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I want to introduce to you ‘Champions’ of the Child Support Reform revolution. I will introduce each above their respective videos, because they are due individual Respect, Admiration and are Deserving of our undivided attention.

First Champion is Carol Rhodes, a former Enforcement Officer, who has ‘witnessed’ first hand the blatant lies and corruption that is within the Child Support System. She has stepped up to the plate and sacrificed everything by writing a book entitled, “Friend of the Court Enemy of the Family”, thus exposing the Child Support Holocaust.

Below are videos of Carol Rhodes. One is where she spoke at the Family Preservation Rally, Lincoln Memorial. Please take a moment to hear what she admits to seeing taking place within the Child Support System!

The following videos come to us from Ms. Marsha Maines, a Civil Rights Activist of very high caliber. Ms. Maines is an extraodinary speaker with an incredible insight of the Child Support System. Her selection of words and use of them is felt like a knife… her words are direct, honest, blunt and directly to the point. Listen to her as she holds no punches back while speaking to the Northern Virginia General Assembly Members at Fairfax County Govt Center.

Marsha Maines Speaks to Virginia Delegates – Expose the Racket.

Fathers Day Demonstration 2008, U.S. Capitol – Marsha Maines discusses the blatant gender bias in the “child support” industry, describing it as no less than a system of government run slavery, with federal incentives promoting fatherlessness so that states can collect federal funding based on child support awards.

Fathers Day Demonstration 2008, U.S. Capitol Part 2

I would like to say to Ms. Carol Rhodes and Marsha Maines, if either of you ever read this, I am positive that I may speak for everyone here, “Thank you. Thank you so very much for standing up and doing the right thing.” This is written and, oh so very True, “What you have done unto the least of my brethren, you have done unto me.” FATHER BLESS You BOTH…… Both of you have given us a voice. A powerful voice for those who find themselves exhausted and beaten down by a horrific system…

I wanted to add the following video as an example of what takes places thousands of times every day across this country. NOTE: The individual this is in reference to is unemployed!

Please take a moment and SIGN for Child Support Reform. If not for yourself, then do it for the Children; relationships are being ruined. PLEASE USE THE COMMENT FORM TO SIGN LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE; Thank You!

Do to the recent amount of SPAM, I have gone to a Captcha Comment Format in-order to receive Legal Only Signatures. Please note that Signature/Email/Comment fields must be filled out. If you do not wish to leave a comment, but would like to sign, just type in three (3) random letters in the comment box. A name and valid email address is all that is needed for a legal signature.

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9 Responses to “Videos”

  1. Craig Hadley Foster says:

    I have to watch these in segments I become so angry!Just as michael j workman said ” I want to participate in my kids life” I have only been suffering in the system for 7 years now and thought I was alone in my feelings and opinions on this. This will help me to keep fighting.

  2. michelle capps says:

    This is truly unfair..Fathers spend just as much time with the kids yet end up running..the judge is a ass

  3. Kendall Carroll says:


  4. Brian W Scott says:

    this is the absolute truth

  5. Bonnie Vallance says:

    Violations of the U.S. Constitution, Amendments 4, 5, 7, 11, 14.
    Bradley Amendment 666-child support laws are unconstitutional and criminal ironically criminalizing parents.

    Big health issues include the suicide by victims and family members of victims of the family court ethical violations of families to the rights to visit and the imputation of monies to unemployed parents or displaced homemakers. Problems include PTSD, Homelessness, creation of emotional disability from the injustice.

    The way the current system is set up it has caused serious fatal consequences due to unjust bullying within the system.

  6. Steven Jobs says:

    The NJ State Family Court System Personnel and Judges (All NJ Counties)… What a bunch of corrupt, lazy, dishonest, greedy and immoral bunch I have ever seen. No discrimination in this government agency. All the races there are TRASH!

  7. michael j workman says:

    i to want to be able to participate in my childs life

  8. James E. Geralds says:

    It is time for this to STOP.

    This system (and this country – USA) has done much more damage than good.

    You have broken down the family structure.

    There is no reason why when a child is born the new birth package has child support information on the first page to begin luring these women into your corrupt system.

    I asked myself for many many years why so many other countries hate the USA. NOW i can clearly see why.

    You exploit everyone and everything out of nothing more than greed. Shame on you.

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