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SIGN a Petition for Child Support Reform!


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Target:  Government Officials in Washington, D.C.

There are so many injustices out there and no-one is listening.  If we can get enough of us to come forward and leave signatures; and take the time to share our stories, we can and ‘will’ make a difference.

Please take a second to SIGN LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE; Click Here for shortcut to SIGNATURE BLOCK, and hopefully tell your story and or opinion.  We need you!  The children need you! Relationships are being ruined! Thousands head to jail. Thousands commit suicide each year!

Do to the recent amount of SPAM, I have gone to a Captcha Comment Format in-order to receive Legal Only Signatures. Please note that Signature/Email/Comment fields must be filled out. If you do not wish to leave a comment, but would like to sign, just type in three (3) random letters in the comment box. A name and valid email address is all that is needed for a legal signature.


NOTE: I wanted to call this page, “Slippin’ It By the People… but definitely not For the People!” but I didn’t have the space. Keep in mind as you start to comprehend and understand what is taking place with your tax dollars, Child Support is not the only Gov’t program that has a similar structure. (Using your money (taxes) calling it their money, routing it through the Federal Reserve, making more money off from you and calling it their (Gov’t.) money again.))) Almost sounds like a Money Laundering scheme doesn’t it? It will.

To whom it may concern,

It is with great respect that I am presenting our cause for relief on the following issues.

1.) Parental/Child Alienation
2.) Excessive Enforcement Actions;
Debtors’ Prison under the guise of Contempt of Court.
Drivers’ License Suspension
Professional License Suspension… etc.

As you read and start to discover the corrupt money trail (a money trail that routes every penny collected through the Federal Reserve), please keep these questions in mind:

Which is less burden on the tax payers:

a.) Tax payers pay for Welfare only (like we used to), for those who need assistance. Because we know that they will continue to prolong welfare for those involved in Child Support, so the Government may ‘legally’ LOCK them into receiving Child Support money that they may circulate through the Federal Reserve Bank.


b.) Tax payers continue to labor and pay for the present Child Support System to include:

  • Welfare,
  • Title IV-D Program,
  • FMS Federal Management Service circulating money ‘Indirectly’ back to the local CSE Bank,
  • Child Support Enforcement Offices and all those employed thereby,
  • The use of local police,
  • The use of Marshals/FBI, when there time searching and apprehending parents could be better spent locating criminals… oh I forgot; parents trying to survive are deadbeats that the system created by their laws passed, thus making them criminals,
  • The Child Support clerical and disbursing offices,
  • The Private Contractors ‘hunting’ down the ‘perpetrator’.
  • Expanded Family Court (Judicial System),
  • Expenditures for Appeals, Writs, Law Suits… etc.
  • What are the Family Courts, County, State and Federal level establishments up to and why?


    How has the American Tax Payer been lied to, wasting and costing us more money by a Money Hungry Machine that has no limits to its’ Greed.

    On the19th of January 2010, I was given the opportunity to point out the root cause of the extremely serious problem within our Family Court System… unfortunately I didn’t seize that opportunity. I had been told at that meeting with the Honorable Senator Robert P. Casey Jr.’s correspondent Ms. Sara C. Mabry, that the Congress and Senate is aware that there is a problem, but do not know if it is at the State or Federal level.

    My strong opinion (and it is shared by many), is that the problem exists at both State and Federal levels, however the solution rests at the Federal level. The root cause (catalyst of the horrific situations, fraud and abuse of tax payer dollars that are occurring presently), stems from the Welfare Reform Act Title IV-D and the FMS Federal Management Service that circulates monies collected through the Federal Reserve Bank.

    Title IV-D is a ‘tax payer’ incentive program that allows the CSEO, Child Support Enforcement Office to receive a matched percentage of dollars from the Federal Government (tax payer), against monies documented as spent by CSEO for collecting child support payments. On the backside of this, are penalties for States that do not ‘produce’… proficiency penalties that cost the State money.

    Title IV-D was originally sold to the American Public as a way to relieve tax payers from supporting single parents on welfare assistance and to get those receiving assistance off the welfare program. This has ‘intentionally’ failed totally, as recipients of welfare are now receiving two checks in the mail and no-one is leaving the welfare program; neither are they encouraged to do so. Why? Because welfare recipients LOCK both people involved into the Child Support System with no chance of escape. The tax payer (American Citizens), are actually spending more in tax dollars due to the fraud, waste and abuse of the Title IV-D incentive program.

    To top that, there is a legal loop hole to get more non-welfare recipients into the Title IV-D program. (Individuals are intentionally found to be in arrears through loopholes in the law, thus forcing individuals that are not receiving welfare and that have no need to be in the Child Support System to be ‘locked’ into the Title IV-D Incentive Program… $$$.).

    The following paragraph will give more detail and help clarify what we have spoken of thus far.

    Locked in? If the custodial parent receives welfare, that immediately enrolls that couple into the Title IV-D program where they do not have the option to leave the Child Support system; ever. A non-custodial parent that has arrears imposed, or finds themselves unable to keep up financially with their Child Support obligations, also finds themselves locked into the Title IV-D program with no chance of ever escaping. (Even if the arrearages have been paid, that couple is forever imprisoned by the system dictating, visitation, custody… etc.). The situation where non-custodial parents are not found in arrears and the custodial parent is not receiving welfare assistance, those couples may come to an agreement and elect to leave the Child Support System. This is an ‘extremely’ rare set of circumstances, due to the fact that it is to the County, State and Federal Governments financial benefit to find any means possible to enroll couples within the Title IV-D Incentive Program. Many will owe arrears till the very day they depart from this world. The reason behind this will soon become clear when we get to the FMS Federal Management Service and their obigation in this ‘horrific’ mess.


    Brief preparatory example: While in the military I was stationed in Japan and working out of the SJA (Staff Judge Advocates), Office. Near the end of our fiscal budget year, I was given an order along with a fellow soldier, to go to supply and purchase any office related materials that we could get within a certain dollar amount allotted; whether we needed or ever intended to use the office supplies was insignificant. I did ask about this situation, because it really did not make any sense to me and seemed as if something was wrong. The Staff NCO could not fully explain, since he was under orders himself. But he did state that the reason we needed to do this was because this years’ expenditures had to at least match the previous years’ expenses or we would lose funding. Also stated was the military would have no means to petition for greater funding for the next fiscal year if we didn’t use up all the previous years’ funding. I didn’t know then that I participated in stealing from our own American Citizens. A little Honesty would have saved tax payers from what appears to be a present day epidemic of abuse within Federal Funding Programs.

    The above example was given to simplify and to help make a mental note to the capabilities and possibilities of a claim made by Author Carol Rhodes, an ex-Director of Child Support Enforcement which turned whistleblower. She has documented the fraud and abuse of a system that she was in control of for nearly two decades. Her video presentation may be seen at’s home page. She stated that her office was instrumental in training other Child Support Enforcement Offices…


    According to HHS, Health and Human Services’ 2008 annual statistical report (which HHS uses a disclaimer as to the accuracy of the States numbers)(liability release)), there were 15.7 million cases enrolled in the Child Support system. That is 31.4 million individuals within the system, most of those are awarded Joint Custody; the right and ability to obtain school and medical records… HOWEVER, that is 15.7 million individuals that are not awarded Joint ‘Shared’ Custody! The difference is with Joint Shared Custody, that is to say 50/50 shared physical time spent with their child/ren, there would be no reason to collect child support. This in turn, with the loss of those ‘competent’ parents in the Child Support System, would mean that a ‘vast’ majority of the 15.7 million individuals would not be paying a $25 annual service fee established by President Bush’s “Deficit Reduction Act”, Subtitle C: Child Support sec. 7310 . A blatant ‘Act’ that has nothing what-so-ever to do with collecting money for the Children, nor saving tax payers money.

    NOTE: Most non-custodial parents are found unfit through ‘Preponderance of Evidence’, one parent making strong and serious allegations against another without any evidence what-so-ever, which allows the Family Court to award greater physical custody of the child/ren to the parent making the accusation! The greater the difference in time spent with the child/ren, the greater the calculation of the money burden placed upon the non-custodial parent. ‘Beyond a Reasonable Doubt’ does not apply within the Family Court System; specifically Child Support.


    Presently the OCSE does not have to immediately distribute the funds to the custodial parent. Simply put, there is money to be made off the interest of funds that are allowed to sit and/or rotate through Child Supports Central Treasury. NOTE: (UPDATE: AFTER I PUBLISHED THIS ARTICLE THE FEDERAL MANAGEMENT SERVICE IS NOW KNOWN AS FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SERVICE AND THE WEBPAGE ON CHILD SUPPORT IS A DEAD LINK UPON THEIR WEBSITE), FMS Federal Management Service, A Bureau of the United States Department of the Treasury. Quote: “The FMS has teamed with the HHS, OCSE in implementing the EFT provision of the DCIA of 1996 in conjunction with the Family Support Act which mandate that State CSE agencies develop the capability to accept EFT/EDI transactions from employers.” According to FMS, the following is a list of Institutions that the money is circulated through prior to being distributed to the custodial parent: 1.) From the Origination of Order/Notice, 2.) Federal Agency, 3.) FMS/Non Treasury Disbursing Office, 4.) Servicing Federal Reserve Bank, 5.) Bank (State CSE Agency Account)… cha ching $$$$

    The above paragraph makes me wonder two things:
    1. How do tax payers and/or Child Support system, save money when the money circulates through four (4) different institutions, to include two (2) banking systems?
    2. Wouldn’t it be far cheaper and save the tax payer money, if the money received went directly to institution number five (5), the local CSE Bank, then distributed in a ‘timely’ matter?
    Almost looks like a money laundering operation… with interest!
    3. Why do most States allow payments received to be distributed to the Custodial Parent up to 12 months later? Are the Child Support checks that appear to be received in a timely manner by the Custodial Parent, actually rotated funds that have been collecting interest somewhere?

    It is more than evident that the greater the money amount the Family Court can award the custodial parent with a Court Order, the more money the Family Court System, County, State and Federal establishments make.

    Now that we have established the interest above, let us include monies being profited from regular service charges, (approx. $6), and a minimum charge of $2 upon any monies involving arrears and interest upon the arrears.

    The basic math: ((2 + 6) x 12) + 25 = $121 x 15.7 million… $1,899,700,000 dollars!
    This does not include interest made off the arrears, and
    This does not include interest made off the average $1.8 Billion dollars collected by States for ex. TX, NY…etc.. ($.01 x $1.8 Billion x 50 states = ….)

    We have a nearly incomprehensible sum of money being made off the backs of non-custodial parents; Fact! A number so large that it will not fit on my calculator. And we are not even talking about interest made off money circulated through the FMS Federal Management Service.

    Where does that interst come from? The same place banks make their money… YOU! Isn”t this great? OPM Other People’s Money making money! One problem to this scheme is that you have to lie to the American Citizens in-order to accomplish it.


    This next golden goose has supported the Title IV-D Incentive Program and has caused/allowed many U.S. Constitutional Rights to be violated.

    I am specifically referring to the Bradley Amendment – which allows non-legal employees to practice an enforce law through the administrative offices of Child Support Enforcement and implement civil actions against an individual without the right to trial by jury and without the presence of a Judge (he/she may sign a Court Order at a later date).

    Some actions such as drivers license suspension, bank accounts emptied, check cashing privileges frozen, professional license suspensions/revocations, tax interception, property seizure, property liens, interception of accident insurance, emptying of vacation accounts, credit reporting, fishing/hunting licenses discontinued, passport denials, numerously persistent threatening phone calls and mail harassment, front tires on vehicles locked down, pictures on pizza boxes… just to name a few, are all accomplished without you even stepping foot into a Courtroom, or ever receiving a Court Order.

    People who make it into a Courtroom usually do so for ‘debtor’s prison’ under the guise of Contempt of Court. Many have gone to jail while making partial payments or while being unemployed. (Remember, these non-custodial parents owe a DEBT through no fault of their own and that nearly 98% of them never wanted a divorce/separation, nor was there any evidence presented to the Family Court that would deem them an unfit parent; only the accusation of another parent.). Our Veterans and the alarming suicide rate is a testimony to the above paragraph. 70% of our Veterans are being divorced/separated prior to even returning home. Of the remaining 30 percent, 90% percent of them will be divorced/separated within 5 years. Most Veterans will find themselves torn from their children because they are no longer fit nor safe parents to be around due to their combat experience.

    Most of these people are going to jail for debt, because they are not aware of two Federal Statutes that contain the Elements of the Offense specifically stating that an individual ‘must’ have one (1), the Ability to Pay, prior to even establishing the second (2nd) Element of the Offense, Willful Intent. If individuals are not aware of these two Statutes and do not understand what precisely an Element of the Offense is and how mandating an Element is prior to a conviction… well you will lose your rights under the 14th Amendment; Due Process and Equal Protection Under the Law and find yourself in jail. FACT.


    One word: SUICIDE

    I greatly appreciate your Patience if you indeed have made it this far. It is impossible for me to convey all the problems, horrific situations and corruption that have compounded themselves over nearly three decades into one presentation letter.

    I Pray with all my Heart that I have at least pointed in the correct direction to the answer for the question previously asked; Why? Please understand that I had to try to convey the answer by presenting it collectively over many paragraphs. It would have been far easier just to state that Greed and Lust for Money has been spawned by the Title IV-D Welfare Reform Act and the FMS Federal Management Reserve.

    I also Pray that the horrific and unthinkable situations that people have shared with you will help give you the insight and knowledge to see that we have an ‘immeasurable atrocity’ of Human Rights upon our hands. Please help. And most importantly Please read what people are going through and let them know that you do care.


    Again I ask you which is less burden on the tax payers:

    a.) Tax payers pay for Welfare only (like we used to), for those who need assistance. Because we know that they will continue to prolong welfare for those involved in Child Support (which is everyone, it’s the Law), so the Government may ‘legally’ LOCK them into receiving Child Support money that they may circulate through the Federal Reserve Bank.


    b.) Tax payers continue to labor and pay for the present Child Support System to include:

  • Welfare,
  • Title IV-D Program,
  • FMS Federal Management Service circulating money ‘Indirectly’ back to the local CSE Bank,
  • Child Support Enforcement Offices and all those employed thereby,
  • The use of local police,
  • The use of Marshals/FBI, when there time searching and apprehending parents could be better spent locating criminals… oh I forgot; parents trying to survive are deadbeats that the system created by their laws passed, thus making them criminals,
  • The Child Support clerical and disbursing offices,
  • The Private Contractors ‘hunting’ down the ‘perpetrator’.
  • Expanded Family Court (Judicial System),
  • Expenditures for Appeals, Writs, Law Suits… etc.
  • We need you to Sign this Petition even if you are not directly involved in the Child Support System. My God, how is it any less horrific for these parents who have been ripped away from their children, then it was for those who were ripped away from their children in World War II? We’ve either known, or listened to survivors that have experienced and seen ‘unthinkable’ atrocities, yet for many the most horrific situation they remember is when they have been ‘ripped’ away from children and families.

    Have you ever asked yourself, “How is it possible that half of the 31.4 million people (NCP’s and CP’s) in the child support sysem, one out of the two parents involved do not want to be a parent? One is nearly always found detrimental to their child/ren?”

    How is it possible that there is always a deadbeat, (the System is creating them at an alarming rate), yet that deadbeat fights to see their child/ren and/or gain custody?

    It is obvious that there is something very wrong with this picture; FACT.

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Supplied by Bradley Howe.

    JOINT ‘SHARED’ CUSTODY… What is it? And why YOU won’t get it!

    Every family study published by competent researchers have found that the Childs Best Interest would be best served through ‘equa’l continued contact, emotional nurturing and Love from both parents throughout his/her lifetime. Yet every family court consistently rules on the ‘every other weekend visitation schedule’ for the Non Custodial Parent. Every other weekend is nothing at all. The extensive financial benefits given to the Custodial Parent nurtures complacency and gluttony, which in turn motivates the CP to maintain this visitation schedule. These extensive financial benefits include, but are not limited to: child credits, tax free income each month from the Non custodial parent, and support from DSS programs such as medicaid and child care assistance.

    To put this in perspective, every week visitation of two days immediately doubles your time, but does nothing to the Non custodial parents child support obligation in most states. Heres the math:

  • Days in a year 365.
  • Worksheet sole custody nights required from Custodial parent: 243 nights
  • Days allowed for Non Custodial Parent BEFORE considered joint custody: 122 nights
  • (NOTE: Joint Custody allows you access to school and medical records. 122 nights does not mean that you have Joint ‘Shared’ Custody. It is Joint ‘Shared’ Custody that allots equal physical time with a child that would eliminate the need for Child Support obligations. When a child resides with you on an equal basis, that child is receiving Child Support without the Government involved. Thus, also allowing the opportunity for future reconciliation; that which is not allowed in todays Family Court System.).

  • Every other weekend per year nights: 52 nights
  • Every week two nights visitation per year: 104 nights
  • Throw in holidays, vacation days etc, and you will ‘ALWAYS’ fall just short of that 122 nights measure for joint ‘shared’ custody unless you have other visitation as agreed upon through the Court and we all know that is not going to happen; too many incentives for the Custodial parent, to include the financial incentives for the County, State and Federal level budget offices. (Supporting our economy and those in office that receive ‘proficiency awards’.).

    Ok, lets add 1 more night each week to the mix and now we have a difference of only 44 nights per year. Add vacations and holidays and this balances out pretty well indeed. However, look what it does for the custodial parent? It takes away the incentives for the Custodial parent. This is why, the system works. This is why Joint Custody is handed out like candy and Joint ‘Shared’ Custody is so extremely hard to come by. All judges and family courts are taught that fathers are only trying to get out of paying child support. Well, I’m here to tell you that Custodial parents are just as likely to deny the father to GAIN child support. You see the argument doesn’t hold water. Doesn’t equal parenting time, which includes emotional support and financial responsibility of a child when they are with you, constitute child support?

    So, in reality, when you strip away all the brain washing and bribery, assert the REAL best interest of the child, you will see that Child Support Enforcement and the Family courts are acting AGAINST the best interest of the child by creating of itself the poisonous environment that allows the destruction of families and their separated children. Child Support Enforcement and the Family Courts are the cause of Parental Alienation. We must remove the Title IV-D incentives, and remove the adversarial nature of family courts to maintain moral, ethical, and continued mental health of our children by awarding equal parenting from both parents.

    As long as there continues to be Title IV-D Incentives; (tax payer money awarded to the State), President Bush’s “Deficit Reduction Act”; ($25 Service Fees that have nothing to do with Child Support services, but was implemented to reduce the Federal Deficit), Penalties for States; (Loss of revenue for State budget), FMS Federal Management Service (which routes ‘every single penny’ collected across the United States through the Federal Banking Reserve)… As long as the Custodial Parent, County, State and Federal Government continues to make money off from your children, JOINT ‘SHARED’ PHYSICAL CUSTODY will continue to be unheard of.

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    567 Responses to “SIGN HERE!”

    1. Brian Smoot says:

      Needs much reform

    2. Leeanne Brevaldo says:


    3. angelique hiawia says:

      I’m a women paying child support in iowa, he applied first, for a divorce, so they give who applies first everything, we adopted a baby, he did not pass a background check, they he get custody,i pay, & was told by the cr courts of iowa, that I get visits, but he lies to look good,& he get away with me have no visits, I have to pay about $400 a month, to a child thay is not mine, & do not get to see, I verly, get enough money to make to pay to have tranpotation to get to work, not alone that I have to sleep in my car, I moved to calif, so that I did not freeze to death in iowa, but chico calif wants to criminize the homelessness..We have no rites to the kids that we are paying for, that they will not let us have share custody, so that the other parent, will work, & will have time off of their expense. the government is got a mess with our kids growing up, & having a messed up life, because, they do not have the two parents to care for them..

    4. Angela Efaw says:

      How can I get my ex husband out of jail for non payment of support all it is doing is emotionally hurting my kids and I can’t afford to pay anymore to get him out

    5. Robert says:

      My child support obligation ended Jan 2013, so why is the State collection agency MADOR hounding me for interest and penalty fees that are illegal but they have access to my SSI from earlier collections and can’t be stopped without a courts order, but I don’t money for a lawyer since I’m on pension now.
      When are we going to see daylight on Child support reform issues, custody and all the rest that are plaguing divorced people in America (Land of the Free………what a joke) anybody still believe that crock of shit? You’ve got enough signatures so when are you going to submit this and to whom?

    6. Tony says:

      Friend of court, really isn’t a friend of anyone.they are an enemy to the family. They make no money unless a family is broke up. They have declared war on fathers . They have ran me in the dirt, and nearly homeless . We can’t keep quite any longer. It’s time to take a stand.

    7. Howard says:

      I have since moved on and became successful in my career, but with every raise and every job promotion I have had to give more money to a very greedy woman. My children are with 15 days out of the month and I also have 3 other children with my new wife. the amount of child support I pay has allowed my ex to quit working and collect money from me and also the government as she gets food stamps. I am not allowed to claim my kids on my taxes and I can barely support or enjoy anytime with them when there at my house because I have no money to do anything with them. I don’t mind paying child support but something has to be done to make this a more equal situation. I live in Georgia and I believe they have some of the most harsh laws on fathers and child support.

    8. quentin Hollis says:

      Yes, i agree with this.
      I am also looking for a change in the amount of child support. It is too much in many cases and women use the money for personal wants, not for the child. There should be both a set amount based on average cost of child care. Both parents should have to work to meet their half. And it should not increase or decrease based on what the parents make. Europe has done this for years and they don’t have all the scamming of gold digging women who can set men up.

    9. Rudolph Bolton says:

      I am very relieved to see that someone is doing something to help, This has become a witch hunt in my opinion.

    10. Daniel Clifford says:


    11. Richard Gardner says:

      I work hard to give my ex an additional income up from $420 to $1000 a month! Must be nice to live lavishly off someone else! Unjust!!! My kids will suffer because of this the sensless tainting of the relationship I have with my kids!!! She controls and regulates my time with my kids and my money. I feel inslaved!!! People worry about racisim, gay rights and so on what about equality among parents especially the non constodial parents!!! MAKE AMERICA GOOD AGAIN!!!

    12. Charles Darby says:

      I agree we need rights

    13. Craig Jones says:

      I have 50/50 physical and legal joint custody of my son in Michigan and still pay child support 250 a week she has my son! There is no accountability for this money. She calls me for more money everytime my son needs anything I.e tutor, backpack, eyeglasses. In the State of Michigan even with 50/50 custody I’m required to pay 375 a year to my ex to pay for co pays, otc meds etc. Why!?

    14. Desiree Finch says:

      I feel we need to start at a state level with this. Lobbying at the capital of each state might make this move a bit faster. I have been searching for a child support reform group just for NYS.

    15. Shawn Hamlin says:

      The Child Support Enforcement Agency in GA is littered with blatent gross neglect. The abuse their power to garnish wages and create a tangled mess that is dumped on the non custodial parent to sort out. Furthermore there is nothing in place for resources or guidelines for the non custodial parent. I live in GA and have been paying the full amount of child support without fail and on time every month
      Rescently I started a part time job in addition to my full time job, with no prior notification they started to draw child support from both checks resulting in me paying double the amount per month. I was informed that they take for granted that since I started a new job I no longer have my old job, therefore no notice was sent to my full time job to stop collections from my paycheck. After hours on the phone and days off work trying to resolve the issue it still has not been resolved.

    16. Octavio Arteaga says:

      Has there been any politicians willing to change this broken and corrupt system?

    17. Jason Dixon says:

      I’m so glad I found this Petition. I like many others am fed up with the corrupt child support systems in Texas, Mississippi and South Carolina. It makes no sense that they are willing to force you to pay for your kids but you have no way of knowing if the money is actually being spent on your kid or if the mom is using it to go out and party every weekend. I’m also fed up with how one state can enforce another states child support but wont do a single thing as far as a visitation order. That’s yet again more money you have to spend to get a lawyer in the state that the child lives in and go to court in that state just to get visitation but yet when they take your money none of that has to be done. Enough is enough lets stand and fight!!

    18. Gene Karavan says:

      Equal rights!!!! Make the receiving end account for spending, and do shared income calculations. Tax the income, and allow deductions. This is equal and fair!

    19. Cynthia Woodruff says:

      My Husband is paying $1200.00 a month in Child support, and it was reduced Nov 2015 however his Ex’s Attorney is dragging his feet, and the judgment hasn’t been signed by the Judge so we are still paying $1200.00 a month, and we are Court ordered to pay 60% of any medical bills, and extracurricular activities (which she abuses) she’s a 4th grade teacher, and had our 3rd Grade Son start Sylvan to help with his reading (He’s a Very intelligent young man), She also went shopping and spent like $480.00, and for helmets, cleat’s, and other items that will be for their house, and asked us to pay 60% of that. She tries to drain us financially, but the worst part about all of this is that our Children are being emotionally abused by this woman, and her husband. She tells them that her new Husband is their Real Daddy, and tells the boys that my husband is selfish, and other ugly things. We need someone to change the Laws in Louisiana. Not ALL Men/Women are bad, but there are clear signs of the people who believe it to be alright to abuse the Court system. I am a Mother of two young Men myself, and I am absolutely horrified by Our Justice system continuing to allow this type of behavior, and also the fact that Our Children could, and more than likely will have serious emotional issues while they are growing up. No Matter what You, or Your Ex have been through. Don’t USE THE CHILDREN to get your revenge. It’s Wrong to put the Children in the middle of Adult issues. My Husband’s Ex, and her Husband are drama driven people. My Husband, and I Love Our Children, and would Love to have more visitation with them, but the Judge says that 4 nights a month, split Holidays, and a few weeks in the summer is enough time to bond, and build a healthy relationship with Our Boys. Our Children are confused, and while we are made out to be bad people we just continue to be consistent, No matter what the Ex, and her Husband do, or say. We NEVER talk about the Ex, and her Husband while our children are around. God Bless You, and I Pray that change will come SOON. Thank You

    20. Demond Lane says:

      The system is clearly broken and needs to be fixed.

    21. Shaw harden says:

      I get only 1227 a month and they make me pay 234 a month. I can’t even afford to get food because I focus on my kid before me. They keep misplasing the payments. They all need to be fired.they need to stop fording peplole to pay child support and let us provide the best way we can. If they have full cusidy they should have to provide on there own.any good parent will still provide. They suspended my nef driving licance for non payment and he was going to school. He just got a 15 an h job. But

    22. B M says:

      I’m not sure if its the state or my ex she says its the state but she’s a habitual liar originally we had an agreement for joint Shared custody and no CS but I was in the military and her attorney dragged me through hell. I now have joint custody and visitation every other blah blah although I got a good summer chunk of visitation (better than most) we didn’t set child support by income but rather agreed to $500/month now either my ex or the state rather on her behalf is taking me for child support and based on my income it will now damn near triple for sure it will double this puts me and my current wife in a situation where she has to return to work thus harming not only my 2 children from my previous marriage but also my 2 children from my current marriage the don’t seem to care if I can provide for my current family at all as long as my prior 2 children can be leveraged for highest child support this whole system disgusts me!

    23. Tyler Bakkensen says:

      Fix the system. Child support should not be additional income for the recipient, it should be for the child


      To put it plainly, I don’t mind paying child support, I just want to know where the money that I pay goes. When the Federal Government publishes studies on how much it actually costs to raise a child, but men are busy busting their asses and paying double to quadruple the amounts that are prescribed by this study, we find that this is a system built off of the backs of men who simply want a part in their children’s ives, and to have some money to keep themselves out of poverty. Stop punishing men, and help us for once.

    25. James M. Winstead says:

      I am involved in a case in Illinois in which the money was involuntarily withheld by an administrative order and the money was not paid by the Division of Healthcare and Family services to the proper account and they expect me to pay over $5000 more to the mother because THEY mishandled the money and paid it to another case. The money was taken by the state and was disbursed by the state ……..I had no control over any of this and I am being taken to court??????? How is this my fault????

    26. J D Estep says:

      Child support needs to be abolished.

    27. Michelle Lynn Basurto says:

      We’re been through it all too.

    28. Nicole says:

      I am in the same boat I can’t get ahead I’m im more debt now at 28 n can’t afford my own. Place cuz I have to pay 700 a month on my two kids so yes to the Petition

    29. Freddie Valdez says:

      We need reform NOW!!

    30. angelique hiawia says:

      the cedar rapids iowa courts did no back ground check on my ex before he adopted a baby.. He came out of jail from asualt to comitt bodily harm to his ex, he later molested the child, then the c r iowa courts gives him custody, then I am suppose to pay him $400 a month child support, 4 a child that is not mine, & do not get to see..I got fed up& move to calif, still pay..

    31. John David Rudolph says:

      My children are grown. I owe around 12k in back support as a result of a back injury. Stuck in the system … beatdown and tired. I am tired of being treated like a criminal simply because I am impovershed after so many years of trying to make the equivilant of a house payment.
      Garnishment of wages should be sufficient. licencing and jail sentences should be off limits and ability to pay needs to be factually determined not assumed.

    32. Christine Lynch says:

      I am a the custodial parent. I have well over 100,000+ owed to me in child support. And I have been awakened to this corruption. I CHOOSE TO CLOSE MY CASE. I’ll tell you why. I lived with a man for over 8 years whom has had this corrupt agency keeping him down. Along with a bitter ex who obviously will try to keep him down. It all started with a false amount of “presumed income” which was 4 times higher then he ever made. And a false service of summons. Resulting in a default judgment. It wasn’t until18 months later when This was brought to light while renewing his auto insurance. Fast forward 10 years. After seeing all that the dcss will do to make it impossible for NCP. I could go on and on about this but I will pass on doing so.. After seeing all this from NCP side I found it of no good for my Son if his Dad could not get his cdl in hopes he could get a job and maybe even help me support our Son who is 16yrs. I closed my case with the dcss and they STILL won’t release his cdl. He has tried to do arrears compromise and they have lost his application 3 times now. They also show him still owning a home. We sould our home in 2006! Intrest? What a bunch of bs. The only interest I need is in my child’s best interest. And that was for his parents to be in his life and be able to provide the best they could. I need not a asinine 10% interest that mind you is not per year. It’s a compound intrest per month. Don’t get me wrong. I did NOT like my ex for a long time because he did a lot to me for example swindled his AND my portion awarded to me from his 401k. Went months without contacting our Son. Just to name a few. But I still found it in my heart (because I love our child more then any amount of $$$$) And wanted to show my Son I never meant to keep his Dad down. And I don’t want to see his Dad down like he is. Nor do I see any point in thinking I will ever see a dime of that 100,000+ Of CS owed to me. Actually my ex has now put more $ into our Sons bank account on his on will to help in some way. My ex has nothing and yet I appreciate any help given. And NO I am not well off. I am driving a 16 year old car and never spend money on anything that I want only on what we need. I just wish the world had more people like myself in it. I feel for anyone dealing with this sick corrupt agency and makes me feel sorry for the ignorance so meany people have. And to the people who believe they are such “good parents” and call themself Christian. Yet live with knowing they lied at the start & think he had the chance to correct her lie. But he did try. And she knows damn well he tried. And she knows it. Fact is it’s much easier for people to hate then it is to admit they are hurting. So they rather hate. Even if it’s hurtful to others & even their own children through hurting the other parent. Knowing DAMN WELL that the lie they told started out as $19,000 has grown into such a evil monster of over 40,000 just in intrest!! All the wile claim they have a heart of “Gold”. Now that is delusional at its best!!! Go figure. It takes evil to side with evil. And why I told evil to go stick it.

    33. Julie wagner says:

      The child support system is a bunch of crap. My boyfriend is paying 310 per week for 2 children and the mother leaves her illegal supposed husband and the 2 children from my boyfriend and moves in with another man and DCF said she don’t even have to feed them or pay any bills as she is allowed to move out saying she is divorcing her husband and the state don’t care what she spend the support on.then after 5 months she gets an apartment and takes the children to her house and all is okay. She quits her job as she lives off the child support. And let’s her 17 year old son move in with my boyfriend parents but still collects support for him

      • Julie wagner says:

        FYI they take 65% of my boyfriends check every week.and the system still says he is behind 16000 when he was to begin with 39000 and we gave his ex 10000 cash in court and he has been paying 80 per week on arrears for 6 years ( paid from July 2010) we are waiting after we paid Miami courts for a copy of all payment made and then pay an attorney to fix it

    34. Luis Cervantes says:

      I can’t get a job without my license but I can’t get a license without a job. How do you expect someone to comply with the vicious cycle that don’t give Dad’s a break. I paid child support faithfully when I was working but I was laid off due to a shortage of work now I have been to jail 5 times for driving on suspended license and owe so much money in fines its unreal. Reform this shit

      • JR says:

        Sorry to hear that Luis it’s a shame that even after you comply for so many years if you suddenly get behind long enough like I also have, they can come down on you hard.
        The cards are stacked against us!

    35. Richard Jones says:

      The Family Court System is Corrupt and it needs to be revamp.

    36. Julie wagner says:

      In Florida a lot of child support is collected by one parent and they claim children on taxes while working part time and don’t have to account for over $16000.00 a year and then get 12,000 a year in income taxes. Then get a lot of things for low income as they say they are single parent. All the while having a boyfriend on the side. Then moved out of home and left children with step father all the while collecting 310 per week. Child support need to be changed

    37. Christopher Taylor says:

      I was first awarded physical custody of my two sons during my divorce in 2009 due to the immoral acts which she and her kids were conducting in our home. My ex sought to break me financially with legal fees so I conceded to joint legal joint physical with our two sons living alternating weeks between our households. During those six years to follow, my ex systematically vilified me to our sons, undermined my visitation time AND put them both up to gathering evidence against me in the form of innocent questions being asked, taking photos of beer in the fridge, etc. Upon the date that the older son turned 14, she swept them both to the courthouse to sign legal documents stating their preference to live with their mother. Now as I await the hearing, our sons do not speak to me and one has even stated that he hates me to his older half brother on her side. They refuse to come to the door when I come to their mother’s home to spend time with them. They do not answer when I call them on their cell phones. The older has been to the school counselor to discuss his thoughts of suicide twice and has since spent almost a week in a rehab center for teens. My ex, who has an MBA, which she completed while I took care of her kids before we married and has a black belt in Program Management and is Six Sigma certified (all while we were married) while living in a thriving job market. She now has quit working under the guise of not being able to find work. She has taken her alcoholic father who has dementia into full time residence in her home and is acting as amateur caretaker. She is sole heiress to his estate and is avoiding seeing that estate being liquefied by adult care expenses. She is seeking over 4,000 per month child support from me. I am scared that I will have an unsustainable child support obligation at the hand of this system. As I await the hearing, I am living in fear of becoming either incarcerated or a fugitive, should the court levy such a huge financial obligation. I am now 58 years old and at the very least this system will rob me of any hope of retirement, even if I can avoid the perils of an unsustainable debt. I have been a responsible parent and a very consistent professional wage earner and home owner all these six years. I am also concerned for my sons about the damage this shall and has already done to their character. They have participated in treacherous acts and lies against me under her coaching and influence. In contrast, I have always encourage our sons to love and honor their mother. What has happened to our country that a responsible tax paying hard working loving parent can have their children alienated from them and their life earnings forcibly taken from them under the threat of incarceration? I am now at the place where I have to decide which two to pay, 1) attorney’s fees, 2) preliminary child support and 3) my mortgage.

    38. cindy bondoc says:

      hear us

    39. Thomas E OHara says:

      Child support one of many smoke screens to steal your money and dignity. I stand for reform, better yet.. Burn it down… all of it! The entire government is corrupt.

    40. Tony Paone says:

      After 23 years in this corrupt system that totally destroyed me and my business, it’s about time to get this corrected!

    41. Karla Philbrick says:

      The system is wrong and many people die every year committing suicide. Nobody ever hears about it but its true. It is definitely a demon.

    42. david says:

      in the united states its against the law to arrest someone for being poor or without m,oney and using the comtempt of court ruling is unconstitutional cause it voilates so many laws and it a shame we as a free nation are putting more people in jail for victemless crimes and using to term kids need support to get support for what they do and all they do is lock you up.
      in this new age century its against the law to have kids exspecially if you are a blackman it will automatically turn you into a so called slave cause being a father is a criminal act.

    43. Frank David Nandlal says:

      Who designed this Greek Tragedy… The only ones who suffer are the children and the fathers. A full psychological analysis along with financial investigation along with rutine monitoring of the mother or custodial parent need to be prepared and taken into consideration before the court is even involved. In many cases the father just wants to be a father and do the right thing but is handicapped financially and is then ridiculed for thier short comings despite not ever asking to be held back because of child support. No system should be embarrassed where children are subjected to a program that breaks the back of one parent to stand on the ribs of another. Children should see thier parent strong and successful and capable or able to communicate. Coaching classes are strongly recommended. There is no need to go to court if we all practiced a little respect and humility because no matter how you cut it you should be bbetter because we know better for the sake of our children…. We now are and will always be a broken family. . .

    44. Frank David Nandlal says:

      The only ones who suffer are the children and the fathers. A full psychological analysis along with financial investigation along with rutine monitoring of the mother or custodial parent need to be prepared and taken into consideration before the court is even involved. In many cases the father just wants to be a father and do the right thing but is handicapped financially and is then ridiculed for thier short comings despite not ever asking to be held back because of child support. No system should be embarrassed where children are subjected to a program that breaks the back of one parent to stand on the ribs of another. Children should see thier parent strong and successful and capable or able to communicate. Coaching classes are strongly recommended. There is no need to go to court if we all practiced a little respect and humility because no matter how you cut it you should be bbetter because we know better for the sake of our children…. We now are and will always be a broken family. . .

    45. Frank David Nandlal says:

      The only ones who suffer are the children and the fathers. A full psychological analysis along with financial investigation along with rutine monitoring of the mother or custodial parent need to be prepared and taken into consideration before the court is even involved. In many cases the father just wants to be a father and do the right thing but is handicapped financially and is then ridiculed for thier short comings despite not ever asking to be held back because of child support. No system should be embarrassed where children are subjected to a program that breaks the back of one parent to stand on the ribs of another. Children should see thier parent strong and successful and capable or able to communicate. Coaching classes are strongly recommended. There is no need to go to court if we all practiced a little respect and humility because no matter how you cut it you should be bbetter because we know better for the sake of our children…. We now are and will always be a broken family.

    46. Betty Herron says:


    47. Tara Suttisarn says:

      I support Child Support Reform!

    48. Anthony McRae says:

      My child support is more than my rent right now for ONE of my kids. I have two others and I haven’t missed a payment but I work in sales. God forbid I have a bad month (which usually happens in the winter). Its ridiculous that they don’t take into account how much you pay in bills before establishing a payment amount.

    49. Keshia Neely says:

      When you have a child you are supposed to pay child support, it’s called taking responsibility for helping to create a life. I just can’t seem to understand that men would rather go to jail than provide for their children.

      But just this once…

      Let’s see, we have people driven to homelessness, no future retirement, living in work vehicles, living in the woods, driven to suicide… TORCHING THEMSELVES with a can of gasoline outside of a County Child Support building trying to make a statement and a cry for Justice, for all of us, and Our Military Troops are facing outrageous divorce rates only to face a corrupt money making machine Home Grown right here in the good ole U S of A. Are those outrageous veteran suicide rates influenced by this disgraceful system of modern day Slavery? Hasn’t this country ALWAYS made financial gain off one group or another?

      I WANT THE THOUSANDS who come here everyday to read, to see that I Forgive You…

      Anyone like to respond to Keisha Neely?

    50. Briana F says:

      Fighting DCS in Washington state!

    51. Collin Duffey says:

      This system is obviously logically completely screwed. I am a human being, as are my beautiful woman and our daughter.

      We share our love, we share our home, we share our finances.

      I shouldn’t have to be harassed to the point of suicide by the state just because we are an unmarried couple with a child.

      The Child Support system needs IMMEDIATE reform for the sake of fairness towards all the good fathers out there who live WITH their partner and their child, giving all the support and nurturing Child Support claims they need, just unmarried.

      The system is clearly fucked for anyone with even an ounce of common sense.

    52. Benjamin felix says:

      I need help in Louisiana they take 50%of my income and still suspended my I forced to work crappie jobs and pay them.where’s the justice in this!

    53. Billy Cryer says:

      There needs to be reform. The current system is a failure. My ex is allowed to steal from my children with help from the law. Now when I have them they think I am not as good of a parent as I used to be because I can’t even afford a night out to eat or a movie. This is the same as being pulled over by the police for speeding and letting them take all the money out of your wallet before writing you a ticket. The examples of bulls**t with child support laws are too many to list. This needs to change soon before another father who is barely scraping by gets thrown in jail, loses his job,car,and place to live. It just keeps getting worse. We need help. The kids are the ones who suffer. My parents were not rich, I turned out fine. No court ever told them they had to spend so much a month for my care. Over 45% of my income is gone before i even see it. I get no tax credits for my kids that I pay to help raise. This system sucks. When this country was founded because of overtaxation apparently we didn’t learn the lesson

    54. Gerald A. Sierra says:

      There is no ( as we can all attest) checks and balance system in our child support administration. What can we do? What can we say? Where can we go? HELP

      • Donald Carter says:

        If. We’d can get 20,000 petitions each month send the same petitions to all state legislature& congress this will get the attention we need, what you think?

    55. Anthony Cote says:


    56. Ric says:

      They need to not just reform but kill CSE period. this is why most children grow up messed up.

    57. Carl Arnold says:

      Child Support Reform is needed in Michigan

    58. Dexter Kendricks says:

      Is there a reputable law firm in Arkansas that will stand up for Father’s rights? I don’t mind paying the child support, but why is my passport suspended as well?

    59. James and Heather Garcia says:

      Unfortunately for us, we’ve struggled to make the child support payments for 10 years and the system just awarded her more money today. We have 2 children together and are now having to pay $824 a month for the one child that I have. No relationship whatsoever with the mother and it’s killing us financially. We were granted a decrease in February of 2014, BUT we’re still paying more than what was court ordered and today we were ordered to pay more. How can we get help if I am criminalized and she is told that she should be getting more? Texas is the worst!

    60. Wesley miller says:

      Please fix this problem. Has been going on way toooo long.

    61. Michael Moore says:


    62. Kash Cater says:


    63. Sam Licitra says:

      I never wanted to be a father. That choice was made for me. I’m not a criminal, but they constantly threaten to throw me in jail because I’m am buried in CS debt. They demand 40% of my monthly income. I can’t have a checking account. I can’t get a job or they’ll take 50%. Attorney general keeps 2/3 of every penny they collect from me leaving 1/3 for my children. It pays gov wages and goes into pensions of judges and cops. When my kids turn 18, I still owe the debt. THIS IS NOT A SOCIAL PROGRAM. THIS IS SLAVERY. I will never get ahead or be able to retire. We need to get rid of the entire program. Child support is NOT a government issue.

    64. Alisha Marks says:

      Yes, Child Support Recovery is a rip off and keep you owing forever and never get caught up

    65. Rebecca Mack says:

      I want this to stop also

    66. Shannon Walker says:

      Hope this helps out

    67. Jeanie Marks says:

      Glad someone is trying to do something about this. I really hope this will help, It needs to stop.

    68. Mark Crawmer says:


    69. Carliza Crawmer says:


    70. Jarrett Wilson says:


    71. Evan Russell says:

      Mesa County Colorado just told me I owe $6,589
      But with interest that is $31,389.62
      They pulled the $6,589 out of nowhere just when I was down to only owing $1,000
      They say I never tried to pay it in 19 years.
      Then why did they garnish my disability check since 2001?
      This is a TOTAL SCAM!

    72. Brad Norsworthy says:


    73. William Connell says:


    74. Ginger Felt says:

      Child support needs a complete reform, it is useless, full of discriminatory practices and incompetent. No one should be forced to participate in their agency and if we are they should not get any money. They should NEVER KEEP ANY SUPPORT! Reform!!! Btw.. I’m a custodial parent saying this. That should tell you the magnitude of this situation.

    75. Edward Felt says:

      License suspended due to lay off. They intercepted $1500 tax return, garnished $1000 of my checking account which was a whole months wage and still want $800 more to release my license! Paying 750.00 a month working at a 8.50 an hour job. Exactly how is Child Support Enforcement helping anyone in this case. Reform.

    76. Joel Brody says:

      Too much money is made extorting fathers.

      As much as I want to change the law, the courts will find some way to prevent it, because it’s not in the court’s financial interest.

    77. Anne ianniccheri says:

      This system is so broken. I know first hand the corruption and abuse that these fathers go through.

    78. Jaimie Asay says:

      The system is a disgrace and unlawful. A reform is necessary.

    79. Mr. Stacey MCCollough says:


    80. Chuck says:

      I’m on the same boat as many other Dad’s. The system sucks, and really needs an overhaul. The child support office/Fl Revenue need to stop being lazy and actually start researching cases, and not penalizing good dads like they would dead beat dads. Its ridiculous and uncalled for. Dad’s are human beings too and should have the same rights as moms. Tired of the one way system!

    81. Jose A Martinez says:

      My child support is taken automatically off my check and the mom denies me my visitation rights we have been to court and she gets off by saying she will let me have days of makeup time but come the time she denies me again my visitations and is out there drinking and partying with my money . So unfair to pay support while she party’s . She also says ” Your word against mine. I am the mother and the law will always be on my side no matter what you have to say because the law protects the mother always.”

    82. jason ziobrowski says:


    83. Pernell White says:

      Great Article!!! This must be stopped and I’m glad there are people fighting for what is right!

    84. Cindy Escobedo says:


    85. Robert Martinez says:

      Yes, Mr Obama we need reform now, go to jail for not paying the other parent to spend your money? I don’t think so, the kids ain’t getting the money! They ain’t enclosing the checks

    86. Daniel McEachern says:

      Keep your heads up we are men! you can not keep a good man down! I have been paying child support for 6yrs. got 6 more.

    87. Ralph Rabbat says:

      The system is a disgrace, it has no agenda but greed and to inflict tyranny, until we have had enough it will only get worse.

    88. Connie knight says:

      Boyfriend currently incarcerated for inability to pay amt ordered. He is unemployed and has been looking for work with no avail. Child support, daycare, arrearages and medical combined is about $300 per week. He has went in front of a judge numerous times requesting a reduction. Requests repeatedly denied. The judge said one time u need to come up with $1200 by next week or go to jail for 45 days. How can a judge do this. His situation was not even taken into account. The judge cont threatened him with jail time. He stopped going to court dates because he felt he had no rights, the judge wouldn’t listen to his case. He was picked up on a warrant last Sunday and is currently incarcerated. This system we have is really messed up!

    89. David Anthony Harris says:

      Child support definitely needs reform. Not being able to pay a certain amount of money, should not be a crime. The courts needs to be concerned about quality time spent with the child.

    90. Kevin frank longoria says:


    91. Damian Alexandroni says:

      Tired of this corrupt system. I paid my support religiously for years, my wife moved to Hawaii for two years and collected assistance for a short time. she then moved home. I never stopped paying the child support but my ex didn’t claim the payments she was getting when she applied for assistance. two years later Hawaii took $800 dollars out of my tax return. I called Hawaii and told them the situation. They told me there was nothing they could do. I told them that my ex committed fraud when applying. They told me it wasn’t their department…REALLY? So I called the Friend of the court that I was paying into with the same story, they basically shrugged their shoulders and said I should give it up , that id never get the money back….I’ve had my bank account frozen twice and money taken out without any recourse. No heads up, no letter of intent, Just one day I wake up and my bank account is empty. This needs to change!

    92. jesse plunger says:

      I have one child and I am paying out over 50% because I could not afford an attorney to fight it.

    93. Madhu Sameer says:

      Absolutely corrupt system

    94. Douglas A. Miller says:

      After home foreclosure, bankruptcy, loss of business and job, I reached a court ordered arrearage agreement a few months before my daughters 18th birthday. I have never missed a payment since but the state continues to hound me almost on a monthly basis. I have visted the local support office 4 times not to make payments but to contest irregularities by them and stop bogus garnishments. The last time was so bad that they had to do an internal audit to correct remaining balances and how much the monthly amount do was.
      This story is much bigger and longer than I have time for. But in a nut shell the system really needs to be fixed now before a percentage of the population snap under this extreme pressure of broken system.

    95. Eric DePree says:


    96. Alexandre Ferrari says:

      Looking for people in Florida to fight the system

    97. MICHAEL SHANAHAN says:


    98. rebecca burns says:

      Enforcement needs to be overhauled. My husband child support was based on one guest of good income and did not consider his overall lack of education. He lost his job and never gained employment at same rate. Custodial parent withheld visitation and he was incarcerated many times for past due child support and had his license suspended. Without that he was forced to drive for work and is now in prison for habitual violations. None of this would have occurred if his license had not been taken. He always paid when working and has always stayed in touch with his his child. His ex wife is a teacher and Father is a retired attorney and senator and I feel he was dealt a bad hand from the start that doomed him from making 650 mthly pymt when he did not even hold a GED. He is in cycle that never ends.

    99. Joshua J. Harvey says:

      I’m currently in US Army in WA and from NY. My story is unique for sure, but horrible nonetheless. Daughter is 19, moved out on own for college in June. Son, 16, decided wanted to stay in NY. Never received nickel from their mother in support (welfare). Came to agreement with Maternal aunt to stay at her house for adult supervision and made agreement for support. She then files with Family Court and support magistrate gives her twice what we agreed to, and used my non taxable income as part of AGI…the. Mandated I pay through CS collection! I’ve filed objection so we’ll see what happens and I’ve written letters to state Sen and Rep. Any info you could send to me would help in making my case to NYS legislature.

    100. Danielle Pride says:

      This whole child support is one sided. Why do I have to still have to pay support when my child is in my care? If I no longer have income coming in why am I still going into arrears? Why are there made up wages for which I am not making anymore? Why is my income based off of wages that was made years ago that I am not making anymore? Then they wonder why parents who have to pay go missing or work under the table or have to work multiple jobs just to maintain living. It is one sided and if it takes 2 to raise a kid then it should be fair both ways!

    101. Angelo Amos says:

      I have trippled paid my Child Support and still paying. Its very hard to live or do for your kids when 60% of your check is gone before you see it. I dont mind doing for my kids but why cant the support be split in half especially if im not the lazy one who sits at home and waits for a check every month when they are able to work. God Bless all the men who are really Trying to do for there kids, even the ones who want to but cant.

    102. Lester Thomas says:

      Thank You

    103. David Lowe says:

      California Dept. Of Child Support Services (DCSS) has taken my driver’s license and made it almost impossible for me to support even myself, let alone my children.

    104. sharie duarte says:


    105. Timothy Wells says:

      I was caught whith child support being behind from the beginning my only child that I had to pay for is now 21 years old now and still receive threats from child support enforcement to this very day. The ex wife that the child is with has admitted that she would take me for everything since day one and even said it in front of every judge we went in front of. She now has 6 kids from all different father’s mine being the oldest 21 years old collects welfare has for 20 years and still gets support. The balance has never went down and they keep adding interest. I will never have nothing in life if they just keep taking.. She has never worked very long if any at any job because she gets money for nothing. I have paid support for as long as I can remember and am married to a women that has 3 kids I have raised and never got support from there father and the courts say so what. This has got to stop I am not getting any younger and the balance is so high I will never be able to pay it all before I die now. The court and governments answer is just add interest or jail what kind of answer is that for us hard working Americans here.. I guess it’s ok to spread your legs and give birth and live free forever huh.. I should not be threatened after my child turned 18 but have been 4 years after she is now 21 stop threatening and stop interest. Jail time will never get it paid if you are stuck behind bars. And the law also states that a man should never be jailed over debt or money’s owed on a Bill. I guess America has really gone to shot. Tell the women to go to work and stop killing us men who do try…

    106. Christopher Kuestner says:


    107. Nicholas Dickerson says:


    108. Daniel P. Solorio says:


    109. Branden Miles says:

      Any advice on getting my passport?

    110. Sherry Decker says:

      My father left when I was 8 years old and he died when I was 25. I never saw him between
      8 and 25 due to the fact that he had outstanding child support debt and would have gone to prison if the State of GA every had an address for him. So consequently, he worked in jobs for cash and lived a life away from all of his family in fear of going to prison. The current system in GA creates conflict for parents and the children suffer for a financial incentive for the state to collect money. There are no laws that require the custodial parent to spend child support on the children…they can literally spend it any way they want. The family law system should never alienate a parent from their child and both parents should have a shared financial responsibility for their children. I do not follow my court awarded child support and asked my children’s dad to split expenses with me.

    111. Gerald says:

      something needs to be done. good fathers are being insulted and used even if the other parent cheated! Bad mothers are taking advantage of the system.

    112. Ronnie Gray says:


    113. Gregg Rotundo says:

      I am ready to protest in Colorado asap! Contact me to set up a rally

    114. Matthew Healy says:


    115. Bry Duncan says:

      I AM WRITING TO EXPRESS MY CONCERNS AND DISGUST regarding the Arkansas state Office of Child Support Enforcement and their lack of management ethics. Furthermore,i would like their harassment and extortion practices terminated. I have suffered greatly because of the extensive negligence of OCSE. I have lost employment due to their errors and have been constantly harassed by the police departments for warrants issued because of their negligence in payment processing .OCSE has sued me every few years with wrong accounting numbers ,cost me thousands in plane tickets and lawyer fees. I can not get anyone to help me. I have contacted every state and federal agency even Governor Mike Beebe office in Arkansas with no help!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    116. Christopher Busbee says:

      All of these statements are so true.I have been giving up my paycheck for a while now and thanks to the government taking my check and handing it over it has allowed her to collect the money and still keep my children away from me.CSE is the most one sided and dumbest thing in the world.I did get lucky and I found a woman to date me and I have a child at home.I came very close to taking my own life.My life would be great if CSE was not involved because then i could force the mom to let me see my son or she would not get money.Its a balance if you going to take my money to help then you should drop the kids off with me…Please Reform Soon.

    117. Marcus Allen says:

      The 50’s are gone, women work as much as men do these days, we need some change.

    118. Jamie ortega says:

      Please if anyone can help, my husband is going through all of this nonsense for the past 7 years. They just put a levy on our bank account, so now our bills won’t get paid & we can’t buy groceries.

    119. Victor Magana says:

      The law sees itself responsible for collecting, but not educating the public on corrupted lifestyles due to unplanned pregnancies. I have seen many cases personal as well as a victim of women using pregnancy for financial gain. Birth control hasn’t been enough. We communicate a lot better these days so these situations are unecessary. More information needs to be handled, no rounding on money, no estimates.. We need EXACTS.

    120. Christophr j long says:

      To be treated fair not to be taking advantage of

    121. RICO SHUMPERT says:


    122. RICO SHUMPERT says:


    123. peter mulhern says:

      im almost homless.

    124. G Holloway says:

      The system is so corrupt and biased against the fathers. The charges of arrears and etc and the worthless mothers using the money for themselves only and constantly trying to get more money is sickening. Once a case is in arrears it never stops because states such as New York charge a man with being late even before he receives his paycheck. I.e. the system updates on Thursday, most paychecks are garnished Friday morn. BAM automatically late before receiving a weekly check.. What a crock of #$$$!! Driving fathers rocketing to the poor house should be illegal and stopped immediately. It is no wonder some men try to hide etc. Oh and I’m female btw..

    125. Frederick Taylor says:


    126. bobb says:

      Its sad that paying back child support on people that are now grown can mass up another persons life. I the child want to still be in the father, or mother life time spent with the child is worth more then anyone could ever pay. if there was no abuse and the child want to be apart of the absent parent life let then don’t mess up they life of anyone by given funds to a parent that is not taken care of the now grown child.

    127. Andrea Thomas says:

      Child support reform needs to happen!

    128. David Bader says:


    129. Preston Clark says:


    130. Eric Eagleton says:

      My Passport was denied even thou I pay the child support and arrears monthly on time.My twins are 14 yrs now and my support is $525 month plus $42 arreage payment ,arreages are $14,420 because was unemployed for 2 yrs and when my ex submitted her paper work she literately put down anything she wanted , starting me off with a $3000 balance .

    131. Paul w Valentine says:

      I was placed on child support as a kid I was 23 and it has ruined my life . 65% is being taking out of my check because of this child support I am in the rears for over 20,000 this is set me back 30yrs something needs to be done . I have set alone many night ready to take mylife just to end the financial struggles . It’s sad to say that the system is setup for the majority of men to fail

    132. ALEXANDER ALONSO says:


    133. Tina Granstrom says:

      CORRUPTION at its finest

    134. Ceasar Graydon says:


    135. Paul E Stanley Jr says:

      Totally Unfair System They Turned Two closed Cases Called small Arrears Payments
      Into Full Child Support Payments After 3Yrs I went to Court wish me luck.

    136. Brandon Stockman says:


    137. Donlad Shutter says:

      Something needs to change!!!

    138. Matt Reder says:

      I’ve nearly given up. I work my butt off to make less than minimum wage when all is said and done…

    139. refujio coos says:

      well i pay cs on 3 children and its to much i never get to see them ibut i know its my obligation as a ncp to pay but come on i have a 2 and a half year old that i try and take care of with the chump change that im left with when im legally robbed by this corrupt government the last time i went to court i told the judge that its hard making end meet when so much money is taking out when i have a toddler that needs just as much or even more than the 3 older kids and that they are stealing from him the damn judge said well u should have thought of that before i had children and said i was dismissed i was like wow really now that’s a slap in my face we need to really do something about this its called child support not baby mamma support well thanks and im out

    140. Susan M. Chamberlain says:


    141. Kimberly Ellis says:


    142. Terence Peterson says:


    143. Joe Lopez Jr. says:

      I agree.

    144. Michael Tolbert says:

      I owe $12,000 in arrears due to being laid off for plant shut down. I didn’t know i could get the support reduced until it was too late. The custodial parent is applying for assistance but lives with a man that makes real good money and lives in a $200000 home and moved out of state. I live in a $30000 home and can’t afford anything and can’t afford to see my kids.

    145. Dale Caswell says:

      This system is so corrupt. Being a business partner makes it even worse as they can go after that income even though I am a minority owner and we were never married. I also have joint residential and joint custody and this is still allowed. They look at what is on your tax return even though the income shown is what is called pass through income and is retained in the business.

    146. Antonio Kendrick says:

      I am in the same boat. Young men get to know her alot and build a strong public bond with your kids if you decide to have kids in or out of marriage. no matter how much you love your girlfriend protect you future it can be taken away without any accountability.

    147. Josh lee Beckner says:

      i pay over 800 $ and my kids live out of state and i never see them i thaink about dieing all the time but i know its not worth it i can bearly make ensmeat or pay my bills or have a nufe gas to get me to work

    148. shane rhea says:


    149. Dennis Schwartz says:


    150. Ronald Smith says:

      This needs to change

    151. Keedrick Johnson says:


    152. Ernanda White says:

      This needs to stop in TEXAS!!!! horrible ways to deal with real serious family issues! WHO ARE these people? They know nothing about you and don’t care to either!

    153. Steve Hogan says:


    154. Christian Sharp says:

      Will someone please help?

    155. Felix Antwi says:


    156. Denise Sanchez says:

      My husband and I have a family of 7 at home. 4 kids from a different father and 1 of our own. He also has 5 kids he pays child support for. Right now he is paying $1800 a month for his 5 kids because he has a good job and the mothers don’t work. However; I only get 139.00 a month for my 4 kids because their father can’t keep a job and I’m the one working. AND I don’t even get that!!! So after our RENT, DAYCARE, and UTILITIES are paid we are left with $25 a week to support our 5 kids at home. PLEASE TELL ME HOW THIS IS FAIR!!!

    157. Goldie M. Collins says:

      Seems as our children are being taken advantage of and as if they think the non costodail parent is a bad person. Also feels like the parents who are paying child support are being harassed by child support agencies. And the ones who aren’t paying what they should aren’t being track ed down.

      The court tacked on attorney fees to child support arrears and ordered my lump sum from SSDI be taken and sent to child support before a disability decision was determined by social security.

      If not for my mother allowing me to live with her I would be homeless

    158. Sheena Caldwell says:

      I support this!

    159. Jackie thomas oliver jr says:


    160. melissa kline says:


    161. Laura Rae says:

      Pray for Reform

    162. Anthony Orbin says:

      I am a current college student recently discharged, honorably,from the United States Marine Corps, and am required to pay $374.00 per month. Given my current situation, as a college student, that amount is substantial and difficult to achieve. I am trying to further my education and career but continually get harassed by DSS in NC. This is unjust and completely unlawful. A motion to get the obligation is “laughed” at and will not be reduced due to judges ruling in favor of my “not working to potential.” No lawful explanation or justice is given and it is time to STAND UP. RISE!!!!

    163. Rebekah Moss says:

      Because my husband’s ex wife has had two more kids with different fathers, the Michigan court system thinks we should have to pay for it. Her kids are NOT our responsibility!!! The Michigan FOC makes me sick. Change the system!!!

    164. Ian Winans says:

      I think it’s ridiculous that we can format a minimum wage, minimum Social Security and Cost of Living standards, and then there is Child Support.

      If the federal government thinks that 700 a month is good enough to live off of, for a senior citizen that’s worked their entire life. Then why should a lazy person, who purposely gets knocked up for the child support and state benefits get a up to 1,000 or more a month to support a child that only would need $300 a month for diapers and baby food? Even as a elementary, jr high, or high school student the amount to support them with food (the basics) It shouldn’t take over 700 a month, just as the federal government gives Senior citizens.

      ADMIN RESPONSE: That’s because too much money to be made by Bankers, State, Federal, Local budgets,… and don’t forget Federal Incentives!

    165. Isaac Zavala says:

      I lost my job 2 month ago and just found out I am responsible for the court ordered payment until they get my case straightened out which could take about 6 months. I have no job and I’m still being held responsible for that amount. How could this be? I understand still having to pay some amount, but did not expect to pay the full amount. This is frustrating and a reform is in order. Not only do i not get to see my child because the mother moved to a different state i have to put up with paying for my travels to go see the child.

    166. chris spencer says:

      i am a victim of the system.

    167. ken says:

      Scream it loud …………Time 2 boycott and protest in masses…….

      Judges stole all the money

    168. Steve Ackerman says:

      Need reform!

    169. Meghan Vasquez says:

      It is time for a change for those families where BOTH parents want to be involved!

    170. Travis Steffen says:

      Child Support has destroyed my life for far to long (15 yrs). I have a new better wife and another child with her. I have my kids almost half the time. My ex wife followed all the steps for the free ride with no regard for consequences. And continues to torment me in any way possible. People within the system have a duty to try to reform the system but they do not. This needs to change. The economic damage from this is destroying the country, and impeding, and sometimes entirely preventing the success of the payers. WE CAN NOT AFFORD THIS! FIX IT!

    171. kenneth shane rhea says:

      tired of lazy mother living off my hard work and accomplishments. i

    172. M.Demonaco says:


    173. Ishma Lane says:

      I live in Fla. I am currently facing a contempt order and purge child support payment that I am trying to fight… Good luck May GOD be on our side… I was fired from my job no money

    174. Katie snider says:

      I am all for this 110%

    175. Tyrone Kemp says:

      Child support order is here in Georgia. I was ordered to pay $600 a month for my 2 daughters in 2012. My oldest daughter graduated HS and turned 18 last year and according to Georgia state law she is suppose to me emancipated from my case; but theyare still making me pay $600 that I can’t9R4G afford, unless I want to sleep in a dtch and walked 10 miles to work. My licenses have been suspened numerous of times.How am I suppose to work if I cant get there

    176. Matthew Christian Sr says:


    177. Maria Miller says:


    178. Narcisa Johnson says:

      support this

    179. Mary Eckert says:


    180. Brian D says:

      there is no reason responsible father should be punished for caring for the children.

    181. Stefon E. says:

      FL Patriot Dad here, may God have mercy on the souls of those decision makers that TRY to destroy OUR United States of America Constitution / Bill of Rights and personal relationships with our children ! MEN ( or anyone going through this ) if you are still alive, your soul still intact, then you are NOT defeated; never give up the fight. God please bless us all.

    182. Adam Anderson says:




    183. Pauline Mercado says:

      Dispicable system

    184. Ed Kennedy says:

      Because of a “court order” typo that took double child support payments out of my paycheck per month that couldn’t be fixed in time I lost my home, job and everything else important in my life! Now I have zero chance of getting a new job because the Government suspended my drivers license! In the meantime while trying to work out these issues I’m falling further and further behind! This makes no sense destroying someone’s life! I want the Government out of my personal life! I have been a faithful public servant my entire life! Worked my fingers to the bone for my children and went without many many times in my life! Now I’m labeled as a “dead beat Dad” but I am not! Like so many other men that get a raw deal. Fix this problem! Im here to tell you its a broken and unfair system!

    185. Darwin says:

      Support this

    186. Scott Nihchols says:


    187. Luis De La Cruz says:

      I support the change, I do

    188. Robert Webb says:

      I have had to deal with a crooked D.A. over child support for a while. I was not allowed to show proof, evidence or anything. The judge here works with the D.A. to extort money from the citizens. I complained to the Board of Professional Responsibilities about the D.A. when she call me nasty names in court and told a woman she could easily prostitute herself to pay child support. The board says ” this is not an ethics issue, she is just rude”. This is their way of protecting their own.

    189. Matthew White says:

      My arrears story is so sad I can’t even share it. Anything that can be done to change the laws governing custody and child support for the better should be a priority for any and all lawmakers.

    190. It’s ashame when you have your kids half the time and still have to pay the full amount.

    191. Arthur Lucero says:


    192. James Robert Householder says:


    193. Nicole V. says:


    194. Hakan Ilbuga says:

      The best of luck to all of us!

    195. Christopher Proffitt says:

      Noticed that Florida got mentioned here. I’ve lived in a few different states but Florida is a nightmare. I had my license suspended while working and paying my CS (a lot of CS) off of a $9/hr income. They’d ‘lost’ it or couldn’t find where it went to the other state… Went to court for contempt, was found innocent of it, state attorney failed to file the case, couldn’t get my license back which cost me my job. Finally had to hire an attorney (sold my vehicle to do so… cost me $500 (Driver’s License is more important for landing jobs). She got it fixed.

      27 days later, while preparing to move to another city for work for a while, I receive notice I’m losing my license again. Having to deal with those people all over again, I missed that job opportunity which required driving a truck. The hearing boiled down to the lady asking about all my assets (None, now, thanks) in an attempt to seize them and practically seeming like she might go through my pockets for the last of my change.

      They don’t leave you enough to live well on, upkeep for your vehicle, pay for insurance, house yourself, pay utilities and all… life gradually decays until there isn’t much left.

      And then they jail you.

      What sounds constitutional about that?

    196. Jessica Tarango says:

      This is the worst thing that can be done to a man that tries!

    197. Erika Arriaga says:

      Do something to be fair when it comes to child support!!

    198. Blas Tarango Jr. says:

      Change this system for the BETTER of our country..!!

    199. Margarita Martinez says:

      The state needs to reform this NOW!!!

    200. Marissa Lozoya says:

      The CS workers have a lot of nerve disregarding the situation these men are put in. Half the women are acting out of anger or spite and more than likely have already moved on! The Government needs to get this crap in order!

    201. Rudy De La Rosa says:

      This system should be reformed immediately!! We should all petition in each of our states.. there’s many affected who need to step up!

    202. Darrell Davis says:

      I wish I could tell you my story. It is long but an example of just how crossed and mixed up the laws can be. Even when I attempted to do the right thing, I was treated wrongly. When I have the time, I will leave my entire story.

    203. Carmelo Farina says:

      Please God help us.

    204. Rodrigo Valles says:

      about time

    205. Tristan Young says:

      CS is cruel and unjust.

    206. amanda canady says:

      my children decided to go live with their aafter we were divorced for 5 years, he never paid aanything in child support. Now if i become late they want me in jail but haave went after him whaat he owed

    207. Kennith Shane Wall says:


    208. Joaquin Valdez says:

      How can I help with this issue please let me
      Wow there are so many sad stories here and some thing must be done where can we get these child support laws changed? So many cries for help. Fathers are dieing because of a corupt system losing there jobs . it’s a busines for our government , it’s not about the kids any more.
      Reform must happen now ,it should be taken out of govenment. Nation wide.

    209. Stephanie Beck says:


    210. Johnny Padilla says:

      This law suck I Ben going through this for about 6 years I live in Miami fl I have immigration issues that stops me from finding a job and I also have 2 kids that are sick one Was born with spina bifida and the other one been fighting cancer for the last 3 year and do u think that the court cares about that no and to tell u the truth I’m all ways there for all my kids and anyway that I can but my ex is just a bitch and don’t care only about her self and the court is on her side Even when I’m trying to explain to them the situation I’m going through with my 2 kids at something Needs to change soon

    211. Jonah D says:

      I’m paying child support for my daughter ,who i dont see cause her mom is physco newmexico .& its its over $400 a month,& i only make 13.50 an hour…the harassment letters and changes in my case never stop..! I receive at least 2 letters a week stating different crap in my support case..! I live check to check & can’t even afford to support my baby me and my “new fiancé are having..!..but yet my ex lives in a 2 story house with her border patrol agent boyfriend, but claims to still live with her mom so she can get benefits from the government….! WE NEED CHANGE CAUSE ITS US DADS THAT ARE GETTING SCREWED..!! Change these LAWS..!

    212. Michael DeBono says:

      My story is a long treacherous one I know I’m responsible for my children but listen to my story. I used to live in Michigan I was paying child support there and decided I want to move to Florida I lived in Florida and paid child support in Florida when I moved back to Florida I was instantly charged with the previous amount that I used to pay but my income was 75% lower I thought ok no worries I’m sure there is a prcocess in place to have my child support to be set to a fair amount according to my income so first thing I do is go to the child support office and sort this out I sit down with the worker and explain my situation I’m self employed my obligation is 1600 a month and I make 1500. A month can we fix this she says yes bring last 2 years tax returns and fill out this modification for I thought ok simple enough. This is where the nightmare begins. I bring in tax returns and I bring in filled out modification packet I turn it in.. Ok now the wait.6 months go by she told me it could take a year because they have so many to go through and not enough man power to handle it so 6 more months go by nothing yet I go in to the office to find out whats going on I sit down she say I’m sorry I don’t see it in our system are you sure you filled one out O.o . They must have lost it or it was misplaced she say she didn’t know what happend to it ok so I shrug it off and get another modification packet fill that one out bring it in they take it I go home and I get a notice in the mail to have my license suspended O.o ok so now I’m like ok they aren’t doing their job so ill do mine and work morning till night to meet my obligation and live a miserable life to avoid problems so I find another job delivering luggage for company that is hired to get people to deliver lost luggage I was so exited to finally be able to possibly pay the amount ordered smiles . Work for a week I get a letter stating pay 500 this is for one of my cases I have 2 . 500 by such and such a date to avoid license suspension ok I went to work was proud of myself for being a lento meet this demand and still support my family at home so I send in the money and it prossesed 5 days before the time indicated on the suspension notice I wiped my brow a whee just barley made it . So I make the payment I’m on my way to work happy that I’m moving forward not back word I look in my mirror and I see blue light wait why am I being pulled over yep you guessed it driving on suspended license the computer must have mistakenly did some thing wrong police said we don’t dont handle that you are driving on suspended park your truck and have someone pick you up and goto court on this ticket so I call the luggage manager he has to get up out of bed and cover my shift I lost my job and went to court in court I brought proof of the letter from child support and proof of date pressed he said we aren’t dealing with that today you can either take the plea bargain offered 400$ or take it to trail and I thought ok take it to trial and bring your proof I leave court with future trial date so I thought also was charged 200$ in court costs for that day so my court date comes again and I walk into the court room and guess what? It was another 200$ plea bargain hearing I wanted to kill myself at this point so I say ok I guess I’m trapped now I have 2 200$ court costs and still no resolution plus a 400$ suspension ticked a loss of a job and no license and the loss of my first job from no license . Ok so now I have 800$ total in court fees backed up on child support no job next come loss of place to live if this is justice for all they need to redefine justice in the dictionary . Now keep in mind this also affects the money my children are capable of receiving for now and the far future this system is supposed to help children get money they need to be able to survive and if you share this story with any official wich I have the response I get is ” I don’t know what to tell you” so I’ll stop I could go on but I might as well write a book if that’s what I do long story short 3 year no. Modification threatened with jail time and losing every thing I have ever worked hard for in my life I’m sure this is not beneficial for the economy as wee thanks for reading and god bless all of us

    213. Christopher J Lounsbery says:


    214. Stephen Jones says:

      We need to aggressively speed this reform up! There is way too much corruption going on!!!

    215. Nikki says:

      i would like to find out where you are located. would love to have you give a presentation at a community event to educate others about the issues you have outlined.

    216. Darrylle Kevianne says:

      I truly believed the child support system is keeping many fathers from seeing and being part of their children’s lives. For the father to have to pay child support based on potential earning income as well makes it difficult for many of us to be able to support our Children as well as ourselves. In my opinion what needs to happen is the mothers in one needs to be taken into consideration and then a new percentage calculation based on her income as well.

    217. im from florida and their child support sucks!

    218. Paul Holder says:

      I am disabled and currently a victim of serious corruption and am being denied access
      to the justice system in my county (Summit County, Ohio). I’m searching tirelessly for help
      but can’t find any without money of course. I don’t know what to do any more.

    219. Lincoln Thomas says:

      I would like to comment but my storys to long but I have been cheated for to long!

    220. Andrew Kundratic says:

      I’ve been fighting this for the last 7 years and presently have a federal lawsuit pending in Pennsylvania middle district. I could write a dozen books on the corruption in my divorce and child custody battle.

    221. Alexander L says:

      I do not owe cs. But I am against women trying to suck the money out of hard working fathers who are trying to scrape by in life

    222. hector roque says:


    223. Julissa Torres says:

      Can thus be updated to 2013 so I know we are still fighting for it?

    224. Manuel A Rodriguez says:

      REFORM NOW!!!!

    225. Brian says:

      REFORM!!!! NOW!!!!!

    226. Helfried Schneider says:


    227. Ray Nichols says:

      I’m a Father of three, My oldest daughter is now 13 years old, and is the only child I pay child support for. The other girls are with my wife of 8 years, I pay $421.28 a month in child support, But I have only seen My 13 year old twice since she was 6 months old, after repeated requests to the courts for visitation, my ex refuses to meet at supervised visitations, or just to meet at all, she cheated on me with three different men in one day when the child was 6 months old, I know this to be a fact because on of the guys she cheated on me with is now in the same bout as I am with this woman, she now has two more children with two other men who, guess what, also pay child support for kids they don’t get to see as well, we all have arrears from injuries at work or illnesses, the last fellow has the type of cancer that you don’t comeback from and is sitting in jail because of it.

      God Bless America
      Please Hurry up

    228. Martha Thibeau says:

      it is a injustice to criminalize a parent for not paying child support. I thought women wanted equal rights not special rights. They do not send the mothers (usually the custodial parent) to jail when they apply for welfare, which says they are unable to support the child.

    229. Karon Peterson says:

      It’s not about women, I am a woman paying support and I relate to most of the stories presented here. This is a grave injustice and it must stop.

    230. Brandon Reece Turner says:

      I fully support anything that attempts to undermine this Government run extortion racket.

    231. Karon Peterson says:

      I would like further information on how I can help reform current legislature.

    232. barry j lydecker says:

      reform now !!!!

    233. LaRobson seals says:

      My Ex is treating me with child support, she knows they will F&*$% me over; she says I don’t do enough, I buy all my daughter school uniforms, school material, pay the monthly insurance premium , after care for school, I wash her clothing, me and my daughter buy all her shoes and ect, I try to get her every weekend but the mother loves to ignore my text or just tell me she can’t come this weekend my daughter even told me the reason she don’t come because the mother and her new bf go out to eat, or do stupid stuff just to take away my time with my daughter.
      But I know if I go to court it won’t even matter what receipt showing I have always provided for my daughter i’m still the bad guy nothing is considered….I use my electricity , under my roof , I provide food and other necessities as well , including finding activities that we spend time doing rather outside or bike rides, fishing ect.

    234. Nadyne Huber says:


    235. Lawrence Davis says:

      This has to change! Must!

    236. Tawnya Raub says:

      Please don’t stop the fight we need people like you to help make a difference!!!!

    237. Clayton Raub says:

      I want to help make a difference!!!!

    238. My life has been destroyed by the family court system. I haven’t seen my son since 2007 and that was after I jumped through their hoops because he is important to me but I got beatup enough that I was forced to give up the custody fight to which I was going for 50/50 because I believe both parents are needed by the children. I pay child support on time ever since I even found out I had a son and that was 15mo after he was born because his mother set this whole thing up(longer story) AND caught up on my rears so yeah I’m no deadbeat dad!! All for a son I love and NEVER see.This is how our system treats a American disabled Veteran. Change is needed!

    239. blaine delph says:

      I am $2990.00 in the hole with child support it just seems to hard to get cought up no matter how hard i try. I think they should have a way to help people like me who want to be a part of there children’s life and want to better them self to have a second chance

    240. Brandon Lee Bratcher says:

      After losing a 31 thousand a year job and going to a 18000 a year job but still having to pay 600 a month in Child support I hope you guys can do something. When I went to child support services and told them I need to redue my amount, they said ot wasnt theirt problem. I told them that if I lose everything because of this then good luck getting money from a dead man.

    241. Jeff Miller says:

      Thii is pure communism! What a travesty in this country! All the more proof of a communist country we live in. I say put these cursed beings (bitches) back in their place!

    242. Jeffery E. Dennis says:

      Please Help!!!!

    243. Kimberly Bentley says:

      I have been on both sides and can promise you every word stated here is TRUE!!!!

    244. Kavius says:

      Good Luck

    245. Michele Robertson says:

      I hope this petition helps to bring a change to this screwd up system.

    246. Malinda Nicole Jackson says:

      When my parents divorced, my mother got custody of me. She spent her child support $ for gas to go see her boyfriend and take him dinner while I sat at home by myself hungry. This was before she finally sent me to live with my older sister. Did she give my sister money to take care of me? Hardly. $50 here and there. My husband now pays hundreds a month to his ex wife for child support. But we have the child more than half the time. Actually almost the entire time. When it is her mom’s weekend, the child gets dropped off at a family members house. But we can’t afford to take her to court because he pays her so much money. #Tired of bitter women using children as a paycheck.

    247. Nicholas H Remes says:

      The current domestic relations and child support system has stole my ability to be a father to my children. Because of the demands of domestic relations and the current child support laws, I am forced to work extreme hours or far away from home so I can make the child support payments and still I can barely support myself. I rarely am able to spend quality time with my children or take part in lives, because I am away or working so much. I tried going to school to get a better paying job with a normal schedule but was harassed by domestic relations about inconsistent child support payments and was threatened to be jailed, so as a result I was forced to quit school. What kind of father can I be if I’m not able to be there for my kids? Has money taken my place? Please Reform the child support laws so that parents can once again be apart of their child’s lives. Give children the support they need, the support of parents that are able to be there when they need them. Let me be more than just a check in the mail.

    248. Curtis Thomas says:

      Florida child support laws need to be revised they look at guys like we are convicted murderers and we have no rights just shut up and take it. I am not against child support I’m against the way the system works and it really needs to be addressed.

    249. Kenneth Mcclintock, DALLAS says:

      my employment reaps me net under $6000.00 per month. It cost me $1000s in legal fees every time babyMomma disallows visitation. She has a long record of extortion and fraud. She said she could NOT MEDICALLY get preggers. I love the kid, but all the money goes to Mom’s whims…not the kid. ALL JUDGES SEEM TO BE AWARDING OAG MAX and then some.
      What about my in-marriage Son’s best interests?
      There is evidence of gambling and travel on “Child support”. Texas laws are O.K. with this.
      UNITE TO AUDIT “HER” EXPEDITURES as real “Child support”

    250. Peter kacprzynski says:


    251. Jonathan Lee says:


    252. Tony Stavill says:

      The child support system in Arizona is so bad, i think dead beat fathers are our heroes for not supporting this messed up system.if u think u have rights think again the only right u have is to pay

    253. Henry Lee Davis II says:

      I am in Florida please help!

    254. Arthur Villagomez says:

      The New York child support system is corrupt, this must be investigated.
      I will provide all the information I have recollected during my 8 years battling the court
      submitting constantly modification of support, with proof of income.

    255. Ken hall says:

      Broke down palace

    256. McCauley Braswell says:

      I live in Florida, Duval County. I have been involved in a nightmare for the last 7 years. Not my nightmare, although some days I wonder. The nightmare of a very dear person his daughter and a very bitter manipulating ex-wife. I could not believe that our court system would act they way all of what is described above, until I witnessed it first hand. I am horrified and disgusted with the blatant betrayal to just simply following the law and how it is written. How on someones word, not evidence, someone else’s life is destroyed. These people that are described above are not only abandoned by the judicial system but eventually they are abandoned by most if not all people around them because the story they tell is just to outrageous and unbelievable. I vowed to not abandon the father and daughter caught in this, but to stick by and at least be there to listen, offer my shoulder, a tissue, a laugh, and be a gentle guiding hand when I could. It defies logic. The entire system defies logic and human decency. I am a witness, I do not care if you publish anything I say. I am tired of not being heard. I want change NOW, if not sooner.

    257. nathan a tanner says:


    258. darek kotas says:

      No doubt about it… this entire system needs a reality check. In Cortland county guys are doing more time for support violations than pedophiles do for robbing youth. I myself have been the victim, paid thousands of dollars in huge lump sums to stay out of jail, lost my licence, lost jobs… and now have easily half my pay taken weekly. Modifications to the order are constantly denied… i feel like I will never get out from under this enormous thumb that is the support collection unit…

    259. brent davis says:

      Please help by sighing this.

    260. Gabriel echevarria says:

      Is it too late for this petition? Is there anouther one up to date. Its a shame theres not alot of signitures. Hey lets get out there n pass the word. Get 20 signitures each. Let them sign in on their phone. We are fighting to live n the wellbeing of our children. Childsupportpayeesince1995nStillpayn

    261. Jason C Russell says:


    262. Megan L. Miller says:


    263. Justin Taylor says:

      The florida child support system is a f n joke. (not a funny one either)

    264. Peter Jun says:

      This needs to be stopped!

    265. Greg Tyndell says:

      We all need the right to drive and provide for ourselves.

    266. John P.Madden says:

      My current amount paid to child support is about two weeks from putting me on the street. I told this too the judge and SHE shrugged her shoulders. Florida makes men the reason for the necessity of child support and relieves females from financial responsibility. It takes two to tango…

      The amount I pay is more than what the children costme at home; she lives in a quarter million dollar home and I’m two inches from homelessness. Janet Reno may you rot in hell!!!!!

    267. paul miller says:

      Good luck. I wish there were more people willing to fight for parents under this unconstitutional boot

    268. Tommy J Geathers says:

      I am a Veteran of the United States Air Force. I have a Child Support order in South Carolina, the most RACIST, money hungry state in the US. Since 2005, This office has been taking ALL of my income taxes (Today I got a letter informing me that they took my last 3 years tax return), but whenever I get my balance sheet from this office THE ARREARS AMOUNT NEVER CHANGES. I have seen the SAME arrears amount for 5 years. I know that they are taking my money, but they are not reflecting this. Like some of the comments I have read on here, the mother of my child is using the money for her personal use. She just bought her a house, and a brand new car, an SUV. My daughter is 10 years old, and I know that the amount of the child support I am paying is not going to my daughter. Are you ready to hear the BEST part, comrades !? MY CHILDS MOTHER WORKS FOR THE CHARLESTON DSS CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT DEPARTMENT AS A RECEPTIONIST ! My daughter was born in October of 2002, She started working for this office a year later and has been there ever since ! My case is in her office. when I last went to court because she is always requesting a INCREASE, Two other women where there that ALSO work in her office with their child’s father too !! I understand that there are dead beat fathers out here, but I am not one of them, and the rules are designed to help the women, but screw the REAL men that are trying to do right by their kids. I see men walking around here that owe THOUSANDS of dollars and the state dont bother them at all !! If anyone knows who I can talk to, I dont care if it is the president to help me with this situation, please let me know

    269. Richard Allen Bishop Jr. says:

      My ex is receiving $834 a month for one child..That was based on my income on my old job. Ive recently changed jobs making half that. Im managing to give her $500 now. But shes always threatening that shes going to have me locked up in jail if I dont start paying her the 834. Mmodification Soon!

    270. Alex G says:

      I’m an active duty military member who is married with a daughter. My ex who is my sons mother is trying to take $600 a month out of my pay for child support. I can’t afford this much as I’m an e-1. The courts won’t listen to me and no one wants to help. Iv been making payments since he was born and because I can never afford the full amount iv racked up $11,000 in debt. I’m so afraid of being kick out of the military all the time. Now I won’t even be able to support my wife and daughter let alone have them move in with me after school. I thought this country was supposed to help its military members? So far no one has helped me and I’m at least trying to do the right thing.

    271. Prentice Byrd says:

      Omg this is such a blessing. I have been trying for a year now to start a petition to create some sort of checks and balances on the child support system and custody situation. Its so.unfair and one sided and myself as well as fathers I k ow are suffering for it. One button pushed and our life style is changes drastically. I.really need advice and guidance on my current situation please call.or email 9099124726

    272. T. Marshall says:

      If the state wasn’t in the bedroom when the child was made then they should stay out of it when things go south. I feel that the only time the state or any government entity should get involved is if the custodial parent is receiving government assistance, cause it isn’t fair for the state and other taxpayers to foot the bill. If that’s not the case then oh well u made the decision to get pregnant when there are several options to prevent that and even after that there were options before the child was born and even after. Then maybe people would be more responsible, but that will never happen because the states are only concerned with getting their greedy hands in the pot before the other greedy person gets their hands in there. If you disagree then explain why the states take a portion of the support if they are so concerned about the well being of the child???? And explain how taking actions such as suspending license, messing up a person’s credit by putting child support on it and, locking up a person WHILE the amount steady piles up is beneficial??? Lemme guess, in order to get license back who do you have to pay?? To get out of jail who do you have to pay?? Once again the state, so all participants in the states lil ploy to enforce child support is actually being used as a pawn to generate more revenue for the state and keep you happy at the same time.. Oh none of the above applies to me so I’m not bitter or upset, just a person who have witnessed friends and family go through this joke of a system that abused everyday by women and men, but let’s be honest that 9 out of 10 are women that are taking supplementing their incomes thanks to the states. Don’t believe me ask a few men if their child support subpoena came after an ex found out about a new girlfriend or a new toy that was bought even though the man was taking care of the kids. What makes it even worst is the fact that money is unregulated, by that I mean it’s placed in the custodial parents hand to do as they wish with it. That in itself makes me sick to my stomach that you wanna call it child support but with no way of determining that every penny is in deed going towards just that…child support, not ex-wife support or ex-girlfriend support cause we all know a portion is going in his or her pocket. So child support needs to come up with a way to enforce that while they are enforcing giving it them. My rant and rave.

    273. Russ Longcor says:

      Something needs to be done and very soon.

    274. Edward Caraballo says:

      NC System child support system bend the rules for their own benifit i have tried to speak to them just to get trated as a deadbeat dad.. not right. repeal.repeal repeal.. repeal uniform service former spouse protection act for serivice members. repeal repeal repeal repeal

    275. toby bishop says:

      i had my son perminetly for the last 6 yrs before he turned 18 and i still had to pay his dad cuase he wouldnt get hold of them and that was the only was thay would stop. i called and called everyone up there should of knowin i called so much but thay wouldnt do anything so i had to take care of my son plus pay child suport.

    276. Michael D. Woodward says:


    277. John Whitehead says:

      As a father, recently going through these proceedings myself. Starting to realize more everyday how messed up the system is. Not only by my own case but by the numerous others I see, looking for help as well as I am. My daughters mother is amazingly messed up. I was completely abused in our relationship, in every aspect and now the court system is being used to harrass me, like I don’t have an equal say in these proceedings and I don’t have any rights to see my child. Foolishly I dropped the order of protection I filed against her initially, to show some physical abuse, trying to work things out without the courts. Low and behold, we’ve been in court ever since with her constant petitions, trying to drag this out and deterring me from getting a better job, so I can do better for myself and daughter. Word from the wise.. No shortcuts, no mercy.. If you’re a loving father, as I am.

    278. Shane miller says:

      I agree with this change

    279. Michael Smith says:

      Please adress this issue. I’m looking at a foreclosure on my home due to 1 child in NY

    280. Kevin Kennedy says:

      Please let there. Be reform

    281. Angelique Roddey says:

      The system is unfair, outdated, biased, corrupt, and set up to cause anyone paying support to become a satistic. PLEASE REFORM NOW!!!!!

    282. William Hensley says:

      Missouri is never going to let me be a parent. I’m 25 year old male from St Charles County Mo. I feel that this has to be the number one county for taking away your rights and mandating that you pay more than you can ever afford and still be able to survive. I was never married to the mother of my child although we did live together for years and I was always there for my son who is now 5 and I have not seen since July of 2011. Me and my sons mother went south and she began to cheat and is now with the man(She also just gave birth to his child) Me and my sons mother are not in good standings what so ever but that dose not mean I do not want to be in my sons life. I miss him so much and I cant understand for the life of me how the state can mandate I pay a crazy amount of child support and not mandate her to allow me time with my son. I am A FATHER I was the first one to change his diapers and feed him and bath and Teach. I am NOT A PAY CHECK I am a FATHER! I have to live at my parents house because I can’t afford to move out. I had to sell my car to pay for back dues witch I am still behind actually more than when the started to garnish my paycheck at 60% after taxes. I make a bit more than minim wage but nothing to justify the back pay I have supposedly accrued since i 2011. Exp since I was unemployed for a period of 6 months or more. While all of this I am still trying to pay for salie mae off… Whole different story. I had to file bankruptcy and still no relief.. I have a seasonal job so right now I am laid off. I filed for unemployment and they take half of that also for child support leaving me with 62 dollars a week…. How am I or anyone else suppose to live? We need reform NOW!!!!!

    283. Help Im Drowning in arearages and interest thru an unlawful rights infringement of our civil rights garishments disability ss. Help no way out Im 57 years old boys are x military in their late 20 & early 30s. Help!

    284. Vassel Mckenzie jr says:

      Yea what happen to me ,I had a one night stand with a women and had a child with her I did’nt know of the child was mine for 3 1/2 years he was named a jr under another man’s name she did’nt know he wasn’t the father until she put him on childsupport and then had to test another man I was the third man so now I am on childsupport which I did’nt have a problem with but this person had the nerves to ask for retrosupport knowing I did’nt know So I ask the court were’s my retro for the time I missed with the child from birth because if this person can ask for past moneys were is my time missed.

    285. Anthony Ryan Jr says:


    286. Clifford W. Bowser says:

      I too, am having the same problem with the Office of Child Support. The problem is that i’m too poor to pay (at this time) and i’m now being held in contempt of court for not being able to pay. I can’t find work (Baltimore,Md.) in this city, everyone seems to be unwilling to hire someone who has been arrested before and i’m truly on the verge of giving up but the only thing that keeps me going is my daughters, and the thought of me not being here amongst the living with them somewhat gives me the strength to stay strong.

    287. Natysha Wright says:

      I am a single mother of 3 and custodial parent. I dont have a personal experience of being screwed by the child support system however I know many that have. I have made a decent living most of my adult life and did not “need” child support to take care of my kids. I never wanted to deal with the child support system because of all the issues that many of you have stated. All I wanted was for the father to #1 spend time with their child and be present in thier life and assist with costs above and beyond day to day living expenses(ie. school shopping, braces, activities ect.) However, I could not even get that! I try not to be bitter and I do what I have to for my kids because I made the choice to have them. But I dont think it is fair that one parent bear the entire cost and responsibility of raising a child nor should a parent have his wages garnished to the point that they cant support themselfes either.

      I would love to see a child support system that delt with the costs associated to the child. No one needs thousands of dollars a month in “child support”. Have a set amount each month that represents the Additional cost associated with general living expenses. We all have to have a roof over our head, water gas electric food. Now yes if you have kids you need an extra room and your going to pay a little more for your utilities. The parents should split that additional cost for the child based on how much each of them make. $100-200/month should cover that. Then apply the same principle to other costs associated to the child. (daycare costs, medical costs, clothing, activites ect) Once kids no longer require daycare that cuts down on a major expense right there. That is what I would love to see. NCP that are well off or rich can put money aside for college or a trust for the child when they are older. I have a big issue with grown folks living off the work of others. No CP should be getting there exhorbitant amounts of money for child support. That is just crazy! If you stop that then you would not have to worry about women having babies just to collect a check.

      However I do want to also state that as parents we have a duty to take care of our kids which means both parents need to make enough to be able to support them. If you make 10/hr you most likely dont need to have any kids at this time because that is barely enough to support yourself let alone you and a child. We have to take some responsiblity on that end, put a little more time into getting to know this person that we choose to have children with. Kids dont ask to come in this world so we need to put a little more thought in on the front end. Also as I get older I start to have more and more respect for those people that “stay together for the kids” . I used to scoff at that statement but in reality that is whats best for the child. So unless their are saftey issues we should put a little more effort into trying to work things out so that our children can grow up with the benifit of both parents which is always whats best. The old saying “its cheaper to keep her/him” has a lot of truth.

    288. G. Matt Soresino says:

      I Love my children, i work my ass off to pay my child support and all my bills, because of this i hardly ever get to see my children, instead the man they spend most of their time with is a Lazy guy that is either unemployed or temporarily working as a dishwasher. with that said, i broke my shoulder blade and three ribs July 3rd 2012, was fired July 5th. the state of Florida refused my disability, workman’s comp and unemployment benefits even though I’d been employed at the company CDR power systems for 18 months, I lost my home, and my personal mobility, was forced under a bridge in a tent for several weeks unable to find an employer that would hire me because of my injuries. it’s good to know i live in a state where the most important things are big business and loose women. I hate dealing with thieves.

    289. wayne says:

      Family Law need to reform

    290. tony bartleson says:

      too many women are getting pregnant and driving men away to get money from men. also too many women dont even use the money for their child it goes to drugs, make up, alcohol ect. and the most important there are too many women who really are not capable to take care of themselves let alone take care of a child when there are a ample supply of men willing to do the job.

    291. christian scheeler says:

      The state of Fl forces me (an un wed father) to pay child support even when they let the mother illegally kidnap my daughter across state lines. I’m lucky to even get a phone call let alone seeing my baby one every yr and a half or less. I can not afford a lawyer due to paying my high child support to a mother who hardly ever works. Her and I signed a document on our own when we split stating we were both going to split visitation evenly. The state claims my signed and witnessed document is useless. This has got to stop. The states are just destroying families and children so they can make millions off of us unlucky fathers

    292. Child support laws are nothing but extortion nowadays. the father pays ridiculous amounts. hard working fathers, people trying to make ends meet, it should be re evaluated.

    293. Demetria Moniz says:


    294. Robert Kling says:

      If EVERYBODY would stop electing these asshole judges in Dallas tx and stick together to form a union or even better a mafia. We could change this bs.

    295. tammy carroll says:


    296. Brad Blevins says:


    297. Bret Amorde says:

      I have had all my property and assets taken from me, been ordered out of my own home, alienated from my children, incarcerated and now I have suffered mental health issues, Major Depression Disorder and so much more. I have paid $35,000 in child support to date and still have $70,000 n arrears and growing every day. There are many in far worse situations than me. Please help.

    298. Qunton says:

      Please if there’s a lawyer out there can help me please i just need my license back to get to work, I’ve had over six job turn me down due to no license which they took a week after losing my job of two years i just need help please please contact me if you can help. God bless and thanks for reading and my name is Quinton.

    299. Eric Labaty says:

      Sick of paying support without a say in his upbringing. I also need to provide a home, food, clothing, toys, love, sports, classes, and shoes. Child care should be the only cost support is based on. We need to fix this System. I have one child and I pay 1,700.00 a month based on a 74,000 dollar a year job. Crazy!!! I also have my son every weekend And Wednesday night dinner.

    300. frank zinski says:

      Child. Support is a joke it is bullshit that father goes to work and try s to pay the the support and the court look at u and tell u that u are not paying a nof I think it is not right to put father’s in jail for children support this dead beat mother need to be stop

    301. David Bullock says:

      Fix this useless and broken system.

    302. Omar Tabb says:

      A change is needed. This is the most sexist system that exists in America. More fathers are involved than ever before, and we should have a voice.

    303. Richard Cox says:

      Please stop giving women incentives to be single parents…the parent with the children should be responsible for providing for them…If neither parent takes responsibility and the state is required to provide a home then both parents should provide equal amounts of actual cost by the state. Just doing this simple change…Making custodial parent responsible for the child would stop 90% of divorce and provide a more stable and happy home for the child with a two parent relationship.

    304. david j squitieri says:

      I,am on disability, my son is 24. I just received an order to garnish half of my disability check for back support to payback some welfare scam my ex pulled in a state i have never been to. My son thinks this whole thing is just crazy. I will be homeless soon.

    305. demarcus lee greely says:

      thyank you

    306. Jacques Eyssallenne says:

      I am so deep in debt that the arrears are killing me

    307. Shane M.Smith says:

      My father was supose to pay for 3 kids n is over 70,000 behind because he just didnt pay an never really tryed to see us even thou we would trying to see him an nothing was ever done to him about his pay… Yet i have a son who i havent seen n almost 2 year because his mother only cares about the money i got behind 2000 buck cuz i was injured (thou my son mother was refusing to let me see him way before that) an i had my licences which happened even thou i started payin again an force me to have to drive without a valid licence… an i could go on but its just to aggravating but the man thing is the the system is just poorly done and unfair it punishes the good people trying to be there for the kids in thats wrong

    308. Fred Fields says:

      I agree 100%. Child Support should not give mothers the right to LEGALLY MISTREAT FATHERS. It has got to stop NOW!

    309. Carlos C. Rangel says:

      I had Cancer and the Texas CSA never modified my payments. The judge didnt even talk to me

    310. Mark A. Rellinger says:

      Is there ANYONE out there who has someone who has been through this? Surely, it can happen to you or a loved one. C/S should be looking at a case by case detail, and we, as Americans ought to be able to stand up ourselves against a very corrupt system. How many lives, mostly kids, need to be ruined before something gets done.

    311. The system needs to be reworked. I pay $393.00/week My son eats about $25.00 worth of food each week. Most of his cloths are given to him as gifts. My ex lives with her Parents/pays no rent or utilities. She is always broke since she spends the money on herself. This is not right!

    312. Chris Kobata says:

      Audit DCSS publicly.

    313. Samantha Lewis says:

      Child support should be fair. A father should not have to pay $500 a month to support a child if the mother is not spending an equal amount on the child. (Who spends $1000 a month on a child) And if the child spends the month between both households why would he have to pay child support anyway? If he is supporting the child at his home how is it fair to support the child for the BOTH of them? A person should not be expected to provide a bed, clothes, food and toys at their home and provide it all for another home when time is spent equally at both places. The other parent should provide EQUALLY for the child. I can’t say I spend more than $200 a month on my son who is 5, if his father paid $200 a month for him that would be $400 a month on a 5 year old!!! We should each pay to support the child in our own homes.

    314. JOHN L Williams says:

      Make it fair

    315. Diana Dunn says:

      Need Changes

    316. Agustin G says:

      im done paying my child support but the system needs revamping bad

    317. I never see my children. Theyre mothers are hateful and I feel that things need to change.

    318. Angelica Corona says:

      It is time that we stand and fight this corrupt agency of injustice. I am a female and have never asked for child support. My children have grown up to be fine individuals. I will never be part of a system that thinks it’s power can supercede the Constitution of the United States of America. The lack of due process, imprisonment for debt, the shadow of endless debt, and fear of incarceration. Most mothers are evil, and vengful. I apologize for the mothers who have allowed these injustices to take place. The matters should be handled in Family Court, civil matters are not criminal. Men should not be treated as such if they have not committed a crime that endangers themselves or others. Theft, Rape, Robbery, Murder (legalized abortion). What is going on in this world. WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CAN STOP THE INJUSTICE OF THE CHILD SUPPORT MAFIA!!!


    319. Trina Kaye Garrett says:

      Keeping men locked in the system, in and out of jail, during a time when finding a job is hard enough in this economy, ruins any chance of them ever being productive citizens, keeping a job, and being able to support their kids. They can’t do it from jail, and how many jobs are lost just as soon as they get a job, their taking a day off work for court, a week, a month off because now they are in jail, and guess what, just lost that job!!! no money for the kid, only for the state!

    320. michael h shipplett says:

      Debters prison is unconstitutional. Who is protecting our rights?

    321. Gary Nichols says:

      I own back child support in NM ,i an disabled and my children are all receiving part of my SSD. But in my life time i will never be able to get the arrears payed off.But my child is receving an equal amount as her other sibblings,I am almost 59 years old. I feel like i’m in a prison and they took my pass port from me and my children are american philippino,and my sons mom died from cancer and i could not travel see my mother inlaw to let her know her daughter had died .So in my life time i will never be able to pay the arrears off to get my pass port back.

    322. Christian Alexander says:

      Michigan laws are an unfathomable example for the blatant disregard of the welfare of fathers and children. Judges and prosecutors are all criminals….

    323. Christine Dougherty says:

      I’m tired of standing back and watching caring fathers get treated so unfairly simply because they are men. I cringe at the women who take advantage of the child support system and in return, refuse to work. The women are granted ALL the rights in their child’s custody by barley lifting a finger and then punish the father by controlling his life with threats of provoking visitation rights (even though court ordered!) and demanding more money without having to contribute a penny their selves! We need to avenge the rights of caring fathers by bringing justice among this hidden world of scandalous mothers and corrupt system. Women have historically put up a fight to win their independence in this country. These women who claim to be mothers need to learn what independence is and set a better example for their children.

    324. sheree mason says:

      my childrens dad owed me , he got it fixed were I owe him and they are grown. the interest is growing on me and he was the one required to pay. lawyers crooks.

    325. Quitman Kyer says:


    326. Shane Laemmel says:

      Thank you for your service.

    327. Matthew D McGinnis says:

      It’s about time we gather all the people being affected by the terriable treatment. And county courts all over America making money on people who do not have any money. Our system is really broken and needs to be fixed.

      I know there are deadbeats, however not everyone behind in payments is a deadbeat. The courts all seem to award custody to the mother, even tho you can prove she committed medicaid fraud and food stamp fraud. There should be 50/50 cases awarded instead of 80/20 in most cases. Really makes you sick on how they handle you and your case.

    328. Richard Myerscoff says:

      i have a 30 yr old case.they have taken,my taxes and bank accounts, levyied anything and everything.
      the state took my commercial drivers lisence, and every month taken my paychecks with 6% taken out,and ruined my credit,with $100,00 dollar penalty and arrears for a child i dont even know.
      they wouldnt give me a dna test either.
      i have been unemployed now for 6 months as a heavy equipment service manager.
      now they even attached my unemployment checks,and making it very hard to survive.
      i have even written the president of USA regarding this,and it was sent back to me ,telling me to go back to the ones who denied me everything to my case.
      upset,yeah im upset!.
      we as men cannot compete with the lawlessness of our govermental system, who put greed before honesty,and an equal oppertunity to spend the same equal time with our kids.
      California, has given everything to the women.
      even if you are a gay ,women or men, you get better treatment from the government, regarding visitations and parental control,than men do.
      who is there to help us men who are treated worngly.
      we have no groups to help us, they just want the money,and the H_ll with us,as fathers.
      its total injustice,that wel let them do this to us.
      well i hope someone is reading this,who will say i will help.
      i want to see my son, but she has all the power,and controls it.
      those who join me, i wish i could run for an office,and start a programm that would just help men.
      if there is such a place, please contact me,asap.
      God Bless this mess.

    329. keith west says:

      praying this helps and something changes

    330. Kimberley Scribner says:

      My husband is a Specialist in the US ARMY. We are about to file bankruptcy due to child support. My husband runs the risk of being kicked out of the military due to our financial hardship. The state of NC is bleeding us dry. The sad part about it is that we have twin sons that are doing without due to these payments. We have tried to get assistance from the government only to be told we make to much money, however they refuse to deduct the outrageous amount of child support we pay. I cannot work to help my family due to lack of affordable childcare (between 900-1200 a month). We have told the courts over and over that if they do not lower our child support payment then he is going to be without a job and yet another family will be living off of the government. They don’t care!!!
      My husband’s ex and her husband own their own business (making a decent living), $700 a month from us and yet collecting welfare. It must be nice to own four wheelers, Iphones, five computers, and to go on vacations every year. I wouldn’t know.. I worry about how I am going to feed my children from pay check to pay check.

    331. Paul F Churchin jr says:

      I have no problem fulfilling my obligations, but sometimes people fall on hard times especially now under a president that carries an 8+% unemployment rate. I think being jailed for not being able to pay or having your license suspended
      Is stupid, please tell me who wins in either case there. And the fact that when they take money from my check and it takes 3-4 weeks before being recieved by the child is a scandal too. Something truly needs to be done with this corrupt system.

    332. Neuman Khan says:

      Child support amounts are extremely high and dads dont even get to spend enough time with their kids. Kids miss their fathers and father’s life becomes a living hell due to poverty and being away from children. The courts dont take any action against my ex when she withholds the children.
      My ex makes a lot more money than me but I still have to pay 60% of my income to my ex for child support. The child support should take into account the inome of the custodial parent. The family court system is so baised towards women.
      Guys dont get married and dont even think about having kids.. You may deeply regret it one day. Family court will treat you very unjustly just because you are a guy.

    333. melanie ford says:

      the child support is nothing but a way to rip off american citizens. My daughter is 31 her dad spent 24 yrs. in prison. when he got out they went after him 2 weeks after he got out. WHY? He needed time to get out and get a job. When he did pay the state kept part of the money because I had the medical card when she was born. That money is supposed to be for my child. Anyway, my child support card expired and I had to call and get a new one. They knew my license plate from 6 yrs. ago. How much rent I paid 9 yrs. ago. They knew so much about ME. Since I started getting support I have received maybe 600.00 dollars from him or the CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY. Part of that goes to the state to pay back for her being born even though I have always worked and paid my taxes. I used the system didn’t abuse the system and I work. I am now 50 yrs old and that 600.00 is what I have received. If they know so much about me why can’t they collect my child support? What a rip off.I feel so violated they have spent so much time nosing around in my business. I could go on and on about what they have done. They need shut down. I am so angry

    334. wayne kopperdahl says:

      I am the victim of the most vengefull ex, whom I left for have a affair and a resulting child from our garbage man. and after I left her she proceeded to destroy my life, with the help of child support ,taking everything from me she could, destroying all my belongings, family pictures everything .andf now I find out the one child I thought was mine. isn’t. and she knew this the whole time, but destroying me by driving me to suicide, would free her from ever having to ,as she said “deal with it” meaning the truth come out that neither kid was mine and she was awhore. but she never let me see them. the law would do nothing, even when threatehed with contempt for not allowing visitation, she just wantwed to keep me tied up in court. if I called her ,she would start answering questiond I never asked yelling into the phone, saying I was harrassing her at work ,so I would have to hang up. she is nuts, I could go on for hours of all the things shes pulled. even had a judge put me in jail, where he tried to have me killed. the nurse kept giving me different BP medicine, then she gave me two pill;s I had to take or be forced.then I had a cardiac event and was emergency transported to the va hospital.

    335. Gene Steven Flowers jr says:

      If I personally had the option to just have full custody of my daughter, and receive no money from the mother whatsoever, I would in a heart beat. Its not about money for me. What it is about is raising my daughter the way I see fit. I have been trying to find employment but to no avail and will loose my license very soon. I feel like I am in a hole with no way out. There is no help. Its hopeless.

    336. David C Roebuck says:


    337. alex w hinson says:


    338. MATTHEW SNYDER says:


    339. Remington says:

      I cant live like this anymore, i wake up every day and just want to die. Im sick of no matter how hard i try my life will never be okay and im just expected to “be a man” and suffer while other irresponsible mothers get all the benefits! I get it…i do… i was a child raised with a single mother who was the devil and made my life a living hell every second of every day. I never saw a cent of that money, never once felt loved, we lived like poor people all my life and my father was an Registered Nurse and sent tons of money approx over $3000 a month. I lived out of hole in the wall places, lived off of the food from food banks and often ate expired foods, wore clothes from thrift stores, got tons of excuses of why christmas and birthdays had to be canceled. The worst part is years after i moved out of my mothers house i got in contact with my father just to find out he gave her a house and $150,000 worth of gym equipment that she both sold and got all that chuld support per month and i still had to live like that. It shouldnt be called child support but instead labeled ( SELFISH AND EVIL MOTHER SUPPORT) Something seriously needs to be

    340. Shawn Giusti says:

      Ohio Child Support even refers me the father as the ” Customer” how am I a customer>? Really , you rape me of my money , you don’t care that I have my sons 90% of the time,, you are just criminals!!! It’s a shame my children are a profit !

    341. John Abbott says:

      Republican or Democrat… either way, whoever addresses this topic has my vote. This involuntary servitude needs to come to an end.

      Admin Response: President Obama’s Budget Proposal has Child Support Reform measures. Now if he was to be reelected with a Democratic House, we might start taking some steps forward… Republicans have blocked everything from this administration, even their own ideas; FACT! I’ve been paying close attention to what has been happening in the House and Senate… and Yes i’ve been reading the legislation.

    342. Gtady Beasley says:

      The system is so screwed up that it has me paying child support for a child thats not mine and suspended my D.L.

    343. Terry Castellino says:

      It’s about time!! I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Here’s my short story. My ex wife had lied to the courts, told them I was making $6000 a month. I was making $1200, and she had the original order sent to her house. So, for 5 yrs, I didn’t even know that I owed. Now, I owe more than I have even made in my entire life. And here is the kicker, my arrears payment is $100 a month, but, even though I make the court ordered amount, I still will be charged $480 a month in interest.. How am I ever supposed to live, and get out from under this???????????????

    344. Wendy Bg says:

      There are so many mom’s who abuse the system. They don’t actively look for jobs and want to take advantage of men so they can maintain their lifestyles. Also, there should be mandatory paternity tests. I know of many women that have several men fooled about the paternity of their children. Really sad.

    345. Vida Will Skaggs says:

      Time for this to change

    346. rolando says:

      Paying child support for 8 years

      net / take home pay after taxes & medical coverage = $1120 / month
      child support $420 + medical $200 = $620 / month
      =$500 remaining / month

      for BASIC living necessities / must pay:

      rent – $500 month
      car note – $350 month
      electric – $50/$100 month
      gas – $50/$100 month

      YOU DO THE MATH.. Did you notice that FOOD wasn’t even calculated. Is suicide an option these days?? Would anyone even care?

      The system is Fu**ed and needs a FIX. At this rate, I will be homeless in a matter of weeks. I can’t survive like this anymore; oh yea, meanwhile, my daughter’s mother is living comfortably using my money to support her unemployed boyfriend and their 2 kids. Gotta love this God-forsaken country.. 2cents.

    347. Christopher W Harmon says:

      Its 25% a month not 15%
      Where can I put my money and gain 25% every month like florida and california child support arrears?

    348. Tamara Sendewicz says:

      There needs to be action now! The system is hurting the children it is meant to protect.

    349. Brian McRoberts says:

      Ah, child support, an agency made for the kids who is really against them…

    350. Randi R Wilson says:

      I feel sorry for all u men who are good fathers but still get attacked by the system.

    351. Matt Rousso says:

      Major corruption in Grand Junction Co. mistakes on the part of CSE, they have messed up my life for 17 years, she had stopped it before, and they started it up again, and went back with outrageous interest…
      God Bless, and it looks like our system is the biggest hypocrite ever, and has accepted the mark of the beast…
      Jesus is lord, God bless all the fathers that are a stripped of our rights by this evil…

    352. Jose Perez says:

      I still have hope that this will get better.

    353. Tim Beaudrie says:


    354. dallas says:

      Where do i start? I have 4 kids by 3 different women i only get to see 2 as the mothers have moved but ofcourse im still obligated to pay outrageous money to each woman…this is another thing thats driving me mad and dont understand they take my money but i have no idea if my kids are benefitted at all…for exaample i payed 1300 dollars to one of the mothers who has a drug problem who has just been diagnosed with hep b and c…so my money went into her arm for heroine not my lil girl…that seems a lil outrageous to me that the womans never held accountable for proof of anykind of where the money goes….but im being nailed with contempt of court by another woman who has not let me see my kid at all and now im bein charged with 30 days in jail even tho 5 months ago i payed this woman 1100 dollars at the support window….im out of work and no car they took my license anyways lol…im not going to my courtdaye so they can slave me out for a month for something thats ridiculous….these laws need rewritten…if a man has to go to jail and be harrassed for missing payments than a woman should go for keeping the kids away or not spending everydime with proof

    355. Warren Ryllo says:

      have had my rights violated by Monmouth County courts. I currently have no job and have been paying support for five years. After only two weeks of missing payments even though I filed a motion with the courts for a reduction and a stay of enforcement. The county locked me up and brought me before the court in shackles. I was not given any rights to an attorney and verbally scolded by the judge without any due process. The court did not take any consideration of my current state. I was fined and my driving privileges revoked. I have another two weeks and I will be thrown in jail again unless I pay. Without employment I can not pay and I am forced under the tyranny of the state of New jersey to return to jail as a common criminal..

    356. patricia Tancredi says:

      With u all the way!

    357. I have been on child support for two years. My daughters mother had found me on the internet. At this time she had one daughter from her exhusband who was in prison and accumulating childsupport. over 60k to date. She contacted me after 15 years of not seeing her. She then courted me and seduced me. On the first night of our meeting she slept with me. She continued to seduce me and lure me away from my current toxic relationship. She then in only a month convinced me to get her pregnant because , according to her, she was getting old and needed a second child. she was always unable to maintain a relationship. She convinced me that she loved me like no other. She also knew that i was a person who suffered post traumatic stress from the murder of my father when i was a child. She then gave birth to our daughter and took me to child support before she turned a 6 months and a week after i lost my job due to financial cuts. She set me up to get financial gains. She was angry at men for never finding her to be of any value. I guess i understand their perspective now. As much as i pleaded my love to her she continued with the proceedings. The court rules for me to pay $600 a month with no income except for my unemployment. Then she tried to prevent me from seeing my daughter. Now i am in arrears and cannot afford the to catch up as the judge denies lowering my payments. I am graduating with my Masters and am already in a hole which i can never climb out of. On a positive note she continues to travel the world and lives rather comfortable with her 90k salary and my earnings. I am on the verge of homelessness and poverty as she begins recruiting her next victim. Please help with reform today. We can not allow woman to abuse the system and prevent us from being a father to the children we create.

    358. Charlene Hefferin says:

      This system is broken…it needs to be reformed.

    359. Karen Ohman says:

      I am a woman and I feel for all the dads. I feel it is the laws that are doing this to you men. My man is on disability and now they are wanting to take over half his check to pay hiss support and that is going to leave him with hardly nothing to live on. At the time of his divorce he was on the road and he wasn’t informed untill that day. His attorney call him and asked why he wasn’t present well he was working out of state. So in this divorce he got railroaded and his visitations were set up so bad that it was impossible for him to see the kids. When he did try to see the kids he was harrassed by the boyfriend and ex, So he decided in the kids best interest so they wouldn’t see mommy and daddy not being nice to each other he hasn’t se the kids for over ten years. The only time he heard from her is when she needed money for this or that. She moved without letting him know whereand when we found her she was surprised. He is willing to pay but as time has it we lost our buisness and now are homeless living in a 12×16 shed of a friend. It has only electricity. He has had several surgeries and has a heart condition. Thanks to the VA they have helped him out so much with his issues. Yes I believe that government has taken it over for they see as a cash cow and they are using the kids which is so terrible. I wish I could help the men with these problems but I am just an old country girl with not to much. If I was an attorney my services would be free. You men take care of yourself and god bless ya all. My heart goes out to you. Yake this petion and show them how wrong they are and make a difference. Thanks for letting me post this.

    360. We need this system to be reformed. How Can I support my family when the state takes away my drivers licenses and 25% of my net income?
      September 17, 2012

    361. Keith Sergent says:

      I’ve faced the obvious discrimination that exists. If you have 2 parents that love th child and can support the child, you can’t very well determine which is the “best interest” of the child. Quit forcing parents to play games and make things equal. Its the best interest of our children.

    362. Jessica sanchez says:

      The grandmother of my stepdaughter illegally collected welfare for her and now we have to repay this. How can this be right? In a child suppor issue both sides income is suppose to be reviewd once a year to determine the fairness of the arrangement. This never happens. Also, how can someone who has that many assets and has that much income be allowed to collect welfare?

    363. Michelle Lair says:


    364. john vinal says:

      My daughter is almost 21.She has 2 children.She is on public asisstance,and has her own place.She had her first child at 17.Dor is still making me pay support.Mom knows what she’s doing is wrong.Has a matter of fact she just texted me demanding money
      .Then I received a letter from dor stating that their taking my drivers license..I do owe arrears but I’m just to scared to go to court.They are such horrible people.I would rather commit suicide than go back there.They have ruined my life and continue too.Horrible to say,but I wish I never had my daughter.

    365. Jonathan B Moore says:

      Sign me up!

    366. Vicki Hovey says:

      I raised my now 33 year old son until he was 15 1/2, when his father, a drug addict, who is now dead, convinced my son to run away and live with him. My son stayed with him 3 weeks before he ran away to his girl friends to live, then back to my mother’s house, where I lived also. My ex claimed aid to dependant children, claiming I disappeared, and received money without my knowledge. He also signed my son out of high school, claiming they were moving to Texas, which never happened. I worked three jobs to support my son, never asking for welfare. My ex had his mother pay a minimal amount of child support to me, because he never worked. I never received anywhere near $6,100, in the entire 15 1/2 years I raised my son and then until he was 18, which is the amount of money Virginia wants me to pay them. They have now suspended my driver’s license, and are refusing to make payment arrangements, even though I contest the amount and what happened. I have two children, who legitimately need me to support them! I’m will be 50 years old in two weeks and losing my license over this is absurd!!! PLEASE REFORM THE CHILD SUPPORT LAWS OF VA!!!!!!!!

    367. Camilla Negroni says:

      This must change our children are being used as tools for check collection and are suffering

    368. CLAUDE CHUMLEY says:

      I completely agree that there is reform needed. I think more true joint custody agreemens should be implemented. I believe that both parents should have “equal” time and no child support paid. Why should the non-custodial parent be punished with less time and be more responsible for the financial care of the child. If the child were to spend 1 week with the father and then 1 week with the mother rotating back and forth this would be more fair and no child support would not be needed. We need our political representatives to take up the unfair custody and child support practices. We don’t even get to deduct the child support on taxes..If anyone has information on lobbying efforts for this cause please post information.

    369. Mark Nodeen says:

      Reform it now because the system allows for the custodial parent to be greedy, and the non-custodial parent to have his or hers live ruined along with their children’s life ruined. Your system is broken. Time to stop letting families be truly broken. No parent should have to go to jail for this corrupt and broken system.

    370. jason eckart says:

      I agree that the system is screwed up. I was in prison when I was told I had to pay child support. I had no income and yet they said I had to pay 183 a month. I filed for a modification and was told they wouldn’t. Well after 5 years in prison I was 12000 in debt to them. I have been out for 4 years now and have currently paid 10579 in child support. They suspended my license for being in arrears. How do they think they will help anyone when they take everything we got. I love my son and haven’t seen him since he was 3 months old because his mother took off with him and I can’t even find out where he is. I think the government needs to realize that there are guys out there that do care and want the best for their kids. I’m not a dead beat father I’m just a guy stuggling to survive. I hope they get this fixed and see that they are ruining lives instead of fixing them.

    371. christopher d clay says:

      child support needs to be over hauled……..

    372. Janet Kreinbrink says:

      change it!

    373. Kiyem Ade Ali says:

      This system is diabolical at best!

    374. Heather Rohlik says:

      child support laws need to be changed

    375. Robert Kreinbrink says:

      No more stealing kids – 14 years of pay or go to jail and not one visitation. I don’t even know what she looks or sounds like. Matching funds is torture.

    376. jesseTRUJILLO says:

      i found out i had degenerative bone decease in my lower back in 03 which led to my ex running off with a teen! she got caught up in drugs and rarely came around to see the kids, until csed went after her man! then in turn she came after me and all of a sudden wanted my children back in her life. she had them living in a beat up mobile home in the dead of summer with no electricity, no a/c, no refrigerator!! no matter how concerned i was for my children’s well being, i was always told that “she is trying” because there was milk in an ice chest! well long story short; its been 6 years since our divorce and i havent seen my children in over 3 years! no matter how many motions i file, i dont get any justice! she has all these csed representatives and advocates sit in there corner laughing it up and having a good time while im sitting here watching my children be ripped away from me!!! the year i found out about my back was a very good year, they based my cs off of my income from 4 years ago, i have 3 herniated disks in my back & a lumbar lateral shift in my lower back, need a knee replacement & i have become obese due to lack of physical activity because of the pain & they expect me to pay $800 mo. in child support for my 2 children that i never get to see because they have been brainwashed. now i am far from the perfect man or father but when i lost my children i felt the true meaning of BROKEN!!! my prayers are with all of you out there & good luck!

    377. craig barron says:

      I just got roped into this crap,Do to the economy I make 16k she makes 100k I gave her full custody because the boys were 3 years old,it was very important not to take them away from her at that age and frankly I did not know how to parent.
      Well I paid child support for 6 years but she started sending them to day camp(1500 a season) I could not afford it but paid the first year, second year I did not have the money the third year it went up to 3k I said no I can’t afford it .It is 5 years latter and it is 4500 a year plus she just signed them up for a private hs at 8500 each ,guess what the court awarded her money I don’t make and she spends it according to her desires not even with my prior knowledge or agreement this is a nazi nightmare and unlike all of the people who fight in courts and lose, I will break them ,I will not stop I will not give up,my goal is clear expose these corrupt animals and put them all in jail for bringing false accusations/imprisonment to honest americans to line their own pockets.Sorry for the rambling.Please view this video of an insider exposing the corruption, spread the word and attack this diasgracefull agency p.s. irs is british owned!

    378. Keith McClendon says:

      We have to put an end to these corrupt bastards ruining our families for the love of money …

    379. Paul Miller says:


    380. adam heaton says:

      If your a mom not getting all you should be, and you know your x is paying.. now you know why

    381. Ray Merriman says:

      This system has raped me. I’m a disabled veteran and everything I have done for my child has went unnoticed, I have my son every break he has from school yet I pay her child support even when I have him and in court I’m told that’s what I’m suppose to do

    382. Christopher Wendel says:

      I agree with the reform of child support laws, but I also believe that unwed father’s rights need to be established without a difficult process, as well as the reform of ‘parenting time.’ I was penalized for not having a ‘regular’ work schedule, eventhough I have a good-paying job and want to and can take care of my son, due to his mother not wanting to exchange him at ‘difficult’ hours for her. Thr court immediately sided with her without regard to the fact that she’s been on welfare, WIC and Medicare. They made me alone look guilty of creating the child and her financial problems. Now she gets $400/month for free and if I get a better or another job, she can take me back to court for more.

    383. Brian Kenny says:

      My Child Support Payments are not being applied towards the additional awarded arrears awarded by the Court and Boulder County Child Support Enforcement refuses my request for a review of my payments against the Child Support arrears!

      Received threat from Colorado State Office when I began to open my mouth as to the corruption associated with this State Office. I filed a written complaint on the direct phone harrassment by the adminstraitor of my account, submitted evidence as to the harrassment, and requested that a new adminstrator be assigned to this account.

      They ignored my request. I still receive threats from this office. Payments and Federal intercepts still not being applied towards child support arrears. Contacted the Federal office concerning this corruption. They are a joke. These people are the most abusive violence provoking bs artist I have ever met. They dont give a damn about children but rather abuse the powers provided under the statues to carry out their out of control hate issues.Reform is seriously needed…

    384. Marques D says:

      I have a story just like everyone else here I am a great father to my kids I only have 2 and im paying support for 1 I am in debt to my elbows because I can’t afford to miss a payment I have been to jail for it once already and I can’t afford to go back you have to pay the state back for every day you are jailed on top of Child Support and whatever other bills you have at home I see why so many end it just to get from under the pressure of being oppressed from what they see as a cycle they will never break, I struggle to make my payments but there are guys on the corners who never spent anytime with kids they fathered and are behind 6 figures and they don’t bother with them but they stress those who are working and trying to do whats right it makes no sense to me

    385. Jason and Wanda Prince says:

      The Child support System is horrible. Why do women get all the rights? A woman gets to decide whether the baby lives or dies and a man has no say whatsover!!! What type of shit is that? I think that as long as our judicial system allows abortion to be legal then there should be no such thing as child support. “Women” these days use abortion as birth control and use babies for paychecks. If a woman is allowed to live completely and utterly irresponsibly then a man should be allowed to as well. Fair is fair.

    386. Judy Miller says:


    387. todd smith says:

      parental rights have been violated by reckless Gov’t intrusions of The American Family, whether ‘family court’, child protection services, paternity actions, or similar, often defrauding the basic Due Process and guaranteed Constitutional Rights of most every fit and reasonable parent. Government often uses children as ‘commodities’, to bleed finances from that family into the system, by corrupt uses of our taxdollars.

    388. John S Fine says:


    389. Deborah Szewczuk says:

      I am the mother paying child support and spousal support even after ex received a 350,000.00 settlement. I have done everything I can to keep my relationship with my son only to have my ex turn my son against me. I have joint custody, but have no rights except to pay the support bill. Can’t even reach my son by phone to see him so I can give him a christmas gift. This horror has been going on for 12 years now and I am still trying to get something changed. I support Child Support and Spousal Support Reform 100%. This is merely a way to use our children as pawns against the non-custodial parent. I want to support my child, but I do not want to be abused and mistreated and forced into it. There should be no law requiring child support or spousal support. Let me know how I can help.

    390. Fredrick Fairbanks says:


    391. Mario Anderson Sr. says:


    392. John Large says:

      I was told if I got joint physical custody, 50/50, there would be no child support. I never got joint custody, only visitation that was just less than 50/50, so I paid and paid and paid.

    393. Leanto E. Jones says:

      I, for one, do not have a grudge on paying child support. Parents should be able to help their children at all cost. However, one must be able to LIVE WHILE THEY’RE DOING IT!!!!! How is it that non-custodial parents like myself who WANT to pay child support, get CRUCIFIED for doing THE RIGHT THING BY THEIR CHILD OR CHILDREN?!!!!! It’s getting to the point that my own state government is seemingly PENALIZING me for trying to start my life again!!! And not only me, but my WIFE who’s PERMANENTLY DISABLED is having to suffer for my past just for MARRYING ME!!! The whole thing is INSANE!!!!!!! I just want a chance to live, live well, and not have to feel that I have to sell my soul to the devil just to WANT, NOT HAVE TO, WANT to support my children! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

    394. Richard DiSanto says:

      The child support enforcement agencies are comparable to the Nazi Gestapo. They are above the law and the only people that they hurt are the non-custodial parents who are trying to be upstanding. They treat you like your a dead beat, the problem is the deadbeats don’t deal with the CSU.

    395. Larry Williams says:

      Im all in and I was researching on starting a petition myself regarding this same issue

    396. Lisa D Kreinbrink says:


    397. Shawn McFarland says:


    398. Jennifer Arruda says:

      I have been on both sides of this, and I think what they put both parents through, as well as the children, is absolutely INSANE!!!

    399. Andrea Dean says:

      Been dealing with the child support system now for 16 years ….I have been herased nonstop even when i am paying…. when i am unable to pay due to a lack of job or illness ( i have had a rare medical condition since child hood ) i get dragged into court, tossed into jail, fined ( i can’t afford to pay the child support … hello ! ), charged with a felony, placed on probation. When i got a job a few months ago and began paying the child support again the judge put a warrant out for my arrest for not paying the fines even though what was left out of my paycheck wasn’t enough to cover everyday basics, i was arrested at work and fired even though i returned the next now i’m back to square one ….and to top it off i just got out of the doctors …he says i have a heart issue and i have to go to the cardiologist ….can my life get any flipping worse

    400. amber campbell says:


    401. Krizia Carter says:

      Hello! My name is Krizia and I am married to a father that has the responsibility of child support for two children. And one of them he is considered, by the IRS terms, as a custodial parent. He has his child for a little more than half the year and he pays child support. The courts did not bother to take that into consideration because they just favored the bitter mother without looking at all facts. Yes, bitter is the word because he moved on and got married. His other child is understood and is not a problem for him to handle because she lives in another state and he takes care of the matter to protect all parties involved. Problem is that he has a bit of arrears from some time missed from a job but he now pays with arrears and they still are trying to seize all of his money, He has a family to provide for but they try and take all his money, What about his young child he has to care for that lives with him? They take from him too. There needs to be new laws to protect fathers that actually do take care of their children and not let these money hungry miserable mothers get away with thief.

    402. Matthew C. Lewis says:

      Child support… What a scam, You’re hurting innocent people

    403. amber boettcher says:


    404. Dianne Johns says:


    405. amybunker says:


    406. Bernell E. Laster Sr. says:

      How can I be an affiliate of your organization helping the fight against egregious and erroneous acts committed by the Department of Child Support Services

    407. Melissa Ogeda says:

      I am a non custodial parent to a child whom I have given up rights to. This child now lives with my parents in Louisiana, I live in Texas. I have had back child support taken from a bank account holding my partner’s earnings he’s accrued over the last 8 years.My partner is being penalized and I don’t have any type of relationship with the child, as I decided I didn’t want to parent the child nor could I afford it mentally or financially. So I am another statistic.

    408. jason hawks says:


    409. cassondra placencia says:

      The child suport laws in MI are a joke!! They treat all the cases the same when clearly they are not.

    410. Aaron elton says:

      I want fair and reasonable support orders. I want adult children to pay their own way to college. I want the government to stop forcing parents to give handouts to their children.

    411. damon williams aka sease says:

      Im being robbed by not only by chidsupport but also by the mothers who collects and still have their hand out

    412. Robert James Vasquez Jr. says:


    413. Manish Srivastava says:

      Absolute support child support reform. The incentives in the child support enforcement system treat non-custodial parents worse than animals. This is such a blot on a country that considers itself civilized. Make America better for its children – they deserve both loving parents. How is the system working in the best interests of children when it is out to destroy non-custodial parents. Please change this uncivilized system as it is now.

    414. Barry Lambert says:

      Amen – I applaud your efforts.

    415. Fred Turner says:


    416. Paolo C. says:

      All I can say is I pay child-support for 6 children, and 5 of them live with me.
      50% of my income every week so that leaves me with 720.00 a month to support me and my 5 children that live with me so I guess now you can understand why we live with grandma huh thank kent county FOC

    417. Christopher Griffin says:

      It’s ALL about the money upon what they can get out of you to deprive any pursuit of happiness; regardless of how it affect the children.

    418. David says:

      We need a change in our child support its bad system dose not work to many people being put in jail. My suggestion to all people being affected by this . Go to your County get off the Votes List and don’t for any politician until they change the law . Hello your rights are being violated why Vote , if our government wants to stop us in our tracks well lets Not vote any more and stop them in their tracks

    419. Jason Green says:

      The current system is shameful, a fraud and a humiliation to all decent American people.

    420. Kerrie A. Laird says:


    421. I have been paying for 12 years, I lost my job and was out of work about a year, I got behind on child support and they didn’t care, I have been trying to modify my child support, they said yes it looks like we can lower it butttt we can’t summons your ex-wife because she is avoiding us, so I’m going thru hell for almost two years now and constantly being threaten by child support and still haven’t summons her yet, come on almost two years I’m losing everything.


      State of Florida don’t care bout us………………. We are nothing to them.

    422. Robert Love says:

      My story is the same as all the rest. Why am I turned in to a criminal if I lose my job or am laid off how can I encure debt for money I dote have, or didn’t make? If the child is under the law entitled to 20% then why isn’t that adjusted when my income goes down?
      Your putting people in jail with murders and rapist who committed no crime! How is this in any way shape or for right?

    423. Joshua Ring says:

      Change is needed NOW!!!!

    424. Gerry Stueve says:


    425. Shawn Pattison says:

      Ohio child support laws are destroying families and fathers. Reform is needed.

    426. I hope this works..I would love for my husband to be able to be more a part of his children’s lives if he’s going to be paying so much..I would also like to be able to live decently and be able to get the girls things without having to pull out a loan to buy them bikes! I have an amazing husband and he is a more amazing father! Please help him and his children that love him so much!!

    427. Sorry I posted nothing. I am a father in this situation,I love my children dearly and I am missing out on helping raise them, because I didn’t want to move from a small town to Salem to follow my ex wife’s family..and I am now paying dearly for it..and so are my children! Please help us..don’t ear families apart like this.

    428. kelly says:

      To whom it may concerns:

      I am a resident of PHX, AZ. I have been abroad for the past year living in the worst poor situations till now my health is getting affected. I can’t afford flying back and start my life back in the states. I owe arrears child support and I don’t know what to do to start breathing. I am very troubled day in and day out.

      I had my life in order and I owned a good business in AZ. I am a man that always had it together until I had children with her..

      Please let me know if you find in your heart to help me.

      I am sending you this feeling so sad and troubles but though there might be some light and someone that is unique that could give me a hand.

    429. this system is definitely broken nd needs to be fixed…..too many people are being hurt and too many lives are being destroyed and irreparably harmed…..

    430. Lori Bukowski says:

      These women need to be held accountable for the money they receive and the parental alienation they force on these young impressonable children.

    431. Stef Wolfert says:

      Things need to change & we need to be heard!!!

    432. cassandra says:


    433. Debby Killian says:

      Please help us!!

    434. Tanya Ochoa says:

      After we split, my children were stable in the home they have had since before the divorce for a year and a half, while I struggled nearly solely supporting them without financial help from the father. He went on several trips, blowing our retirement to go to CA, Vegas, and Hawaii while I used all my vacation and sick time to watch the children. When he was around, he was just basically their daycare. One year ago, the father filed for half custody when he ran out of his retirement money, because with exactly equal custody, I would actually owe him money. This would tear the children away from the home they have known from as far back as they can remember, as this home took two incomes to support before. The evaluator, clearly biased, and with no one else to review, gave the father half-custody, but made sure to put that no one should pay child support, thinking that would show me that’s not all he wanted. An evaluator’s decision is regarded as law by the courts, and there was no way I could fight it. The children were ripped out of the happy stability and free opportunity to stay in whichever home they wanted. For a few months, he let me have them some of the extra time he was given by verbal agreement, then he decided to go back on his word and took them when he said he didn’t want them and simultaneously applied for child support like he signed he wouldn’t do. Is ‘joint legal custody’ with ‘equal time sharing’ the same as ‘shared custody’? What law can I show CSED that would say I don’t need to pay him? He has a live-in girlfriend to help him with his bills, and I have no one helping me. For their stability they need this house…

    435. Tal Dahabani says:

      I love my 5yr old little baby girl, more then I love myself. And along with agreeing with this petition, I strongly think that all fathers yes “all” fathers (unless proven unfit) should have equal Automatic rights to their children.

    436. Jeremy Robert Holmes says:

      No comment

    437. John Villarreal Jr. says:


    438. Shana Burrell says:


    439. Jen says:

      As a single mother yes I recieve child support. Me and my sons father get along very well and I have ever lowered his payments bc he was going through rough times. It really makes me sick that alot of these mothers out there sit at home ,live off the state and collect support. I work 2 jobs to support my child and pay all my bills. I give credit to you guys out there that care enough to pay and want custody yourselves.. good luck guys, you deserve it..

    440. Daniel Bravo says:


    441. chris leonard says:

      17 years later, I am going to regain custody of my son. He has been removed from his mother’s care 5 times in his life, and only ONCE,I was notified. My ex, has mothered 5 children, from 5 different men, and USES her children to support herself, and her habits. I am DISGUSTED, with this society, DISGUSTED, with this government, and I am not going to allow this any longer. Massachusetts, and South Carolina, be prepared for the nastiest fight you have ever seen. You hurt me, but more importantly,you hurt,MY SON. I have a NEW saying for you, “HELL HATH NO FURY, LIKE A FATHER..SCORNED!”

    442. Mr. Mark Simon says:

      Reform is so needed. The system is broken and its not fair when good fathers suffer.

    443. Odie Sotomayor says:

      As a non-custodial parent whose required by law to pay child support, I should have the right to know where my money is going to make sure that it’s not being used for drugs, alcohol, gambling or non-child support related expenses. Any expenses that are non-related should be deducted and reduce the amount being paid to the custodial parent. This will help stop the abuse in the system and many will be happy to pay the child support knowing that it’s being used accordingly. Abusing the child support system is no different from stealing and extortion and it’s time for a change! Less bitterness and resentfulness due to the unfair system might just help bring families back together again.

    444. Lucy O. Villarreal says:

      The child support division needs to be overhauled as soon as possible. May God help us win this battle to preserve not only our current families but our future families.

    445. Edith Roberts says:


    446. Jeffrey Malinowski says:


    447. Melissa Loyd says:

      I just really think that this is an openly high profile form of robery. Taken american citizen and putting them in poverty. Creating their own poor economy issues. Basicly if you have kids who you don’t live with your always in debt for life with no future. No body should have to live like a peasant, man the emotional beat down. I GIVE MY RESPECT TO THE PEOPLE WHO KEEP THERE HEAD UP AND ATTEMPT TO STILL SURVIVE! !THIS IS AMERICA?

    448. Bryan Crenshaw says:

      God help us all. This system has tormented me for many years. They are just bullies, plain and simple.

    449. ronald a.lee says:

      Let’s make it GOOOOOOOD for the kids ONLY; NOT THEIR GOLD DIGGGGGGING MOTHERS OR FATHERS. Yes, I signed and would do it AGAIN; AGAIN ;AGAIN; AND AGAIN.




    450. Greg Morse says:

      Ive been homeless after having paid $1001 for the last eight years to oregon child support system. I have 3 childen with the youngest being 15. Have 3 more years to go then I can hopefully get out of poverty and the homeless shelters. Thanks to this wonderfull government we call the good ole usa. We sure need to change something in this terrible system. Goodluck to all…


      Can’t anything be done about the corrupt child un-support system ? I feel like a prisoner in my own country and I havn’t done anything wrong. Thanks to the oregon child support system I’ve been homeless going on eight years now for paying my support. Something has to change but I don’t think it will,it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

      Greg Morse, father

    451. Jason Tate says:

      It’s time for “Occupy Family Court”

    452. I would like to take this time to write some of my past experiences with Child Support. My Daughters Mother brainwashed my child to hate me and barely likes spending time with me,and yet I wonder why? Not to mention the fact that as soon as she was pregnant she immediately put me on child support without me knowing. I believe that since the government is providing the poor with food benefits and assistance they are looking for a way to get that money back even though that is the government responsibility. I currently live with my new family and have two beautiful boys that are twin brothers. Since I don’t have a career and my current wife makes more than I do; we decided on me staying at home and taking care of the boys (since child support ends up taking a significant amount of money out of my checks). Now they suspended my licences and cannot drive anywhere with the boys. If i were to work and pay child support for my daughter in whom which has everything she needs my check wouldn’t even cover daycare for both my boys. Me staying home just makes sense. The government needs to acknowledge that their not only punishing me but also my boys because daddy cant take them anywhere. I think tough love and luck is the government approach on this matter but what they fail to realize is that would your kids get the point if you whip them or work with them. I myself will do the jail time, but with my head held up high because truly I did whats right and whats right is staying home with my two boys. May God Bless America!

    453. Leah Willard says:

      I see women who make having children a job and child support is their income. Its ridiculous! The proof that the child support is going to the children should be nationwide! I totally agree! I think the way CS is done it gives women a chance to trap men into getting the pregnant feeding them lies!

    454. Indigo Wilmann says:


    455. Jeff Boehlow says:

      Please get these inadequate laws repealed to many Laws and no justice

    456. Jason Helmer says:

      The current child support laws need to be reformed and I support this petition. Hardened criminals and felons have more rights than a father in the child support system. Some states require mothers who are recieiving support to provide proof in form of receipts where this money is going, it should be nationwide.

    457. MN Dad says:

      Been to court several times to modify downward my child support which is only arrearages. I am re-married with other kids, one is disabled, just got laid off work, and yet they refused to modify my support for the back amount I owe. My son at issue is 20 and lives on his own. The whole system needs to be thrown out. In MN if you’re a Dad, you’re a criminal.

    458. Eric Anderson says:

      End this unfair system! Fathers are actually out here trying and getting treated as criminals. These money hungry dead-beat mothers are being treated as mothers of the year by this crap system. Child Support??…no…..”State Support” or “Govrnment Support”. Get rid of this joke!!

    459. Rob Stegmann says:

      DOR/FL child support offices are joke, call the 800 number and wait for up to an hour or more to just have someone tell you to go to the local office. You get no results there either, they just sit behind their glass window collecting their paycheck. The system needs to be changed and I”m doing that in court.

    460. Ronald e Knisley jr says:

      please do something to these deadbeat mothers US fathers need help to

    461. shayne stone says:

      Without question reform should occur NOW!

    462. James says:

      Unfair case of child support!

    463. michael d vanhoose jr says:


    464. I finally got mine payed down to zero last month after being 11,000 in arrears and since Missouri contacted Tennessee and made it a dual state case, Tennessee is refusing to (accept ?) that the child support is payed off in Missouri. Apparently they can contact each other to establish court ordered support and judgements including sticking me in jail once for 3 months but can’t contact each other to show the money has been payed off. I have spent 3 weeks arguing with child support offices and am about to contact a senator. I will contact the news and get it on television if that is also necessary..

    465. Rex Kennedy says:

      We need child support reform and we need it NOW! Give me back my driver license, my passport, my freedom!

    466. Fredy Santos says:


    467. Dean Wendtland says:

      UNfair court system…. welcome to America! I support this petition all the way to my grave!!

    468. Keith Morgan says:

      The system is CRAZY.

    469. James Massa says:

      WE NEED REFORM NOW. I sign this on behalf of a100% Service Connected Disabled Veteran who has been abused by the system.

    470. Ruby Kaminski says:

      I Personally Know several people here in Florida that are being unfairly required to pay support even though they have their children more than the mothers not all but most of the women are out drinking every night partying and going on vacations while the father is with the children buying their clothing school supplies school lunches making sure their child gets to all doctors and dentist visits and child support enforcement threatens to suspend their license when in fact they are the sole providers for their children while the mother is out drinking and patying all night something has to change the only ones getting hurt is the children

    471. Benjamin Gremillion says:

      A father should take responsibility for his actions, a mother should be willing to reconcile, and a State has no right or business involving either of these instances. May sentience bless us all.

    472. kevin losoncy says:

      still paying child support have had child in my household lives with me flagler county courts are to lazy an do not do there jobs but when its the woman they will payroll deduct you in two weeks no problem but us guys we get hosed

    473. Tammy Hall says:

      Judges are abusing their powers. This little girls are having babies and if you get behind even one month, she is the one who decides to put him in jail. THAT IS POWER AND CONTROL TO A GIRL WHO SKEEMED AND CONIVED IN A PREGNANCY PACT TO TRAP MY SON!

    474. Teresa Ruiz says:

      Moms need to get a job and stop living off of their kids child support!

    475. David Mahaffey says:


    476. manuel gonzalez says:


    477. Lizette says:

      I will have to agree … the system is corrupted!

    478. Laura Lea Young says:

      WE NEED REFORM NOW. I sign this on behalf of my 100% Service Connected Disabled Veteran who has been abused by the system.

    479. Robert H. Gautreaux Sr. says:

      I just made parol in augest 2011 for nonsupport.I have been looking into the reason Child Support Enforcement said I owe moore than I was aware of.I found that I was charged support for the years that I had coustody and also found out that during the same time I had coustody The child Suport Enforcement Office was chargeing me support under the same Docket # for the same son, under my sister’s name.To be charged support under the same docket # for two different women at the same time I had coustodyis just plain illegal as far as I am coursned. The case with my sister’s name is 100% false.My publick definder never inquired into the facts of the case,and from my understanding did one HELL of a job for the prosector.Any sugestions ? e-mail me at

    480. Stacey Oliver says:

      It is about time that someone addressed this because these slutty women are having kid, after kid, after kid with different daddies just to collect on TAX FREE money for being whores. Some women I can understand need child support but there are women who just have kids and refuse to get married to ABUSE the child support system there are women who make over 30,000 a year and don’t work get this money tax free and collect on food staps and welfare because they WORKED OVER the system…………………………….. they should have a child support cap that a woman can recieve no matter how many kids she has if it is not enough GO TO WORK!!!!!!!

    481. Sam N Johns says:

      I have been involved with a fraud case of child suppert for many years. I have overpaid by thousands and still have all cancelled checks to prove it. My kids are 32 and 36 years old now with kids of their own. They are now trying to extort another $50,000 from me. IWhen I proved in court I did not owe the opposing attorney had the transcripts destroyed where I could not effectively appeal. He then typed up an order and got the judge to sign it saying “the parties through their attorneys agree that the amount owed is $40,337′. There is no agreement signed by me or my attorney. The opposing judge just got the judge to sign it. (My children had already emancipated at the time.) This all happened in AR and I`ve lived in TN over 20 years. It has never been a Tennessee case but now they are trying to register it in TN and the attorney who committed the fraud is practicing law in TN on the case yet he is ONLY licensed in AR. This child support fraud needs stopped! These folks sent a fake warrant for my arrest from AR to TN in 2009 and the district attorneys had to get the arrest stopped because I`ve never been accused of a crime. It`s one fraud thing after another. These folks involved all need to spend a VERY long time in prison. ! I have perfect records from 30 years of all of my allegations.

    482. Damare Orr says:

      The system just isnt fair for real fathers, who are there for their children.
      The guys in washington, i guess, dont care about other peoples’ lives.

    483. Shannon Heiska says:

      My fiance pays 65% of his income to two child support orders, and he still accrues arrears every month. He is left with less than $400 a month to live off of. The laws should not be set up so that a payor cannot even support himself. That is incredibly unjust and the system is obviously corrupt. His exes do not allow him to see his children, and he has even spent jail time for arrears. Child support reform is badly needed!

      • Julie wagner says:

        FYI they take 65% of my boyfriends check every week.and the system still says he is behind 16000 when he was to begin with 39000 and we gave his ex 10000 cash in court and he has been paying 80 per week on arrears for 6 years ( paid from July 2010) we are waiting after we paid Miami courts for a copy of all payment made and then pay an attorney to fix it

    484. Michele Givani says:

      I’m so sick of the lil’ “Princess Bitches”…(especially the ones that have wealthy parents that they also run to for help). They lie, get away with it, and the dads get a raw deal. What’s the use in going for a modification? The court Magistrate feels so powerful, he doesn’t even listen to the non-custodial parent! All this is too one sided, unfair, unjust, and unAmerican. What did happen to truth and justice in the American way?? I was also divorced with two children; agreed to joint physical custody; received no alimony or child support, and survived on $24 a week that was left over after my (conservative) expenses. The problem is that the “Princess Bitches” think the kids need the best of everything…including unaffordable vacations to 5 star resorts!! What on earth has this country come to? Child support reform is necessary, just like Welfare definitely needs reform!! I can’t believe that the gov’t is so ignorant to have allowed this to go on for sooooo long in this most costly manner to the taxpayers!!

    485. Jeremy Gardner says:

      There are good fathers out there and I would like to say I am one of them. I get few precious hours to spend with my daughter and it all comes down to the facts. More time spent, less money for her. It should be about me wanting to spend time with my child, which is great for her and I love more than anything. The courts side with the CP more than the NCP without looking at the case and applying the appropriate plan. If you’re a deadbeat then you need to care for your child, but if you want to see your child more and she’s just fighting you because of the money, they need a law to address that. Good Fathers should not have to pay for the mistakes of those who choose to procreate and not care for their own flesh and blood.

    486. Dana Bryant says:

      Obama needs to wake up and realize there are good fathers out there. Sometimes the mother pushes them away out of bitterness and turns the kids against their fathers. Many men have to pay so much child support that they can’t enjoy their visitation time with their children. These laws need to be adjusted right now. The kids are ultimately the ones suffering.

    487. cynthia golden says:

      The system is corrupt. My husband pays every month for years on arreages for a grown child so it is all back child support now. The interest is twice what he actually owes and keeps on being added where it will never be paid off. Now we went to get his license renewed and found out it is suspended and that is his job since it is a commercial license. Chid Support Enforcement does nothing gives you the run around they could care less as long as they get money. They want more even though he has paid faithfully every month since the order went into effect just to get his license back. We can’t get a loan because they have it on his credit. Now he will lose a job if he can’t get his license reinstated this makes no sense when he has paid and paid and they take our tax returns. To top it off the mother collects this money and the child did not live with her and now is grown. I understand why people work under the table, drive with suspended licenses or disappear the system makes it too hard on you.

      ADMIN. NOTE: This is an Additional Comment

    488. I’m a mother without my son due to those “accusations” described above. I’m so far in the hole, that I don’t plan on seeing the top of the hole anytime soon. I have a daughter that lives with my husband and I, and being low income, I can’t be accepted for food stamps, I can’t get a hunting or fishing license because if I can afford to go hunting or fishing, then I can afford to pay my support. Most jobs won’t hire me due to “bad credit” because of being behind in support. When I go in to court, I’m told that $40-$75.00 for “back support” isn’t doing the job, so they RAISE my support, job or not! Sumone needs to stand up to the system, and I’ll be there with you!!!

    489. B Noble says:

      I am a severely disabled Armed Forces Veteran and just was deemed unemployable recently (due to my conditions worsening over time).. Ohio is attempting to assign, seize, attach, and levy my VA Compensation for service-connected disabilities, even though Federal law prohibits such actions (U.S. Code, Title 38 5301 / 1159 / 3.458; and Public Law 108 – 183, 702 / Public Law 95-30).. Why are they overriding the Federal government?!?!?!

      I plan on filing for disability through social security – which they can legally take a portion (up to 50%) of that.. I have never denied to support my children, evaded the obligation, and have always tried to support them. I have worked consistently and hard all my life – until I became unemployable recently as a result of my service-connected disabilities worsening over a period of time.. Now, I am under no circumstances allowed to work.

      The mother has had a free ride the whole time – without having to work. Meanwhile, I have sacrificed my life being in the military and have worked the whole time without any periods of being unemployed…

    490. Sulaiman Basir says:

      I really need help with my case here in Ohio. Please is there anyone that could contact me: I have 15 prison months over my head for my C-support cases.
      I have always been active in my children’s lives, or I have fought to be active in their lives.

      The judicial violence in Ohio is highly unchecked and the enforcement tactics professionally handicap a parents ability to obtain gainful employment.

      One of the mother’s even wrote to a judge on my behalf requesting an alternative to a prison sentence.

      Ohio is blatantly violating several of my Constitutional and Human rights. And I am not the only one.

      Thank you in advance.

      Sulaiman 614-596-1904

    491. Clark Roundy says:


    492. Mary A Phillips says:

      Thank you.

    493. We are under a bondage that we will never be able to get out of. My husband ex wife works for child support. My husband has been unemployed, on disability. We offered her thousands at one point when we had it from relatives. But she wanted the arrears too. Which we could not afford to do. She would not take it. We are afraid of the courts system We have not received a break at anytime due to hardship. It is crazy that this could happen in the US. I really don’t think America understands what is happening. We need to be able to live and eat. Child support system needs to be reformed. They need to make a way that would help the parents who want to support their kids be able to. Are custodial who are with their kids called dead beats because they are going through hardship? No they are not. Will they have to make up for their lack in hard times by paying 2-3 times what they have lacked in the past. No. Someone has to hear our cry for help!

    494. Joshua Farr says:

      My parents divorced in ’92’ when i was 12. My older brother lived w/ my father and my younger brother and I lived w/ our mother. In 1996 my father was arrested by friend of the court, three times in the same day. My mother dropped the case but FOC says my father still owes $90k. Over $60k is just in interest since ’96’. The interest charges are double, almost triple the amount originally owed. My father has been disabled for 4 years now due to a work accident. Attorneys want to settle for little compensation because “You won’t settle because you owe friend of the court.” They make it nearly impossible to get any information other than amount owed. At least half of my fathers checks were taken while he was working, yet my mother never saw a dime. So now the state (MI) has taken thousands of $ from my father, which seems to have just disappeared. I’m 30 y.o. now, you would think there should be some way my brothers and I could get together and have the case dropped, since our mother is spiteful and unwilling to sign off on a case that was already dropped 15 years ago. Sounds to me like the state is enabling welfare fraud.
      So glad I found this site. With enough signatures we may be able to get our elected officials to at least think about doing something helpful.

    495. John Craver says:

      I have 43% custody of my son, but still pay FULL child support to Mommy (who has always worked full time, and has a decent career).

    496. Shannon Baumer says:

      I have 2 children and their father pays support to (1) dependent outside of the household to the custodial parent. He by no means fits the category of a “deadbeat” .

      However, in our situation…….our household actually qualifies for food stamps, free school lunch meals for our 2 children, medicaid, liheap, etc. as child support deductions are taken in to account.

      The household which support is made, does not receive any assistance. They too also have (1) child together.

      Right before Christmas my 2 kids father became unemployed and had “no income”. Immediately, he applied and sent resumes out to countless jobs. Mid January he finally was approved for a job to start training but that job did not come soon enough as now he is being held in contempt for willing not paying his order of support.

      Payors want to committ suicide? Someone please tell me how you explain to your 7 yr old and 12 yr old that their dad may be going to jail?

      The best interest of the kids? Does anyone realize how many depressed children we have in this world and are under a pysicians care and are medicated? It’s just not the adults. Children are depressed and are just as likely to have suicidal tendicies when families are torn apart.

      Our kids have been without for months, meaning the kids in this institution. However, if the payee was without work for 3 months it would not matter. The custodial parent can go sign up for cash assistance I suppose to supplement the loss from the payor.

      If custodial parents are not willing to work or only work part-time to collect a higher check. The the courts should grant custody to the other party.

      My children were born with a “heart” not a $ “sign”

      Bless you all ~

    497. Greg L Tanner says:


    498. Ray Santoni says:

      How do I contact you. My question to you is how far are you to presenting this in front of a goverment office. what needs to be done to make this a strong topic as was civil rights equality back in the day. I am passionate about this topic and ready to help make a sacrafice for this cause.

    499. Bankrupt says:

      Here is my story. I am a mother living in michigan and paying child support of which I am capable of doing (thank the good Lord.) I have no issue paying support to my “children” but I know that more than half of these “child support” funds are going directly into my X’s pocket for his fishing, hunting, cigarettes, booze, etc. and all the while he claims he is “permanently disabled” by the state of michigan and is allowed to collect monies for SSI, food, medical and child support. He receives more than half of my income for support alone and yet doesn’t have to claim any of these monies on his income tax and receives a refund every year more than $2,000.00. Gee, isn’t that swell for not having to work but collect another hefty sum from the government. I guess he is “owed” this money by the state for his hunting and fishing trips (weekly by the way) even though he can’t “work”. I’d love to be able to afford a Private Investigator to snoop around his home just to see how “disabled” he really is. What a crock………… It’s time for reform and NOW! I can see why people commit suicide……

    500. Tony says:

      The current uprising in TUNISIA (North Africa) is a perfect example of what will take place in the USA if the government continues to oppress us with their “BIAS CHILD SUPPORT LAWS”
      Non-Custodial parents need to unite and get out into the streets. We need REFORM NOW
      1) No drivers License suspension

      2) No Jail time.

      3) Stop passport seizures

      4) Stop destroying second families and depriving other children from eating.

      Lets organize now and get into the streets.

    501. Kimberlee Cordero says:

      Well… My husband has court in less then 24 hours for a contempt hearing..I can’t scream loud enough how the child support system is a big fraud. I made the biggest mistake of applying for medical assistance when I was pregnant with our youngest daughter… I was stupid enough to believe that becasue we were married and have been for over 15 years, and we have 4 prior children, that there would be no child support, snce we were all on the same case for medical assistance…. WRONG!!!! Now my husband is ordered to pay over twelve thousand dollars back to the state. We were making payments of a hundred dollars a month and then my husband lost his job becasue of demanding unpaid wages from his employer (that was a total of six thousand dollars). Labor and industry just won the case for my husband (almost a year later), The employer was ordered to pay $500 a month for a year. During the time of my husband being unemployed, I was hospitalized for 3 months, he was then homeless with the children and was only ever able to earn enough to keep rooms and food available for them. No payments were made until about a month and a half ago. My husband finally obtained new employment in which he used his first 2 checks to provide housing for the family. i am now a full time college student and he cares for the children.. When they arrested him for non payment (even though we started making payments) They asked for 400 dollars on bail… Tomorrow he faces the judge and possible imprisonment… No drivers License, he lost his job again because of being in Jail for 3 days, and losing his license. I fail to understand how, if the father is with the mother of the children, married and supporting the family, financially, Mentally, spirtiually and every other way possible… He can be sent to prison in the name of the Children… I never thought this would happen to us, I served this country for many years in the ARMY… My husband always was there and never abandoned his family… I was on welfare for less then a year!! (WITH NO CASH ASSISTANCE) Now they are causing him to go to jail, I will have to go on Welfare, lose my schooling and possibly my home AGAIN!!!! My children only know that the STATE puts families in foster care and prison for MONEY, not for crimes against Society!!! It is all bull ****!! I wish there was a way to put a stop to this raping of the American family!!

    502. mike luna says:

      Every child support case is different but when it comes to corruption CSE is one of a kind. I took on the CSE AGENCY in court without an attorney and won. they were ordered by the court to remove over$25,000.00 in arrears and interest. i had exposed their corruption and extortion, US Mail fraud, misapropriations of funds. i also had the child support reduced from over $1000.00 a month to just under $500.00 a month. it took just over four months of sudying the child support law and found the means to take them to court. funny thing the judge that handled the case soon resigned or retired from the bench, it maybe possible that the judge was tired of being on the wrong side? i just wished there was more good and honest judges like that one behind all Child Support Court benches. good luck don’t stop till they drop.

    503. DENNIS BLACKMAN says:


    504. Terry Snyder says:

      As a working IT business professional and father, the child support award was so much that I had file for bankrupsy. The mother is on welfare and the county DA sued me and awarded the CP 25 percent of my net income. I asked for some custody and it was denied. I am now in arrears to the amount of $3000. They took my passport and told me that my next tax return would be confiscated. DCSS is rude, uncaring and don’t care if I survive or die. The CP want’s more money, the award was $1000.00 and uses it to buy tv’s, clothes for herself and a home. Meanwhile I sit in an appartment that I can barely afford. Something must change. The mediator was biased against me, even though the CP admitted to getting pregnant for financial gain.

    505. Martin Thomas says:

      Just one more disgrace. There is no reason for this in America.

    506. lester colen says:

      humm i have been thinking about how mutch money could be saved by leting fathers do thair owen work in child support .
      i have been paying child support for 35 years and i still owe 25 thousand dollars
      in arrerrages is thair a light at the end of the tunnel not for me.

      anyway back to problems at hand get the lic back useing the homeland securty thing
      and get rid of all chiod support coletion officers that are paid oh look
      25$ un hour and if like my state has at least 1,000 of theam .
      i am not a math geniues but 1000×25=25,000 dollars un hour just for my state alone
      put information on the back of drivers lic in the magnetic strip and let the ones that owe child support work for theamself plus wear i live you have to show a drivers lic and ss card when hired slip the drivers lic threw a reader and get the info with in sec instead of waiting 2 weeks for mail.
      i know of a few child molesters that have thair dl thay can drive wear ever thay want to

      good going doc. but owe child support and count on your dl being gone with the wind.

      oh wow ya have to carrie proof of insurance so why not carrie proof of employment
      so when you get a job and you are behind on your support you can show theam proof of employment . and if it is laget employment and thair not holding out your childsupport money thay are in line for a law suit and if you have no proof of employment you get a ride to county till you can show reason for driveing and not supporting
      oboma binladin said bush pushed some car into a ditch and he has a bad job ahead of him to get that car out of the ditch well i am not helping him get it out because with out a drivers lic i will have to push the car to wear ever obama binladin wants it .
      speaking of rights i better hurry with this becuase i hear our freedom of speach will be next to go i hope this all works


      if every one wants to get things done ya have to form a group a large group make
      a move on your state capital and stand your grounds at all cost if ya don`t stand togeather ya just as well get out the ky gel and head for your childsupport office

    507. daniel Shenberger says:

      My friend just had a hearing and has to pay child support to her ex. He makes 30.00 bucks and hour plus has a live in girlfriend who works. MY friend cant even make a car payment , plus many financial issues. These are laws that can not be black and white!
      People suffer ,children always suffer.
      House hold finacial studies need to be done on a case to case basis. Also taking someones license? Thats the dunbest thing I ever heard!

      Over the years I have heard so many stories!

    508. Jess E Liles Jr says:

      I have been in the court system for over 4 years, and paid thousands to attorneys, this current system is broke and needs immediate reform! New Mexico is the worst state in the union as far as being corrupt goes, and will openly will tell you, that the system is broke, but its the best we got……Sorry.

      signing and praying!

    509. Patience MUDEKA says:


    510. christopher sabin says:

      I took care of my kids all their life while their mother, did what ever it is she was doing including stripping. My girlfriend took time out of work to help take care of my kids. ater seven years my ex decided to take the kids and immidiately reinstated child support she had filed while the kids were with me and my girlfriend. Now I OWE $30,000 plus in back child support and pay $600 per month on my $15 dollars an hour paycheck. i never went to court they just started taking money out of my check.
      At one point after i realized she had filed for support while I had the kids and she was collecting public aid, I confranted her and she ended up signing an agreement with me that said I didn’t owe any child support and didn;t have to pay anymore, IT WAS SIGNED AND NOTORIZED . But now the child support claims it lost even though it shows I had a zero balance since the time we signed the agreement. SO now i have to pay for her and her husbands living expenses. Whatever happened to good old America?

    511. Richard A Fenske says:

      There is also another petition at for “non-custodial parental rights”, please everyone sign this one also, change will only come if we all pressure
      the lawmakers for it, also The Brady Amendment U.S. Code title 42, 666 section A-9-c
      Stating that ” (c) not subject to retroactive modification by such state or by any other state;” MUST BE REPEALED OR AMENDED TO BE EQUITABLEY FAIR, this clause
      prohibits any reevaluation, modification under any circumstances at this time, while
      countless thousands are being victimized and criminalized every day because of
      inaccurate support order information that the Government says we have no right to have corrected, this is utter bullshit, our rights are being violated & our lives destroyed.

    512. jason felton says:

      we need to get more organised . the public must be made aware. what if they began treating other debts in this same manner as child support. this is slavery. this is why we fought the revolution in the first place. we americans are supposed to be the greatest culture on the planet. but we havn;t learned. history does indeed repeat its self

      Iis time to stand and shout. TAKE MY MONEY AND EVERY THING I OWN

    513. Hector E. Sanchez says:

      For too long the system has force the NCP into poverty and underemployment. It’s time for a change!

    514. Douglas Tielbur says:

      I’ve been a slave to child support for over 30 yrs. now. Long story but the fact remains that slavery was not abolished with the Emancipation Proclomation.

    515. Cedric Harrison says:

      It’s time for the government to get their greedy hands out of our family issues!

    516. Terry W Preble says:

      Lets see I owe 50,000 dollars went through 5 years of depresion 4 years with out my driving license 4 years with out my occupational license all my recreational licences mean while my kids were spending more time with me then they were there mothers in the end i was forced to join them cause i sure as hell couldnt beat them.i went on tanf. cause that was the only way to get my license back so i could get my kids back and fourth cause by tyhis time i had custody of them ive never recieived a penny in support anyway i will be in debt for ever with this child support and soon they will take all my licences once again.thats just part of my story the story of destroying the man i was and now im this person that will never own or have anything but ia bill that will never get payed.if ever laws needed to be changed.maybe some 1 needs to take a closer look at the big picture and realize maybe its the mothers that should be paying as well for money they didnt realy need cause they should of stayed home where they were well taken care of.Its to easy for a woman to leave get set up in a house and have an all expences paid vacation.

    517. what ever i can do i will please contact me if you need someone to stand somewhere to get signautres

    518. Teshanna Stephens says:

      My bf has been payed up every bu last month cause of my seizure medicine and having drive 4 hrs away other doctors is a hole in pocket and he only $150.00 beheaded in payment but there saying he is $310.00 we had my father recheck it only and it he came $150.00 beheaded as well.Now my bf cousin hasn’t payed kid support in year and half there not anything about him but my has been paying for 8 years and there can harassing him and throw him in jail twice now cause he missed one payment.But his cousin who hasn’t paid for year and half is allowed walk free is not right.My bf hasn’t seen his seen lil girl since she 3 months old and she will be 9 in dec 2010.His ex gf stand if front of judge told them she doesn’t allow him see her which in are state visiten rights are allowed but sheis breaking the agreement term and they told him get a lawyer.We don’t even know if she still in the states neither does the court house cause she don’t update her address.His lil girl don’t know who real dad is cause she her mom keeps switching men the reason I know so well we where close friends at one time until she pulled this.

    519. Max Pearl says:

      Shakespeare forgot to include the judges

    520. Nelson Prado says:

      I dont understand why there aren’t many more signatures on here. Its seems Americans have become so docile and complacent to being abused by our leaders. We have become a nation of, Jello for brains, slaves. I am concerned that my government abuses me, lies to my face and uses me. Why aren’t more people upset about this? America was built by patriotic citizens that questioned and shaped their government. What ever happened to those people? Take a stand, turn off those mind numbing reality shows and spread the word..

      FROM ADMINISTRATOR. Dear Padro, I Truly do not understand myself. 40,000 plus people have passed through this Petition and at present we have approx. 800 signatures. Every ‘SINGLE’ tax payer is paying for these atrocities, (to include suicides), and how in the hell they can turn their back? “What I’ve done unto the least of my brethren”, Truly comes to mind and heart when I see the blatant ‘I’m smiling, so I don’t care about those who suffer around me, nor the next generation of victims…’ In my opinion, we’ve lost our Country in so very many ways and people don’t seem to care as long as thier world is running smoothly.

    521. Eric Sias says:

      count me in.

    522. Paula Snyder (for Michael McCoy) says:

      I have been with Mike for four years, we have a three year old son together and between us 3 daughters. His ex-wife used the child support system to make his life a living hell. She calls every week if not every day, works under the table so they can’t track her money, uses the child support to go out and party with, she doesn’t even take care of her children, her sister and mother do. All she cares about is the money, she does not care about the kids and things became even worse three years ago when both her daughters said they wanted to come live with us….well I don’t blame them considering everyother week its a different man being brought around them. The child support system is corrupt, it screws men and women alike that have to pay….it takes the side of the parent with the children and does not consider that they may be abusing the system…..I could only hope that the whole thing is taken away. I know personally I have paid for my own daughter…she is 18 years old and I have never gotten a dime nor did I ask for one…screw that crap and screw him…she is mine and I did it on my own…I have the right to say she is what she is because of me.

    523. Hannah Ness says:

      i pray this works child support is a scam

    524. David Jenkins says:

      ohio chilld supports laws suck bad!! i can even see my son but 4 times a month. and pay 533 a month

    525. Raul Cortes says:

      there is no justice for fathers, I believe the system is benefiting from it. i hope this works.

    526. Jason Featherston says:


    527. Jennifer Hawkins says:

      I have seen to many children and fathers in circumstances due to the lack of rights for most fathers if they are unable to afford legal representation or even be able to go to court to defend their rights to see their child. I think that the current laws that protect many of these mothers and do nothing to protect the fathers creates a lack of responsibility in would be mothers who believe that they can have as many children as they wish and not really have to support them…and even give negligible care so as to have more monies for themselves. These old stereotypes that set men up as providers and women up as nurtures is ridiculous it rarely applies these days, roles are versatile. Actually if the roles were reversed (since this is an equal society and could be right) we would be less condemning of women I think, if they could not afford excessive “child tax” lets just call it that, “child tax” rather than support fore that is precisely what this has become. Support should not be considered simply monetary.
      This is not currently a nation of equality as long as these laws remain as they are. We have rights for every person in this country except for today’s fathers, interesting. This effects ever one and everything as it filters through.

    528. Corey Lewis says:


    529. Jamie Grant says:

      i just can’t believe domestic relations anymore. i’ve been doing this 12 yrs now with no problems with paying or paying increases. but now, they are ready to increase it again. and to a point where i will be left with nothing to live off to make my own bills. i do not waste money now. and my kids are already sick of coming to my place because i cannot afford to do things with them like their mothers. it doesn’t matter to d r if you are a goodparent or a bum. i think they rather prefer you to be a bum. it’ seems like they like to ruin a parents relationship with their kid(s).

    530. Brian Hutchings says:

      Time for Child Support, CPS, and court reform(s) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations as well as the rest of the nation and world to have Shared Parenting (Joint Physical Custody as well as Joint Legal Custody) the default expectation for families with children and at the time of a child’s birth even if the parents may not be married.

    531. James Caldwell says:


    532. Steve Haviland says:


    533. Andrew Egbert says:

      My two boys were taken into into protective custody after DHS found out that the VA was paying me compensation for Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, and Major Depression. That was my mistake telling the case worker who came to visit the boys and I. After two years of battling with DHS (ADAPT treatment-passed, anger management treatment-passed, constant nagging for my VA medical records which the VA refused to disclose to them, and parenting classes) they decide that I can never parent alone. The wife and I couldn’t parent them together, so I decided in the best interest of the boys to sign them over for adoption.

      My child support is still incurring monthly amounts, even though they said that all I would have to pay was past due.

    534. All,
      The Florida Child Support Enforcement system is a scam. I used to never believe that until my ex-husband used this system to take custody of my son away from me, abuse me by using the court system when I didn’t give in to his demands and then, the worst thing….he abused my son. He’s lucky he’s not dead. After my son was brave enough to disclose the abuse to the authorities (who didn’t prosecute the pervert because of the child support dispute between us), I was finally able to get my son out of that pedophile’s presence. You should know that my son took and passed a polygraph about the abuse and the assessor from the sheriff’s office reported that my son is suffering from severe depression and trauma and should avoid his own biological father for safety reasons, so what my son said was indeed true.

      I am still involved in a disgusting battle with Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement and I feel so bad for all of you as I have experienced some of the same circumstances. I have been successful in getting the state to open an investigation into my case, although they are trying to cover up their misconduct. I have a website that I created only to tell our story and to let others know what is happening to us because of this broken system. I have also uploaded contacts that I have accumulated over my past 12 months of fighting for others to use if you they could help. I am just trying to right the many wrongs in my case, get my son and I out from under the threat of abuse by proxy from my ex-husband (domestic violence) and get the DOR CSE agency to stop aiding and abetting my ex in his criminal acts.

      The web-site is Thanks for listening to me and I wish everyone luck with what I am sure is a nightmare with the child support system.

      NOTE from Admin. I have made a permanent link of your website to the left of our Petition. My prayers for you and your son will always be upon my heart.

    535. Patricia Dowling says:


    536. Cesar A Garay says:

      Thanks to Manny, that recomended this site . I believe there is no justice for the American fathers, and beleve the system is benifiting from it.

    537. Alan R. Miller says:

      I dated a girl for two weeks. She got pregnant. First she said she would have an abortion that I paid for. When I learned that she didn’t do it, she aid she spent the money. She then said she was giving it up for adoption. I filled out pages and pages of paperwork for the adoption agency. Then, months later, I was sued for Child Support – she lied again. It ruined my life. I have no job and no money anymore because of this. When I am lucky enough to get a job, they take 51% of my checks immediately, making it impossible to live. No DNA Test was done even though I requested it. She was with other men as well as me I later found out. I want this to be over before I kill myself.

    538. Mtthew Bower says:

      I have court in about 4 hours. I am being charged with Contempt of court for “Wilfully disobeying a court order to pay support.

      I am 23 years old and live in PA. First off I don’t drive/own a car It’s hard to find work in my area concidering I live in the country. Sad thing is My girlfriend dropped support back in April 2010 as well as my arrearages. She signed the papers and they told her it was done but I would have to pay back a portion of my balance to “Cash assistance” that she is on. About 2 weeks ago I got mail and there it was. I’m being charged with “Contemp of court”. After she “dropped support” I didn’t get anything in the mail from Domestic Relations about missed payments or anything. I thought to myself thank GOD it’s over. I was wrong. My fault for not calling domestics to confirm. I hate dealing with them though. They told her yesterday when she called to see what was going on that it never went through because she is on cash assistance. Even though they reduced the cash she was receiving from Assistance. I really don’t know what I am going to do. Im enrolled in LCCC for the fall semester….

    539. Selim Nuri says:

      Child support laws were originally meant to help mothers and children left behind by a father. The mother had no means to make an income due to having been a homemaker and therefore not being able to go into the workforce without proper training.

      This has not been exactly the case for most families the last 30 years and certainly not the case today. Most fathers want to be in their kids lives and many want to share the responsibilities of caregiving and raising their children. Why are we still today assuming the father is out there only working and “still” must be the breadwinner when many women have careers with good incomes.

      And, what about the fathers who have significant amount of time with their children, share custody and those who want to have more time? If we truly want the best interests of the children and for those fathers who have proven that they are just as capable to nurture and guide their children, then be true to the idea of “best interest of the children”.

      I share custody of my daughter with 40% of the time. Plus I pickup my daughter from school 4 days a week. But, her mother is jealous of my relationship with my daughter. She even signed her up for several weeks of summer camps just so that I don’t spend much time with my daughter during the week due to the fact that I work weekend nights. She has mentioned several times that it was unfair that she has to work during the week and that I had the week free. I would love to be able to help fathers who want to be invovled more in their kids’ lives.

    540. Dennis Lockett says:

      It appears that this issue is finally being address it’s terrible how they do us. Like if you had the money you would want to take care of your sons and daughters. Just another tool to keep us a tie up in the system. Please believe!

    541. Jenn Walt says:

      This rediculous system is tearing my family apart. Once again, a worthless parent, collecting so much money from us monthly is still collecting welfare! We need to be able to allow non custodial parents the right to sign over all rights. If we don’t visit the child, why should we be stuck? Men have no rights! The woman has the last decision once pregnancy is determined, therefore, she should be responsible. Come on America

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