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SIGN a Petition for Child Support Reform!

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Michele Givani

I’m so sick of the lil’ “Princess Bitches”…(especially the ones that have wealthy parents that they also run to for help). They lie, get away with it, and the dads get a raw deal. What’s the use in going for a modification? The court Magistrate feels so powerful, he doesn’t even listen to the non-custodial parent! All this is too one sided, unfair, unjust, and unAmerican. What did happen to truth and justice in the American way?? I was also divorced with two children; agreed to joint physical custody; received no alimony or child support, and survived on $24 a week that was left over after my (conservative) expenses. The problem is that the “Princess Bitches” think the kids need the best of everything…including unaffordable vacations to 5 star resorts!! What on earth has this country come to? Child support reform is necessary, just like Welfare definitely needs reform!! I can’t believe that the gov’t is so ignorant to have allowed this to go on for sooooo long in this most costly manner to the taxpayers!!

Please take a moment and SIGN for Child Support Reform. You do not have to be directly involved in the Child Support System to Sign this Petition. Yet, we are all apart of the System; if someones’ U.S. Constitutional Rights are being violated, you are being violated. How much more Government interference are you able to put up with? Presently, the Children are always the losers; relationships are being ruined, thousands go to jail and thousands commit suicide each year! PLEASE USE THE COMMENT FORM TO SIGN LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE; Thank You!

“The more of us we have, the more hope we have and hope is the commodity we need; RIGHT NOW!”

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About The Author

My name is James (Jim) DeLelys. I have been involved in the Child Support System for nearly 16 years. Over those years I have acquainted myself with countless individuals who have had to bear the burden of a terribly broken and corrupt sytem. It is through 'listening' that I have come to the enevitable conclusion that Child Support Laws and Government interference can not be tolerated anymore.


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