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President Obama; Legislatures

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To all who have signed this petition, will yet sign this petition, and to those who wished they could sign this petition;


To the President of these United States, Mr. Barak H. Obama, Members of Congress, The Governors of these 50 several States, and their respective Legislative Representatives.

This is an open letter, although it may seem frank and to the point, it none-the-less is a subject of GROWING concern to ALL Americans.


The financial cannibalism presently known as: “Statewide Child Support Enforcement” is eating away at the fabric of the American Family. Divorced and re-married individuals, single persons, domestic partners and most of all our Children are suffering from runaway greed. If it is not reigned in, it will become a scourge upon too vast a portion of citizenry resulting in social doom and a further socio/econ decline of the American Nation.

This letter does not concern parents that have walked out on their children and left them destitute.

Over the past few months, as I was engaged in an Appeal in the California Appellate system, on the very same subject, I have been reviewing these Petitions, and do hereby associate with those who have had the courage to tell their personal stories of how a County or Burrough has; “Rail ~Roaded,”… “Steamrolled,” …. Denied DUE PROCESS, and/or otherwise “Herded” hundreds of thousands of honest people into the economic gas chambers known as; “Child Support Enforcement.” Primarily over OUT-OF CONTROL INTEREST/PENALTY structures that keep a payor spouse in hock endlessly.

In each case of support enforcement, the governmental agency receives 50-60% on each and every dollar they collect in an Child Support action. If the interest cannot be halted, that party may well be consumed by the dragon that eventually eats its own tail.

My story is twenty years long. It has traveled up and down the State of California, involved more than 8 Superior Court Judges, one Commissioner, a parade of Attorn~eys, two DCSS’s, four State Attorney Generals, two Appellate Districts, and one California Supreme Court, and visited four counties.

Yet, in all of this litigational fanfare, I have never had any opportunity to tell my part of the story. (I have been through it all, and I do mean all.)

In fact, in the court’s opinion, (Unpublished), the Cal. App. 1/3, (7/2009), Acknowledged my claim that the lower court had violated my Due Process*. However, it refused to send my case back for a rehearing or interpret my appeal as a writ, as I had requested.


One answer. MONEY. State Funds are supplied through the Department of H.E.W., H.H.S. and then down to the state dole payout through what is known as: Title IV-D BLOCK GRANT FUNDING, coming under the Social Security Administration defined under U.S.C Title 42: Section 454, 651 & 666, Et Seq. You can look them up online or go to any County Law Library.

If they would give me a chance to submit my documents and give me a chance to be heard they will know the real truth. Extrinsic Fraud on a court of law.

But, that might make the county liable to pay back the Feds for failing to follow State Mandated Laws adapted by the Legislatures from the federal rules.

Regardless of the details, The States have enacted laws that places too many people on the streets, in emotional and economic straits, and deprives them of an equal application of the law. Not to mention EQUAL PROTECTION.

In my latest go round, I had to go against four A.G.s, defending a judgment that was obtained through fraud on two courts. I had to do all of the research, the typing of the briefs, printing and appeared in pro-per in the California Supreme Court facing a three panel Court without any assistance from ANY governmental Agency, while both my ex-wife and the county DCSS DEFAULTED on their response Briefs, and in violation of California Rules of Court.

All of this in Denial of the “Elkins Family Law Task Forces’ ” admonitions NOT to deny a ‘Self~Represented~Litigant” A Right to be heard. Hippocrates! One and All!

They VIOLATE their oaths of office and their Judicial Cannons. Their Robes are Stained with with the uglyness and disrespect of PREJUDICE.

And they do it to continue the payouts from the feds.

Mr. President and members of Congress, will you PLEASE consider Child Support Reform? We are not asking you to cut kids off. We are asking you to reign in out of control Family Law Courts.

If thou kill the goose that layeth the golden egg, from whence shalt thou eat thy breakfast? How shalt thy city be defensed, and how shalt the people envision the future?

Then on the morrow, what shalt thou tell unto the orphans who have no Fathers, (and Mothers), to lead them into adulthood and into the strength and will of a unified nation and people?

Respectfully Yours,


* Due Process is a Guaranteed Right Protected by the Supremacy Clause and the United States Constitution.

Please take a moment and SIGN for Child Support Reform. You do not have to be directly involved in the Child Support System to Sign this Petition. Yet, we are all apart of the System; if someones’ U.S. Constitutional Rights are being violated, you are being violated. How much more Government interference are you able to put up with? Presently, the Children are always the losers; relationships are being ruined, thousands go to jail and thousands commit suicide each year! PLEASE USE THE COMMENT FORM TO SIGN LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE; Thank You!

“The more of us we have, the more hope we have and hope is the commodity we need; RIGHT NOW!”

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426 Responses to “President Obama; Legislatures

  1. Shawn says:

    I’m a father of two boys I love very much I’ve been paying child support even before court order, I never had and issue with paying but still in the end I can’t afford my own place the amounts some people pay are just outrageous and the thing that’s gets me the most no ones bothers to find out or ask why the parents are splitting apart , no they just assume its the fathers fault Florida is a mother child state some times the mother isn’t always the best choice, my kids would love to live with me but she’s not going to let them and i cant afford a lawyer so here i am living in my mothers house cause i cant afford to do anything and the more you make the more department of revenue takes.

  2. Christopher Jermaine Powell says:

    Please do something we’re dying out here and no one cares.

  3. mchael ams says:

    well only god and jesus christ can change this but…………that shall become possible once the bible prophecy is fulfilled and its time to live in heaven(the new earth) AMEN

  4. Lauryn Pettrey says:

    we need more blogs just like this one in this

  5. Chris Wrona says:

    System is flawed!!

  6. Chris Wrona says:


  7. Les says:

    The child support system in NY has wreaked havoc in my family. My husband was ordered to pay retroactive child support for his daughter even for the years when her mother left with her new boyfriend and my husband was the one raising her. Everything out of her mouth was a lie. He has always gotten the worst judges who would not allow him to defend himself or present his evidence that this woman was a dishonest sociopath. This system needs to change because the children are the ones suffering as a result. Today, my husband’s today has turned on her father who has gone above and beyond to provide for her because her mother has threatened to disown her if she sides with him. This system is sick and these judges are beyond incompetent.

  8. Ray Beaudry says:

    YEAH , WHAT THEY ALL SAID!! I so concur.

    • Brendy Serrano says:

      Taking driver’s license is making it worst for parents to commute, tempting them the drive without one changing the hands of fate to getting pulled over and play court fees all the while getting further and further behind in payments. The state gets there’s because no one wants a FTP, and those who don’t pay, go to jail for a warrant which ends there employment… So there are gaps all in the”Justice”system that need a honest look at how this system is failing these kids.

  9. Don says:

    Please reform immediately!!!!

    All of us are not deadbeat Dads..

    The good fathers should not be punished because of the bad fathers..

    Our babies need us..

    God please help us…in Jesus name.

  10. Tovarious Maclin says:

    Please help !!!! Tennessee cs laws are sickening…I take care of my kids everyday whatever they need I supply….this state took it upon itself to place me on Cs which is called family first smh…..they have revoked my driving license and all of my other entitlements vehicle registration etc… I’m being treated like a criminal without any type of criminal record I’m not a deadbeat … I’m the homework dad lol I do everything with my babies but the state only sees money for them…..changes need to be made the system is very messy. I don’t understand how these states can make u a prisoner without even letting u talk to them cause their mind is already made up Money or jail so we give them money and please don’t try to explain ur situation cause won’t hear it …they just automatically look at u as a deadbeat

  11. Derrick Cunningham says:

    30 Years for one person suicide

  12. Kinnard reed says:

    They don’t even consider your rights and ability to pay my child been with me since see was in grammar school all the way through college me and my child lived with my mother and father while growing up my mom and dad ,myself included took care of my kids , I never keep any receipts because me and the child mother never had any money issues because the children never wanted for any needs but yet and still my license get suspended then set an outrageous amount for me to pay at once or payments which I can’t pay due to unemployment for years and disability to stand or place my legs under stress ,I have shoulder and back injuries from car accidents that also hinder me yhe process is very unfair besides being unconstitiona by someone deciding what previdge they should take from you who came up with that and not my situation but what about people with paternity issues or people who have always been with their children reform is needed

  13. Chris says:

    Im in California and I do have back child support that almost $40,000 plus the arears interest that is giving me to much difficulty in my life , because no matter you work double jobs still not sure that you be able to continue making a payment for the child support, because economy is up and down and that’s why no matter the non custody parents do we also the victim and they suspend our driver license if we dont make a payments, so how we can go to work take a bus or taxi ,yes we can do that but for how long. They should change the LAW about not suspending the driver licenses and have some concern to all the Non custody Parents that having difficulties in life like me.

  14. Stephanie says:

    The more you make the more they take. My husband has no job is disabled cant even get ssi i pay child support. His baby mama gets $250 a month for her heroin addiction while living with her multimillionare parents and pays nothing. We have 5 kids and after bills and diapers and child supporr we cant even pay for our kids school supplies or new clothes. But her kids goes to florida, has a closet full of clothes, and anything he wants. My husband cant even see the kid even when she gives ok and sets day. Only wants to get him alone because she wants my husband and has stated it. She has lied throughout the system, waited 6 years to finally tell them where we lived then tried to get him put in jail. When it turns out that the child had more of her dna than his bc their dna almost matches.

  15. TJ Shelton says:

    The Florida Child Support Enforcement is a nightmare for non custodial parents who actually pay their child support; they are treated like they don’t pay! This agency has entirely too much power and are so inept. They take forever to update my account with payments made and have sent tax refund intercept letters when I didn’t even owe arrears! There is zero accountability and the departments don’t wven communicate with each other. Thank the Lord my child support obligation ends in three months and I never have to deal with these idiots again! This system is in desperate need of reform. I also believe that child support SHOULD NOT be determined by income! My greedy ex was okay with getting $200 of the $400 her 2nd ex husband was suppose to pay but because I made more money wanted $2000 a month from me. She also has destroyed the relationship with my 2 children and myself with lies. The politicians need to realize that non custodial parents vote too! I am sure votes have something to do with the lack of CSE reform!

  16. Maria Cabrera says:

    We really do need a reform.

  17. Jimmy Wakefield says:

    I thinks its unfair for the fathers who do work hard to take care of their kids and STILL have to pay child support and stll are not allowed to file any type of exemptions on their tax returns. Its unfair for the women who pay child support as well. When will there any type of justice for us?????The kids are the losers in these situations and its REALLY unfair for them. We got do better when it comes to situations like this and i know majority of America will agree with me. Because of the certain income percentage we have to pay in child support, many of us have to get second jobs in order to survive, keep the lights on, pay our bills, and some cases provide food for our own household…….Locking people up instead of finding a way to help is RIDICULOUS!!!!!

  18. Anthony james Courville says:

    I work 2 full time jobs and I am home less I see my kids every other weekend but since I have no place to live I am forced to do thing in the community and miss out on opportunity for over night stay. I have begged my ex wife to give me 50/50 joint psychical custody so that I can keep my money at home so I can have a home, she has told me no over and over again. I cant even get state assistance because I make too much money. But yet she is on welfare. I don’t know how the world can overlook such blatant slavery. And no I don’t do drugs and have not remarried. She got married to a convict who is on disability a month after our divorce. I have served the community in all my job my whole life everything from taken care of the elderly to serving the hero veteran’s of our great nation. I have been beat down over and over again. I have been working 2 jobs off and on for almost 9 years now and yet I am homeless.

  19. Amy luster says:

    My story is too long and too much to put in a few paragraphs but I have suffered all I have read. Please start making things fair for ALL PARTIES INVOLVED and stop the greed. I’m dying from cancer and can’t take it anymore. I need an attorney but don’t have 5 grand (duh) to fix this. Please help before I die
    Thank you Amy LUSTER

  20. Mark Neff says:

    I was working on my ex wife’s car when I fell on me. We divorced and she hit me for child support that I paid for two years before going out of work do to chronic pain from her car falling on me. She told the courts when asked if she knew anything about my injuries and so lied and said no. I am filing for disability and I have a judge trying to lock me up before I get a decision from SSDI. She lives in Florida, I have no contact with my son since she got remarried and when she sent the child support to Virginia where I live she only checked the boxes saying that VA can collect and incarcerate me but they can’t lower the support order. It’s not that I don’t want to pay but I am unable to pay. There is a big difference between the two.

  21. Jaime Baron says:

    How is forcing one parent to live on the verge of bankruptcy supposed to be good for the children? Yes, let’s move forward in a fairer manner, having support more accurately reflect reality.

  22. Patrick Chappell says:

    the best intrest of the child is not line the custodial parents pockets with money leaving the other parent with no financial means to do anything for himself or his child its a 50/50 situation it took two it takes two so split every thing down the middle, not just select cost and expenses that come up when raising a child

  23. Kevin. Seago says:

    I pay child support and I don’t no where my son is I haven’t seen him sense he was a baby and he is 5 year’s old now .please stop this it is not fair to us. Not have seen your child sense he wad a baby that is a hurting thing.

  24. Jarrod Simmons says:

    My signature Is on this petition. I’ve been fighting the court system for 6 years over child support that I’m supposed to pay based on a paternity affidavit. The worthless mother refuses to answer her door therefore, serving her papers proves to be nearly impossible. The court takes her side by continuing my court dates in order to give me time to get her served. When in the hell will I see justice. I’m the one that continues to go to court. I’m the one that continues to pay fees and legal expenses. I’m the one that continually wastes time waiting on a dead end to open up. It’s my life that is being wasted by this useless female that refuses to comply or cooperate. These useless females deserve to sit in jail and waste their lives on nothing while the slow court system fails. These petty, lying females deserve to have their tongues torn from their mouths so the rest of society will know what people they are. Saving the rest of us that are decent and honest from the tragedy and disparity of your worthless lies. Reform it now, the honest, law abiding, upstanding American citizens are the only ones that this putrid system affects and offends.

  25. Shemika Perkins says:

    Like many who have signed my husband and I know all too well how corrupt the child support system is. I can go on and on regarding this issue but I will leave with this, the federal government may have had good intentions when child support began but greed and free range have created a MONSTER that only GOD can ever contain. I pray that everyone affected by this monster strength and and positive energy!

    • Ryan Berry says:

      child support has ruined my life on more than one occasion, my first case i actually tried to file myself while i had two jobs at a young age of 19.
      for two years i tried, young and dumb.. i figured i might as well being that i knew she wasn’t trying to work, but the mother wouldn’t agree to it because in her mind i was looking for custodial rights witch i was not..
      so listening to one of her friends moms, she put one of those good behavioral warrants on me just so i’d stop approaching her with papers..
      we get in front a judge and he ask her if she wants it.. she replies no.. he asked her a second time with a puzzled look on his face.. to witch she still replied with a no..
      the judge tell her from this moment forth that she could not bring me up on child support.
      now that new laws for gov asst on Medicaid.. the state of Georgia file me, but she still receive benefits.. witch coast me my license , had to drop out of my cdl class, and even stop me from working alot of jobs needs to support my self and other kids i have that not on child support..
      now i’m in debt and cant even get a chance to be the man i want to be in my kids life due to this

    • Connie sanchez says:

      Child support in Georgia is very unfair

  26. Kenneth Neal Rogers says:

    I completely agree that there must be some dramatic changes to the laws the govern the child support process because of the unfair process and way out that’s fair and still not giving us due process which we are untitled to under the law and thus ending any chance we may have of living some normal life after breakfast coming part of the massive black hole (Child support system) . If changes are not made you will only have even more cases that are unfair and illegal collections and uncontrollable interest that will create even more illegal collections that are out of control and unfair and unjust. I beg you to step in and take our advice that the Child support system needs to be rewritten and laws changed and previous cases over turned and thrown out of court and key decisions to be made on a case by case decision. I’ve been through hell and back with California child support system and I couldn’t even began to explain all the turmoil I’ve been through and still trying to fix and get the case back on the way to becoming fair and the more I try to fix it the more I realize that it’s really fucked up and no one cares but me. I will never be able to pay all the money I owe because I don’t have the money and can’t earn the money I once made before being permanently injured at work which left with a 63% permanent disability and I’m 51 year’s old with 9 kids and I’m not sure how much more I can take before I just snap and who knows what may happen then.

    Kenny Rogers

  27. Kim Montero says:

    I’m a mother that pays support. I can barely make ends meet. I pay my support so as to not lose my DL. If I default in a month I will lose it an not get it back unless I come up with $5000.00 my children are with me often I truly feel I’m in a hole I cannot dig out of :( it puts you in a sad place. I see why so many just commit suicide.

  28. Jeffery M. Early says:


  29. Adam says:

    This child support stuff is ruining families and peoples lives child support needs to be GONE!

  30. Laly says:

    Lazy Baby Mommas Jist collecting checks

  31. Robert Bostick says:

    my story is the same as all these others my ex wife hates me so the law allows her to punish me through poverty i dont get to see my kids i lost my job and i almost nothing to live off of i have to rent a room because i cant afford housing i cant afford food this needs to stop i thought this was america

  32. tara Harper says:

    Something needs to be done, this has gotten out of control!

  33. Travor Truitt says:

    Making a long story short. I fell behind on child support due to losing my employment. Since then, I have enlisted into the military and am making full child support payments to include the amounts in arrearage. Since then, my license have been suspended 3 times, assets have been frozen twice, and now a lein has been placed on my bank accounts due to “refusal to pay child support”. I have a court ordered child support stating how much I should be paying and I am paying that but my accounts have still been garnished. Please reform this corrupt system.

  34. Lauren Boyd says:


  35. Lawrence Sanchez says:

    This is how they are treating us. Below I have a letter of what I wrote that happened to me and sent this to the State of Louisiana Child Sevice Office also.

    I am sending this letter in regards to my extreme dissatisfaction with your
    Agency’s performance.
    My child support is garnished from my weekly pay checks due to the fact that the Mother of my Child
    opted to obtain Medicaid in addition to the insurance I provide for him. This was her right, and I
    understand that. When this began I was under the belief that your Agency would handle this in a prompt
    and accurate manner.
    Approximately 4 years ago, I received a check from your Agency refunding a portion of the Child Support
    that had been garnished from my wages. I immediately called to question this as I had never heard of
    such a thing. I was informed by your office that this was correct, that due to the fact some Months have
    five collections from my pay instead of four I had overpaid and was receiving the excess balance back
    (minus a small amount that must remain in your care in case of a lapse in payment for any reason? a sort
    of ‘kush fund’). I was informed this would continue to occur shortly after longer Months. This seemed like
    a very good explanation and since it came directly from your offices I took it as correct. I continued to
    receive checks periodically from then on. Since I had been told by your offices it was correct, I merged
    that into my household funds where it was consumed.
    Approximately a Month back (February 2015) I received a letter in the mail from your office stating that I
    had a delinquent balance. It came on the very same day I received another check. I immediately called to
    question this. I was informed that this was a mistake and would be cleared up.
    About a week ago (during the first week of May 2015) I received another letter stating I was in arrears. I
    called your offices again and pressed the matter. It was at this point that your office reviewed my case
    and found that there was a sequence of consecutive errors on the part of your office for the past four
    years, and the checks I had initially questions were in error.
    It has now been determined by your offices that I owe $8,976.93 in arrearages and will be charged
    interest on this and be subject to a vast number of potential penalties until this sum is paid back.
    I would at this point like to request a copy of my case history be e?mailed to me in
    full (including monetary collections and disbursements) so that I may perform my
    own audit to verify the findings of your office as I no longer have the trust I
    started out with.
    I would also like to request a Letter of Acknowledgement from your office stating
    that this arrearage was due to a clerical error on your part so that I may have that
    on file should any future issue arise from this situation.
    I understand I have little choice but to pay this sum (should it be determined
    accurate), but I would like very much for you to take a moment and think about
    how this ineptitude on the part of your office has placed a very large strain not
    only on my household to meet this financial burden that I was unprepared for,
    but also has taken years off the progress in the relations of our divided
    households and re?created animosity that had smoldered down. Please take time
    to consider the effect that your actions and specifically the accuracy of your daily
    work places on others. This is a very serious matter with very serious ramifications
    in our lives and to say that it has been detrimental and is ‘unfair’ is an
    understatement in every way. I would like to request some sort of penalty be
    placed on the individual(s) responsible for these errors in lieu of the effect they
    have had and will continue to have.


  36. Terence Hillman says:

    Reform is long overdue. The sad part is good father’s like myself even when you pay the support are faced with a struggle even to spend time with their son or daughter. The system is broken.

  37. Saxon Coleman says:

    My thing is something has to happen because if they take your license how are you able to get to work to oay support

  38. Benjie Slatton says:

    Our story is 20 years long but straight to the point my kids from a previous marriage were taken behind my back the grandparents are rich and get their way in our small town. I wasn’t allowed to see or talk to the kids every time we almost pay arrears up to date they skyrocket outta nowhere and my current family is suffering. We’re living with family and barely gettin by while my other kids are grown my ex has a new vehicle and house and our car just got replied so that’s it in a nutshell maybe I’ll tell the full story when I have time. But I along with my wife Keisha Slatton fully support this reform were in tennessee

  39. sebastian ruiz says:


  40. Charles Pedraza says:

    I really hope they reform this broken system. There is so much despair on this PETITION. Please hear our pleas and fix what’s broken. It is driving the NC parent to the poor house and it’s simply not fair.

  41. Brett Snow says:

    28 % of my income ( which really comes out to be 50% after the attorneys fabricate total money earned) leaves me with no financial stability to own my own home. I have the boys overnight on average 50% of the time but yet I lose 20 thousand plus a year. towards child support.

  42. Richard Oesterling says:

    Need reform of Child Support laws, they took away my drivers license because I cannot pay the full amount each month because I am out of work. However, no one will employ me without a valid CA drivers license, nor can I even get to an interview without a car. I am also supposed to be care taker for my elderly parents that need to go to Docters visits, grocery shopping etc,, but I do not have a valid drivers license. This law makes no sense and needs to be stopped.

  43. Frank Castro says:


  44. Jennifer Castro says:

    Using child support as a vindictive weapon should be against the law!

  45. Robin Schaaf says:

    I’m a mom paying child support to my ex and his new wife, who together make over three times what I do (my son didn’t do well at the school in my district and my ex moved into a great school district so he could get my son into it). I’m now paying a third of my salary, including back support, school and medical expenses (which count towards their family $5k deductible). I’m basically subsidizing their house in the expensive school district.

    It’s pretty well destroyed my life. I’m in so much debt, and if I ever have another child I’m going to have to pay them $1k+ per month while on maternity leave, and have no choice to stay home with the child. I can’t even imagine paying child care on top of this. I feel for others subject to this antiquated law, and want them to know it’s not just awful to fathers. It’s equally awful to anyone.

  46. William Harris says:

    I am at my breaking point with the impossible laws and brutal way the courts attack and cause people to just give up on dreams and life. I am one of those who am at the point of NO WAY OUT, and so suicide looks good from where I am sitting. I have lost everything, and when you don’t have much to begin with it makes living only a word with no meaning. I only hope they will be happy to know what they have pushed me to.

    • Mike says:

      Hope this message finds you well. Don’t give up Im going through similar tribulations and know how u feel, but as long as you’re alive there is a chance of hope.peace

  47. Leslie McCoy says:

    I don’t have to pay child support because me and my husband are happily married, but I know many people that have to pay more than they can afford just because the ex is jealous. It makes me angry when I hear that the ex has a great job but the dad has a job and can’t even afford to take care of his kids he’s got now because he is paying so much in child support. Something needs to be done!

  48. Daniel Vincent Hatton says:

    I have 3 kids 1 with another woman I have to pay 28% of my gross income to child support but they won’t consider my other 2 children they say I should’ve thought about the cost before I had my other kids when factoring basic child needs, the mother lives with her mom and has a part time job so they make me pay 72% of his child care. That’s bull crap when I had a part time job the judge told me and I quote “get a better job” and when I did I doubled my income so they doubled my child support . . . how did getting a better job do anything they just screwed me again it’s ridiculous and it needs to be changed I have joint custody so I have every right to go see my son but with how they set child support I can’t afford to make the hour and a half hour drive one way trip and support my family. they set the meeting spot 5 mins from her house and literally 96 miles from mine my children suffer because of this, how can anyone look at this and see any kind of fairness it takes 2 to make 100% of a child that’s 50% from each parent so each parent should get 50% of the child in all its forms yet all I get is the bill and I don’t get my son!

  49. brandon brite says:

    email me updates cause im a victim of child support too!

  50. BILLY TAYLOR says:

    unfair and cruel law

  51. Angela Myrie says:

    The whole Georgia system is CORRUPT. Driver license suspensions, well then HOW is the person paying supposed to get to work to make payments? It is suspended because payments are being made, but not the whole unaffordable whole amount.

  52. Judith Dennis says:

    The Child support enforcement agency needs total reform. Cases should be looked at on an individual basis. Taking drivers license, and felony status and warrants do not make it easy for acquiring a job. Extraditing to another state and paying plane tickets and making court costs and attorney fees and other complications is another way it puts a person into a status that is impossible. this agency and the way it operates and the requirements all need changed and revamped. these people are not dangerous or violent they just owe a bill and need arrangements and understanding not ways they cannot be hired. Take the children, parents, unmarried parents, into consideration these black marks on human beings because they have children breaks down our whole system.

  53. Courtney Gayle says:

    In the summer of 2010 I decided that I wanted to remodel my kitchen. I hired contractors and given a quote. $15,000 and six to ten weeks to complete the job. I became very close to this guys and everyday we would hang out, eat food, and their families would come over too. One guy was married and had two kids under the age of three. He was a good worker, Bubba. He did alot of work for cheap. I became very close to his wife and two kids. They were just a week away from completing the job and Bubba ran a stop sign and was pulled over. They had a warrant for his arrested for back child support??? His wife was very young, just 20, and she was devistated! I thought I can keep the kids until he was out. The kids mother dropped them off with nothing. This couple had a house together which they lost. 4 hours turned into 4 days which turned into four weeks. At that point I had to find this little 3 year old and 18 month old kids family, which I did. Bubba was in jail for 6 months. His wife left him and the kids did end up in foster care for a few years.

  54. Linda Hayes says:

    This has just happened to my son. This is just out of control. These people are a bunch of clowns in the DCSS offices. Boy would it change if it was happening to them. We have become copy cats and just do not reason with anything. No one want their lives interrupted as long as they are not bothered. So destroy peoples lives just because I don’t know any better. How sad!!!!

    Child support enforcement has become a government nightmare. Total greed with the ability to type up some paperwork with numbers that look good on paper and assign this to a REAL PERSON whom they have no idea of the circumstances of that individual or his family. Then to pay for this playground that is taking place in the courthouse’s all over the country they add a penalty to the amount as though it is an intentional desire on the part of the father/mother to not pay. I am sure this is a small percentage of people that for whatever the reason are not responsible for any of their actions. BUT….there is a higher percentage of fathers/mothers that are doing their best to take care of their responsibilities and are being punished because of this BLIND BUREAUCRACY!!!!! The wheels turn too slowly. During the meantime you have our society drowning in a debt that is destroying the american family. In the courthouses attempt to provide an amount for the children, the children are the real losers here. The fathers/mothers either do not have a life anymore, go to prison for no good reason, have no time with their children and the family is now a dysfunctional mess. This is truly a sad state of affairs. We are becoming a cold and uncaring nation. Partly because of the digital age. I wish I knew how to have an influence on some of these laws. My heart goes out to all who have lost there security and hope for a future. Our politicians are telling us everyone is doing better, well that is just not so. Where are the ones who really care?

  55. Cynthia s Gohl says:


  56. Matt wiedemann says:

    Lord Jesus. Please help us in a corrupt, evil land!

  57. Daniel L says:

    child support reform asap

  58. Melissa says:

    All the money spent in going to court, enforcing the court order, not to mention the attorney fees, it seems to me if we could offer a way for both parents to raise the child and share expenses equally. Of all the things I have read and been through myself as well, we would all (even the kids) end up much better off just doing the best we can and accepting the same for the very person we laid down with to produce these irreplaceable beings. I hardly see any difference from my days growing up w/o child support. Spending all this money collecting and enforcing , jailing and creating torment over an amount of money you may never see only serves to support the courts and attorneys as well as jailers and a long list of other gov’t officials. If you were going to get the support it might be easier to go about it a different way!!

  59. Reginald Cuyler says:

    My wife, baby and I are homeless right now because child support locked me up and made me pay out my worker’s compensation check to them so I could get out of jail. My case worker already knew what was going on and she didn’t take it inconsideration that I’m hurt and disabled from my work injury. Now two months passed after I’m caught up the send out another letter threading to lock me back cause of none payment. What do I suppose to do when they took everything from me including my home and got me behind on my bills. These are some heartless people at the child support office in the state of Georgia. Can somebody anybody please tell me what to do?

  60. Alvino Evaro says:

    I OWE 150 K to CA CS because i had a baby at age 16 and didn’t start working til i was 19 so by then i owe thousands in arrears which meant i was garnished into homelessness …even today if i were to work i would only take home 30% of what i worked for….which means i wouldn’t be able to bathe myself for work or have food to eat or a way to get to work its not worth me working… im really hoping for prison time so that i may be able to obtain welding skills or something that will enable me to survive rather than live in poverty..i cant even qualify for student aide to go to college so everyday its a decision to keep on living like this or exit this world..i even tried working 2 jobs and they took 60% of that check too so at this point im reconsidering suicide..i wish i would have aborted my children but only the mother gets to decide that even though they say it takes 2 to make a baby only the mom gets to has the rights to abort such BS

  61. Wesley Bauerle says:

    Child Support Interest of California (10%) is killing me!! I owe $28K and I have been paying current high child support plus an amount on the arrears and due to interest I am ALWAYS FALLING BEHIND!! I feel like I am a slave to this corrupt system and we need to stop this!!

  62. Angela Heller says:


  63. Megan Mckeehan says:

    An Iowa Judge after reviewing all factual information given to him, decided to take the Child’s mothers stated Income amount of Father. Father proved he made $65,000 a year, Mother stated he made $99,000 a year, and now we pay $817 a month in child support! Child support enforcement says that there hasn’t been a 50% change in income even though in 2012 he only made $37,000.
    Something has to be done!!

  64. james b. lytle says:

    any job I am qualified , have to have a valid drivers license.I was falsely encarserated.I lost my job and got behind on child ex thins by taking my license is hurting me .its hurting my three kids and her .$315.00 per week …she is an idiot!!!!!

  65. Jesus cruz says:

    The New York City child support is very unfair to father that do pay child support on time but the way the child support math is so bad you can even live on a good apartment anymore but I hope that a some from of card or credit cart is made that way the court and father can see where is the money going to the children my ex wife dose not use the on the kid but I got no way to proof it that way this card should be made that way father are more happy on what the is going to that something to think about a lot most mother will buy drug beer cigarette that what my ex wife dose and I got no way to proof it please make this idea know and also I believe that when the kids have vistitation with their dad mother from the child support be given to the father for time spend at least 100.00 dollar

  66. Angelo Rayoan says:

    Child support guidelines is unbalance and unjust to NCP. Child support is to provide for the support for the children not to enforce NCP to poverty or homeless while custodial parent just collects free tax and gain tax advantage. Double income for custodial parent without even working.

  67. william says:

    I am 43 years old and my life is over now.I started paying cs to kansas when I was 19 for my daughter paid until she was 19.Had no problem because I was always working.I meet a lady from wisconsin marry her and she takes off back to wisconsin and I followed to stay married and with my son we had.Well after about 5 years she wanted a divorce and I had to move back to MO to live with my parents,I have worked at walmart for last 8 years and got sick last year and quit cause I couldnt do my job,had hernia operation and gone to dr every month for year because of heart problems.Im trying get a job with no luck and I cashed out my retirement and sold what little I have to try and make my payments.MY son is 13 and now feel like he will never see me again as I am going to be locked up cause I have a show cause hearing and no vehicle or way to get to that state to try and even defend myself.I have friends trying get my old job back but now I am going to have a warrant and they wont hire me with that.I am terrified that I am going be arrested here and taking to wisconsin where I will never see my family again.MY parents are very old and cant help me and its puting so much stress on them.If I have spend rest my life in debtors prison,I want spend it in my home state not 900 miles away.All this because i got 1200 dollars behind.I have made as many payments as I could this year I have been off with no income.Im going from 1200 probaly to thousands of dollars cause wisconsin charges 2000 a day for contempt charges and I have no money for a lawyer,if I did I paid it to CS.They dont try and help fathers get back on thier feet to pay,instead put you in jail and get so far behind with interest and fines,Ill never be able to pay it off.who will hire me after i have been in jail.Sad thing is no one cares until they are in this kinda trouble.Ive paid CS for over 23 years and now have to go live with murders,gangs and drug addicts

  68. Donnia Denig says:

    Life sucking

  69. lakiesha murphy says:

    I am a women and these so called women need to stop having children they can’t support … the fathers are treated with no regard … I don’t think jail time should be a option ever … but no one makes sure the father sees their children

  70. Ms. Glasner says:

    My son is in jail right now for past child support. He has been looking for work and as soon as he was getting ready to start a part time job….He was arrested for failure to appear (He has no car) and past child support. He may be looked on as a looser but, as a single mom myself who raised him and his brother…I never pursued child support myself and I still let their father see them and never considered him a loser. My son loves his kids and will do anything for them. We get them twice a month and they love their daddy. It breaks my heart to see my son even for 1 month behind bars (He suppose to be serving anywhere from 4 to six months)! It’s months of his life being wasted and his family having to suffer without him. I cry just thinking about it. In the meantime the mother of his two kids works a 10 to 12 dollar an hour job…and has a new man in her life and the kids are not without….only my son.! :(
    God help these men see the light.

  71. Thomas Holt says:

    I live in Tennessee. Here if your a woman your always right. But I don’t think this child support issue is gonna be fixed. The government is to worried with finding ways to blow the money. Like sticking our noses in other countries buisness, fixing streets that don’t need to be fixed, and sending these high paid pricks like the president and government officials on vacation.

  72. Lydell Welch says:

    Child support enforcers are the perfect example of corporate thugs

  73. david holmes says:

    i am being abused and crushed by a false claim with not enough income to fight every thing ive worked for..i should get free representation like the mom who is making the false claims….this is the 2nd state she has done this in….I am still here in California where we started and even had sole custody of my daughter for 3 years in which she paid me 0…..complete violation of civil rights

  74. Juan Matthews says:

    Failure to pay child support is the only “crime” in America that can ruin a persons personal and professional life. You get sent to prison, felony on your record. Arrearage placed on your credit report. Come out of prison in worse shape than you were before you went in. What crime allows the system to lock you up and then after you have “served your debt”, “paid for your crime”…….you come out and you are still in the same boat you were in before you were incarcerated ? You go to prison, you bill should be wiped clean.

  75. Terry Haggard says:

    I became disabled in 2008, since then Illinois has treated me like a deadbeat dad & kept me at such a level of poverty I can’t see my kids or hire an attorney to get this mess fixed with claims from legal aid they no longer receive funding to help with cases like mine leaving no hope in getting this matter resolved. Please Help!

  76. egle gabor says:

    Two words: legal extortion.

  77. Thomas Hornberger says:


  78. Mandy Smith says:

    State of florida is a joke with child support…….my husband just got a late notice for child support of a child that is DNA proven not to be his just because his name is on the birth certificate because the girl told him that child was his this was when he was a dumb teenager. But its DNA proven he isnt the father yet he has to pay

  79. Tracy lenon says:


  80. Sarah says:

    I am so happy i found this and I ABSOLUTELY would love to be apart of this cause. This system is long over due for a reform and i support this movement 100%. My boyfriend is way past his limits with going to jail all the time for his warrants on child support. He has contemplated suicide on multiple occasions and it has been taking a toll on our lives. All he ever talks about is his daughter and how much he misses her , but cannot see her because of issues with his baby mother. He cannot keep a steady job because he is constantly being locked up for these warrants and even I try to help by making a few payments and its still not enough. I pray that this petition will help get our voices heard.

  81. Bubba Smith says:

    This needs to be totally reformed.
    I cannot believe our Federal Government made a law to monetarily reward the states to collect child support. And within that law indicates the more money the particular state collects the more money that state will receive. Then, after that, left it up to the individual states to enact their own laws when it came to the amount & rules in which it is collected. wow just mind blowing government incompetency! & nice knowing you
    U.S. Constitution!

  82. Kenneth McDuffie says:

    I am going thru so bad also and I feel like giving up. we must stand and fight.

  83. Bryan j. Odell says:

    Its time for a change, i fully support this.

  84. Jawara Nelson says:

    yes child support should be reform. going to jail for a bill is bullshit, if thats the case then you are going to jail for a phone bill next. i’m sick of going to jail now for the past 20 yrs for what because my child support is to high. why do they let these women make bs child support claims. some of these women just want to destroy man life, they do’nt want to work for their money and it should be change. women should’nt be allowed to collect child support but for so long and not allowed to be on wal fare for only 2 yrs then they have ton find work. i lived with my women for 11yr and been in my kids life from birth. some how we got into it one day i left for a month then came back home now out of now where she been filed child support on me with out me knowing so now i owe all this money for what being a good dad and because she was mad and listening to her dead beat friends.first off a man should not have to pay if a women is lazy and do not want to work and collect walfare the men should not have to pay that back if the women don’t want to work thats not our fault.

  85. Tony Sterling says:

    Ex wife of 10yrs, 2 kids had an affair with a prison inmate, quit her job, divorced me, took my children from our home to live on welfare. in 1990. after all these years children 30 yrs old, and married. I have been financially, bankrupted,Homeless, unemployed, CDL suspended, wages garnished, income tax refund taken, bonuses taken, thousands of dollars paid, in arrears and fees, and no end in sight, I HATE HER,and I hate what this system is doing.I am strugging to provide food, clothing and shelter for myself and my present family. I settled with the state of ill for 22, 000. (paid back her foods tamps, and public aid check,) they garnesh every penny , the more iI make the more they take and continue to add 9 % interest on the debt. I have never had a day in court they make judgement without my input. Frustrated, and uninformed. I pray to GOD that one day I will be free from this oppression.

  86. Mo Rada says:

    Reform is badly needed. If the principals behind Child Support are meant to afford the child the same economic upbringing had the family remain intact, then these guidelines are just simply antiquated for modern economic times. These guidelines as well as the circumstances that are open/not open to interpretation by a Family Court Judge often result in making (2) unstable homes for the child rather than (1) really stable home.

  87. Eli Askew Jr. says:

    There’s something that needs to be done. Rome, Ga. Is one of the biggest robbery places there is with that work release program they have. Where all the good old boy get rich off the system.

  88. Julian Dougherty says:


  89. Mary Elrod says:

    My husband and I have been married for ten years, we have two children together, and he had two children from a previous marriage. For the first five or six years we( meaning my husband and myself and his ex wife) shared custody also in the divorce papers it plainly stated that each party shall pay for the children’s needs when whichever party had them. That being said my husband always helped his ex wife if she asked. During this time we furnished child care and a vehicle for his ex wife because she decided to move out of state which created a whole slew of issues. We would travel two hours to pick up the children on a Friday and two hours to drop them off. During this time period his ex wife applied for Medicaid and foodstamps which caused child support to get involved. When we went to court we decided to fight it being as that we had an agreement with the divorce papers! After months of dragging out court and fighting for my husbands rights we were pretty sure that the divorce papers had helped our case. The next court date the judge established an agreement with child support during which time my husband was by my side as I was in icu on my deathbed which thankfully survived. My husband had lost his job for staying by my side and then had to care for when I got home and our children. His ex wife refused to allow him to pick up his children or even call and speak to them! When we went to the final court date they had record of my hospital stay and our unemployment and still established a court order of $350 each month. They based his pay on what we used to make as a married couple, but were uninterested in the fact that she lied in court about her living arrangements with a man who makes $28 an hour. They also asked if either party were planning on having any more children and she said no but she was pregnant with this mans baby! Since then my husband has paid his child support as well as he could. He has lost numerous jobs because of being put in jail and my paycheck barely covers our bills not to mention our two children together who have to suffer by watching their father go to jail or not be able to see their sisters on a regular basis. The courts never once arrested her for contempt for violation of court ordered visitation!! This is an uphill battle for myself and my husband and all four of the children. It has been brought to our attention that last year when we paid a lump sum to child support that the ex wife used the child support money to travel to New Mexico to gain custody of her boyfriends ten year old son, she has taken her friends out to eat to very expensive restaurants, and bought her two year old son new clothes and car seats while the children who are supposed to receive the child support are shopping at thrift stores for their school clothes and supplies! The ex wife constantly asks for us to pay for the girls school dance dresses or pay for the school field trip to Washington or pay for cheer camp because she blows the child support money on herself!! Yet there is nothing that the court system will help my husband do about this!! In the end she gets what she wants and we struggle to get our bills paid. Our two children don’t get the chance for cheer camp or football camp, we can’t afford to buy them a yearbook from school, we have had to apply for Medicaid and foodstamps to allow them to have medical care and food, I have ran out of gas just trying to get to work, but she gets to eat out three times a week on our paychecks!! Why is it fair to take from hard working honest people to give to a dishonest person scamming the system??? I just want it to be heard that some men and women aren’t being treated fairly by the child support system while the receiving party’s are living it up!! Justice? Please help!

  90. Renae Luttmer says:


  91. Tyrone Scott says:

    Child Support System is full of Shit, You can go to Ranstad staffing an work for maximus pay is around $12 an hour just to write harrasing letters to send out daily and with what they are paying their workers u can see they don’t giv’a shit about them neither…

  92. Shamondray Chavis Sr???? says:

    All I have is one child Shamondray Jr. He’s my world, but his mother is beginning to be out of control with the child support. It’s all about the child support check and that’s not fair,because I always have my son. She should be more of a mother and women to stop the child support because she no I take care and love my son

  93. carlos I lopez says:

    I have 11 children 1 from my fist marriage 1 from my second marriage and 9 from my third my oldest is 35 yrs old and as all the comments on here things happened in my life to where I got behind on payments I have not received an income tax return in over 30yrs when my daughter was married at 17 yrs old her mother wrote a letter to the DA’s office stating she did not wan’t me to pay her any more support I got before a judge and the judge refused to hear me out because I din’t have a lawyer the judge said he would give me a list of lawyers and I should only pick one from his list. if I din’t get a lawyer. he didn’t want me in his court room….our jurisdictional system is a BIG FRAUD….if I did’t pay one of his buddies he would not hear me out…I’v been told that the money is owed to the mother….so why is the courts enforcing it … other children are the one’s who have pay’d the price……

  94. Christopher Jones says:

    It’s time to make changes!

  95. JT Ruiz says:

    My child support nightmare is in New York; where the courts heavily favor the mother. First, the courts allotted child support based on an amount I never made, then after my pay was reduced due to having spinal surgery, the courts refused to even temporarily reduce support. After I lost my job, they refused to freeze support. The mother can find a job, yet refuses to do so. When in court, the magistrate said she’s with the kids so that’s enough stress on her. I was also told I had better try harder to find a job. Are you kidding me?!? Their mother can work while the kids are in school, yet I’m classified as a deadbeat when I was busting my behind to pay an amount I had no business paying……..and you wonder WHY non custodial parents “disappear”.

  96. Lacey Wright says:

    Child support is ruining children lives and adults

  97. Chad Johson says:

    My thoughts are too long and to many!! The system is totally flawed and is a run away friend train!! When you have an organization that is acting like Judge and jury there will be no doubt people that will suffer!! We need to stop the child support services and every cost!!

  98. WILLIAM GUNTER says:

    I admit I was not a perfect husband…not a wife beater or adulterer. In fact I attribute 75% of the blame for our marital disaster to myself. However she feels I was 100% at fault. I was however a devoted father, for the short period I was allowed, before my wife decided she didn’t want to be with me anymore. I fought a long, hard fight to get my family back all to no avail. Despite the fact that I wanted to work things out her only agenda was to hurt me in any way she could. The legal system was a perfect and convenient vehicle to advance her vindictive agenda.
    The devastation of being deprived of fatherhood and the hope of repairing a broken relationship, I found myself in despair, welfare and several periods of homelessness. Hardly able to care for myself let alone child support. I blame only myself for allowing myself to give up and to be submerged into such a deplorable lifestyle. More than 30 years later, my daughters are grown with our relationship being luke warm at best, complete with some undercurrents of resentments and animosities. The support payments have been ongoing for the past few years. A third of my Social Security benefits covers this. The system is without a doubt a bureaucratic, apathetic agency that sets its radar on anyone or anything that would even be remotely perceived as “deadbeat”. Those who are indigent especially have little or no chance of getting justice. Little or no effort is applied by the system to keep families together. No doubt a contributing factor to the deterioration and degradation of the family unit.

  99. Larry James Ernspiker ll says:

    I am a father who works hard and breaks his back just to hand over $318 a month for one child. I understand that’s not much as some men pay but for someone who is working two jobs just to barely make ends meet and only receives mu daughter every other weekend for the mother of my child (who isn’t much of one in my opinion) to keep my daughter from me on major holidays and her birthday because she says she can is WRONG! I cannot afford an attorney to take her to court because like many other Americans I only bring home enough after the government gets their hands on my paycheck not even enough to put food in my stomach. Please listen to those whos lives are bankrupt.

  100. Grace Deming says:

    Please help make this right.

  101. martonio johnson says:

    All I can say is that as men we have no rights especially in the state of Tennessee, I currently have to pay child support and never a moment min or sec to I get to see or spend quality tome with my 3yr old daughter ..

  102. Jason Yocom says:

    If the government were to give my children back their 60K i payed into welfare coffers so far and every other person their money back, it would create an economic collapse. They know they are WRONG but cant and wont make it RIGHT.

  103. Michael Harmon says:

    I left the USA in 2007 to work and try and make payments but seeing how the local DHHS office had no plan set up to make payments buy sending money from China in place I was not able to send money. When I tried to contact them by mail they never responded even though I gave my Chinese phone number and place of work and address to get mail along with my email. I could not have any communications with them because they would never answer their phones. Now I and to leave my job there and come back to Oklahoma where I am homeless and jobless and at this point I have no way to make payments to them. I can not get my passport back because of the bullshit laws in place to prevent me from working overseas seeing how America has no jobs for people over 55. I feel the DHHS program needs to be done away with period.

  104. Michael J Clarke says:


  105. Ana Bee says:

    My husband and I had to rent a room in a house because we can’t afford to get a house of our own due to child support payments and that the IRS takes all of our taxes for the year to pay off arrearages. This is not right, we can’t live and even have children of ourselves.

  106. john brown says:

    i have been absolutely devastated by child support …i am 34 years old and at the end of the month with the amount i owe for three children i literally do not make enough money per month to pay it ……any chances i have at a normal life have been taken from me ,any hopes of moving on or being financially independent is absolutely impossible i owe $664 per child and with three children that is $1,992 a month …..i make $12 an hour , at the time these child support claims were filed i made $11 an hour and sometimes much less , i am EXTREMELY depressed knowing that my life is ruined and i have never seriously contemplated suicide until now ………our system, our country ,our government its an absolute nightmare ……cheers to the american dream

  107. Shannon Williams says:


  108. Corey childs says:

    I think Ga is the worst of all.

  109. Christopher Kuehner says:

    I hate child support!

  110. Leo Herrera says:

    The system is a flat out joke and it is one sided, designed to make the payee fail…..

  111. Steven bigbee says:

    This needs to be done. They are putting people on the streets due to greed.
    The greed is too much. I pay more than half of my money to child support.

  112. Justin J Romano says:

    500 dollars a month and my son is wearing shoes that have holes in them yet my ex and her boyfriend never go without cigarettes or decent clothes for themselves its not right. My ex wont work so my income is the only one taken into consideration she is also on welfare, my child support and welfare that’s her source of income while she sits back and has more kids she can’t take care of.

    I hold a job,I pay for the insurance,i set the example for my son, yet the state of Utah still try’s to cripple me every time they do a support review and the money goes up. While her and her boyfriend have more money in there pockets and won’t work, why would they?

    Something has to be done about this it makes me not even want to succeed at my job because i know the harder i work and get raises so will they for doing nothing.

  113. Norbert P Zick says:

    I lost my job fpr medical resons and recently was hired into a good job. Maximus support collections wants 60% of my pay which will force me to quit and work somewhere else. WRONG WRONG WRONG

  114. Marcus Thomas says:

    We need to chance this ASAP.
    At the end of the day,it’s only hurting our children

  115. matthew miner says:


  116. joseph mecham says:

    Thousands Die each year because there feelings of helplessness Due to Child Support ? If So WHYYYYY is our goverment turning a blind eye maybe its time The FBI Gets involved if this is happening then it needs to be exposed to Help Save lives!!!!!!!!!!! Im Sure they can come up with something way better then what we the people have Now

    RESPONSE: Maybe it has something to do with money? How ’bout the money is so wrapped up in State budgets? Or maybe the bankers are making such a profit that you can’t calculate the whole number on a small calculator? It’s obvious you are not paying child support, harassed, jailed, denied your Constitutional Rights, licenses (driver, hunting/fishing, professional) aren’t being suspended, denied passport (right to travel), denied a voce in Court, have had bank accounts emptied, check cashing priveledges suspended… need I go on? I’ve got people here hiding in the woods of Ohio, people living in vans, people living in trucks they drive at work, working doing odd jobs around a dwelling so they are allowed a room to life in because they can’t afford a rent payment… even have had 100% of their unemployment seized. New York Unemployment was contacted they stated, “it’s not us” contact child support, Chilld support office in New York says, “it’s not us” you have to contact the original child support office in Florida. Florida says, “we don’t have nothing to do with this”. All the time waiting up to 45 minutes to get through to both child support offices only to have an automated answer stating, “sorry you’ll have to try back later; click”. Have an individual here who has paid child support for 16 years and was DENIED a paternity test. Even though the CFR’s state anytime paternity comes into question one is to be administered. 14th U.S. Constitional Amenement of the Bill of Rights IGNORED AND FLUSHED DOWN THE DAMN TOILET.

    I just spoke with a man who filed for child support after he was awarded custody (four year battle). They asked if the child or him was receiving any kind of Gov’t. support. The answer was no. The clerk made it a Title IV-D case anyway, even when the situation does not qualify it as such. CORRUPT! They lust after the Title IV-D Incentives and it is at your and every other American Citizens’ expense. Oh yea, forgot to mention, they still have a suspended Title IV-D case open him; he has the child.

    You say, If So… If So??? Do some damn research.

  117. Jeremiah Ward says:


  118. Stephen Hill says:

    I totally agree it’s about the “best interest” of the State(s). It is about the MONEY! Not about the best interest of everyone involved. The children suffer the most from this messed up system! Think the STATE cares? No! They care about their “idol” = MONEY!

  119. frankie gonzales says:

    i agree fix the problem now!!!!

  120. corey franzen says:

    After going to prison twice. I have realized to just live by the rules. However i forgot that when my child support started long ago, that it was causing traumatic stress wich made me do things to cover up life in general. It seems as if i was doing and paying on time that the system in illinois would just suck the blood right out of me causing more pain. After taking my drivers license hunting/fishing license,sounds communist that we have to buy from a grocery store and cant even provide our children with our natural resources.This week i received a letter in the mail from ill.dept.child support that they were going to suspend my drivers license since i did’nt keep up to their standards .i was laid off for two weeks so that payment did’nt get paid of 200$. Here is my break down of 2013 it all started in july i had to pay $ 2,400 to keep my license $90 a week x59 weeks =$5,310 + 1,200 she got in taxes +$ 100 a month because of the deal i had to keep my license= 12 months= $1200 for a total this year of $10,110. believe me that effected the mom because do you think she is gonna go to work when she can do nothing to wait for that check to come besides that i have no visitation rights nor any legal rights to this kid. since i defaulted on the $200 the state now wants me to come up with 10% of my areage of $28,000 which is $2,800 that would bring a total of $12,910 for one year 1/2 of my income just to keep my drivers license to work for leeches simply using the governments power to suck the blood right out of you.

  121. ASHLEY BUTLER says:

    My husband just found out about a baby that he supposedly fathered 2 years ago. It has been hell since he has been served with papers. If it’s not the chick writing nasty things to him, it’s the child support officer, or the judge. We are so sick of Texas’ barbaric dirt old laws. There needs to be a change for all men who are great fathers, but has no say in what happens with their paychecks all because the mother wants to sit on her behind and be on welfare assistance, collect CS, and not work. Let’s fight the fight!!!!

    ADDITIONAL COMMENT: I hate Texas CS laws. I am a wife of a dad that has to pay CS. I think all parents should support their children NOT JUST MEN. Texas CS laws are unjustice and barbaric. I want to fight the fight to change CS laws that use the Obligor formula!!!

  122. Christopher Davis says:

    It is a double edge sword. The CS agency will tell you that any monies that you give your children outside of the agency is a gift, but you can not say that you and the custodial parent agree on child support and pay them directly. The child support agency uses your children as a money cow and makes the noncustodial parent out to be the bad one.

  123. Victoria Andersen says:

    The State of Georgia is violating mandatory laws routinely in the context of child custody and child support cases. The Southern Center for Human Rights is working diligently on the unlawful incarceration of indigent parents allegedly owing child support. I am soon filing a public interest issue complaint against select rural counties in Georgia for respective violation of people’s civil and human rights with emphasis on Federal and International laws of which no Family Court Judge has the authority to violate.

  124. Raymond Burge says:


  125. Terri homer says:


  126. Jason Keller says:

    Women leave their husbands so they can get child support and also get the money of their “new” husband. It’s a scam. If there wasn’t money involved, marriages would be worked out and children would grow up with both parents and be productive members of society instead of rude, insensitive, immoral, jerks. If I were president I would say, ladies be very very careful who you marry, cause divorces are illegal and if the man or woman left, they would be jailed and adultery would be illegal also with jail time if commited.

  127. Kirsten Raimey says:

    This is a very serious issue that needs to be fixed and fast. Child support is a joke and no one benefits but the custodial parent. Half the time the mothers do anything and everything to alienate the fathers from the kids. These parents can’t love their kids because if they did they wouldn’t be using the kids as pawns in this sick game. Looming child support already is a henderence when a person Is looking for a job, so it makes it that much harder to keep up with payments. I’m tired of seeing stories like this, I’m tired of irresponsible women being able to reproduce children all willy nilly just to get a check, and I’m definitely tired of nice guys getting railroaded by a corrupt system. It needs to stop.

  128. Roberto A Perez says:

    The first thing my two children’s mother did when we sepereted was to lie and tell the the child support that I never gave her support in the 10 years we were together. When she and her mother never wanted to work and I supported all five of us on a construction labor job. Seven years later I’ve been in jail have a huge debt with the child support, have had my drivers license suspended several times, meanwhile my teenage kids depend on me to provide for their personal needs. Meantime I send whatever I can afford, however the child support money is not used for the children. Their mother has literally told me that she will use the child support to hurt me till the very end. This whole thing is a nightmare for fathers like me whom have always loved and provided for my children, but suffer at the hands of a vindictive woman.

  129. Carl says:

    Government by the people for ALL the people !

  130. Lenwood says:

    LEGALIZED FINACIAL SLAVERY. Every penny I send to my kids should go to them.

  131. Juan Carballo says:


  132. Javier cespedes says:

    The people need to be heard…

  133. I make only $425.00 a week and I was ordered to pay $1100 a month. I have less than $100.00 per week to live.

  134. Kenneth Goodman says:

    I support this petion fully. I am stuck in this NIGHTMARE myself with a story to long to write. Please reform soon!

  135. corey williams says:


  136. Josiah S Barnes says:

    I have two children which I see every other weekend and as much as I can in between. I love them dearly and they love me as well.

    I have a budget of $128 dollars a month for gas and food. (After all my main bills are paid. (Rent, Car payment, cell phone))

    I applied for food stamps so I would have enough money to feed my children, they said I qualified for $16 …..

    I cannot afford to eat and am getting no help from the government. Thank god my parents are still around. If they weren’t I don’t know what I would do.

  137. Travis white says:


  138. Pablo vega says:

    I think the child support system is very unfair. I pay child support I don’t have a problem with that the problem is base child support on gross. I don not live on my gross I live on my net that’s what Chris support should be based on.

  139. Romero Campbell says:


  140. Michelle Highsmith says:

    Child support courts are full of angry women who wants to control their “baby daddy’s” and they use their children as pawns to keep him indebted, while they are allowed to move on with no accountability.

  141. edward says:

    seems like President Obama dosent care about this issue. these laws are nonsense when the parent is really trying do do the right thing. the wrong people are being labeled deadbeat and are going to jail. a real dead beat is someone totally running from the responsibility skipping court and etc and not someone that atleast pays something a month on their case and put in effort. imo child support should have one based amount everyone pays bc paying over 200 a month is ridiculous imo bc it makes the parent recieving it lazy. also if you pay you should automatically get visitation rights instead of having to spend more money to go to court for that

  142. james ford says:

    Looks like we all have something in common….there is no way I should be still paying child support my oldest kids are 21 and 20….sure I got behind But with how the system is set up I will always be behind……Lord help us all !!!!

  143. james fuller says:

    was jailed for two months for being 14 seconds late on my child support payment. wich they let me pay for 2 minutes later they were hauling me off to jail for 104 dollars in arrears.

  144. Lisa Carcelli says:

    Reform Now…California Dept. of Child Support is out of control! I have been fighting a case since 2006!!! So frustrating ~

  145. kyle harper says:

    im being railroaded…etc please stop it thankyou.

  146. James Hall says:


  147. alan ray says:

    Texas is the #1 state in child and spousal killings and the attorney general is to blame. They are one sided and unfair and the kids welfare is last. Money is their only priority. Once they are envolved its a war between the spouses. There is no win except for the AG and the kids lose completely.This system is out of control !!!!

  148. Tricia Skiles says:

    Child support is not fair/equal. I live in Texas I am the mother of two children and I pay $925/mo (25% of my income). Child support should not be a percentage of one parents income. There should be some formula where the father and mothers income is evaluated, the children’s expenses are added to the equation and the bills divided EQUALLY! I left their father, our house was paid for, no car payments no bills other than monthly expenses. I am allowing them to stay in the house (didn’t make him sell it and divide the proceeds during the divorce, so that he didn’t feel he had to move my children somewhere else, I will get my half of the money for the house when the youngest turns 18) I had to get a house, car and have expensive bills while he has no bills to pay, I have to pay for medical insurance as well. It is ridiculous that he can make as much money as he can and my child support will not decrease, yet if I work more to be able to pay my bills or try to get ahead a little my income is reevaluated and support is increased because my income has increased. If he wins the lottery and becomes rich, I still struggle to pay my bills and still have to pay ridiculous amount in child support. There is no way my two children need $900/ mo to live on!

  149. Charles Brenton says:

    I did nothing wrong,
    I met a girl who said she loved me, she said she would marry me, she said she would never leave me. So we had a child together but then she decided to leave me for someone else when the child was 5. She lied.

    She then took me for child support and pretty much wiped out my paycheck and any means of surviving on my own. Over 50% of my check gone.

    So I moved in with my new girlfriend and that infuriated my ex. She then stopped letting me see my child that I was used to getting most all the time, so I had to waste money and time that I don’t have to go to court & only to be allowed every other weekend visitation.

    She took my heart & The court allowed her to take my money, my child, my dignity as a man. I have no faith in the law nor government whatsoever. In my pursuit of having a family & happiness… I did nothing wrong.

    This child support system (just like the welfare system) only enables a woman with an avenue to succeed. She lives comfortably happy in a house with her husband & our child, all of his income, all of her income and half of my income. She saw a better life through the unfair child support system and took it. While I’m on the outside wondering where I went wrong?

  150. eric says:

    Wow I am amazed at this board the state of Nebraska allowed the mother of my son to file for child support even though as a way to alienate the child away from me, she gave up her custody rights to her parents and still was awarded child support and back pay! Crooked system that has a notion to believe that a GOOD FATHER IS ONE WHO PAYS HIS CHILD SUPPORT WOW! No a good damn father is one who is able to support the child on all levels of life. Now you have a law that takes money away from the fathers other children to support one child as well as take money from the fathers new spouse to give to a woman who files for child support out of spite and as a way to have leverage over the father also as a way to interfere in his new love life. AMERICA THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY FOR THE OPPORTUNIST!!!!!

  151. Nathan Harvell says:

    I am from Kentucky and Im going through this mess now I have been waitng and fighting for my disability for 2 years and havent been able to work because of my disabilites and have fallen behind on my payments. And I was denied a passport! now I cant visit a sick family member over seas!

  152. aaron dunn says:


  153. john rivera says:

    when the tables turn show them mercy. i pray for those who want me to fail at all times…i pray for those who have taken there lives..even though its about money at the moment long term its really about seperation with families divided women hating men,men hating women there will be no unity no families as a unit to fight the system due to this hate the goverment has installed in ppl both men and women..then our children will be a generation dependent on the system a new generations of followers and modern slaves…i pray for you all no matter what side your living this same divide and conquer game thats being played…for those who have the oppotunity to educate your children,teach them not to fall into this mentallity …we need ppl in the system to help us win this child support fight becuase WE THE PEOPLE may have the numbers to win this fight. but they have found the to seperate us and turn even our house hold against each fellow americans we need to wake up and unite,,rallys,protest,marches (ofcoure peaceful) but one voice at a time will not be heard..we need to come together create and form support groups…lets end the abuse together

  154. Jessica Bradford says:


  155. Lamar says:

    Hi My name is Lamar.This child support system is really messed up for us guys. It’s like it’s desgin to see us fall to live on the streets or something. We do have bills and other things we have to take care of as well. Half of the women that throws us guys on child support sayin we’re not takin care of our kids be lying, knowin we take care of our kids since day one. The child support system need to do some investigating before they make a decision upon request of non support from the female party. The money you send in half of the time the kids don’t get it. They should make them buy the stuff and bring it in there off when they recieve they payment to make sure the money is going towards the kids. I’ve been taking care of kid since day one for 5 years going on 6 and I have to pay child support for no reason at all. The Guys should havea say so it shouldn’t just be what the woman have to say. We work hard and get money taking away from us and struggling to pay our bills how do we suppose to live? Something needs to bedone ASAP!!!!

  156. Trementes Allen says:


  157. Eddie Huddleston says:

    in agreement with this petition.

  158. Randy Stringer says:

    I’ve payed child support for 10 years lost my job and still I have to come up with money to pay.Now it’s to the point were I have to turn my self in to jail.I haven’t seen my daughter in 6yrs.The lady in the office told my wife she always on the woman side what about us I paid my support faithfully.We dont deserve this they should look in to it more get the truth instead of going off what she says just because she’s mad it all needs to change.

  159. Keith Wells says:

    I think the only way to end corruption is to get these judges out of office. Judges are required in Chicago to receive a 60% yes vote from the country they service to be retented for another term. The term is usually 6 years. To help get the vote out around election time, these judges have established a fund to help get the retention votes they need. In many cases, news papers and law firms donate to this fund to help these corrupt judges get another term in office. Anything less then a 60% yes vote removes the judge from the bench. We have to be better informed on the process each state and county has for putting judges on the bench. We also need to know which judges are corrupt so we can focus as a collective group to work to get them removed to help clean up the system. Understanding the process will give the people the knowledge to make a difference.

  160. Aaron says:

    Where do I start? Let me start from the parental alienation that the state of California allows my childs mother to do by keeping her address and phone number from me the past 6 years. They do this so after years of searching they can say we abandoned the children. Then it goes to the mother not letting me talk to my daughter after I found them four months ago. Then to me paying so much child support that I can not afford an attorney and defend my rights. Going at the state alone is almost impossible ESPECIALLY living in another state. I can barely afford to pay my rent yet alone eat a decent meal during the month. I understand my child needs child support to help survive but I am working 40-50 hour weeks paying child support and court ordered insurance on TOP of my child getting medicaid and I am STILL falling behind in child support. Im struggling while my daughters mother is manipulating the system while they defend her and I look like a deadbeat when Im doing all I can and STILL falling further behind. I dont know what else I can do alone. I feel defeated and its causing me some anxiety and depression in which I normally do not have. Please MR President, we need a reform in child support.

  161. adrian stuart says:

    Change is due for child support”

  162. Kenneth brown says:

    The system is very flawed. And is very much in need of reform. Not just for those that pay but for those that recieve as well. Custodial parents living comfortably and the rest struggle when they were living fine before this mees

  163. Julius McKnight says:

    There needs to be a change

  164. Michael collins says:

    Please help us this didnt make needs to end here we as parents can’t work when our license get suspended.It takes away from the child more then

  165. Ernie says:

    The whole system is out of control . Something really has to be done .

  166. Peter Grazeola says:

    I was thrown in jail in Bergen County,NJ for the crime of bringing a checkbook into court to pay $1000 arrears. Judge told me that he only accepts cash. I told him that I fell behind paying child support because of being hospitalized for having pneumonia I also explained that I always pay my support with a check. Didn’t matter. Off to jail they take me.
    Another time,I was arrested for owing the grand total of $800 in arrears.Since I didn’t have the cash available,off to jail I go.I should also mention that my ex wife has lived in 23 different addresses in 10 years,yet hasn’t worked a day in that time.Their are no restraining orders against me to make her want to move around so much. She is a genuine paranoid schitzophrenic,yet NJ courts don’t care about that. All the courts want is collect arrears $.My son is the true victim of this flawed child support system.

  167. Melanie McGue says:

    I am a paying mother and have never been a deadbeat parent! My ex and I were very young when we married and divorced, and then his family became involved with their $900,000.00 a year income and created a very nasty custody battle. After thousands of dollars in attorney’s and special advocate’s fees, I was run completely dry and was financially forced to agree to a global custody settlement that gave my ex primary custody over my 1 year old son knowing that he would never be the fully capable parent:( Within less than 2 years he proved me right and dumped my child off on the grandparents, moving in and out of his parent’s home like a hotel for 11 years and chose not to take the responsibility he was given- and I was supposed to keep paying this guy??? He wrongfully used my son as a pawn, took primary custody away from a wonderful mother with the power of $$ and lies, manilpulating his story with the courts to gain control! 12 years later, after me being a consistent and loving presence in our son’s life and having another husband and family of my own, he up and decideds he wants to “play daddy” so to speak. He remarried and used me to fight his parents for parental rights in court and as soon as he manilpulated the system a second time, he turned on me again and filed to enforce the 12 year old child support. This in turn has devastated my husband and 3 children, it has completely flipped our lives upside down and my ex has illegally denied my joint parenting time:( We are a low income family struggling in this economy and have taken some huge blows as a result of the current laws. As a 34 year old stay at home mom, I am being put through a horrible burden that should be unacceptable! We do not have thousands of dollars for an attorney to fix the situation and I’m another abused parent who is having to represent myself against a “bullying” system- CSE is well aware of the situation and has refused to let up nailing my credit, my savings, my license, our way of filing taxes, denying any passports, and putting my poor family through RELENTLESS hell:( Yes I am fighting a terrible battle and the facts re: “suicide” and tearing apart families is no joke! I am still suffering from PTSD because of the situation and that affects a person’s well-being which in turn affects those around them. Something needs to be done with Child Support Reform and parents abusing a much obliged system need to be stopped! State and Federal laws are far too unforgiving to active and loving parents- take it out on the dead beats, not us!!

  168. max plasencia says:

    we need to stand up and fight this injustice done to the fathers. even as i struggle to see my youngest son. i still have to worry about child support garnishing my livelihood! how can this be allowed if i support my son!?!? how can child support look at me as an unfit father when i love my son’s!!?!?!

  169. Homer Carl Traxler III says:

    Plz if government is going to insist on getting into ppls lives. Get all the facts or just stayout. You are killing ppl but I’m sure u know that already!

  170. Prescillia Morgan says:

    Child support is a money making scam , its not for the children,like they say.They will keep the children money,to force the Mom to go on TANIF,where they make-money off her,they give her only a small part,the rest they keep. They get the person in arrears,they dont like you to be current,so they can draw intrest on it. Faced with jail with no hope,many kill themselves. Seen it with my own eyes. You have no hope of ever paying it off,you are a slave,for the rest of your life. You have no one to represent you,you cant afford it,so they do what they like to you. And who suffers,the poor parents,who can not afford,to pay,or pay it off.The rich may make it,but the poor,parents are filling the jails,or killing themselves.Is this America? You are breaking the parent-child bond– IT IS NOT FOR THE CHILDREN–ITS FOR THEMSELVES!!!!

  171. jimmy padilla says:

    set me free

  172. John fairrer says:

    Child support is so bad here in michigan wayne county foc sending young men to prison for 4 years because of poverty cutting them of food stamps thats only promoting crime thats why crime is so bad in detroit someone please help us.

  173. Terrell Evans says:

    Every non-custodial parent going through a situation is not a dead beat. The child support systems Of America work against themselves when they take away any license, that would affect anyones ability to make money. Especially driving priviledges.In addition to making child support payments, Driving priviledges make it much easier to spend quality time with the children. After all it’s all about the benefit of the children.(RIGHT).

  174. Mary Prayne says:

    Children suffer along with their noncustodial parents. It is wretched how a blind eye has been turned to them. I see commercials where the President says it is time for men to step up to the plate and be dads
    . Well they need to be given that chance. Parental Alienation and the picking of their pockets has made it impossible for loving fathers to be there for their children!!!!!!!!!!

  175. Darryl Robinson says:

    Change is gonna come!

  176. BuddyMossholder says:

    Please reform, maybe you would see America reform with it

  177. glenn m mcfad says:

    This system hurt people who cant pay and women live to push use men over the breaking line. We need help. Going to jail wont make use pay or can we pay if we are locked up. We need help for those who cant pay those who family are broken up cause of just hate because the other moved on. This sytem is sad.

  178. JOHN NNADI says:

    I agree.The system is in gross need of reform.

  179. Jeff Allen says:

    These stories are all two familiar. Folks keep in mind that our state and federal legislators knew exactly what they were doing when child support, and the Bradley amendment were implemented. I believe that they also knew the outcome of the implementation. There is only one way to remove the father from the home and that is to cripple him financial. that is done by stripping him of home family and children. It is then done by forcing him to pay even when he is out of a job. Our government by passage of these laws is suggested they make a better daddy then real fathers do. Of course at the fathers cost. The system us brutal, barbaric, and repugnant. It holds no mercy. The system also makes over 500 billion dollars a year so there is little to know chance reform will take place unless legislators find that the child support system is no longer making them money. Keep in my mind, that child support is not about children. It is about destroying the very fabric of American society. you can not destroy a society unless you destroy the family first.

  180. Nichelle says:

    I think the custodial parent should have to get up off their lazy asses, and go to work and payout a portion of the freaking support, you took your sorry ass down there and applied for it in order to hurt someone else. The problem is a lot of lazy ass scandalous MF’s, I have seen some of these men and women in action, and I really don’t have respect for that. They laid down together, support together. These people get food stamps, section 8, wic, the list goes on, and then they get your hard earned money (took two to tango), they should pay too. Then they won’t let you see your children or there are always strings attached. The children suffer in the end, and end up with an idiot for a custodial and they know why you left that fool in the beginning. The parent that truly loves gets hurt in the end, these wicked people just sit up on their lazy asses and keep getting more and more hookups from the government. CHANGE this fucked up system before other hard working real parents are hurt economically, and emotionally. I know, I paid, and hurt, but I paid it all off for three children behind a sorry ass lazy MF. The cold part is that he has other children and they have never made him pay out dime HMMMMM! What’s wrong with this picture…… Here I am after all of that with my credit screwed up and this jerk is living on a ranch with horses and What! The system really knows how to ruin lives!!

  181. james humphries says:

    putting dads and moms in jail for back support is only hurting the children .

  182. Gary L. Portier says:

    Family Court is not your Friend. This System causes dead beat parents, and new inmates if sent to jail, homeless and unemployment because of not being able to keep up. I pay more having the chid away than when they were with me. It’s all about money for all those involved.

  183. shaquel oliver says:

    Please reform now for the sake of the kids

  184. Georgia Adams says:


  185. Manu Lewis says:

    I think that men who want to support their children shouldn’t have a million road-blocks to stop them….

  186. Derek C. Syphrett says:

    I have been deprived of due-process and 14th amendment rights repeatedly… it has been a nightmare.

    The complaints that my wife used to get supervised parenting time were related to ME TAKING MY SON TO A DOCTOR WITHOUT HER CONSENT AND THE DOCTOR VALIDATING MY CONCERNS…




  187. glenn says:


    Can Dad’s rights group the issues of persecution of dads with Catholic Church’s objections to forced contreceptive financing?

    HHS fosters abortions and destroys families contrary to the bible.

    God Bless

  188. josephh dixon says:

    I joseph dixon have a daugher who 20 years of age that I’m inarrears of 8000 dollars but I have custody of two other kids which both are disable their mo died 7 years ago so I had to stop work to take care both of them so we live off their mom social seccurity child support suspend my license so I can’t even get my 2 disable kids to the doctor in they want even give me a driver permit they want me to pay the whole 8000 dollars before I can get my license back I need help in the worst way cause I can’t even take my kids for a ride all we do is set home please can someone help me

  189. Hector T Sanabria says:

    The system is bad it dose not work its them to fix it.

  190. Donald Hill says:

    We will win!

  191. Travis Austin says:

    will we ever be able to combine actual support and custodial equality, based on real time….(REAL TIME) money has become the real root to disapointment, hurt, betrayal;(evil) to the eventuality of how great our children will enjoy their childhood. Custodial (Constitutional rights), vs non-Custodial rights or fundamental priciples of being a parent has been evoked with weakness that makes our Societal Nation unhealthy. No one answer like childsupport will evoke the true commitment to your child but a clear constitute by a non bias Court system to despense justice for our children.

  192. Landon says:

    I am just getting out the military. My military pay was calculated to $594 per month for one child. I’m not currently in the military any more and my pay cant be adjusted for another 6 months. How is this possible?I don’t mind paying but I don’t have the money to pay nor can I find a job out here that can pay the amount. I currently have a levy on my account. I have no money for food or anything, most importantly food. Please reform the child support system

  193. Yeah, I think this blatant child abuse system needs to end now!

  194. Dedrick Westbrook says:

    God Bless our families. My expirence has been miserable when raising childern. It has been nothing but misery. The time I spend with my childern is great but my contribution have been limited and transfered to the other parent. It hurts a hard working parent when he cant provide a life-style to his childern equal to his gross income plus efforts. It sucks to know I cant afford or qualify for a bigger home or automobile for my childern when they come visit. It hurts when you have to beg your childs mother to help your childern find interest in coming to spend time with dad. It hurts to struggle in your childern eyes. Now 18 years later my childern are not interested in spending time with me… They love me but they see me as a failure and there mother as success. It feels like the life has been sucked out me. I tired of fighting and all the games just so I can be happy…. Im signing this petiton hoping to make a change.

  195. Jerry Gleason says:

    In 2007 after my wife and i were married for 4 months and she was pregnant.She had an affair with another man that she work with.Which i forgave her on.Then in 2008 at the in of june,i was diagnose with a panic disorder.Three weeks after being diagnose,my wife left with our 1yrs old daughter and mved to another state where her father lived.Two days after lmoving there,she filed for child support which was for $261.00.Which i no longer make that salary to pay that.It’s been four years now and i’m still not able to make payments due to not able in finding a job.I try to make payments when i come acroos money but still don’t get to see my daughter like i shoud.The state of v.a. has revoked my license and i can’t get around.There is absolutely no help from my family.I started going back to school but had to put it off because of family not helping with transportation.I’m struggling and depress and don’t know what to do.

    ADDITIONAL COMMENT: I as a father demand equal rights to my children!!I’m tired of being bullied around by the mother and court system.Using my children as a pay check.

    From SIGN HERE!, 2013/01/14 at 9:21 AM

  196. Elisa Eguiarte says:

    I have a 14 yr old daughter that I supported on my own with no visitation. Her father only wanted visitation if he had to pay child support. I had her at 20 and worked part time and full time to support her. Went to college and got 2 degrees. Recently we reconnected a had remarried and had 3 other children that my daughter wanted to meet and be around. He didn’t allow it. I had been laid off and needed help paying half her braces which he wasn’t willing to do. So I filed for child support and back pay. I don’t think I should carry the burden for a decade of child care healthcare. On the flip side my live in boyfriend has 3 cases against him 2 of which have been on public assistance for 5 years and I think there is a lot of flaws in the system.
    They should find a more efficient way of distinguishing fathers that want to be involved from those that don’t.
    More importantly they should make women equally responsible for the financial responsibility of the children after all it is our choice to keep the child use birth control etc.
    They should enforce restructer welfare reform. Drug test make them go to school get a job and penalize them for having additional children when they can’t support the ones they already have. Break the cycle!!

  197. Saleem says:

    January 12. 2013. My name is Saleem. I tired of being beat down by the system
    going to be homeless with wife and 5 kids. California child support have forced
    me for years to have a feeling of killing myself. Please help call me a 253 882-8379

  198. tonya carpenter says:

    something has to be done with this goverment and child support angency i have write the president number of times and it never gets ansrewed

  199. Jose Arzuaga says:

    all is said we need to change the DRS

  200. Antonio Howard says:

    God help us.

  201. David Dukes says:

    I have been living a nightmare since my ex-wife took my child and left state while I was injured from work. I have been fighting my injury case, and in the mean time, Illinois child support has been piling interest on top of the EXHORBITANT amount of support that was awarded my ex…who by the way has never held a job longer then 6 months, and swore that if we had a child she would never take her from me. Illinois awarded her 1250 dollars a month, which I could not fight, as I had no money for attorneys, plane tickets, hotels etc…as I was injured and temporarily disabled. My case settled, illinois recieved 20,000 dollars, yet they are denying reciept of the sum, because Washington State is paying her directly. Illinois is becoming known as the “black hole” of politics within the child support administrations of other states. You cannot contact anybody in Illinois…their “automated system” tells you to call back at another time, all the time. Even when I got through to a supervisor, they deny any responsibility in contacting the other states. My state has contacted Illinois multiple times, and never gets a reply. I filed for a modification over a year ago, and never heard back from them. In the mean time, I am being charged over half my income for support, plus another order of support from a mother that waited ten years to come forward and say she has my child. The system is set up to create an environment conducive to having a child, leaving the father, and destroying his life through unbearable support orders, and the interest that they can NEVER get out from under. I am going to die in debt, never able to purchase a home, never able to open a business, and thereby never being able to pay the full amount, or be able to leave something for my children. There is no equal protection under the law, when the law favors the lazy, and those that violate their contract of marriage. I want to support my children, half of my income goes towards this, but my life is being destroyed, because my ex decided she could get more out of life without me. Illinois child services is a corrupt, lazy, and unproffesional beaurocracy, staffed by people who obviously do not care about justice, they only care about MONEY. Lives and families are being destroyed by the courts. I raised my daughter, I sang her to sleep every night. I took my children to their karate, their basketball games, their nails/tanning, meets parties, I was a good father…and now I cannot see my kids, I am being financially destroyed, and my burden of debt is becoming a MONSTER that I will not ever be able to catch up too. Illinois family services is worse then the mafia…at least in the mob you could get a sit down, and a hearing. Not in the Illinois court system…nope they want you to pay lawyers, use tax money to bankroll unnecessary hours of litigation, ignore proper proceedures, and promote the destruction of the family unit. People are becoming quite sick of the corruption in this government…from both parties. And all the mandates and laws being created that destroy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…while promoting the need for attorneys, legal expenses, courts, interests, fines etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc,…I sign this petition wholeheartedly, and redress this government for the injustices that are being perpetrated against thousands of fathers who only want equal justice under the law, and who do love and care for their children. David W. Dukes
    ” The greatest tyranny is that which is perpetuated under the color of law.” Montesque

  202. Greg S. says:

    This needs action now!

  203. ROBERT W, NORRIS says:


  204. Jeff Childs says:

    Current Child Support Law (Title IV Part D and all other amendments) is bondage, economic slavery. The state has almost drained all my energies. Totally on board with this.

  205. Sean Negron says:

    Child support…not spousal support…I WANT TO KNOW MY HARD EARNED MONEY THAT I SLAVED FOR IS GOING TO MY CHILD AND NOT MY DAUGHTERS MOTHERS AND HER NAILS..I do not mind paying for Christs sake it’s my seed my baby, the next me…but why is my child dressing sloppy and she is looking like a rock star?

  206. Tonia Allen-brackens says:

    Love it… Signed tonia Allen- brackens

  207. Edna Elnora Mae Townsend says:

    No more imprisonment! I owe back support, but I also have a 6 year old child whose father died. I am all he has and they will put me in jail and my son in a fauster home!!!

  208. I also have been and still going through outragous penalties and interest of my payroll and IRS which I havent seen in about 15 years.
    I ask myself is this child support or a Bank credit card?
    The charges to what they say is just a slap in the hand so that you can pay on time,
    and how many times were they not there to see that my daughter was not at the visitation just because momma didnt have the time. Whats up with that??
    But yet I’ve spent a total of one year in jail ,lost a job,lost a vehicle, and it goes on and on…
    My daughter lives with me now. And I’m have to help her and still sending her Mom money. But no one looks into these issues. I have an 11 yr. old son that loves staying with me, and only I know how hard it is to make it.
    These outragous garnishment have made me a very bitter person, but we still go on
    like nothings wrong.
    I don’t have a hard time believing the stats. that are out there, but no one really gives
    a ——-.

    A Father that Loves his children


  209. Trent Crowell says:

    Trent Crowell (786) 925-4165;
    There is also a greater concern that the Paternity Testing is being falsified. It is believed that only 30% of the cases that are retested, but in over 90% of the 30% the originally said to be the fathered are founded not to be the biological fathered. And what the cases were the mother waits 7, 10, 15 years (lying and saying that she could find the father) and the courts or Child Support allows them to bring a case against the father, ignoring the affirmative defense of Laches? I eargerly await your response.

  210. Caroline says:

    I have been locked up for 6 months, the money has added up and with interest. It has almost doubled the amount I owed. I signed up on my own for wage garnishment, but lost my job after being locked up. I’ve only been out a few months and have yet to find a new job. I got a letter to go back to court again already and am worried sick because I know I will be locked up again – as I don’t have the money to pay. I don’t know what to do, and there is no way to get ahead or get caught up when I keep being put right back in jail. I don’t get to see my son if I am in there and his other parent has agreed to drop it, but the court won’t allow it. How is this helping our child, or anyone, and how is this fair? Also, it places another burden on the legal system as the jail has to pay to support me while I am there (which I will be because I truely have no money and can’t afford to get out.) This is a no win situation for all involved and is making me very depressed to the point that I wish some days I would just go to sleep and never wake up.

  211. carolina giordano rizza says:

    i am a mom paying support, after four years of trying to locate this said child support order, their isnt a transcript to be found, meaning that the child support is not legal nor accurate and i should never had paid for five years, also the opposing lawyer said i had to pay attorney fees of 3000.00 and plane ticket fess of 1297 for my daughters family and father but no transcripts nor orders, the opposing lawyer kept threatening me ill go to jail, and after what they lied about and through me in jail for kidnapping when i had custody and physical placement of my daughter i firmely believed that he would keep doing it, so i was stupid to pay without orders or transcripts and i want my money back now that my daughter lives with me and that the father lied along with his attorney

  212. Peggy Gibson says:

    I have been on both sides of this argument and both sides definitely have good points. When I was divorced in 1984 my ex-husband was making very good money and without his checks every month. even though I was working, trying to raise my (OUR) children would have been very difficult to say the least. For the most part, his checks were on time. Sometimes he would tell me that the “check was in the mail” and it wasn’t. That was a get even game because I left him.But all and all and all it did make raising our children easier. The last of his support was taken out of his Social Security Disability Check but he was on;y $3000.00 in arrearages, So even with the little games that he player, I was very lucky.
    The man that I have lived with for the last 17 years has a much different story however. He has two daughters by two different women. Neither of them live in our home town and one lives in Las Vegas and one in Ca. but not in the same town as we do. Both of these women have kept him from seeing them. Every time he would try and see the one that only lives 3 hours away, his ex-wife would haul him either back to court or would have him thrown in jail. She was never on welfare so the state didn’t go after him unless she called them, which she did every time he tried to see his daughter. The other daughter lives in Las Vegas, and her mother did nothing but tell her daughter how terrible he was, The child support for the one daughter in Las Vegas had been set way to high in the beginning. When he was working, they took 2/3 of his check, it was due to 2 different county’s.
    Both girls are now over 18 , one is 19 and one is 21. The 19 year old that lives only 3 hours away, came to town to “meet her Dad” 4 days after her 18th birthday. They were both so excited to finally be able to get to know each other again. He had not seen her since she was 8 years old, but it wasn’t for the lack of trying, The other daughter’s mother had moved her to Las Vegas about 10 years ago. He was supposed to have visits with her regularly but it never happened. They to have since seen each other and are working on their relationship.
    I have never understood why any women would do that to their children, Problem is that he owes over $124,000.00 in back child support, for two daughters that he never got to see when they were growing up. He missed all though’s years, because their mothers would not let them know there father, If you got a bill every month with a balance like that , and it said pay in full, what would you do?

  213. Mark A Randall JR says:

    i have been through it all between being locked up while paying me support from lic. suspentions how is anyone gonna get ahead if you get slammed back ten feet for trying. i have a house n custody of two of my kids but cant get my lic bc of my support being so far behind… People cnt live on just 125$ a week i kno i could’nt

  214. manuel cruz says:

    have been paying for years and now they call it arears,audit it and they double
    my balance.dont know if i’ll ever finish paying one you get on the system they
    wont let you go,if youa are out work they keep pilen-up interest’s it is a system
    that lock’s people for life and most people can’t afford a lawyer cause you.
    just working to survive>


  215. Rashauna Littlejohn says:

    Fight for visitation rights for fathers that pay child support and are denied time spent with child

  216. California have robbed for twenty years and now they have included Florida. and I want justice.

  217. Ronald Munden says:


  218. steve martinez says:


  219. Mike R says:

    Child Custody and Child Support Reform Now! Stop taking children away from Father’s and then penalizing the Father with debt “Child Support” and imprisonment for failing to pay the debt “Debtors Prison” for not having his child.

    Divorced/Separated/Unmarried Fathers are prejudged as Non-Custodial parents, treated as an unfit parent incapable of 50/50 custody and then saddled with “Child Support” debt because their parenting rights have been denied; thus making the NCP a second class citizen subject to financial mandates and penalties, unfair tax treatment and debt imprisonment. This is a blatant violation of the 1rst, 10th and 14th amendments in the U.S. constitution; – the “Right to be a Parent” is an inalienable right given by God not by the state. The state should not have the right to deny Parent’s equal access to their children. Children should not be taken away from their Parents without just cause and due process.

  220. michael fey says:

    i owe back support but not more than 2,000 i’ve always tried to keep up with my payments but bills have gotten me behind on it and now they want to take my license when i go to the dmv for a renewal and which i dont even own a car i have it for work and now i am subjected to losing my job becuase it requires me to have a license so not only is my credit fucked up from a child support levy i now have to begin to start looking for another job. i dont disagree on the fact if u have a child to support to support your child, i love my daughter but i think the system definately needs to be relooked at. and i’ve noticed that too many poeple hate on poeple that dont pay but then again they dont know the full story im label a criminal like i was a young teenager , i aint no angel i made mistakes when i was younger but it was before my daughter was even born and they make very hard for me to get back on track in life sitting here busting my ass for what so i can be in more debt and i havent even seen my daughter in years not becuase of courts becuase me and her mother dont see eye to eye on some things but that is another story

  221. Milton Oliveras says:

    Please fix the system

  222. Terry R. Gayden says:


  223. IM READY FOR CIVIL WAR OVER CHILD SUPPORT LAWS!!! THAT ARE IN CLEAR VIOLATION OF MY CIVIL RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont expect help from the feds for many of them our meeting in secret and our part of the new world order Which is another violation of are civil rights these people are committing a form of treason!! child support is ran by NWO Thats Why they turn a blind eye to to human right violations and the thousands of dads and moms that committed suicide over this

  224. Matthew J. Dorian says:

    NAME : Matt D. —
    AGE : 30 —-
    # OF CHILDREN : 1 beautiful boy —
    $ DEBT : 20 thousand and climbing —

    Hey everyone, here go’s..
    My son was born in 2003 , I worked part time for my family to make ends meet and I always paid my support on time – never late – like clock work since day 1 .
    One day I get a letter stating that I owe 13 thousand dollars for ONLY ONE KID THAT I’VE MADE PAYMENTS ON & FOR SINCE HE WAS BORN & not to mention that I was suppose to have joint custody ?!.. Some how my payments went from $254.00 to $1,213.00 (without me knowing) and since it had gone on for over a year nothing could be done about it.!?.?.. Why I’ve been a great father ?not to mention I was making my $254. Regular payments because I hadent a clue until that letter .. Now with interest I owe near 20 thousand and have been driving w/o my license now for years due to it all – now can find work .. Holding on by the skin of my teeth FOR WHAT ?? This system is a complete joke . Mark my words : when my son is grown & hates everyone & everything and will most Likely going to be scaird of having children of his own – who’s to blame ? ( THAT’S RIGHT ! HE’s going to hate me for the system fu**ing me over .. ) Now back to the waiting game .. F.T.W. & Dcss & the courts I hope the burn-
    I was happy – now ill never be – depressing but that’s life’s speed bump –
    Good luck to everyone & I wish this forum & Everyman on it well .

  225. I’m just tired of me having to uphold court decisions and my ex-wife not having to and hearing and seeing people arrested for owing money witch violates our rights my kids are the ones that suffers the affects of her decisions I try to pay and keep up but in this economy work is hard to find and when you do it never lasts long and I constantly get threatened and harnessed by child support yeah throwing a working man in jail or taking his license away so he can’t drive to work is the answer sometimes the laws these people make are just stupid and violate the constitutional rights of this country!!!

  226. Jeremy Shelton says:

    I was doing well in 2009, and like an idiot i decided to pay $1300/month for my 2 boys. Later that year my earnings went to hell because of the recession. I am a sub-contract framer and live in Kentucky. I told my x that I wanted the child support lowered because of my situation. She said “thats fine, you missed last months payment”. Now to understand what she meant follow me…In Kentucky if you are $1000 behind in Child Support IT IS A FELONY, My payments where $1300 a month. So i had no money for a lawyer and paid as best as i could for 3 1/2 years. Then she would play the keep away games with my boys. If I did a damn thing to fight her or turn her in for contempt..remember i get a FELONY. So i was hopeless and tried to work things out with her but she was not having it, and why would she, I was paying 3/4 of my monthly earnings to her, while she enjoyed 10,000 dollar tax returns. So with my payments being $700/month at best to her because i had to get gas and eat, it has racked up to 17k. In may of this year i remarried and guess what…She put the felony charge on me 3 days later. Thanks to the great state of Kentucky and its laws, Now im on probation for a felony, and I have not been in any kind of trouble since 1995 for a DUI, Thank god my wife now has a few dollars to rub together and we are now fighting it. But no matter what my boys hate their stepmother,( thanks to their mom,) who has a long career for marketing for Toyota, and has never been in any trouble. She tells my boys who are 9 and 7 that their stepmom is a prostitute and a drug addict. The courts could care less about it. My youngest son is scared of his stepmom and will no longer come with me. He now calls me Jeremy, instead of dad. I dont think he came up with this on his own. I could go on for days, but what I am learning is 200/hr attorney isnt worth a shit. Neither is the ad-litem assigned to the case, who actually got mad at my x, but said he could do nothing if my 7 year old did not want to come see me. Well i been putting the case together myself. All my attorney is for at this point is a spokesperson. They dont want to piss another attorney off, because in thier world, I am nobody. And I guess they think that way of my children as well.Im going to court on Dec.17th, and I will update you. Feel free to contact me as I would love to change the laws as well. I know there are fathers like me who love their children, but are caught in a mess. I have learned a lot about the law and would love to help you.

  227. Michelle Gray says:

    I totally agree!! I know how everyone feels. I am engaged to a wonderful man who for the last 20+ years has paid his child support faithfully every week. Just when we thought it was all over and we could start our life together without any black clouds hanging over our heads, we get a letter out of the blue that he owes in excess of almost $192,000 in arrears. After doing much research on my own, it was shown that when he got divorced and was in the Coast Guard stationed in Alaska, they put down that he was making $72,000 a year. Even though he filled out all the forms and they were sent back and received in the amount of time that was given, Alaska still decided to say that they were never received and the amount was set. Now, fast forward almost 20 years since this all began. The economy has been up and down. He has been out of work since June and has drained his 401k just to pay his child support to avoid going to jail. I have written so many people to try and get this fixed, but no one will help or won’t help. So if anyone reading this knows of anything that can be done, feel free to contact me via my email ( I hope that this petition gets the attention of whoever can fix it. We ALL can sure use this change!!!

  228. Brandon Kline says:

    Lets go!

  229. Andrew Kerr says:

    I honestly, honestly hope this message gets to the President… and furthermore that he spends a small bit of his time looking in to fixing this largely adverse economical matter. Our jails are presently overflowed in record numbers… over 6-million incarcerated (More than the Soviet had even at their very worse). There are far too many people getting locked up for things that are non-criminal. There are other avenues and forms of punishment to get people to pay. Jailing is NOT the solution… it only compounds the problem for everyone (Mother, Child, and Father).

    Article 2; Section 18 in the Arizona Constitution: “There shall be no imprisonment for debt, except in cases of fraud”

    Every state has something similar to what I listed above. We need something done about this on a Federal level; addition to the 13th Amendment potentially?

    Too many good people are being majorly violated as Americans and citizens of this country.

    Our liberties continue to get stripped away Mr. President. Please help!

  230. Lon Al says:

    I support

  231. Wayne Keith says:

    Child support encourages divorce.. Many custodial parents would attempt to workout relationships if it wasn’t for the incentive of getting money from the child support system. Child support is difficult on the non-custodial parent because it takes away money that could be used toward the child. It’s tough enough on the non-custodial parents for not having the children.. being forced to pay child support only creates emotional stress and financial problems that affect the children. There is no justification behind forcing a non-custodial parent to pay child support.

  232. Robert o hartman jr says:

    thank you

  233. Kevin Robert Posey says:

    Please open your hearts and lets give the fathers a chance to remain fathers to their children. My father never loved me and even though he was alway in my life he didnt care. he had no love. I’m a father now with four children and their mothers and the court systems support chasing me out of their lives over money. I try as hard as i can even as I write this I am homeless and without a way to see them. Whats the world coming to when you teach our children that it is more inportant to have money than the love of your father. I have seen many fathers put a gun to their heads and die before my eyes because the pain of losing their children. Back the fuc…k off child support enforcement….the next victim could be your son or daughter. 2012 is a time for change and now you Mr. Barak H. Obama, Members of Congress, The Governors of these 50 several States, and their respective Legislative Representatives. Show us that you care for our children and that you all have hearts and WE NEED CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT REFORM NOW!!! I would sell my soul to the devil for change. A father without the love from my children. I’m dieing a slow and painful death.

  234. Eddie Brown says:


  235. Lisette A Perron says:

    Mr. President,
    MY daughter who is poor has been fighting for joint custody of her daughter for 3 and 1/2 years but cannot afford the expensive attorneys her in=laws can. She just lost her last battle last week and although has been a stay at home mother for her latest daughter who is almost 2 years old, the court has judged that she pay $50.00 per week in child support for her 4 year old daughter and another $25 per week in arrears since she could not afford daycare and work a minimum wage job and she still can’t! She should have had full custody of her first daughter 3 years ago but is fighting the battle against rich people who want to win at all costs including perjury. Judges can’t recognize lies in court. and now my daughter has no idea how she will pay this child support when in actuality her daughter should be in her legal custody. Our courts are failing when the rich win because they can afford better lawyers and are unethical enough to perjure themselves in court knowing nothing will touch them. PLEASE help my daughter!

  236. Michael A Davis says:

    Thank you

  237. Breylon Roberts says:


  238. Michael Deas says:

    I have been without a drivers license for the last 15 years because of this child support in forcement law, I actually did pay my ex-wife child support but she did not report it in there for my license was suspended. she received welfare and government assistance through fraud which I can prove but the courts turn a deaf ear to my plea. my children are now all grown and over 18. this criminal government is absolutely out of control!

  239. les shaw says:

    My total gross income of 50,000 is always a factor for me to receive any college grants…Cant buy a house because my debt to income including child support is to high…cant get tax returns of child credit or a tax break…single with kids paying child support but i make to much money to get any break but 1200.00 is paid and should be subtracted from my income. Oh yeah most people receiving payments do not even have to list that down as extra income wow… but i cant list what i pay as a deduction.. it sucks

  240. scott fletcher says:

    I am struggling to keep roof over my head and food in my belly, while she lives extravagantly, I know my obligations and always pay my child support! But what about my life and new family, how do we survive with the constant threat for her wanting more money??? Help this could mean I loose my house and my 3 year old and 2 year old will have no home while she drives new cars, lives in new house and goes on cruises etc……. I fear for my younger children. This could result in another forclosed house in this country….

  241. Shay Conley says:

    I agree! How the hell can families keep up with fricken child support when our ecomony is going down the shit hole! The cost of living is going up, and jobs are getting scarce..

  242. corey sams says:

    ive been to prison two times for almost a year each time im currently being harrassed by my probation officer and the judge to get a job or im going back again for a year. I just got to know do they seriously think there doing justice with this crap.I am now currently being indited on felony charges every six months after i am realeased from prison . i cannot go to colledge to better myself to get a good job to affored my order of support on two kids and take care of my own bills , and no one wants a felon to work for there astablishment ,wat the h e double hockey sticks am i to do its not right and is ruining lifes period . leting wemon go down there and cry after they left you for a nother man and dont want you around for know reason r u seariouse..i think goverment should not be involved period unless we comitt crimes and not being able to find work is not a crime and they stigmatize us with prison scentences and jail so know job wants us even if we r the best person for the job i went into a place the other day they had a sign on the wall that red if you have a felony do not apply hows that workin out for them a nother prison scentence for me while the state makes money off my life anyway please reforme the law im going back to prison over this soon …..

  243. matthew Alley says:

    I have lost everything and for the past 20 years acrued an amount of interest that is owed and is still compounding that I will never be able to pay. this reform has to happen. My support is all paid off but the some hundred thousand dollars in interest the state says I owe and the payment I am required to pay that keeps me out of jail only keeps me down

  244. thomas jewell says:

    i have been going through this nightmare for over twenty five years, when i am working i pay my child support dues, i owe more than 26,000 dollars in child support interest. thanks to the judge suspending my drivers liscence i lost my job, i’m homeless, and i am unable to get any kind of government assistance. yeah, the child support division has ruined my this is supposed to help me pay my debt is beyond me.

  245. sonja tracy says:

    I have watched women collect back support from the father of their child after he took care of both them and the child just because he was in another relationship, I have seen women lie just to make the fathers life hard as a means of revenge because she couldn’t control him, and some don’t let the father see the child unless the give a certain amount of money aside from the payments. I have also seen men who can’t get a job because they lost their license because they didn’t have the money to pay when they were not employed. The child support system is ruining lives! I am a single mother and I refuse to put my children’s father through this. I’ve watched it devastate too many lives.


  247. jose martell says:

    I too will most likely go to prison in december 2012. For back pay child support and i do not look foward to it. I recieved 5 years of probation and a felony conviction that I will have to carry with me for the rest of my life. I am a veteran of 32 years with no prison record. I was forced to get off of my medication so that i could look for a job, but now my mental illnes is taking its toll and i still am unable to find a job. Guess i will just go to prison, what a way to go after puting my life on the line to defend this great nation.
    Thank you all who read this letter any ideas please e-mail me at I still love America.

  248. Nara King says:


  249. Karl Richardson says:

    I believe fathers have rights too. Why should a woman get full custody immediately just because of her gender? The law needs to give equal rights to all not based on gender. The current laws are not effective and this needs to be changed!!!!

  250. Jennifer Richardson says:

    I believe fathers have rights too. Why should a woman get full custody immediately just because of her gender. The law needs to give equal rights to all not based on gender. The current laws are not effective and this needs to be changed!!!!

  251. camron cunningham says:


  252. Jimmy Turner says:

    Child support need to be fix bad or something done to it.It killing me it got so bad i cant live no more hard to live on 100 dollar a week this day in time

  253. Timothy Paul Alford says:

    Every story/comment here mirrors mine in one way or another.Every man/woman has there limits.I am very near to mine and unfortunatly my teen children are the ones who will suffer when there father is no longer existent. Yours truly,Bled to death.

  254. Robert Glass says:

    The laws is massachusetts need to be reformed to be fair and equal… Pretty sad that when you walk into court you know that you have to bend over and just take it… If fathers and families can’t make a difference in the state of MA. then who can…. I’ve talked to my state rep and that is a lost cause as well… Nobody in state or fed legislature cares to help because they are making money off of the fathers they RAPE…
    I have always heard of the term of dead beat dads.. I always thought it was because they didn’t want to pay… My eyes have been opened from the court of MA that they produce what is so called dead beat dads as they leave them in poverty.
    I am lucky to have my parents still alive and that they have been able to help me out with a place to live… but they are in there 80’s. I forsee in the future that I will have to move away from my children in search for a cheap place to live . Everything associated to the child support puts a strain on the relationship with my children. I just hope in the future when they are older that they see the sacrfice I have made for them. I love my children and always will…

  255. Richard Cole says:

    The system needs to be completely audited and shut down. The C/S office violates so many rules of procedure and constitutional rights, it’s not even funny anymore.

  256. Mark Spacco says:

    I agree fully I pretty much spent 18 years paying the mortgage for a girl who gave birth to my daughter. My wife even agrees that the system is out of control she has seen it from the other side. She had to cover my child support while I was out of work because of a broken back.
    What the law fails to do is protect the fathers who fall victim to these evil manipulating money hungry banshee’s. They pray on men like a tick to a dog.

  257. Rev. J. Vigeant says:

    I’ve tried to sign twice, system keeps kicking me out.

  258. Floyd Dray says:

    This is for my son, always honest, hard working and obeys the law. 10 yrs ago he had his own buissness as a drywall contractor, makeing between 100 and 150 thousand a yr. Married and happy with one child, my granddaughter. Then the divorce, sought by her. Child support was set and paid on time every month. Then work slowed but still fine, then the houseing bubble poped, construction died. Still making the support payments, but harder to do, he layed off his employees and had to close his doors. Then as the support payments faultered, with no help from the courts, to an amount that would scare the CEO of a large corp. he is now living in his truck that he bought for $1000 dollars with no way to get it licenced, but paying the Liability insurance weekly. After a court apearnce for none payment of back support plus penalty, they settled for $600.00 a month ( which was $450.00), with probation, if late one month he is looking at 6 months to a year in prision. Last month of doing anything he could find he made around $800.00 and made his $600.00 payment. I can not help him because I too was self employed in the construction industry and closed my buisness. I was lucky and found work as a custodian at the local high school. If I had child support also I would be as him, even with employment. With the conviction, he can not find work, they will not hire him. He is treated like a convicted criminal. This can not be fair! I cry and pray for him, but can,t help him.

  259. John L Edgecomb says:

    What about using the ” False Claims Act ” would this help with the corruption in the system of child support enforcement?

  260. Steven Lawhorne says:


  261. henry cochran says:

    im going to jail for support this a sheetrock finisher that has made only 8,500 dollars last year.i am behind and struggaling to pay my bills.ive never been to jail and i will be going this thursday.ive thought of suicide so many gonna be stuck in jail forever cause im not gonna be making any money while im in there….i just dont know what to do…..

  262. kenneth johnson says:

    How many more men must take their own lives after being emotionally, spiritually, and financially crushed? Where is our support systems? When will the needs of a child, instead of the most money we can get, be a model for support?

  263. Fred Malone says:

    Dont just Amend this go back and wipe the slate clean. There arent many people who wil ever be able to pay the interest from the past in one lifetime. To Amend this law is not enough, what about those already beat up by this system, dont leave them by the wayside. Those folks are just as deserving and should not be forced to deal with the remnants! i have no children thank God but I look at some of those who i call friends those who don’t see a way out! I’m speaking on thier behalf! Don’t just Amend this law make it retroactive so that everyone has a fair chance.

  264. Russell Garcia says:

    I am a unemployed Father who sees a few doctors due to a mental illness, and the VA DCSE has placed a lien on my bank account freezing what little money I had for medication, doctors visits, and lab work, all this is done with an administrative order and with out giving me a fair chance to properly defend myself.

  265. Support the May 5 march on the 600S Commonwealth Superior court Building many people already have Joined looks like KTLA ? NEWS will capture some footage of the Fight Against Corrupt Child Support and the system is killing our Fathers every Year.

    MrClifton1217 1 month ago

    This Man knows what he talking about, we have being cheated to? many years-please e-mail this man with ideas on how battle the evil forces of child support—­m, I have already gave him my support. Keep going with our struggle Jim.

    MrClifton1217 1 month ago

    The American Goverment is ripping off the American Father. how the hell can we? afford anything and especially healthcare, Emmy Car-Supervisor Olga from the child support office should be fired and let them feel how it feels to be out of a Job-I have no respect for women like that.

    MrClifton1217 1 month ago

    see all
    All Comments (4)

  266. Joyce R. Robledo says:


  267. Eliott cade says:

    All we can do is stock together and pray and continue to take care of the child and love him or her no matter what.

  268. There has to be a change now, rather than later

  269. Jo Childree says:

    Fix this broken system. Why do people and children have to suffer so much from a broken system. STOP JAILING PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY CAN’T PAY AND THEN PUTTING FINES, INTEREST, ETC. ON TOP. WHAT HAPPENED TO AMERICA. Let kids spend half their time with each parent and the parent support them during that time. However, don’t let children be around drug, alchol abuse or sex offenders, etc. Let make good sense and make good judgement call.

  270. Melissa Smith says:

    Child Support definently needs to be changed! My husband and his ex were divorced when their child was 2. She never asked for a dime! He would send him gift cards and clothes when she asked him too. We were living in Cali and she was living in FL at the time. In 2009, my husbands father passed away (which to her, meant $$). This time the child was almost 8 yrs old She moved to NY with the child and her b/f and filed for child support. He was ordered in Sept of 2010 to pay $200 a month. And they also put him in arrears of $500! $200 a month dont seem like much but my husband only makes $13 an hr. My husband also pays for the childs health insurance, which she dont even use for him, cause she has him on medical assistance. We have take it back to court 3 different times to get him taken of our health insurance. It’s $424 a month for a family! With just me and my husband on it, it’s only $140 a month. They rescheduled it twice because she called the day of the court date and said she cant make it. And the third court date she just didnt show so they dismissed it. Soo unfair! now we have to refile again, and who knows how long it will take to get a court date this time. Last time it took 6 months!

  271. Catherine Acotto says:

    This is happening everywhere. Father’s civil rights are being violated every day in the gender-biased family court system! Mother’s who can afford high priced attorney’s, make more money than Father’s (if the court actually used all sources of income like they do when it is Father’s income), intentionally withhold their income from the court, and alienate Father’s from their children continue to be awarded large sums of monthly child support and spousal maintenance payments as well as attorney fees from Father’s who have lost their jobs, relationships with their children, their cars, homes and have to spend countless hours trying to keep themselves out of jail because they do not have the ability to earn the income required to pay their full monthly obligation. These Fathers fall further and further behind while the court keeps an ongoing arrearage calculation to add interest to. Many of these Father’s go to jail on work release, loosing parental rights to their children who they have joint custody and 50/50 parenting time with and the children lose their Father’s. The only people who win in this are the greedy Mother’s who want to keep Father’s out of their children’s lives to gain more in monthly child support and the money-hungry Attorneys. Everyone else looses and looses greatly.

  272. Eric says:

    I work over 50 hours a week and pay almost $200 a week for at least 18 years to a women who said she wanted to keep the baby when she found out she was pregnant so she didn’t have to work anymore. It is sexist to enslave a male who did not have a choice to keep or have the baby adopted. If the government had any ethics it would clearly see that the system is broken. Due to the millions of dollars that it makes in interest alone the government can not afford to take the pay cut by creating an equal and fair child support system. I have been living like a nomad since the system has been garnishing my paychecks. I know I’m not the only one. Mr president please do something so the fathers in our country can live a respectful life.
    I have been on the other side too. When I took full custody of my daughter I tried to get state assistance and was denied child support, food assistance and housing. So I turned my living room into a bedroom for her.
    I guess I could go on and on . Hope our words are heard.
    It’s very hard to be an honest working citizen in this country.

  273. Patrick Bradshaw says:

    My friends parents did a good way… both divorced parent paid into a central account with both their names. This way the NC parent can see where the money goes to, and the custodial parent has to pay as well; as opposed to just “bridging the gaps” AND when the child turned 18, the money left over was used for college. Please think about this system refom people. please anyone/everyone

  274. DJ Keith says:

    I concur with all. However, I’ve begun to read, study and understand our rights. Please begin to familiarize yourself with the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights. I think these Child Support agencies are guilty of “Bills of Attainers.” Read this:

  275. Joan Mach says:

    Men you guys are not alone!!
    I’m a female age 28 with 2 young children. Always work and always provided for the whole family. Thought of doing the right then giving my ex husband 50/50 and he came back and abused the system. He is voluntary not to work so I have to pay him child support. How is that 50/50%. Each parent should be responsible for the children while they are with one. So I’m actually financially I have them 100% and he has the say for 50% of everything… DONT MAKE SENSE…. Child Support need to reform!

    As for myself I’m planning to start a petition on this as well!

  276. Arqueon C. Pittman Sr. says:

    i agree with everyone. REFORM NOW PLEASE

  277. Carlos Clifton says: I am Conducting A rally against un-fair child support at the LA/County Court House 600S Commonwealth LA/90028 please e-mail me all those that would like to join in. 909-272-0405

    Those that want to picket the LA/County Court House on MAY 5/12 PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT

  278. Tia says:

    Child Support definitely needs to be reformed! I think that support for children should be 50/50. Ex. If it is determined that the cost to take care of a child is $1200, then the father and mother both have to pay $600 each. If the mother is not working, then that’s unfortunate because she only gets the $600 from the father, nothing more because she too has a responsibility to provide suport to the child. I think that doing a 50/50 child support split would deter men from going out and making a bunch of kids they can’t take care of and I think that this would also deter women who are out there having a bunch of children in hopes to never work and let child support take care of them. Change needs to happen!!! I am a single mother of two chldren who have two deadbeats for dads…these guys either work part-time jobs or work under the table jobs to get out of paying any amount of child support that would be of substantial help. Things have got to change!!!

  279. Ricardo Beltran says:

    Reform now mr president please !!!!

  280. Terry Douglas says:

    white house needs to do something about this bullshit, if it was y’all ass, how would it be?,,

  281. Maquoo Anderson says:

    Reform Now!

  282. Hello,
    You all signed the petition to defend Non-Custodial Parents Rights.
    Our French neighbors fight too, for the same rights.
    France is the country of the philosophers, the country of the lights.
    Regrettably, in right, they are late.
    Let us be for them the example.
    Let us help them to fight!
    Let us show them that we are with them, and sign their petition:
    Thanks to all, and do not forget to make the message pass….


    Hello Justin,

    I have just just read your comment on the petition
    I am profoundly touched by what you wrote.

    ” I am currently going through a custody battle wih my Daughters Mother, whom I have never been married to. It’s clear
    who would be the best example for my daughter, yet I am fighting a COPMLETELY BIAS and SEXIST uphill battle. Constant demands
    for equal rights in America somehow overlook the rights of Fathers to their children. I would do anything to fix this. Feel
    free to contact me anytime at 574-596-4653, I am a Realtor, as well as a Liscenced Insurance agent, if I can help with
    anything I’d be happy to.”

    I am in the same case as you.
    I am ready too to commit(hire) me in this fight.
    I am French, and here in France, we fight for the same thing(matter).
    I have just put on-line a petition which supports a bill which asks for the equality between the fathers and the mothers.
    I also sent 327 letters to our members of parliament, senators, and to our president Nicolas Sarkozy.
    If you want to support us, in sign our pétition of friendship and solidarity, you will be welcome.
    Our petition :
    Frédérick Boscia

    Translated into English by


  283. Jesie Fernandez says:

    I have been on Disability for 3 years now….I paid my child support until I became disable, which then I requested a modification…it took them 2 years to get me a court hearing. By the time we went to court, my son was 18 years old, so I told child support that instead of reducing my payments, I wanted to stop payment. Child Support informed me that I still had to go to court and let the judge know that my son had already turned 18. My hearing was in December 2011…and child support has not reported to Social Security that there is no support. I went to SS office and they told me that they needed a letter from Child Support Enforcement stating that the child is an adult and that I don’t have to pay any more. Till this day, CS has not sent anything to SS, and my check is being garnished. I call CS everyday requesting for this letter to be sent to SS and all they say is that they are putting in a request for the letter to be sent. The worst part is that the money is not even going to my son, his father is keeping the money for himself and since he has a high rank in the US Air Force, no one wants to help me!! I have tried to get him to give the money to our son, but he won’t do it.

  284. Richard Ray says:


  285. Daniel W. Adams says:

    i love my son with all my heart.. and am not allowed to see him bc of my failure to pay 400 dollars a month, being unemployed, and having no form of transportation now due to child support enforcment. Here in TN, the county jails hold you and they get paid $10.00 a day for your stay while spending about $0.40 per day to keep you… should’t this be illegal?! something has to change or i might as well off myself too to keep from spending the next eleven years in and out of jail…

  286. Fred Wentworth says:

    This system is out of control

  287. Jerry Porras says:

    i just got a new job after 3 years being unemployed and just when im about to start paying child support again. i have a warrant out for my arrest, my license has been suspended, im denied a passport. i see my son every weekend me and his mother are good friends shes surprised aswell at how the childsupport system is broken shes tried to get the payments stopped just to be told that she has no say in it. i feel like the walls are just closing in. i have a beautiful lady now which i was hoping to marry and a gorgeous daughter. with all this i just feel like disappearing is it even worth living. im having bad thoughts. something needs to change

  288. shawn t says:

    This definantly needs to be brought up in a presidential meeting

  289. John Wielanx says:

    I have worked all my life and child support has been taken out of my check by FOC.yet they claim 38000 arrearages.We need reform now this is not justice.Also my constitutional rights were ignored by judge Hillory.His statement was my rights didn’t apply in civil cases.I am not protected because I am the non custodial parent.

  290. Jim Abrille says:

    I’m being denied a U.S. passport for not paying current and back support for a (14 year old child) that is NOT mine. I paid for the paternity tests and wasted thousands of dollars on attorneys and travel expenses, just to have it blow up on my face. Major reforms MUST come… SOON!

  291. darryl wood says:


  292. Nicholas says:

    It’s very sad that system don’t care it’s ripping the very people there trying to help or “support” apart I am a displaced father who sees my two sons all the time I love my sons and have done all I can since day.I lost my job and my unemployment ran dry now I owe more than 35,000 in arrears and threatened with jail now how can I pay 400 a month with no job and no licsence because they suspended it?let alone buy my kids shoes!very confused on what to do with my life now or if it’s worth living anymore things have gotten worse I only see my boys rarely once a month so much for rights.something needs to change in the system.


    Fathers that are trying don’t deserve the abuse know your rights on contempt matters and stay strong.

  293. shane fuller says:

    I agree there needs to be some type of reform. I dont know much about child support law, but its really unfair to some people.I was on child support because my girl-friend had no choice but to put me on it, due to she was receiving welfare at the time, not no more she’s fully employed now,oh may i remind u i was incarcerated while we were together and we are still together and all my kids were in the car when they took me for non support, this happen a year and a half ago, back to when i went to jail, where im from its mandatory to have a hearing with in 3 days after incarceration, the day of my hearing i call my girl friend up and tell her, so she can have my money ready so i can get out that day,i owed 1200.00, i had 500.00 dollars guess what for some reason the judge didnt let me out, he gave me 6 months, i was so pissed off!!! so i went back to jail, had a interview with some person they let me go to work release and get a job. i did the stupidest thing ever didnt go back to work release got a lil mad cause i couldnt find a job, if u cant find a job with in the time frame u go back to jail and couldnt find one so thats where i am today still hidding. i hate so much, ive doing a lil research to see if i can get probation or something, if i get caught i ll be charged with a m2, besides all i love my kids more then anything in the world i have 5 all buy the same person and ive been in all there lives since day 1 and still am ,there running around the house as im typing this,i feel its so wrong to take a father or mother out a kids life who supports them for non support i hate it.thanks for listening if some has any advice for i would love to here it my email is

  294. Alex Holmes says:


  295. Herbert michael anthony Yates IV says:

    I just agree that child support be cut and make low down woman take care of their child only if a man can not do so, but you should not lay down and have a child if u can’t take care of it. Some women put men on child support for no reason and men get their license suspended and go to jail. Now how do we suppose to get around with no license and I know everybody agrees dat life is set up for failure. I think it is we should not be on child support at all cancel it alway out. Enough money is already lost give us men another chance who want to take care of their child. God Bless Of All ;)

  296. Ischa H says:

    I am in the same positions as many of you my husband now pays $430.00 a month in C.S and also carries insurance on his one daughter that he has with his ex. I also have a daughter that her dad dosen’t help at all in taking care of her so he stepped in to help we also have a child together!! so all and all our budget is pretty tight. Well he lost his job yesterday and we called to see what we could do and they said we have to wait 3 months to do anything with it but be sure if he were to get a pay raise the would jump right on making him pay more but god forbid a man loose his job and they dont want to help him out at all at least till he gets back on his feet i really dont get our system it sets every man trying to take care of his kids for failure!!!!!!!

  297. A McGregor says:

    Okay, I see all these stories and yes I am in the system also. My ex-wife is not the worst but she is doing what the system allows, so I don’t fault her. The system is to blame. AGI calucations, no tax deducations 4 the money you give for child support and so many other issues that prove voters rights are not acknowledged. With this being an eletion year, what is the next action, when is the physical presences of these words going to be seen. All I am asking for is fair, equal, control over all factors that impact our children that require my input. I make the money for the child support payment, why do I have no authority on how it is spent, why cannot some of it be saved for college fund or their future expenses that personal finance teaches us all. IRS reform, more non-custodial parent control negative fiscal impact and shared parenting equal lifestyle in both households. I’ve been legally homeless is our separation/divorce and insolvent. I did not sign a contract of poverty when we divorced, I thought that was the purpose of the split. If this energy is not captured during this election year, then when. I will not let this sytem defeat my will to succeed!!!!

  298. Gerardo Lopez says:

    I also am a victum I filed for child support on myself because she skipped town with another guy with my son. I had no idea where she was. So I filed for child support on my self. Two years later they finally served her with papers in a city 5 hours from me. On top of that they moved my case to the city where she lived. So I show up to court and the judge looks at me like if Im the one that was hiding or trying to be a dead beat dad. He ordered me to pay two years back pay for the time it took them to find her. The two years that she was hiding. He never took into consideration that I filed on my self or that she actually had to get served with papers to come to court, and here lately I have been moving from job to job I can bearly keep up with the payments, and she still wont let me see my son. I’ve done research on this and its going to cost me more money that I don’t have on top of the child support that I pay for me to have rights as a father to see my own son.

  299. Herbert leon stokes IV says:

    I need assistant.

  300. Demi Holt says:

    yes, so sad.. my spouse is trying even with his limited funds and our surviving necessities.. may god be with us all!!!

  301. Gary Carlson says:

    James gary carlson. I have lost e.verything I own do do a tornado in joplin missouri. I’ve lost my job everything. I finally found a job 65 percent of my check. how to 400 dollars I bring home or to my car 100 dollars. I am living in my car and was told I’m living beyond my means. It is 30 degrees out here and cold.

  302. mike laycox says:

    my ex-wife didn’t raise our youngest son her mother did but the courts do not care i still have to pay her child support an i’m going to court for contempt for not paying support she had nothing to do with raising him or caring for him her mother did it all but i am the bad person if her mom got the money it would be different but her mom complained to me because her daughter would not help her some court system. mike laycox 12/27/11

    i really enjoyed reading all this an it has helped me some i need to look for a few other things to to help me out thanks alot writing this have a great day mike

  303. Undray Mills says:

    I want vote for Obama because it is not fair how if you owe child support which is a civil case. You go to jail with killer and rapist and durg dealers.

  304. Howard Jeffers III says:


  305. Jeff Sanderson says:

    I can’t say I’m shocked to here these horrible experiences. I love my kids but I’m constantly tortured by the mother for 4 years straight one thing or another. She will not allow me to speak with them on a daily or weekly basis not to mention my children will not come to me when she present. This takes a toll on me mentally and hurts my soul endlessly. She knows how much I love my kids and she uses it like a weapon. No holidays, birthdays, not even a call. I pay her 1200.00 a month which is nearly half of monthly income after taxes and this all without a court order. She also just gave birth to a child and gave him up for adoption…mind you she is a 36 year old woman…wtf and she treats me like scum, I have no rights because we haven’t went to court due to the fact that I don’t wish to loss my house or freedom should I fall behind or back child support when we were a family for 2.5 years. I don’t fell that I can take this mentally ill BM for another 14 or so years , I’m thinking about singing my rights over and leaving the country. I know it sounds cowardly but you can’t notigoiate with a mad woman.

  306. Travis Smith says:

    I dont mind paying child support but i agree the whole system needs to be reformed

  307. pastor kim l buckner says:

    I pray this helps fathers such as us who would love to take care of there children but can’t due to the economy.I to am a father that has two households and wife is the sole provider at present time but can’t look for work due to suspension of licences due to non payment not cause I don’t want to but because I can’t with no income coming in then they want you to get into an written agreement you can’t possibly honor but one get in to keep licences for a month longer no justice or comon logic in this I feel inadequate as a man and a provider then further injury and insult no licences to even get child to spend weekend visits or go participate in their afterschool activities wow

  308. Sergio Nino says:

    I hope this works

  309. Jeremy G. says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I have my three children a considerable amount of the time in which the time I spend with them is spent at my father’s home being that I’m unable to afford my own residence. To eliminate child care expenses my time with the children is scheduled around my co-parents work schedule. I have them Mondays and Tuesdays from 2:30pm till 10:30pm and Fridays at 2:30pm till Sunday at noon. I have to provide snacks for them when they get home from school and four nights out the week I have to prepare dinner for them. On the weekends I must provide their clothing as well as their breakfast and lunch. My youngest child is one years old and for him I have supply his pampers, baby wipes, formula and other baby items. I understand that there are “dead beat” fathers and they should be held finically accountable. The problem is that the “law” has caused fathers such as me who are major part of our children lives to provide support for two households which I am unable to do. As a result of the excessive support I had to reduce and even forfeit my time with the children because I’m unable to provide for them when they are with me. This is very tragic and the bottom line is it’s hurting the children! When they are with me they are entitled to the same lifestyle they receive when they are with their mother as far as decent meals, a bed to rest in, toys and other entertainment basically a place to consider their own. Is not the child support for the children and for the best interest of the children? If this is so then why is the amount of time I spend with the children not being calculated into the support? If the amount of support that I am paying is causing me decrease the quantity of time that I’m able to spend with my children is the support really in the best interest of the children?

  310. Glenn Nypiuk says:

    I agree it needs reform, I was working at Caterpillar in Illinois making 85k and paying my child support to Michigan and was arrested, Spent 70 days in jail before being shipped up to Detroit and then get before the judge, he ripped the state prosecutors a new one and said he was sorry…so you rocket scientists’ how do I pay my support now.

    This is what happens when the states hire people with no education just because they are a minority, have you ever tried to get something done in any offices in the Detroit area ….

    It was the great gov gramhom new law ,,it was to help pay michigan sate workers cause every company was leaving michigan for better taxes

  311. Teri Lattero says:

    there is no safe guards for the mentally ill… and basically you could be dieing from cancer and still be sent to jail for nonpayment. use the jail for the criminals and stop throwing dads in while others get out for overcrowding.

  312. archie bell says:

    yes we need to take the government back , by any means ( the truth, by the consitution) fire them all who cheat lie steal , commit murder of unborn children and say its legal because us poeples who make the law and are highly educated in it say so. I HAVE BECOME SO DISALUSIONED IN THIS COUNTRY IT AINT LIKE IT WAS .!!!!!!!

  313. Jose Arzuaga says:


  314. Oscar a says:

    Something needs to be done because the parents that are granted the dont even spend the money on the kids.

  315. april M. says:

    I am a mom and the amount of child support I am having to pay is gonna make me loose my car and my home. Because I have a good job, and father is to lazy to get a real paying job. Now I am working to pay him…..

  316. Byron Burnaugh says:

    Please email me future updates.
    Child Support reform is definitely needed, as I am being victimised as well.

  317. Jason Hook says:

    This really need to change for Child Support! I filed for divorce 4 yrs ago when I found out my wife was having an affair, I put everything in motion she stayed with him and the kids stayed with me. During our divorce my wife stated that if I wanted child support she was going to fight me for custody. I told her all I need is my kids, so I had custody of my 3 boys for yr and a half when my hours at my job started to get crazy and she modified our custody. She now would have physical custody and I agreed to pay child support, at a amount we both agreed apon. Today I find out after 3yrs that she is trying to raise my support nearly twice as much as I pay. Six months after the divorce she remarried got pregnant with twins and we both moved on. She has purchased three new vehicles, a new house and vacations to Mexico. I still have same truck that was 3yrs old when I purchased during our marriage, have never taken a nice vacation and work 10-12 hrs a day to make ends meet for my bills and obligations. I also have contributed other money to my kids, sports, school clothes, shoes, braces and carry the insurance. I unerstand that children and parents need support, but I know my support will not be for my kids or what they need.

  318. Greg barker says:

    I have been through a lot of chid support and custody issues. I hope that the government realizes that money is important but if a father can have equal time with his child there is would be no need for money to exchange hands between the parents..

    We need a change and We need it now…

  319. Dustin Myers says:

    Change this system.

  320. Bryan Hendrix says:

    I am in agreement with every thing that is stated herein and dually feel something should be done about this problem. What is needed here is an full time attorney tofight this problem on and at every level, full time with public support until this injustice of American civil and Constitional law is reformed and or changed in due process for the rights of fathers whom support these prostitutes who have childern only for the purpose of self security as some do. It is well known that most all women marry for security of self and superimpose this into a life long process by having children, so to say grabbilg the male by the (Balls) for as long as they can to squeeze as much money out of him for as long as they can i obtaining (child support). This is a womans scam that has been going on since time began and the system upholds it for them.
    Let’s be homest, this is how it really is with women, they decieve men, seduce men for their own profits and protection to have someone to support them through this form of blackmail in and of sex with them, they deviously plan having children for the purpose of having security provided to them by someone so they can live the (housewife) life they desire and have an easy life at their leisure. If one would remove the marage ceterficate from all married wemen they would be recoginized as who they really are, (WHORES), only the ceterficate makes them wives,not the (whores) they are having sex and childern for their own security and well being.
    So the thing we have learned here is the difference between a wife and a (whore) is a ceterficiate, they recieve the same profits, money.

  321. Evan Berryman says:

    Something needs to be done there is nothing fair about the way child support is set up… the one getting the support should have to show something showing where they spend the money on the child not themselves… if they have a felony and the other parent has a clean record they should be considered unfit… Also i think they should have to claim the child support as earned income for the year… and child support should be figured on your net pay not gross pay you never see the gross so why should they…

  322. Anthony Burnside says:

    (Written by wife, due to my recent incarceration for failure to appear)
    When I learned that I had a daughter she was 7 years old. From that point, I have supported her but have been unable to visit her. The arrearages I now owe are from the 7 years prior to my knowledge of her.
    Due to the nature of my work, have experienced many layoffs in the past two years from outsourcing to other countries. I received unemployment and child support was deducted from that…no problem. Every job I have, I have this deducted. Recently, I moved up in my career to a stable company with lucrative pay and benefits…have been employed since 8-13. October 1, the company finally got my child support allotment started and on October 6, I was arrested and placed uinder a 10,000 cash appearance bond. At this time, I am no longer employed, awaiting first appearance hearing on October 19 and my wife who is 61 years old is in a 3 bedroom house with a full garage and no help to move property out. She has a health problem and up until this job I have been unable to afford health insurance for her. She printed out records from the clerk of court and saw discrepancies in what DSS had provided. This is an ERISA case from Tennessee. The child, homeschooled all of her life, has been out of school since age 14.

  323. samuel godfrey says:

    my arreages started out at 3,000 dollars, and now with interest it is at 83,000 dollars, and i have been paying my arreges for 16yrs now, and the arrearages keep going up, and up even thou i pay the amount that was agreed upon. The state of california had threw me in jail because i was unable to pay the amount the state wanted so they gave me 6 months in county jail, and the arrearages still were accumilating interest, and they ruined my credit report to where i have difficulties getting a good paying job. Now with the economy in disaster my pay is a third of what it use to be, we tried to get it to a rate i can pay ,but the state would only go to a number that would indefinately keep me owing for the rest of my life. my interest rate is more than what i pay a month in arrearages…this is criminal….

  324. my story is about the same as most of the heart breaking stories i have read here, I am a loving father but the mother of my 2 children decided she wants her new husband to be the father of my children, i am sorry i will not sit back and watch this happen. I am a recovering alcoholic with 2 DWI, i can fill out applications till i am blue in the face but there are so many applicants mine will never make it to the top. I WANT TO PAY, i want to see my children most of all, please reform before it’s to late and i am sitting in prison for a crime i did not want to commit in the first place.

  325. deshaun lee says:

    im all for child support what ever it takes for the parent to take responsiabillty mother or father im tired of wemen well my sons mother realing on my blood sweat and tears to pay her bills and to take care of her other child (she has three kids she gave one up for adoption) shes on sec 8 only bill she has is an electric bill basically child support allows her to live a reckless life and not take responsabilty oh get this she wanted my son to come live with me but with a catch she wanted to keep the child support! thats y m not mad at my father you never know what people put you through i promise u barack i will take my life be for i live on the streets because i cant pay my bills

    its sad i dont wanna kill my self but? if i have to i hope it gets on the news

    From President Obama; Legislatures, 2011/09/26 at 10:03 PM

    its going to bitr her in the behind because shes not going to have nothing to fall back on when my son becomes an adult to all payor keep yall heads up i promise this the last comment to all parents who realies on child support to support your self shame on you i hope you go to HELL!

    From President Obama; Legislatures, 2011/09/26 at 10:24 PM

  326. Mike says:

    I’m in the system and a testament on how the GA Courts create Deadbeat Dads. Without an Attorney, I the Dad, asked the Courts for joint legal custody and joint physical custody of my only child. FYI I am a fit parent with no criminal record and I make more money than the Mom. The Mom w/ Prono Bono Attorney asked for Sole custody. The Courts awarded her Joint legal Custody with Primary Parent status (meaning she makes final decisions) and Sole Physical custody. I was awarded Joint Legal custody with Standard visitation (i.e. minimum). The Courts then uses the State income guidelines of Child support and orders that I, the Dad must pay the Mom $1050.00 per month for our single child which is 25% of my Net income. This increases Mom’s income by 50% – Tax Free! Now I have to look forward to the financial burden of paying this debt, begging the Court for a reduction or go to jail. The Family Court system is broken and we the People need action. What can I do?

    From the beginning, the Courts should enforce a shared/equal parenting time by default and both parents are responsible 50/50 for child expenses only – see 14th Amendment of Constitution – Equal protection of the Law. Too much government has created a broken Family Law system. The only winners are the Lawyers! The State should not be transferring wealth to correct the imbalance of bad decisions and lack of foresight by consenting adults. Mom and Dad are both equally liable for basic child expenses only (food, shelter), all other expenses (Day Care, Private School, Foreign Language, Sports etc.) must be consented or non-liable to the parent. Nobody gets a free ride!


    From the beginning, the Courts should enforce a shared/equal parenting time by default and both parents are responsible 50/50 for child expenses only – see 14th Amendment of Constitution – Equal protection of the Law. Too much government has created a broken Family Law system. The only winners are the Lawyers! The State should not be transferring wealth to correct the imbalance of bad decisions and lack of foresight by consenting adults. Mom and Dad are both equally liable for basic child expenses only (food, shelter), all other expenses (Day Care, Private School, Foreign Language, Sports etc.) must be consented or non-liable to the parent. Nobody gets a free ride!


    I’m in the system and a testament on how the Courts create Deadbeat Dads. Without an Attorney, I the Dad, asked the Courts for joint legal custody and joint physical custody of my only child. FYI I am a fit parent with no criminal record and I make more money than the Mom. The Mom w/ Prono Bono Attorney asked for Sole custody. The Courts awarded her Joint legal Custody with Primary Parent status (meaning she makes final decisions) and Sole Physical custody. I was awarded Joint Legal custody with Standard visitation (i.e. minimum). The Courts then follows the State income guidelines of Child support and orders that I, the Dad must pay the Mom $1050.00 per month for our single child which is 25% of my Net income. This increases Mom’s income by 50% – Tax Free! Now I have to look forward to the financial burden of paying this debt, begging the Court for a reduction or going to jail. The Family Court system is broken and we the People need action. What can I do?

    Father for Family Law Reform

    From President Obama; Legislatures, 2011/09/12 at 4:34 PM

    From President Obama; Legislatures, 2011/09/12 at 4:49 PM

  327. Anonymous Born American says:

    The state of Texas revoked my drivers license, I have a 6yr old and a wife and simply cant afford to pay backpay. Im forced to walk, run, ride a bike borrow rides or grind my teeth and drive looking over my shoulder praying I dont get caught driving. I am a professional blue collar american who is educated, I cannot find a job making more money to pay the child support and living expense nor will any employer higher a so called “dead beet dad” or higher me without a drivers license. This has completely ruining my families life. please if anyone can hear us HELP!

  328. Robert T Pardee says:

    I lived this nightmare for years many years ago. I still can’t understand these very well educated poloticians. They obviously have never lived from paycheck to paycheck with there 100k + yearly income. We are talking about middle income families. For one parent to absorb all the support to raise a child is lutachrist. Then tey think we’ll get them to pay we’ll take there drivers licence away. HOW STUPID! Now they can’t get to work. OOOOHHHH………..Sorry I just figured it out I think. Now they can make a speach about how they have created jobsin their state. This make them Politicaly look good to the voting citizens. My theroy is TWO adults created the children, TWO adults should be responsable for there support. You’ll never make me believe it is that way. the one that has the children stick out there hand and the other is expectied to give. even if they don’t have it. But the courts sides with the parent with the children. If it cost $300.00 a week to support a child the now matter what the income of the parents each should pay $150.00 a week. Now if they aren’t making that much it should be adjusted but it still should be half!!!!!

  329. dennis blair says:

    illinois child support is tragically corrupt!

  330. Jude Paul says:

    I am tired. I love my children, my son hates me and because his mother told him bad things about me. i want to help him but now I heard he is smoking weed and drink alcohol. I tried to be in touch for along time, but his mother sabotage that every time. As long as she gets money for him its fine. I was getting unemployment for almost two years i now owe back support and i cannot go home where i have 3 26 footer trucks in haiti, because i was denied the privilege of getting a passport. i can travel back and forth to do export to help my children, this is the only way to make a good leaving right now, but my wealth are now being wasted, i cant go to take care of things. my aunt died 12 days ago in haiti I could not go to her funeral. I have family members, who died in the earth quake i could not assist in getting them under the rubble or to assist their funeral. only one cousin was burried in the us after leaving haiti two months later died of an heart attack. I need help to take care of my children by traveling back and forth over seas but now I do not know when I will be able to go home to see people who are dear to me and at the same time used my wealth over seas to take care of my kids

  331. Sspencer555 says:

    Here is another sad story of the heavy hand of injustice to the father of children. i have three children with a women who we have separated almost five years ago. She refuses to work or better herself. I have been to school and make a decent wage and have my children approx 43% of the time. I Still have to pay her far too much money. this sense of entitlement will drag this country down to the lowest depths poverty. Everyone wants something for nothing. I conclude that my Ex is a BUM, she gets food stamps, Section 8 and during the child support process she got imputed income. I reminded her that one day all this will end and when she looks back at her life she will get back all that she has put in. She considers herself a stay at home mom, so I guess life is all about a point of view. I call her a Bum and hope that what I am instilling in my children will stick so they can benefit from this nations opportunities. Financially the answer is to get your moneies in a corp entity and let the courts attempt to pierce the corp veil. Which most judges are reluctant to do and set the precedent. Get a good lawyer and work the plan. the day will come when the ones getting a free ride in the wagon will find themselves not going anywhere, and as you see by the latest financial news that is not far off. So be patient, and trust in your Lord. because when this economy crumbles the ones on the bottom will be crushed by the weight.

  332. I’m in a very DIRE predictament with my child support debt I have no valid DL since it was suspended, 3 vehicles have been taken, I have an opportunity to start a business but because of Child Support debt, I am not eligible to obtain a business license. No transportation, no DL, no business,no employment hence no child support payments. These things are only the beginning of my problems. If I cannot procure an income payments aren’t made then the debt grows and I am afraid of going to court and being arrested for lack of payment and going to jail which would incur more debt.
    I am still involved with my children and in there lives, not as much as they or I would like but circumstances with transportation and losing my home have left no where for them to sleep when they are with me.. As time goes on the debt increases, still no work which means no income and anyway I turn there is no help or relief for my trouble. Finding gainful employment here in California is very difficult at this time without my extended family, I would be hungry and homeless and still incuring debt on a daily basis. Child Support Reform is much needed please help.

  333. marie kinsbury says:

    Men are depressed upon the point of committing suicide and running from abusive woman. They don’t run out on their children but the abuser and are at their brink of sanity having to leave their children with a potential abuser. The law is so crazy they even levied a ruling on my son to pay her lawyer she brought to court for the session of joint custody. My son had used all his savings to try and get joint custody. The courts are so out of control and need assistance from level headed law makers to make it right for fathers. We need judges that can see through these woman. But because she had gone through the system and having the tax payer pay for their drug rehab and trips to meth clinics and become felons they seem to hold these people in more esteem and above the law. My son has paid for all his mistakes on his own and not through the system and now he has to turn to this same system to get out of her system.


    Losing a license in this and any economy is devastating for any person,especially for a man who has to pay child support. The State laws are to fill their pockets and jails and put more taxes on all individuals to support these idiotic laws. Some woman take a vindictive mode when it comes to their children as well placing the father in further distress by not allowing them to see their children.
    More often than not most of these woman are bitter and hateful and love keeping their prior spouses or relationships pinned down with child support that disables a working man that are unable to pay.
    The individual I am familiar way actually destroyed documents that IRS could use to lower child support and managed to bring in a yearly up to date from five year previous dates to get outrageous child support fees. My son sold his painting rigs, truck and other means of working equipment to help support his children. Only to have her cheating behind his back and then going to the Child Support office to levy a child support order. This is a father who would take his children anytime. So now the maternal grandmother and the paternal grandmother care for the children five days out of a week and she still manages to receive outrageous child support. She is a felon and has the support of the State to manage her drug problem as well.

  334. Deon Stigger and allison kesl says:

    I am a working man of child support reform. I am paying my childrens mothers and the children themselves are not receive the money. The mothers are!! I want my children to have the money open in an account and have a better future a new beginning!!!

  335. gregory edwards says:

    child support is ruining my life.

  336. Timothy Kinnie says:

    I was incarcerated for the 1st time EVER due to child support. When I had a job I paid… when I lost my job I had nothing to pay. They expect me to pay $137 every week when I make $0. If not I go to jail, as if that is going to help anything. The timing is just horrible, the economy is terrible, I cant seem to get hired anywhere and I don’t know why. Now the mother of my 2 kids is great, she has a job and is struggling terribly… all I need is a job and I think it will be ok. I also have another baby who i don’t see, and I WANT to pay CS, but I have no money. Babies NEED to be taken care of and I love all 3 of my babies… I try to be there in person, because TRUE child support is from fathers to babies, its LOVE, not money. Our system is designed for most of us to fail. Inflation… Tax… Money for this money for that… Its terrible. You have to pay the government to have a baby… babies come naturally. GOD didn’t design it this way. We had kids out of wed-lock and these are the consequences. Lord please have mercy.

  337. Rodney says:

    The system is not fair and will never be fair and there is nothing any one can do but suffer
    all of us here is being punished for having children

  338. joann says:

    I look forward to Child support reform especially in Georgia

  339. James Lovell says:

    I james lovell sign this petitions that the work that i use to do i can know longer do to my back pay on childsupport it has costed me in lost of my kids and family it almost took my life as well do to polititions in this country and state my life is still un manageable do to no drivers license in the state of georgia i’ve been to jail for i think it is wrong them for leaving non payees in jail with no bond until you have 6months behind bars it is a ractaterion and it is all about money you can thank the mobster in the 20s and 30s for showing the goverment how to screw with peoples lives and now that i cant leave this country to pay for support i cant help that the economy has been shit for 10yrs i dont have diginity anymore it is sad to say that im beginning to hate this country you can send 18 yrs over seas but cant send a child support felon yours truly james lovell ps if you live in georgia and you have kids move out or they will take them for your neglegence

  340. jabbr says:

    Im a father of two.Im also good father.Im on child support cause my baby mom want food stamps and money in her hand.I have my kids every week friday till sun.I also buy cloths and food for my kids.Im diabeted and only way im make it through bless of good.I cant work from diabetes uncontrolible.But i still do my part ,because have family to help me why im down trying to get disabilty.I dont think suspending driver license,hunting/fishing license,federal criminal prosecution,deny passport,place liens on real and personal property including back accounts,report people to the credit bureau,which may negatively affect your credit,suspend and/or deny your business and professional license.I think its a small claim or court thing to get money u are owe.Also my baby mom have business making lil over 2,000 a month and get check for my son which is $674 and courts want me pay $87 week when dont have a job but i do my part having them three days and supporting them

  341. kevin says:

    we need this!

  342. Matthew Grace says:

    Is this still America?

  343. Annemarie Navarro says:

    I’m so discusted with system! my fiance’ is currently incarcerated for non-payment of childsupport, he had just got a job which was almost impossible because one the shitty economy and he already served 14 months for this which they upgraded to a felony abandonment on his record! anyway the amounts are over one hundred thousand a year, for four kids its an impossible feat and even harder with his record now, so he’ll eventually be out and working hopefully again somewhere for nothing! I am a single mother of two myself, they are my life and my responsability, i refuse to be a part of a system that is helping noone but the people who run it all! I’m so sorry for all of you who are caught up in this nightmare, we’ll all hopefully make it through!

  344. MICHAEL CARROLL says:


  345. shamir ziegler says:


  346. Francisco Laureano says:

    I owe $30,000 in child support. ($15,000 is in interest and penalty charges). Why? because when I was out of work for 2 years, I filed for unemployment,…I told them to deduct the full amount for child support, but they refused!!! they told me they could only take out a certain percentage for child support. So each week, I got a check, I would send out the remaining child support payment so I would not go into arrears any more than I already was.

    15 months pass, and I get a letter in the mail stating that I owe $9,300!!! in penalites!!!

    I called, and asked them why? And I was shocked when they told me that I was penalized $200 each week for not making a full payment!!!

    When I told them that I was sending the remaining payment on a weekly basis, they told me that because they were receiving it a DAY late, They had to charge $200 a week!!!!
    (that’s $800 a month)!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? They go by weekly payments???? Not by how much is owed for the month????

    I was ignorant to the system, and later found out that I could modify my support order to a lower payment, by this time it was too late. My interest and penalties are almost just as much as my back child support. I am back to work, and I just took a loan out for college for my daughter for $14,000 and helped my other daughter buy a car. (there is my $15,000 interest and penalties)…Go Figure.


  347. Amanda Anderson says:


  348. nathasha kelly says:


  349. roderick harper says:

    just even up the playing field , give us good fathers justice, the law states its about the child best intrest but nobody from the courts/state ever investigate or to ask a child/teen nothing.unless they are abused ,neglected or etc…..please stop putting all the power in the hands of the misguided and spiteful. I respect all women and what child support suppose to represent but I been doing this tug-a-war with my child mother and i am tired. its discouraging and im tired of fighting in vein.

  350. Thomas Hostvedt says:


  351. john hall says:

    my x does nothing.. grandparents take them to school pick them up cook supper and does homework with them.while i coach them in sports take them back and forth to practice…i pick them up at her house cause everytime its a hassle to meet her…she doesnt pack cloths or anything for the kids..i pick them up on friday and take them to school on monday did i add i live an hour away..i have bought all the cloths,shoes and built an addition to my house to give them there own room and bathroom…around the community were my sons goto school everybody thinks i have custody…all i see in courts is money..they dont have the kids needs at front..when my 9 yr old son said dad i dont respect mom.. all she does lay around screams,yells at me and grounds me for everything..even he asks for half the time with each parent…in my case if a judge would ask them what they want.. they would come with me but on the other side the state would lose money cause im in the system. .HEY THIS IS FOR THE IGNORANT JUDGES OUT THERE .. KIDS DONT NEED MONEY THEY NEED LOVE ..if u really think about it this stuff didnt happen 20yrs ago..i can see why kids are so crazy these days…GIVE DADS MORE TIME WITH THE KIDS ..CHILD SUPPORT :JUST ANOTHER WAY AN X CAN MAKE LIFE MISERABLE FOR THE KIDS..

  352. Jessica Jordan says:


  353. katherine perritt says:

    my name is kathy, and i was living in jersey, and had my kids taken away bcuz i was an addict, went to rehab, got clean, and was in an abusive relationship. i was ordered to pay child spprt even tho my babys father was not. he didnt have custody of her either! i went to jail a few times bcuz of it, even tho i was actively lookin for work. i was traumatized being in jail cuz i had 2 other children that i wasnt capable of seeing while i was locked up. i literrally was paralyzed by fear, never leaving the house, for fear that i would b locked up agn. bergen county, nj is not fair with respects to the child sprt. i still have a warrant over my head, cuz i couldnt “KEEP UP” WITH THE PAYMENTS! i dont think it was fair that i was the ONLY ONE ORDERED TO PAY! I AM NOW IN ANOTHER STATE, MISSING MY OTHER 2 KIDS CUZ IM TOOO AFRAID TO GO BK TO JERSEY!

  354. David R Wright says:

    Dont know if i can bear it.

  355. lacey smieleski says:

    hello mr. president…. i am not paying child support my fiance is and it is affecting me too.. u see my fiance is in jail for felony child support. he cant pay when he is sitting in jail. he never gets to see the children he is paying on and it is affecting the family we have created. now we have to suffer because the friend of the court want him to appear at court every month to every other month. and he cant afford to which means if you dont make it to court you get a warrent… the need to figure out what they are doing in wayne county they are ruining peoples lives. and breaking up peoples families!!!!! just becasue he cant oay doesnt mean he doesnt love his kids but sreiously it doesnt cost 300 dollars a month to raise 1 child… im raising my children with no income and no father.. they should be able to tooo!!!! we need this takin care of.. and they shouldnt put people in prison for childsupport it is a non-violent crime save the space for murderers and baby rapers really….. we all need to stand together!!!! not all fathers are dead beats they just got screwed by friend of the court!!!!!!! i hope my vote counts!!!!!

  356. Rachael L Thompson says:


  357. tony says:

    i have lost the dignity and lost everything i own because of the friend of the court and because i couldn,t pay my arrears went up and the intrest they charge made it impossible to catch up, and if that wasnt enough they threw me in jail slapped a felony record on me and now no one will hire me becuase of that, because you owe money

    Mr president these times are hard and we need to remove this part of the goverment the friend of the court has hurt more lives than you could image, and now with this economy the way it is we are even more behind on our payments help us and please help us now

  358. Susan Johnson says:


  359. Katherine Sorensen says:

    Hello everyone I am glad to see something like this going on. My case is fairly new and is an interstate matter between CO and TN. But let me first input this information, I found myself over seven years ago caught in my own stupidity. I caught a need to “clean up my act,” soon after I had my son and by mistake gave permanent custody to my mother(at the time I thought it was the best thing to do), so that I could handle my affairs. It was a verbal statement that she would give custody back to me as soon as I got everything in order and got back on my feet. Of course I would not be posting today if it worked out as planned. She refused soon after I settled everything to let me see or even speak to my son. So for 6 and a half years I have had less than six months contact with my son. Even when I did have contact it was on the premise that I would not refer to myself as “mom,” but have him call me by my family name.

    I had previously inquired about what it would take to reverse this action and had to live with my mothers terms because I was unable to pay the upfront retainer (2,500-5,000), even though to a court that is not an excuse. So I just pushed forward firguring that I needed to take this time to secure myself, not only to be able to afford the battle but also to prove that I am stable. I got back into school in 06 earned a medical tech degree, went back to school in 07 and next year will be finished with my bachelors degree in Business Health Admin.

    Now to my reason for posting here; in Aug of 2010 about 5 days before my 29th birthday I was served with child supprt papers in TN. I was excited at first thinking not only will they get money(I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH PAYING REASONABLE SUPPORT), but I will be able to establish visitation or custody. Well I thought wrong, unfortunetly when it comes to interstate matters only child supprt can be enforced (money only matters).

    I had lost my full time job in March, due to absences at work for health reassons (not the flu, but I have a necrotic gallbladder that I can not afford to have taken out because I did/do not have insurance). So by Aug I had only secured a PRN medical job perhaps 10-15 hrs a month. Now just a reminder I was still taking full time credits at school. When my child supprt orders were calculated (at 285 + 100 back pay a month, back pay adding up to 20,000+ total) they were caluculated as if I was working full-time hours at minium wage; even though I had proof other-wise. They said it was to influence me to go part-time with school and put more focus on work (but if I had a million more children or was a leach on the system they would have made considerations). Even though I also had proof that I was turning in applications weekly. To add to this rediculous situation, I am not entitled to the calculation of caretaker and mother (me) income; nor care-taker, father, and mother income. She does not have to prove that she is equally being responsible for my son (which she has been on assistance since she has had custody). Nor does the father in CO income or payments count. He was ordered to pay the minium with no back-support two three years ago. CO says that his case or income does not affect my payments because the support orders were filed seperately. So in reality she could eventually get equal and double amount in child-support.

    I am working 5 PRN medical jobs, plus a full time job working three tweleves (recently aquired), still full time student. I have moved in a low rent (400), but hopefully still within standards for CPS I could find. My biggest fear in my inability to keep up with all of this is that I will not be able to get custody of my son and that I will have an issue with child support that will cause me to default on my school loans. Mean while my mother is in her fifty’s does not work and because she was going to get cut off from state aid went back to school (in my opinion creating a bigger debt for society to pay). She has had a child molester living with her to pay her bills (which in CO is not illegal as long as he is not on parole or probation) for over the past three years. Where is my right to the pursuit of life, liberty, and justice?

    My focus for the past 6-7 years has been to better myself, in the hopes it would bring me closer to getting my son and now I am being told my value does not exceed being a bank. TN child support office is not interested in my struggle, what I am doing on the custody end, nor the molester (a felnoy offender) living with my son, nor the fact that my mother has not had a job in at least five years, nor the fact that father is not paying what they are asking me to pay, or the fact that (even though they have the misconception that it will) his payments does not affect my case, nor the fact that the requesting state (CO) is not asking for the same amount in back child support that they are. Oh and not let me forget my mother was ordered to pay child support when she sent my younger sister away and she never paid it. My sister was 22-23 when they finely got her taxes garnished.

    My child support attorney says there is nothing I can do and my custody attorney says that it will take at least a year of re-unification (re-unification because my mother has kept my son from me for so long that I have to be slowly re-introduce into his life) before I “may” get custody of him. I do not understand how the law can be designed to treat people in numbers and not in individual situtations. Again where is my right to the pursuit of life, liberty, and justice. I have no problem paying, I just think it should be an amount that considers the whole situtation.

    If anyone knows what and if there is some-thing I am over looking that doesn’t create another bill for me feel free to email me ( and wish me luck. My mother denied mediation for custody so my day before a judge is at the end of April.

    Your Truely,
    Frustrated but Hopeful

  360. OSHEA OWENS says:


  361. michael richards says:

    wayne county mi…they are so bad its just to much to ready to give up.they have taken everything…my marrage of 20 years ripped my family apart..i have nothing left.

    thank god for this.i hope this reform works cuz im at the end of my rope!

    NOTE: This is an Additional Comment from a previous Signature.

  362. Bart Young says:


  363. We need child support reform fast. To many fathers are being persecuted. The economey is so bad and so many people out of a job. How can one pay the same child support they were paying when they had a job? In the state of Georgia, if your unwed, the father hasn’t a chance. The only right he has is to pay child support. People are led to believe if you go through the process called legitimization you have the right to have visitation…but that only means the child has the right to inherit and gives the judge more of an incentive to allow the father to have visitation. Under their law the father has no rights outside of paying child support…but the child should have the right to have a father. This father pays child support and loves his son. He wants to be part of his life but the mother uses the system. How can the system deny the father and child to have a relationship? Children need their fathers!! I know there are dead beat dads but there are dead beat mothers that are doing things that aren’t fair to the children or the fathers that want to be part of their childs life! She can’t have the father so she makes the child and father pay by not having a relationship. There’s a special place reserved in hell for this kind of person and the system!!

  364. Nicholas Dickson says:

    I have dealt with child support in 2 states because I have children through both previous marriages. I have only had my children through marriage and never abandoned them. I have been and still going through the ringer with child support because without any interaction from my ex wives it is unnecessarily harsh and unjust. Since I ended both my marriages, my ex’s are already somewhat vindictive and use a system already heavy-handed to make my life a living hell. I have been locked in jail where it was set as a purge (meaning someone better raise the money or I stay in) forcing my current family and loved ones to raise money (by the way while you’re in the tab and interest continue) to pay a bill they are not obligated to pay. I have been encarcerated several times and I have maintained copies to prove that I have always provided most if not all of the unreasonable amounts I’ve been ordered to over 12 years. The states provide legal aid for the custodial parent but not the non-custodial(the one that pays child support) and if there’s a person who can’t afford an attorney it would be the one that pays child support. The state of Georgia allows child support to suspend your driver’s license if you fall into arrears which is extremely counter-productive. If your driver’s license is suspended…this hurts your chances of keeping or finding employment to pay your obligations. Levy’s placed on homes and bank accounts. I haven’t had a bank account and forced to live like a fugitive just to survive and since they allow a modification (which only benefits the mother because they never allow it to go down and you’re lucky if they allow it to stay the same) every 3 years. The Custodial parent uses a lawyer who was given to them by the state to use the many gray areas to get increases that they are not otherwise entitled and leaving us to defend ourselves because we can’t afford a $3000 retainer to stop it. The laws on child support allow them to base child support based on the “ability to pay”. You should not allow people to make up imaginary numbers because you believe some people intentionally make less to pay less child support. This hurts the honest people which are much more than believed. Georgia recently changed their laws to mask a good intent. They are now figuring in the mother’s income as well where before it was only the father’s income. Sounds better but look further. It still allows you base child support on ability to pay and not only actual income. They’ve added that you can’t affect a prior child support order with subsequent orders but you can if it’s the other way around. Meaning if you have other child support obligations that you can’t lower a pre-existing order because it is believed that we are making more babies to lower our responsibilities. If 20% of your income goes to a custodial parent and now with another you pay 18% to two custodial parent that is not lowering it for the non-custodial parent. In this example, while that custodial parent does receive less $$ the non-custodial is now paying 36% of their income to child support which is more and not less. That’s simple math and something like this should never have been passed into law. It actually hurts the other children that are entitled to equal child support. Georgia now allows custodial parents to include “additional child obligations” which I learned the hard way that to lawyers and courts could mean anything that lawyer sees fit to put in there and make it sound good and this helps them raise the child support even further when you’re income is not enough. Non-custodial parents should pay for their obligations but please make laws with restraints to keep it reasonable and keep it out of control of vindictive people or attorneys or state institutions from taking advantage of running innocent people out of a future, into jail, or to murder/suicide as no other alternatives. Use actual numbers and don’t give judges/lawyers abilities to make their own. Taking away business/driver’s license is completely counter-productive and further hinders a person’s ability to pay obligations. Leave people’s home/vehicles/bank accounts alone again counter-porductive and forces people into the a very scary lifestyle. The garnishments from employment and federal tax returns is very efficient and harsh enough and ensure payment of most if not all child support. Putting a person in jail is excessive to me and I think also this one should be taken away but if it is still allowed than you should take away the purge and giving him/her an actual jail sentence and be reasonable that people in jail can not pay child support while in jail so do not allow them to accumulate further debt while in jail. Nobody is asking for a get out of jail free card just a chance to live like normal human beings. I have been without bank account or anything in my name and living with family members and keeping nothing that I own in my name for fear of losing it. I am a US Vet who served 8 years and was shot and injured in Iraq serving my country but here I live as a fugitive because of child support. We have to fix this and I pray this reaches eyes that need to see this.

  365. antwann rochester says:

    God knows change will come it will, it iwill with tears in my heart for all good fathers and mothers effected by one of the most unfair systems in US history we shall overcome!!!! in JESUE name amen :-)

  366. Christopher Page says:

    i think the child support system is so backwards…its sad. Me and my ex decided to move on with our lives and because i decided to date someone else she put me on child support. Now i havent been working since July 2008. I just found a job at a fast food restaurant because thats the only place hiring where i stay in NC. i moved here from VA because i couldnt find a job at all after going on countless interviews, filling out a ton of apps online and in person and i didnt want to get locked up so i moved to hopefully find a job. Now i just started working and i had to bond myself out of jail in VA this past sunday for non payment. Mind u a payment was made when i got my second paycheck which ironically was after i got outta jail. Whats so sad is the job is not giving me alot of hours because of the workers they already have and its hard enough for me to survive. At times ive gone days without eating…sleeping at friends houses and even on the streets at times. Im just starting to get my life back together and now there locking me up? Now im not the most perfect person and ive tried to turn my life around from doing illegal things to get money but as time goes on its like thats the only hope for me…Oh yeah i lost my job from being locked up this weekend because i missed days from work without notice since by the time they let me use the phone my job was closed…how do u expect me to have a life and not be out here knockin people over the head just to eat and feed myself and my family?


  368. Rico H. says:

    I’m a honest father to my children and I was put up for chold support
    for reason, and I still do for my children because they still need. I lose 2 of my homes
    1 I had to move because I could not afford my home, then I moved to a apartment and I
    I was maintaining it until they raised the child support so now I’m staying with my
    parents and I lose everything. Something really needs to be done about this. And I agree.

  369. MATTHEW THOMAS says:

    I was divorce by the recession and left town to seek work when my divorce was final i was order to pay support. It has been two years since i was employed and everytime i get a little hustle money to save for a school it is garnish out of the bank by child support. when will the government service me as a citizen who has been affected by the economy. why should big business be giving a chance to reposition their wealth thur government loans and assistance. why is woman offered so much in advantage of government support ‘while i as a man get nothing. i voted for equal rights for woman and loose my rights as a man. even so if i can get my income return to me without being garnish i can re-establish myself. what obama focus on big business, michelle focus on woman rights, tell me who focusing on me the male tax voter. It’s true without millions of male tax payers back on the equalibrium of finacial stablity the government will never began to show progress an nor will our economy. I say this one thing view the male status on who purcahse,spend, and travel then maybe the obama administration will put me on the for front for finacial rehabilitation

  370. Phillip slone says:

    i think that if the kids are out of school and over 18 and working and living on their OWN then we should have not to keep paying even if we (the payer) were behind !! i mean damn cant we try and make ends meet at our own homes without givin more money to GROWN ASS kids !!

  371. gary ewing says:

    Stop forcing fathers to finance the stealing of their own children…

  372. Tom McBride says:

    The system is broke needs fixed badly a lot of good people are criminals do to this system that do nothing wrong except lost there job this is wrong

  373. Rebecca Moylan says:

    Revamp the system. There are too many men who can’t afford to live.

  374. Joe Reeder says:

    I agree…

  375. Felix Arndt Sr says:

    I wrote in a while back and told some of my story to you, i wanted to add this, my lawyer is a college teacher at O.S.U, Oklahoma State University, Dr Marshall. she had took my case and told me that it should be no problem for them to work with us, i was in jail for this so called child support, the first hearing, the judge ask if i wanted a hearing with jurors, i said yes, and she said i needed 2 or 3 hundred dollars, right then, now remember i am in jail, wearing orange, i cant get that money while i am in jail, she then said that i could be tried by a judge instead and sentenced, wow, the next time i came to court, i was still in jail, the dhs attorney agreed to let me out if i agreed to pay them 750.00 month, now all my kids work for me at my company, in other words, they are grown, child support said i owed back support, anyway my lawyer informed me of the agreement made with thier lawyer ms burton, i was told to sign so that i could get out , and save my company and fight this out of jail, i signed, that was a big mistake, because the judge ask me if this was my signiture and was i willing to pay this amuont monthly, i said yes if i get out today, and he said yes you are getting out today, when he finished signing the release the dhs attorney ms burton said that she wanted me to stay in jail, and the judge give me another bond amount, and keep me in jail, now let me ask you this, do you think i would have agreed to sign that if i was going to stay in jail???????????? this people have to stop playing God, they are abusing the system for their own selfish reasons, Pray for them and the lost, Because they will Reap what they Sow, oh yeah, the day i was sentenced i had already been there in jail for five months and they gave me ten more months in jail for what money?????? 15 months, i stayed 14 of the 15 because they felt bad my wife was divorcing me, and had filed the paper work on the 13 month of my stay in jail. wow. I love you Guys and all the my enemies, bless those that are with you God, and help us help the ones that lost.

  376. James Howard King says:

    I have Been Dealing with these child support Issues since 2003. This definitly needs to be streightened out…

  377. Joseph MacDonald says:


  378. michael richards says:

    Wayne county in Michigan is so corrupt, they don’t care about people, only the money….

  379. Cameus says:

    My name is Cameus and I like most fathers am frustrated with a system that is design form its very core to be unfair. I am to a point where I can’t even afford to take my three year old girl to the movies due to an overbearing child support. I own a small production company I feel compelled to do a full length documentary on this subject. Please you may contact me anytime.


  380. Marc Jim says:

    I agree there needs to be change NOW! I had custody of my three daughters for the past 11 yrs. Due to the fact that the ex was out partying using drugs and basically left the parenting to me. The ex-wife was ordered to pay 27.00 in child support for the 3 monthly. I’ve always worked and supported them. Their mother wouldn’t even pay what she was ordered. I kept track and documented every visit that was missed, how she didn’t take care of them when she did visit with them. 2 are over age and the youngest decided to move with her mother this past summer. Now i’m attacked with a child support judgement that is outrageous! Over a thousand dollars a month! Where’s the equality? Doesn’t her mother have to share the cost? No instead they want me to pay for her to sit at home and do nothing and live off of my hard earned money! I’m not saying I shouldn’t pay but I have a home and a wife and another son that I need to support as well. WE NEED REFORM NOW!!

  381. Chan Melton says:

    It is hard out here for men who want to support there kids and cant because of the economy.The law is very bia’s when it comes to men and women rights.The system is a no win situation in any case for a man.The bible is our guide for the world, but it states that women have no power, but the courts goes against what the bible speaks on. Corithians.

    True and in Proverbs a Mother warns her son, the King to never give his power to a woman… Look at the results and the mess that men, women and children find themselves in today. Family structure has been dissolved and moral values are totally twisted for so many… To include the Court System!

  382. Deron Taylor says:

    SMITH COUNTY,TEXAS should be first for reform,I assure you they wreck homes,make people move in the salvation army,make people sell their homes,lose their jobs by imprisoning them undufully,and the majority of the funds the state keeps.This county is a travesty to the fullest,with JUDGE CAROL CLARK as the head robber.ALL they want to do is make money for the county and state.I feel for people who put burdens on others that they themselves wouldn’t bear,as the GOOD LORD will surely do the same to them.

  383. Fred Alloway says:

    I just talked to an old friend who had cancer almost died and lost his compnay. When he got out of the hospital he had to serve six month in jail still very sick for back child support he couldn’t pay while in the hospital.

  384. Carmen Colon says:

    I feel that the government needs a complete evaluation. They must take care of home before trying to rectify other places and their barbaric actions. Now, all of these troops coming back home, to what? Greed, economy downs, and no jobs. I pray that the courts stay out of domestic issues as what goes on in a family. There many instances that the Family court laws are manipulated for gain, and usually it isn’t for the benefit of the child. It’s sad.

  385. bernard pearson, on september 8, 2010 i agree with everybody on this petition, because im on that boat to.i really do think something needs to be done about this matter,i think the indiana system is a contradictory of wat they say, far as locking you up while having a job and thats the whole purpose of getting the job to pay child support.judges telling you what to pay without vewing your case, when its based on your income,thats not right.i have kids that understands it aint all about the money, its the love and guidance and having there dads and moms around to protect them and not letting the streets pull them astray.and also locking you up with rapists and murderers and hard core criminals behind this child support .ididnt committ no crimes,its hard times and im trying to do the best i can and if i didnt care about my kids i wouldnt be on this petition,im just tired of going to jail behind this so, MR.PRESIDENT AND MEMBERS OF CONGRESS, PLEASE CONSIDER CHILD SUPPORT REFORM. YOURS TRULY

  386. 20 years ago I went through a divorce. I was suffering from PTSD resulting from my military experience and didn’t know it. I was self medicating with drugs and alcohol and out of a job. My ex-wife stated that if I stayed away, she would not seek child support. Most likely she thought she’s never get any money and at the time I thought it would be best for my son. I went through 3 rehaps and years of AA meeting before I was finally able to free myself from drugs and alcohol. Later, I went back to college received a degree and worked for Intel. However, after dealing with 30 years of PTSD triggers and not being able to medicate myself, I finally broke down and went on disability. When my son turned 18 I brought him out to California and showed him the sights and gave him a car and a wad of cash to get back to Illinois. Later I was able to get him into college, tuition free with a $900 stipend every month. He had 4 years of college handed to him on a silver platter, all together a package worth over $80,000. He had a son but by this time his mother alienated him from me and didn’t want me to see my grandson. He was married to the woman who had my grandson so I hired a lawyer in Missouri to tell the mother and my son that I would seek visitation through the court if an agreement couldn’t be reached. My son is 34 lives in Illinois with his mother, 3 weeks after the letter was sent, I receive a petition for back child support for $56,000 from my ex-wife. In 20 years, she has never said nothing, no court order or anything. I was never served anything. This wasn’t about child support, she uses the court for vengeance because I wanted to see my grandson. She wants to alienate my grandson just like she did with my son, and the courts willingly provide her with a vehicle to do. I had a lawyer pressuring me into settling because it wasn’t worth her time to make another court appearance. And she told me she could get my ex-wife to settle for a lump sum cash amount. So, I agreed, and I told her, if she didn’t get my ex-wife to settle I would be forced to file bankruptcy. I had borrowed heavily to remodel my house and could not afford to pay any back child support. If I had known that I owed that amount, I would have never borrowed any money in the first place. Now I am forced to file for bankruptcy and I won’t be able to keep my house. There needs to be some changes in the law, you should not be allowed to wait 20 years, not filing anything with the courts or saying a word to anyone, then one day just decide to file. This is totally insane and grossly unfair.

  387. Ricky Greene says:

    you know i have been caught up in this child support nightmare for a few years now. it seems that all the system is so interested in is teaching a child that money is everything well its not. im not a well off person n i do the best i can , but to me the most inportant thing to teach a child is to be there self to learn how to live when you dont have. not pay me money or go to jail. there is so much more to raising a child than just money even if you r seperated but does the system look at that???? H3LL NO

  388. Gayle Leier says:

    Is it possible to file charges of purjury against a DCSS attorney? If so, where do I start

  389. Mary Jo Breshears says:

    There needs to be something done to help the people caught up in the child support NIGHTMARE! Taking away their drivers license and putting them in jail for non support does not in anyway help anyone in the situation! All is does is break up famiilies.
    It is a vicious cycle that the system has them going through. If they have a felony, they can’t get a job, without a job, they can’t pay child supprt. Then, they get their drivers license taken away and they can’t get a job because they can’t go to work. Around and around we go. There needs to be jobs and programs to help people like this.
    What is wrong with this system anyway? No one can get anyone in any office to answer a phone calls. They always say they will return your call and don’t. But, iif they were to call you, You had better be there to answer!
    Please pass this on and get everyone you know to sign this petition. Please Not every dead beat dad as they are labeled are just NOT paying their child support, they honestly don’t have a way and the system sets them up for failure to begin with!

  390. Margie Nelsen says:

    Please fix this government cas cow. I have read so many heartbreaking cases and seen people that I know suffer due to this crooked agency. Justice has fallen in the streets.

  391. Anthony Meriweather says:

    I suffered from a great deal of depression when I was a kid my only way till to deal with my problem so I thought was my love for females well long story short when the smoke cleared I had sixteen kids. I live in indiana and I have ten child support cases at 35 dollars a week a child that’s 1400 a month 1750 if the month has a five week period. I can’t afford this but my kids want for nothing they have what they need but since I can’t pay what the courts want they keep locking me up but the messed up part is the money keeps adding up even when I’m locked up and I owe so much because of the fact that the money don’t stop adding up. If the whole world is in a economic funk. How can they lock me up when there’s no jobs. I try to show my kids that jail is no place for anyone so I try to do things legit but its really pushing me to come up with ways make cash fast being that all I seem to go to jail for is child support. Listen it takes more then money to raise kids like spending time listening to there problems being there for advice putting me in jail takes this away from them. While I’m locked up no child support gets paid and my kids get they advice from the streets just like I did.

  392. Eric Moten says:

    I think its a bunch of crap that they basis the amount you have to pay off of your gross income, when in fact we do not receive the full gross income to live off of. I also think its a bunch of crap that if you re-marry they take in account your spouses income as well. I think it a bunch of crap that they dont allow the person paying chid support to claim the children as deductions on your tax return since the amount you pay is based on the gross.

    Admin Response: On the flip side, if the ex re-marries, they ‘Do Not’ take into account their additional income….

  393. Chad Swanson says:

    It is crap that custodinal parents are not held accountable.

  394. Michael Clarke says:

    Fathers being locked down because of lay_offs,still there is no jobs,yet while incarcerated,arrearages constantly pile up ,purge out,then return to court in thirty days after release,warrants issued for court cost,its an ongoing process,wheres my freedom ???????peace of mind !!!!! I will never be caught up on my own bills,and watch crime steady rise do you start over when your released ,no home,job,or respect for the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  395. Terry Dowling says:

    My kids are grown and I have been disabled since 2000. The company I worked for downsized and I lost my job in 1993 (my child support was up to date) and I was unable to find work to support my children and myself. I became severely depressed and was unable to work for months at a time but kept trying. My ex was not willing to take a cut. I didnt know what to do so I began drinking heavily to forget about this problem. Which I was slowly committing suicide. I heard nothing from the child support from 1993 until 2007. I owed $65,000. $40,000 of this was interest and they wanted me in court . I was ordered to pay $200 dollars a month or go to jail. Every month they apply $230 some odd dollars in interest to my debt which is more than the payment. One bad thing about all this is my children could use my help now and once again because of this issue I am unable to help my children. Why can’t I get some justice? It kinda looks like I will go to my grave trying to pay this debt off.My children were with me and my parents anytime they were not in school and my parents paid for their school supplies, clothes and other things they needed.

  396. Jennifer Shelton says:

    The system is very flawed. And is very much in need of reform. Not just for those that pay but for those that recieve as well.

  397. Molly Schroeder says:

    I am a mom paying support. My son decided to live with his dad and they wouldn’t split the kids unless a Jury did it. I can’t afford a jury trial but the ex is using my 401K that he will get in the divorce to take the kids. He never had a job longer than 2 years and has several drug convictions. I have a clean record. This is a nightmare and i understand why people kill themselves over this. I owe 9K in taxes for 2009. He got 6K back!

  398. Alfred Fuentes says:

    I’m not afraid and will fight the good fight that deadbeats and an obvious innefficiant court system monster till its death.

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