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What We Are Petitioning

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Before we get started with the list, we must first address that we are not about Failure to Support Our Children. What we are about, is stopping the Government from having Our Children ripped away from us ‘All in the Name of Money’; period.

  • How is it possible, to continue the illusion that Deadbeat Dads and Moms exist, when the system is set up to create individuals that are incapable of paying outrageous amounts?
  • How is it possible, that according to HHS in 2008, there were 15.7 million cases and that out of the 31.4 million people involved, at Least One is Found an Unworthy Parent?
  • Why is it, individuals are not informed that by accepting Joint Custody, they are actually giving up their Parental Rights… and are not informed about the difference between Joint Custody and Joint ‘Shared’ Custody? $$$


    This is a growing list and will not be completed until this system has been ‘washed clean’ and eliminated from our Families. The current system from start to finish is a total outrage and ‘thee’ most corrupt system to date that we are aware of; PLEASE READ THE PAGE entitled, “Child Support THE FRAUD”.

    1. Birth Certificates should not be used to establish paternity.

    Are we living in caveman times? We have DNA technology; USE IT.

    2. Non-Paternal Individuals should not be paying child support, or going to jail for non-payment and/or arrears!

    Can you believe that this is the United States of America, year 2010? Yes, this has and is actually happening; Outrage.

    3. Every case should be handled individually. And no one should have to settle for Joint Custody, unless found guilty of an offense that is detrimental to the children. No more, “Accusations” (words spoken w/out evidence, separating us from the one/s we Love.

    A petty thief is entitled to a fair trial and Due Process under the 14th Amendment of the United States… which brings us to our next outrage.

    4. Child Support cases should not be handled under an Administrative Procedure, thus freely allowing all government levels to circumvent Due Process and the U.S. Constitution.

    Yes, they are violating Americans’ Rights, but they can not be held accountable because, ‘IT IS NOT A LEGAL ACTION AGAINST YOU’ IT IS AN ADMINISTRATIVE ONE! Just think… you have a typist and paper pusher with no legal background, deciding what your destiny is by filling out the form of their selection and placing it under a Judges nose for a signature. Notice: People are being jailed for Contempt of Court; they didn’t comply with a paper pushers’ handy work. (Administrative decision against you; turned legal. “Violation: 11th Amendment “Judicial Limits”). Outrage, outrage…

    5. Once a valid Child Support Case has been warranted, individuals should not be paying more than $50.00 a week maximum.

    6. INDIVIDUALS SHOULD ONLY BE SUPPORTING THE CHILDREN: We have countless individuals paying for those who have re-married. We have countless individuals paying for those who have single/multiple live-in lovers. We have ‘countless’ individuals who are not allowed to see their children and are paying child support, while the custodial parent is in violation of a Visitation Order. People, male or female, SHOULD ONLY BE SUPPORTING THE CHILDREN! Not paying for promiscuous behavior, nor for those who have re-married.

    7. Government Enforced Child Support should cease to exist for an Individual once the custodial parent re-marries, or it has been established that an individual is living in their household; other than a close and immediate relative; for visitors and friends, a time line maybe established… just like it is on a lease agreement! This in NO WISE means giving up ones’ Right to being a Parent. Neither should it be allowed to affect Joint Custody, or more importantly joint ‘physical’ custody which in turn would eliminate the need for one parent paying the other; whether re-married or not.


    If I had a nickel, (excuse the cliche), for every time an individual has been told by the courts, “It is none of your business what the money is being used for,” I would have a smile on my face. We are not allowed to know what the custodial parent is using the money for, nor, are we allowed to know what all the ‘EXCESS’ money (after the system gets paid), is being used for. Outrage, outrage…

    9. Drivers License Suspension / Revoked: We feel that this makes no sense, (unless of course you are a Government recipient for the cash needed for ‘Conditional Licenses’, for ex. $75 presently in NY) how is a person to work if their license is suspended? Or Revoked???

    A legal system that forces an individual to break the law to satisfy the Governments’ lust for money?


    We feel that no action should be taken against any individual until paternity has been established 100% through DNA Testing. Even after Paternity has been established, there should be individual consideration of the circumstances involved. JUST LIKE A COURT OF LAW (not Administrative action), there should be EXTENUATION AND MITIGATION. Yes, an American Citizen with Due Process and Full entitlement of their United States Constitutional Rights! Specifically the 7th Amendment “Trial by Jury in Civil Cases” and 14th Amendment “Due Process and Equal Protection Under the Law.” Allegations should cease to be permitted without evidence, disqualifying one individual of being a parent, once Paternity has been established.

    There are countless individuals caught up in situations that do not even pertain to them; non-paternal individuals who have not been allowed Due Process; 14th Amendment “Citizenship Rights.”

    11. Minimal Child Support Intervention:

    We strongly feel that unless it is absolutely necessary and with evidence presented that absolutely makes one individual detrimental to be a parent, the Child Support Agency and ‘big brother’ (Government) should not be involved. (Come on… 15.7 million cases and no one wants to be a parent??? What an INSANE LIE! A Lie that has been sold to the American People. Yes, sold. Their tax dollars are paying for this money making machine.). The majority of parents are very capable and willing to take care of their children and their own situations. In other words, “Child Support should not be mandatory if Welfare or other Public Assistance programs are involved.” Especially since we are actually costing the tax payer money and not saving them one dime.

    Greed and desperate financial crisis on part of the various Governmental Levels has convinced the vast amount of Americans that we need ‘them’ to do the Right Thing! Government intervention, (although presented as We Care to the public), has demonstrated that they do not. Ask anyone on either side of the fence (non-paternal, non-custodial, custodial), how they are treated by the Child Support System and what they know to be the local and state level agenda…??? MONEY!

    If the System is to have any chance of working it must start over and become a LEGAL SYSTEM THAT COMPLYS WITH THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION and not remain an ADMINISTRATIVE SYSTEM; which allows all levels of Government to circumvent Accountability, Denial of Due Process and Denial of Our United States Constitutional Rights.

    The new Legal System must take into account ‘every single’ individual situation. The same Rights Afforded an individual if they got caught stealing a stick of gum from their local store.

    No more arm twisting from Child Support Offices to “Sign you up,” when it is not needed, nor desired; not desired even from the custodial parent. The Child Support System is a total disgrace and mimics that of the disgrace known as SLAVERY!

    12. DEBTORS’ PRISON: Although this is not a U.S. Constitutional Right it is very rarely ever practiced in the United States. This little gem (Welfare Reform Act Title IV-D), puts ‘performance awards’ in all those participating in this Holocaust. Which in turn has empowered the ‘Administrative Clerks’ to circumvent the U.S. Constitution not only by, but because Child Support is set up to run as an Administrative Action. However, when opportunity ‘DEBT’ presents itself, it may be presented as a Contempt of Court Hearing in a ‘Legal’ Proceeding, simply by a non-legal, unqualified clerk (with no Judicial capacity) who drafts an enforcement action and gets the Judge to sign it. (The Government gets to eat cake and ice cream!). IF AN INDIVIDUAL IS TRYING TO COMPLY, looking for work, filing for Unemployment, making partial payments… this should satisfy and eliminate Contempt of Court. Thus eliminate jail for individuals who are making an honest effort to comply, but simply can not afford what has been demanded from them. NOTE: The flip side of the Welfare Reform Act, Title IV-D not only gives incentives, but financial penalties for those States that do not perform; gather up the money.

    13. CHILD SUPPORT AMENESTY: We have men and women out there that are nameless, homeless, all rights and privledges stripped from them. Unable to drive, denied recreation and hobbies, denied the mere possessions of survival, denied real property… DENIED BEING A PARENT because of ACCUSATIONS… existing in their own consciousness and body. All because they succumbed to an over powering force known by this name; Denial of Human Rights. We need to desperately reach out and help these people and restore their Human Rights and give them back the United States Constitution that has been stripped from all of us; involved or not involved in the Child Support Travesty.

    14. JOINT ‘SHARED’ (Physical) CUSTODY: Joint Custody is handed out like candy, however Joint ‘Shared’ Custody is very rarely seen today. Why? Because when one parent is awarded a greater percentage of time with the child, someone is GUARANTEED to end up paying Child Support. And both parents will end up paying for President Bush’s “Deficit Reduction Act” implemented during the Bush Administration. Not to mention all the other beneficiaries… $$$$ (A $25 Act by the way, that has absolutely nothing to do with Child Support.).

    NO MORE unequal Physical Custody based upon the misuse of the findings upon “Preponderance of Evidence” (the CP simply allegates abuse verbally and those words are sufficient for awarding unequal Physical Custody.). We want to see “Guilty beyond a Resonable Doubt” implemented in our Family Courts, inorder to protect our Children from abuse and to protect parents from violations of Fraud Upon the Court and Due Process; we want our U.S. Constitutional Rights!

    THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! We have just begun to fight to get our country back.

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