the an invisable; “Sherriff of Nottingham” was doing the robbing himself!

Blow that Ram’s horn and anounce to all the inhabitants of the land, that YOU and

Best Regards,
P.J. Southwick.

From HOME, 2010/01/20 at 2:28 PM

Paul J. Southwick

Ok, Here is where we start sending our complaints about the Child Support System:

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Administration for Children and Families
Office of Child Support Enforcement
Washington D.C. 20447

Attention: Legal Intake Dept.

Yes! You can send in a letter annomously. Send often. (You can use a Psudo name to protect your identity if you wish.)

If we begin to FLOOD offices like this with mail, it will help cause change.

Give them your real life story, this is NOT drama. People are suffering from this evil R.I.C.O. (Racketeering Influnced Corrupt [Gov] oganization) System.

Think it phunny? Wait until they come to eat out YOUR corn, and defile YOUR substance, then YOU will begin to KNOW what TYRANNY is!


From President Obama; Legislatures, 2009/11/21 at 12:11 AM

Paul J. Southwick

Dear James,
Last Friday, the California Court of appeals affirmed the lowercourt’s denial of my due process rights. You may look it up The case involves perjury and fraud on the part of my ex-wife.
My Family law problems date back to 1990. Since then, I have been forced to go it alone.
The system is corrupt, however, the problem is with the Title IV-D funding to the states.

The Appellate Courts WILL not give up this funding cookie. The counties get up to 80% of the monies collected in support, however the enforcement action is denominated.
Case I.D. Southwick v. Crownover et. al # A121579 Division 1/3

From WHAT WE ARE PETITIONING, 2009/08/05 at 5:47 PM

David Smith

Reform this unfair system this beyond crazy!

From HOME, 2010/03/09 at 11:36 PM

Candi Moothart

I totally support the cause!

From HOME, 2010/03/09 at 3:17 PM

Guy Smith

The Bradley amendment goes too far and violates or civil rights. It takes from us our constitutional right to due process.

From HOME, 2010/03/09 at 12:03 AM


How long will it take before someone takes notice of this and acts upon it? Most of us don’t have very long before it consumes us too. When will we know that our voices are being heard?

From HOME, 2010/03/08 at 5:19 PM

Jonathan Nagel

I can’t tell you how much of an importance this is. I have been sentenced to 12 years deferred sentence on a debt that I owe. When did owing a debt become a prison sentence? I do believe in taking care of my children and I never had asked any of the mothers to bore me a child. There has to be responsibility on booth sides. One mother did not even know who the father was out of 3 men. The other wanted an abortion but then decided to keep and then nail me with the support. The women get all the say in this whole thing. One time a judge told me to look for 10 jobs a month then the DA spoke out saying he has to apply at 50 per week. The judge told her there was not even 50 jobs in that town and how was I to do that. She said its in the stipulation your honor. He just looked at me ans said good luck. I also had been taken from my current wife and children for child support warrants locked up for 4 months and almost lost everything. I cant imagine 12 years. If I miss a payment I go away for 12 years that I could not handle and I would likely off my self. I have mental illness and am on meds I have bi-polar and schizophrenia. I was in the Army but did not last long due to previous medical conditions. I can never pay the interest on the child support because it is as much as I pay in child support. So in turn the interest keeps applying and rising and the monthly interest amount goes up and up. At my court date my lawyer asked the women if they would forgive the interest they were pushed by child support to say no. Probably because it would get them a better sentence of 12 years like they got. Reason is and why my case looks so bad is almost everything I owe is interest on child support about half and half. I hope and pray that you guys can do something. This country needs to wake up and see that our rites are being violated.

From HOME, 2010/03/08 at 12:10 PM

Sulaiman Basir

A Supreme court case must be brought up. Money needs to be raised to bring a strong case to the courts. Also, an extortion case needs to be brought against every CSEA that suspends licsences (restricting the movement of a US citizen, preventing an US citizen from pursuing gainful employment and threatening the civil liberties of a citizen in order to collect a debt).

This battle is winnable, however, the course must be legal not legislative. And a civil rigths motif must be the driving force for the legal strategy.

The 14th amendment must be exhausted- due process, equal protection and immunities.
Checks and balances must be reviewed and challenged.

From Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, 2010/03/06 at 2:06 AM

Sulaiman Basir

I want to help and need help.

I need help setting up a strategic reform group in Columbus Ohio (along with personal help with my case).

We may have to challenge the constitutionality of the Soc. Sec. Act (1988) and the 14th amedment violations of CSEA powers.

Waiting for congress is a bad bet because they already know the child support enforcement laws are unconstitutional and they just look the other way.

Please contact me

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/03/02 at 2:18 PM

Kevin DeMarsh

I really feel for all men and women out there (yes, there are women who are forced to pay support too) who are held hostage by these unfair systems. There needs to be a capped amount on the monthly paymet obligation per child so that custodial parents cannot try to extort more money in their underhanded attempts to subsidize themselves also. I know a guy who makes $25K/Year paying his ex $400/mo while she is making a very comfortable $75K/Year. That’s a 3:1 income disparity and $400 more in “play money” every month for her. That amount, as little as it may be to some people, is back-breaking for him. My situation is not quite as severe, but I still am obligated to $465/mo + $110/mo for my son’s insurance. I’m only making about $35K. People have changing situations in their lives and this “one size fits all” approach just isn’t working.

From HOME, 2010/03/05 at 4:35 PM

John Sturtevant

Paul J. Southwick, – I have blown the rams horn – just as you have – we blow and we blow
the Courts are not listening – however you have the BIG ear now – best of luck – I hope they
listen – and I hope they act!!! and fast – I am watching your case with great interest as mine
is still at the Circuit level and needs to go on up the ladder so it to may see the great Writs as well
since my State has elected to thumb its nose at the Federal and the US Constitution and at you and me! We will win in time – as the Great Master is with us – and He is in control not us! – Respectfully yours – John

From HOME, 2010/03/05 at 10:32 AM

John Sturtevant

My ten year old case has been on-going in Alabama – I have recently stepped up my efforts to fight this as a constitutional question – and civil rights issue – not a individual legal issue – we need to have reform in so many areas – back to the basics – get the rocket science out of our live’s! Please! I probably have another good eight years on my case unless we get a miracle!

From HOME, 2010/01/12 at 11:20 AM

Merle Travis Rutledge Jr

Name: Merle T. Rutledge
Email Address:
Daytime Phone: 757-589-7078
Street Address:
State: Va
Zip Code:

Case: 0003571144
I requested a review in both richmond office and in the Virginia Beach office on September 30, 2008. the Virginia Beach office has yet to respond to my review request but the next bit of information I heard from them was about trying to take me to court for possible jail sentencing. I am resend\ing off my review request and also using this date as a notice of my review intentions on my case. I was nerver served with a summons or administrative hearing date at the correct aeddress.

Fradulent documentation and statements on how much child support would be set when I was unemployed at the time.

The custodial mother makes substantiallymore than I do.

My income has changed significantly froim the time frome before the chiold support order and till now with the mother making considerably more than I do.

I believe the whole case was based off fraud. I also have my case being heard and pending in U.S District court Norfolk, Va Division and included in my brief is another request for a review in regards to my case.

Rutledge v. Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Social Services et al
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Last update: No updates (content history | content tools) (help)
Keyword tags: None
Plaintiff: Merle T. Rutledge, Jr.
Defendant: Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Social Services, Catherine Lee, Virginia Department of Social Services and Commonwealth Of Virginia

Case Number: 2:2009cv00483
Filed: September 30, 2009

From CONTEMPT OF COURT, 2010/03/04 at 7:14 PM

Dee Sutherland

It’s time for a change, I support child support reform

From SIGN HERE!, 2010/03/04 at 6:33 PM


I strongly support child support reform. I am an active father living in California, share joint legal/physical custody and have a 30/70 time share with my child with me having the lesser amount of time. The mother and I both hold full time jobs, I gross 40K per year and she gross’s 38K per year, but I have been ordered to pay her just over 10K per year in support. I am the only parent that provides medical coverage. During the physical year due to federal and state taxes, benefits, medical, and all the other deductions associated with working, then the fact that I have no dependants to claim to help lower my tax deductions, mom brings home more money than me after taxes and that doesn’t include the $839 that is taken away from me in support that the system says she needs to raise my child. This system is only here to benefit the system; period. How is it in the best interest of my child to have “one” parent stable? We both have to provide for our child when we split care. But I can hardly keep a roof over my head, food on the table. It is a struggle to keep the bills paid. This is a struggle, emotionally and physically. I have had a lot of times these past 5 years where I had to make the f***** up decision to not spend time with my child because I would either be unable to feed her or if I did not make it to work. And now that the mom has “what ever I want to do money” feels like it isn’t her problem and I should be able to support my child outside and inside my home, and provide a living for my self. The women have no accountability for the money being taken. And in most cases the amount is too high. As if men are void of having living expenses and paying taxes once they have to pay child support. This system has no flaws because it is working exactly how it was designed to work. And it is sad. Personally, if a woman can not afford to provide and sustain an adequate lifestyle for herself first then her child, and if men are so they say “able” to provide for two households, why is it so hard for a man to gain the lion share of custody or visitation. I have to work an entire month missing no days just to have a roommate now, get to work and be able to eat. I can’t own a car because I wouldn’t be able to pay for the gas, maintenance and insurance, lost that already. I am scare to go back to court to ask for an adjustment because they may look at the situation and tell me that I am unstable, less time, more money to pay. This system hasn’t brought anything but heart ache and lost time with my child. I am not all the way against the DCSS because if it is done correctly the children who have parents that can’t be involved for what ever reason deserve some type of assistance, but I definitely would not wish this on any child or father.

From HOME, 2010/03/04 at 2:10 AM

Jamie Matheny

i was jail for child support in 2009 and all it did was get me further behind.i am about to go back to jail for child support something needs to be done .i am 7000 dollars behind and there is no jobs what is this world coming to i think our president needs to step up the american people need jobs now in the last 2 years the crime rate went up and the job rate went down whats next OBAMA ?

From President Obama; Legislatures, 2010/03/03 at 11:56 PM

LaMont Griffin

They need to pay attention to these 14 and 15 and 16 year old moms
making 2 grand a month before the age 18. My friend and his girl got a baby and he said he wasn’t ready for one. But seeing as how she was willing to do something with her life he agreed. One thing led to another and he left HER because she was a typical….. He didn’t leave his son at all. He makes $500 a week, $2000 a month. He supports the child like a great father would. But yet it isn’t enough for her, and the sight of him catering to another woman, oh his ex couldn’t stand that. So she filed for child support and stated house she struggles so bad to support their son. He lost the case, I was shocked. That $500 a wekk check quickly was limited to him only taking $150 home. She was making $1400 a month and some. He only had $245 a month to his name and sometimes barely that. How is he supposed to pay bills? Pay rent? Anything? She has little regard to their son as well. She buys a few things here and there, but after that it’s off to the next night club. She doesn’t go to school or nothing. Why not, she’s making up to 2 grand a month anyway.

I’m not trying to sound sexist, believe me, fathers need to step up for real. But let’s make these young teenage moms think twice before opening their legs. I see it all the time. When the boy gets the girl pregnant, he’s a good man so he says I’m going to get a job to help. But when things don’t work out and they split up, he still helps the baby, but you’re not satisfied until he’s suffering for something he doesn’t need to suffer to. Then you put child sup